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Girly Day Out At The Cambridge Botanic Gardens! THE NEW SWIFTALERT "BEST IN THE FIELD" RARE BIRD ALERT PAGER!: Had a fabulous girly day with some of the lovely girls from work: Keri, Hilary and Annie, at the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge. The weather was a little too hot though! Lovely lunch, drinks, ice-creams etc!

A Saturday Sandpiper At last, the dogged Jet Stream that brought three weeks of wind and rain has finally moved north and left things looking more settled. Saturday morning was indeed a "cracker" for birding or ringing with a clear sky, little wind, and no rain in the forecast.

Country diary: shaking branches meant the blackbirds were feasting Allendale, Northumberland: Birds queue up along the wall to feed on the amelanchier like holidaymakers at an ice-cream van.

Birdchick Podcast #254 Stare at gulls to get them to leave you alone. Birds nap. Rabbit or Bird. Larry Bird mural.

How can eating chocolate protect birds? A driver of deforestation, chocolate may be even more of a guilty pleasure than you thought. But in Indonesia, one cocoa collective is protecting forests while lifting local people out of poverty.

How much can you miss? I'm always puzzled by students who habitually miss class. People are a diverse lot of course and the flipside is also true: I have students who drag their nearly-dead selves into class when they are sick and should absolutely not be there. But it's the former I can't figure out.

Eurotrip 2019, Day Five - Northern Romania Today was a social/ work visit. A few of the guys that work at Little Oak come from Romania and they go back home in the summer to visit the family. As we were passing through the area they live, we stopped off to visit Miki, Florin and George. It was an interesting day and fascinating to see things from the other side of the coin.

A Better Day With No Buzzards. After almost two weeks of unseasonable wind and rain there was just a chance the weather might ease slightly and allow a spot of ringing.

More Birds In Your Yard Many people feed or just watch birds out their kitchen window; that's a treat but one might eventually get bored with watching the same conglomeration of birds from day to day.

Eurotrip 2019 - Days One to Four Currently at the Magus Hotel in Romania following four days on the road. We're heading to the Black Sea via Transylvania and have been trying to do five to six hours a day drive. So far we've over-nighted south of Cologne, Germany, south of Linz, Austria and in Budapest, Hungary.

Release of the Week: Snowy Egrets and Black-crowned Night-Herons With supporters looking on, another group of Snowy Egrets and Black-crowned Night Herons, were released back to the wild last week at Arrowhead Marsh in Martin Luther King Junior Regional Shoreline.

Country diary: a continent of birds descends on this vast expanse of silt Cley Marshes, Norfolk: Tonight’s drama features ruffs that may be from Poland, godwits almost certainly from Iceland, and a sandpiper from across the Atlantic.

Buff Breasted Sandpiper at Frampton We tried Frampton on Thursday for the reported Buff-breasted Sandpiper but after four hours we gave up and headed home. I've only seen a couple of Buff Sands before so wanted to give this one another go and so I arranged to meet the Jims this morning and we headed back up the A1 arriving at Frampton for around 7.15am.

Best Day Ever at Sea If you follow this blog, you have probably read about my "pelagic" birding expeditions. Pelagic birding means that we are out on a boat in the ocean looking for birds that live way out there. Our friends Paul and Anita Guris run the trips through their side-hustle company called SeeLife Paulagics.

Birdwatch: owl be your baby tonight Young birds are everywhere, but none of them compare to the brood keeping my teenage son awake.

Tracking down threats Albatrosses are iconic voyagers, well-known for their ability to glide on ocean winds with barely a flap of their wings. Their perilous association with fishing boats, made famous by Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", has put some species at risk of extinction.

7 best things about Birdfair Just thinking about the selection of grub on offer this year makes us hungry. This year's menu has a strong selection of vegan and vegetarian foods, as well as a range of options for any dietary restrictions. And if you walk around the exhibitor stalls, you might find a few extra treats.

The BirdLife Forest Landscape Sustainability Accelerator Sustaining tropical forests is a top global priority, not only for the unique and diverse wildlife and human communities that live in and around them, but for protecting the future of our planet from climate change and biodiversity loss.

Country diary: collared doves cosy up for a summer fling Sandy, Bedfordshire: After three mornings, the male’s song changed and the birds began billing instead of cooing.

Bird Mites From the Middle English meaning very small or Middle Dutch meaning small copper coin, we get the term mite. Mites are small arthropods belonging to the class Arachnida. Most mites are tiny, less than 1 mm in length, and have a simple, unsegmented body plan.

Take the kids to… RSPB The Lodge nature reserve, Sandy, Bedfordshire Its wildlife trails and play areas make this free attraction a fun and affordable day out in the countryside – with the odd woodpecker for company, too.

Catching fish, not seabirds Dr Euan Dunn has been working for our partner, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for over 20 years. His role includes policy development and advocacy on the interactions between fisheries and marine birds.

Country diary: a curious tern of events Pagham Harbour, West Sussex: One by one, flock by flock, birds move from the mud and settle on the surrounding banks.

Squacco Heron & Little Bustard in the Same Week 5th August 2019 : Halsey's Farm Pagham…

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