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2020 MLB amateur draft pool allocations On the opposite end of the spectrum, after losing their first - and second-round picks as a result of a sign-stealing scandal, the Astros have the least cash at their disposal. This is shaping up to be a rather unusual and far shorter draft because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Boston Red Sox Memories: Remembering my first trip to Fenway Park Today was supposed to be the home opener for the Red Sox and the legendary Fenway Park. Considering there still isn't much of an idea for when baseball will return beyond the whispers of a 4th of July Opening Day, I thought I'd do something fun today.

Boston Red Sox all-time team: Big Papi, Pedro, Pedroia in history-rich lineup We're picking a 'Baseball Stars' lineup for each team during April.

History of uniforms worn by the Boston Red Sox through the years The Red Sox ditched the V-neck jerseys and elastic waisted pants after 1978, but the majority of teams in the majors held on to them into the early 1990s. I even wore uniforms like this in the mid-to-late 1980s and early 1990s when I played Little League and junior high baseball.

Boston Red Sox Prospects: 2020 Will be the Year of Eduard Bazardo Well, if you ask me, it's going to be a great year for Bazardo. Here's why. In the other "Year of" articles, I've talked about the whole situation going on and how a shortened season might hurt the players. For Bazardo, it might actually help. I'll explain.

NESN's 'Stay Home Team' Urges Social Distancing By Red Sox Fans Like all of you, we're missing baseball so much right now. NESN's Boston Red Sox broadcast team marked the date of what would have been the team's first game at Fenway Park in the 2020 Major League Baseball season Thursday with a public service announcement, which urges viewers to stay home to help slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mo Vaughn's Opening Day Walk-Off Grand Slam Underrated In Red Sox History There was a time, not so long ago, humans from all walks of life were able to congregate and watch some other humans throw around a baseball for a few years. Those were simpler times. We're all doing our part to get by without sports as we try to do our part in winning the worldwide battle with the coronavirus.

Scouting Report Updates: Dalton, Erro, Bandy, Thompson, Berry, Corcino, Spacke, Ramsey The latest scouting report update follows up on several recent draftees and signings, headlined by two big-conference college hitters in Wil Dalton and Alex Erro. These reports are written by our scouting report team, led by Director of Scouting Ian Cundall.

Chris Sale was worth the risk Second, the Red Sox - and I think this is clear - were never prepared to offer Betts a long-term deal in the range he wanted, so it's a false choice anyway. Third, compared with Betts's desire to test the free agent market, Sale's commitment to the team was paramount.

Lack Of Baseball Isn't Silencing Fenway Park Organist Josh Kantor There was no baseball at Fenway Park on Thursday. But Fenway organist Josh Kantor is bringing fans a daily dose of baseball in this sports-less world.

Fake Sox Game Eight: New faces lead the way in the home opener Our Fake Sox are coming off of a three-game sweep of Baltimore that was finished off with an absolutely beatdown in a 17-2 victory, and they were looking to carry that momentum into Fenway Park for the home opener against the White Sox.

Watch: Drone footage of a deserted Fenway Park Today would have been the Red Sox' home opener.

Boston Red Sox Opening Day at Fenway Park 2020: photo, video from an empty park Thursday during coronavirus outbreak But MLB suspended its season indefinitely last month because of the coronavirus pandemic. If the MLB season eventually restarts, it reportedly likely will happen with no fans in the stands. The Red Sox would have opened a six-game homestand with three games against the Chicago White Sox on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Scott Boras' Proposal For Return Of Baseball Shows How Far America Is From Sports BOSTON - Scott Boras just wants baseball back. Or so it seems. The super-agent spoke with The Boston Globe's Michael Silverman and offered a proposal that would bring baseball back. While Boras certainly has a financial stake in baseball taking place, his aim - at least on the surface level - appears to be mostly pure.

Relive Bill Buckner's First Pitch Before Red Sox's 2008 Fenway Opener Red Sox Nation arrived to Fenway Park on April 8, 2008 knowing a celebration was in order. Ahead of their home opener against the Detroit Tigers, the Red Sox were set to receive their championship rings in honor of the club's four-game Fall Classic sweep of the Colorado Rockies the previous October.

Worcester Suspends Construction Of Polar Park, WooSox's Future Home The coronavirus pandemic hasn't impacted only the Boston Red Sox's present. The team's future now feels the effects. Worcester, Massachusetts, suspended construction of Polar Park on Wednesday, according to The Boston Globe.

Red Sox Encore: Relive Sox-Cardinals 2013 World Series Game 5 Ahead Of NESN Broadcast Editor's note: Starting Monday, March 23, NESN will re-air memorable games from the Boston Red Sox's World Series runs. Up next is Game 5 of the 2013 World Series vs the Saint Louis Cardinals. Get the full schedule by clicking here. You can have all the offensive explosions and crazy endings you want.

OTM Open Thread 4/2: It is Thursday Today was supposed to be the home opener, and it is exactly that in our Fake Sox’s season. That game will be posted at 2:05 PM ET. Meanwhile, back in our real world ESPN is…

Daily Red Sox Links: Jerry Remy, Ted Williams, Thad Ward Steve Hewitt caught up with Jerry Remy, who is at high risk right now given his underlying conditions. The Athletic's countdown of baseball's top 100 players is inside the top ten and has reached a Red Sox legend. Scott Boras has a plan to get baseball going again at some point in isolation, because of course he does.

Why the Red Sox would've been worth watching in 2020 What would've happened if they just leveled with the fans and said, 'hey, like Henry said, we're taking a step back this year to reset. But we have a lot of young talent we're looking forward to seeing on the field. We want to get some new faces in here and try some new things.

PawSox ballpark construction project in Worcester is halted The anticipated move of the Red Sox' Triple A affiliate from Pawtucket, R.I., to Worcester for the start of the 2021 season may be in jeopardy.

What we miss about Opening Day at Fenway Park In our current world of necessary isolation, I finds myself longing for familiar routines, those everyday ebbs and flows of life so easily taken for granted until troubling events show up and steal them. I imagine, as we socially distance for who knows how long, that at least we are all together in this sentiment.

Jerry Remy, Boston Red Sox broadcaster, staying home during coronavirus pandemic: 'It's probably the scariest thing that I've ever been through in my Remy's cancer history makes him a high-risk patient for contracting COVID-19.

Red Sox Memories: Fans wave goodbye to Carl Yastrzemski on Yaz Day Fast forward to the end of the 1983 season. Yaz now had 18 All-Star appearances, an AL MVP and Triple Crown, three batting titles and a hell of a lot more on one of the better resumes in major league history.

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