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Global Warming is Becoming Less Invisible It's no secret that the earth has gotten warmer. According to an article published in National Geographic, the most recent decade was "the hottest decade since record-keeping began 140 years ago." And 2019 was deemed the second-hottest year on record according to NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

'We're going in the wrong direction': Climate change concern prompts Farrell to plan more city oversight Farrell started 2020 with an announcement that she plans to meet with the heads of every city department to talk about progress toward Calgary's current climate targets. "I just want all of us to feel the pressure and feel the sense of urgency," she explained.

Dear Conservationists and Climate Activists. But what they don't know is that change is coming whether they like it or not. so, why not shift this energy that we have on the streets for unresponsive leaders to rather engage with our own communities and amplify the voices and abilities of young people that will join us in the fight because the truth is that we can't do this on our own.

Greta Thunberg says climate demands 'completely ignored' at Davos Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg said calls to the corporate elite meeting in Davos to immediately disinvest in fossil fuels had been ignored. "We had a few demands. Of course these demands have been completely ignored. We expected nothing less," Thunberg told reporters in the Swiss ski resort on the last day of the conference.

Down and Out in Idabel How Myron found himself in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn in Idabel, Oklahoma looking out at the road on a Saturday morning in April - after a breakfast of brittle bacon, sausages slick with grease, dry fluorescent scrambled eggs - is not important.

Moving Fish Stocks And The Implications For Management of Fisheries Many European fish populations are on the move due to warming oceans and increasing numbers, according to new research from an international team of scientists led by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea and the University of Aberdeen.

Treasurer and attorney general back Global Warming Solutions Act The bill would require the state to reduce emissions 26% below 2005 levels by 2025 - or roughly a quarter from present levels. This would align with the goals set out in the Paris Climate Agreement, which Gov. Phil Scott and at least 23 other governors recommitted to when Trump signaled the U.S.'s withdrawal.

Obama slams Trump's latest climate change misstep Efforts by the Trump administration to undo fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles are a setback to the battle against climate change, former U.S. president Barack Obama said on Thursday. Speaking at a sell-out forum about the future of work, Obama said it's clear not everyone is on his page when it comes to the enormous global challenge.

Report: NC Will Experience Significant Climate Change Effects By 2100 North Carolina is on track to experience the most significant changes to its climate ever by the end of this century, according to a new report. Scientists with the North Carolina Insitute of Climate Studies, based at NC State University, presented the report to Gov.

Outrage as Uganda activist cropped from photo with Greta Thunberg The Associated Press said Vanessa Nakate was excised ‘purely on composition grounds’ after her video complaint went viral.

Australia must consider the growing impact of climate change on fire risk Only this time, Australia will need to consider not only how it can reform traditional fire safety measures, but also how the growing influence of climate change could worsen fire risk. Communities around the world, since at least the burning of Rome in the first century, have used the moments after calamitous fire to embark on wide scale reform.

The activist manifesto I pitched at Davos It was a surreal experience to hand this candidly written activist manifesto to a few of the world’s most powerful people at the World Economic Forum in Davos. My intention in drafting this strategy.

Lake Erie turns toxic every summer. Officials aren't cracking down on the source. Voluntary fixes for the growing — and global — hazardous algae problem aren’t working.

2020 starts with the plain prospect of rising heat Emissions will climb further. Each decade is warmer than the last. The oceans are feeling the rising heat. The economy is threatened. And that's just January.

The First Step In Becoming A Global Collective Force, Is Ending The World Of 'I' First of all, to my Followers, I'm sorry for all the 'world' focused posts as of late. I'm not preaching, I promise. I promised myself that 2020 would be a time of Action for me. I'm a Writer, Filmmaker, but before that, I'm a human… A concerned one.

Davos ends with disagreement on climate and Greta Thunberg on the march The annual meeting of business and political leaders in Davos wrapped up Friday with two of the world's most powerful people disagreeing over how to address the climate crisis and youth activists excoriating the international elite for not doing enough to prevent global warming.

These Carpets Take Aim at Global Warming The global carpet-maker Interface hopes a carbon-negative carpet tile can be the future of low embodied carbon building products.

We can’t trust the billionaires of Davos to solve a climate crisis they created - Payal Parekh It’s time to turn away from the World Economic Forum and its mass-polluting ‘affiliates’, says climate activist Payal Parekh.

