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Rousseau Portrait in Classic Sale The portrait by French artist François Guérin of Jean-Jacques Rousseau shows the political philosopher in his pomp, seated at a desk with quill pen and envelope in hand.

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Celebrates 500 Episodes with One-Of-A-Kind Special Since premiering in 1997, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW has been an American sensation, breaking new ground in reality television and leaving an inimitable mark on pop culture. Now, PBS's most-watched ongoing series is hitting another milestone with Extraordinary Finds, a one-of-a-kind celebration of 500 episodes!

Displaying collection of antiques for survival A youngster from Chandakunnu, Nilambur, held the exhibition with the aim of raising some funds for medicines he needs for survival after a kidney transplant he underwent two years ago. Ramsheed P.P. has been happy that the antique collection hobby he nurtured from fifth standard has turned out to be his main means of survival.

Chocolate glass for Sweetest Day: Yenke Peddler antiques 25, 1900, by Jacob Rosenthal at The Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Co. in Greentown, Ind., it is an opaque glass with tones of brown, chocolate and caramel, fitting right into the fall palate of color and tasty treats! Rosenthal started working in the glass industry at the very young age of 11.

My Favourite Room: Inside the Italian villa-style residence of an antiques dealer When one thinks of the consummate antique dealer, the image conjured up is that of someone buried in the bowels of dust-filled basements, hoping to discover untold treasures beneath the.

The House of The World's Cultures, Berlin - An Etching Analysis and discussion of a 1950s to 1960s etching showing the HKW, Das Haus der Kulturen der Welt, The House of the World's Cultures, in Berlin.

Antiques Roadshow: Guest emotional over valuation of priceless World War heirloom ANTIQUES ROADSHOW returned again for another selection of guests hoping to find out whether they had some valuable items. Last week, the show was back at Morden Hall Park, where antiques expert Alexandra Gill issued one guest a shocking valuation.

Adamstown Antiques Extravaganza Stepping into Suzanne Christie's world is like stepping into a photograph of the 1900s. She leafed through an antiques magazine, sitting on an elegant old sofa. She laid out brownies, fruit and pâté for guests and is surrounded by Edwardian tea dresses, fur hats and luxurious fashions from the 20th century.

Fellows are closed: 19th October Fellows Auctioneers will be closed on Saturday 19th October and will re-open on Monday 21st October. Our current catalogues are all available to view online via our website here. If you wish to request a valuation, visit the valuation page of our website here.

Where to buy antiques in London Antiques promise individuality, which may be the reason why they are enjoying a renaissance in the world of interior design - after a decade or so of modernist, minimalist trends and the eponymous Ikea flatpack, there's something refreshing about the one-of-a-kind discovery offered by an antique.

Meet Izzie Balmer - Antiques Road Trip's new favourite expert! Here's everything you need to know about the antiques world's new darling! Isabel "Izzie" Balmer is a 30-year-old auctioneer from Quarndon, Derbyshire. She is now living and working as a head valuer at the Wessex Auction Rooms in Wiltshire. In September 2019, she told Stylist magazine about how she ended up in the profession.

Could 'Antiques Roadshow' save our pensions? Pritzker should be commended for blowing the dust off Illinois' assets to find the path to fixing the pension problem that is hobbling the state. Michael Imber grew up in Belleville and is a managing director at EisnerAmper LLP, where he leads the public sector advisory practice.

Rago's Remix features silver, period furnishings 19, at 11 a.m., Remix: Classic + Contemporary presents pieces of contemporary and mid-century design alongside period furnishings, elegant antiques, and compelling art. This session will also feature a collection of furniture, lighting and decorative metalwork by Oscar Bach from a prestigious single-owner collection from the Mid-Atlantic.

Currier's legendary mineral collection earns millions DALLAS - Collectors were so eager to get their hands on specimens from one of the most legendary mineral collections of the past 50 years, they made the pre-sale estimate of around $600,000 skyrocket to more than $3 million. Swarms of collectors went after 322 specimens from the estate of Rock H.

Vintage Halloween collectibles cast a spell on collectors When a couple of books on vintage Halloween collectibles did come out in 1995 - one of which "got it right," but the other full of inaccuracies - Ledenbach said he started to realize he knew differently and took a learning approach to his collecting.

Suffolk Auctioneer all Fired Up Suffolk auction house Bishop and Miller has had a busy start to the month, with its Coins, Cigarette Cards, Stamps and Postcard Auction and Militaria Auction both achieving good results. The auction house said that the sales attracted international bidders.

H&S Antiques: An Old Lumber Store Becomes a Pickin' Paradise Spot opened on Monroe Road last year.

Antiques Roadshow: Expert gobsmacked as Victorian jewellery fetches huge price THE ANTIQUES ROADSHOW returned during the weekend as the show got underway in Morden Park Hall where antiques expert Joanna Hardy was fascinated by one guest’s jewels.

Antiques Trade Talks - James Hammond of Ewbank's James Hammond of Ewbank's is the Surrey auction house's new Asian art expert, bringing years of experience. We met him for a chat about his career.

World of treasures in Matthew Barton sale Matthew Barton's European and Asian Works of Art Auction on November 20 will again be full of treasures from around world. Among the objects, a large and varied selection of antique silver from an early 16th century spoon, a George V 'Bushel' bowl, Winchester, to a pair of century elephants from the 1900s.

Inside the Italian villa-style residence of an antiques dealer The outdoor life there is great. I stayed for two years, this was 1979/1980, and I nearly thought of staying there, but I came home to see what Ireland had become like, and I never went back." This is where Chantal's antique-loving mother came in. "My mother sent me down to help an antique-dealer friend of hers who had opened a business.

Antiques Roadshow: 'Really rare!' Expert gobsmacked at valuation of giant Aquamarine jewel ANTIQUES ROADSHOW was back at while tonight's episode got off to a slow start, it ended with a whopping valuation. Expert John Benjamin couldn't contain his excitement when he was faced with valuation a ginormous Aquamarine and diamond brooch - but how much did the rare jewel from Brazil fetch?

Antique dealers fight to reverse UK's new ban on ivory trade in defence of 'freedom to enjoy personal property' Antique dealers are attempting to overturn the UK's new ban on trading in ivory in a legal case being seen as a critical battle for African elephants. A group of dealers and collectors say the crackdown breaches their "fundamental rights and freedom" to enjoy their personal property.

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