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'Curb drink culture' say Prof Nutt From Professor Nutt in yesterday's Guardian:. New restrictions are needed on Britain's drinking culture, which is behind a huge rise in deaths of men and women under 50, according to the government's former chief drug adviser, sacked a decade ago for claiming that ecstasy and LSD were less dangerous than alcohol.

Day 1297 - My Kids Inspire Me I often take strength from my children. What I mean is, they inspire me to do the hard things in life. For example, I'm not a morning person. I have gotten used to getting up early when I need to but I don't like it. When I'm tired and don't want to get up, I think of my two kids, who get up every morning to go to school.

Furnish went to rehab to tackle alcohol problem Elton John has revealed that David Furnish entered rehab for alcoholism in 2014 as he struggled to cope with his partner's worldwide fame and "press scrutiny". The 56-year-old filmmaker, who is married to the music icon, struggled to come to terms with the interest in his life and entered himself into a rehab clinic in California.

Elton John reveals husband David Furnish has battled alcoholism Sir Elton John has revealed husband David Furnish has battled booze addiction after checking into checking into rehab in 2014. Writing in his upcoming memoir, entitled Me: Elton John the Rocketman star puts his husband's struggles down to getting to grips with fame and long bouts of loneliness while home alone during tours.

Elton John Opens Up About Husband David Furnish's Alcoholism Being the significant other of music superstar Elton John is not the easiest thing to deal with. This is the lesson John learned when his husband David Furnish began struggling with alcoholism. John and Furnish entered a civil partnership in 2005 and got married in 2014.

Sir Elton John reveals his husband David Furnish went into rehab for alcoholism David Furnish took to drink after struggling to live in the public eye and suffering loneliness because Sir Elton was away on tour so much. Realising the extent of his drink problem, Mr Furnish, 56, checked into a clinic in Malibu, California.

Single Mothers' Drew Thomson On Punk, Alcoholism And The Road To Happiness I've done more with the band than I ever thought I would, I have a great group of friends that I get to play music with and they're all very interesting, talented people. And for the most part, the members of Single Mothers are mostly sober, too, which is kind of hard to imagine.

Nine ways to stay calm in a crisis Excerpt taken from an article in The Guardian in February looking at coping strategies and ways to stay calm in stressful situations. There are ways to cope. Learning how to anticipate a stressful situation, how to reduce the intensity of your reaction, and how to speed up your recovery can significantly lighten your stress load.

From rock bottom to sober forever - one woman's journey to beating booze for good THERE are hundreds of thousands of alcoholics in Ireland and Britain, many fearing they'll never beat the booze, and that it will eventually kill them.

From rock bottom to sober forever… how I overcame alcoholism Susan Laurie was one of those alcoholics. But she's not any more. After years of drinking round the clock - and trying everything from rehab, AA meetings, counselling and even Buddhist chanting to try to break free from the grip alcohol had on her - the mum-of-one believed she was a 'hopeless' case.

Breaking the Family Silence on Alcoholism Outside of that, both my uncles are alcoholics - though one got sober on the day I was born. And there are plenty of dysfunctional relationships to alcohol in my large, rowdy, extended family, who always seemed to be around.

'I lost everything' – Noel Cunningham admits his sister's death ended his battle with alcoholism Noel Cunningham has admitted that he 'lost everything' due to his battle with alcoholism and only gave up drinking when his sister was killed in a car accident. The Ireland AM contributor and hotelier said that he first started drinking because he was deeply unhappy.

Cucumber Iced Green Tea The idea for this drink came from member @tipsytoegal! The combination of flavours are delicious and you can fiddle around a little with your method depending on what ingredients you have. I used a green tea flavoured with lemon so didn't need to add the fresh lime/lemon at the end.

Kelantan govt concerned with alcoholism problems among Orang Asli youths Kelantan govt concerned with alcoholism problems a.

What is alcohol addiction? Alcohol is often treated differently to drugs when it comes to addiction, but it's equally as damaging and serious. As it is much easier to get your hands on, it also affects much more people - many of which don't realise that they have a problem due to it being legal and accessible.

Breaking the chain of alcoholism When I meet Josh Connolly, he's energetic, positive and confident. He works as an independent coach, helping people fighting addictions, but he has come a long way… He shows me a photo of him at 20, and I hardly recognise him.

I'm Two Years Sober, and I Don't Feel Like Celebrating Here's the problem: I don't feel like celebrating. Not even a little bit. That excitement I had before, to pick up my chip and share, just isn't there. I don't feel like my story of recovery is valid, because my program doesn't look like how it's outlined in the literature.

Gay Icelandic minister unleashes on anti-LGBT Trump lackey who compared homosexuality to alcoholism The gay minister for the environment and natural resources in Iceland called out the US secretary of energy for his anti-gay views during a meeting last week. Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson and Rick Perry met on Thursday, October 10, when Perry visited Iceland to attend the Arctic Circle Assembly.

Pombe Sio Supu: Celebs who were addicted to alcohol for years - List In the recent past more and more celebrities are opening up about their battle with alcoholism and its hard to imagine the battles they have overcome. In the past alcohol addiction was majorly assumed as a problem of the poor but that is no longer the case.

Shruti Haasan Speaks Of Alcohol Addiction, Her Break-up & The Importance Of Mental Health Shruti let the cat out of her kitty and opened up about her breakup with Michael Corsale, her career and her struggle with alcohol addiction. She went on record and shared she was once addicted to alcohol and how it affected her career.

Teacher barred for two years due to alcoholism One teacher in Queensland, Australia has gotten herself banned from teaching for 24 months due to reckless behaviour, such as blacking out in the classroom. The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal says that the teacher - whose name has not been disclosed - has a record of substance misuse and mental health problems.

Let yourself soar I can vividly remember the morning of my last hangover, standing in the kitchen with my throbbing head, messy hair, dry mouth, miserable face and deep overwhelming guilt. I can remember crouching down and reaching into the back of the cupboard to retrieve the empty bottle of wine I'd hidden from my husband the night before.

My husband died of alcoholism and now his family blame me for his death DEAR DEIDRE: MY husband died of alcoholism and his family are blaming me for abandoning him. They even cold-shouldered me at the funeral. I'm 57 and we were married just four years. He'd always drunk a lot but it got worse when he retired last year. He'd buy a box of wine and drink it in a night.

Homeless man murdered in Cork was 'talented chef' who served Elton John He was the warmest, kindest man. He never caused anyone any hassle. He was so kind to other homeless people. He was great fun. One year he ran in the mini marathon for charity dressed up as a woman. That was Timmy." Chalmers said that Hourihane was an extremely talented chef who struggled in the wake of his alcoholism.

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