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Research Backs Parental Concerns: Kids With Food Allergies 2x More Likely To Have Autism The media continues to report on the research that increasingly shows that there are big time IMMUNE abnormalities in AUTISM. Parents, we have been correct in our concerns about seeing our children with food allergies, skin reactions and chronic respiratory allergies.

Too Many Too Soon: We Were Right as Irish Scientists Find Birth Vaccination Danger Signals This article should be front page news in EVERY newspaper in America. Never happen. Newborns do NOT RESPOND OPTIMALLY to vaccines. And why is this being discovered in IRELAND and not in the land of medical breakthroughs because we thought we were protecting our children.

Managing Depression and Anxiety While Raising a Child with Autism So how do you manage depression while raising a child with autism? As caretakers, we tend to try to take care of others first. When depression hits, that becomes difficult. Not only do you feel crappy about feeling crappy, but you begin to feel bad when you need to take a break.

I received the absolute best news today and I just had to share It's been a really long day but I wanted to share a bit of really good news. I mentioned the other day that I had my labs drawn. It's a cholesterol check before my next follow up at the end of the month. I figured I would find out the results at said appointment.

Christmas in July - The Tablet Version As previously mentioned in Christmas in July - Lisa's:. and Christmas in July - View from an Alex. KSP Writer's Centre A.K.A. The greatest writing centre in the world were having a literary dinner the evening of my Tuesday Writers Circle. So I made that our writing theme.

Getting "Unstuck" From The Past, with Jaime Black, Psy.D. - Spectrumly Speaking ep. 45 The three discuss Doctor Black's methods for helping people with autism develop social skills, and share strategies for improving social relationships and getting unstuck from the emotional baggage of past failures. Spectrumly Speaking is the podcast dedicated to women on the autism spectrum, produced by Different Brains.

I am a Brony with Autism and I am Proud Well, a brony is an adult fan of a children's show titled, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I know it sounds strange, but it's true. And from the beginning to its unexpected future, the show has created a new community around the world to spread awareness and joy to everyone who watches it.

I'm Excited to Announce My Top 10 Autism Posts for 2016! As 2016 comes to a close, I want to recognize the autism posts that you, my readers, turned to the most during the year. This has been a great year for this blog because of all of you, so thank you for visiting and reading our family's story of hope and love in our journey with autism.

The Colors In My Mind I had lunch with a friend the other day and, as it frequently does, the question of what causes autism came up. This particular friend is a highly logical and analytical person whom I know is not looking for a two-second soundbite, and who was very comfortable with the answer I gave.

22 Women Share $4 Billion Johnson & Johnson Penalty. Thousands of Autism Mothers Told to Take a Powder. As it was THEIR responsibility to approve a product containing asbestos to be sold to the unaware, uninformed people who rely on THEM to protect us from ethically bankrupt, morally bankrupt. corporations who sell such unnecessarily dangerous products.

Cancer drug could be used to treat a genetic form of autism, scientists believe Researchers believe a cancer drug could be used to treat a genetic form of autism. Scientists led by Professor Riccardo Brambilla, from Cardiff University, found the experimental cancer drug may permanently reverse the genetic autism. People with a missing region on chromosome 16 lack a protein called ERK1.

5 Ways "A Call to Mercy" Absolutely Inspires Me to Give More "Give shelter to the homeless-not only shelter made of bricks but a heart that understands, that covers, that loves." - Mother Teresa. This quote, from Mother Teresa, illustrates just one of her principles. Mother Teresa inspires me to give more to others for several reasons and has always been a personal hero to me.

15 Ways to Decrease Stress When Raising a Child with a Disability How can I decrease stress when I feel stress all around me? How do you do it? Well, I did some research and found the following tips for helping decrease stress when raising a child with a disability. I'd like to begin with the disclaimer that I am not a certified therapist and that not all of these tips work for everyone.

"Ginger's List" of Ignored Research Showing How Vaccines Cause Autism Tops 150 Papers By Ginger Taylor MS, about Ginger Taylor MS The Age of Autism, represented here by Ginger Taylor MS, at the behest of Ginger Taylor MS, is proud to honor Ginger Taylor MS on her stunning accomplishment of the discovery of 150 published papers that show both that vaccines can cause autism, and how they cause autism.

There was a massive meltdown in my house last night but it wasn't my kid with #Autism We're going to discuss this on Tuesday but until then, we're going to cut down on screen time, try some different approaches to helping him cope with his extreme anxiety and provide a more soothing bedtime environment. Maybe that will help. I know if we go to his doctor, that's the very first thing we're going to be asked about.

"Hating autism" and the damage it does Because in hating his autism, I would be obliged to hate his quirky approach to life, his habit of patting his hands against me to show that he liked me, his near-unceasing laughter, and his unreserved enthusiasm that had never been dulled by peer pressure.

Autism Siblings: Taking it to the Next Level People warned me that the years go by quickly. Boy, were they right! Time really is flying by. I'm reminded of that when Ronan's big sister checks out a new college. Fiona's been checking out colleges for about a year now.

Autism Champions: for business and local community organisations It is suitable for employers, local businesses and shops, public services, tourist attractions, hospitality venues and other community organisations. Autism Champions is an in-depth, two-day course covering aspects of how autism can affect individuals across the spectrum and how businesses might become more easily accessible to autistic people.

7 Ways Dogs Help Children With Autism with Challenges Today's guest post comes from Andy from Pet Gear Lab who has some enlightening thoughts on how dogs can help a kid deal with the daily challenges of autism. The prevalence of autism according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is one in 68 children, and the condition affects more girls than boys.

An open letter to 'martyr' parents - Jeanette Purkis I will preface this by clearly stating that I have no issue with parents of autistic kids. It would be rude - and foolish - if I did, considering that a lot of my advocacy work is with parents. I recognise the vital role parents have in supporting their kids to grow to be strong and fulfilled autistic adults.

It's been a really nice afternoon and here's how we spent it Lizze went to bed, Gavin's been cleaning him room, I've been doing laundry and the boys have been taking turns on the PS4. Everyone is kinda wore out from our walk but everyone is also in a decent place. It's peaceful and quiet. I like peaceful and quiet.

The 6 Best Christmas Gifts to Keep Your Child Active This Year It's an exciting time for any family, but buying an appropriate gift for a child with autism can sometimes be tough. Something that other kids will love makes might terrify an autistic child. Here are six of the best gifts to get your child to keep them happy, active, stimulated and comfortable this Christmas season:.

I've crushed my first major weight-loss goal today I'm super excited to share some amazing news about my personal weight-loss journey. I came into 2018 at 338 lbs. There are many things that contributed to me going from someone weighing 220 lbs and being solid muscle to where I've found myself today.

First Frat Brother with Down Syndrome – Week in Neurodiversity - DIFFERENT BRAINS In this episode, a young man bikes cross-country for autism awareness, former NFL star Percy Harvin discusses anxiety, a college student with Down syndrome breaks barriers with the help of his mentor, and more! Your email address will not be published.

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