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Beddington rarity - Neil Stocks Met up with returning bird group member Neil Stocks today to have a look at Beddington. We could only check out the lakes and the mound because access has been prohibited along the path and across the proposed wet grassland site.

One Good Tern The Common Terns at Conder Green are very unhelpful to anyone with a camera. Since they arrived in May they have kept their distance from the nearest viewing point. They are so fast, erratic and unpredictable in their flight patterns that it's only possible to get a decent in-flight picture with a very fast and expensive lens.

Backyard Birding In Southern Ontario It's been quite a while since I've posted anything on this blog and I apologize for the lack of activity, it's been a tremendously busy summer so far.

BirdLife Malawi campaign compels court to uphold ban on thin plastic Dr Tiwonge chaired a committee organising a series of advocacy activities to commemorate the 2018 World Environment Day under the theme "Beat Plastic Pollution". "Plastics are washed into our rivers and lakes which affects aquatic life. Studies in Africa have shown the presence of microplastics in fish and birds.

A conversation about grad school I can't tell you how many times I've had this conversation. I plan to keep having it, too. But if this example can help answer some questions pre-emptively, I reckon this will have been a good use of my time. Scene: An undergrad comes to my office to discuss careers… I speak in blue; they in black.

Variations of a single gene drive diverse pigeon feather patterns The implication is stunning. "Humans may have transferred a trait to another this other species that they had domesticated, and that trait is now out in the wild, where it is now advantageous specifically in human-created habitats," said Shapiro. "It's nuts." The study was published online on July 17, 2018 in the journal, eLife.

Libya's environment: an insider's view Awatef Abiadh and Sharif Jbour - both Programme Officers for North Africa and the Middle East, respectively, as part of the BirdLife Mediterranean team of the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund - just returned from a field trip and one of first conservation workshops dedicated to NGOs in Libya.

Country diary: metamorphosis in a museum tower This glorious structure is a place rich in history. As we walked through the galleries our guide paused to show us the great oak door behind which Bishop Wilberforce confronted "Darwin's bulldog", Thomas Huxley, in their famous debate on evolution. We, however, were intent on a more modest fraction of the building's past.

BCR 134: Frank Gallo, Birding in Connecticut FRANK GALLO is a leading expert on where to find birds in Connecticut and has led birding expeditions all over the world. Frank is a member of the Connecticut Avian Rare Records Committee, and a federally licensed master bird bander. Frank's new book, Birding in Connecticut, a guide to where, when, and how to find birds in the state.

Under attack from within I really would rather not be posting about political issues here, but these are indeed extraordinary days we're living. To begin, consider this definition and this oath:. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

Birding blog with no birds Autumn is coming or rather is here. Green Sandpipers building, post breeding Lapwing flocks, migrant Blackwits and juvenile Med and Yellow-leg Gulls are on the move but I don't give a tuppenny f##k as I'm still hunting deep in the underworld for moths while this heat wave lasts.

Between Yelapas It was on the beautiful beach of Yelapa where I caused bad luck to crash down on me the moment I uttered the words to Christina.

Three Of A Kind We had a drop of rain on Friday; the first here for several weeks, just a few showers that barely wet our parched, straw coloured lawn and briefly dampened the roof tiles.

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Stonechat A few weeks ago I took a long weekend break to the Farne Islands. I planned my route up so that I could make several stops along the way to see various birds and to break the journey up. So rather than following the quickest route I took the scenic route.

More moths It's got a bit cooler in recent evenings so things have gone a bit quieter at the Beddington obs light trap. Here's a few highlights. Tree-lichen Beauty - the first of the year. We seem to do well for these locally. A close up of Horse Chestnut Leaf-miner.

Birding Tanzania - Days 12-15 Then we had a two hour drive to the North Pare Mountains, at Kifaru, where we saw Taveta Weaver, African Reed Warbler, several Malachite Kingfisher and finally saw Bare-eyed Thrush, after so many attempts. After more driving, we stopped at Nyumba Ya Mungu.

Nobody knows where juvenile Grey-headed Albatrosses go: until now Or, at least, they used to. It's a problem that needs to be solved fast, because the Grey-headed Albatross is in crisis. The reason for its Endangered status: a catastrophic population decline at South Georgia, its largest breeding stronghold.

Eradicate rats to bolster coral reefs New research has confirmed that invasive rats decimate seabird populations, with previously unrecognised consequences for the extensive coral reefs that encircle and protect these islands. Invasive predators such as rats. which feed on bird eggs, chicks, and even adults birds.

LED lights reduce seabird death toll from fishing by 85 percent Coupled with previous research conducted by the same team, that showed LED lighting also reduced the number of sea turtles caught in fishing nets by 64 per cent, the researchers believe the lights offer a cheap, reliable and durable way to dramatically reduce the capture and death of birds and turtles, without reducing the intended catch of fish.

If you build it, the birds will come - if it meets their criteria Doherty, Jr., set out to find a way to improve the traditional "single-species - oriented" conservation plan.

How will climate change affect bird migration? Our scientists explain Our Chief Scientist Stuart Butchart talks about his work on the paper "Flight range, fuel load and the impact of climate change on the journeys of migrant birds". Over the last decade, many papers have been published showing how bird species' distributions are projected to shift because of climate change.

Birdwatch: seasonal flow in a farewell call and dusky drapes Here I found the first sign of autumn: a splendid spotted redshank, feeding with a flock of its commoner cousins as the tide fell to reveal the river's muddy banks. Spotted redshanks breed on the Arctic taiga, that vast area of boreal forest stretching from Lapland in the west to Chukotka in the east.

A day on the white stuff More recently ie: yesterday Kojak and I, teamed up with North Downs uber-patcher Steve Gale HERE and we had a great day looking for chalk grassland and chalk stream specialities before the Capitalists wipe them out too.

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