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Volunteers sought to help create wildflower oasis in Nottingham THE Canal and River Trust is looking for green fingered volunteers to help transform land alongside the Nottingham Beeston Canal in the heart of the city into a thriving wildflower meadow. It wants to turn simple grass banks alongside the canal into a colourful linear wildflower meadow.

Cobblers! 12th October Froxfield Bottom Lock to Wire Lock 76. Another morning with no cuppa in bed, another morning putting on waterproofs, another morning feeling to see which pair of shoes are the driest, another damp soggy day. At least it wasn't as windy as yesterday had been.

Busy doing nothing Busy busy, I've hardly stopped today. We're having our first non cruising day of our October trip, resting like an out of work actor. There was one bit of excitement.

Problem with the stove.again. I meant to write up the blog about this earlier but just haven't got round to it now. After having a CT scan two… Fickle Spring Weather - Spring weather down here in New Zealand is often fickle and changeable. It's a beautiful calm Spring day today, but yesterday it poured with rain for hour… That's it for 2019!

OH stop your moaning…and a buggered Alternator! Anyway - once back in Skipton rather than get off ready for the next guests to arrive, he stayed on for another couple of days as crew and that gave me chance to get revenge ease off the hosting a bit whilst he picked up the slack.

Greatest Hits Radio star Rachel New's top ten joys of life on a narrowboat In the meantime, here's Rachel's big top ten countdown why living on a 50ft, one-bedroom narrowboat is the way to go… Rachel has discovered that living on a narrowboat puts you much closer to nature than when you have a house.

Thames verdict Cor, the current was strong under Osney bridge this morning. I'm glad we didn't get more of that on the way up the Thames or we'd still be down at Abingdon thrashing along at one mile an hour. As it is, we came up Sheepwash channel where the water stands still and here we are back on the canal at Jericho.

Hmmm, now what do we do? Back to the Toby Carvery. We needed to wind and Eutoria was the perfect place. But then Ian mentioned doing the loo at Etruria facilities considering family are arriving and we don't want to have a full cassette when they turn up!. This meant going onto the Caldon Canal.

Catching Up. 10th October All Cannings to Wolfhall Bridge 103. Yesterday we'd stopped short of our planned destination for the day, today we needed to catch up. So the alarm went off, we had breakfast and were ready to push off into the chilly morning. At least the sun was out and we might be able to see the views that the cloud had shrouded on our way west.

Oh dear, took my eye off the ball. But then I took the eye off the ball. Nattering away I fully raised my paddle to which she followed suit. It wasn't until FS was almost up that I noticed a casualty of my stupidity. Opening both paddles fully forced FS hard against the gate and our poor button fender came off worse.

Luxury living then back up the Thames "Cargoes" revisited Stately Still Rockin' from far off Hambleden Gliding up the river with a soft swee…

Escaping the weather by mooring in Goring… We've now set out on another adventure on our wide beam boat Still Rockin' built in Droitwich and launched at Braunston in July 2014 so we continue our cruising… on the rivers and wider ditches around the UK.

Slight change of plan. The travels of NB SEYELLA on the canals and rivers of England and Wales Yesterday we intended to push through Great Haywood and moor maybe at Weston. Then on to Stone today. But today's forecast was dire, rain all day, so we decided to stop at Haywood instead and watch the rain come down while tied up.

The freedom solo cruise Day twelve Seventh day in the dock - freedom day ! I have negotiated a later start for the dock to be flooded as there was no other boat following me in. The day was starting bright which bode well for me as I was solo for today and a bit of the next day, The top stop plank was lifted and the dock started to fill pleasingly.

Winter drawers on, the planet has gone insane, and I feel the need to hibernate #narrowboat #boating #boatsthattweet Someone please call me in late spring. Notable Bene - all photographs in this post are from previous winters, we're not quite there yet this year. The "it" of it is quite dull today. Not cold, but cool, so dull as to be almost dark, drizzly and with a breeze that just can't make up its mind.

Active waterways project launched in Cheshire for over 55s CHESHIRE's canals and rivers are at the heart of a new 'Active Waterways' project by the Canal and River Trust, aimed at encouraging people over 55 to get active and healthy.

Finding Signal. 9th October Devizes Wharf to All Cannings Visitor Moorings. Our suicidal cat managed to survive the night, A model Edwardian chair can't be as poisonous as a bentwood or Chippendale. I still need to make a new one though as what was left by Tilly is only slightly useful for lighting the stove!

Visitors unveiled and a walk in Whitchurch It was of course Kath and Neil… here leaving us at Pangbourne yesterday morning. The original proprietors grew to ten in number by the time the Act was passed to take over the ferry rights and to build at their own costs "a good and substantial bridge" which was described as being "of great utility and advantage to the public".

Wind down on the water PEOPLE in Nottingham are invited to recharge their batteries with a relaxing day on the water. The Canal and River Trust is inviting the city's residents to enjoy a free boat ride and guided walk along the waterways as part of Nottingham Mental Health Awareness Week.

Wendover canal trust and got hit by some experts. We have really enjoyed our stay here up the Wendover Arm as it has been so peaceful and the wildlife is amazing. We did have one drama when n.b Tarporley, a community narrowboat which runs organised trips, turned up. With loads of room to turn he just carried on and hit us diagonally on the bow telling us he couldn't find reverse.

How to not blow up your Alternator when charging Lithium We get a lot of questions on the charging issues with Lithuim Batteries and Victron have now done a video and hope this helps. Derwent6 uses a DC to DC Buck Boost that reduces charging to 25 amps. Also when the batteries are fully charged the BMS system directs those Amps to two 12 volt lead acid batteries so the alternator doesn't get too hot.

The Training Paid Off. 8th October Caen Hill Bottom Lock 29 to Devizes Wharf. Alarm set for too early and we were up having breakfast and just about ready to push off as the Lock Keeper came down on the quad bike to unlock. Steve from NB Chapman's Rusty suggested they enter the bottom lock first as they didn't have covers to roll back etc, so they led the way.

A brilliant day… with visitors expected… It was 20 past 8 yesterday morning when we set off from Reading and it was cloudy and rather chilly Seen on the way, it's unusual to see a house boat out of the water We caught up with a narrowboat that was moored behind us last night… at Mapledurham Lock where the lock gates are open but the narrowboat isn't going in.

To Rugeley–and beyond! The travels of NB SEYELLA on the canals and rivers of England and Wales We've had another day of sunny spells and blustery wind bringing showers over, more of the former and less of the latter, luckily. In fact I almost stayed dry, just caught a heavy shower as we tied up.

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