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It's so hard not to laugh at this ASMR Your number one Asian Entertainment community forum!

Self-care routine I haven't always been the best at taking care of myself. Depression and anxiety make it easy to sit around doing nothing all day. But as I've said before that's not the answer. My counselor gave me a list of things I should try to do everyday in an attempt to feel okay.

Renault Unveils 15-Minute 'Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response' To Promote New Electric Car Have you ever driven an electric vehicle before? Lots of people don’t know how smooth and relaxing the experience actually is. It’s for this reason that Renault has turned to YouTube ‘brain massage’ trend, ASMR, in its latest campaign to give online audiences the variety of sensations of driving electric vehicle,…

ASMR phenomenon: Millions of people listening to everyday sounds on YouTube to relax DETROIT - People are always looking for new ways to relax and destress from their everyday lives, and some are finding help on YouTube. It's something called autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR. "Some people do, like, tapping videos where they're just tapping on different objects," said Elissa Kedziorek, who uses ASMR.

A peek into the strangely satisfying world of ASMR makeup videos By Arden Fanning Andrews, September 19, 2018. Is this what would have been called "fetish" in the 90s, but the modern world sees it for its wellness-friendly benefits? I wonder to myself as I research ASMR beauty content, from whispering beauty tutorials to hair brushing videos to clips of lipsticks being pulverized.

From the club to inner space: Objekt - Secret Snake Even when he's banging out club cuts, Berlin-based producer Objekt's electronic creations always hit the head as much as the gut, with tracks sound designed to the nth degree, while still keeping a nervy vigour.

ASMR x RENAULT ZOE - A relaxing electric vehicle experience - Video Dailymotion ASMR Zeitgeist partners with RENAULT ZOE to bring you a deeply relaxing electric vehicle experience! Driving this car is really quiet and peaceful, it calms.asmrzeitgeist provides high-quality video content for deep relaxation. Tingles guaranteed! or "Autonomous Sensory.Have ever driven an before?

Top 5 ASMR Channels On YouTube ASMR is an ever growing trend on YouTube. It seems that all of our favorite channels have touched upon ASMR at least jokingly in a video, but what really is it? Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, is an enjoyable response to certain stimuli.

IU gifts fans an hour long ASMR special in celebration of her 10th-anniversary On September 18 KST, IU released the ASMR video on her YouTube channel. The singer explains she enjoys ASMR videos, so decided to try it out herself in celebration of her 10th debut anniversary. SEE ALSO: IU holds a fan meeting for teens with a movie character-themed dress code IU's ASMR video runs a little over an hour.

"Don't just do something, sit there"… You've heard of slow food and slow fashion. Now the BBC is spreading the gospel of slow radio. The British public broadcaster's Radio 3 programming this autumn will invite listeners to relax to the sounds of Irish cows being herded up a mountain and leaves crunching on walks through the country.

How Do ASMR Vids Really Affect Your Brain? It's Mind-Blowing Some of the most popular YouTube vids feature people whispering, scratching the microphone, or playing with bubble wrap. It's the world of ASMR videos, and it's a category of YouTube vids like nothing else. Understanding what ASMR videos actually do to your brain will help explain the intense popularity of these simple vids.

Why PayPal's crackdown on ASMR creators should worry you This past week, non-sexual ASMR video creators Sharon DuBois, Scottish Murmurs, Creative Calm, and Rose ASMR have been permanently banned from Paypal and had their funds frozen for 180 days.

Score More #1: Previewing the matchup against the Buffalo Bills & ASMR Garrett’s brand new podcast!

I Will Never Paint Like Bob Ross Or even Jenna Marbles, for that matter. Like her, I have art fear. Mainly when it comes to painting. I can draw a little bit. I relax best when I doodle, using the Zentangle method for a bit of inspiration.

People had 'braingasms' while watching Apple launch its new iPhones But the tech behemoth's eager acolytes got even more feels than they were expecting last night after experiencing 'braingasms' as they watched several new products being announced. The trigger for this rather pleasant feeling turned out to be a pair of videos narrated by Apple's British chief designer officer Jony Ive.

ASMR Is The Digital Phenomenon Changing The Way You Sleep Put yoga and meditation in the too-hard basket, there’s an easier way to decompress. ASMR is taking over Youtube and Instagram by providing unusually satisfying sensory experiences as a way to de-stress and unwind.

"The Rundown": Noah Centineo Does ASMR From instant noodles to "drippy" pickles, the "Sierra Burgess Is a Loser" actor eats various foods on screen while answering questions with gentle whispers. Watch! CTRL-C or CMD-C, then press Enter.Click/tap elsewhere to exit, or press ESC.

After Hours, Awkwafina Gets Naked And Watches ASMR Videos In After Hours, your favorite celebrities give us a look at all the quirky, strange things they do during their alone time. If there are two things NYLON really loves, it's getting weird and taking time for yourself. Ever wonder what Awkwafina does when no one is watching?

Meet Nora, One of Canada's Most Creative ASMRtists Although you may have never heard of ASMR before, it's possible you have experienced it at some point in your life. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and it's often explained as a tingling sensation caused by specific sounds and visuals.

ASMR Videos May Be The Solution To Mom Stress And Anxiety It's the feeling of having goosebumps or the "chills" you may get when listening to a moving song, or watching an emotional video or movie, or when you hear a super cool story. The sensation you feel when a gentle breeze touches your skin, or someone tickles you with a feather, or someone whispers softly into your ear.

7 Ways to Trigger ASMR Alone Many strive to figure out ways to trigger ASMR alone in order to enjoy the relaxing feeling that the method provides. You can create this sense of euphoria without having to use any special training or fancy equipment.

We went to an ASMR spa and it got real intimate real fast We went to Whisperlodge, an in-person ASMR experience advertised as a "spa for the senses" where trained guides use everyday objects to help you relax.

Dandruff scratching is the new ASMR trend we can't believe we love Maybe slime crunching and mukbang feasts just don't give you that tingle down your spine anymore. Maybe you've stopped experiencing that sweet, sweet wave of self-disgust after watching a juicy pimple popping video. Maybe you've just become too desensitized to the horrors of bodily ASMR for anything to simultaneously disturb and satisfy you.

The Oddly Satisfying Spa Uses VR and ASMR to Relax Guests Those 3 simple words can throw some of us into a tailspin of "digital anxiety", or a term Tyler Pridgen, the spa's Co-creator, used in a video segment with VICE. For guests of Luxury Escapism's The Oddly Satisfying Spa, disconnecting from the clutches of a cell phone is the first step towards full body relaxation and mental bliss.

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