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Empowering Park Rangers to Support Vulture Conservation in Ethiopia In the hilly terrain of Awash National Park in Ethiopia, Tigist Bogale sits among a group of rangers in a room. The rangers all dressed in jungle green uniform, listen attentively to Dr. Bruktawit Abdi, at the front of the room passionately explaining a point to the group.

Novel study identifies key foraging areas of Cambridge scientists Our Marine Science team were tasked with explaining the significance of marine Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas to those with no existing knowledge of tracking technology or bird hotspots. Demystifying such scientific concepts often proves difficult but our scientists came up with an imaginative solution.

Shetland – Day One! THE NEW SWIFTALERT "BEST IN THE FIELD" RARE BIRD ALERT PAGER!: I was so behind with so changing my itinerary at the last minute, that I was still packing and checking the weight of my luggage. To add to everything, it took me forever to type up the Norfolk bird news last night, which was the longest list this Autumn so far!

More Thrush The forecast for Tuesday morning was about as good as it gets just lately - a gentle breeze from the north with a fair amount of cloud that would slowly break. That was enough to motivate us to head for Oakenclough again where Andy and I met up at 0645.

'Southward Bound' - Part 2. A Shorebird photo album. Join 6,320 other subscribers. Email Address. Subscribe.

Cranial Kinesis Often I watch birds just for general relaxation; seeing them flit among branches or hop along the ground or tossing seeds in the air looking for the best parcel of food. But sometimes I focus intently and try to figure out what exactly a bird is doing, why it is doing it, and how its anatomy is constructed to allow it to accomplish that feat.

Corvo 2019 - Day One It's already been another incredible autumn with Cape May, Chestnut-sided and Prothonotary Warbler and on the neighbouring island of Flores there has been a Connecticut Warbler. The Prothonotary and Connecticut are firsts for the Western Palearctic so once again there doesn't seem to be abatement in new species being recorded each autumn.

Sam Cook's Romantic Ravens and a New Study about the Evolutionary Importance of Male Investment in a Pair But those species that show fidelity and lasting pair bonds are products of evolution, too. Yesterday, my friend Sam Cook wrote a wonderful column in the Duluth-News Tribune about his encounter with a pair of ravens.

South Korea's artificial floating roosts: a lifeline for migratory shorebirds "It's like planes in a holding pattern: every moment they remain in the sky burns fuel they require to complete their onward journey." The optimal solution is to effectively manage, conserve, and if possible restore the natural roosting sites that are so crucial to these migratory birds.

BCR 182: Keith Mueller, Bird Artist and Sculptor Keith Mueller, a native New Englander, has been carving professionally for over forty years and author of his latest book just published called Half-Sized Great Horned Owl. He resides in Killingworth, Connecticut. Keith was originally educated as an engineer / draftsman, but his carving and painting skills are self-taught.

Packing For Shetland & Fair Isle & A Visit To Snettisham Coastal Park! THE NEW SWIFTALERT "BEST IN THE FIELD" RARE BIRD ALERT PAGER!: I have had to stay focused this weekend and concentrate on sorting and packing my gear up for my forthcoming trip. Obviously I wanted to go birding, but didn't have much choice - luckily I didn't need to leave the house for a mega!

Red eyed Vireo and a Great Snipe in Yorkshire We set off this morning with a plan to see the drake Hooded Merganser at Titchwell and then make our way north if the Red eyed Vireo was still at Easington. On arrival at Titchwell it was raining heavy but we set off to check the reserve for the duck.

Azores Rare And Scarce Bird Report 2016 - Out Now To order a copy please email [email protected] £8 plus P and P CORVO BLOG 2019.

Eyes on the skies: young birdwatchers take flight And pheasant feathers, which I like for their patterns, and how flexible they are. I've got about 20 altogether. I find them stuck in trees, or in dense forest, where they can't really blow around. We do a lot of hiking and walking.

Back Into Action I gave my ringing pliers a squirt of WD40. What with the trip to Greece and then the bad weather, they'd been deprived of action since 8 September. This morning it was back to Oakenclough hoping to see and to catch some autumn migrants.

XR London Protests Autumn 2019 A fascinating day up town yesterday joining in with the Extinction Rebellion London Uprising. Here's a few pics.

A bolt from the blue: the mysterious recovery of the Cerulean Warbler A globally threatened bird with habitats shrinking at both ends of its migration route, the Cerulean Warbler’s population plummeted by 70% in 44 years. Now, its decline is slowing down – but why? We have a few theories…

Skiathos Blue If the weather was kind to us in Skiathos, it has been very unfriendly since we arrived home. Going from wall-to-wall sunshine and 30 degrees and then back to the usual British rain, wind and 12 degrees is quite a shock to the system. Until I can get out birding or ringing I put together some pictures from 3 weeks in sunny Skiathos.

Beddington Farmlands Petition Hearing Meeting Last night, Sutton Council's, Housing, Economy and Business Committee heard the Public Petition that called on the council to take enforcement action on Viridor to deliver the Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve as per planning obligations. The petition was signed by over 6500 people and was delivered by the Wandle Valley Forum.

Laura's Birding Blog About Laura Ways to Help Blog Radio Writing Miscellany Search Birds On September 25, 2019, a California Condor chick fledged from a cave at Zion National Park.

Forty Years From Now I'm baking bread and looking out my kitchen window at the first migratory visitors to my bird feeder. There's a White-crowned Sparrow. Resident birds are partaking of the goodies too as the leaves turn, the weather gets cooler and the insects less abundant.

Palau Conservation Society: protecting paradise for 25 years Palau is well worth protecting. Its islands boast the richest and most diverse flora and fauna in Micronesia, with many unique species found only in Palau. These species are ingrained in the traditions of the local people, who rely heavily on natural resources for food and livelihoods.

Michigan Birding Trip Report - Day 1 Nature, Wildlife, Birding, Twitching and Photography from Cheshire, North Wales, the North West and the UK. Trip Reports from across the world.

Corvo Blog 2019 An absolutely amazing start to Corvo 2019. Presumably gripped off birders have reported our blog to facebook for breaching community standards so cant share the link directly on social media anymore. Perhaps Facebook have introduced a new violation of community standards - too gripping :-).

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