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Big oil to be eclipsed by the sun Reasons to be cheerful include signs that a renewables revolution could soon end rising demand for fossil fuels.

Extinction Rebellion protesters blockade Oxford Circus by scaling tripods after apologising for Tube disruption – follow live Arrests soar to more than 1,700 as protesters blockade Oxford Circus.

Activists urge Wolf, again, to shut down the Mariner pipelines What we disagree on in terms of whether we should keep doing this or not." Throughout the Mariner project, Sunoco and pro-gas groups have maintained that the pipeline is safe, and that sinkholes and contamination are just a result of construction.

New federal pipeline safety rules draw praise from industry, scorn from critics New federal rules on pipeline safety are being praised by the oil and gas industry but dismissed by pipeline critics in Pennsylvania as unlikely to make pipelines any safer.

FirstEnergy subsidiary, which operates plants in Pennsylvania, wins bankruptcy plan approval Operates coal and nuclear plants in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

40+ Groups, 200 Citizens Call On 2 Republican Reps. O’Neal, Ortitay To Investigate Cancers, Call For A Halt To Industry-Friendly Bills On October 17, the Better Path Coalition delivered letters to Rep. Timothy O’Neal and Rep. Jason Ortitay…

Report: ExxonMobil Scouting Property for 2nd Cracker in Beaver County Another source told the Business Times that at least one site in Beaver County had been visited." If built, it would be the second major chemical plant in Beaver County built to take advantage of cheap natural gas from the region's fracking industry.

What You Need to Know About PA GOP's Pro-Gas Bills Energize PA's most controversial bill would remove permitting authority from DEP and put it in the hands of a politically-appointed commission.

Amazon Watch: What Happens When the Forest Disappears? At a remote site where the world’s largest rainforest abuts land cleared for big agriculture, Brazilian and American scientists are keeping watch for a critical tipping point – the time when the Amazon ceases to be a carbon sink and turns into a source of carbon emissions.

Chuka Umuna says climate change protestors are 'repelling' support by targeting Tube Read the latest London stories, Chuka Umuna says climate change protestors are 'repelling' support by targeting Tube on ITV News, videos, stories and all the latest London news.

What Baltimore Gets Right about Urban Trees Tree-planting is all the rage these days. Cities are doing it. Politicians are campaigning on it. Car dealerships are marketing with it and Facebook is trying to stop them, but whatever.

Hear the sounds of climate change-with earthquake monitors Seismometers can register hurricanes from thousands of miles away, or hear ice melting and refreezing, offering a new way to track changes big and small.

Ford Foundation’s Darren Walker: How to save capitalism from itself Meet the CEOs, workers, activists, thinkers, policy wonks, and class traitors leading the way toward a more equitable, humane, and democratic economic system that works for the many and not the few.

The crucial lesson in the demise of Dyson’s electric car project Local product design, in combination with local manufacturing, will be the key to systemic change.

New Cape Cod Musical Puts Climate Change Center Stage There are musicals about our founding fathers, cute orphans, the French Revolution… And now? There's a musical about climate change.

Trees told 'grow up' by local activists. There it is, growing in the soil. It will absorb great big piles of nasty carbon dioxide and help save the world. Planting the tree didn't take long, did it? It's done in a jiffy. In fact, if I put my mind to it, I could plant another 99 trees in an hour if I tried.

What climate change will do to three major American cities by 2100 How the worst-case climate scenario will play out, decade by decade, in St. Louis, San Francisco, and Houston.

These three circular economy principles can help combat the climate crisis Design products and systems to avoid emissions-producing waste and pollution from the very beginning. Materials like bamboo or bio-based plastics, the report says, can substitute for inputs with higher emissions. Bamboo, for example, is in some ways as strong as concrete and steel.

Opinion: The left must call out Extinction Rebellion's disdain for working people Last Friday, as I walked to my office through Trafalgar Square, I was impressed at the tenacity of the Extinction Rebellion protestors camped out in the driving rain. Fast forward a week, and my.

Commuters Drag Climate Activists From London Trains Video of Thursday morning's episode in eastern London, which was circulated widely, illustrated the complicated passions that have been ignited by protests in the British capital by Extinction Rebellion, a group of environmental activists who employ radical disruptive tactics to draw attention to the climate crisis.

Perry to Resign as Energy Secretary Rick Perry, the energy secretary who has drawn scrutiny for his role in the controversy surrounding President Trump's efforts to push Ukraine officials to investigate the son of a political rival, told the president on Thursday that he would resign from the cabinet.

Why we're rethinking the images we use for our climate journalism Guardian picture editor Fiona Shields explains why we are going to be using fewer polar bears and more people to illustrate our coverage of the climate emergency.

Global climate action motivates King County Council push for zero-emissions public transit by 2035 Kohl-Welles says the 2035 deadline for these goals might be mostly aspirational for now - she says 2037 is more realistic - but she's hoping for ideas that'll make the transition happen as early as possible.

Give cities a voice at UN to tackle climate change - Sennett He and his wife, the sociologist Saskia Sassen, were the speakers at the Royal Academy's first annual "dialogue" in memory of the architect and academician Richard MacCormac on the ethics of the city.

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