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Podcast 109 // Fatigue, recovery and over training - School of Calisthenics So today we discuss the common signs for you to look out for, explain the science behind the different stages of training that could lead to over training and then most importantly how we can maximise recovery to ensure we keep progressing injury free.

Getting Ripped with Calisthenics. Progressive Overload or Volume? You need a handful of basic exercises and then a monthly plan based on two training methods: one is called progressive overload and the other, high-volume calisthenics. Let's begin with the exercises! You need a variety of compound movements that engage more muscle groups at the same time.

Bodyweight Workouts to Do When You Don't Feel Like Going to the Gym And they each take about 20 minutes or less. Do one for a quick workout or combine a couple to get closer to ticking off two goals at once. For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube!

Finding Pull Ups Hard? The pull up is a cornerstone of bodyweight strength and a huge goal for many people. Lots of people find it hard to develop the pulling strength for their first-ever pull up.

Pullup & Dip Wrist Wraps Review Wrist wraps are not the most popular item in the bodyweight fitness community, but they are highly useful for anybody focusing on handstands, planche training, or any other calisthenics skill that puts a lot of stress on your wrists.

14 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do With a Basketball Combining basketball skills with bodyweight training can make for one heck of a workout! Photo Credit: dima_sidelnikov / iStock.

Podcast Episode 108 In this episode with a couple of weeks of 2020 under our belt we join forces to discuss and share our goals for the year ahead and give an insight into how we plan to succeed in achieving them by the end of the year. We know lots of you have set training goal and they maybe be similar or completely different to ours but that doesn't matter.

How To Grip A Pull-Up Bar and Avoid Callouses If you're suffering from callouses or blisters on the palm of your hands - a particularly soft and delicate part of the body - then it is a strong indicator that you're gripping the pull-up bar incorrectly.

Get the Ultimate Bodyweight Chest Pump in 5 Minutes Build major chest strength, muscle, and size with only bodyweight using this one-arm pushup precursor and a standard pushup from MH fitness director Ebenezer Samuel.

This Zero Kit 20-Minute Workout Hits Your Abs From Every Angle Designed by Ross Edgley and extracted from The World's Fittest App, this session uses only your bodyweight to hit your abs from every angle and build stronger core, one that will enhance your general athleticism. Plus, it carves out a visible six-pack.

Setting Effective Goals So the SMART framework is when you set; specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based goals. Lots of you may have heard about the term SMART goals;. Which we will cover but first I want to re-emphasise the most important aspect to goal-setting… Try our FREE Beginners Programme.

Why Most People Fail with Their New Year Resolution Fitness Goals It's at least odd how most people handle their fitness goals and training once a new year starts. Far too many hit the gym hard and diet severely because if it's a new year then it has to be a new self-version at some point. I know you may not like the way you look and also feel a boost of motivation for a change.

The Bodyweight Home Workout That Crushes Calories But now you're going airborne… Push hard through your front leg to spring up into the air, switching legs to bring your rear foot in front of you and sending your front foot back. Alternate sides each rep. Go straight to the next move. 1-10-1 breathing ladder.

Podcast Episode 107 This week, we welcome onto the show Matt Schifferle from the Red Delta Project to talk all things calisthenics and bodyweight training.

Best calisthenics exercises for beginners: yes, YOU can have a calisthenics workout and LIVE to tell the tale Are you seeking the best calisthenics exercise for beginners? By pure fluke, we have just met PureGym personal trainer and fitness lover Kasumi Miyake and she would be delighted to tell you her top tips on the best calisthenics workouts. You'll be building a stronger, more mobile body in no time.

How To Improve Cardio Without Running There are ways to improve cardio and increase your heart rate without running. Upping your cardio endurance game means increased energy levels and improved health. To boost your cardiovascular endurance try and do these four things to get your heart pumping:.

Full Bodyweight Workout Give this full body bodyweight workout a try to get all the benefits of calisthenics that you can do in your own home. This workout covers 3 sections with exercises for your upper body, core and lower body. Enjoy! Get it for only £25 or get it as part of one of our NEW membership options…!

This 3-Move Kettlebell and Bodyweight Circuit Works Your Whole Body Trainer Eric Leija shows off a 3-move kettlebell and bodyweight circuit that challenges your entire body and tests your cardio levels.

15-Minute Cardio Bodyweight Workout Directions: After a five-minute dynamic warmup, complete three rounds of the below five-minute workout for a total of 15 minutes. After the workout, be sure to do a five-minute cooldown. If you have time, we love these lower body foam roller exercises to ease muscle soreness.

Watch Johnnie Harris Bench Press 680 lbs Raw at 290 lbs Bodyweight Johnnie Harris, pound for pound, is capable of benching herculean amounts of weight. He has put his strength on display again with his biggest bench yet.

5 of the most difficult bodyweight exercises These exercises are deceptively difficult for two reasons: one because they're using only bands or bodyweight, and two because runners are notoriously weak and tight in the areas they work on. Here are five pros demonstrating some of their most challenging but effective bodyweight exercises.

Best bodyweight workout for beginners at home: 20-minute zero gear workout for anyone and everyone This bodyweight workout for beginners at home will get your body ready for some serious muscle building.

Podcast Episode 106 In this podcast, we talk to Tony Riddle about getting back to nature including how he ran the length of the United Kingdom BAREFOOT.

Calisthenics Challenge 6 calisthenics challenges from the School of Calisthenics coaches for you to try and test your MOVEMENT, STRENGTH and PLAY abilities… can you beat the coaches? Watch the video below and try out any or all of the 6 challenges and let us know how you get on and if you think you could beat the coaches!

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