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Climate Change I began to look into climate change as it was one of my main ideas from the outset. Looking at how as humans we have destroyed the earth, therefore if I completed this project with the idea that a repopulation of earth would see my work, they would know where we went wrong and what led to our own extinction.

All I Can Do Photo: Genie Nakano, Thailand,, Chaing Mai Dancer This poem was written by my friend Aya Yuhki. She is currently the editor of “Tanka International”, in Tokyo, Japan. All I can do softl…

Where the Sidewalk Ends: Four Writers on Climate Change and Understanding the Overarching Crisis of Our Time Exactly one month ago, the sustainability teams at UO hosted WOHESC, a regional sustainability in higher education conference. Attendees included a mix of professionals and students, spending two days talking about everything from putting social justice into practice to the feasibility of widespread nuclear power in the US.

What is: slapped in the face by the climate crisis We don't have to read another article or post on social media to know the world's fucked-up right now. Of course, it's been fucked up for some time especially here in the USA but we've been too busy working our asses off and getting nowhere to notice.

Rescuing the Great Barrier Reef: how much can be saved, and how can we do it? As global heating makes coral bleaching a regular event, scientists are urgently seeking ways to help the world’s biggest reef survive.

Climate & Coronavirus The threat of the global pandemic has become very real in the past weeks for many around the globe. Entire countries have grinded to a stand-still, leaving once busy streets eerily quiet. Road traffic in the UK has plummeted by over 70%, bringing us back to 1955 levels.

There's too much nitrogen and phosphorus in U.S. waterways - Florida International University Even minor amounts of human activity can increase nutrient concentrations in fresh waters that can damage the environment, according to a new study. These findings suggest most U.S. streams and rivers have higher levels of nitrogen and phosphorus than is recommended.

Prepare or Panic: URI Professor's Advice for Addressing a Global Pandemic and the Climate Crisis The response to the novel coronavirus pandemic offers little in the way of a roadmap to solve the climate crisis, according to a University of Rhode Island professor, but there may be some valuable lessons to be shared.

ColoradoSprings watering rules Adoption of permanent water conservation principles prior to a drought crisis makes sense. We live in a semiarid climate and will have periodic droughts. Long-term planning is always less costly and painful than crisis response. The new ordinance addresses the frequency and time of watering for those using automatic sprinkler systems.

Dirt is The Key to Solving Climate Change. Here's How: One of the most important tools to help us combat climate change is thought of as worthless to most people: dirt. Dirt holds more CO2 than the entire atmosphere and all living plants and animals. Soil has such a capacity for CO2, that it can absorb significant amounts of it.

Environmentalists Object to Broad @EPA Waivers for Polluters During #Coronavirus Crisis - @WildEarthGuard #COVID19 Response to Trump Administration's Plan to Relax Public Health Protections for Oil Refineries and Other Industries.

Letter - Using toilet paper adds to global warming Thank you to all the people for their responses and curiosity to "Bidet Mate" on March 27. There were some specific questions in regards to bidet vs toilet paper. One persistent question was, "Well isn't it a trade off between using more water or cutting down boreal forests?

What the Coronavirus Can Teach Us About the Climate In contrast, the current contraction could be severe enough to cut in half this year's addition to the atmosphere's carbon dioxide concentration - the metric that dictates climate change - according to calculations by co-author Charles Komanoff for the Carbon Tax Center.

How science finally caught up with Trump's playbook - with millions of lives at stake The president’s failure to heed the warnings about coronavirus and act quickly has set in train a domino effect that now imperils large swathes of the US.

Trump Administration is using a pandemic to hand out gifts to its favorite polluters But far away from the justifiably wall-to-wall coverage of COVID-19, the Trump Administration is unrepentantly using the pandemic to hand out gifts to its favorite polluters. COVID-19 news deeply saddens me. This other stuff infuriates me.

COP 26 postponed until next year Another important event postponed because of the Coronavirus. The announcement was made in a joint statement from the UK and UN after a "virtual" meeting of officials.

We are playing with our future and this has to change Although all the focus is rightly on the coronavirus pandemic at the moment, we should not disregard our long-term challenges. Food production and food security are crucial for our future. As societies, we should know more and pay far more attention.

Fuel from Photosynthesis Could Possibly be Generated Artificially from Solar Fuel Tiles in the Near Future Hello everyone and welcome another podcast! For those of you who are just joining me, Renewable Energy Future 365 focuses on providing community members with news and opinions on recent and upcoming events in the realm of renewable energy. In today's session, we will cover a unique look at harnessing renewable energy through photosynthesis.

To get a perspective - the climate crisis is a greater catastrophe than Coronavirus In the past, these events were triggered by a huge volcanic eruption or asteroid impact. Now, Earth is heading for another mass extinction - and human activity is to blame. I am an Earth and Paleo-climate scientist and have researched the relationships between asteroid impacts, volcanism, climate changes and mass extinctions of species.

Global sustainability metrics in focus Patrick Holden, SFT director, said: "I think it is the solution to all the confusion about what sustainable food actually is and the most refreshing thing is that farmers and land managers have developed this themselves.

On this day in history….4th April 2000 On this day in history : 4th April 2000 - Freak weather conditions, including blizzards and flooding, brings chaos to rail, road and air travel - on the coldest April day on record in the UK…. It was two weeks into British summer time and heavy snowfall had blanketed much of the countryside….

Relevant lessons from climate change and a global pandemic in the 19th century A powerful volcanic eruption in 1815 set off a chain of events, from extreme weather and crop failures to a global cholera pandemic. In 2020, the world should know better than to waste time squabbling about the origins of Covid-19.

My 30 Day No Toilet Paper Challenge…. After seeing shopping carts piled high with toilet paper during this pandemic and the resulting empty shelves I thought I would prove a point here - a no toilet paper panic is a first world problem. Most of the world does not use it. Also, over 95% of the TP that is produced is made from virgin timber.

Don't Let Global Warming Ruin Your Skincare Routine Unfortunately, things like pollution, everyday sun exposure, and the ever erratic atmosphere thanks to global warming are things we'll still be dealing with even after we leave quarantine. And while we may have more time to take care of our skin right now, all these stress factors are sure to have an impact on our complexion.

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