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The Museum of Ice Cream Feel like a kid again in a candyland full of super-sized animal crackers, giant cherries and giant gummy bears.

Ciabatta at 66% and 76% hydrations A bit of a come-on, but for comparison the lead photo is my standard 84% hydration ciabatta crumb, as is this next of a full loaf. Friends soon visiting asked if I could bake ciabatta for them. I had to re-aquaint myself. Rather than make my old standby ciabatta at 84% hydration, I wanted to try another option.

Alison Roman's Salted Butter & Chocolate Chunk Shortbread When I'm not baking, blogging, making milk or toddler wrangling, my day job is in marketing. One sentence that always makes a marketer sigh is 'how can we make this go viral?' If it were an exact science, everyone would be doing it and often the most unlikely content swoops across the internet for reasons hard to fathom.

The Sweetest Year 24 lbs, 30 inches, 7 teeth, and taking your first steps. You're the happiest part of my life, the purest love, the hardest job, and mothering you is the highest privilege I've ever known. I am so many things besides a mom, but I will always proudly accept my title as your mama 1st and foremost.

Mid-Autumn Festival Special: Pineapple Char Siu Buns Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner! In Hong Kong, lotus seed mooncakes, stuffed glutinous rice dumplings in sweet soup and fruits like pomelo and star fruits are served. In case you're wondering…No, we don't celebrate it with pineapple char siu buns!

Free Android App to create your own pro bread recipes To save time and bake Professionnal Bread I propose my French Bread Recipes Android App for free this week. No more worry about Bakers Math including Sourdough, water temperature, raising time Timer, etc. Enjoy and let me know what do you think about the App.

Brioche hambuger bun While we all love a nice crusty loaf of bread. Pillow soft buns with nary any crust at all have a place too. Friday night dinner. Mississippi chicken on fresh, home made pillow soft buns. The Roadside Pie King.

Chocolate-Swirled Vanilla Blueberry Bundt Cake Chocolate-Swirled Vanilla Blueberry Bundt Cake: 1/4 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup cocoa powder 3 tbsp water, hot 2 tsp vanilla extract, divided 2 1/2 cups all purpose flour 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 1 tsp salt 1 1/2 cups sugar 1/2 cup butter, room temperature 2 large eggs 1 cup buttermilk 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips 1 cup blueberries.

Fresh Milled Spelt Sourdough This is my second loaf with fresh milled flour. Once again, I turned to Maurizio for inspiration and went with his Sourdough Spelt formula. My loaf used 30% fresh milled spelt, 30% fresh milled high extraction hard red spring wheat, and 40% Giusto's Artisan.

Sprouted Wheat Sourdough Bread The new Breadtopia oblong cloche makes an awesome shaped loaf: thicker than a baguette and longer and more narrow than the typical batard. The resulting slices fit a toaster perfectly, seem ideal to accompany a meal and make what I'd call a civilized-sized sandwich.

My Daily Bread inspired by Skibum and Sara Owens This is a recipe that I have adapted from Sarah Owens book Toast and Jam. It uses a rye tangzhong and has the option of making it with a combination of sourdough starter and commercial yeast or just using starter. I have done it both ways and it always comes out great.

Classic Pumpkin Scones So classic pumpkin scones it is! Let's start the pumpkin season with breakfast. For pumpkin breakfast, we've done pumpkin crumb cake, pumpkin cheesecake muffins, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, pumpkin crumb muffins, pumpkin coffee creamer, pumpkin protein smoothie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pancakes, and a "skinny" frozen pumpkin coffee treat!

Krispy Kreme teams up with Vimto for spooky NPD Krispy Kreme has partnered with soft drinks brand Vimto to create two limited-edition doughnuts for Halloween. The Vimto Shimmer will be filled with Vimto flavour frosting while the Vimto Ring features a signature Krispy Kreme ring doughnut hand-dipped in Vimto icing.

My daily bread Greetings Fresh Loaf friends. I continue to bake every week but have been negligent in posting my results. This is my weekly sandwich loaf:. I have been making this recipe for a year now and have it dialed. I am also fortunate to be able to buy the best bread flour from my local bakery.

Trader Joe's Chocolate Salted Caramel Mug Mix, reviewed Trader Joe's Chocolate Salted Caramel Mug Mix is a new option from the grocery chain that produces two decadent chocolate cakes with gooey, salted caramel centers. The mix makes two individual mug cakes, so you can make one at a time or use two mugs to make both.

Gingerbread cinnamon roll recipe The Little Blog of Vegan. From tasty homemade vegan recipes, to health advice and beauty reviews! The Little Blog Of Vegan.

Classic Cola Sheet Cake Cakes chocolate cake Go Bold With Butter old fashioned coca cola cake sheet cake It's hard to beat a classic, and Cola Sheet Cake is a recipe you're likely well-acquainted with - and almost certainly if you're from the south!

Barry Callebaut acquires Burton’s Biscuit’s UK chocolate factory; signs long-term supply agreement Processing and Packaging. Regulation and Safety. Commodities. Retail and Shopper Insights. Editor's Blog. Industry Voices. Promotional Features. Chocolate. Candy. Gum. Biscuits. Cocoa and Sugar. E-commerce. 3D Printing. Cocoa Flavanol Science. Health and Functionality.

Asda rolls out freakshake-inspired Baileys cakes Finsbury Food Group has unveiled a duo of NPD flavoured with Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur. The range comprises a celebration Baileys Freakshake Cake and a pack of 12 Baileys cupcakes.

Dates revealed for National Doughnut Week 2019 National Doughnut Week is returning next year from 11-18 May for more fundraising. The event, sponsored by CSM Bakery Solutions, raises funds for The Children's Trust which helps those suffering from brain injuries. The week has been running for 27 years and was launched in 1991 by Christopher Freeman, owner of Dunn's Bakery.

Coffee brand TrueStart opens sustainable cafe Sustainable coffee manufacturer TrueStart has opened its first coffee shop in Bristol serving hot beverages alongside locally sourced treats. TrueStart and Co Coffee Shop opened its doors last Thursday.

Hovis seeks to increase bread bag recycling Hovis is introducing new on-pack labelling designed to increase the amount of bread bags being recycled. From October, the brand will be rolling out clearer recycling labels and back-of-pack instructions encouraging consumers to dispose of their bread bags at plastic bag collection points, which are available at most major retailers' stores.

Veggie Pret to open first store outside London Veggie Pret will open in Manchester next month, marking the chain's first dedicated vegetarian store outside the capital. The new store follows requests from customers to open in the city, according to Pret food development head Hannah Dolan.

After not baking bread for weeks - The Houston Miche After not baking bread for weeks - The Houston Miche. This one is a big boy. It went into the oven at 1,871 g and came out at 1,675 g losing 10.5% of its water weight as it baked. It turned out with the 3 B's but we won't cut into it till Thursday or Friday to see if it is OSM.

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