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A Faltering Starter. 6th April Trying to give my sourdough starter a boost means that I've been creating quite a bit of discard. You need to empty out some of the starter before you feed it again, so that the ratios remain good and the existing starter is getting enough food. So I've been storing the discard in a jar in the fridge.

Cover Up. 5th April. The forecast for today was for sun, warmth and maybe a bit of cloud, but no rain. Would our towpath here in Calveley fill with dog walkers and others out for their daily exercise? Or would we be able to take over a strip alongside Oleanna?

Urgent update for boaters from Environment Agency We therefore reiterate our advice to stop non-essential travel on our waterways and to make journeys only to access essential services and facilities. Boat registration and Boat Safety Scheme. We need to continue management and regulation of our waterways in order to protect the environment and the public.

First BBQ of 2020 Xx Regular readers will probably know that our usual 'daily' walk is over Hambleden weir footpath, but not now with social distancing… Yesterday late afternoon… no problem about social distancing at our mooring Looking and smelling good! E… It's a weird and scary time for all of us, but we all have to 'get on with it' as best we can.

We all need to make a pledge to change Well we all know it's interesting times right now, but they do not need to be negative times. Yes of course we can focus on the things we can't do right now and yes there are some challenges Please be assured in writing this I am aware for many working there are some uncertainties but again they can be turned to change opportunities?

Prunella visits our garden Sorry, we didn't get a visit from the Pru of Canal lovers Tim and Pru, but Prunella Modularis aka a dunnock aka a hedge sparrow. Dunnocks might be accused of being drab little things but I quite like 'em and I'm happy to report that they seem to be resident in or near our garden.

We’ve lost a crew member… The travels of NB SEYELLA on the canals and rivers of England and Wales Meg hasn't been at all well for the last week, unsteady on her feet and very lethargic. I'd made up my mind to see if we could get her to a vet early this coming week despite the lock-down rules, but events overtook the plan.

I Spy With My Little Eye… AN AEROPLANE CONDENSATION TRAIL! #narrowboat #boating #boatsthattweet A while ago I was enjubilating over the absence of traffic in the skies. I still am, but it struck me this morning. No, not the aeroplane, the thought that in fact spotting an aeroplane con-trail might now be a very rare thing - so I photographed it.

Empty. 4th April Lockdown Mooring 2 to Lockdown Mooring 3, Calveley Bridge 104. The water gauge wasn't showing anything this morning, possibly the lowest it's been since we moved on board. So only one thing for it, an essential journey to the services.

Exploring the Ogley Locks The last lost arm of the Wyrley and Essington Canal to the east is Ogley Locks, 30 chambers which lowered the Wyrley and Essington from from Ogley Junction near Brownhills to the Coventry Canal at Huddlesford, near Lichfield.

Self Catering. 3rd April Time to wake my sourdough starter up this morning. I let it warm up when out of the fridge and then gave it a feed popping it on the proving shelf, high up to do it's stuff. It bubbled up, but not as far as it has done in the past, so I may need to keep feeding it for a couple of days before it's really good for baking again.

Real-time journey up Rideau Canal in new four-hour documentary "We spent a lot of time thinking about the kind of day we wanted and where to put the camera so you could imagine you were sitting in the boat," explains Azaria.

Self isolation day 1 - From Ely we swept down the wide channel of the Ouse, until we arrived at Pope's Corner, where the River Cam joins, and it becomes much narrower, and parts… Out for a walk… it's definitely spring… - Regular readers will probably know that our usual 'daily' walk is over Hambleden weir footpath, but not now with social distancing in place.

IWA rolls out waterway webinar programme THE Inland Waterways Association is rolling out a regular programme of speakers for supporters. It will cover topic areas including campaign successes, waterways heritage, the canal adoption schemes and more.

Was That A…. !? 2nd April As we sat in bed with our cuppas this morning, the curtains of our large picture window drawn open above our toes, a large furry shape dashed past. 'Was that…. was that a horse?' We tried peering out of the window at an acute angle, nothing could be seen.

The relief was immense if not somewhat emotional The bonus is, the boats either side of us are e… Spain 2020 - A sad farewell, a pretty awful journey and another "burglary"! - Monday 16th March* We spent the morning doing the final packing and then Richard had to pack the car.

Out for a walk… it's definitely spring… Regular readers will probably know that our usual 'daily' walk is over Hambleden weir footpath, but not now with social distancing in place. The weir bridge is barely wide enough for two people to walk very close to each other let alone 6' apart, even on the bends there's not 2 metres of space to pass someone so that's a no no!

Lap Wing. 1st April She would like me to thank you all for suggestions on the mystery birdie. Jennie came in first, followed by Anne, then Sue. The sausage roll really goes to Jennie's son, but apparently if we keep quiet about it we'll be able to eat it ourselves, so Shhh!

Work on Skipton Canal towpath project suspended WORK on the £2 million Craven towpath improvement project between Gargrave and Kildwick has been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Frost, a good sign for sunshine The weather has all of a sudden turned a lot colder and we were grateful for the wood we had on board and the coal bags we obtained off the coal boat. Here you can see the line of frost melting towards us as the solar panels were waiting for sunshine.

Two days back to Ellesmere The travels of NB SEYELLA on the canals and rivers of England and Wales We've headed back to Ellesmere now, probably the best place to hang about for a bit with boat services and shopping opportunities local to the canal.A brave show of daffodils just around the corner from The Poachers.

A sad goodbye Today we said our family goodbyes to Christine, Rachels mum. She died on the 16th March with Rachel and myself with her in her own home in no pain and surrounded with love. That love had kept her safe and well for quite a few years as her health declined.

No 15. Going Nowhere So, all our plans are now on hold. We have taken the house off the market as we are all on lockdown. Nobody can view it and so no chance at all of a sale. Annoyingly though we did have a second viewing the day before we were all confined to home, but totally understand that now is not the time to be making big financial commitments.

Brand spanking new DUCKLINGS in their very first moments ever on water Right opposite my boat there has, of late, been a pair of ducks nesting in the offside weeds. This morning I spotted this fella, and thought that I'd seen the end of the duck story. Ma Duck, Pa Duck, and her Lover were nowhere in evidence. Heron eat anything that they can lay their beaks on.

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