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Birds flying in wrong direction due to global warming, say experts in Kent Experts say growing evidence is emerging about the impact global warming is having on wildlife in Kent.

The week in podcasts and radio: Drilled; Discovery – Ecological Grief Climate crimes and other misdemeanours make for vital, if anxiety-inducing, listening.

PETA : UN Agenda 21 Will Stop Bushfires And Halt Climate Change "MUCH that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power." - Bertrand Russell. "THE urge to save humanity is almost always a false-front for the urge to rule it." - H.L. Mencken.

The environmental cost of keeping mail and files online keeps rising NEW YORK - Everyone has seen warnings at the end of email saying, "Please consider the environment before printing." But for those who care about global warming, you might want to consider not writing so many emails in the first place. More and more, people rely on their electronic mailbox as a life organizer.

Global economy most vulnerable to climate change, says risk perception survey With environment and climate risks topping the list, the next ten years are being dubbed as "the decade of sustainability". The WEF rankings note that these risks are perceived differently with stark generational divergences in perspective.

How to be a More Sustainable Traveler Let’s all do our part for the world. Here’s how to be a more sustainable traveler and make the globe a much better place to live.

6 How to be efficient climate action 'squeaky wheels' The other day, I googled the lists of petitions that've already been sent to the House of Representatives regarding CLIMATE ACTION. There are dozens.

Ugandan Climate Activist Defends Herself Against 'Racist' Photo Crop Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate called out the AP on social media Friday morning after the publication cropped her out of a photo where she stood beside four white peers following a press conference for a youth science group to fight climate change in Davos, Switzerland.

Scottish folk singer Karine Polwart on how climate change is shaping her songwriting You might expect Karine Polwart to be ecstatic. Last year, almost two decades into her career, the Scottish folk singer-songwriter landed her first Top 40 album, while her critically acclaimed theatre piece Wind Resistance is returning to the Edinburgh Lyceum this spring after selling out venues across the country.

Teen activist takes top award Teen activist Scomo Turdberg has been named as The Bug's Australian of the Year. Ms Turdberg was announced as the winner of this year's award by the head of the judging panel, The Bug's investment and finance advice columnist Morrie Bezzle.

Baker addresses housing, climate change at meeting of municipal leaders - The Boston Globe Governor Charlie Baker, capping off a week during which he delivered his State of the Commonwealth address and unveiled a $44.6 billion budget plan, pressed local officials Saturday for help moving stalled legislation to assist cities and towns address the housing crisis and combat the effects of climate change.

Climate crisis: We are the system that needs to change But our actions do matter. The global environment is withering from the accumulation of billions of small impacts. Each of our individual purchases or travel choices is a vote for how we treat other people and the natural world, and even if we don't directly see the results, our votes do count.

E.P.A. is letting cities dump more raw sewage into rivers for years to come The agency is allowing cities to delay or otherwise change federally imposed fixes to their sewer systems.

Coral in Crisis: Can Replanting Efforts Halt Reefs' Death Spiral? Citizen scientists are helping speed up efforts to replant and regrow dying reefs, but is the labor-intensive process really the best answer? Climate Change. January 24, 2020 - by Erica Cirino. Visit a coral reef off the coast of Miami or the Maldives and you may see fields of bleached white instead of a burst of colors.

Booming Plastics Industry Faces Backlash as Data About Environmental Harm Grows Environmentalists cite “an incredible disconnect” between government support for plastics manufacturing and evidence of the industry’s pollution and climate impact.

U.S. Media Polarization and the 2020 Election: A Nation Divided Enters a heated 2020 presidential election year, a new Pew Research Center report finds that Republicans and Democrats place their trust in two nearly inverse news media environments. Overall, Republicans and Republican-leaning independents view many heavily relied on sources across a range of platforms as untrustworthy.

Opinion - How Does a Nation Adapt to Its Own Murder? Australia is going up in flames, and its government calls for resilience while planning for more coal mines.

If you love Australia, climate change should scare the hell out of you - Greg Jericho Conservatives love to talk up Australia ‘punching above its weight’, but they turn to self-hating cowards when it comes to climate change.

Australian government adviser urges threatened species overhaul after bushfires Exclusive: Helene Marsh backs calls for the creation of national scientific monitoring system to help protect wildlife.

26 January, the ultimate day for toxic patriotism, is the perfect day to call for change - Luke Pearson Indigenous peoples are not the problem, but we may well be Australia’s best hope for a solution.

5 Reasons Many See Trump's Free Trade Deal as a Triumph for Fossil Fuels "It's a climate failure any way you look at it. How do you square that with the science telling us that we have 10 years to avoid a climate catastrophe?" The oil and gas industry had qualms when Trump first moved to scrap the 23-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement.

Interior attorney gave false information to Congress about contact with Koch Foundation Daniel Jorjani, the agency’s top lawyer, reached out to his former employer for advice in April 2017.

Global Risk Report 2020 15th edition of Global Risk Report was released by the World Economic Forum, an international organization for public-private cooperation bringing together leaders from business, government, and non-profit communities.

The climate crisis has already wreaked havoc on the US. Here's how we should start getting ready for the next disaster. The federal government has abandoned the fight against combat climate change, but local governments and companies can try to make up that shortfall.

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