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3 Things You'll Find in My Mental Health Toolbox But just like strength training, we all have slightly different philosophies. I personally can't sit for five minutes and be still and silent. Well, I can. I've done it, but I didn't see the value in it. Meditation, for me, was the learning of a skill, or if you already have a skill, improving it.

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 Hopefully, my year in review will help you see that life is good and that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, but sometimes it is, so watch your lawn and don't forget that some grass is better than yours. Nothing lasts forever. In the past, I wrote a lot about being prepared for the future.

CHANGED: Athens Greece Meet And Greet I am REALLY sorry but I just got notified that the cruise line had changed our port schedule due to bad weather. If you know anyone who was planning on coming on Sunday PLEASE tell them that it has changed to the same time on saturday.

My Top 5 Takeaways from Titan by Ron Chernow Let's get to this week's book: Titan by Ron Chernow. If you like biographies and outstanding research and writing, and if you want to read one of the greatest rags-to-riches stories of all time, then you want to read this book. It is, hands down, one of the best biographies I've ever read.

New K-Cup with KSM66 is Changing the Coffee Game Obviously, the statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA. However, the research is extremely promising and for that reason, the inclusion of KSM66 in a coffee heightened my interest.

Mainstream Media Learns A New Word Bigorexia, or muscle dysmorphia, is quickly becoming a favored term of the mainstream media. These are the pundits who oftentimes look down on bodybuilding, who are obsessed with supplements, and who all but directly mock the many amateur and professional athletes who train hard, eat clean, and compete.

Equipment Feature - PRIME Fitness Squat Wedges So, what's the science behind heel elevation during a squat, and why should you invest in squat wedges? There is a lot of information to share on the subject, but for the sake of keeping this article at a digestible length, let's just highlight a few of the key benefits of incorporating squat wedges into your training.

Religious right gangs up on Scooby The religious right tried to shut my video down for daring to suggest that couples might want to think thru the financial implications of children. They activated their "prayer list" to gang up on me and mark this video as inappropriate in hope that they could silence me.

A Thank You to My Valentine This is my attempt to do something special for my wife. I'm going to let you know right now this has absolutely nothing to do with reps, sets, or percentages, so I may lose some of you who are just looking to build a bigger bench press through elitefts.

The Military Diet: What 25 Studies Say About Losing 10 Pounds in 7 Days The military diet can't be traced back to any other military in the world, either. It's also more or less impossible to follow this diet if you're in the military, since most of the foods aren't going to be on the same menu at the same time.

Don't Let Back Pain Hold You "Back" Your back is the foundation for any activity you do. Like the foundation of a house, it can be forgotten about until a crack forms. Once that happens, everything the foundation supports becomes vulnerable. When you hurt your back, you realize that it is involved in virtually all your movements.

How to Get In and Stay In Let's face it, in the eyes of almost everybody, strength coaches are a dime a dozen. Any person who has watched a video of someone lifting on their phone thinks that they can do it. You think I am making this up? How many people do you know who hate their job say, "Screw, this I'm going to be an accountant"?

Macronutrient Tracking for Fat Loss Let's start with protein. For fat loss clients, I like to have them at 0.8 to 1.0 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. For this particular client, I would suggest starting her protein intake at around 120 to 150 grams per day.

Still Never Gymless It's hard to believe that almost fifteen years have passed since I began writing the original Never Gymless book. The years really do fly by. I still remember thinking of the title after finishing a series of hill sprints back in 2005. Plenty has changed since that time, but one thing that hasn't is the premise of the book.

Bodybuilding for the Powerlifter: Why and How to Use the Maximal Effort Method He wants to move big weights in the gym, look good naked, and still have fun training and eating. That guy needs the maximal effort method. Put simply, the maximal effort method involves choosing one or two movements for either the upper or lower body, and slowly working up to a single, all-out top set on those movements.

WATCH: I am Ashley Jones Ashley Jones is Celtic-Scandinavian by ancestry, Australian by birth, and a New Zealander by marriage and choice. He grew up near the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia, where he played sports.

In Filth It Will Be Found But those that will not break it kills. Easy. Fast. Free. Three of the most powerful words in the English language. Whether you want to win someone's money, muscle, or mind, just one of these words is often all it takes. That's why they're also dangerous,.

Vegan Gains - Terminated from YouTube? Today's article is about Vegan Gain, perhaps one of the most talked about - for better or worse - youtubers in the game. He's earned the scorn of the fitness media elite, rattled many fans' cages, yet published some of the most popular videos the niche has seen.

Straight talk about being gay This is not as harsh as it sounds. Gay people are neither better nor worse than straight people, just different. Because the "children route" is a lot more difficult for us, we do not do it by default without thinking about it. Kids are not expected of gay couples like it is of straight couples.

The Strongest Gym Franchises in America At first, I thought that I could start up my own private gym, then later considered opening one of the many gym franchises out there today. Well, neither of those came to fruition. And while I'm ok with that, it never stopped my curiosity of what it takes to open and operate a successful gym these days.

Peaking for Sport If speed is what we're going after, then why do the weights on both our heavy and light days continue to climb, and bar speed continues to fall? This is the complete opposite of training from GPP to SPP, especially if you are involved in a speed-dominant sport.

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic I am sad to report that obesity is not just limited to America, its a serious issue in Europe as well. This trip has help me shed a tiny bit of light on the issue though. In Marseille France at our hotel buffet we were the only ones under 20% bodyfat.

PropanePodcast #199 - Dean St. Mart PhD - SARM scams, supplements, SSRIs and steroids Podcast: Play in new window - Download - Embed. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts - Android - Email - Google Podcasts - Stitcher - More Subscribe Options.

Skip's Guide to the Best Burgers in Columbus, Ohio I am headed to Columbus, Ohio for the Arnold in a couple of weeks and the meathead-clan usually gather throughout the weekend at a place where massive, messy burgers are thrown together and destroyed by guys with testosterone levels higher than the contamination level at Chernobyl.

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