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What is Topical Talk and what do we do?


What is The Topical Talk Project?

There's so much great content out there that doesn't reach the audience it deserves.

Our platform lets users share the best sources of news, blogs, video and audio content about the topics they love.

We support independent content creators

We also make a concerted effort to find and share as much unique content as possible created by fans and enthusiasts of the topics we feature.

By hand-picking and reviewing the best independent bloggers, podcasters and video creators we are making the process of finding entertaining and engaging content much easier for our users.

We help original content creators to build an audience for their work by linking our users directly to the original content.

We support high quality journalism and traditional media

High-quality, professional journalism is as important today as it ever has been.

Our platform promotes trusted content that gives our users to the broadest range of perspectives on all the latest news and events.

We link our users directly to the original source content to help build an audience for the media outlets that work so hard to create it.