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3D printer - my initial foray. As previously mentioned I recieved a 3D printer for xmas and the past couple of weeks I've been playing around with it. I have also been looking on various website for as many interesting looking free files that I could find to try out.

Pinewood Derby Center of Gravity Scale #3DPrinting #PinewoodDerby Shared by dsypher on Thingiverse:. Learn more! Stop breadboarding and soldering - start making immediately! Adafruit's Circuit Playground is jam-packed with LEDs, sensors, buttons, alligator clip pads and more.

Will 3D printed SuperDraco engines stand up to Crew Dragon's launch escape test? The launch escape test - which will rely on the capsule's 8 3D printed SuperDraco engines - is now scheduled for Sunday, January 19th, with a six-hour launch window starting at 13:00 UTC. You can watch it live right here. There are two approaches to such escape systems.

Equispheres Receives $8 Million from SDTC to Scale Metal 3D Printing Powder Production Canadian materials science company Equispheres has just announced that it's received support, and $8 million in funding, from Sustainable Development Technology Canada, which it will use to help scale its metal 3D printing powder production capacity over the next two years.

Sean Hodgins Made an Image Sensor #celebratephotography Incredible builder from Sean Hodgins on Hackster.io:. See more on Hackster.io, GitHub, Thingiverse and YouTube. We #celebratephotography here at Adafruit every Saturday. From photographers of all levels to projects you have made or those that inspire you to make, we're on it!

3D Printed Diagnostics: Smartphone Attachments & Software for Detecting Parasitic Infections In the recently published 'Smartphone-based diagnosis of parasitic infections with colorimetric assays in centrifuge tubes,' international researchers from Spain and the UK explore better ways to diagnose medical conditions in developing countries with few resources for such tools.

So, You Want to Print Your Own Sailing Ships? Well, Here's What You're in For. Variations on that title serve as the beginning of every video description in my latest 3D Print Shop episode on BitChute. This is the first episode of this series that is divided into multiple parts, given how much footage I had to work with, and it is mostly unedited.

HEXR creates safer 3D printed helmets We're 60 years down the road with foam helmets - and even though they're only 30% efficient at absorbing energy, we've pretty much done everything we can do." This is what led him to launch HEXR, a new type of helmet made from Polyamide 11 and 3D printed!

Best MSLA Resin 3D Printers of 2020 Resin printers have become cheap enough to really make a splash in the 3D printing market. We've compiled some of the best for you here.

What's It Like to Wear A 3D-Printed Sneaker? What does a shoe with a sole 3D-printed from a base of light and oxygen feel like on your feet? The short answer: a little heavier than you might expect, but pretty good. The long answer is way more interesting though, I promise. One of the great sneaker innovations of the last decade was adidas' innovations in 3D printing.

UK researchers develop 3D printed myoelectric prosthetic for toddlers A team from the University of Lincoln in the UK are developing the first toddler-sized myoelectric prosthetic. The medical device, called SIMPA, is made using 3D printing, which allows for dramatic cost reductions. Myoelectric prostheses, which use sensors and muscle-stimulation to perform various hand functions, are commonly used by adults.

3D Printing Quarterly Report - Q4 2019 Rösler expands AM Solutions division to offer 3D printing services. AM Solutions, the Italian 3D printing subsidiary of the Rösler Group, a German company specializing in surface finishing solutions, will expand to offer a range of 3D printing services.

Scan Dimension updates SOL 3D scanner software Scan Dimension, a 3D scanner developer with offices in the U.S. and Denmark, has announced an update to the software for its SOL 3D scanner. The update provides a number of new and improved features for the scanner, including improved scanning speed, and support for the latest macOS Catalina 10.15.

3D Printing With Peanut Butter: Assembling And Testing The Cerambot I supported the kickstarter for the Cerambot last year, knowing full well that there was a chance my $350 was simply gone. However, they delivered! I got my printer and now I have to put in the time and effort to actually print with it. Assembly. Assembly of the machine was pretty quick and easy.

Thor3D partners-up for scan-to-CAD workflow 3D scanning company Thor3D has announced its partnership with nPowerSoftware, the developer of Cyborg 3D MeshToCAD, bundling its products together to target designers needing quick conversion from mesh to CAD of organic forms.

3D Systems launches new Figure 4 Jewelry system 3D Systems has launched a new Figure 4 production system dedicated specifically to the jewelry market. The machine-called the Figure 4 Jewelry-offers high speed printing as well as high precision and fine feature detail capabilities.

3D printing with applications in the pharmaceutical industry IMAGE: This achievement will have applications in the pharmaceutical industry, such as in the preparation of biocompatible biosensors based in gold, which have already been shown to be effective in the… view more. Credit: Universidad de Sevilla.

Adorable cat ravaged by frostbite is given FOUR prosthetic paws 3D printed out of titanium Dymka was on the brink of death in 2018 after being stuck outdoors for a long period of time in the Siberian winter. Severe ice burns meant that veterinarians had to amputate all four paws as well as cut off her dead ears and most of her tail.

BAE Systems and Renishaw to jointly develop AM solutions for aerospace and defense BAE Systems, a UK-based defense, security and aerospace company, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with British AM company Renishaw.

3D Systems launches Figure 4 3D printing platform optimized for jewelry production American 3D printer OEM 3D Systems has announced a new jewelry production solution for its Figure 4 3D printing platform. Designed for the 3D printed jewelry market, Figure 4 Jewelry consists of 3D systems' hardware, software and materials optimized for providing high accuracy, fine-feature details and smooth surface finishes.

BAE Systems aims to reduce cost & increase speed of combat aircraft manufacture through Renishaw 3D printing partnership BAE Systems is to work with Renishaw in a bid to develop additive manufacturing capability that will reduce the cost and increase the speed of manufacturing future combat aircraft.

Thor3D announces 3D scanning bundles with Zbrush and Cyborg 3D scanner manufacturer, Thor3D has announced two new bundles for its Calibry handheld scanner this week. The first sees the company team with Zbrush developer Pixologic on a bundle aimed at digital artists, video game and product designers.

The Barnes Group Advisors examine impact of Neighborhood 91 additive manufacturing hub Independent additive manufacturing consultancy, The Barnes Group Advisors has released the results of an impact study into the overall economic benefits of the planned Neighborhood 91 AM production campus at Pittsburgh International Airport.

University of Pennsylvania: Controlling Defect Distribution for Programmed Failure Chengyang Mo and Jordan R. Defects in 'classical metallurgy' may ultimately result in 'order of magnitude changes,' for mechanical properties, while in metal 3D printing defects like grain boundaries may increase strength as the propagation of dislocation is stalled.

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