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The clock is ticking, there is no room for complacency, we must act now What the report tells us. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report recently released states that at the current level of governmental commitments, the world is on course for a disastrous 3°C of warming.

Resplandy et al. correction and response Superforest, Climate Change. Guest commentary from Ralph Keeling. I, with the other co-authors of Resplandy et al, want to address two problems that came to our attention since publication of our paper in Nature last week.

MATH ERROR: Scientists Admit ‘Mistakes’ Led To Alarming Results In Major Global Warming Study The scientists behind a headline-grabbing global warming study did something that seems all too rare these days - they admitted to making mistakes and thanked the researcher, a global warming skeptic, who pointed them out.

A Quick Post before the Monthly Global Surface and TLT Temperature Update A Quick Post before the Monthly Global Surface and TLT Temperature Update. Superforest, Climate Change. I'm adding Two Graphs to my Monthly Global Surface and TLT Temperature Updates. The new graphs are being added for a simple reason: to provide different perspectives on the increases in global temperatures since 1979.

The Future of the Dammed - American Planning Organization Higher temperatures and lower water levels are causing states to rethink 20th century infrastructure. The hundred feet of bleached sandstone walls of Glen Canyon exposed by the receding waters of Lake Powell starkly illustrates the conundrum of water infrastructure in western states and the effects of a changing climate.

France aims to ban deforestation imports by 2030 New French strategy puts pressure on Brussels to set an EU-wide action plan to stop agricultural trade destroying forests. By Sara Stefanini. Read more on: Agriculture - Breaking News - EU - Forests - Land - Nature Agriculture.

ColoradoSprings councillors approve @CSUtilities 2019 budget Tuesday, the Colorado Springs City Council unanimously approved the 2019 budget and rates for Colorado Springs Utilities customers. The city said local water and wastewater systems are old and in need of ongoing repair and refurbishment.

Snowpack/#Drought news: Sunday's snowstorm was quite impressive! Some areas in the Pikes Peak region and the mountains southwest of Pueblo piled up a foot of snow. People we interviewed had mixed feelings about the winter weather, but ultimately loved the moisture… But just how much does this recent snow affect our snowpack and drought?

Wildlife Across the planet, shorebirds are in serious trouble. In the past 50 years their well-documented North American populations are estimated to have plummeted by at least 70 percent on average, and shorebirds elsewhere are hardly doing better, if not worse.

"The time to secure #Arizona's water future is now" - Gov. Doug Ducey #lbdcp #ColoradoRiver #COriver #aridification I am so grateful to the people of Arizona for allowing me the opportunity to continue serving as governor of our great state. I am humbled by your confidence and ready to continue working for you. And there's a lot of important work to do.

Aurora Water purchases innovative new water source - @AuroraWater Here's the release from Aurora Water :. Click here to read the London Mine Purchase and Sale Agreement Fact Sheet. Click here to read the mine water attachments to the release. From The Aurora Sentinel :. Water rights purchase provides environmental benefit.

Carmakers slam Spanish climate law as 'excessive and rushed' Manufacturers say ban on diesel and petrol cars is against EU neutrality principles, setting up battle to clean up Europe's second-largest auto-industry. By Natalie Sauer. Read more on: Climate Politics - EU - Road - Tech - World Climate Politics.

SUZUKI - Tackling climate change requires healing the divide CANADIAN CLIMATE CHANGE opinion is polarized, and research shows the divide is widening. The greatest predictor of people's outlook is political affiliation. This means people's climate change perceptions are being increasingly driven by divisive political agendas rather than science and concern for our collective welfare.

Climate Change May Practically Sterilize Male Insects "This male reproductive damage under heat wave conditions provides one potential driver behind biodiversity declines and contractions through global warming." The researchers exposed red flour beetles, a commonly studied model organism, to heat wave conditions in a laboratory.

The Climate Is Basically Doomed If We Build the Fossil Fuel Infrastructure That's Already in the Pipeline Boiled down, climate change is a simple math problem. There's a finite amount of carbon the world can chuck in the atmosphere and still have a stable climate. Each passing year we plunk more of it up there, the smaller the amount we have left to burn.

Crime likely to increase in winter as climate change raises temperatures, CU Boulder study finds Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have established scientific backing for long-held accepted wisdom that rising temperatures can lead to trouble in the streets. Scrutiny of monthly violent and property crime data from the FBI reported by 16,000 law enforcement agencies across the U.S.

How to process climate grief over the California wildfires Feeling like this is expected, at least some of the time. We feel this way because we love each other and we love the world. The changes we're seeing are happening at a geological scale, faster than at any time in our planet's history. We humans just aren't built to process that kind of change.

Blue Wave in Midwest Could Resurrect Climate Compact Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

Desert's worst rain storm in 500 years leaves future of bacteria in the balance Persistent rainfall in one of the driest places on Earth has had a disastrous effect on its ecosystem. Microorganisms in South America's Atacama desert - known for its Mars-like dryness - have struggled to survive the sudden change in climate over recent years, a study has shown.

Analysts: Fast-growing African Cities at 'Extreme Risk' from Climate Change Researchers at U.K.-based Verisk Maplecroft found 84 of the world's 100 fastest-growing cities are at "extreme risk" from the impacts of a warming planet, including 79 in Africa.

Overlooked trends in annual precipitation reveal underestimated risks worldwide A reanalysis of worldwide annual trends in precipitation demonstrates that risk to human and environmental systems has been underestimated, according to a team of University of Maine researchers.

The President’s Coal Warrior Pruitt, on the other hand, who had come to Washington from the wilds of Oklahoma, was almost comically ineffective at rolling back the laws he made such a show of attacking as he embroiled himself in no fewer than 13 scandals during his 18-month tenure.

Closing nuclear plants risks rise in greenhouse gas emissions, report warns Fresh division among environmentalists over nuclear energy, the single largest source of low-carbon electricity.

Solar survivor: can oil giant Kazakhstan wean itself off the black stuff? Kazakhstan is rich with oil, gas and coal but Nursultan Nazarbayev, its president for life, has committed the country to a dramatic shift from fossil fuels to green energy. Is this huge nation able to realise his vision?

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