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Brainstorm: Was "Back in the day" Really That Good? "Back in the day" is a fascinating expression that exists, in one form or another, in all languages. It usually signals the beginning of a narrative about an idealized past.

4 Mistakes Fallen Leaders Are Prone To Rather, I believe the way the aforementioned are wielded determines their goodness. Here are four lessons learned from the fallen. RECENT: 4 Things I Learned in Prison. Only the ignorant covet a throne because they're wrongfully allured by the idea of power but blind to the gravity of its responsibility.

LISTEN: Table Talk Podcast Clip - Justin Harris Explains Carb Cycling Carb cycling: A fancy phrase for rotating calories. Nutritionist Justin Harris breaks down why you should be carb cycling and why it works in simple terms.

Competition Report: Brute Strength Gym's Spartacus Strongman This competition was preceded by my dad's unexpected death, a delay in his death certificate, and burying him the Monday before my wedding. It's been a tough year, and my training and diet reflected that. Still, I did pretty well all things considered.

Stirring the Pot, Volume 1 Now, I do respect this coach and what they've done for the industry, but just because I respect them doesn't mean I agree with them. I give this coach credit for what they've built, as they see a lot of athletes every year, so they have had to develop a program to fit their needs.

Newbie Fitness 101 - How to Start Losing Fat Efficiently The efficiency with fat loss, muscle gains, and even general health only comes with overall lifestyle improvements including hydration, exercise, eating clean, proper sleep, and above all else discipline with frequency. Check out the tips below to get yourself started on the right path.

Pat Flynn on Politics, Memes, Religion, Logic, and More Do internet memes influence the zeitgeist? Are our lives predetermined by fate? Such weighty questions are the topics of today’s podcast with Pat Flynn.

How Jeremy Lost 26 Pounds and 8% Body Fat Definitely more confident. Definitely feel better. It's hard not to be productive when you force yourself to follow a strategy and drag your ass into a gym every day. Haha! I have many friends I want to show this to.

8 Healthy Kitchen Appliances for Homemade Cooking These 8 healthy kitchen appliances can help you create homemade healthy meals, beverages, and snacks you so often crave. As the name suggests, this beauty cuts down your cooking time in half; it's every cook's dream if you ask me.

The Running Shoe Caste System That saying always brings elitefts equipment to mind. For the record, I have been accused of excessive frugality, and the recent running shoe purchase is no exception. I have topped out at about $80 for a new pair of kicks. Going forward, I may have to raise the spending ceiling to get the required quality to ensure I have the proper equipment.

Ultimate Nutrition's Sudden Death Ultimate Nutrition was a powerhouse in the fitness industry. Back in the earliest days of, they'd send me huge boxes of samples for all my events. They were all over the magazines, they had Das Freak Markus Ruhl, and more recently they had two Mr.

WATCH: Matt Rhodes Gives Advice to Young Coaches Young coaches - and yes, that includes you interns and graduate assistants, too - listen up. elitefts Coach Matt Rhodes, who is the head strength and conditioning coach at Morehead State, has some advice for you kids. When you get into something, you're going to have what you were taught.

WATCH: Dave Tate's Definitive Guide for Wrapping Wrists Learn the secret that we've kept under wraps until now: How to properly wrap your wrists for the Big Three: bench, squat, and deadlift.

The Best Bang for Your Buck: Wrist Wraps Want to get the most out of your wrist wraps? Or maybe you don't know where to start when it comes to all of the wrist wraps elitefts offers. Look no further than this article, which rounds up some of the best wrist wrap guides and related workouts.

Use this One Mental Trick to Change Your Body What's the One Mental Trick to Change? So, what shift could occur that will stop you dead in your tracks? The moment your brain switches to focusing on how much work it takes to go to the gym, cook your food, avoid certain foods, and navigate certain situations, your motivation will abruptly disappear.

The Comeback of the Health and Fitness Specialty Channel? I've been thinking about this for a little while now and how the market shifts and changes but in the end, things come back around full circle. Think of it like apparel. You have something trending for a while, it then goes away, but eventually comes back.

Does Electrical Muscle Stimulation Work? What the Science Actually Says If you want to know if electrical muscle stimulation can help you gain muscle and strength and recover from your workouts faster, then you want to listen to this podcast.

Does Training to Failure Help You Build More Muscle? Many people say training to failure helps you build muscle, but does it really? Learn the answer according to 8 scientific studies in this article.

Correlation Between Participation Trophies and Snowflakes Regardless, you may agree or disagree and your positioning and stance might be different than another reader, but at the end of the day, there's a correlation between participation trophies and snowflakes. This is a question I've been asking myself for a while now.

Understanding Groin Injuries: Complex Groin Injuries RECENT: Understanding Groin Injuries: Tendon Injuries. Everyone wants to know "just the one thing I can do" to get better. The answer is to learn how to think about injury. It's not an easy one, but it's a skill you'll be so glad to be equipped with when necessity arises.

Build a Professional Rugby Team Through This Academy Program I am not afraid to admit that I needed it. I was suffering from a loss of confidence in my ability to do the job that I love. Were my methods not longer were worthwhile, are they still valid? I had so many questions to answer in my own head before I was ready to get back on the horse.

Maximum muscle growth for hardgainers & advanced fitness questions Tom MacCormick interviewed me on the Breaking Muscle podcast. Some of my recent podcasts have been pretty mainstream. This one is definitely for serious strength trainees. Evidently a student of iron himself, he asked very good detailed questions about how to train for maximal muscle growth.

Would Jay Cutler Ever Come Back? I cover a lot of contests, all throughout the country, and anyone who knows me, knows I love to talk. I can talk about a variety of topics, from history to food to sports, but I don't love all sports the same. I live for bodybuilding. Whether it's bodybuilding, men's physique, figure or bikini, I live for physique-based sports.

Putting Our Equipment to the Test at Monster Garage Gym With that in mind, it is one thing to read about elitefts equipment online, and it is another thing to see this equipment in action, and it is something altogether different to see it put to the test on the backs and in the hands of competitive powerlifters today.

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