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Sonko rushes to rescue of ex Harambee Stars player battling alcoholism Former Harambee Stars player George 'Jojo' Waweru now has all the reasons to smile after Nairobi governor Mike Sonko pledged medical support. George Waweru is part of the golden generation of football players who took Kenya to Africa Cup of Nations finals in Tunisia in 2004.

Road to recovery: Great Falls man recalls his battle with alcoholism Thomas Risberg, the Outreach Coordinator for Rocky Mountain Treatment Center in Great Falls, said one reason people don't seek treatment for the disease is because of the stigma attached.

Coming Off Alcohol Unlike other chronic illness, it can entirely be put in remission so that there is no any sign that any problem ever existed. Individuals often try to distinguish between alcohol problems, binge drinking, and alcoholism.

New drug to curb alcoholism and depression The new drug has proven effective in preclinical tests in reducing alcohol use and has pharmacological properties that should enable it to reduce depression without inducing seizures, the researchers said. "Our lab's research is focused on providing new hope for patients dealing with neurological disorders and addictions," van Rijn added further.

Alcoholism Kills 2.6 Lakh Indians Every Year! 6 Shocking Facts About India In WHO's Alcohol & Health Report 5 Per Capita Alcohol Consumption Has Increased in India. The increase in the per capita consumption of alcohol in the WHO South-East Asia region has been attributed to the heavily-populated countries of China and India. The per capita consumption has gone up from 2.4 litres in 2005, to 4.3 litres in 2010 and to 5.7 litres in 2016 in India.

Drink too much? New drug may help curb alcoholism, depression, say scientists Scientists say they have developed a novel drug that may treat alcoholism by reducing alcohol intake, and also reduce depression without inducing seizures.

Alcoholism main reason for men quitting TB treatment Nagpur: While efforts are on at the national level to eliminate tuberculosis by 2025, there are no signs of any decrease in the incidence of the disease at the regional level. Though there is no significant increase, there is also no fall in the number of cases reported in the six districts in Nagpur division in the last four years.

I Do Not Need Alcohol to Survive Motherhood It wasn't until I came across a very brave woman on Instagram that held a sign stating "I do not need alcohol to survive motherhood" that I was, essentially, slapped in the face. Gasp. I went on to read her post about how mothers and women are being targeted by alcohol companies.

Casual Drinking vs. Alcoholism: Knowing When You've Crossed the Line It's easy to confuse problem drinking with social or casual drinking when you aren't clear about the symptoms of the former. To help you become more aware of those habits - good or bad - here are some signs that drinking might have become a major issue in your life.

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol And Change Your Life For Good I once saw on a sobriety weblog: "if you need to moderate your drinking, you cannot moderate your drinking." The recommendation that it may be much easier to find out how to stop drinking alcohol completely, instead of attempting to regulate it all the time was a real eye-opener.

The Shamanic View of Mental Health - Waking Times I thought this alternative view to mental health is worth sharing. I found some interesting views in here, food for thought and links to people whose work can possibly explain some of the things I…

Famous Teetotalers: Anthony Kiedis Of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers People who recognize the name Anthony Kiedis will most likely know that he is among the founding members of a prominent group called the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1962, young Anthony Kiedis was born to an ambitious acting professional and his other half.

How alcoholism linked to depression Alcoholism and depression often go hand-in-hand. According to studies, alcoholism has risen sharply in the 2000s, to the point that one such study suggests that one in eight people meet the criteria as an alcoholic. And depression affects many of the 140 million people worldwide struggling with alcohol use disorders.

Alcohol Addiction Rehab and Treatment Need help with Alcohol Addiction? Are you ready to take your life back? We can help you, just like the thousands of people we have assisted before.

Guitars Save Lives The brilliant New Note Orchestra are appearing at Komedia, Brighton, Sunday 30th September alongside the legendary Herbie Flowers and the awesome The Sweet and Lowdown as special guests.

How to prevent a stroke by reducing your alcohol intake When you get a little further down the road in life you start wondering how to prevent a stroke, or at the very least reduce your chance of having one. However, if you're somebody who has developed unhealthy habits over many decades, it could be extremely challenging to mollify your body into a better way of living.

5 years sober and living the dream It feels like such a trite expression 'living the dream' that prompts eye rolls and sarcastic smiles but really when I think about how things have changed in the 5 years since I took my last drink it is the only thing that expresses it fully.

Is Alcoholism A Disease And The Best Way To Deal With It There's a great deal of public disarray regarding alcohol addiction and precisely how it impacts people who are dealing with it. Is alcoholism a disease? Many individuals suggest that it is a life-style preference and that quitting drinking is just an issue of choosing to do so.

Finding Balance in Recovery Isn't Easy However, today I am conscious enough to recognize my old behaviors and work towards changing them. I thought I was destined to repeat the insane choices I made repeatedly in my addiction, but today… I am free. This post was submitted by Rose. She is the mother to two beautiful children.

The connection between alcoholism and depression And depression affects many of the 140 million people worldwide struggling with alcohol use disorders. Only a few drugs are approved for treating the disorder. The goal of those medications is to reduce alcohol cravings, but they do not treat psychiatric disorders.

Purdue creating technology to treat alcoholism and depression There are drugs that treat alcoholism and there are drugs that treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. A development for a drug that can treat both is underway. Research has shown that although addiction and feelings of depression affect different parts of the brain, the disorders go hand in hand.

Alcoholism, Pregnancy, and the Language of Denigration The evolutionary sciences, alcoholism, and pregnancy, examined together, illuminate the complicated dynamics between moral intuitions and social judgements about women, scientific research, and political policies, both in the late Victorian period and now.

There is hope: Technology may help curb alcoholism, depression - Alcoholism and depression often go hand-in-hand. According to studies, alcoholism has risen sharply in the 2000s, to the point that one such study suggests that one in eight people meet the criteria as an alcoholic. And depression affects many of the 140 million people worldwide struggling with alcohol use disorders.

Diamond Platnumz ex lover's liver failing due to alcoholism Before the fame and fortune, Diamond Platnumz managed to date a few women here and there. Among them is Hawa who he collaborated with on one of his hit songs Nitarejea. The two are said to have dated for a while before the singer graduated to dating Bongo movie actresses.

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