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WaL days 21 and 22… through the tunnel… The Kidsgrove Gas Light Company was incorporated by Special Act in 1871 and was dissolved in 1949 after being vested into the West Midland Area Gas Board in 1948. Nowadays the building stands unused opposite the Canal Tavern at the entrance to the Gas Works Industrial Estate for commercial vehicles.

Beating The Weather. 16th August Day's Lock to above Abingdon Lock. With wind and rain due early afternoon we wanted to be off to beat it, hoping to reach Abingdon before we got too wet. Within about ten minutes we were putting our waterproofs on, as it had started to rain, trousers were deemed necessary.

Folly Fest Well we were happy to get to Napton and for getting a mooring. We were here for the Folly fest which was going to be held on Saturday, but also used the Folly pub for a meal on Thursday night. It is always busy here, and we didn't book, but managed to get a table as long as we vacated it by 7.30pm.

We cross the border and a visit to The Royal Yacht Britannia. This wee… WaL day 20…5 miles, 22 locks, 6.5 hours… - Tuesday was going to be a very busy day so it was another early wake up at Wheelock on the Trent and Mersey Canal… we were on our way at 6:45…… Stone Stomper Installed - The trailer mounting bracket has been made and fitted….

Anderton Today's Canals - Shropshire Union, Middlewich Branch, Wardle, Trent and Mersey When we awoke it was a bright sunny day but by the time we set off just after 8 the sky had taken on a rather grey appearance. We only had a short distance to go to Barbridge Junction where we left the Shroppie Main Line in favour of the Middlewich Branch.

On Home Waters - 17th August 2019 Saturday 17th August 2019Bird in Hand, Stourport, Staffs and Worcs Canal, via the River Severn to Hawford, Droitwich Canal10 miles, 9 locks 08:00 this morning and the weather forecast said there was 15% chance of rain! Thankfully it did not last long, but it had to happen after I had already dried all the back deck surfaces!

Still killing time… but it’s all change tomorrow! The travels of NB SEYELLA on the canals and rivers of England and Wales We left the countryside mooring near Bridge 25 on Thursday, there was a gap in the poor weather and supplies of fresh food were running low and we didn't want to risk scurvy…Still dull, but at least it stayed dry.

Big Friends. 15th August Wallingford Jungle to Day's Lock. Pushing off was going to be interesting today. Tied to a tree and almost surrounded by other trees, we'd need to push out backwards past the big barge behind us. I stepped off the bow to hold it in whilst the stern was un-pinned.

Walking and fishing in the rain Its been a bit wet, difficult times for our builder as he made us a small canal at one stage when the dug out footings filled up overnight. It does not stop my outdoor pursuits.

All Hands on Deck review - engaging narrowboat drama Two female navy recruits battle the enemy and colleagues.

Voyages of Gabriel Tue 13th August BostonWe had a morning with no alarm set, although we still woke fairly early - force of habit probably. We were hoping to see a few of the sights of Boston, in particular the Stump, the Museum, and the windmill.Before we could do those things, we needed to visit the facilities, which were half a mile back near the Boston Sluice.

Back to boat and up north We have been away from nb Alchemy for the last week whilst the Windsor family have taken over. They cruised round from Aston Marina, down the Trent and Mersey, the Staffs and Worcs and back up the Shroppie to Nantwich. Alas, they chose a week with very variable weather, including days with constant heavy rain.

And so to Scotland Grandma's Briefs is a lovely blog from America, from a self-described "long-distance grandma navigating the wate… - Albert Steve and Maggie AREandARE Barry and Sandra Armadillo Graham and Jill Autumn Myst Bob and June Avalon Kevin and Debbie Avalon in Europe Kevin and Debbie…

August in England, when a young chap's fancy turns to… sweeping the stove flue #narrowboat #boating #England Yesterday was lashing monsoon rains, semi-demi-galeforce winds and a certain coolness in the temperature. Today is on the civilised side of shirt-sleeve warm, albeit still breezy, but as bright as a button and seriously pleasant.

Outrunning the Rain once more! 15th - 16th August 2019 Thursday 15th August 2019Wolverley Lock to The Bird in Hand, Stourport, via Stourport Basin6.75 miles, 7 locks There is yet another day of rain forecast for Friday, so we decided to get ahead again. Another day of hunkering down loomed, but that is so much more preferable to moving in driving rain, especially along a river.

WaL day 20…5 miles, 22 locks, 6.5 hours… Tuesday was going to be a very busy day so it was another early wake up at Wheelock on the Trent and Mersey Canal… we were on our way at 6:45… George on the tiller and me on lock duty. The 22 locks that we're navigating today are often known to boaters as 'Heartbreak Hill' or to the boatmen of old 'The Cheshire Locks.

Into The Jungle. 14th August Beale Park to Wallingford Jungle. At last, chance to read Saturdays newspapers in bed with a cuppa, well there was no point in getting up early as we knew it would be raining. Tilly had an damp explore outside but returned after an hour as nobody was out to play in the rain.

Here we are again, happy as can be… Thursday 15th August; Calcutt Marina to Priors Hardwick, bridge 123 Yes, we're on the South Oxford again. There is a good reason for this which we hope will become clear in the next few days. We had an easy run up and were able to leave Calcutt by 3. Calcutt locks were either nearly empty or had a boat coming down, so we were quickly at the top.

Outrunning the Weather? – 13th - 14th August 2019 Greensforge Lock to Above Wolverley Lock - Staffs and Worcs Canal With our appointment at 10am we were off our mooring just after 9 heading for the lock to find a boat coming up - what luck. Well it appeared that way All was well until they tried to leave the lock only to find they were stuck!

Hartshill to Alvecote Marina, 8.6 miles 11 locks A very dull day and drizzly to boot. Hartshill yard. We had a passenger. Atherstone locks done. Now moored opposite…

Fifty shades of dull green - and grey and red and yellow and purple and brown and sky-blue-beige #narrowboat #boating #England It's late autumn here in England. Yes, yes, I know that the month is Augustus, but according to reality - id est, the weather - tis late autumn, tis very late autumn. Solid wind, solid rain and I solidly refuse to light the stove in August no matter that the temperature is in the mid-fifties Fahrengezundheitings.

Too hot now too wet But August and September are busy months for us retired types ! I try and stay off the water during the holiday times, leaving it for the workers. I did visit the boat but it was so hot all I did was drink water and watch the boats cruise by. Now today 16th August its the complete opposite very wet.

Cloaking Device Engaged. 13th August Sonning Lock to Beale Park. Awake long before the alarm was due to go off, we were up and on the move before 9am. A mile and a half ahead was Reading, the junction with the Kennet and Avon Canal and the Tescos mooring. We wanted to stop for some shopping so prepared to pull in.

Meeting an almost boater and getting bashed by kayaks We were up early today as we were being picked up later to have a meal with Lorraine and Mike in Hunsdon. I pulled the boat forward onto the water point and found it had good pressure. After a few minutes the tank was full and we set off from Bishop's Stortford back down the Stort.

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