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Bitcoin's Potential Intensifies as Student Debt Figures Add to Gloomy Global Outlook Additionally, it should also be a warning sign that something needs to change, and Bitcoin provides a potential hedge from a dangerous economic situation. The student debt crisis is not only an additional pressure that could be playing its part in driving towards a new recession, but it is also a figure that is growing at a rapid rate.

World Bank rings alarm on GDP view World Bank rings alarm on GDP view Years of subpar growth in store if Thai status quo prevails, lender saysThe World Bank has warned that Thailand's average annual economic growth will be stuck below… Read More.

Crypto Weekly Trading Volume Soars To All-Time Highs As Bulls Target $300 Billion Market Cap Total cryptocurrency trading volume hit an all-time high of $176 billion USD on Wednesday as the market recorded its highest weekly trading volumes.

Crypto Employment Abounds With More Than 8,000 Jobs in 2020 A year later, and digital currency companies are hiring. Also read: Regulatory Roundup: EU-Wide Crypto Regulations, New Rules in Europe, US, Asia. Cryptocurrency and blockchain-related jobs are becoming more abundant these days as the industry seems to be recovering from last year's price lows.

Tech Development, Investments, and NFT to Drive Crypto Adoption in 2020 How will the world of crypto look in 2020? Check out the most important motors that will drive crypto adoption in the year that has just started.

Why The Next Bitcoin All-Time High May Not Be As High As Many Expect Bitcoin has had wild swings throughout its burgeoning life but 2019 was generally a great year. The price climbed by over 86% from $3ks to $7,200 by the end of that year. Over the same period, BTC's hash rate rose from around 42TH/s to over 100TH/s, representing a 140% jump.

Facebook, Tesla and Netflix Stocks Prove Investors Are Jumpy, Can Miss Bitcoin Investors are notoriously jumpy, with small news releases or minor events triggering massive sell-offs, which can carry over to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin miners made an estimated $5 billion in revenue during 2019 - The Block The world's bitcoin miners brought in an estimated $5 billion in revenue during 2019.

New Guidelines Subject Canadian Crypto Exchanges to Securities Laws Canadian regulators have issued new guidance determining when current securities legislation applies to operations conducted by cryptocurrency exchanges.

How to Choose Your Bitcoin and Crypto-currency Wallet The Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Wallet for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. The Leading Cryptocurrency Wallet Options and How to Make A Choice? There are too many wallets for Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies, but the characteristics and the corresponding advantages and disadvantages of them differ a lot.

How Bitcoin, Crypto Prices Correlate With Network Parameters There is now enough data to link Bitcoin and crypto price movements to easily quantifiable network parameters. Transaction counts, active addresses, and price action show a connection for some coins, which explains heightened activity during rallies.

Bitcoin Price Ready to Push Above Key Resistance to Hit $10,000 Bitcoin price is managing to hold $8,800 support, which means the recent upward trend can continue to $9.4K and $10K targets next.

'Weak Hands Are Out' - Trader Who Called $20K Bitcoin Top Calls Bottom As a long-time Bitcoin advocate, Brandt was continuing a bullish streak he began on social media earlier this month.

FATF Holds Global Forum to Discuss Crypto Supervision The Financial Action Task Force and over 50 delegations involved in crypto supervision recently gathered to discuss how to regulate crypto assets and related service providers. While examining three key areas, they stressed the importance of international cooperation, citing that cryptocurrencies are global products.

When a Tesla Car Becomes a Bitcoin Node… Bitcoin users recently decided to try using their Tesla electric car as a full BTC node, and it worked. Electric cars and digital currencies are not usually two things that people would think to connect in any way, but they do have a few things in common.

Bitcoin SV Drops 40% as Lawyer Admits Craig Wright Has No Private Keys The altcoin Wright claims is the “real” Bitcoin has lost investors who bought on Jan. 15 almost half their money.

XRP Offers Perfect Chance To Stack Bitcoin As Price Targets Key Resistance At 2800 Sats, Analyst XRP price patterns presents a perfect opportunity to stack Bitcoin as XRP/BTC targets key resistance at 2700 sats. XRP provides a better way to.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: This Is The First Major Test Of 2020 In The Road To $10,000 BTC Over the past two days, we saw Bitcoin reaching the $9000 zone, quickly getting rejected, and now Bitcoin is once again a touch away from 2020 high. Two bullish signs to keep an eye on is the fact that Bitcoin corrected accurately into the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level - which is considered a healthy correction of a rising trend.

Altcoin Fails To Impede Bitcoin; Know Why Right from the beginning, Altcoin has faced a severe problem, since people prefer to use a cryptocurrency. Which has more reputation, has more liquidity, stability, and accessibility than any other cryptocurrency.

New Analysis Finds That Mondays Are the Best Days to Buy Bitcoin Bitcoin returns on investment differ based on what day of the week BTC was bought as well as other factors such as volatility and market cycle conditions.

140,600,000 in Bitcoin Exits Cryptocurrency Exchange As Whale Moves $6,320,422 in XRP Whale activity is picking up steam as a big week in the crypto markets comes to a close. In a 12-hour span, an anonymous crypto whale moved 16,001 Bitcoin, worth $140.6 million, from the crypto exchange OKEx to an unknown wallet.

It's Never Been Harder to Mine Bitcoin as Hash Rate Hits New Highs Bitcoin hash rate versus price. Source: Glassnode. Hash rate refers to the amount of computing power miners are using to validate the Bitcoin blockchain. The more power, the more notionally secure the blockchain is. A large hash rate can also be taken as a statement of the attractiveness of mining for participants.

Crypto vs RBI: 3 Days of Intense Supreme Court Hearings India's supreme court heard the crypto case in detail over three consecutive days this week. In addition to intense arguments against the central bank having the power to ban crypto, the judges learned how other countries regulate this new sector, the amended EU directive, the FATF guidance, and less invasive crypto measures.

Beware of Bitcoin scammers Mercedes Messinger has learned to spot those under the spell of Bitcoin scammers. When they come in to use the Bitcoin ATM in her shop, they often have cellphones pressed to their ears, clearly taking instructions from some distant guide.

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