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Christmas Cut. 5th December Tom Rolt Bridge to Slat Mill Lock. The last push this morning as we wanted to be pushing off. About time too !!!

Exploring the lost Bentley Canal Bentley Canal in WednesfieldDecember 2019 Well, I have finally got cracking on the next series of Canal Hunter, starting off with the elusive upper half of the Bentley Canal and the Neachells Branch. This section has been heavily built over, but thankfully there are lots of photos to fill in the gaps.

Emotional times, a Bleed Screw and lumps of wood laying around… In MY mind, this is a record of the pre-build, build and life aboard the good ship 'Ellis' For More information about Narrowboat live-aboard hotel experiences, please visit the website: I've never liked this time of year… the approach to Christmas - MORE so this year as I'm feeling very emotional at the moment.

Short Listing. 4th December Over the last few days I've been working my way through the thousands of photos I've taken this year, auditioning them for our Christmas card. Short listed photos are copied into a new folder. This year we've had no snowy photos and very few misty atmospheric ones, so the short list contained quite a few sunsets and sunny days.

Another essential service Regular attention to automotive equipment is the key to their longevity…. obvious really regular oil changes are common sense. I brought the Honda generator off someone near Sheffield earlier in the year.

Bloodletting, tight bends and long views and waiting for the coalman. The travels of NB SEYELLA on the canals and rivers of England and Wales We moved back to Ellesmere on Tuesday, managing to get on the last mooring at the end of the arm, just handy to be picked up to go up to the surgery to for Mags to give a blood sample.

Toxic Gowanus Canal to get more signs reminding you not to fish or swim in it A cohort of city, state and federal agencies are putting up a new set of signs along the Gowanus Canal that state the obvious: Do not fish, crab or swim in the toxic waterway. From PCBs to STDs, the 1.8-mile federal Superfund site is home to many gross things.

Going Our Separate Ways. 3rd December On our seventeenth anniversary, we decided to head off in different directions. Banbury has been exhausted with regards to Christmas shopping and last night I received an order through my Etsy shop for some gloves.

Narrowboat is on journey to 2020 canal fest A LEAKING 60ft narrowboat is being restored in a community project before it journeys to a summer festival in Oxford. Its bottom needs replacing, the hull is bulging and the cabin is rotting but Kilsby is staying afloat - just.

Two cruises planned for 2020 ! While I am a happily retired fellow my good lady still does work so we have to plan ahead for holidays etc, I have motorcycle commitments, with trips to Normandy and Scotland in the diary… so the boat and those trips…. One factor for the relocation of Percy to the Shroppie was the hop skip and a jump onto the Llangollen canal.

Environmental watchdogs demand better water quality for Gowanus Canal The state must reclassify the Gowanus Canal’s water quality to keep it clean enough for marine life and recreational activities, local watchdogs demanded.

Advent 1st December. Advent Sunday is my Official Birthday, my annual email from Betty arrived when we got to Banbury on Friday. When I was a child, Betty would join us on Advent Sunday for a meal. Her presents would be the first I received for Christmas and Birthday, getting on for four weeks early.

Unfinished Vlogs and Satellites from Mars Age doesn't always bring wisdom with it. In fact, on closer inspection, the two are seldom related. What age invariably does deliver, however, are the effects of gravity and too many late nights on the human frame.

Exploring the Ashby Canal It's a sunny afternoon at Drifters' Rugby Wharf narrowboat hire base, as I meet up with friends Jude, and John and Lynne. We're here for a week-long exploration of the local canal network - our ultimate destination, the Ashby Canal.

Derwent6 is Eleven years old today! Can you believe it, Derwent6 is now eleven years old, and it still feels like the first time we set sail in her. Where has that gone? She first went in the water at Debdale and then we had the launch party at Foxton where Derwent6 got its first taste of beer.

Settlement Shores Canal Dredging Kicks Off The Settlement Shores canal dredging gets underway today, beginning cleanup operations at Regatta Cove, informs the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council. The dredging will address areas where the canal depth has been impacted by sedimentation, tidal movements, and boat wash, making it safer and more accessible for the boating public.

Crisp Cruising. 29th November Kings Sutton Lock to Tom Rolt Bridge. Sunshine! What a lovely morning. Tilly was allowed out and was gone for around an hour as we had our breakfast. She returned, cleaned herself down, then found a patch of floor to relieve herself of a very large fur ball.

Deck the Halls "Come on everybody! you know what time it is, It's Christmas time!!!" So with the Christmas songs playing on the radio and the decorations pulled out of every nook and cranny on Derwent6, we proceeded to put up the all the festive fun to turn Derwent6 into a grotto.

Recovery Period It was lovely to be back on Derwent6 which was now warm and snug again. We took the time to recover after what had been a bit of a whirlwind week. Del stuck all his birthday cards up as we always do… Thanks again for all the cards and presents Del received.

Cropredy 2020 tickets on sale for Christmas THE line-up for the 2020 Fairport's Cropredy Convention three-day open-air music festival has been announced. Now in its 41st year, the festival will take place on Thursday, August 13, Friday 14 and Saturday 15, on its usual farmland site in north Oxfordshire.

12 Days of Christmas: Huge prizes up for grabs EVERY DAY! We are excited to share our 12 Days of Christmas Facebook competition! We can't promise gold rings, French hens or even ladies dancing, but we do have some amazing, and unique, prizes up for grabs this December!

Council Elections 2019/20 In January boat owners will be asked to vote for candidates they want to represent them on the Canal and River Trust National Council. The council is made up of representatives from all sides of the waterways, business, fishing, volunteers, friends and private boaters, amongst others.

Still burning bits of Fradley In my recent 2018 reflective I was fondly remembering Fradley where we moored three of our boats over an eleven year period. I recall posting about a near miss we had when a tired and much pruned tree snapped and fell between our boat and NB Sam next mooring.

New month, New moon, New visitor The travels of NB SEYELLA on the canals and rivers of England and Wales We moved a bit further from Ellesmere yesterday morning, I was a bit fed up with the grotty towpath and we wanted to be a away from passers-by for a day or two.

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