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Brain magnetic resonance imaging enhanced through artificial intelligence: Study Researchers have designed an unprecedented method that is capable of improving brain images obtained through magnetic resonance imaging using artificial intelligence.

Watch J-Pop Singer AI's New Documentary-Style Video for Sci-Fi Thriller J-pop singer-songwriter AI shared her new music video accompanying her latest release, "Bokura wo matsu basho", featured as the theme song of Japanese film director Yu Irie's upcoming sci-fi thriller, AI Hokai. Irie was tapped to direct the music video for AI's warm, inspirational ballad that sings about having a place to come home to.

To the dreams you've been waiting for Welcome back Chris, we've been waiting for you. Tell us more of your secrets. I need a compelling story and the only way you'll be a good character is to have more depth. Then you'll be replaced with a robot version… nah this whole line of thought is trash.

AI is transforming the oil and gas industry: Insights from one of Canada's largest producers Canadian Natural Resources Limited is one of Canada's largest oil and natural gas producers. At the centre of Canadian Natural's innovation mindset are teams working together and collaborating to deliver on their digital strategy, including individuals like JohnPaul Portelli, Technology and Innovation Lead at the company.

INTEL Stock Investing in AI Machine Intelligence Mega-trend 2020 and Beyond :: The Market Oracle :: INTEL Stock Investing in AI Machine Intelligence Mega-trend 2020 and Beyond. By: Nadeem_Walayat. Where developments that even the proponents of AI thought would take several years are taking place in mere MONTHS! That is the power of the unfolding AI MEGA-TREND!

Artificial Intelligence And Its Importance For Businesses In 2020 Artificial intelligence is today's reality, and as we get started with 2020, here are some facts to consider.

Irish AI project 'proves' Alcatraz brothers survived prison break Many assumed escapees died in dangerous waters in 1962, but firm claims algorithm identifies photo taken of pair in Brazil in 1975 as authentic.

The 3rd AI. Do you know what it is? The FINAL phase of AI includes you! #artificialintelligence #AI #IOT #AR.

Being human in the age of AI After a while, everything is overhyped and underwhelming. Even Artificial Intelligence has not been able to escape the inevitable reduction that follows such excessive hype. AI is everything and everywhere now and most of us won't even blink if we are told AI is powering someone's toothbrush.

What is the state of AI in India? South Indian tourists seeking directions in broken Hindi from police constables belonging to Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab is a common sight around India Gate. Similar scenes are usually visible on the Mount Road in Chennai where tourists from eastern India seek help from traffic policemen on the road in English monosyllables.

Weld's Wildcard: Iowa, NH, Senate Removes Trump, GOP Nomination Watch: The former Republican Mass. governor, 2016 Libertarian VP nominee says he has a plan to win the presidency and preserve the Republic.

'Scope for misuse of AI is enormous' A 200-year-old old conversation between Michael Faraday and William Gladstone still holds water when it comes to the links between science and policy.

The 3 Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Buy Now for Your Portfolio Micron Technology, NVIDIA, and Salesforce get some love from three of our contributors who cover - and invest in - the AI space.

Pelham Students Inducted Into Music Society From the Pelham School District: The Pelham Memorial High School chapter of the Tri-M Music Honor Society inducted 29 new members at a ceremony held on Thursday, January 9 in the auditorium. The honor society recognizes students for their musical talent, achievement and service to others.

RealOpinions: How F1 2019 Can Engage Players in the Off-season After great success, how can Codies keep their game popular during Formula 1's annual lull?

Apple's Latest AI Acquisition Is A Glimpse Into Future Devices The purchase is one of many for Apple, which has become adept at vacuuming up tech startups, but it also gives us a glimpse into the company's thinking when it comes to future devices.

Silicon Valley Event On Machine Learning Tackles The Latest Riddles Vexing AI Self-Driving Cars The Levels Of Self-Driving Cars. It is important to clarify what I mean when referring to true self-driving cars. True self-driving cars are ones that the AI drives the car entirely on its own and there isn't any human assistance during the driving task.

Will delivery vehicles, drones make our skies dirtier, our air unhealthier? Analysis offers insights Have you noticed the upswell of delivery vehicle-traffic lately? Welcome to the club. And there is the likelihood there will be drone-based package delivery added to that mix. All of which could be a recipe for dirtier skies and unhealthier air - local or otherwise.

Here's why an AI expert says job recruiting sites promote employment discrimination Data science consultant Cathy O'Neil helps companies audit their algorithms for a living. And when it comes to how algorithms and artificial intelligence can enable bias in the job hiring process, she said the biggest issue isn't even with the employers themselves.

China's AI industry will be worth $30 BILLION by 2022 The artificial intelligence industry is growing steadily in China as Beijing aims to become the leader in the technology by 2030.

Machine Learning in Capital Markets : Part I Generally, a large number of factors must be taken into account when analyzing capital markets, particularly the stock market, in order to be able to successfully predict stock prices.

How to build ethical AI We don't need to worry about hulking armed robots terrorizing American cities, but there are serious ethical and societal issues we must confront quickly - because the next wave of computing power is coming, with the potential to dramatically alter - and improve - the human experience.

Killer robots declared 'bigger threat to humanity than climate change' by AI expert Dr David Levy told Daily Star Online a "Greta Thunberg of the robot world" is needed to prevent global devastation. Greta is the face of the fight against climate change, leading numerous campaigns and amassing widespread support. But Dr Levy believes believes robots need to given the same level of urgency.

Classroom AI is here, but is it too futuristic in current education climate? In her official announcement of the 2019 matric results in Johannesburg earlier in January, education minister Angie Motshekga made reference to an e-learning program that will be used in the new robotics and coding curriculum.

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