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Barry Nemett on Robert Rauschenberg To it, all looked pleasant enough near the foot, but, like a dramatic plot twist, everything closer to the bed's head looked war-torn, tortured. Gone was its role of gallant service in Gwen's life.

Banksy Shop Gross Domestic Product Comes to Croydon Another pop up exhibit from Banksy has been showing in Croydon. Called 'Gross Domestic Product' it is essentially a window display. Yet this is a rare exhibition where the products on show will soon be on sale. Created for the reason of utilising his brand rights it is, as Banksy describes, "our first and only store".

Assistants: Connected through circumstance The artists in "Semi Autonomous Bodies," on view at PS 122 through October 13, are all connected through circumstance: the artist Spencer Hinson was a student and project assistant of Tom McGrath, who was a student of Lydia Dona, who was a student of Ron Gorchov, whose long-time studio assistant is Olga Sophie Kauppinen.

End V Much of modernism and its concerns now feel long ago, forged in a time of rapid industrial change when white European males assumed they ruled the world. The demands of our times call for something else.

Art Criticism Is Dead I saw the David Hockney show at the Van Gogh Museum close to the end of its run in May, and it was, without question, the most cynical exhibition I've ever seen in my life.

End IV Painting in New York during the second half of the 1970s was a mess. The art schools and galleries were loaded with mannered attempts to thread some needle of original nuance among the dead ends implied by the older artists' positions, while the broader painterly discourse became increasingly cacophonous.

Nathaniel Mary Quinn At first glance and from afar, Nathaniel Mary Quinn's imagery appears to be photo-collage, but upon close viewing, the works are actually painted. What immediately comes to mind is the work of Francis Bacon, Romaire Bearden, Deborah Roberts, and the Surrealist parlor game Exquisite Corpse.

Dona Nelson Like unruly creatures, Dona Nelson's double-sided paintings defy convention; they stand free, hang from ceilings and incorporate quotidian materials in bizarre ways. Titled "Painting the Magic Mountain" in wry reference to Thomas Mann's 1924 novel, this show contains 18 new specimens.

Leonardo da Vinci - a Life in Drawing finishes on Sunday Four days left to see the "Leonardo da Vinci - A Life in Drawing" exhibition at the Queens Gallery - if you book now!

Immersive October Installations and immersive experiences were everywhere this weekend, with the opening of CA 101 2019 starting things out on Friday. Yes, beautiful paintings, photographs and sculptural pieces were present too as gallerygoers took in the bright orange sunset at the former location of Gold's Gym.

Interview with Artist Euan Roberts at his Joy Ride Exhibition in London "Like a big golden retriever bounding towards you with an idiotic smile on its face. That's how I want people to perceive my art." It's a nice image and it's a great way to describe his work. It also gives me more of an insight into the mind of Euan Roberts.

End III "What happened, at least for me, is that when I first started painting I would see Pollock, de Kooning, and the one thing they all had that I didn't have was an art school background. They were brought up on drawing and they all ended up painting or drawing with the brush.

Transform and Escape the Dogs 'I was a hare and as a hare I ran' The words are softly yet authoritatively spoken as a refrain set against a thumping acid house backdrop, played from a vinyl that also talks of historical figures from Pennine Lancashire and their attempts to make new possibilities for themselves.

Amna Asghar: Repurposing orientalism Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Amna Asghar's gently captivating new paintings, on display at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery on the Lower East Side, explore a rich variety of experiences and perceptions associated with the geographical movement or cultural displacement.

End II What's interesting about so much of today's better-known painting and painters' styles is how "handmade" it all looks. This vintage style is all about the fetish finish of the artist's hand - surfaces, scumbles, pentimenti, veils, drips splashes and skeins.

Not Photography When we take photographs so much of what actually is produced is out of our control. Photography is nearing a utopia where cameras literally think for themselves, producing seemingly perfect images. In the click of a faux shutter sound, millions of computations occur combining exposures, reframing and replacing elements.

Jackson's Medium H-Frame Studio Easel Review When Stephani Twidwell commented on our Jackson's Medium H-Frame Studio Easel on, saying she'd bought it for her studio in a modern flat, we asked her to explain why she chose it and how she found it performed. By Stephani Twidwell. 'This is a five-star product.

Gertrude Abercrombie Pink Carnations, 1939 Pink Sand, 1964 Shell and Drapery, 1952 Still Life, 1945 I present to you Gertrude Abercrom…

Brian M Viveros Brian Viveros returns to LA’s Thinkspace Projects with his latest solo show ‘Tougher Than Leather’. It’s his first new complete collection of never-before-seen works in almo…

Video Introduction to Gauguin Portraits at the National Gallery Video introducing the Gauguin Portraits exhibition at the National Gallery plus reviews of the exhibition.

End I "Perhaps looking back 10, 15, 30 years from now, it will appear that this modernist tradition really did come to an end within the last few years, as some critics suggest.

Shepard Fairey Paints Murals in London for 30th Obey Anniversary In 1989 Shepard Fairey launched his now iconic 'Andre the Giant has a posse' sticker campaign on the West Coast of America. Originally starting out as a bit of a laugh, it grew legs and now 30 years on, he is one of the biggest artists on the worlds urban art scene.

Ecstatic Rituals There is a pattern of condescension towards popular culture by the self-appointed stewards of so-called 'high culture', which regulates not only the art-world but also the dominant social order itself. Many of its self-reproducing discourses coalesce around a denial of the social, which can often lapse into either elitism or cultural conservatism.

Edward Hopper's Studio's Art Lesson I ran across this photo my wife Alice took of me during one of our earlier residencies in Edward Hopper's former painting studio in Truro, MA. In the photo it was a windy and chilly morning. I was walking slowly with my heavy easel making my way up the narrow path that Edward and Jo Hopper had made to reach the shoreline far below their studio.

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