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How Artificial Intelligence Is Regulating Live Video Streams Video streaming is everywhere. We all have a camera in our pockets, and nearly anyone can live video chat with minimal barrier to entry. Today, the ability to connect to anyone in the world through video is easier than ever - and it will only get easier as technology advances.

Is King's College and Nvidia Neural Network the Future of Medical AI? Siloed medical data still an issue… King's College London and Nvidia researchers say they have developed a way of training a deep neural network that allows training data - including sensitive medical information - to be distributed across multiple locations.

AI could be a force for positive social change - but we're currently heading for a darker future Artificial Intelligence can perpetuate existing social imbalances in a harmful manner. Can this undesirable scenario be avoided?

DHS invests in AI passenger flow platform The USA's Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate has awarded US$147,413 to KickView Corporation for a software platform that provides real-time data analysis of passenger flow.

The Role of AI: it's for Marketing, Not Just for Life AI-enabled technologies have also found their way into the world of marketing, and the management of digital assets.

Brits Divided on Security of AI Virtual Assistants British consumers are deeply divided in their opinion of using virtual assistants via a smart device, with a lack of trust and security fears being the main issues, new research from Maintel today reveals.

US Army's acquisition boss on artificial intelligence and the evolving procurement process Army begins to replace its existing fleet with fresh platforms that will form a force capable of countering adversaries across multiple domains and theaters, the acquisition side of the house will face tough choices. Defense News posed a variety of questions to Bruce Jette - Army acquisition chief - ahead of the Association of the U.S.

The Coming AI Spring Despite these challenges, AI can generate tremendous value for us all, if policymakers and businesses act swiftly and smartly to capture its full benefits and mitigate the inevitable risks. The long-awaited "AI spring" may finally be arriving, but we will need to be prepared to manage its onset with care.

Artificial intelligence trends of 2019 No application, no machine, nothing is created nowadays that doesn't embrace, what we call technology's gift to mankind, the Artificial Intelligence. Every year we witness a change in AI trends that set a benchmark for the following year.

The Need for AI Governance in Healthcare How and why healthcare provider CIOs need to establish AI governance to balance cutting-edge AI innovation with solutions that are trustworthy, safe and transparent.

How will AI impact the e-commerce industry? AI and machine learning are changing many industries, including e-commerce. This article examines some of the biggest AI trends in e-commerce.

Will AI's development be hindered by a talent shortage in academia? Artificial intelligence professionals are fuel for the future, but will a talent shortage in academia hinder their progression?

AI Tech start-up completes funding round An AI technology start-up founded by three friends from Aston University has completed a Series A funding round, led by BP Ventures. Grid Edge is a developer of AI technology that enables customers to predict, control and optimise a building's energy profile.

AI doesn't know why people with bigger hands have larger vocabularies While it might seem like a silly idea at first, did you know that people with large hands actually have bigger vocabularies than people with small hands? Its true.

UCSF, NVIDIA join to research AI use in medical imaging UC San Francisco is upping its research into advanced computing in healthcare, launching an artificial intelligence center specifically to advance its use in medical imaging.

Robocop needs reboot, $200m for AI research, UK govt knowingly deployed racist passport system - plus more Read the latest in the amusing world of AI.

The Worlds That AI Might Create Artificial intelligence will have a profound impact—on our jobs, our health and possibly our very existence. But that’s where consensus ends.

Advancements in the use of AI in Oncology explored at Cleveland Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and smart computing are all rapidly transforming the global health and medical landscape, including at Case Western Reserve University and among its health-care partners in Northeast Ohio and beyond. To that end, Case Western Reserve is hosting the Oct.

Will AI Cripple or Leapfrog Developing Nations' Growth? One major concern is that AI will not only foster more inequality in the West, but also may rob developing nations of the investment-driven, export-led growth model that spawned the Asian economic miracle over the past forty years.

Nvidia launches a remaster initiative to bring ray tracing to PC classics "you know and love" Elsewhere in the listing, Nvidia calls it an "RTX remaster project," which suggests that it'll be similar in scope and scale to the Quake II remaster. If this means an excuse to revisit some of the best classic PC games, you can sign me right up.

Huawei nova 5T Features Quad Camera With Dedicated Macro Lens For 」399 The Huawei nova 5T combines five AI-powered cameras with a camera app full of interesting camera modes at a very reasonable price point.

Diyotta and Splice Machine Team Up to Accelerate Data Integration for Clearsense Healthcare Data Analytics Platform Diyotta, Inc., an enterprise-class, serverless data integration platform for modern data environments, today announced that it is joining with Splice Machine's industry-leading hybrid RDBMS to accelerate data integration for the Clearsense healthcare data analytics platform.

Survey identifies a growing need to hire data analysts for government jobs As public agencies across the nation increasingly rely on data to improve operations, the market for careers in the field of data analytics is expected to expand in federal, state, and local governments over the next two years, according to a new survey conducted by Johns Hopkins University and two partners, REI Systems and ACT-IAC.

Robotic inspectors developed to fix wind farms Scientists develop fully autonomous robots that could end the need for workers to scale dangerously-tall wind turbines.

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