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Lidl initiative showcases bakery innovation Lidl is testing a new promotional strategy that enables it to showcase innovative products from bakery suppliers. The retailer has introduced a scheme that will see four new bakery products go on sale in all 710 Lidl stores nationwide for an eight-week period.

World's oldest bread found by archaeologists The charred remains of flatbread baked by hunter-gatherers 14,400 years ago have been found by archaeologists at a site in north eastern Jordan. It is the oldest direct evidence of bread found to date, predating agriculture by at least 4,000 years.

Warrens Bakery reveals summer line up Warrens Bakery is tapping the trend for nostalgic flavours with its summer range, which includes a Traditional Cream Horn and Mirror Glaze Doughnuts. The range features "classic British bakes all with an innovative twist", according to Warrens, and draws on retro flavours and formats.

Air sector drives growth in SSP UK sales SSP, which operates UK travel sites for brands including Starbucks and Upper Crust, has reported a 2.7% increase in like-for-like sales in its third quarter.

What a Bread and Food Week That Was Lucy was making up for lost time making two different breads. One a 10% whole 5 grain yeast Naan and the other a 10% whole Kamut pizza dough. The 5 grains for the Naan were red wheat, spelt, Kamut, rye and oat. Both were made with and 10% pre-fermented whole grain flour poolish at 100% hydration and both dough flours were LaFama AP.

Typical bread Starter dough which was conserved in water for 16 hours at a regulated 20 degrees C was removed from storage and cleaned to obtain the "heart". This involved the removal of a dry crust formed on top and a wet under-layer which were then discarded.

Raspberry ombré overnight oats recipe Overnight oats are perfect if you don't have time in the morning to make a healthy and filling breakfast! They're a blend of oats, milk, sweetener and a flavour of your choice. I made these raspberry ombrà overnight oat pots which are not only visually stunning but very delicious.

33rd Oath-Taking Ceremony For New Professional Teachers Celebration Bread It was full of pride and joy and to celebrate the occasion even more I made this special bread.It is a panettone-like bread in terms of flavor but I added just a tablespoon of butter. Why? Because I have other plans for this bread.

Lemon Cherry Sugar Cookies These Lemon Cherry Sugar Cookies are inspired by cherry pie and are a great twist on a more traditional sugar cookie. The dough is infused with lemon zest and generously studded with dried tart cherries. Tart cherries are the type that are often called for in baking pies, too.

Cashew Bread This is my version of Dan Lepard's walnut bread. Instead of walnuts, I substituted cashews as the main ingredient. I would like to increase the recipe's hydration next time as Lepard's hydration is quite stiff.

Chocolate Courgette Muffins Let's talk about courgettes. Or zucchini. Whatever you call them, it's impossible to avoid their charms and abundance during the summer months.

Informative Bread Along with the issue of lack of privacy at work, is the loss of privacy in general, due to emerging technology. With the emergence of information technology, vast amounts of data are accessible to businesses and their employees. Normal use of this information may result positively for customers.

No bake white chocolate cheesecake with sour cherry swirl I had some experience under my belt, but was now in charge of it all: opening the kitchen, baking everything we sold for the day, washing all the dishes I used plus anything the counter staff couldn't get to, jumping in on the counter when it got crazy busy, and keeping the bake case interesting so people would return the following day.

Ginger Peach Pie I highly recommend using fresh ginger. It's sold in the produce aisle. A wonderfully versatile ingredient that can be used in both savory and sweet dishes. Use the leftover for dinner in slow cooker honey chicken teriyaki, 30 minute teriyaki shrimp, honey garlic shrimp, peanut chicken zucchini noodles, and honey ginger glazed salmon.

Vegan patisserie Café Forty One opens in London A business that claims to be London's first vegan patisserie has opened near Hyde Park. Café Forty One, based inside La Suite West Hotel, aims to provide a 'contemporary alternative' to traditional French pastries and sweet items.

All the Factors I made a large, dense pagnotta foggiana over the weekend and the entire process went really well. Whole wheat flour for the biga with cornmeal mixed into the bread flour for the dough. Coarse, chewy, and crusty. Typical of Italian bread in general, maybe closely resembling a nice Pugliese loaf.

Floyd's Blueberry Cream Cheese braid I finally got around to baking this bread; had it bookmarked for ages! As it is blueberry season here, and I happened to have some cream cheese handy, I thought of it and went ahead and baked it. So good! Here's the original post. :).

5 Grain Levain with Bulgur I have been away from bread making for a month due to other obligations and this was the recipe that called out to my baker's soul. The last time I did this recipe, I used cracked rye and oat groats so I changed it to bulgur and old fashioned oats. I also changed the Wholewheat flour from Red Fife to Selkirk wheat.

Repeat bake, different flours - wow! I decided to repeat my last weekend yeast water / sourdough levain bake. I had run out of the flour I prefer to used my second choice. The dough was really wet, although the gluten development was good, it was a really soft dough and I was happy how it baked up.

Quick & easy dragonfruit smoothie recipe A perfect way to keep cool during the summer months is to enjoy cool and refreshing fruity drinks! I made these delicious, quick and easy dragonfruit smoothies which are bursting with fruity flavour. Plus how beautiful do they look?!: Dragonfruit has fastly become one of my favourite fruits.

Raspberry Pistachio Affogatos This version has a drizzle of ganache, chopped Chuao raspberry-rose dark chocolate, pistachios and freeze-dried raspberries. The raspberries are tart, which is a nice contrast to all the creamy ingredients. These are the best and easiest endings to a summer dinner party, although we don't limit them to summer months or dinner parties.

Raspberry curd I have always been a fan of fruit curds: they liven up any scone and cake. They are so simple to make and they taste far better than any curds you can buy: even the luxury ones that cost a small fortune at farm shops. This is my recipe for raspberry curd.

Mojito Cheesecake I absolutely love turning cocktails into desserts. Although I'm not a big drinker, I am a huge fan of cocktails and all the fabulous flavours you can create and enjoy in a pretty glass. Mojitos are one of the most well known cocktails, and they are made by mixing mint leaves, lime juice, white rum and soda water.

Salted Butterscotch Blondies You can freeze the extra egg white for up to 1 month or add it to your morning omelet. Other than that it's just flour, brown sugar, vanilla, salt, a little baking powder for lift, and some optional walnuts. Blondies are very low key - they're also unexpected and underrated, which is why I love making them.

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