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Videos: TMRO Orbit 11.28 - "What's missing to get humans to Mars?" Here is the latest Space program: What's missing to get humans to Mars? - Orbit 11.28 - TMRO. And a recent Science program: Wearable Tech - Discovery 01.07 - TMRO. Alex Moss of Canaria joins us to talk about their wearable tech and how it can help save lives.

Amazon Prime Day 2018: The Best Space Deals to Watch's annual Amazon Prime Day megasale is back and includes deals on binoculars, kids' telescopes, space-themed home decor and toys.

AI in space So how would I put AI in space? I wouldn't! What I mean is that I would keep it right here on Earth. So what's the point of this topic then? The point is the idea. I'm sure about a billion people who are in this Intell contest will have a lot of technology that is meant to go into space.

Hey, Star Wars Fans! Check Out These Amazon Prime Day Deals The force is strong with these Amazon Prime Day deals on "Star Wars" merchandise! From Millennium Falcon toys and accessories to an app-enabled droid and cuddly Chewbacca pillow, here are's picks for the best "Star Wars" swag on sale today.

A Space Fan's Guide to San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Put simply, Comic-Con International: San Diego is the granddaddy of comic and sci-fi conventions. Every year, the conference center fills, the streets of the old Gaslamp Quarter are packed and the carnival atmosphere is in full swing with enthusiastic sci-fi fans and out-of-this-world costumes.

This High-Tech Planetarium Is on a New Cruise Ship The planetarium, called the Explorers' Dome, features shows about space and exploration, including two 3D films: "Journey to Space" and "Under the Arctic Sky.". "The Explorers' Dome onboard Viking Orion is currently the highest-definition 7K planetarium in the world," Ralph de Klijn, Viking's executive director of ocean operations, told

Gravity Assist Podcast: Exploring Mars, with Steve Squyres This week, he's joined by Steve Squyres of Cornell University, who tells the story of the twin Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, which both launched in 2003 and landed on Mars in January 2014. You can listen to the full podcast here, or read the abridged transcript below.

Field Notes Celebrates NASA History with Memo Books, Paper Models A novelty stationery company has taken note of the approaching 50th anniversary of the first moon landing and has launched a trio of memo books and paper spacecraft models in celebration.

Scientists Prove Einstein Right Using the Most Elusive Particles in the Universe Once again, scientists have shown that Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity is right - this time, thanks to a particle detector buried deep beneath Antarctica. Scientists from the 1-gigaton IceCube Neutrino Observatory examined subatomic particles called neutrinos: elusive, chargeless subatomic particles that are as small as electrons.

How Engineers Are Practicing for the BepiColombo Mission to Mercury It may seem odd to practice for a mission that will become reality soon enough, particularly when the two space agencies have plenty of other projects in the works. But because so many things can go wrong during a space mission, preparation is crucial.

Moon and Venus over Cannon Beach What's that spot next to the Moon? Venus. Two days ago, the crescent Moon slowly drifted past Venus, appearing within just two degrees at its closest. This conjunction, though, was just one of several photographic adventures for our Moon this month, because, for one, a partial solar eclipse occurred just a few days before, on July 12.

Merging Neutron Stars NASA: Launched nearly 15 years ago on August 25, 2003, the Spitzer Space Telescope is the final mission in NASA's Great Observatories Program - a family of four space-based observatories, each observing the universe in a different kind of light.

Death-Defying Acts of Astronomy! If there's anything I love, at least as far as astronomy goes, it's talking about it with other people, explaining as we go. Maybe one day, the writing and planetarium-dreaming dreams will get me somewhere. Either way, I'm glad we've been taking this ride together all this time.

Sci-Tech: VTOL vehicles from Opener, Kitty Hawk, and Aston Martin The BlackFly vertical takeoff and landing craft is not a concept but has actually flown over "1,000+ flights and 10,000+ miles":. The Silicon Valley based company Opener has been developing the vehicle since 2011. BlackFly is simple to master and requires no formal licensing or special skills to operate safely.

Today's "Planet Earth Report" - Earth's Viruses Predict the Pace of Global Climate Change "While we've learned a lot about ocean viruses in recent decades, we know next to nothing about soil viruses," said Matt Sullivan, a professor of microbiology at Ohio State.

Last Week's Top 5 Space & Science Headlines - "Europa's Fossils to Signals from Extinct Alien Civilizations" "Geysers and Fossils". NASA Does a Deep Dive on Europa's Global Ocean. "We are Very Perplexed". Gaia and Hubble Space-Telescope Findings May Reveal a 'New Physics of the Universe' Mystery Signal from the Dawn of the Universe. "May Unveil a New Physics" Earth's "First Contact" May be Ghost Signals from Long-Vanished ET Civilizations.

Titan Occultation May Give Astronomers Clues About Saturn's Biggest Moon The rare alignment, formally called an occultation, will let astronomers study light streaming through the layers of Titan's hazy atmosphere.

Another Volcano? Jupiter Probe Sees Hotspot on Roiling Moon Io NASA's Jupiter-orbiting Juno spacecraft may have just boosted the already-impressive volcano tally on the gas giant's lava-spewing moon Io. Juno's Jovian InfraRed Auroral Mapper instrument, or JIRAM, detected a sizable "hotspot" near Io's south pole on Dec.

Partial Solar Eclipse Spotted from Tasmania You probably didn't see Friday's partial solar eclipse, but you can get an eyeful of the celestial event thanks to a photo by veteran eclipse observer Jay Pasachoff. The eclipse was visible only from Tasmania, portions of the southern Australian mainland and the extreme southern portion of New Zealand.

Pentagon Sees Quantum Computing as Key Weapon for War in Space WASHINGTON - Top Pentagon official Michael Griffin sat down a few weeks ago with Air Force scientists at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio to discuss the future of quantum computing in the U.S. military.

NASA Snags an Emmy Nomination for Cassini Spacecraft's Grand Finale This extensive coverage and the unparalleled images from Cassini's journey led to this surprising nomination: NASA mission coverage isn't typically first in line for awards like this, but Cassini brought Saturn to Earth in an unprecedented way.

Vision in Far Infrared Considering the implications of dust and cold gas, the expanding universe and cryostats, I climb the stairs and shiver. Thermal infrared may propagate in a vacuum, but we require oxygen and warmth. Pillows and a sense of humor help, too. What will come of the images captured by the Herschel telescope in the next eon and those following?

Opinion - Backyard Astronomy: Look up and see the best viewing of Mars since 2003 this July The long awaited close approach of the planet Mars occurs at the end of July, but you can see the "red planet" now as it rises in the south east by 10:45 p.m. local time. As time goes on, the entire sky rises four minutes earlier each night or a half an hour per week.

How Glacial Biomarkers Can Hone the Search for Extraterrestrial Life Detecting biomarkers in glacial lakes on Earth could pave the way for astrobiologists to detect evidence for life on other worlds, and also unravel the properties of the environments in which that life lived.

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