Energy News for week ending January 24, 2020 Ambitious Goals - New oil - Nuclear diamonds. Happy Friday afternoon folks. Let's get to this week's news highlights. Over the past week or so the leaders of two New England states set dates for reaching some ambitious renewable energy and emissions goals.

Too warm for parsnips Has anyone else noticed parsnips tasting off this year? I thought it was just me leaving my share of them when collecting my vegetables from the local organic farm. But today I noticed the donations box was quite full of the said vegetable. The carrots are also not quite their usual taste, although at least they are palatable.

The January 2020 newsletter is hot off the presses from the Water Information Program Demand Management - a Hot Topic!!: There was an in-depth conversation around the Demand Management topic! Celene Hawkins stated that the Demand Management workgroups are just at the beginning stages of work and there are still many questions.

Inertia on global warming to cost State €7.6bn, say Greens It finds the bulk of costs arise from air pollution, traffic congestion, subsidising fossil fuels, paying fines for missing EU targets on reducing emissions and buying "carbon credits".

How might the new NOAA climate temperature normals change for your county? - We're almost one month into 2020, and this is an exciting time for climatologists. Upon the completion of this year, calculations will begin to update the climatological normals. Wondering what those are?

Ministers doing little to achieve 2050 emissions target, say top scientists Experts call for sweeping policy changes and warn against Heathrow expansion.

Young voters are increasingly concerned with climate change, survey shows A new survey issued by the United States Conference of Mayors found that 80 percent of voters between the ages of 18 to 29 say that global warming is "a major threat to human life on earth" as humans know it, according to a Vice news exclusive.

Global warming to increase violent crime People in the United States could see tens of thousands of extra violent crimes every year. because of climate change according to a new study by the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Greta Thunberg: Davos leaders ignored climate activists' demands Activist says calls to break from fossil fuels have been ignored at World Economic Forum.

China Is Key To Global Fight Against Climate Change China, the world's largest greenhouse gas emission emitter, will be the key to the global action to fight carbon emissions and climate change, leading environmental economist Lord Nicholas Stern said at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

YES: Oregon will lead on climate in 2020 It's not even the end of January of 2020 and climate impacts continue to stack up around the globe, the Trump administration is proposing new federal environmental rollbacks, and the Ninth Circuit Court has dismissed a landmark youth climate lawsuit.

On climate change I'm writing to share my feelings about climate change, and the work being done by the Wendell State Forest Alliance. The Department of Conservation and Recreation recently cut down many acres of 100-year oak trees on public lands, allegedly in the name of forest health.

Donald Trumpis Right To Be Optimistic This address by Donald Trump hits the right note on energy and the case for optimism. I only wish our own leaders here in the UK could do the same. He ends his address with these words:"We will never let radical socialists destroy our economy, wreck our country or eradicate our liberty.

What did we learn from Davos 2020? Climate crisis, Greta Thunberg and Trump were at core of 50th World Economic Forum.

White House Criticism Has ‘Of Course No Effect, ’ Greta Thunberg Says After days of urging global leaders to treat climate change with greater urgency, Ms. Thunberg ended her week in Davos, Switzerland, in much the same way she began her activism two years ago: joining her peers for a protest.

Lenz Moser: White wine, Grüner in China and climate change With Chinese New Year just one day away, we caught up with him and talked about the challenges of making wine in China, the country's rising interest in white wine, and the effects of climate change on the Ningxia region. At what stage is the Chinese fine wine industry?

Ivanka Trump praises Greta Thunberg for calling attention to threat of climate change Ivanka Trump cheered teenage climate change crusader Greta Thunberg for calling attention to the dire issue in a statement going against President Trump's criticism of the young activist, according to a report.

Proposed changes to regulations 'will make buildings less energy efficient' Damning assessment by group of leading architects and engineers describes government plan as ‘a step backwards’.

Boris Johnson ‘no aid for coal’ promise branded a sham Boris Johnson’s promise to stop spending aid money on coal has been branded a “sham”, after it emerged that no UK overseas assistance has been provided for the greenhouse gas-producing fuel since.

Doomsday Clock is 100 seconds to midnight, nonprofit says we are closer than ever to the apocalypse In the clock's grimmest moment ever, she believes years of dire warnings have begun to break through. "People are starting to get it," Bronson said, pointing to the movement ignited by teen climate activist Greta Thunberg.

18 Sampling Strategy for Qualitative Research One of the most challenging aspects of qualitative research is ensuring you get a suitable number of participants for your study to represent an appropriate proportion of the overall population related to your subject area.

