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Apple Watch will soon let users delete Apple’s own apps - Cult of Mac Among the big changes coming to Apple Watch this fall is the ability to remove many of the applications that come pre-installed on it. watchOS 6 will reportedly make it as easy to delete Apple's own apps as third-party ones. eval;. This change appears to be a side effect of the Apple Watch App Store debuting in watchOS 6.

Apple Watch users will be able to delete stock apps with watchOS 6 Since the first version, Apple Watch has shipped with a lot of stock apps on the honeycomb grid. watchOS 6 adds even more; App Store, Audiobooks, Calculator, Cycle Tracking, Noise, and Voice Memos.

Apple Watch Activity Challenge set for International Day of Yoga - 9to5Mac Apple has set its next Apple Watch Activity Challenge for Friday in honor of the International Day of Yoga. Apple Watch users will be able to unlock the achievement by completing a yoga workout of 15 minutes or more on June 21st.

Kanex DuraBraid USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter review The 2018 iPad Pro has no room for a headphone jack, but Kanex makes a USB-C adapter that includes the 3.5mm audio port needed for standard headphones or speakers. We tested this handy accessory with Apple's pro tablet, so don't miss our review. eval; eval;.

Apple Watch just got one step closer to ditching the iPhone When the first Apple Watch launched in 2015, it was inextricably linked to Apple's iPhone. Much of the Apple Watch's functionality depended on you also having an iOS device on hand, but over the years, that link began to sever as the company made the wearable more autonomous.

IOS 13 will remind you to cancel your subscription when you delete an app The feature is included in the latest beta release of iOS 13.

IOS 13 Beta 3 Download Expected Release Date Here's iOS 13 beta 3 download and expected release date info that you need to know about as an iPhone or iPad user. Apple is firmly in the midst of its iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 beta schedule, with beta 2 of both operating systems having been released this past Monday.

Top iPhone apps still pull in vastly more money than Android's best sellers The 100 biggest software developers on the Apple App Store took in a whopping 64 percent more than the highest-earning Android app makers during the first the first three months of this year. And the iPhone devs saw a 12 percent average year-over-year increase in revenue during Q1, according to a market research firm.

Dish Network Nearing Deal for Boost Mobile as T-Mobile and Sprint Unload Assets for Merger Approval Dish Network is close to securing a deal to pay $6 billion for Sprint's Boost Mobile brand and wireless spectrum, reports Bloomberg. Sprint is selling Boost Mobile in an effort to unload assets to gain regulatory approval for its upcoming merger with T-Mobile.

Facebook Under Oath: You Have No Expectation of Privacy In a San Francisco courtroom a few weeks ago, Facebook's lawyers said the quiet part out loud: Users have no reasonable expectation of privacy. The admission came from Orin Snyder, a lawyer representing Facebook in a litigation stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Cardhop update adds a bunch of handy new features on Mac and iOS Cardhop, the wonderful contact management app from Flexibits, just got big updates on Mac and iOS. The latest releases bring a whole bunch of handy new features and improvements - including new templates and template settings, iMessage stickers, and support for multiple business cards.

TvOS 13 Beta 2 Adds Picture-In-Picture Mode For Apple TV TvOS 13 beta 2 has just added picture-in-picture mode for the Apple TV. Here's everything you need to know about this.

Guardian Firewall is the first true privacy-protecting firewall for iOS Guardian Firewall claims to be the first proper firewall app for iOS. It works by routing all the network connections from your iPhone or iPad through a VPN, and then filtering out privacy-invading trackers on Guardian's own servers.

Satechi's dual HomeKit plug makes dumb outlets smarter The Dual Smart Outlet allows two devices to be controlled independently. And it supports Apple's HomeKit so it can be accessed from an iPhone or Mac. eval; eval;. The Dual Smart Outlet can be ordered around directly via Siri, or schedules can turn the connected devices on or off automatically.

Tim Cook Just Delivered His Stanford Commencement Speech, Here Are The Details Apple CEO Tim Cook has delivered the commencement address at Stanford University following his speech at Tulane University last month. During the speak Cook spoke of digital privacy and more. Those into their Apple history will remember that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs also spoke at the same school 14 years ago.

On the Mac Pro, the G4 Cube and Their Shared Vent Design In a recent episode of ATP, the guys spoke about a conversation that was overheard at WWDC between Tim Cook and Jony Ive that included an interesting detail of the holes in the front and back of the new Mac Pro:. Then there's video Marco posted on Twitter, in which Ive appears to compare the opening of the Mac Pro to the Cube:.

IOS 13 uses your iPhone to perfectly sync wireless audio on Apple TV Nothing ruins a good movie like sound that's completely out of sync. But thanks to iOS 13 and tvOS 13, you will no longer have to suffer that when watching video on your Apple TV. A new feature lets you synchronize wireless audio devices so that they're perfectly matched.

Kanex announces unique 6-in-1 Multiport USB-C Docking Station for iPad Pro The recent announcement by Apple highlighting the features of iPadOS really pointed out one thing — the iPad, and especially the iPad Pro, is becoming more of a laptop replacement than ever. A number of accessory manufacturers have come out with docks for the iPad Pro, but most are simply re-branded.

WatchOS 6 brings over-the-air updates to Apple Watch It's possible to install the latest watchOS 6 beta directly to the Apple wearable… sort of. This is all part of an ongoing move to make Apple Watch a stand-alone computer. eval; eval;.

What's new in iOS 13 beta 2 IOS 13 and iPadOS beta 2 still aren't ready for daily use, but they bring new features and fixes. See what's new in the latest Apple betas.

This is how rich you'd be if you bought Apple stock instead of its products So… what if instead of buying an old gadget when it was released, we bought the product's worth in company stock instead? Would that be enough to overcome our nostalgia? To make this an achievable task, I decided to limit the scope and focus on Apple products, because everyone loves Apple, right?

Apple Watch Gets Over-the-Air Software Update Mechanism, But iPhone Still Required For Now Apple appears to be in the process of decoupling the iPhone from the watchOS update process on the Apple Watch. In the first beta of watchOS 6, the Apple Watch gained its own over-the-air software update mechanism under Settings > General > Software Update.

IAdapt docking station brings must-have ports to 2018 iPad Pro Kanex is the latest to deliver a USB-C hub for the 2018 iPad Pro. The iAdapt looks like one of the better options for adding must-have ports to your tablet, and it neatly clips onto the side of your device to keep everything tidy. You can preorder yours today.

Satechi launches a HomeKit-compatible Dual Smart Outlet Keeping with their business of providing Apple users with great accessories, Satechi today launched a HomeKit-compatible Dual Smart Outlet. The device provides for fully customizable time schedules and shortcuts using Apple’s Home app as well as Satechi’s own Home app.

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