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Understanding Asia's fast-moving digital ecosystem According to research firm Kantar TNS, 77 percent of connected consumers in APAC at the time of survey made their most recent purchase on a mobile, compared with 61 percent globa…

Who Owns Model Risk in an AI World? As a proponent of AI, this is the type of article that I do not enjoy sharing, because it will scare some people away. However, as an industry professional, I believe it's critical to understand the benefits and detriments of a new technology,. That said, this article is a "must read" for anyone thinking about entering the AI/ML space.

From Ayurvedic inheritance to artificial intelligence: beauty veteran Shahnaz Husain traces her entrepreneurial journey At 74, Shahnaz says that internal good health and external beauty go "hand in hand", which is why she's a stickler for beauty routines. Aloe, lemon, rose and milk are known for their beautifying properties. Shahnaz Hussain's daily routine also incorporates Pranayama to help her get rid of physical and mental fatigue.

'Deep Medicine' Paints Collaborative Future Between Doctors, Artificial Intelligence Depending on your perspective, Artificial Intelligence either brings thoughts of a future enhanced by technology or strikes fear in your heart that robots will take over the world.

Why This New Thematic ETF Could be a Winner The universe of dedicated cloud computing exchange traded funds doubled in size with Tuesday’s debut of the Global X Cloud Computing ETF.

GCC healthcare: Putting patients at the heart of the industry A notable exception is healthcare, where the customer - the patient - has traditionally been expected to accept the decisions, diagnoses and dictums of the industry professionals. And often for good reason, given both the complexity and importance of giving the best, most accurate advice and treatment.

Papa roach: Chinese farmer breeds bugs for the table A restaurant down the road from his small facility fries them up in famously spicy Sichuan sauce for the gutsier eaters. "People don't believe how good it is until they try some," Li told AFP, putting a live one into his mouth as others crawled all over the place and people visiting.

Global Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Market By Key Players - IBM, Atomwise and AiCure Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Market 2019 in-Depth Analysis on Forthcoming Development and Huge Profits by 2025 Researchmoz added Most up-to-date research on "Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Market 2019 In-Depth Analysis On Forthcoming Development And Huge Profits by 2025" to its huge collection of research reports.

A flash of inspiration: How to make artificial intelligence work for you In our webinar - which starts at 11am BST / 12pm CEST on April 17 - Ryan Sayre, global technologist at flash storage vendor Pure Storage, cuts though the complexities and helps you to define the right combination of hardware and software your business needs to make the most of AI and analytics.

Inside TD's AI play: How Layer 6's technology hopes to improve old-fashioned banking advice Poutanen says that across six machine-learning projects his team has run with TD data, it has improved the accuracy of advice and product offers between 30 and 57 per cent. "It completely changes the dynamics of the business," he says. tests robo-taxi program on its employees, promises self-driving trucks next Self-driving startup launched an autonomous ride-hailing program dubbed PonyPilot for employees in Guangzhou's Nansha district.

Game of Thrones 8: Artificial Intelligence forecasts who will survive the last season of the show; Find out The app has scoured the web for all the information about each of the characters of the series and after processing by artificial intelligence algorithms it has come to the conclusion on who survives in the end.

6 things the Pixel 3a and 3a XL need to become Google's hero phones So, if Google wants to compete with the sea of budget and mid-range phones out there, it needs to expand the Pixel 3a's availability beyond a single carrier store. Rumors are starting to swirl about T-Mobile selling the new Pixel, so here's hoping the exclusive shackles have finally been removed so anyone can find one.

Global Deep Learning Chipsets Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025 This is an in-depth study of the market enlightening key forecast to 2025. Artificial intelligence technology is progressing at a rapid pace, as is the application of the technology to solve real-world problems.

IBM Pulls the Plug on Drug-Discovering Watson AI On Thursday, STAT published a story claiming that IBM is halting sales of Watson for Drug Discovery - a service that uses the company's Watson AI to analyze connections between genes, drugs, and diseases on the hunt for useful new medications - citing as its source a person familiar with IBM's internal decision-making.

Qualcomm joins Tencent and Vivo on new AI initiative for mobile gaming Project Imagination will test new AI features in MOBA games like Tencent's Honor of Kings. Vivo is also working on creating an all-AI esports team.

AI Package Delivery Drones Are Just Killer Robots In Waiting Modified civilian drones today are capable of navigating denied spaces, seeking targets based on facial recognition and delivering lethal force, all using the same tools and technology being built by universities and companies for helpful tasks like package delivery drones to deliver aid to disaster regions.

Can artificial intelligence save SAP? - SiliconANGLE This is the heart of the Intelligent Enterprise." In fact, the company's Intelligent Enterprise campaign is more than mere marketing, since it represents a shift in SAP's investment in AI. Instead of focusing its efforts on Leonardo as a separate product, the company is integrating AI throughout its product line.

AI helps four-legged robots find their footing Researchers have devised a novel system that helps four-legged robots to navigate complex environments without falling or stumbling.

The Coral Dev Board Takes Google's AI to the Edge It's not meant for the actual learning phase of machine learning, when models are compiled from sample data sets to determine what output should correspond to a given input.

Bit by Bit, AR and VR Have Entered Reality CIOs should keep an eye on 3 areas of IT infrastructure where AR and VR will have the most impact.

Death Stranding release date 2019 - news, trailers, PS5 release info and more revealed DEATH STRANDING is the debut game from Kojima Productions, the studio founded by visionary Metal Geal Solid creator Hideo Kojima - but when is it released? We reveal all the Death Stranding rumours, leaks, and announcements, plus trailers and more. Now that's a doozy.

Robo-Rigs: The Scientist, The Unicorn And The $700 Billion Race To Create Self-Driving Semi-Trucks Self-driving cars are at least five years away. Eighteen-wheelers are coming first, and a 34-year-old Caltech Ph.D.'s $1.1 billion startup is king of the road.

The Real Dangers of an AI Arms Race For each country, the real danger is not that it will fall behind its competitors in AI but that the perception of a race will prompt everyone to rush to deploy unsafe AI systems. In their desire to win, countries risk endangering themselves just as much as their opponents.

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