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Tesla's 3rd General Counsel in a Year Leaves for Artificial Intelligence Company Webcast Date: Tuesday, January 7, 2019 - Data is out of control. The exponential increase in data volumes along with the rise of atypical data types is sending ediscovery costs spiraling. Gain insights into the emerging trend of early mediation, as well as an understanding of how to define pre-mediation protocol.

Togo: First stone of Francophone agency for artificial intelligence to be laid in Aneho next week Togo will host the first regional symposium on artificial intelligence next Dec 16 and 17, in Aneho. On this occasion, the first stone of the francophone agency for artificial intelligence will be laid in the same town, a representative of the International Organization of French-speaking States, Eric Adja declared last Wednesday.

120 AI Predictions For 2020 And there will be even more 2020 AI predictions, in a second installment to be posted here later this month.

Enflame Technology Selects Rambus HBM2 Memory Subsystem Solution for AI Training Chip A premier silicon IP and chip provider making data faster and safer, today announced that Enflame Technology has selected Rambus HBM2 PHY and Memory Controller IP for its next-generation AI training chip. Rambus memory interface IP enables the development of high-performance, next-generation hardware for leading-edge AI applications.

Wells Fargo Exec: Banks Struggle To Feed Hungry AI Vast amounts of data and processing could hinder exploitation of emerging tech, says Ravi Radhakrishnan as it partners with MIT-IBM Research lab.

Here's How This AI Automates Content Generation In 110 Languages AX Semantics an artificial intelligence -powered, natural language generation company said it could create AI-produced content in more than 110 languages.

Big Brain Revolution: Artificial Intelligence - Spy or Saviour? New book from psychiatrist, therapist and business woman examines the good, the bad, and the potentially ugly effects of machine learning on the human mind. Released today, The Big Brain Revolution shows the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the human brain, uncovering hidden secrets from the science of neuro-technology.

Is Artificial Intelligence Magic? Clarke's famous adage, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Yet to the majority of people who do not understand AI's machinations, these technologies may as well be wizardry.

How A.I. Could Help Find Alien Planets and Asteroids NASA hopes to use artificial intelligence, or A.I., technologies such as machine learning to interpret data that will be collected by future telescopes like the James Webb Space Telescope or the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite mission, according to a statement from the space agency.

Sinequa Intelligent Search Platform Is Delivering on the Promise of AI Sinequa, a recognized leader in the AI-powered search and analytics market, announced that its Intelligent Search platform is helping 2.5 million digital workers leverage 5 billion documents and 100 billion records to extract insights and actionable information for improved business operations and smarter decision-making.

Minecraft diamond challenge leaves AI creators stumped It takes minutes for most new Minecraft players to work out how to dig up the diamonds that are key to the game, but training artificial intelligence to do it has proved harder than expected. Over the summer, Minecraft publisher Microsoft and other organisations challenged coders to create AI agents that could find the coveted gems.

From the Ground Up: Artificial Intelligence's Potential in Agriculture And while Ag experts don't see any day soon when a machine is able to run a farm, there is huge potential for using them to help with some of the management decisions farmers must make during a growing year. Claudia Roessler is Director of Agriculture for Microsoft.

Automated Knowledge in 2020: What to expect from AI & Machine Learning Read on to see what we can expect from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in terms of growth, innovation and adoption as a new decade begins. Marc Andreessen famously said that "Software is eating the world," and these days it seems like every organization is becoming a software company at its core.

Augury raises $8 million more to predict mechanical breakdowns with AI Augury, which taps AI to predict mechanical breakdowns, has expanded its series C by $8 million, thanks to an investment by Qualcomm Ventures.

AI expert calls for end to UK use of 'racially biased' algorithms Prof Noel Sharkey, who is also a leading figure in a global campaign against "killer robots", said algorithms were so "infected with biases" that their decision-making processes could not be fair or trusted. A moratorium must be imposed on all "life-changing decision-making algorithms" in Britain, he said.

AI And The Death Of Exploration In the case of news stories, for example, being presented with opposing points of view is necessary in order to have a comprehensive understanding of an issue and be able to develop fully informed opinions. Only through engaging with different viewpoints and having conversations about them can we actually solve issues.

Donut: unsupervised anomaly detection using VAE In this post we are going to use Donut, an unsupervised anomaly detection algorithm based on Variational Autoencoder which can work when the data is unlabeled but can also take advantage of the occasional labels when available.

European Business Reads: Innovation, Gender Gap, And Fundraising Europe has a long history of tech development and innovation. However, Europe needs to deepen its innovation capability and strategically approach continuous improvement to regain an innovative edge. As we stand at the crossroads of gender equity and advanced technologies, the EU is ready for an Industry 4.0 rebranding.

Artificial Intelligence Job Demand Could Live Up to Hype Anyone who's worked in technology knows that certain buzzwords rip through the industry every few years, sending executives into a fever. "Artificial intelligence," "Big Data," "Hadoop," and "Web 2.0" are just a few of the more notable. But which ones will translate into actual opportunities and jobs for all the technologists out there?

AI Mythbusters: Six Misconceptions About AI For Marketers While AI might seem complicated on the surface, many of its perceptions are based on myths. When applied well toward goals we care about as marketers, AI is an effective tool that helps us deliver more customers, revenue and value for our companies.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: and HeraMED Under Discussion Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Space. One such technology that is poised for an explosive growth in health care domain is Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence will help determine if you get your next job Chatbots that use natural-language understanding created by companies like Mya can help automate the process of reaching out to previous applicants about a new opening at a company, or finding out whether an applicant meets a position's basic requirements - like availability - thus eliminating the need for human phone-screening interviews.

How AI is enhancing independence for the speech-impaired Speech is one of the most defining qualities of human beings. But for the 80 million adults and children in Europe living with speech impairments, according to figures from the Council of the European Union, even basic communication can be a challenge.

Technologies that will change the Industry 4.0 in 2020 If you could do an futurology exercise, what would you think are the technologies that will change the world ? Many experts always try to make predictions, but answering this question is not a simple task.

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