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Bitcoin tops $9,000 level for first time in 13 months The digital currency is up more than 22% over the past 30 days, and up 142% year to date. Sunday's intraday prices were the highest for bitcoin since May 2018, though still well off its all-time high above $19,000 in late 2017.

Bitcoin Trades for a Premium in Hong Kong During Protests Since last week, the price of bitcoin core has gained a premium in Hong Kong as the digital asset has been trading between $75-150 higher than the global average. Also Read: How to Exchange Your Amazon Gift Cards for Bitcoin Cash.

How to pay no taxes on your Bitcoin gains Here are some practical tips we've discovered that allows you to pay no taxes on your cryptocurrency gains. There are plenty of people in the world of cryptocurrency who are trying to find a way to "make it big." Of course, once you do so, then you're dealing with taxes on your cryptocurrency gains.

Bitcoin breaches $9000 mark; takes a step closer to $10,000 Digital gold, Bitcoin, crossed the $9000 mark on Coinbase. According to Coinmarketcap, BTC was valued at $9,169 with a market cap of $162 billion, at press time. The 24-hour price change indicated a rise of 5.84% while the 24-hour trading volume was at $19 billion.

Top 5 Bitcoin Clones Pumping Hard This Week When the world's leading cryptocurrency starts to note respectable gains, it is usually a matter of time until altcoins do the same. This week has been no different in that regard, albeit some interesting trends have become apparent. Four different Bitcoin "clones" have noticed very strong gains this week, for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Crypto Cards Expand and a Futuristic Promotion in the Weekly Update From Crypto debit cards supporting bitcoin cash expand their international reach and a platform offers shopping at Walmart using BCH. Watch these and other developments discussed in this week's video update on's Youtube channel, and get a chance to take part in a futuristic promotion.

Bitcoin prices would go upto $60,000 by August 2020 according to Stock-to-Flow analysis In terms of improved market cap in the past few years, Bitcoin has been one of the most progressively growing virtual asset and the digital currency almost summoned a major price pump since the start of 2019.

VPN Providers Defy Order to Connect to Russia's Internet Censor Russian regulators have once again moved to expand oversight of the online space in an attempt to ensure compliance with various restrictions Moscow is trying to impose. But as in other cases, their efforts have been met with resistance.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges and fake volume: Report finds link between VC backing, employee count and registration With the growing need to scrutinize cryptocurrency exchanges on more than just reported volume, several key players are looking at a host of indicators.

Facebook, Binance, Chinese Yuan Combine to Boost Bitcoin above $9000 The bitcoin-to-dollar exchange rate touched $9,388 at 0600 UTC - its highest since May 30 - on San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. The move brought the pair's net rebound gains close to 200-percent, including a 154-percent since 2019 open alone.

Bitcoin's hash rate reaches all-time high as the coin strides up the price chart The cryptocurrency market's longest bearish hold turned around and took Bitcoin on a new bullish ride. With Bitcoin's price reaching old highs, the coin also breached its previous hash rate and set a new record with 62,246,627 TH/s. According to, on June 14 BTC's hashrate breached its all-time high.

Bitcoin Worth Over $9,200 as Top Cryptos See Growth Friday, June 14 - Most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting moderate growth on the day by press time, as bitcoin crossed the $9,200 mark. Market visualization courtesy of Coin360. Bitcoin is currently up over 6% on the day, trading around $9,250 at press time, according to Coin360.

Warning For Credit ETFs: Liquidity May Be Threatened By Underlying Asset Liquidity Exchange-traded funds are generally seen as simple investment vehicles because they are passive in nature. They track their underlying index or assets, but the way they do so is far from simple.

Gold Prices May Reach $1,500 By This Time Next Year Ever-climbing stock prices have kept a lid on gold prices for most of this year, but that could be about to change. Fund managers from Incrementum believe we have entered the early stages of a new bull market for gold, although they don't expect an easy path upward.

What Makes Slovenia a Cryptocurrency Adoption Leader - Mini-Documentary Slovenia has a population of just 2 million but contains more retail locations accepting bitcoin cash payments than the entire United States. What makes this small country such a cryptocurrency adoption leader? Watch the following video to find out. Also Read: How to Exchange Your Amazon Gift Cards for Bitcoin Cash.

Pricing In The Bitcoin Halving: How Miners Are The Key To Major Upswings Bitcoin and Litecoin miners will play a large role in determining whether coin prices will rise or fall after their respective halvings.

Accept Direct Crypto Payments Using the Rocketr Gateway It's in the best interest of businesses to offer their customers a variety of payment options. Cryptocurrencies can undoubtedly bring more buyers and many merchants have introduced support for digital assets. A platform called Rocketr helps merchants accept payments in crypto, including bitcoin cash.

Hype or Hope? A Meeting of the Minds for the Benefit of Crypto Justin Sun, founder of the Tron blockchain, has paid $4.75 million for the privilege of having lunch with legendary investor Warren Buffett. News outlets around the world picked up this news, trumpeting it as yet another example of how ridiculous the crypto sector can be.

Bitcoin Price Hits New Yearly High at $9,387: What’s Behind the New Rally? By CCN Markets: The bitcoin price has surged by seven percent on the day, recording a 32 percent monthly gain and a 151 percent year-to-date gain against the U.S. dollar. The strong upside movement of the dominant cryptocurrency has occurred in anticipation of the opening of the CME bitcoin futures market on Monday.

Indian Crypto Community Petitions Government for Regulation Following widespread reports of the upcoming Indian cryptocurrency bill, the crypto community has started a petition for the government to quickly implement a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Hits Year-To-Date Highs As Litecoin Soars - Here's Why Bitcoin, which has been rallying hard over recent months, has hit a fresh year-to-date high, breaking the psychological $9,000 level for the second time this year and leaving investors eyeing the $10,000 mark. The bitcoin price reached highs of $9,387 per bitcoin on the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange before falling back slightly.

Above $9.3K: Bitcoin's Price Prints 13-Month High Bitcoin's price rose to 13-month highs above $9,300 on Sunday, taking cumulative weekly gains to 17 percent.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges with 'Lower Quality' amassed significant market share in 2018 Cryptocurrency exchanges often pose a significant conundrum to the larger industry. On one hand, formally established exchanges are the best medium of acquiring digital assets with ease, on the other, several cases have emerged over their dubious use as a means to inflate volume thereby presenting an unclear picture.

Bitcoin is an insult to gambling Dear John: Like you, I believe bitcoin is a total fraud with nothing backing it. And it should be regulated by gambling commissions - not federal securities regulators. I gave your May 20 column a little extra visibility by posting in on LinkedIn. Dear N.R.

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