Global Warming Potentially Impacts Processes Responsible for Biodiversity Considering the present situation of climate change, an international research team has performed a new study that highlights the adverse, potential impact of global warming on processes responsible for biodiversity.

A Call for Investors to Put Their Money Toward a Green Future For wealthy Davos men and women, as well as people from less rarefied air, targeted investing is one way to force change on carbon-emitting companies.

Review: In 'Earthquakes in London,' climate change shakes a family to its core Flashbacks introduce us to the corruption of a brilliant young engineer who buried his alarming environmental research findings in exchange for funding from the rapidly expanding airline industry of the early 1970s.

US and Europe clash over climate crisis threat on last Davos day US Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin downplay risks posed by climate emergency.

Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow / Smilla's Sense of Snow - Peter Høeg Finally I can discuss a topical book, about 25 later. That is because this summer, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, wanted to buy Greenland to extract fossil fuels and miner…

Doomsday Clock is now 100 seconds from midnight - + Opinion The hypothetical clock measures our nearness to Armageddon. Source: Doomsday Clock is now 100 seconds from midnight. Opinion:. Ridiculous fear-mongering from people who have nothing better to do than play some kind of big-time dystopia game. The atomic threat is of course real.

Big companies lack concrete plans for dealing with climate change despite their outcry about the problem, Davos panelists warn According to one insurance CEO, companies talk about the problems 90% of the time and devote only 10% to real solutions.

Seed Paper These are a few pictures of handmade seed paper that i created for the purpose of making visiting cards and price tags for a college project. The seeds used are Holy Basil seeds that i sourced from a nursery near my home. seed paper is quite self explanatory… its paper with seeds in it, which u can plant instead of trashing.

George Soros gives $1bn to tackle 'drift towards authoritarianism’ Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has pledged to channel $1bn into a new university network that will promote liberal values and tackle intolerance. Mr Soros’ announcement during his.

She's Taking on Elon Musk on Solar. And Winning. Last year the company overtook Tesla, which got into the solar business after it acquired SolarCity, which was founded by Lyndon Rive, the cousin of Tesla's chief executive Elon Musk. This interview, which was condensed and edited for clarity, was conducted in New York City.

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Norwegian children play in artificial snow as climate change hinders winter weather Children slip by on their cross-country skis, skidding around on artificial snow sprayed out onto on the otherwise bare ground by six huge blowing machines in Norway’s Oestmarka forest.

Schweiger: Defined by Three Rivers, Pittsburgh must Continue to Fight for Clean Water The evisceration of the clean water rules will eliminate Federal protections on many intermittent waterways and critical wetlands that are nature's filtration systems. Half of the Nation's wetlands have already been drained.

The companies that have contributed most to climate change This thoughtful and thought-provoking look at some realistic but encouraging practicalities of converting the energy system makes a stimulating counterpart to the Guardian series. These stories update the 2017 Carbon Majors Report about the 100 most-carbon-polluting companies.

Pa. Supreme Court preserves 'rule of capture' for fracking Under the rule of capture, oil and gas in deep reservoirs belongs to whoever pulls it from a well on his own property first.

Planning begins for Pittsburgh's first ecovillage, at Chatham's Eden Hall campus After years of false starts, the Pittsburgh Cohousing Group is ready to start creating Pittsburgh's first ecovillage at Chatham University's Eden Hall Campus in Gibsonia. So what's an ecovillage? "It's both people and place," says Stefani Danes, an architect and Carnegie Mellon professor who's helping to guide the project.

Greta Thunberg at Davos: 'Our demands have been completely ignored' – video The 17-year-old activist said that the World Economic Forum has completely ignored the climate movement’s demands on fossil fuel divestment this week.

As Climate Risks Worsen, U.S. Flood Buyouts Fail to Meet the Need Approach to buying out properties vulnerable to flooding is rife with uncertainty and delays. Now, as climate change drives more extreme coastal storms and precipitation events, the system must undergo a drastic overhaul or risk stranding millions in flood-prone homes.

Four graphs that suggest we can't blame climate change on solar activity Given this combination of factors, it is rather difficult to defend the position that solar activity is indeed responsible for present climate change without a radical shake up of the understanding of solar physics.

Trump erodes water protections: 6 things to know The move delivers a major win for the agriculture, homebuilding, mining, and oil and gas industries, which have for decades sought to shrink the scope of the water law that requires them to obtain permits to discharge pollution into waterways or fill in wetlands, and imposes fines for oil spills into protected waterways.

