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Fat chicks are miserable So I'm going to admit something here; I've had a real problem getting along with fat chicks lately. We are living in this age of immature and entitled bitches who are looking at males like buffoons. And do you know what? Being nicer to them only makes them act worse!

Scare Tactics: An Attack on Energy Drinks They throw out a bunch of scary statistics in an attempt to shock and awe us. One example that comes to mind is how last year a gentleman was hospitalized for apparently "consuming too many energy drinks" which caused him to suffer a brain hemorrhage-leaving him with a hole in the front of his skull.

Training Considerations for Soldiers Are fartleks on the agenda? If the volume and intensity are consistently high, this can lead to a breakdown in form and mechanics, which can result in injury. Frequency will be how often you're incorporating a movement pattern, conditioning element, or general cardio into training.

How to get rich, part 4 Dave Ramsey and Mister Mustache Money are both great resources for learning about personal finance and investing - check them out!

2018 Mr. Golden Era - My First Bodybuilding Competition The truth is, while I talk and write about bodybuilding, I'm pretty nervous about the idea of actually competing, for the same reason many other people hesitate to step on stage.

A New Way To Fight Cancer Is there a possibility that CBD could be the solution that doctors have been seeking out? First and foremost, you should take the time to learn about CBD. CBD is a compound found in the cannabis and hemp plants. It is known as the cannabidiol. Many people mistakenly believe that CBD and THC are the same things.

Fuck New Year's Resolutions Every year when football season begins the gyms start getting a little emptier and people start getting A LOT FATTER! It's sort of this "Out of sight, out of mind" mentality with people's bodies.

Equipment Feature - elitefts Custom Functional Trainer This is a premier, fully-customizable machine that offers near limitless exercise options due to unrestricted planes of motion and a versatile pulley system. It features:. Goodwin first highlights the pulleys themselves. Every pulley on the Custom Functional Trainer is solid aluminum.

Pay Yourself First Start by finding your replacement value: what are others in your industry paid to do the work you're doing? If you were to replace yourself in the primary deliverable of your business, what would it cost? We use for these estimates, but you can use any anchor you like.

A Note to the Lifter That Chooses Coaching So, you're a powerlifter. You've made the conscious decision to hire a coach to aid you in your journey in getting stronger. You are certainly not alone in your choice. As coaching becomes increasingly popular, more lifters have entertained the idea of having a coach for multiple reasons.

Mental Considerations for Bodybuilding If you're running from your past or managing it in secrecy, bodybuilding isn't the answer. Steroids represent an ill-prescribed remedy for the deep wounds of those entrenched in clinical depression. The initial euphoria of power will prove short-lived and unsustainable, and it will culminate in deeper heartache.

WATCH: Jujimufu's Next Garage Gym Purchase Space considerations are still on Jujimufu's mind, upgrading from "Gym Fort" to "Gym Farm," with the dream of an open training facility that maintains a garage feel, but where tight spaces are a thing of the past.

Why Strength Training is Equally Important as Conditioning For the record, I'm not writing this article to bash CrossFit; I'm writing this to present an alternative way of doing things while STILL utilizing the best aspects of CrossFit.

12 Gifts for the Shoulder Surgery Patient Part one will be all of the stuff I already have from elitefts that is helping me to get better and that I would recommend to anyone, especially those recovering from shoulder surgery. Part two will be all of the stuff I still want to get from elitefts.

CBD for Lifters - My Experience The topic of Cannabidiol as a potential alternative to NSAIDs, as a means to control inflammation and related pain was introduced, as well as the fact that I'd spent a nice amount of time researching and reviewing the available data. There turned out to be a considerable amount.

Could Cannabis Be Helping With Your Exercise? Adrian Landini is not only a long-time runner, but he's also a long-time cannabis user. Not only does he enjoy smoking cannabis, but he also enjoys smoking it before a run and sometimes during a run. What may have begun as a one-off, has now become an integral part of Adrian's endurance training.

If You Don't Understand the WHY and HOW, You're Doomed to FAIL Regardless of how much I preach to her about nutrition and the things she should and shouldn't eat, it's in one ear and out the other. Yet, while she was in the hospital, they were doing everything for her. They were managing her blood sugar and insulin injections, along with providing her with a low sodium, low fat, low carb diet.

Finding Pilates Services Near You Pilates is by far one of the most popular exercise methods practiced in today's society. This is partly because it is so easily altered to suit a myriad of different people. Pilates can be tailored to every skill level, most body types, it can even work with many disabilities.

The Flaws in Follow the Leader This is where the leader of the organization is upfront, having all of the power and all of the answers, whereas the workers are behind, clueless and scampering to appease the leader in his or her all-powerful greatness. I believe this is truly ineffective not only for long-term success but also for the health of the staff.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Program If we are not seeing progress in the right direction within an expected length of time, we must change things up. If we are seeing progress but it is not at the pace we want, then we need to change our goals or our programming. If we are not evaluating, then how do we even know if we are making progress at all?

What's to come from JDB in the near future! Hey guys, I wanted to give you a little rundown on what's going on lately with the site and the direction it's going in the very near future. The good news is that I'm only going to bring you more. The bad news is that I'm not going to appeal to everybody.

6 New and Effective Ways To Clean Your Gut Remember to include some of these new and effective gut cleansing ways in your to-do-list. Remember the old-school way of quickly getting rid of constipation through drinking a little salt mixed with water? Well, it seems like it does work.

Clean Eating - Evolution & Effectiveness The mindset was all about gaining muscle, but for many, all this did was put them at a severe disadvantage in terms of shedding the weight each year and dialing it in for the stage. Moreover, the fluffy look has become greatly disfavored for guest posing appearances and photo shoots.

Avoid the Traps Society has set these standards, and as a result, many people are overworked, underpaid, in debt, divorced, and unhappy. I call them traps. RECENT: 7 Steps to Running a Successful Group Training Program. A few years ago, I was balls deep in a trap. I had a job that offered a great salary, great benefits, a pension, and a great schedule.

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