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Fighting Alzheimer's Through Flag Football In this episode: the Philadelphia Eagles raise $475,000 for autism awareness, a teen with Down syndrome becomes a Southwest flight attendant for a day, a group of women play flag football for Alzheimer's, and more! The thumbnail for this episode features a photograph by dann kasallis photography.

I'm hoping this short trip helps us get our footing I'm hoping today's trip is a way to get our footing. We may run into weather but it's a risk we're willing to take to try and give them some normalcy before school starts next week.

Religious Unity in Albany to Restore Vaccine Exemption and the Sacred Right to a Public Education Photo credit: Capture The Faith Photography. The red lines are ours so as not to share copyrighted work. Please visit the site to see and purchase the magnificent photos that say so much about the passion and pain currently sweeping New York, and coming soon to a state near you….

I'm not sure where to even begin The boys will be back soon and I'm feeling a good bit overwhelmed at the moment. I wanted to get the living room gutted before they got home and put up my late grandmother's bookshelves next to the TV. I got the shelves in place but there's a ton of shit I need to go through.

I'm very much on edge right now I didn't get home until after 10PM and pretty much went straight to bed. One of the things that I need to make a concerted effort not to end up doing is isolating myself. All I want to do is crawl into a corner be alone, but that's the last thing I need to be doing.

Why my Cat Art went Viral I've written about how hard it is finding a market for my art in a past article and I wanted to provide an update. It's truly hard to accurately represent myself. I am Autistic, I am an Artist and I am determined to get myself out in the world, one small step at a time.

My kids have their first visitation today and this is killing me Today is a really going to be difficult for me because the kids have their first visit with their mom since she moved out. Actually, they already left for their first visit. Don't get me wrong, I'm so glad that they can visit her because it's so important to have both parents in their lives.

School Resource Officer Gets Down On His Knees To Comfort Autistic Child After Stressful First Day Of School "Thank you for your love and assistance Officer Ortiz." When Swartz saw the picture, she admits that she 'ugly cried'. "To see an adult, a stranger at the time to Kadin, get down on his level and try to be there for him when he felt stressed meant the world to me," she said.

Blind Contestant With Autism Leaves 'America's Got Talent' Judges Speechless After Inspiring Performane The 22-year-old’s astonishing rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" may have you believing.

Mom Pleads For The Return Of Autistic Son's Support Dog Stolen During Carjacking A man had broken into the car and took it with the dog inside, along with their belongings.

Researchers Believe Antibodies from Alpacas Could Be Key to Curing Cancer, Alzheimer's, and Autism A special herd of alpacas in Tennessee is making fleece for cancer hats and antibodies for disease research.

Challenging Murdoch influence on Australia's coercive vaccination policy - the example of meningococcal B vaccination Chair, Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee. In light of the ongoing aggressive media campaign by the Murdoch tabloids, demanding that the GlaxoSmithKline Bexsero meningococcal B vaccine product be added to Australia's taxpayer-funded vaccination schedule, there must be full disclosure of conflicts of interest, i.e.

Early Autism Diagnoses, with Brian Udell M.D. "The Autism Doctor" - EDB 177 And the most important thing to me is speech okay that speech apraxia is interfered with, the mother says the kid hate the speech therapist every time they come they are not paying attention.

Parents Search for Missing iPad for Their Son with Nonverbal Autism Who Has No Other Way to Communicate The Dorsey family isn't interested in pressing charges, but they hope someone will find it in their heart to return the specialized device.

Concerned Families Whose Kids are Being Expelled from New York Schools Show Up in Albany "locked out". which indicates the callous disregard our elected politicians have for the people they were elected to "represent". Shame on them. and. I suspect this large crowd will go "unnoticed / unreported" by mainstream media… shame on them also.

My 16 Year Marriage Has Ended and I'm Devastated I'm going to keep this very brief because I don't feel very good and I really don't want to talk about this. eval;. I learned within the last week or so that my marriage of almost 16 years had ended. It was an absolute shock and I feel like I'm broken in ways that I can't even began to explain.

Ketamine is undergoing medical trials as a treatment for Rett syndrome The study will look at the safety and effectiveness of ketamine, a drug that is mainly used in medicine as an anaesthetic.

Art was My Voice As long as I could remember words were always trapped inside my head. I was always the quiet one. The silent one everyone forgot about or over looked. At home I spent my time alone in my room with my cats. People often talked about me as if I was deaf and could not hear them simply because I did not speak.

Service Animals on U.S. Planes Limited to Certain Species, Airlines Can Require Training Records The hope is that this rule will keep people from certifying their exotic pets as emotional support animals simply to save money on animal transport fees. The Department of Transportation said airlines are also allowed to require proper documentation for any emotional support animal or other service animal.

Dad With Cancer Escorts His Autistic Son To School, With The Help Of His Fellow Officers "He means the world to me. We've been through a lot together." Luckily, SLU doctors had a surprise in store for the doting dad. "Would you prefer to watch it in person? Would you prefer to get out of the hospital and watch it in person? 'Cause we can do that for you," his doctor said.

How are YOU taking action this TCEA Tuesday? How are YOU taking action this TCEA Tuesday?

Supported living is "psychological torture" for young man with autism Mum says her son is living in hospital-like conditions in supported living and is regularly restrained on the floor and sedated.

The Science is Unsettled "Spin in psychiatric clinical trial reports is widespread" Note: One of the phrases we 0ften hear regarding vaccine safety is that "The science is settled, vaccines do not cause autism." Is science in its pure form ever really settled. And what of science today, in a profit driven system?

Philadelphia Eagles Have Opened An Autism Friendly Sensory Room For Fans This is a major step towards creating a greater level of inclusiveness. Lincoln Financial Field has now become one of the first stadiums in the country have such a room located inside of the venue.

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