How UNICEF redesigned its tents to be ready for a changing world The tents are used in emergencies around the world. "They have to be erected by nontechnical people in pretty much all climates known to mankind," says Sorensen. "We erect them in cold climates where we have snowstorms and subzero degrees, and very hot climates in deserts.

Social Roots Seed Company Wants to 'Reseed the Lowcountry' As climate change makes the Southeast’s growing conditions increasingly unpredictable, encouraging individuals to grow heirlooms and save their seeds presents an opportunity for crop resilience.

Ohio officials know how to stop Lake Erie from turning toxic, but no one will do it This slow-motion crisis, however, is largely manmade - and neither the federal government nor states are effectively cracking down on the major contributor. Harmful blooms like cyanobacteria or the so-called red tide grow out of control when they're overfed nutrients such as phosphorus.

Greta Thunberg Joins Climate March on Her Last Day in Davos Thunberg, who has been rebuking world leaders for inaction on climate change, said she was not deterred by critics who called her concerns overblown.

Climate change: 'We're not perfect', says Marion Cotillard on Antarctica trip Actor Marion Cotillard has travelled to Antarctica with Greenpeace to learn about how climate change, plastic waste and industrial fishing are damaging wildlife. "As pristine as it looks, even a remote place like this one is impacted by harmful human activities," she said.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Takes Jab at Greta Thunberg at Davos Thunberg, a Swedish climate activist who has led demonstrations around the world, spoke at the forum on Tuesday and urged business leaders to stop investing in fossil fuels immediately. "I wonder, what will you tell your children was the reason to fail and leave them facing the climate chaos you knowingly brought upon them?" Ms.

Climate change action plan backed by Manx politicians Tynwald voted unanimously to approve the first phase of the government's plans to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. MHK Daphne Caine said she "supported the direction of travel" but the island had been "traa dy liooar" in its efforts.

E.U. Farm Chief Pledges to Tackle Corruption in Subsidy Program BRUSSELS - The European Union's new top agricultural official promised on Thursday to introduce anticorruption measures in response to a New York Times investigation that revealed how the bloc's huge farm subsidy program underwrites a system of political patronage and land grabbing.

UN Human Rights Committee decision on climate change a wake-up call: UNHCR UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, welcomes this week's ruling of the UN Human Rights Committee in the case of Teitiota v. New Zealand. While the claim to protection by Mr.

Zero-carbon hydrogen injected into gas grid for first time in groundbreaking UK trial Blend of hydrogen and natural gas is being used to heat homes and faculty buildings at Keele University.

Opinion - The Darkness Where the Future Should Be What happens to a society that loses its capacity for awe and wonder at things to come?

Climate change becomes a top business threat Driving the news: Climate generated the highest degree of public pressure on corporations by activists, policymakers and journalists last year, according to data analyzed by consultancy High Lantern Group and provided exclusively to Axios. The topic's mention rose 77% over 2018.

Idaho lawmakers told global warming has helped state BOISE, Idaho - An attorney with an Illinois-based group that dismisses human-caused climate change told Idaho lawmakers that the warming that has occurred has benefited the state and increased crop production. The Heartland Institute's James Taylor spoke to a House committee Thursday.

Death toll rises to 13 as Storm Gloria ravages Spain At least 13 people have died as a powerful storm wreaks havoc in parts of Spain, prompting the government to call for an emergency meeting. Storm Gloria tore through the Balearic Islands, including.

Frequency of intense floods and storms could double in 13 years, says study Climate crisis and socioeconomic factors, combined with critically unprepared governments, bring high risks for some countries.

BOM drops latest data review Whew… what a hot summer… isn`t it? If you thought that the weather has been hotter than usual, it turns out you're right. According to the Bureau of Meteorology's annual climate statement, the annual national mean temperature last year was 1.52°C above average, making 2019 Australia's warmest year on record.

Chernobyl Prayer by Svetlana Alexievich The 2015 Nobel Laureate for Literature Svetlana Alexievich needs no introduction. She is famous for collecting and curating oral histories of life in the nations that formed the USSR, from the horrors of World War II to the complexity of being post-Soviet.

Hypocrisy’: 90% of UK-Africa summit’s energy deals were in fossil fuels Exclusive: Almost £2bn went to oil and gas despite a UK pledge to support cleaner energy in African countries.

