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Status of Wintering Golden Eagles in CT I've spent a bit of time looking for Golden Eagles in Connecticut this winter. Nothing crazy - a bit of scanning here and there along the lower Connecticut River and the "Northwest Corner" of the state. Golden Eagle is a scarce bird in Connecticut. You've automatically had a good day in the field if you've seen one.

How did the Pink Pigeon bounce back from just nine birds? The Pink Pigeon is no longer Endangered. But how did conservationists achieve this, and is it sustainable? Dr Vikash Tatayah, Conservation Director, Mauritian Wildlife Foundation reports from the field…

Seabirds Oiled By Natural Seep Along California Coast Flood Los Angeles Center Since the beginning of 2019, more than 50 oiled seabirds coated in natural seep have been found stranded on beaches up and down the coast of California, from San Mateo County to Orange County. The rescued birds are being washed and rehabilitated at our Los Angeles wildlife center.

Brian's birding blog We dropped into Lackford Lakes at first light this morning finding Lesser Redpolls and Siskins on the feeders and a pair of Bullfinch in the bramble behind before we moved on to the sailing lake. We'd missed all the larger gulls which had already left the roost but did manage to see a pair of Goldeneye making little Goldeneyes.

Now’s The Time A Tawny Owl hooted from the trees in the next door neighbour's garden: it was very dark with little time to look, but the owl was very close. The owls breed in a nearby copse, our garden on the edge of their territory. This morning was my first ringing trip to Oakenclough for 2019; ahead lay a forty minute drive.

Parents don't pick favorites, at least if you're a Magellanic penguin 23 in the journal Animal Behaviour, when a Magellanic penguin parent returns to its nest with fish, the parent tries to feed each of its two chicks equal portions of food, regardless of the youngsters' differences in age or size.

A Very Brief Winter Birding Update Notify me of new posts by email. Name. Email. Website. Join 6,077 other subscribers. Email Address.

Bardsey's Wildlife A total of 420 species of moths have been recorded on the island: 275 species of macro and 145 species of micro-lepidoptera.

Country diary: thousands of gulls begin a mute commute at dawn Sandy, Bedfordshire: Silent and disciplined, the birds track the River Ivel, but where are they going and why?

Mid-Week Update! Yesterday I signed the contract to sell the house even though the estate agent has not finished the brochure - lots of amendments and additions to be made and pictures to be taken, so house obviously won't be going on the market until they have finished this - the ball is in their court as they say.

Winter Raptor Survey My friend Barb Bassett asked for help in completing a Winter Raptor Survey in Salem County NJ a few weeks ago. I've read about these surveys but never had the chance to do one. The survey is conducted in a specified area using a very detailed "route".

Leading scientists call for re-evaluation of funding models This could be achieved by asking grant reviewers to increase the weight given to the potential societal significance of proposed research relative to its scientific originality, and/or by targeting funding through directed programmes specifically addressing conservation issues.

Ghana 2019 Moths We did a bit of moth trapping on this trip but mainly concentrated on birds and butterflies, mainly because we don't have many resources to identify the moths. However got a few here to try and identify to get us started. I've been recommended this website by Martin Honey AFRICAN MOTHS so will try and make a start.

Natural selection and spatial memory link shown in mountain chickadee research And now we have tested whether individuals with better learning and memory performance are more likely to survive the winter." Ben Sonnenberg, a doctoral student in the laboratory of Pravosudov is the lead author, and Pravosudov is a corresponding author, on a scientific paper, based on the research, published Feb.

Momentous mission: first successful invasive species removal in Marquesas Conservationists leaped from boats onto sheer rock faces and braved “10,000 dive-bombing Sooty Terns” to achieve the first successful eradication of invasive rodents on Teuaua Island, French Polynesia. This success paves the way for larger island restorations across the Marquesas Archipelago.

An Improving Picture Monday is something of a no-no for me with Grandparent duties the priority so I declined Andy's offer of the first ringing session of 2019 at Oakenclough. He caught the first Siskin of the year plus several Goldfinch and Chaffinch, but otherwise he was not troubled by too many birds during a very frosty morning.

Ghana 2019 Butterflies We had approx 110 species of butterfly in the week. Here's a few of the most photogenic ones and most of the other species are in the album. Some great names in there - Policemans, Playboys, Pansys, Jokers and Wagglewings.

BCR 158: Mike Jacobs, Former Publisher, Grand Forks Herald He has published three books about North Dakota. Jacobs and his life partner, Suezette Bieri, live on Campbell Beach at the western rim of the Red River Valley. Show Notes:. BirdCallsRadio additional information:. To Support BirdCallsRadio and Podcast please DONATE NOW.

Country diary: seeps, whistles and twittering calls fill the cold air Another appears, and then two marsh tits, and the four birds wander up and down, systematically searching for something to eat before moving on. Here's another bird call - a treecreeper's soft, seeping whistle - closer to the ground.

Hey Loon, You Are On the Wrong Ocean! As far as Loons go, we have 2 species that hang around our area in winter - Common Loon and Red-throated Loon. Occasionally, a loon from the west ends up on the wrong ocean for the winter. This year, a Pacific Loon has been spending time at Manasquan Inlet in NJ.

Ghana 2019 Just back from an epic week in Ghana. We concentrated on two sites, Bobiri Forest for two days and four days at Manso Nkwanta forest with a quick look at Shai Hills en route. Ebird list from Manso Nkwanta HERE.

Happy Birthday Lucy! We had lunch at Pizza Express in King's Lynn and then spent the afternoon at my house. I made Lucy a Victoria Sandwich, some personally iced ginger-bread men and some cheese scones for us!

Birthday Thoughts Today of My Dearest Mother THE NEW SWIFTALERT "BEST IN THE FIELD" RARE BIRD ALERT PAGER!: To My Dearest Mother.Today you would have been 79 - the first birthday without you. Hope you enjoy your favourite Black Magic chocolates up there. You are in my thoughts daily - my love for you will never fade.

Red Grouse - Peak District We've had a cold spell recently, and last week brought us our first snow of the winter here in the North West. Always a pain in the neck when travelling to and from work, it also gives an opportunity to see more wildlife. Due to the cold weather the birds are a lot more active as they desperately search for food.

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