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The Daily: Rethinking Bitcoin's Market Cap, ICOs Printing Money Welcome to a new week crammed with new ways of thinking about Bitcoin and its fellow cryptocurrencies. To kick things off, today's edition of The Daily details three big-hitting topics: Is it time to find a more accurate metric than market cap for measuring cryptocurrencies?

Regulators Are Landing Punches, But There's a Long Crypto Fight Ahead Please give us time." But in a statement provided to CoinDesk, Voorhees offered further explanation for ShapeShift's policy shift.

Indian Authorities Round up on Bitcoin Scammer's Properties Worth $60 Million The Directorate of Enforcement attached $60 million worth of assets in connection with its probe against Amit Bhardwaj in the alleged Bitcoin Ponzi fraud of $5.26 billion.

Longhash Launches Bitcoin Tracker to Find 'Dirty Money' Longhash, a crypto and blockchain media and analysis site, recently launched its own Bitcoin Tracker. In an effort to "offer more peace of mind to investors, regulators and the general public," users can basically find the origin of BTC, tracking it through the many places it has traveled.

Brookings Institution: Responding To The Global Financial Crisis With Ben Bernanke On September 11, 10 years after some of the worst moments of the crisis, some of the authors of the papers presented highlights of their findings in a full-day conference at Brookings. Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc. Transcript.

Crypto Exchange ShapeShift's CEO Says Move to Collect IDs Was 'Proactive' Cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift's controversial decision to require user identities wasn't forced upon it but signified a "proactive" step to reduce legal risks, according to CEO and founder Erik Voorhees.

Vranova and Zucco Announce Creation of Bitcoin "B Foundation" Bitcoin entrepreneurs Alena Vranova and Giacomo Zucco announced today that they are creating a foundation to help Bitcoin, an automated, autonomous payment network invented in 2009, compete with centralized cryptocurrency ventures.

Bitcoin ETFs Keep Trying, Despite Regulators’ Rejections The SEC has said no at least 10 times. But firms want to be ready, just in case the regulators change their minds.

Top Global Bitcoin Destinations - Travel Enthusiast Are you a Bitcoin enthusiast who also likes to travel? There are a few locations around the world where you can enjoy the freedom of cryptocurrency payments while taking in beautiful sights.

RBI Argues Supreme Court Should Not Interfere With Its Crypto Decision The Reserve Bank of India has filed an affidavit with the country's supreme court in response to one of the petitions against its crypto banking ban. The central bank reportedly argues that it has acted within its power and that none of the petitioners have shown reasonable grounds for the supreme court to intervene.

Brazil's Biggest Brokerage Processes Bitcoin Trades, Gov't Supportive Grupo XP, the largest independent brokerage in Brazil, has publicly released its plans to launch a Bitcoin and Ethereum trading platform by the end of 2018.

The Bitcoin Files Protocol Provides a BCH Secured File Storage System This weekend the Simple Ledger Protocol developers have announced another new feature to the Bitcoin Cash network called the Bitcoin Files Protocol. The first implementation of the file storage system has been added to the SLP version of the Electron Cash light client.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Is Bitcoin Approaching a Turning Point? Bitcoin surprised the world and rallied after the SEC postponed a decision on the Van Eck/ Solid X Bitcoin ETF. At the same time, XRP, ETH and few other altcoins posted impressive gains. Are cryptocurrencies approaching a turning point? This has been a fantastically exciting week for cryptocurrencies.

Swiss Bankers Association Acts to Prevent Crypto Firm Exodus The Swiss Bankers Association has released a set of guidelines intended to bolster the availability of financial services to cryptocurrency companies. They are in response to the stubbornness of many banks to provide financial services to crypto-related businesses.

Baltic Honey Badger Bitcoin Conference Closes with Heavyweight Panel The Baltic Honey Badger Conference of 2018, held this year in Riga, Latvia, wrapped up today with a panel featuring Adam Back, the CEO of Blockstream, Giacomo Zucco, CEO at BHB Network; Tone Vays, a former Wall Street risk analyst and Bitcoin advocate; and Eric Lombrozo, CEO at Ciphrex Corp.

What Bitcoin's dominance says about the state of the crypto market Up until the altcoin bull run in January, Bitcoin's dominance was growing. That's happening again now. Could another run be on the way?

Study Finds "No Evidence" of USDT Price Manipulation A study examining the widely suspected correlation between Tether issuance and BTC price movement, undertaken by Wang Chun Wei and published by the University of Queensland, has found that USDT grants do not have a "statistically significant" effect on price fluctuations.

Paxos prone to freeze and burn by governments; Binance CEO offers retaliates On 21st September, Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform, announced that they would be listing Paxos Standard Token on their exchange platform. The coin will be paired with Bitcoin and Binance Coin.

Massive Hacks, Price Targets and a Bitcoin ETF: This Week in Crypto Make sure you check out our previous edition here, now let's go over what happened in crypto this week. Also, make sure you subscribe for this week's edition of The CCN Podcast on iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts.

Markets Update: Despite Negative Headlines - Crypto-Prices Continue to Rise A few days ago digital asset markets saw some good gains pushing the entire crypto-economy up past $229 billion. Both bitcoin cash and bitcoin core had nice percentage spikes with BCH up 13 percent, and BTC up 3.5 percent over the last week.

All But One of Top 20 Cryptos See Green, Bitcoin Safely Above $6,700 Crypto markets are seeing another wave of growth, with Bitcoin trading above $6,700 and 19 out of the top 20 coins firmly in the green.

Weiss Ratings: Bitcoin Will Lose 50% of Its Market Share to Ethereum in 5 Years Weiss Ratings, a provider of market research and stock analysis on ETFs, mutual funds, cryptocurrency, banks, and insurance companies, made a bold move saying that Ethereum will overtake 50% of Bitcoin's market share in the next 5 years.

Stellar Rallies, Market Capitalization is Steady, and The Sun is Shining on The Altcoin Land We're having a great Sunday after a little pullback yesterday. The crypto market board are mostly green and there are a lot of altcoins playing catch up. Several pumps are currently in progress. The market capitalization is currently at $228.8 Billion, jumping $ 5 Billion from yesterday.

A Snapshot of Cryptocurrency Forks Shows the Biggest Winners and Losers Forking cryptocurrencies, usually Bitcoin or one of its offshoots, was all the rage 12 months ago. Today, the spate of new forks has dwindled to a trickle. With the benefit of hindsight, and armed with over a year's worth of data, it's possible to determine which forks succeeded and why.

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