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Bernwood Meadows etc It's that time of year where there's not many birds on birding blogs. This weekend I spent a few hours at Bernwood Meadows looking for Forester Moths and also did some time at the Old Vicarage. Its has been a very wet week with two months rain falling in one or two days.

Spotted Flycatchers, doing well……. On my way home from the Hawfinches in Bridgend yesterday I called in to check on the pair of breeding Spotted Flycatchers that I've been watching who last weekend were feeding young in the nest.

Found a Cattle Egret at Elmley today Not much about but I did find a Cattle Egret at Elmley today. Cattle Egret Cattle Egret at Elmley Cattle Egret in flight Year…

Linnet - Beeston Regis About a month or so ago the weather was warm and sunny, and many birds were just pairing up. This is always a good time to see birds out in the open and often on perches. They're staking out their territory and keeping an eye out for what's around. One bird that was in abundance in Norfolk, was the Linnet.

Incommunicado Apologies to regular readers or those searching for the very latest in bird news. There's been a lack of posts here due to my enforced sabbatical from blogging. At least it gave me time to catch up with a few chores. Everyone is reporting the same - the coldest, wettest June ever with hardly a glimpse of the sun.

7 great dads of the bird world Father’s Day is about celebrating all the great dads out there – and there are plenty in the bird world. Who knows, one of these feathered fathers might remind you of someone you know…

Baby pterodactyls could fly from birth Dr David Unwin said: "Theoretically what pterosaurs did, growing and flying, is impossible, but they didn't know this, so they did it anyway." Another fundamental difference between baby pterodactyls, also known as flaplings, and baby birds or bats, is that they had no parental care and had to feed and look after themselves from birth.

Flying into the face of danger Shooting, trapping, poisoning - an average of 24 million birds are illegally slaughtered in the Mediterranean each year as they attempt their perilous migratory journey between Africa and Europe.

The Brown-headed Cowbird We think of a parasite as an organism that lives on or in another organism and derives its food from its host. That's the common definition, but in use it's generally broader.

Lesser Grey Shrike at Horsey I planned to visit the Suffolk Norfolk border yesterday but the weather put that plan on hold until this morning. I decided to stop first at Hazlewood Common and it proved a decent shout as we quickly connected first vocally and then visually with the Quail that's spent the last few days there.

Mitcham Common Did a morning on one of the areas of Mitcham Common. An impressive species rich grassland area with marshy patches and well over 200 Southern Marsh Orchids. I am director of Little Oak Group, a small organisation for nature and people.

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana & Illinois In recent years northern Ohio has become the most popular destination in North America for birders wishing to witness the arrival of migrant birds in the spring. For some time we had been promising ourselves a visit there and at last this year we made it!

Country diary: the distinct nightjar churr rises from the heather Duncton Common, West Sussex: The bird’s otherworldly song captivates, so close yet invisible in the dense heathland.

Chatting to Lush Also, Lush is a Bristolian slang word which mean lovely or gorgeous. If you Add Gert to make it "Gert Lush" that adds "very". So Mark Constantine, if you ever read this, I'd love to be a Lush Ambassador! This is a podcast that I originaly did for Charlie Moores which was published on The Sound Approach podcast.

New study scans the horizon for future conservation battlegrounds In the conservation world, this means identifying emerging topics that may have major positive or negative effects on the future of global biodiversity, but are currently going under the radar within the conservation community. How did BirdLife contribute to the report?

Homing: On Pigeons, Dwellings and Why We Return by Jon Day - review The new nature writing, which is at its best in the work of Helen Macdonald, Richard Mabey and Kathleen Jamie, often seeks to present a return to nature as a curative to the psychological and existential ills of modernity.

Adder - The Snake in the grass An Easter visit to my parents in Norfolk was just the right time for me to try and find my first ever Adders. I have longed to see one of these snakes in the wild for a very long time. Britain's only venomous snake. At this time of year you can see them coming out from there holes to warm themselves up in the sunshine and find a mate.

Black-headed Bunting at Flamborough Head We couldn't make the trip yesterday but set off this morning hoping the Bunting would stick for us although we were still smarting from the previous dip on the Brown Shrike a few weeks ago. As luck would have it we had positive news come through around 7am which helped us press on with the four hour journey arriving at Flamborough head around 9am.

Spotted Flycatchers : Return Visit I've made a couple of visits to the local pair of breeding Spotted Flycatchers and today visited after my 'twitch' to Llanelli, there are now young in the nest and both birds were active feeding the youngsters, here are a few images from my last two visits……

'Fantastic morning down West'……. My original plan this morning was to visit the small nature reserve served by a very nice boardwalk in Jersey Marine village but just as I was leaving home a message on the WhatsApp group advised of a breeding plumage female Red-necked Phalarope and an adult Roseate Tern at WWT Penclacwydd, Llanelli, there was of course only one place to head to.

Cemlyn Bay - Anglesey A trip to Cemlyn Bay on the island of Anglesey was a first for me. I had often wanted to go here in the winter to see the Snow Buntings, but never actually got round to it. A visit in May was just as productive for me though.

Hedghog News Update! THE NEW SWIFTALERT "BEST IN THE FIELD" RARE BIRD ALERT PAGER!: My Hedgehog seems to have a very accurate time that he likes to visit my garden! It is the third evening that he has scampered in through the new entrance/exit hole at 10.20pm. I was so excited to see him inside the new feeding box for the first time this evening!

Little Oak Days Thursdays and Fridays are the days of the week that I have to solely focus on making money for our organisation, the rest of the week I split time between making money and spending it on our ecological projects / research.

It's not all plain sailing for seabirds, but with some help it can be As we celebrate World Environment Day and World Ocean Day with #AlbatrossStories, we’re taking a look at a conservation tale of terrible decline, but one which we have the power to give a happy ending.

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