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WATCH: I am Clint Darden Though he lives in Cyprus, Clint Darden is originally from Murray, Kentucky, a place most people haven't heard of. When he was around 24, he met his now-wife, Nefi, and followed her out to her home country of Cyprus for a new life and opportunities, and never looked back.

Nature's Super-stimulant: How Caffeine Can Enhance Your Lifestyle In 2015 a systematic review and meta-analysis of 36 studies involving more than 1,270,000 people found that those who consumed between 3-5 cups of coffee a day were significantly less likely to experience cardiovascular problems. Many other such studies have presented similar findings.

Resistance Training for Youth Lacrosse Athletes This article details some excerpts from the resistance training portion of our program. Once again, my garage gym is a mess. I love the garage gym. Sometimes I wish I had a little more space, but I know I am spoiled, and it is ridiculous.

Was There Hunger in Hungary? This past week's IFBB Pro League Hungary Pro brought out some big names in the sport, like Cedric McMillan, Nathan De Asha, and Maxx Charles; however, for a contest where competitors could snag an early qualification for the 2020 Mr. Olympia, I was surprised that many more athletes didn't show up.

Control Leptin and Control Your Leanness! Leptin - you've probably heard someone mention it at one time, but aren't really sure what it is. I remember when I first heard a bodybuilding coach mention it, saying that managing leptin was crucial to keeping the metabolism humming. I had no clue what he was talking about, but it did intrigue me.

Training the Neck As a boxing coach, I am a firm believer that all fighters should train the neck diligently. In fact, I'd further that recommendation to anyone involved in a contact sport. A strong neck will undoubtedly help to prevent injury. Unfortunately, many athletes ignore neck training until there's a problem.

Progressions in Exercise Selection Based on Technical Proficiency I firmly believe you have to start at the simplest movement that someone can master correctly, and then, over time, progress from the simple to the more complex movements if it is warranted for what the person requires in their training plan. The process is one of progressive skill acquisition.

Are You A Training Partner or Someone Others Train With? You don't have to be an expert lifter to make your training partners better. You just have to always be actively watching and engaged in training. Here is how you can be an asset to your group - even as a newer lifter. I hate generic cues that offer nothing of substance.

Why Should I Practice Yoga? Yoga is becoming more popular than ever. Recent surveys revealed that Americans that did yoga increased from 20.4 million to 36 million between 2012 and 2016. The survey added that 15% of individuals had done yoga in the last six months.

My Top 5 Takeaways from the Book Thinking In Systems by Donella H. Meadows If you want to live an orderly, productive, enjoyable life, yes, you have to be willing to put in the work, but you also have to know how to design systems that can transform raw effort into real results. Let's get to the takeaways.

The Bulking Diet Delusion Here's what you need to know…:. The rules of off-season bulking used to be simple: Eat every two to three hours and eat until full.

Are Brands Too Digitized Today and Should there Be a Personal Touch? That being said, if a brand wants to differentiate themselves from their competition, they should consider some old school tactics and introduce a personal touch to their marketing and customer retention strategy. To this day, the things that mean the most to me are a handwritten letter from vendors and clients.

The Most Underutilized Kettlebell Exercise You Should Be Doing We think of it as a largely upper body exercise, but I'd like to make a case that it's one of the most underutilized exercises to promote hip loading and control bilaterally.

Can You Get Ripped "Naturally"? Can you get ripped naturally? The answer is yes you can but you have to work for it. You will have to be 110% on your diet and workout plan. It will be much harder then someone who is enhanced but it can be done. I have worked with tons of clients who are 100% natural and they have got ripped.

7 Things You Should Do Before Bed to Speed Up Your Weight Loss Results If you are trying to lose weight, you know it can be a daunting task and something you need to meticulously plan out in order to see the results you desire. With that being said, there are actually seven things you should be doing before you go to bed to speed up your weight loss results.

Practical Prilepin Plans It is this article's intention to impart an easily identifiable progression in accordance with Prilepin's stipulations and practical examples of it, which I've used at the Division I level.

How to Build Careers for Other Coaches But that wasn't the real problem. The real problem was that I could have made more, but I didn't know how. And my boss didn't know how, either. RECENT: Make Your Time More Valuable. In 2005, I was working in a personal training studio. I was writing about fitness for local newspapers.

Why MCT Oil Is Basically a Scam MCT oil is a kind of fat that’s supposed to help you lose weight, but science says otherwise.

Ring Pushups for Hand and Wrist Development As a professional boxing coach, I'm always looking for convenient and effective ways to strengthen the hands and wrists. Lower arm development is a topic that's near and dear to me as I was once a young fighter who was plagued by hand and wrist problems.

5 Weeks to Goblet Squat Dominance Therein lies the key: squat mechanics. RECENT: What's Changed at Age 45. Goblet squats improve squat mechanics. Master and perfect it, and you'll improve your platform performance. Beyond that, it improves core strength, hip mobility, and is easier on the lower back.

9 Ways to Upgrade Your Sleep Hygiene Tonight We agree that sleep is necessary, but we don't know why it is needed. Hell, we didn't even know about REM sleep until the middle of the last century when a grad student accidentally left an EEG machine running and caught it on the graph. Humans have been sleeping right next to each other from the very start, and nobody noticed!

Bodybuilding on a budget Bodybuilding on a budget is actually really easy, and its healthy too! Here are recipies and a meal plan to build muscle and get stronger on just $5 per day. There is lots of money to be made in supplements which is why so many forums and personal trainers push them - to get rich.

LISTEN: Table Talk Podcast Clip - Dave Tate's Favorite Part of Powerlifting For the sport of powerlifting, Dave Tate doesn't have any lifts that stand out to him. He didn't really care for the competing aspect of it but he loved the training. What he misses the most can be chalked up to the support of other lifters, particularly the contact someone else's hand made as it pulled him to his feet before he went to lift.

Use the Air Bike to Train All 3 Energy Systems Anyone that has used the Air Bike knows that this piece of equipment can be particularly painful when used for developing the anaerobic system, but the Air Bike can provide additional benefits other than just smoking your clients. By using the Air Bike, we can choose from a wide variety of conditioning measures.

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