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Here's How 3D-Printed Car Parts Are Actually Made This intake was printed out of aluminum in pieces, then welded together afterwards. The process is fascinating.

Danish Technological Institute creates metal detectable 3D printed parts for food processing The Danish Technological Institute, headquartered in Taastrup, has partnered with Scopic, a detectable product manufacturer based in Wales, to create metal detectable 3D printed nylon parts for the food processing industry.

MX3D gains interest of construction sector following ambitious 3D printed bridge MX3D, a Robotic Additive Manufacturing technology developer based in Amsterdam and Takenaka, Japan's oldest architectural, engineering and construction firm, have developed a 3D printed structural steel connector.

Quick Look: Prusa Sl1 Resin 3D Printer We had the opportunity to explore Prusa's latest entry into the 3D printing market, the SL1. This is a masked SLA printer, which means that the resin is cured via a UV lamp, that shines through an LCD screen up into the vat of resin.

Velo3D expands into Japan as 3D printing distribution alliance is struck with TNSC Velo3D has announced its expansion into the Japanese market through welding equipment supplier Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation. TNSC will distribute Velo3D's metal 3D printing equipment throughout the country and provide service to support users.

RIZE and Dassault Systèmes partner to enhance additive manufacturing user experience RIZE and Dassault Systèmes have announced a partnership that will combine their additive manufacturing products to allow North American customers to design and produce prototyping, tooling and end use parts.

Velo3D targets Japanese market through distribution agreement with TNSC Metal AM company Velo3D is entering the Japanese market through an exclusive distribution agreement with Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation. The company, a provider of welding solutions and industrial gases, will represent Velo3D and its metal AM offering in Japan.

Combining Blockchain and 3D printing to make aircraft parts Made an interesting announcement, revealing that it would be combining blockchain with 3D printing. It's true that the aerospace sector was one of the earliest adopters of 3D printing technologies, however some challenges remain.

Henkel enlists M. Holland as authorized LOCTITE materials reseller Chemicals company Henkel has enlisted M. Holland Company as an authorized distributor of its LOCTITE 3D printing products.

Renishaw launches InfiniAM Sonic using sound to monitor additive manufacturing builds During last month's Formnext, British engineering firm and metal 3D printer manufacturer Renishaw launched new software and hardware package that aims to improve the quality of Laser Powder Bed Fusion builds through the measurement of acoustics.

MX3D 3D prints structural steel connector for Takenaka MX3D, an Amsterdam-based metal 3D printing company, has revealed a collaboration with Japanese architecture and engineering firm Takenaka. Together, the companies designed a Structural Steel Connector, which MX3D then 3D printed using its large-scale robotic printing technology, Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing.

Scientists Create Bone-Inspired Structure for Stronger 3D Printing Scientists from Cornell University, Purdue University, and Case Western Reserve University have taken inspiration from bone to create more durable 3D-printed structures. This could eventually make 3D printing viable for high-stakes applications like construction and aircraft design.

Pick the best finish for your 3D printed jewelry 3D printed jewelry is a new, innovative way to produce decorative elements, choose the best finish to give your clients the ultimate beauty.

3D printed components receive the 'Scopic Standard' through DTI partnership Just over a year ago, Scopic were approached by the Danish Technological Institute to facilitate a customer's requirement for metal detectable 3D printed nylon parts for the food processing industry. One of the key stipulations was that these parts were to meet Food Contact Approval, which is where Scopic first became involved.

RIZE and Dassault Systèmes' joint solution in North America to maximize productivity Color 3D printer manufacturer RIZE, Inc. has announced a partnership with software company Dassault Systèmes that will aim to drive the adoption of additive manufacturing.

Hemera Review - Tom's 3D printing guides and reviews It's a hotend - extruder combo that I think does pretty much everything right. So let's check out what's new and what's different compared to what else is out there. Okay, the biggest and most obvious new thing with Hemera is that it really is intended to be used in combination with the included v6 hotside.

Erpro Group installs Stratasys J850 full colour 3D printer for automotive, cosmetics and packaging prototyping French service provider Erpro Group has become one of the first European companies to adopt Stratasys J850 full-colour, multi-material 3D printing system. The additive manufacturing vendor launched the J850 back in October, targeting the platform towards designers who wanted increased realism.

Stratasys expands into the Oceania region, Epro Group becomes customer of F850 3D printer Stratasys AP, a subsidiary of leading 3D printer OEM Stratasys, has expanded its reach in the Oceania region with the appointment of TCL Hofmann and TCL Hunt as authorized channel partners.

3D Printing Industry News Sliced: Stratasys, Dassault Systèmes, Aurora Labs, APWORKS, WASP, Massivit In this week's edition of Sliced, the 3D Printing Industry news digest, we cover the latest business developments and partnerships throughout the industry. It also features a number of 3D printing applications in footwear, food, medical and construction.

Scientists devise DNA-of-things, stores.stls in 3D printed objects A group of scientists at ETH Zürich has discovered a means of instilling 3D printed objects with their own DNA. Contributing to a field of research exploring DNA's potential for data storage, the team demonstrated these capabilities by 3D printing a Stanford bunny model encoded with its own.stl.

3D print with Reverse Engineering: the best practices Reverse engineering, otherwise known as back engineering, is a method of learning by taking apart human-made objects in order to learn how it was produced without any preview knowledge of it. This process can be applied to different things, from electric devices to programming code.

Renishaw launches 'first of its kind' acoustic process monitoring software for metal 3D printing technology Renishaw has announced the launch of its InfiniAM Sonic acoustic process monitoring software to enable engineers to detect and record acoustic events in additive manufacturing build chambers. The company believes the software tool is the first of its kind in the 3D printing industry and will generate useful information around build quality.

You Could Pee These Files, or Use a "DNA of Things" 3D Printed Rabbit The technique relies on embedding a DNA "barcode" in silica nanobeads, which are fused into a material of choice. "DoT could be applied to store electronic health records in medical implants, to hide data in everyday objects and to manufacture objects containing their own blueprint.

Mimaki full-colour 3D printing technology now supported by Fraunhofer IGD Cuttlefish software Mimaki's full-colour 3D printing technology will now be supported by Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research's Cuttlefish software. Cuttlefish is a 3D printer driver which enables users to overlap and embed 3D models with different colour and translucency textures to achieve increased detail and realism in printed parts.

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