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Interview with Danica Cancinos from Danis Dulce Confections Would you like to make a good living out of a confectionary business? Do you believe that it's possible to do this? Today, I'm excited to introduce you to Danira Cancinos, from Dani's Dulce Confections, in Sylmar, California. One of the questions I'm asked very often is "Can you make enough real money out of this to support a family?". The Business of Baking
Ep 134: Lazy Daisy Cake Nothing Short of Amazing From a historical 'curdled cream and beer' cold remedy to a modern day No Bake Lemon Custard interpretation from Melissa Clark, the posset has certainly come a long way. Then it's on to this week's recipe review, Stefin's long awaited Lazy Daisy Cake from Tori Avey, a new favorite of both the hosts. Preheated Baking Podcast
E35 - Baking with Ancient Grains Ancient and heirloom grains are popping up everywhere. While there is plenty of variety and benefits, which ones are hot in the baking industry right now? And what can they offer to products and labels? On this episode I talk with two experts in the field of ancient grains to learn more about this trend. Baked In Science
Ep 133: Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches Stefin and Andrea are so proud of the Preheated Facebook Listeners community for stepping up in ways big and small. From posting pics, to recommending favorite gadgets, to supporting other Listeners when the going gets tough, they’re helping further the hosts’ goal of creating a soft and delicious place to land. Preheated Baking Podcast
Are Ignorance and Faith the Same Thing? Welcome to another exciting episode of The Business of Baking podcast! A few episodes ago, I read you an article from my new, yet unnamed book, and it had a lot of positive feedback. The Business of Baking
Ep 132: Cookie Butter Deliciousness Strikes Again! It's been a while since the hosts have allowed Cookie Butter in their homes…will this delicious ingredient lead to another winning dessert? Find out with this week's review of Cookie Butter Blondies recipe from Jenna over at The Butternut Bakery Blog. Preheated Baking Podcast
Ep 34 - What in the world is the Chorleywood baking process? If you live in the U.S., or anywhere else that's not the U.K. you may not be very familiar with the Chorleywood baking process for bread. And no, it's not just another name for no-time dough. It is a whole other process, that has some very intriguing points and uses. Baked In Science
Ep 131: Hip to Be Square After having so much fun with their Round theme in November 2018, Stefin and Andrea are back with more geometric goodies. This month, tasty treats that are Hip to Be Square. First up: Cookie Butter Blondies from Jenna at the Butternut Bakery. Preheated Baking Podcast
Podcast Interview: Miranda from Sweet Sticks Welcome to the Business of Baking Podcast! I'm so grateful to be able to chat to you every other week on the podcast. Some weeks I do solo shows, and other weeks I get to introduce you to some pretty amazing entrepreneurs who think outside the box, or have an interesting story to share. The Business of Baking
Ep 130: A-maizing Cake and Ice Cream In the last week of Completely Corny month, Stefin and Andrea have the scoop on Sweet Corn and Black Raspberry Ice Cream from Jenni’s Splendid, and a preview / review of a Brazilian-style coconut cornmeal cake you can make in your blender. Preheated Baking Podcast
E33 - Emulsifier Replacement Technologies There's a lot of focus on solutions for replacing emulsifiers. In fact, so much that you're probably tired of hearing about it. But this is really a fascinating field, with some exciting benefits for baking. So to give you some fresh insight into the trend, I talk with two specialists from Europe about their latest research with enzymes! Baked In Science
Ep 129: Major League Caramel Corn Did you know you can call your Preheated hosts? Andrea’s giddy after a voicemail from a listener tips her off on where to find passion fruit purée in Olympia. Loyal listeners know Stefin’s two years in London is coming to a close. or is it? What's the future for your fave UK-based host, and what will it mean for your favorite podcast? Preheated Baking Podcast
FLOUR HOUR Episode 50 Season 2 Finale Amanda and Jeremiah celebrate over 50 hours of FLOUR HOUR by answering listener questions, chatting about their book projects, upcoming classes and more. They cover topics ranging from sourdough, patisserie, cake, buttercream, meringue and more. Flour Hour Baking Podcast
The Three Day Rule Did you know that I'm busy writing my second book? To be honest, I'm finding the process of writing this book really hard. Not the writing part because that comes pretty easily to me and I love it. I'm finding it difficult because this time I'm writing about life and not about baking or about business. The Business of Baking
Ep 128: Longing for Berry Long Cake Completely Corny month continues as Andrea grapples with the concept of eating hot corn niblets at the theater! Berry Long Cake from Julie Richardson's Vintage Cakes steps into the featured role this week, and it appears the hosts had decidedly different results. Preheated Baking Podcast
Ep 127: Completely Corny It’s the first week of Completely Corny month, a theme suggested by Stefin’s husband, and heartily endorsed by Andrea’s. But first: your hosts debate the tantalizing idea of breakfast appetizers, and share baking inspiration from Listeners. Preheated Baking Podcast
E32 - What's the Most Important Aspect of Flour? Take a close look at flour, and you'll find a lot of valuable information there. Understanding the makeup of flour gives insight into baking factors such as protein, starch, and moisture. Another key aspect of flour science is analyzing it. Because types and even batches of flour can differ in composition. Baked In Science
FLOUR HOUR Episode 49 interview with Helen Goh Amanda and Jeremiah interview Helen Goh the co-author of Sweet. Helen describes how she came to have a life in food, Malaysian baking, creativity, inspirations, collaborations and more. Flour Hour Baking Podcast
Mental Health Awareness Month With Jennifer Carota Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States? Mental health is something that I really think more of us need to be talking about, specifically in the small business arena. And these days, I'm also a lot more open and honest about the hard stuff about small business. The Business of Baking
Ep 126: Passionate about Passion Fruit and Chocolate Expert Jennifer Earle From Sugar Free Laddoos to all sorts of peanut butter bakes, the hosts are cooking up a storm in their home kitchens. First up is this week's featured recipe, a review of Martha Collison's Mango and Passion Fruit Energy Bars from Waitrose Weekend. Tune in to find out if our hosts gained or drained energy from these homemade bars. Preheated Baking Podcast
FLOUR HOUR Episode 02 The Great American Baking Show season 3 episode 2 review Amanda and Jeremiah review Episode 2 of the Great American Baking Show and interview Father Kyle from the show. They discuss donuts, sweet loaves and give tips on puff pastry. Flour Hour Baking Podcast