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Potential Climate Change Perks: Free Transit King County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles wants to make getting around Seattle during major snow events easier, safer, and more affordable. She introduced a measure today that would make fares free whenever King County Metro switches to their Emergency Snow Network, the amended bus routes that were created in 2008 but first utilized in 2019.

Monday's Daily Brief: Earth Day, looking for a solution to Libya crisis, focus on indigenous issues, Security Council on Sri Lanka, a high-level visit The UN Special Representative for Libya and Head of the UN Mission in the country, UNSMIL, Ghassan Salamé, is continuing his efforts to try and de-escalate military action in and around the capital, Tripoli.

Hawaii's Waikiki Beach could soon be underwater because of climate change. Lawmakers are fighting to preserve it Chris Lee is co-sponsor of a bill that aims to keep Oahu's famed beaches at Waikiki from being sent underwater in the next 15-20 years due to rising sea levels.

Federal report contradicts EPA chief's claims that climate change impacts are decades away, environmental group says President Donald Trump reminded the public on Monday, in honor of Earth Day, that while his administration values the environment, "environmental protection and economic prosperity go hand in hand." Trump and EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler have publicly stated that climate change is not the White House's main environmental priority.

Global warming may boost economic inequality Now, researchers say warmer temperatures are widening the chasm separating richer and poorer countries, effectively boosting the economies of many wealthy polluters while dampening growth in much of the developing world.

Sunrise Movement vs Extinction Rebellion I'm not sure how most people think about Earth Day this year. But many continue to refuse to see these things are all part of our emerging climate catastrophe. News reports of these events often say nothing about the underlying causes being climate change, but that seems to be changing, slowly.

Young Readers Ask: The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After WarmingDavid Wallace-WellsTim Duggan Books, 2019. $27, 320 pages. Geronimo LaValle, age seven, is a second grader at a public dual language elementary school in Washington Heights, New York City. He's been practicing capoeira for three years.

Earth Day: Stanford scientists see link between global warming and income inequality This Earth Day, Stanford University researchers said gradual temperature increases over almost five decades have helped created financial disparities between poorer, typically warm countries and richer, typically cooler countries.

Ashes, Ashes We All Fall Down Les Miserables return to France's streets screaming for bread, incensed by the bounty promised to rebuild a cathedral that might better serve the underclass. French leaders say Notre Dame's tourist money will bring them the cash they are seeking but that promise is built on hollow scaffolding.

Jay Inslee presidential campaign is built around climate change - CNN Video Washington governor Jay Inslee is building his presidential campaign around climate change. CNN's Bill Weir reports.

Happy Earth Day - Redux for 2019!!! Today is Earth Day… the 49th anniversary of Earth Day, to be exact. Last night, I was struggling, trying to write a new Earth Day post for 2019, the theme of which is "Protect Our Species".

A Gathering Storm: Climate Change Threatens Lives And Futures More resources and innovative programs are needed to protect children in Bangladesh from environmental disasters caused by climate shock. A family takes to their boats after severe flooding in 2017 in the northern district of Kurigram, Bangladesh. UNICEF and partners are working tirelessly all over the world to save and protect children.

Young voters want more action on climate change - even if it hurts the economy A new poll finds that climate change is increasingly a key priority for younger people as 2020 approaches.

California’s high-value crops, like fruits and nuts, are the ones most vulnerable to climate change There is no single way forward. In dealing with climate change, farmers and policymakers need to use more than one tool at a time, DeLonge said. "There's not going to be a silver bullet."

Greta Thunberg backs climate general strike to force leaders to act Swedish activist says world faces ‘existential crisis’ and must achieve goals of Paris deal.

'Do everything in your power to tackle climate change' UN chief urges on Mother Earth Day Marking International Mother Earth Day, the UN on Monday debated how best to build “an equitable and sustainable future” for all, through enhanced education and climate action, on the road to a key international summit on the issue due to take place in September.

How Four Friends Fought the Deadliest Wildfire in a Century Finally, a few days later, the Steel Bridge opened again. Not long after the evacuation orders were lifted, a placard was affixed to the street sign at the base of Helltown Road:. Robert P. Baird has written for the 'London Review of Books' and 'Harper's Magazine.' This is his first article for GQ.

'The Climate Change Variety Hour' Focuses On Hope And Solutions Over Doom And Gloom Colorado Matters recorded "The Climate Change Variety Hour" in front of a live audience at DU's Newman Center. The event showcased real-world solutions, including a conversation with a climate change therapist, perspective from Hunter Lovins on business' bottom lines, the hip hop band Flobots, a climate comedian, and the Dr.

Climate change is costing Hydro-Québec millions, director-general says "Since 2000, a tree in Montreal grows about five inches a year, and the vegetation is growing more quickly," said Martel. "These changes were once occurring over the space of millennia, now its happening in 18 to 19 years.

Trump’s notoriously wasteful real estate properties will be forced to go green under new bill Donald Trump’s hometown is going green — and forcing the president’s real estate properties to take part in the venture. The New York city council passed a sweeping measure to address global warming.

86 percent of teachers say kids should learn about climate change. Only 42 percent teach it. The surveys of 1,007 adults and 505 teachers showed that more than 80 percent of parents and 86 percent of teachers agree that climate change should be part of the curriculum.

As the bookseller said to the archbishop - Brief letters Brief letters: Extinction Rebellion - Bookstore surprises - Rabbits - Comedians in power - Brexit.

Climate Change - The Lies, Propaganda, Misinformation, Disinformation and Emotional Blackmail. Part III It's Earth Day, so let's talk about the Earth. Let's talk about life on earth and the much maligned chemical which makes most life possible - CO², the Thermageddon Molecule.

The Media Are Complacent While the World Burns The project will launch on April 30 with a conference at the Columbia School of Journalism in New York City-a working forum where journalists will gather to start charting a new course.

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