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Puck Drop Preview: 2019-20 Anaheim Ducks Today the series begins with the 2019-20 Anaheim Ducks. The Anaheim Ducks 2018-19 season was a difficult one for fans. Through the first half of the season, the Ducks lacked consistency. They were mired in stretches which saw them exchange lengthy winning streaks for losing streaks.

Anaheim Ducks Expert Panel: Exploring 2019-20 Lineup Options He was one of the unfortunate skaters that went down with a nasty injury last season but considered how hot he was when he was healthy, his addition back into a super-strong secondary scoring line will prove to make the Anaheim Ducks a much better team than last year.

Anaheim Ducks 2019 Offseason Primer: The Defense With training camp on the horizon, it's time to take stock of who will be lining up on the blueline for the Anaheim Ducks in 2019-20. And since the team was very inactive this offseason, it's pretty much the same group that finished last season! Let's take a look.

Anaheim Ducks Therapy Session: Ryan Getzlaf’s NHL Career Could be Coming to a Close Ryan Getzlaf has been with the Anaheim Ducks for 14 seasons and has been the Captain for 8. He won't be here forever, and we need to talk about it.

Stanley Cup Windows 2019-20: Pacific Division Our Stanley Cup Windows series concludes with the Pacific. WINDOW WIDE OPEN: Calgary Flames, Vegas Golden Knights. Not surprisingly, we start with the Flames, fresh off finishing last season with the Western Conference's best record and the NHL's second-highest goal total.

Ducks by position: Previewing Anaheim's 2019-20 left wings The Ducks are young at left wing and loaded with talent. But some of the players may be too green to make an impact this season.

Anaheim Ducks’ Nick Ritchie Could Use 'Change of Scenery' What to do with Nick Ritchie? The answer is to trade him. However, for a team in the middle of at least a short rebuild, you might think trading Ritchie should involve prospects on the way back, not so fast. The best trade involving Ritchie would be the "change of scenery trade," and there are plenty of examples to make this point.

Anaheim Ducks Potential Lineup Options Under Coach Dallas Eakins The Anaheim Ducks new coach has a number of different options he may undertake. The following is a selection of ideas that he could implement.

Looking Through Henry Samueli's Ownership Of the Anaheim Ducks For the past fourteen years, Henry Samueli has owned the Anaheim Ducks. Most fans across the country know the team from their Mighty Ducks days when Michael Eisner owned them, and they played with their Wild Wing jerseys that caught the eye of a whole generation of kids.

NHL Outlook: Bet on the Anaheim Ducks to Have Under 80.5 Points…Projected to Finish Ahead of Kings Regular Season Recap and Upcoming Game Projections.

Duckling Season: The Left Wings In this series, we look at the top Ducks prospects at each position and attempt to predict where they will be playing this season based on current evaluations. 1) I wanted to keep my focus on players who have a legitimate chance at starting the season with either the Ducks or the San Diego Gulls.

Visit Anaheim Unveils its 'Uncommon Character' Brand Campaign Launched in 2018, the Uncommon Character campaign was created to illustrate the destination's new infectious energy and innovative characters that are ushering in massive change to the city's landscape.

An interview with Ducks prospect Blake McLaughlin Yeah, like right at the beginning. And you were kind of injured at the start of last year, too. Yeah, it was funny because I was going into corners that first practice after he told me that. I had Brinkman, the other freshman coming in, he's like 215 and he just hit me and my ankle gives out and I sprain it, so.

Anaheim Mayor's Supporters Quietly Pay Off Failed 2016 Assembly Bid Debt Anaheim mayor Harry Sidhu kicked off summer at Blush nightclub for a day of wine, appetizers and big campaign contributions. Less than a year into the job, Sidhu had some massive loans he gave himself from a previous run to attend to.

Ducks by position: Previewing Anaheim's 2019-20 centers I can't bring the upcoming season to you any faster, but I can start arranging your accommodations for another months-long stay at Red Light Utopia. While you wait for your Ducks-themed vehicle to arrive, I've brought along some reading material to focus your mind as we drive across the last stretch of emptiness toward that magical place.

Better Know An Affiliate: Anaheim Ducks The season is right around the corner, so why not let people into the whole line of teams that their parent team will be dealing with throughout the season. I did this a few years back on another website of mine, so why not revive it and go from there??

Anaheim Ducks: What Can Dallas Eakins Learn From the Past? But don\u2019t do it because it works for them, do it because it works for your players. Specifically, there would often be four of the Ducks defensive unit closing onto an opposition player and forcing them into a corner.

Part 4: WAR! What Is It Good For? Projecting the Pacific Division Standings by Expected WAR Standings Point Projections In part four of our series on projecting the 2019-20 NHL divisional standings by the "WAR" statistical metric, we'll be taking a look at the Pacific Division. If you missed the first three parts, here are the Atlantic, Metropolitan, and Central division standings projections.

Anaheim Ducks: 3 Prospects Who Should Make the Team in 2019-20 Although it is unlikely that the Anaheim Ducks have room to bring in a fourth prospect due to their current log jam on the wing, if they did move things around a little bit, Kiefer Sherwood would be the perfect player to slot in on the 4th line to make the team a little more well rounded.

Anaheim Ducks: Cleaning the Stanley Cup Window After missing the playoffs in their 25th Anniversary season, can the Anaheim Ducks clean up their Stanley Cup window and return to the playoffs? It is time…

It's time for Podcast Classic III: The Classening This edition of the game will be help on Saturday, September 7th at Great Park Ice in Irvine. Puck drop will be at 1 PM. Yes, this is the same day and same building as the beginning of the Anaheim Ducks Rookie Faceoff Tournament.

Ticket Masters: Anaheim City Council Showers Supporters With Tickets to the Hottest Attractions in Town Anaheim City Councilman Trevor O'Neil stood outside the Honda Center for a video promoting rock legends KISS and their End of the Road farewell tour stop at the venue in February. "Now, I've always been a rock- and -roller at heart, and so I hope you'll join me here at the Honda Center," said O'Neil, playing the role of hype man.

Canucks Pacific Division Rival Preview: Anaheim Ducks Will Anaheim soar back to the playoffs or quack their way to the golf course next April?

Duckling Season: The Centers Anaheim has finally built up a respectable table of centers in an area that was once lacking.

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