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Backed Up At 8am. 16th February A white van at 10:30pm isn't what you would normally expect on a grassy canal side. We'd seen the tyre tracks and thought it might be from fishermen. Our chosen spot was where the bank is lower, so therefore more view and the flat area is wider. This turned out to be where vehicles could turn and did so.

And on to Perth… After breakfast we packed up all our possessions, checked out of the hotel and left the luggage with them before setting out once more. Our original thoughts were to spend most of the day in China Town but it was just too hot so once again found ourselves down at the gardens and shopping centre where we had lunch.

A walk down the Stoke Bruerne flight - Our trip from Ranfurly to Dunedin to see Clark and Sue was marred by a mutual marital volcanic eruption followed by steamed up, silent lava flow… Explan… A quick cold snap!

Getting There We are definitely getting there with the DIY in the hallway now. The difficult bits are done and it is only wet paint that has stopped progress with the paper today. The paper will be finished tomorrow evening and then we have a couple of bits of touching up left to finish.

Book a Boat Trip for a Mother's Day Surprise Subscrday ibe on the right to receive more secrets of the undiscovered Fenland waterways, by email. 01354 [email protected] Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 9am-4pm Sun 9am-3pm Sun 10am-12.00pm.

Jelly Brain and killing time… The sun was shining and off we went - leaving Broad Cut on the most mildest of February days you could ever want. We weren't the only ones enjoying the unseasonably mild weather - we came across a chap - presumably practicing free climbing in relative safety under a disused railway bridge.

If You're Going To A Party. 14th February The morning started off in a none standard way. Mick got up to put the kettle on and make the tea, all normal. When he returned he spotted that a card and some chocolates had appeared on his pillow. 'Ooo!' He put down the cups of tea and disappeared back though to the main cabin.

The main event and the end of day one in Singapore… But first a view of the breakfast area in the Ibis hotel. As you can see there is everything you could think of for breakfast… and dinner… and tea… whatever your nationality!

Three Buzzards, Two Pork Pies, One Toothbrush and Potters Brook We're only halfway through February - a time of the year more normally associated with snowstorms and claggy weather - but already there's a flavour of spring in the air; blue skies, shadows probing the thawed earth, and just a hint…the mildest suggestion…of warmth in the sunshine.

There and back again… and back again! The travels of NB SEYELLA on the canals and rivers of England and Wales We moved down to Loughborough again on Wednesday, picking up a locking companion at Barrow Deep Lock. There was a work crew tidying up around the lock, so the top gates were open, and we were able to leave the bottom open, too.

BBC pays a visit. I want the trailer tailgate door to open 180° which will provid… Wainui and Day's Bay on Valentine's Day - We spent Valentine's Day with our SLG friends, starting with meeting up at our friend Trish's home for a delicious morning tea in her beautiful garden.

Time to enter the Montgomery Canal Triathlon. ENTRIES are coming in for the Montgomery Canal Triathlon to be held on Saturday May 18 2019. This popular event is organised by the Friends of the Montgomery Canal and brings entrants from across the country to cycle, walk and canoe the 35 miles of canal from Newtown to Welsh Frankton.

Anglo Welsh Waterway Holidays offer canal boat hire from Whixall Marina. FROM April 5 2019, Anglo Welsh Waterway Holidays will begin offering canal boat hire from Whixall Marina, on the Prees Branch of the Llangollen Canal in Shropshire. The Bristol-base hire boat company, now one of the largest in Britain, offers a choice of 160 boats from 11 boat yards across England and Wales.

Just a Few Flours. 13th February Last night it was time for us to declare ourselves homeless again. This is so that we can vote in Scarborough at elections. Because our house is rented out we have to fill out a No Fixed Address Declaration to register as having a local connection. To do this you have to fall into one of three categories.

A Change of Order It is another weekend of DIY, although this time due to the order in which things are getting done changing we have to do a bit tonight as well. We have been trying when possible to give ourselves at least Friday night off so that we feel as though we have had a bit of a break from it all.

Crossing to Wellington One of my nerdy ambitions on South Island was to look at the stars without all the light pollution we have to contend with, even in the darkest bits of the UK. So, before we went to bed at Pohara Beach I set the camera up on a small tripod, attached the zoom lens and aimed upwards.

How To Have Fun On A Narrowboat There are lots of ways to have fun on a narrowboat. I can list a few of them for those of you who are interested. Five whole ways to have fun on a narrowboat! Today I am going to let you in on a secret pleasure of mine, and add a sixth way to have fun to the list, yup raise those eyebrows folks, my dirty pleasure is cold callers.

Competition: Grand Union Canal towpath 'As we explore the theme of "boundaries" in this year's festival, I'm looking forward to seeing how entrants tackle the physical constraints and opportunities of the site in a way that can open it up for more people to enjoy.' The Westway is a 5.6km-long elevated dual carriageway, which opened in 1970, connecting Paddington with North Kensington.

Drifters Boating Holidays Boating Holidays on the UK Canals and Rivers From 5 April 2019, Drifters member Anglo Welsh Waterway Holidays will begin offering narrowboat hire from Whixall Marina, on the Prees Branch of the Llangollen Canal in Shropshire.

Food And Fire. 12th February Mick headed off to the bus station this morning to head out to Harworth Heating. This is the company who make Bubble Stoves, we have a multifuel corner version of theirs. Living aboard full time means the stove is in constant use for several months. As we all know using things is a mistake as they start to show wear and tear.

The Count Down Commences The count down commences to our first holiday of the year at Easter. It is just eight weeks today that we shall set off towards Belgium and our first hire boat holiday of the year.

After our boat ride… a canal! At the Custom House we rang for a taxi to return us to our hotel for a rest before the main event this evening. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Due to delays at Heathrow airport we departed for the first leg of our holiday at about 10pm on Wednesday.

A two canal sort of day Monday, Tuesday and today saw me on Percy. There is a spring feel in the air, but I doubt it'll last as March always seems to come to teach us a lesson The job list was to paint the block ready to match the head that is due tomorrow and to get the Victron battery monitor fully installed.

Dublin's Grand Canal Dock Added To Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Schedule For 2019 Sunday 12 May is the date to save for the debut of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series at Dublin's Grand Canal Dock. The capital hosts the annual high diving series for the first time after three previous visits to Inis Mór, the most recent two years ago.

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