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Meet Coach Georgie In these last 8 years, I've had a lot of ups and downs while I searched for where I fit in this industry, however, finding calisthenics taught me to love what I do, play more and appreciate my body for what it can do rather than how it looks.

The Right Way to Burn Stubborn Fat: 3 Simple Steps You burn fat during low intensity, aerobic workouts, but the benefit from high-intensity exercise occurs predominantly after the workout. At a high-intensity rate, you burn more sugar than body fat because it is easier and faster to provide the required energy.

Calisthenics marching on to the beat of its own drum IT'S been a staple on Ballarat's event calendar for more than 100 years, but the return of Royal South Street's Calisthenics Competition to Her Majesty's Theatre is set to be a huge success and not just for those on stage. Over the coming four weeks, more than 3600 competitors will take to the renovated stage from all around Australia.

Podcast 97 - Football Fitness Federation Podcast This week, the football fans amongst us are in for a treat as we're guests on the Football Fitness Federation Podcast with Ben Cartwright talking about the potential benefits of calisthenics and bodyweight training on athletic performance for footballers.

This Playground Workout Will Make You Feel Like a Kid This outdoor playground upper body workout proves that you don't always need a gym to work out. Use bodyweight exercise to use a jungle gym to get jacked.

Shifting Training Focus from Calisthenics to Weight Lifting The autumn workout cycle is a special mix of the previous summer high rep calisthenics and cardio workouts and the heavier lift cycle of the winter. During the fall we reduce the mileage and repetitions of running and calisthenics, and add a progressive build-up of lifting and load bearing to prepare for the next few months of winter lifts.

This 2-Move Arm Pump Workout Doesn't Use Any Weights This arm-building bodyweight superset from trainer Eric Leija targets the biceps and triceps to pump up your muscles.

The Top 15 Home Workout Equipment You Need For Your Training There are a number of different exercise balls that you could and should include in your home gym. The first are medicine balls, which come in various sizes, weights and material. Used for strength training, rehabilitation and stretching throughout multiple planes of movement, you can use medicine balls for stationary or reactive moments.

Training to do a muscle up on the rings - School of Calisthenics Rather than describe in words, we've put together a 5 minute tutorial to not just explain the steps but show you how, together with the simple drills and exercises you'll need for both the false grip and transition from Coach Georgie - who's just a bad-ass at ring muscle ups, so you're in safe hands!

How to get stronger: fat burning is guaranteed with this workout… but it'll hurt Let's go through the checklist before we start exercising:. - Got your headphones for exercising on? Check. - Have you brought your heart rate up doing some light cardio? Check. - Have you warmed up doing some less demanding exercises? Check. All done?

Two Ways Of Achieving Front Lever Come and discover two ways of achieving front lever. find out how important isometrics, eccentrics and dynamics are in calisthenics! - Caliathletics.

Stawell's Madeleine Kelly still participates in Calisthenics, more than 20 years in the sport Stawell's Madeleine Kelly has participated in Calisthenics for more than 20 years. In 2019, Miss Kelly succeeded her personal expectations and has performed at the highest standard of her career. Based at the Westcoast Calisthenics Club in Geelong, Miss Kelly commutes to training every week.

A Beginners Guide to Starting Calisthenics In this article, we will give you some tips for getting started in calisthenics. When some beginners think of calisthenics, they tend to get confused by the exercises they will be performing because it is quite easy to get calisthenics and aerobics mixed up when you haven't done either.

Podcast Episode 96 This week, we're so excited to introduce to you the newest member to our coach team at the School of Calisthenics… Coach Georgie… aka The Hench Yogi as she is know on instagram! It's no surprise that with an instagram name like The Hench Yogi, she's not only a yoga teacher but also a bad-ass strong muscle upping calisthenics coach!

5 Essential Bodyweight Exercises Every Cyclist Should Do This Winter Why you should do it: This move fires up your outer glutes, which are notoriously weak in cyclists. Strong outer glutes can improve your pedaling mechanics and prevent knee pain. How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands clasped at chest in front of you.

Is Calisthenics Right For You? A Guide to Bodyweight Workouts The Manual asked three professional trainers what exactly calisthenics is, the best moves, and realistic expectations to have when you ditch the dumbbells. "Calisthenics is simply body-weight exercises where gravity is the resistance you are working against," explains Gerren Liles, Hyperwear athlete and Equinox master trainer.

Performances came from the heart at Calisthenics Vic State Championships - Photos This was exactly what was on display at the 2019 Calisthenics Victoria State Championships at the Ulumbarra Theatre. Bendigo's Volaire Calisthenics College division nine seniors were in action on Sunday where they competed against the state's best.

Best calisthenics workout for beginners: a raw full body workout using bodyweight exercises only Let this calisthenics workout for beginners be your entry to the world of muscle ups and moves like the human flag… Calisthenics uses compound bodyweight exercises and focuses on increasing strength, fitness and flexibility.

Muscle Up Benefits If you were asked the question; "What's the best calisthenics movement to train?" What would you say? My first answer would be; 'it depends on what you want', however the follow up response would be, 'but if you're looking to get maximum bang for your buck, it's the muscle up'.

10-Minute Bodyweight Core Workout We did this quick 10-minute bodyweight core workout as a warmup before a recent cardio-focused CrossFit class, and it totally fired up my abs and arms.

The 5 Biggest Benefits Of Bodyweight Training Want to give bodyweight training a crack? Try this heart-rate-raising HIIT workout…

Podcast Episode 95 How it lead to setting himself the goal of starting calisthenics and learning to handstand to prove he was in control of his body, that he had a solid core and good shoulder mobility and stability… Six shoulder surgeries during his rugby career means that he has an even worse shoulder history than Tim!

This Guy Got His Ideal Body After Quitting The Gym Here are the biggest benefits of bodyweight training. The freedom to workout anywhere, on my terms, whenever I pleased. It was life changing! No longer did I have to fight rush hour traffic after work to get to the gym, or rush hour at the gym for that matter.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Calisthenics Park - BWTA Looking for a park to do your calisthenics training and calisthenics workout? Check out our guide to how to find a calisthenics park all over the world.

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