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Machine learning continues to show promise in characterizing cells Computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University say neural networks and supervised machine learning techniques can efficiently characterize cells that have been studied using single cell RNA-sequencing. This finding could help researchers identify new cell subtypes and differentiate between healthy and diseased cells.

AI and electric cars could push 'traditional' auto makers under sooner than we think Much of the traditional car-making industry around the world could go bust over the next decade as the cost of electric cars plunges and become affordable for average motorists. That's the prediction of a top researcher and investor who thinks a world of self-driving electric cars - including autonomous taxis - is only a few years away.

Application of Robotics in the field of Biomedical Science Well its true that using robots just in the field of engineering won't help them improve in other fields, so its better to think out of the box sometimes. If robotics in engineering is making people's life easier, then robotics in biomedical field will help in saving lives of thousands of people from injuries and diseases.

Zoho brings Zia AI assistant to its office apps Zoho Writer, Sheets and Show all get new artificial intelligence features in the latest update to Zoho Office Suite. The suite now includes a new app, Notebook.

Artificial intelligence — and a few jokes — will help keep future Mars crews sane - When the first human explorers head for Mars, they're likely to have a non-human judging their performance and tweaking their interpersonal relationships when necessary.

Influencing algorithms Online platforms are designed to be responsive the real world events. When on Facebook you expect to see posts relating to political events, environmental disasters, terrorism or other newsworthy stories. The platform adjusts what it displays based on a complex algorithm of which popularity plays a part.

Why it's time for Petroleum Geologists and Engineers to move away from data scientists The industry has finally warmed up to Artificial Intelligence technologies. This is good news. AI technologies are a great opportunity for operators to increase their efficiency and boost their competitive advantage and safe operations. And, in fact, many have already done just that.

Ai Weiwei hits out at film censorship over Berlin I Love You Artist Ai Weiwei has accused the producers of a film he worked on of cutting his part because they didn't want to upset the Chinese authorities. Ai directed a segment of Berlin I Love You - but his "episode" didn't end up in the finished version.

3 things we learned from Facebook's AI chief about the future of artificial intelligence Facebook's Yann LeCun says giving computer "common sense" will be a big research area for artificial intelligence in the next decade.

What is the Future of Software Testing in the Era of AI and ML? There are plenty of case studies on AI. Here are a couple of examples. AI has defeated top poker players; even Elon Musk's AI bot trashed the best gamers on their game. The Software Development Lifecycle is getting complicated every day. The delivery times are getting shorter and software testers need to give feedback to the developers instantly.

Yobe varsity to become center of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Yobe State University is set to become the centre of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence after signing a memorandum of understanding with the ICT University, Louisiana, USA in Damaturu penultimate week. The short ceremony was held at the Senate Chambers of the University in Damaturu with the Vice Chancellor of Yobe State University Prof.

Researchers Present Artificial Intelligence Project in Little Rock Seven colleges and universities from around Arkansas gathered on Friday, Feb. 15, in Little Rock for a demonstration of artificial intelligence in an event that was hosted by the Arkansas State University System office in Little Rock.

Does Higher Education Still Prepare Young-people for Jobs? We often hear employers and business leaders lament the unfortunate gap between what new graduates have learned at university and what they are actually expected to know in order to do their jobs well. This is particularly alarming in light of the large and still growing number of unemployed youth.

Planet of the Deadly Techs Ned Ludd was an interesting figure in history, it is said that he smashed a mechanical knitting machine in 1779 out of fear that the skills which he had gained for so many years would cease to exist due to these machines.

A.I. app knows just what cancer patients need A new app is using artificial intelligence to guide and support some 50 breast cancer patients in rural Georgia, giving them personalized recommendations on everything from side effects to insurance. The app, called MyPath, adapts to each stage in a patient's cancer experience.

Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Market Analysed by Business Growth, Development Factors, Applications and Future Prospects Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Market Dynamics :. Important Features That Are Under Offer and Key Highlights Of The Report:. The Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Market Report:. -North America: United States, Canada, and Mexico. - South and Central America: Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.

Rapid Experiments are Key to Making AI Technology Buy vs Build Decisions The decision about buying vs building your AI technology depends on a number of basic decisions. The correct decision is found through rapid experiments.

AI Needs to Become Less Elitist Curricula must include basic computing skills and coding as standard to prepare kids to work with automated technologies like AI in the near future. But they must also teach non-technical skills including problem-solving, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

Most Indian businesses not delivering on AI, customer analytics tech: Report While businesses in India are looking at several customer experience technologies such as customer analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and digital integration, most of them are not currently able to implement them properly, according to a new report on Monday.

OpenAI's Realistic Text-Generating AI Triggers Ethics Concerns Most AI code is open-sourced. Although a technical paper and code aren't enough to get advanced AI systems running, anyone with technical knowledge and compute resources can download code to generate a fake Obama voice, make AI-art which recently sold for $400k+, or train self-driving cars.

Robots Getting Your Job? - Citigroup chief expects machines to replace thousands of call centre jobs US bank can use tech to serve customers better and more cheaply, says Mike Corbat Chief executive. Mike Corbat also ruled out Citigroup's involvement in any wave of US banking consolidation. By Laura Noonan and Patrick Jenkins in Dublin 2.

YouTube SHAME as 'paedo ring' caught sharing child sex abuse videos through site CHILD safety experts have blasted YouTube after it was caught making cash off of child abuse imagery. Dozens of sick clips uploaded to the site are being used by "paedo rings" to distribute illegal content, but YouTube's algorithms and moderators have repeatedly failed to remove them.

The Journey of a Social Media Marketer: Q&A with SMT Influencer Lucy Rendler-Kaplan From our #SMTLive Twitter chats, social media groups, and other interactive social accounts we get that social media is at its best when it brings people together. Being that our influencers are one of our very favorite parts of our community, we decided sharing their stories, tips of the trade, and advice with you would be a fun task.

How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the music streaming industry Deeper mobile penetrations, cheaper data and the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have created a great ecosystem for streaming players to thrive and grow.

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