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Woody Woodpecker pays a visit Last night we found ourselves in another mobile data free zone, so here is what I had intended to post then, plus a couple of pics from today. On Friday, just before setting off from Welford Junction, Jan spotted a green woodpecker on the bank. As with many on the cut we lit our stove.

Lancaster By Train The boat remained moored up today whilst we took a train ride to Lancaster. We walked to Burscough Junction station - there are two separate stations in Burscough, one on a line north south and the other east to west. The line we took originally connected Liverpool to Preston but now stops at Ormskirk where the Merseyrail system takes over.

Sitting out the high levels Blimey we were sitting in bed feeling very smug after moving yesterday. It was tipping it down and doing those locks today would have been a nightmare. It just never seemed to stop. It just went from heavy to light, as we watched the water levels come up.

Foxton Locks to Welford Junction, 7.1 miles no locks 1 tunnel. Keith on Facebook……Jo on Facebook Paddy on Facebook……Marmite on Facebook: After an amazing family reunion for us at the Foxton Locks Festival, and helping to clear the site yesterday, we set off this morning, having been at Foxton locks for 12 days, nice to be moving again.

Top 5 Canal Boat Holidays on the K&A Canal boat, narrowboat and barge holidays, boating on the canals and rivers of the UK.

All Hands On Deck. 16th June Not quite Pole Position to Pole Position. On Saturdays we buy our newspaper, Sundays we read it in bed with a cuppa in hand. This morning however this was curtailed a touch. First there was some yapping, then a bit of boat moving noise, no engine audible.

Not the best time… Hopefully it'll be good to look back in a year or two at this most un-flaming June month, the June month when our porch and garage build started and instead of a garage we got close to a swimming pool, or to maintain the waterways link, a small canal.

Narrowboat Chalkhill Blue 2 As luck wouldn't have it, both went through to answerphone, so I left messages on both. The next approach was to ring the port and get a number from them. Both numbers given in the waterways guide for the port were no longer in service, so we resorted to a web search and finally found the correct number.

Burscough Bridge We are now planning to stay in Burascough Bridge for a couple of days as it has transport links and we cannot go much further until Friday. Bridge 20 has been badly damaged, many reports that it was vandalism, but until the control box can be replaced it has to be opened by hand and CaRT only offer to do this at midday on Mondays and Fridays.

Wet paint "Oooh that paint has beaded up nicely in the rain," I might have said, but I flippin' well didn't. besides the paintwork being wet in the rain, it was wet paint! The next meteorologist I see, I'm gonna bust him in the nose. "Less than ten percent chance of rain" said the forecast for that day, and then only light rain.

Return to Calcutt This was a very peaceful mooring last night. Just one boat on the move, and they were only going to get water before returning. There was no unseemly rush first thing to get to the locks either as the locks are closed this week. I took this picture yesterday afternoon.

Replenishing Stocks Just Enough. 15th June Haines Bridge to almost pole position at Great Linford. Last night we almost ran out of wine! Supplies on board of all sorts have been gradually running low. We've not had the chance to have a delivery for a while so we only stock up on items that are needed.

A trip to Donald's country Rachel had reason to visit Donalds country again late May. Last two times we have been over the water Mr Obama was in residence, in fact the first time we were in New York was the night he got elected and we were in Times Square to witness it - magical.

Wallingford We indulged in a couple of pints of Ghost Ship at the Nags Head in Abingdon, a pub conveniently located next to the river bridge which also served good quality food.

Barley in the Breeze… It's Wednesday and it's still raining at our Beale Park Mooring… when we heard the familiar sound of… We had been looking out for him but really didn't know that he'd be this way today so it was good for him and for us.

When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain? #narrowboat #boating Well, anytime today would be fine then, since we have thunder, lightning and rain. We also have brilliant sunshine and twittering birds in the hedgerows. This is England, in high summer. Five minutes later… …and then a massed splash-landing of Canada Mounties… No rainbows though.

Is It Us? 14th June Stoke Bruerne to Haines Bridge 62. This morning we noticed that NB Tyseley was unable to come through Blisworth Tunnel due to a tree blocking the navigation close to the north portal. A rather big tree too! We seem to be having this effect on trees, luckily for us they fall over behind us.

One species of small furry animal We've been in a signal desert, or so it seems, for days. Now we have a connection of sorts I shall try to upload a post and provide an update on where we are, where we've been and what we've been doing. We are now in Braunston… but I shall rewind to last Sunday.

Appley Bridge After yesterday's blog was published, Christine went for a walk into the nature reserve and took some pictures of the flora and fauna The day began dry but with a fresh wind that kept the temperature down. During the morning dampness in the air arrived and in the afternoon there were some quite heavy showers.

Down the locks and onto the main line. The travels of NB SEYELLA on the canals and rivers of England and Wales Yesterday we left it late to cast off; the day was steadily improving and it was 11 before we decided it was good enough.

All aboard for Abingdon We have spent nearly a week moored at Thrupp, starting with a weekend with our friends Fi and Andy. We decided to do the Oxford "mini ring" and went out onto the Thames at Dukes Cut in what turned out to be incredibly windy conditions. Had I known that the wind would be so strong I would have stuck to the canals which do offer a bit more shelter.

101 in Cherry Tree…. Once they moved off, we floated across and filled up the tank, emptied the crew loo and WOULD have done a pump out - HAD the crt pipe been long enough to reach across the front of the bow to the starboard discharge ports… alas it wasn't.

Mending. 13th June Nightingales Bridge to Stoke Bruerne Top Lock. Another very wet morning. We weren't going to be going anywhere! Tilly however was encouraged to take a morning nap as the weather app suggested that it might dry up later on, then we could at least get to Blisworth where we might find a shop for a few bits.

Scotman's Flash Yesterday we dove up from Cornwall, leaving around 9.30. It was wet almost all thew way and for the most part the spray from damp roads was the worst aspect.

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