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Big Data Creates 4 Massive Benefits Of Automated Log Management There are major benefits to using automated log management tools. Here are just a few of them. Log management tools have the advantage of automatically solving certain problems, such as closing down systems, blocking an IP address, preventing anyone using a USB storage system, or even completely shutting down a PC.

Businesses understand the value of big data, but employees aren't being trained to use it As mentioned above, what each group of people do with data varies, so be sure you're arming each group with what they need to succeed.

Sebi to tap artificial intelligence, big data analytics to curb mkt manipulations: Tyagi MUMBAI, Jan 23: Sebi is acquiring capabilities to monitor and analyse social media posts to keep a tab on possible market manipulations, its Chairman Ajay Tyagi said on Thursday.

How You Can Make Business Intelligence Work for Your Business Consider this: 90% of all data was created just in the past two years. This rate is going to accelerate continuously as we move into the future. Much of this has to do with the increase in the usag…

The big WEF question: economists v markets, who's right on growth? Early investor optimism overlooks stalling global productivity and lack of effective policy tools.

EU and US regulators scrutinise Big Tech and digital 'monopoly' If 2019 was about "techlash," the public backlash against Big Tech, 2020 will centre on a race between the world's largest platform companies - particularly Google, Facebook and Amazon - and the regulators that want to bring them to heel.

Cohesity appoints Steve Coad as country manager Australia, NZ "Steve not only brings a wealth of relevant industry expertise to Cohesity, but he also has a deep understanding of the regional market and the IT infrastructure needs of enterprises in Australia and New Zealand," said William Ho, vice president of sales, Asia Pacific region, Cohesity.

City, University of Alberta to announce major event bringing $16M to Edmonton The city and the University of Alberta are expected to announce a "major event" coming to Edmonton that could bring $16 million into the community on Friday. Mayor Don Iveson and U of A president David Turpin will be at the lobby of Timms Centre for the Arts Friday morning to give details on the project.

Opinion - Jeff Bezos’ Unhappy Passage to India The Amazon chief gets the cold shoulder from Modi. Other foreign companies may feel the chill.

It's healthy to be sceptical about big tech in the NHS, Apple's health boss says Users can also track their menstrual flow through the iPhone Health app's Cycle Tracking feature, or take an electrocardiogram heart reading on newer models. The Apple Watch has been Apple's main driver into the healthcare sector.

All-island league: Split season being considered and European spots 'no issue' - Lucid Kieran Lucid, the businessman behind the all-island league proposals, says that a split season is being considered for the cross-border competition. The potential format would see teams play home and away in their current leagues, before merging for the latter half of the season.

UK will make the same decision on Huawei that it did last year Next week, Britain will announce essentially the same decision that leaked out in April 2019, and allow Chinese vendor Huawei Technology to supply 5G equipment for the non-core parts of the country's networks. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed developments; three British…

Brent Spiner Reacts To That Big Data Twist In Star Trek: Picard Star Trek: Picard's premiere episode features a major twist concerning Data. And here's what Brent Spiner has to say about it.

Leading Data Trends in Big Data, Revealed by GlobalData Today's digital economy is powered by data, which is produced in abundance by both individuals and enterprises and stored in vast data centres, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Mining big data insights to improve gate turnaround and optimise safe capacity throughput This webinar will explain how integrated technologies enable tower, airside operations and maintenance teams to increase their situational awareness, optimise the usage of airside assets and hence maximise airside uptime and the overall capacity throughput of airports.

Snowiest Day On Record: The Day Mercer County Saw Most Snowfall With winter only one-third over, will Mercer County break the snowiest day on record, which occurred in 1983?

Loggerheads return to the same feeding grounds year after year The study identified three main areas Loggerheads return to time and again - the Adriatic region, the Tunisian Plateau and the eastern Mediterranean. Scroll down for video. Loggerheads are omnivores and feed mainly on bottom-dwelling invertebrates, they live most of their lives in the open ocean with females coming ashore to lay eggs.

PROS Holdings, Inc. A Best-Valued Odds On Near-Term Capital Gainer Provides a software suite supporting any company selling products over a wide geography. While 104% of its shares are institution-held, it is known by only some 2,000 Seeking Alpha reader / contributors, out of well over a million.

Metals Lose Momentum Following Trade Deal CountingPips forex news, trading apps and technical analysis including Currency trading blog, Metatrader 4 apps, indicators, interviews and financial market articles.

California will be hit hard as Trump administration weakens clean water protections Defying environmentalists and public health advocates, the Trump administration on Thursday will announce the replacement of Obama-era water protections with a significantly weaker set of regulations that lifts limits on how much pollution can be dumped into small streams and wetlands.

Brazil's Big Agricultural Strategy: Pesticides But that's not all: Birth defects are reported more often in Brazil's agricultural areas, where pesticides are most used. And while other countries have made moves in recent years to restrict pesticide usage - reflecting their effects not only on humans but on essential animals like pollinating bees - Brazil is speeding in the other direction.

Pakistan says trade with India plunges significantly owing to tensions over Kashmir issue The State Bank of Pakistan data in the first half of 2019-20 fiscal starting from July 1 showed that Pakistan's exports to India during the period came in at an insignificant USD 16.8 million as compared to USD 213 million in first half of 2018-19, Dawn news reported.

SEBI to tap artificial intelligence, big data analytics to curb market manipulations The new plan involves creating a "data lake" project to augment analytical capabilities, he said while speaking at the Speaking at the National Institute of Securities Markets at Patalganga near here.

AI And Big Data Set To Reinvent Semiconductor Industry The advent of EUV helps from a device scaling perspective, but it fails to address critical challenges that remain in other areas such as transistor performance, interconnect resistance and capacitance, and reliability.

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