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Kubaneh My husband requested a recipe I'd made a few years back of kubaneh from the cookbook Golden. Since I now know a bit more about bread, I decided to make some slight changes. I didn't have time to convert to sourdough, but I did add 10% sourdough starter and added some whole wheat.

Burmese fish curry This rather majestic and intensely fragrant Burmese fish curry, using common store cupboard spices, is very simple to make and does not take long at all. This is not a hot curry, chilli-wise; it has just a gentle heat. However, you can increase the chilli content or use a hotter chilli if you prefer.

Iced Finger Buns There's some bakes that are almost too simple to work but somehow they do. And not only that they are somewhat iconic. Iced Finger Buns are certainly one of those bakes! A classic sweet dough, topped with a layer of icing; talk about the simple pleasures in life!

Glenn Wheat trial loaf I bought some Glenn wheat berries from Kenter Canyon farm at the Atwater Village farmers market. It was $2 per pound, not cheap but not too outrageous. The Glenn wheat is grown in Santa Rosa, California. I'm currently buying hard red spring wheat from Montana Flour and Grains by mail, and I would like to transition to a more local supplier.

Burton’s Biscuit Company brand Maryland cookies to return to TV - British Baker Burton's Biscuit Company-owned Maryland is set to return to TV this February. The 'What would you do for a Maryland?' campaign, which cost £350,000, will premier during ITV's The Voice on Saturday 1 January in a 'prime time Saturday night' slot. It will also be supported by social media activity.

Hovis workers in Belfast vote to strike over pay - British Baker Employees at Hovis' site on Boucher Road, Belfast are set to go on continuous strike from Friday over a pay dispute. Members from Unite the Union and the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union voted in favour of strike action, with pickets due to go up at one minute past midnight on Friday.

Vegan webinar: plant-based bakery product development - British Baker Britain's food landscape is being transformed by the rise of veganism - and British Baker is hosting a webinar help you to ensure you are fully embracing the opportunity.

Snack it Right: DuPont launches research-based ASEAN campaign based on seven concepts The campaign, dubbed 'Snack it Right', was just launched today and will spread across all countries in the South East Asian region. The value of the region's snacking market is expected to hit US$22bn by 2023, from US$14bn in 2018.

IBIE Participants Get a Taste of ABA's Cookie & Cracker Academy Dave Van Laar, Senior Advisor to the President and CEO of the American Bakers Association, gave industry professionals a quick taste of the Cookie and Cracker Academy during a 2019 International Baking Industry Exposition education session at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Snickerdoodle Blondies Craving homemade snickerdoodles but don't have time or energy to roll a bunch of cookies? Try these Snickerdoodle Blondies! These bars are quick and easy to make, yet still packed full of that classic cinnamon flavor. I absolutely love my Easy Snickerdoodle Cookies recipe.

Cake Pan Sizes & Conversions Here's an in-depth look at common cake pan sizes and conversions, as well as how to adjust recipes or make substitutions based on the pan sizes you have. Unless you have fully stocked kitchen with dozens of baking pans, chances are that you'll run into a recipe where you don't have the specific pan required.

Booths’ Christmas sales boosted by bakery items, including mince pies - British Baker Northern retailer Booths has reported a 9.1% increase in volume sales of bakery items for the four months in the run-up to Christmas. Bakery value sales, meanwhile, only rose 0.3% for 1 September to 31 December 2019 versus the same period in 2018.

Dominique Ansel to open Treehouse bistro and bakery in London’s Covent Garden - British Baker Cronut creator chef Dominique Ansel is set to open a new bistro and bakery in London's Covent Garden this February.

Paul UK in Christmas fundraiser for food waste charity The Felix Project - British Baker French bakery and patisserie chain Paul UK has raised £13,000 for charity The Felix Project as part of its annual Christmas fundraiser. The business donated 50p from every Festive Pig Christmas sandwich sold to the London-based charity from 5 November to 24 December 2019.

Higgidy extends Sainsbury’s deli counter offering to 244 stores - British Baker Premium pie and quiche brand Higgidy is extending its in-store deli counters at Sainsbury's to more than 200 stores following a successful trial. The counters - which host a range of Higgidy's pies, quiches and tarts, among other items - will roll out to a further 207 Sainsbury's stores by 22 January, taking the total number to 244.

Seed Starter Sourdough Bread I came across this recipe a few weeks back. It talks about making a 40% hydrated starter to be left neglected for a few weeks while acid builds up and yeast permeates the starter. Later that "seed sourdough" is used as part of the bread recipe. I decided to give it a try.

Buckwheat Sourdough Waffles I made Maurizio's waffles with some discard this morning. You'll find his recipe here. The modification was to use a blend of 50% whole buckwheat flour and 50% unbleached bread flour in place of the 250g of all-purpose. Otherwise it was pretty much the same.

Troubleshoot my walnut and date sourdough? I'm not sure why my loaf turned out so flat and dense. I have a few suspicions but I was wondering if anyone could give me suggestions on how to improve. Starter 150 gAP flour 300 g 150 g bread flourWhole wheat 55 gWater 364 g Salt 12 gIDY 2 tbs oatmeal 120 g toasted chopped walnuts100 g dried dates.

Laminated Banana and Chocolate Sourdough I had some bananas sitting around and was inspired by a banana sourdough post from Trailrunner. I'd also been itching to make another chocolate sourdough, so I decided to make the two doughs and laminate the two together. I found it pretty hard to develop the gluten in the banana dough, so I won't be surprised if this is a dense loaf.

Kalamata Olive, Sun dried tomatoes and Feta Sourdough I took a break from weekly baking over the Xmas holidays. I did bake a batch for my brother during that time but that was it. Amazing how easy one batch seems when you don't have to repeat everything 4 times.

Big Bread - a miche Big bread - about 30% whole wheat with bread flour. All sourdough, refreshed twice, then mixed dough using a total of ~ 1 liter of water, total weight of dough was just over 2 kilo. Baked on preheated stone at 400F with convection.

FWSY White Bread with Poolish My first bread made with poolish. It was excellent!! the crust was crackly and not hard the crumb was creamy and flavorful. One thing interesting is that bulk fermentation took 3 hours longer than what was recommended in FWSY.

Pan de Cristal - cracking the code Pa de Vidre / Glass Bread. I'd made this once before a few months ago after warehousing Abel's posting for over a year. Time to try again and figure out the mysteries and miseries of how to make this bread "properly". And it took about 4-5 iterations over the course of a week, each time trying a new thing or two.

Learn the Latest Innovations and Regulations at the Winter FTRAC Conference The Winter FTRAC Conference will feature important updates on school meal programs, trends in the food sector, 2020 Dietary Guidelines, and BE Food Disclosure Standard. Your company won't want to miss this. Hotel Group Rate: Ends January 20, 2020. When: February 4-5, 2020.

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