Feature - Seeking Solace in 40 Slides of Climate Science Denial It was an evening plagued by powerpoint problems and empty seats for the director of the UK's leading climate science denial campaign group, the Global Warming Policy Foundation, who had for one night ventured far from the organisation's offices in Westminster's Tufton Street to the small Devon town of Totnes.

Green Myths Canada's LNG Sales Force Tells the World That's impressive, says LNG Canada, because 90 million tons equals about 80 per cent of Canada's car pollution. Or all of B.C.'s annual greenhouse gas emissions.

US Trump administration attacks Greta Thunberg This 2018 video says about itself:. By Ceren Sagir:. Thursday, January 23, 2020. US treasury secretary takes swipe at Thunberg. US TREASURY Secretary Steven Mnuchin took a swipe at teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg today, saying that she is not qualified to give advice on climate change.

Some Positive Climate-actions for Electric Vehicles An electric vehicle, also called an EV, uses one or more electric motors or traction motors for propulsion. An electric vehicle may be powered through a collector system by electricity from off-vehicle sources, or may be self-contained with a battery, solar panels or an electric generator to convert fuel to electricity.

How dare we let this all happen to our planet ? If a 17-year-old girl can understand the importance of climate change issues and environmental problems, why can't us? The points made by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg at the UN Climate Change Conference were surely something to be taken care of.

David Attenborough to appear at citizens' climate assembly People from across UK will join TV host to discuss ways to cut emissions to zero by 2050.

Why Climate-Conscious Plutocrats Still Like Trump As no shortage of marketing materials will tell you, the elites gathering this week in Davos, Switzerland, are worried about climate change-so much so that some are choosing to forgo their foie gras and swapping private jet rides for first-class train tickets.

Lithium extraction for e-mobility robs Chilean communities of water There are few independent scientific studies on either the amount of water used during the evaporation process or about the impact of brine extraction on the ecosystem. One of the few experts in the field is microbiologist Cristina Dorador. She has been studying microorganisms in salt lakes, such as the Atacama Salt Flat.

FROM THE FIELD: Niger supporting the most vulnerable, as crises mount The number of people requiring humanitarian assistance in Niger, a country which the UN humanitarian agency, OCHA, says is “being assaulted on all fronts”, is expected to increase in 2020.

Al Gore: The Davos Interview I remember in 1979-1980, there was a nuclear-arms-control agreement pending in the Senate, the SALT II agreement that Jimmy Carter had negotiated. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Candidate Ronald Reagan coined that phrase, "the Evil Empire," and promoted a mass expansion of the ICBM arsenal.

A Rolling Stone Roundtable With the Youth Climate Activists Fighting for Change in Davos This is why hours after Thunberg's speech, a group of five youth climate activists camping with the Arctic Basecamp participated in a closed-door meeting to discuss how some of these financial interests can weave sustainability into their economic models.

UK households waste 4.5m tonnes of food each year Report reveals total has fallen 7% in last three years, but says much more still needs to be done.

Jack Knox: The struggle to save jobs, and old-growth trees With the seven-month WFP strike dragging on up-Island and forest-industry towns everywhere on their knees, this might not seem an ideal time to urge British Columbians to rally against old-growth logging. But with just a week to go before the next deadline in a provincial government review process, Jens Wieting doesn't have much choice.

Climate change hangs over Changpa nomads, fine pashmina wool KORZOK, India: For centuries the Changpa have tended the shaggy goats that provide silky-soft, super-expensive pashmina wool. But now many are rethinking their way of life, in part because of climate change.

New hybrid-electric ferries to be floated into local waters on Friday Break out your binoculars to watch the two new Island-class hybrid-electric ferries float off their partially submerged carrier vessel into local waters on Friday morning. The Sun Rise carrier, holding the ferries, will leave Ogden Point late tonight to anchor off Royal Roads.

Report 'buried' by Alberta government reveals 'mounting evidence' that oil and gas wells aren't reclaimed in the long run The government uses an extensive list of criteria to compare an old well site to a nearby piece of land that hasn't been drilled. In the public understanding, a reclamation certificate should ensure that the site of an oil or gas well has been returned to an environmentally acceptable state.

Congressman Joe Neguse talks climate change, impeachment during State of the District address Following his talk, Neguse took questions and met with students from Boulder High School who attended the event. When asked if he thought the Senate might call witnesses in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, Neguse said he couldn't speculate, but he did offer some opinions on the proceedings.

The right keeps attacking Greta Thunberg’s identity, not her ideas In her speech before the summit in September, which quickly went viral, she delivered a message to the leaders of the world: "People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction. And all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth.

