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Daily Dawg Tags: Cleveland Browns finally prioritizing replacing Joe Thomas? The Daily Dawg Tags brings you all the Cleveland Browns news you need to know, including the team potentially finally prioritizing Joe Thomas' replacement….

Flashback Friday: 5 coaches the Cleveland Browns should not have fired It probably falls under the category of \u201cit is better to be lucky than good,\u201d and Schottenheimer was good but not lucky. Still, he was one of the most winningest coaches in NFL history. Every coach who won more games than\u00a0Schottenheimer is in the Hall of Fame.

Shaquill Griffin claims he "knew" what Browns were going to run Seahawks defensive back latest Browns opponent to spin a yarn following a game.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos - Thursday Night Football Browns fans can use this as an open thread to discuss Thursday Night Football.

The Cleveland Browns finally need to replace Joe Thomas and prioritize offensive tackle - And a franchise quarterback. You can't do it all. Dorsey has prioritized rushing the passer, defending the pass, and completing passes, which is all reasonable in the modern NFL. He has tried to get by on the offensive line. That's catching up with the Browns this season.

Browns general manager John Dorsey admits he tried to trade for Trent Williams The Cleveland Browns have a serious offensive line issue, and the team's general manager appears to have been trying to fix it - although he's come up short up to this point. It's not like available offensive linemen grow on trees, in fact, quite the opposite.

Week 7 TV Listings for Browns Fans The Browns are on the bye this week, and with Pittsburgh having a break as well, all eyes will be on how the Ravens handle the Seahawks on the road in the afternoon slot. Can the Seahawks complete the sweep of the AFC North? Here is a snapshot of which fans will see the Ravens vs Seahawks game on FOX at 4:25 PM:.

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 7 picks NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 7 picks from Scott Dryden.

5 Bold Cleveland Browns predictions after bye week This bold prediction is two-folded. The first part is the Browns have to trade for Trent Williams. Speculation has grown that the Washington Redskins and the Browns have been in discussion, but general manager John Dorsey said in a press conference on Wednesday it takes two to tango.

Will Freddie Kitchens be next coach fired? Vegas says no But the Browns have gone 2-4 to start the season after Kitchens was named head coach. That's led some to already say that Kitchens isn't the right man for the Browns' head coaching job. But Las Vegas isn't fully sold on that idea. At least, not yet.

Cleveland Browns rumors: Freddie Kitchens almost fired after Seahawks loss ESPN Seattle's John Clayton reportedly told Pittsburgh's 93.7 The Fan that he had been hearing pregame rumors the Cleveland Browns would fire Freddie Kitchens if the Browns lost to the Seahawks last Sunday.

Daily Dawg Tags: Cleveland Browns shuffling the offensive line? The Daily Dawg Tags brings you all the Cleveland Browns news you need to know, including the offensive line being shuffled during the bye week. The Clevela…

4 trades John Dorsey and the Browns can still make Browns GM John Dorsey got in on the first wave of the NFL trade waters, dealing offensive lineman Austin Corbett to the Los Angeles Rams for a 2021 fifth-round draft pick. There are more waves to surf before the Oct.

Browns star Garrett says fan punched him in face Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett said Wednesday that he was punched in the face by a fan while sitting in traffic, but later described the blow as a 'pillow tap.' 'A "fan" hopped out his car to take a picture with me and then punched me in my face,' Garrett wrote on Twitter.

Listen: The Browns Wire Podcast - Bye week edition The Browns Wire Podcast Hosts - Josh Keatley and Travis RodgersEditor - Travis RodgersProduced By - Josh Keatley and Travis RodgersMusic - Weight on Me by Good ReverendSpecial Thanks - Mac Robinson and Jeff Risdon As always, the Browns Wire Podcast is available on all your favorite podcast apps and providers.

3 Issues Cleveland Browns need to clear up during the bye In a season marred by mistakes and inconsistency, the Br…

Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news More of the latest Browns news and notes from around the web in today’s dose of the Daily Dawg Chow.

Steelers are surging, Cleveland Browns are tanking - all is right with football again: Analysis How bad is it in Cleveland? Well the trash-talking Browns QB, Baker Mayfield, knows that after stinking up the start of the season, it's he and his team who are getting trashed. The misfiring Mayfield has tossed 25 interceptions since taking over as Browns' QB amid the 2018 season.

Baker Mayfield ranks dead last in QB Rating while under pressure Simply getting back to being the Baker Mayfield we all watched thrive under pressure as a rookie starter, or at Oklahoma, will go a long way towards fixing what ails the Browns' struggling offense after the bye week.

Cleveland Browns Need To Have A Team Mentality, Not Group The Cleveland Browns need to have a team mentality, not a group one. That's according to head coach Freddie Kitchens. As soon as they have this figured out, the Browns can then reach their full potential. It should've already happened. The Browns have been a group, but they're not cohesive enough to be a team.

Myles Garrett says he was sucker punched by a man posing as a Browns fan The only smart thing the man accused of sucker punching Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett did Wednesday was flee the scene before Stipe Miocic showed up.

Cleveland Browns: Talking to myself about trading for Trent Williams But he is holding out rather than report to Washington. He has two years left on his contract. We have no idea if he's in shape. Q: Even out of shape, don't you think he has to be better than Robinson? A: I wonder about bringing in a 31-year-old tackle who hasn't played all year.

Browns' Myles Garrett said he was punched by 'fan' wanting picture Star defensive end Myles Garrett said he was punched in the face Wednesday by a "fan" who wanted to take a picture with him. Garrett posted on his Twitter account that the person "hopped" out of his car before delivering a blow that had little effect on the muscular 6-foot-4, 270-pounder.

Myles Garrett says Cleveland Browns 'fan' sucker-punched him after photo Apparently, one Cleveland Browns "fan" tried to do just that. According to a Cleveland Police report, the Browns' defensive end was sitting in his car on East 9th Street when a man approached his driver's side window, took a photo of him and then punched the lineman in the face with a closed fist.

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