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This morning is a perfect example of why #Autism and #SpecialNeeds parents need to be flexible Anyway, as Autism and Special Needs Parents, we have to be more flexible than most. We have to be able to adapt to what amounts to a very fluid, ever evolving dynamic. This is just one of those times that I have to adapt.

Here's why Gavin is returning to @AkronChildrens hospital today This time it's for Gavin and it's with gastroenterology at Akron Children's Hospital. This is really just a follow-up because there's some lingering questions surrounding the results of his endoscopy and colonoscopy. I don't think it's anything serious but we need to discuss it.

He can go from zero to rage in no time flat It was with the Behavioral Health Center at Akron Children's Hospital and it was also the first time we had really been to the new building. It's pretty amazing… This trip was basically a followup and med check. Nothing new really happened and nothing has changed as far as medication is concerned.

Long night and busy day While my headache isn't even close to her 7 year old, unending migraine, it did give me a little insight into what she must be living though. The insight is valuable but it's also heartbreaking because I only had a small taste of what she's living with, every minute of every day.

Autistic Boy And His Aide Fight On Bus He takes a bus contracted by the Department of Education from his home in the Bronx to a special school in Westchester County during the week. There is a paraprofessional on the bus that helps him. There is also a bus attendant that sits in the front.

"i Am Very Friendly" Vocational Rehabilitation is a federal-state program that helps people with differences / disabilities overcome barriers to employment, gain work skills, find jobs, and build careers.

A major update I know I keep saying this and I apologize but this is going to be a super quick update. This is in regards to the meeting I had today. You can read the previous posts to see the background on that. Without going into detail, this meeting went so much better than I expected and I'm so unbelievably grateful for that.

First Impressions Matter: Facial Expression & Peer Acceptance in Autism First Impressions Matter Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by two core-defi…

4 Things We Can Learn From Those With ASD While the frankness typical of people on the spectrum can be at first off-putting for neurotypicals, after some perspective adjustment it can be wonderfully refreshing to talk to someone who will tell us what they really think. People willing to be completely honest are a rare find.

I'm so scared I'm getting ready to leave for the most difficult meeting of my life. I feel sick to my stomach, I haven't eaten anything and I only slept for about a half hour last night. You can read what this is all about in the below link. I had to take something to keep me from vomiting.

Medical cannabis prescription rules so restrictive “almost no-one” will get it However, Hannah Deacon, who fought to give her son medical cannabis, says guidelines on prescribing it are far too restrictive. As a result, she says thousands like her have had their hopes dashed since the drug became available on prescription.

Letter to HHS Secretary Azar on Contradictory Vaccine Safety Positions Held by HHS By Ginger Taylor, MS Did you know that the Secretary of HHS, Alex Azar, holds FOUR different opinions on the question, "Do Vaccines Cause Autism?" I decided to write him a letter about it: ###.

I'm no longer a child Very recently, I saw a person whom I've seen only one other time in close to 15 years. Seeing this man shook me to my core but it's where I saw him that horrified me. I couldn't even process what was happening and in the setting I was in, I couldn't say anything.

Emmett is scared to death he has #whoopingcough and here's how we're handling it Basically, Emmett has been directly exposed to Whooping Cough by a classmate that was sick with what appeared to be a cough and cold but was later diagnosed as Whooping Cough. As soon as we found out on Thursday after school, we reached out to our doctors to find out what we needed to do, if anything, as a result of this direct exposure.

Autism's Offerings and Sacrifices At Mass last Sunday, one of the verses in one of the readings stayed with me through most of last week. From Chapter 12 of Mark's Gospel,"…to love your neighbor as yourself' is worth more than all burnt offerings and sacrifices." That's the second part of a reply Jesus gives when He's asked what the Greatest Commandments are.

My Autistic DNA is etched in sameness and routine "Why won't you marry him? Don't you know he is rich?" "You could make so much more money if you would only go on-call." "Everyone hates change!" While these comments were well-intentioned, they were spoken by people who don't understand autism or its effect on motivation.

Educational Conference Call on The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program 11/12 Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the United States' controversial NVICP, National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in an educational conference call.

Moment of truth A bit later on this afternoon, State Farm will be back out to reevaluate the damage to our house from the storm a couple months back. This has been a long, drawn out process but we finally got the tree removed and they can finally, fully assess the damage to the house.

Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Inspires Her School In this episode, a cheerleader with Down syndrome inspires her school, a girl with cerebral palsy inspires a playground, a boy with dyslexia looks to create more support for those with the same challenges, and more!

Brooklyn Couple Sees Video of Disabled Daughter's Abuse on School Bus Nine years ago, it was Kim Rossi viewing video of a bus attendant physically abusing her daughter. Almost a decade later, this abuse continues. One of my daughters "spits" when she has zinc issues and/or stomach pain and /or is trying to form a SOUND to communicate.

Emmett's pediatrician has decided how to handle his exposure to #whoopingcough What makes this particular situation an exception to that rule is that Emmett had direct exposure to someone with Whooping Cough and we have someone in the home with a compromised immune system. I mentioned earlier that Gavin's immunologist said he should be fine, because he's on IVIG.

Here's what happened today It was almost freezing temps and very wet but it was something I needed to do for me. Lizze isn't feeling well and I'm not sure how the rest of the day is going to go but at least we don't have to be anywhere. Emmett's super excited about his glasses but he has about a week to wait still.

Detecting GI Disorders In Autistic Kids The link between the gut and the brain is real and powerful. Scientists are learning more and more about how this two-way connection works, but it's clear that our gut health can affect our moods, emotions, and stress levels - and vice versa. Gut health is important to note in those with autism.

ASAN Comments Opposing Family Detention ASAN opposes the provisions of the proposed rule which appear to promote the placement of children and families together in family residential centers, institutions known to have deleterious effects on the welfare of children.

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