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USBR provides 27 projects $2.6 million in WaterSMART Cooperative Watershed Management Program grants Funding supports the establishment or further development of watershed groups to address water quantity and quality issues in the West.

Wildfire update #ActOnClimate From The Nevada Independent :. Meanwhile the effort to restore burn scars is ongoing :. From The Denver Post :. From Western Slope Now :.

The cost of offshore wind power: worse than we thought The cost of offshore wind power: worse than we thought. Superforest, Climate Change. By Andrew Montford.

How rising seas could cause your next internet outage To figure out how rising seas could affect the internet's physical structures, researchers compared a map of internet infrastructure to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's predictions for sea-level rise near U.S. coasts.

Google boils down water data for new U.N. environment site TEPIC, Mexico, July 17 - Vast quantities of raw satellite imagery and data will be distilled into an online platform showing how water ecosystems have changed, and how countries can manage them to prevent further loss, said Google and the United Nations.

Sucking carbon out of the air won’t solve climate change The idea of pulling carbon dioxide directly out of the air has been bouncing around climate change policy circles for well over a decade, but it's only been in the past few years that the technology itself - "direct air capture," or DAC - has been tested in the real world.

How the Paris Agreement can take on fossil fuel supply The UN deal doesn't mention coal, oil or gas, but it can still be used to limit their extraction. By Georgia Piggot and Peter Erickson. Read more on: Climate Politics - Energy - Fossil Fuels - Paris Agreement Climate Politics.

New shark species could be swimming towards UK as seas warm Bronze whaler or copper shark. Oceanic whitetip shark. Silky shark. Dusky shark. 10. Goblin shark.

Kelp find suggests Antarctica not isolated Using genomic tests, Australian and Chilean scientists identified the kelp as a species native to the remote South Georgia islands off the coast of Argentina and the Kerguelen Islands, southwest of Western Australia.

The Flash Drought Brought Misery, but Did It Change Minds on Climate Change? North Dakota is a land of extremes. On the heels of last year's drought, the region experienced a long, cold winter. All the ranchers in Byron's kitchen recall the misery of tending pregnant heifers in early 2018 at sub-zero temperatures in the middle of the night.

Ocean Warming Remember when we talked about how we are causing climate change ? Human-caused climate warming is changing our oceans in an important way: it is causing them to warm also. That's because the ocean absorbs nearly all of the extra heat we add with climate change.

Fragile China-EU climate pact must be backed by action Leaders overcame differences on climate. But in the EU-China relationship, trouble is never far away. By Léa Pilsner. Read more on: China - Comment and Analysis - EU - Opinion - UN climate talks - World China.

What are the hidden costs of climate change? When people argue against taking action to fight climate change, they usually cite the economic impacts of such measures. Yes, fighting climate change does cost money, but the financial implications of letting it go unchecked could eventually be much worse.

Can Carbon Farming Reverse Climate Change? Research suggests, however, using cover crops that can be planted after harvest, "so we have a longer period of active crop growth." Another approach is to turn away from annual cropping systems and move to perennial crop systems, where the plants grow from year to year, with harvests occurring every year.

Paddling pools in the garden 'attract a plague of biting insects' A plague of biting insects have descended on Britain, leading experts to warn families to get rid of paddling pools. The country's longest heatwave in 40 years has brought about a surge in reports of insect bites, with the number of people calling 111 over the attacks doubling and some reports showing people have been hospitalised with bites.

Sustainability: Mozambique among Countries at Risk as Temperature Soars A study on Monday, July 16, has shown that more than a billion people, including Mozambicans, are at risk from a lack of air conditioning and refrigeration as global warming brings more high temperatures. Such groups are at risk to keep cool and to preserve food and medicines while Earth warming increases, NAN reports.

Exotic sharks could migrate to British waters in coming decades due to climate change Great white sharks could soon be swimming in British waters as rising ocean temperatures allow southern species to venture north for the first time. In the coming decades, species that have previously been restricted to warmer waters will be found cruising around Cornwall and the Isle of Wight, according to a top shark tracking expert.

A Humble Seaweed Just Changed What We Know About Antarctica as The 'Isolated Continent' Large algae seaweeds known as kelp have been able to float some 20,000 kilometres from the southernmost reaches of the Indian and Atlantic oceans all the way to the shores of Antarctica - a trip previously thought to be impossible.

India struggles to stay cool amidst global warming: Report The report also said that policymakers should immediately measure gaps in access to cooling in their respective countries, as an evidence base for more proactive and integrated policy-making.

EU demand siphons illicit timber from Ukraine, investigation finds Lax due diligence by European companies is driving the illegal harvest of timber in Ukraine, one of the largest suppliers to the continent, according to a report published July 14. "It's a huge source of high-risk timber coming into the EU," said Sam Lawson, who directs the London-based investigative non-profit Earthsight.

'Single-minded determination': China's global infrastructure spree rings alarm bells Three years later, China inaugurated its Belt and Road Initiative, a $1 trillion transportation and energy infrastructure construction juggernaut aimed to give Beijing a strong presence in markets across the region as well as Africa and Europe. The initiative is slated for completion in 2049.

Birds' hunger for insects may be too great Birds' hunger for insects may have to shrink. A new calculation estimates the sheer weight of the insects they eat could be too big. LONDON, 17 July, 2018 - Birds' hunger for insects may be unsustainable.

Supersonic Jets For The Ultra Rich Could Be A Climate Change Disaster The revival of the futuristic planes threatens "large environmental consequences," a new report finds.

AI could help us protect the environment - or destroy it Today, we can pull out our smart phones and use various apps to enhance our everyday lives. Digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri are able to complete a number of helpful tasks in - and outside the home.

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