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In search of the Giant Noctule - Europe's biggest bat This summer, experts from APB-Birdlife Belarus set out on their fourth annual fact-finding expedition to the remote marshes of Paliessie in search of a rare bat species, the Giant Noctule.

LIFE EuroSAP brings hope for 16 threatened species To change the fate of 16 threatened bird species. The 16 bird species targeted by LIFE EuroSAP are some of the most charismatic to grace Europe's skies, seas and shores. The Bearded Vulture, the fabled 'breaker of bones', has been shrouded in mystique since the ancient Greeks.

Nothing has a voicebox quite like a bird's, but cats, mice, and crocs show some similarities It's only there for breathing and eating. Instead, birds' sounds are produced at the bottom of the trachea, just above where the trachea branches into the lungs. This juncture, made of cartilage, is the syrinx. "The syrinx is a tiny box of cartilage.

Farmoor Another defeat today, failing to find a Great Skua, Gannet or Grey Phalarope at Farmoor. A few bits and had a good walk with Jacob. A new Grey Phal at Staines today too, so literally the target birds are falling around me but no connection yet. If things get desperate this autumn I'll have to fall back on claiming that I found some Spoonbills.

Valenzuela Marsh In Danger Valenzuela marsh, which has been identified as in Important Bird Area by BirdLife International, is being threatened by dredging and forest clearance.

Big Week ? Was planning on taking some time off this week to do some birding and rarity hunting. Trying to work out where to focus effort. Here's some weather maps, jet stream chart, radar prediction and archived data to help with that.

Opens House October 20th At San Francisco Bay-Delta Center The public is welcome at International Bird Rescue's FREE Open House at its San Francisco Bay-Delta Wildlife Center in Fairfield. This annual open house gives the public a behind the scenes chance to learn how Bird Rescue treats injured, orphaned, and sick waterbirds.

Spoonbills! Got a phone call from Roger this morning that there were 9 Spoonbill on the North Lake so I did a U-turn on my way to Oxford. When I got to the lake we could see there were more than 9 but the flock was hidden behind the island.

Pallid Harrier Therfield After the rain today we shot up the A10 to Therfield. We parked in the village and walked up Mill Lane before continuing down the Icknield Way for about 800yards or so plotting up near the large haystack pile.

The People's March for Wildlife Just in case you are not sick to death of this here's another post about it to get you gagging. Me and Sian Berry, Green Party Co-leader. Always wanted to meet this inspiring lady - highlight of the day. Left to right: Andrew, Sue, Cretin, Sian Berry and Caroline Lucas This is my birding and nature blog/profile.

Real Change Is Coming ! The only change I predict is things are going to keep going down the shitter but even faster than before. It's going to take a lot more than just waving a few banners around and dressing up as a Lapwing to overthrow the anti-nature Capitalists. However delusion is a wonderful thing so I'm looking forward to the People's March for Wildlife Today.

Bring on the Winter Weather A look back to some colder winter mornings, well more of a look forward to what is to come. Some of the better birding mornings are spent when there is a cold frost on the ground. The birds are forced out to feed and take more risks, which allows more opportunities to get shots of them.

Packham's Peoples' Manifesto For Wildlife Ahead of tomorrow's People's Walk for Wildlife, Packham's team have produced this which is full of good ideas. So we've got at least three high profile proposal documents from the last few years that could form the basis for some kind of political manifesto for wildlife.

Spring Comes Earlier And they are arriving too late. Since birds evolved this pattern of responding to day length over millions of years, things are not going to change that rapidly. Evolution is not a strict task-master, though. As with most evolutionarily derived traits, there is some variability.

Physicists train robotic gliders to soar like birds 19 issue of Nature, highlight the role of vertical wind accelerations and roll-wise torques as viable biological cues for soaring birds. The findings also provide a navigational strategy that directly applies to the development of autonomous soaring vehicles, or unmanned aerial vehicles.

A sky of wonders - The 9th Sagres Festival of Birdwatching From 4-7 October, birds and birders alike will flock to Sagres in southern Portugal for its internationally renowned Festival of Birdwatching and Nature Activities. This year, the Bonelli's Eagle promises to be the star of the show. In October, Sagres has it all.

Notes From a Northwestern Ontario Backyard - September 2018 And just like that, summer is over. The Hummingbirds have left for the season and we have had frost now at least a half dozen times. Not killing frost yet… mostly on rooftops… but it won't be long until Mother Nature steps in and shuts the growing season down completely.

2018 Summer Birding in Alberta Seriously, is summer over already? Here in Calgary, flurries and sub-zero temps are already upon us and autumn continues to be a 2-week season! I am WAY behind in posting bird pics, so I'll try and catch up with a selection of birding highlights from the spring and early summer….

A noteable Pomarine Skua at South Gare Whilst at South Gare last weekend I took a few shots of the Skua with the small crowd but then they all moved on and left just me and another guy with the bird and it was at this point that it relaxed and started to expel a pellet.

Improving 'silvopastures' for bird conservation The adoption of 'silvopastures' - incorporating trees into pastureland - can provide habitat for forest bird species and improve connectivity in landscapes fragmented by agriculture. But how do silvopastures measure up to natural forest habitat?

Newly identified African bird species already in trouble Central Africa's Albertine Rift region is a biodiversity hotspot consisting of a system of highlands that spans six countries.

A new hope for coastal wetlands and waterbirds in the Arabian Peninsula A recent workshop was held in Sharjah, UAE uniting regional and international experts to develop a strategy for monitoring of coastal wetlands and waterbirds in the Arabian Peninsula.

Race equality in Nature and Black2Nature Chris will be starting off and then I will be the first speaker. I am really excited! This is my video about the event and what you can do with kids ahead of the event and on the day: Today, Chris Packham has published "A People's Manifesto for Wildlife" with 16 Ministers or experts in a number of areas ahead of his march.

Children across Africa unite to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day There's nothing like a good field trip, and Naturama certainly delivered. The children met at the Bangr-Weoogo Urban Park in Ouagadougou and learned to recognize the all the migratory birds present. Following this outing, a drawing competition on the beauty of birds was organized in the classroom.

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