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Is This Ramy's Olympia or Can Kai Steal the Show? While I don't think we've seen the last of Kai breaking it down on an IFBB Pro stage, I'm not so sure his hint at coming back to win the Olympia is going to come to fruition. After stepping away in 2014, it's hard to not agree that the Olympia and even the Arnold line-ups felt as if they were greatly missing his presence.

No Man Is an Island: Recognizing Those Who Have Inspired Me No matter how bad a person wants to be a self-made individual and pick themselves up by the bootstraps, there are people who have helped you along the way. There are so many people who have helped me get to where I am today, in roles as teachers and similar, and so many that I need to thank for the impact that they have had on my life.

WATCH: Dedication to Powerlifting Federations Few individuals have demonstrated dedication to the sport of powerlifting quite like Steve Goggins. In this video, Goggins shares a few of his thoughts on this dedication, particularly as it relates to particular federations within the sport of powerlifting.

Allergies - Propane Podcast 138 Podcast: Play in new window - Download - Embed. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts - Android - Email - Google Podcasts - Stitcher - More Subscribe Options. Also published on Medium. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment.

What You Need to Know About LA Fitness You want to look for a gym local to your home or work, that has adequate equipment, lenient rules, helpful staff, and workable operating hours. With locations all over the US and Canada, LA Fitness could be a great suit for you. Therefore, find out about their latest offers and promotions, and choose a package that suits your needs and budget.

What Are The Benefits Of Probiotics For Men? Some of the benefits of probiotics are universal and this means everyone including women and children can benefit from them. They promote healthy skin, improve gut health, and help one to maintain optimal weight.

Specialized Band Rotation with Dr. Eric Serrano Muscles never work in complete isolation, especially during competition, which makes using the specialized band rotation a great way to minimize risk of injury. Injuries often take place when the weakest link in the chain is exposed to challenges for which it is unprepared.

Your Body's Shelf Life We like to think that we get better and better over time, and a lot of us blatantly lie on social media, saying things like, "I am in my best shape ever," when everyone else can see that is not true. Like yogurt or milk, things don't go bad in a day, and you won't all of a sudden know it's bad.

Fixing Hip Shift In My Squat Hip Shift, what the heck is that? I had never heard of it until I decided to video tape my squat from the front. What I saw had me a tad concerned and its funny I have always recorded my squats from the side. As a result I thought my squat form was pretty good.

WATCH: Menstrual Cycle Myths These questions will tell you things that blood work will not. Blood work provides great data, but it doesn't always account for fluctuations in your hormones, and it isn't necessarily compared to your personal baseline.

How to Heal Any Injury Overnight: Safely and Effectively Training the Injured Area I've already written about how a strong mindset will help you to heal any injury overnight, but now I want to get more into the details: day by day, week by week, how you can deal with the quickly-changing and very challenging aspects of getting over an injury.

3 Critical Deadlift Lessons Most Lifters Never Learn Let's expand on these four reasons. With regard to the first point, the squat begins with the lifter in a locked out position.

My Five Essential Supplements Here are three others that make a world of difference if you train for elite level performance. Training without intra-workout nutrition is a huge mistake, and nothing on the market compares to Plazma by Biotest. The pump and recovery ability it provides allows me to train six days a week and always come back to the gym wanting more.

What If Boyer Coe Had Been Mr. Olympia The man I'm talking about started lifting in his garage at the age of 14, with a very basic set of weights, slowly but surely building a solid, aesthetically-pleasing physique. He won a key teenage title in '62, as well as local and state titles in his native Louisiana.

6 Lessons of a Fired Strength Coach I've always loved David Bowie. If you don't at least respect this man, I have to question our friendship. Knowing how I feel about Mr.

The Three Disciplines of Getting Stronger As you progress as a lifter, strength becomes less and less linear, and the peaks and valleys of training get bigger. As this transition happens, most lifters start to lose motivation, and the excitement and reward of training starts to fade. Suddenly you aren't guaranteed to PR at a meet, and you don't have a weekly PR to post on social media.

WATCH: Welcome to the Pit - Dave Tate Coaches the RDL When Dave Tate coached the squat during his recent visit to Welcome to the Pit in Akron, Ohio, he discovered one prominent issue encountered by the lifters at the gym: weak hamstrings. This common weakness in the squat often prohibits lifters from achieving proper position and technique in the movement.

Getting the Most Out of Your Extra Workouts: Rules to Follow and Types of Extra Workouts How many main workouts do you do a week? Three? Four? Six? Your number of main workouts may be different from someone else, but to move those next five pounds you may need to fill in some missing pieces. To fill in those missing pieces you might need to add in some extra workouts.

Quick Flourless Protein Pancakes So you’re craving pancakes but either don’t have, or don’t want to use flour…today we solve that with these delicious AND fluffy Flourless Protein Pancakes made using chickpeas and our 100% Whey Protein Powder!

How to Reduce Post-Workout Pain It’s the middle of the night an aching, all-consuming pain wakes you from your blissful slumber. Your whole body feels stiff and you can’t help but wince as you toss and turn. For a second you’re baffled – and then it hits you. Yesterday’s workout.

Why Do I Write So Much Bodybuilding and Fitness Content? It goes along with a funny article I wrote last year called, "The Quiet Life of a Fitness Writer." The fact of the matter is, I've been in the industry for over 15 years, yet my name doesn't ring a bell with most. Why? Because I stay behind the scenes.

WATCH: 30-Minute Leg Annihilation Workout Next up in Josh Bryant's 30-minute workout series is the 30-minute leg annihilation workout. Performed in a commercial gym or anywhere else you might train, this workout gets you in and out of the gym with a brutal training session in under half an hour.

The Top 5 Accessory Lifts to Improve Your Strongman Press You will have weak points on events, and not focusing on bringing them up will leave you in the dust. The best competitors train their weak points, and that is where the accessory work comes in.

The Definitive Guide to Boswellia Serrata Supplements This is due to Boswellia serrata, related to being an anti-inflammatory, suppressing growth and invasion of tissue via what is known as the Cysteine X Cysteine chemokine receptor 4 that is highly involved in metastasis.

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