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Airbus & Farsoon Technologies in Collaboration to Develop High-Performance Polymers for Additive Manufacturing European aerospace giant Airbus and China-headquartered Farsoon Technologies have just announced they will work together in research and design of polymer additive manufacturing solutions for civil aircraft.

Create a Miniature Commodore PET 8032 Replica Using a 3D Printer and Raspberry Pi Want to paint your Commodore PET? Do so after printing. After your paint has dried, assembly involves glueing together your prints, keyboard and display. Next steps involve installing RetroPie, screen drivers, and wiring the power socket and screen.

NASA fund backs 3D printing in space for treating astronaut injuries Copper 3D, using NASA funding, will tackle health problems that could affect astronauts in long-distance missions with 3D printing for prosthetics.

Listen to this piano-playing robot hit all the right notes Awesome video from Science Magazine. Great look at how 3D Printing can help provide innovative solutions to challenges in the robotics field. Soft, skeletonlike robot hand executes complex movement…

INTAMSYS releases Enhanced FUNMAT HT 3D printer for high performance polymers - Technical specifications INTAMSYS, a Shanghai-based manufacturer of 3D printers, has unveiled the latest version of its FUNMAT 3D printer for high-performance functional materials, the Enhanced FUNMAT HT.

Wood-n't you believe it: cellulose-based 3D printed electronics developed at SFU After seeing the smart wood at CES 2019 we knew it would only be a matter of time before a 3D printed smart wood came along.

Star Wars Rogue One K2SO Robotic Head Build #3DPrinting #CircuitPlaygroundExpress #RogueOne #Adafruit #NeoPixels @pvonelling A neat project by Peter von Elling on Twitter and Thingiverse: an automated K2SO robotic head. Stop breadboarding and soldering - start making immediately! Adafruit's Circuit Playground is jam-packed with LEDs, sensors, buttons, alligator clip pads and more.

E3D releases Pathio, a brand new slicer for FFF/FDM 3D printers E3D spinoff Pathio has released its brand new slicer Pathio for FDM/FFF 3D printers. Pathio is "a totally new core slicing engine that 'does things right' from the outset, built around a 3D-first approach and a solid understanding of how extrusion based 3D printing works at a fundamental level," writes the company.

US Rocket Factory Relativity Receives 3D Printing Metal Technology Patent Relativity, the autonomous rocket factory and launch service, has been granted a patent for its machine learning 3D metal printing technology. It's also added three senior leaders from the aerospace industry to its executive team.

How multi-jet fusion technology could spark a 3D printing revolution He predicts the multi-jet fusion machine will revolutionize 3D printing - or additive manufacturing - for production. Until the 3D printing equipment became cost-effective, there was no point in designing for additive manufacturing, Campbell said.

Airbus and Farsoon Technologies partner to make 3D printable plastics for civil aviation International aerospace company Airbus and Farsoon Technologies, a Chinese manufacturer of SLM and SLS 3D printers, have partnered to develop polymer additive manufacturing materials for civil aviation. This collaboration marks the Airbus's first joint research and development venture in this field with a Chinese company.

SolidWorks Visualize to get substantial boost from GPU tech Product designers and viz artists using Nvidia's new RTX GPUs should get a significant performance boost in SolidWorks Visualize 2020 when the software ships later this year through support for Nvidia RT Cores.

China looking to build gigantic solar power plant in orbit using 3D printing In what would be one of the most ambitious space engineering projects ever, China hopes to build an orbiting solar power plant. China's insatiable demand for renewable energy will see it turn to outer space as part of a plan that sounds straight out of science-fiction.

E3D Skunkworks releases Pathio, a new slicer for FDM/FFF 3D printing Award winning OEM E3D Online has released its skunkworks slicer Pathio for FDM/FFF 3D printer. New slicer on the block. Pathio has surfaced from E3D after 18 months in development. The software is written in the C++ programming language and uses the Electron, an application framework.

SFU targets sustainability with wood-derived 3D printed electronics A joint team of researchers from Canada's Simon Fraser University and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science are developing 3D printable IoT sensors which are disposable and environmentally friendly. Led by SFU professor Woo Soo Kim, the research is investigating the use of wood-derived cellulose materials for electronics.

FELIXprinters launches two new large-format minimalist 3D printers FELIXprinters from the Netherlands is launching two new machines, the Felix Pro L and Felix Pro XL platforms. Both are large-format Fused Deposition Modeling machines. They have been designed so that they are capable of printing large parts, the Pro L can build parts up to 300 x 400 x 400 mm and the Pro XL up to 600 x 400 x 600 mm.

First specifications for DED 3D printing released by Norsk Titanium and SAE Additive manufacturing company Norsk Titanium and engineering standards association SAE International have introduced the first specifications for direct energy deposition 3D printing. The new specifications establish the minimum requirements for the procurement of Norsk Titanium's Rapid Plasma Deposition Preforms by aerospace customers.

SAE International releases first specifications for Norsk Titanium Rapid Plasma Deposition Aerospace additive manufacturing company Norsk Titanium and global standards body SAE International have released the first technical specifications for direct energy deposition -made parts.

Europac3D to distribute DyeMansion post-processing technology throughout the UK Dyemansion's 3D printing post-processing technology is to be distributed throughout the UK by Europac3D. The agreement will see Europac3D offer the full range of DyeMansion machines to the UK market, becoming the second UK reseller of DyeMansion technology after Matsuura.

Printed Sensors Could Simplify NASA's Extraterrestrial Scanning Another unique aspect of the proposed method is that it will print all the necessary sensors on the same substrate using a single process. They are even looking int printing a part of the wireless communication circuitry needed for the platform and the printed sensors to relay the data to ground controllers.

NASA awards $2M to team making tiny 3D printed sensors for planetary rovers Researchers funded by NASA will use 3D printing technology to print sensors and even a partial circuitry for wireless communication on a single board that measures just two-by-three-inches in size.

E3D are making a slicer - finally an alternative to Simplify3D? This is a first look at E3D's Pathio slicer, developed by their top-secret Skunkworks team! You can try out the beta builds right now, but you'll have to decide for yourself whether you actually want to use them for any real slicing.

3D Systems on why medical simulation and 3D printing will mold the physicians of the future Additive manufacturing and 3D scanning have been increasingly integrated within the healthcare sector. 3D Systems, in particular, has contributed significantly to the advancement of surgical procedures with this technology.

Purdue and University of Southern California enhance 3D printing quality control with machine learning Researchers from Purdue University, Indiana, and the University of Southern California have used machine learning algorithms to improve quality control in 3D printing.

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