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Nightingale : 'Mission accomplished'……… I've been promising myself to re-visit Cotswold Water Park for the last few years in the hope of photographing Nightingale, although not in the numbers that existed previously due to habitat destruction by greedy developers building holiday homes for the rich they still exist in small numbers in sporadic locations.

Chiffchaff : Llynfi Valley A few images of a confiding Chiffchaff at Maesteg Cemetery Car Park taken on the evening of Sat 20th April……

Could have gone looking for Caper and Crossbills I could easily have gone looking for Capercaillie and Scottish Crossbill this morning after a couple of tip offs yesterday but instead I opted for the two mile drive down to Glen Strathfarrar again and I wasn't disappointed.

White-faced Ibis - Madison, CT Yesterday afternoon Allison Black and I took a ride through Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, CT after the rains had cleared, partially in hope of downed birds in the numerous lawn pools. The pools were just about completely devoid of birds, but we did sort through a flock of Glossy Ibis long enough to pick out a WHITE-FACED.

Rebellion goes up a gear I've said it before but here it comes again, in the impact hierarchy of rebellious acts that anyone can do agaisnt excessive consumerism, over-civilisation and the decline of the environment - birding is at the top. For me the hierarchy goes. Engagement with the Political System - e.g.

Red Grouse and Golden Eagles at last I've left it late but finally found some Golden Eagles with two birds in the Findhorn Valley yesterday and then another down at Glen Strathfarrar. Although the views were distant and only possible with the scope it always feels special to see these magnificent birds here in the Highlands and completes the trip for me.

The Cairngorms Friday saw us touring the Cairngorm area where I found a fresh Tree Pipit whilst searching for Crested Tits in the woods around Nethybridge.

Two Willies I met up with Andy soon after six am. Here at Oakenclough we'd suffered three aborted ringing sessions in previous days. But now a gentle southerly easterly of 5 mph, a break in the clouds with a promise of sunny skies suggested things might improve. Perhaps a spot of Solar Energy might finally erupt in the bleak shadows of the Pennines hills?

YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER - Milford, CT Another post-work coastal outing paid off this afternoon. Stepping out of the car at Milford Point I immediately heard the chips of a warbler I could not immediately place. Given the mid-April date, I considered Yellow-throated, which I vaguely recalled having a similar call note.

'Gropper time'……… I worked today but have next Tuesday off instead, with an earlyish finish this afternoon I spent a couple of hours up at Garnwen and Maesteg Golf Club in search of Grasshopper Warbler and found two territories with one of the birds duly obliging.

Norfolk at Easter I've just spent a week at my parents in Norfolk, which to most birders in the UK is birding Mecca. I saw lots of birds, added lots of year ticks, and yet I feel there was much more that I could have seen. Right time and right place was what it was all about.

Birdchick Podcast #245 The feminist birding revolution article. Me on a podcast explaining the relevance of Twitter seven years ago. Most poplar bird in the us. OMG what did I post a picture of… Check out Redpoling: a birder polling group. The Bird Banter Podcast.

Bird Names, Redux Let's face it, birds have funny names. Prothonotary Warbler? Who came up with that? Phainopepla? Chachalaca? Kagu? Bengal Florican? OK, I know all of these common names make a certain amount of sense once you know their origin. Phainopepla, from the Greek, means "shining robe", a reference to the sleek, glossy plumage of the male bird.

A day in the Glens Thursday saw us make the two mile drive to the gatekeepers property at Glen Strathfarrar where we were given a permit to drive the seventeen miles through the private glen and I have to say it was a fabulous drive too.

California Gull In Ct This spring's gull migration in Connecticut has been the worst in at least a decade, as far as I can remember…which made this evening's find of an adult CALIFORNIA GULL all the more surprising. Showery weather conditions have set in for a few days, which can mean downed birds during migration.

Spring Birding at Holme Bird Observatory! THE NEW SWIFTALERT "BEST IN THE FIELD" RARE BIRD ALERT PAGER!: After being at work all day, I was shattered, but simply couldn't miss out on seeing Pied Flycatchers at Holme Bird Observatory. You don't see stonking male Pied Flycatchers very often to be honest, well I don't anyway!

Axe Birding A major highlight this evening during a dog walk along Cownhayne Lane between Colyford and Colyton - Cuckoo! Yes we get them every spring, but only two or three in most years, and they often stay only for something between two minutes and an hour before completely disappearing.

North Macedonia's Stork Villages: where birds and people live side by side How did a sleepy rural community become the stork capital of North Macedonia? We meet the White Storks that live alongside local people, and discover how one woman’s love of birds inspired an entire movement.

Birding Scotland 2019 Setting off on Sunday with Suzanne we stopped overnight at Gretna Green before ploughing on into Scotland on Monday morning. The scenery was as spectacular as ever as we drove up the side of Loch Lomond and into Oban for a spot of lunch giving me the chance to grab a couple of year ticks in the form of Black Guillemot and Hooded Crow.

Spring has Sprung It's April and officially spring. For us birders, we get really excited when we see or hear the first arrivals from the south. For me at home, spring is signified by Chipping Sparrows who showed up en-masse last week with a record high 7 of them hanging on the feeder at the same time.

Protected status secured for Cambodia's Stung Sen wetlands Thanks to the work of BirdLife International Cambodia Programme, the rich and biologically diverse Stung Sen wetland has been designated as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention, protecting the habitat of important species such as the Lesser Adjutant.

First Signs of Spring 2019 - A Calgary Birding Album Drakes will often try to chase off their rivals, sending them scurrying off to another pond:. Leaving the hen to mate with the drake she has chosen:. Other waterfowl are beginning to pair up as well, such as the Common Merganser:.

A must read for children & adults - The Adventures of Horatio Mowzl - First Purlings He's upset to discover how much humans are harming Nature, and he invents surprising ways to show people what is happening. Mowzl somehow helps us to feel more deeply, and he encourages us to find out more. How does the story develop in the second book, "First Purlings'?

The impact of Bristol Airport expansion plans A blog by a young birder, birdwatcher, twitcher, naturalist, environmentalist and writer about birds, wildlife, nature, conservation and ringing who is an Ambassador for See It Her Way and a Charter Champion for The Charter for Woods, Trees and People 'Your retirement income will cost us our health, our well-being and our environment.

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