It’s Steven Mnuchin who should listen to economists on climate change Thunberg countered Mnuchin's comments with an argument more grounded in the physical sciences: We are facing extremely disruptive warming consequences absent a dramatic change in policy trajectory, and one really doesn't need to know much about economics to understand that.

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World's biggest nickel miner has a plan for its crisis-ridden border town: here could come a hub for Arctic tourism Nornickel might invest up to 10,5 billion rubles in the development of a tourism cluster in Pechenga, the municipality located along border to Norway and Finland.

Tasmanians welcome Premier's announcement of first Liberal Climate Change Minister "As farmers, we're on the climate frontline - we're impacted by fires, rivers drying up and extended droughts, all of which we can expect to see more of unless urgent action is taken to tackle climate change," Mr Downie said.

Subsistence farming topples forests near commercial operations in Congo What's more, Molinario said, analyses boiling down the deforestation caused by these operations in their immediate vicinities are "very limited and probably inaccurate because they don't take into consideration this broader dynamic." The stage is set for this forest loss to continue.

Catastrophic Amazon tipping point less than 30 years away: study One of the most important questions Amazon scientists are asking today is, how much deforestation and global climate change can this tropical biome tolerate before rainfall is drastically reduced - forcing a rainforest-to-savanna conversion, and releasing huge amounts of stored forest carbon into the atmosphere in the process?

Canada working towards new future for Indigenous-led conservation But, as the authors of a recent paper in Biological Conservation argue, realizing this potential requires rethinking past approaches to conservation and ensuring that Indigenous people have substantive decision-making roles regarding their territories.

Carbon-neutral in 15 years? When a small village in Finland took the country’s biggest peat producer to court over a polluted river, it didn’t expect to win.

How did Isabel dos Santos become Africa's richest woman? Dos Santos, the billionaire daughter of the former president of Angola, claims to be a self-made businesswoman, but the Luanda Leaks, a cache of 715,000 emails, charts, contracts, audits and accounts, help explain how she actually built her business empire.

Americans’ Views on Climate Change Evolving Americans' views on climate change quickly are evolving. Storm Team4 Meteorologist Amelia Draper reports on some eye-opening numbers.

The deadly secret behind cremation TOXIC pollution is released from cremations every day because of a lack of action in tackling fumes. The majority of coffins cremated in Brighton are made from MDF or chipboard, which release toxic nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide when burnt.

James J. McCarthy, Harvard oceanographer who focused attention on climate change, dies 75 - The Boston Globe These were conditions that did not seem representative of a transient phenomenon." An award-winning scientist whose observations about the pace and intensity of climate change inspired and informed students, colleagues, and politicians, Doctor McCarthy died Dec.

"I Don't See Her In Beijing Or Delhi" - Niall Ferguson Slams Davos' "Virtue Signaling" Greta Fanboys Climate activist Greta Thunberg addressed the world's elite face-to-face at the World Economic Forum in Davos yesterday, admonishing the grown-ups in the room for their lack of panic:.

Fuel Economy Rollback Plan Would Cost Consumers, Analysis Says A Trump Administration plan to lower automotive mileage targets for future model years that could be approved in a matter of weeks would result in hundreds of dollars in added costs for consumers, according to a new U.S. Senate analysis. The analysis, outlined by the office of U.S.

Firefighters battle south coast blaze into the night – in pictures The Horsley Park RFS brigade – which lost two firefighters in December when their truck hit a tree and rolled – worked to protect homes from the Badja Forest Road fire, north of Bermagui, through the night on Thursday.

Australian bushfires to contribute to huge annual increase in global carbon dioxide Atmospheric concentration of major greenhouse gas forecast to hit 417 parts per million in May with bushfires contributing 2% of increase.

UK funding overseas fossil fuel projects emitting millions of tonnes of emissions, investigation finds The government is pumping billions of pounds into overseas fossil fuel projects that could emit up to 69 million tonnes of greenhouses gases every year, an investigation has found. Earlier this week,.

The effects of climate change already being seen in Central Ohio Scientists said 2019 was the second warmest year on record. Central Ohio is more than 2 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than average since 1951 according to AccuWeather. The effects of climate change may be devastating to coastal areas prone to hurricanes or drier climates ravaged by wildfires, but the effects are also being seen in Central Ohio.

Australian bushfires will cause jump in CO2 in atmosphere, say scientists Fires released vast amounts of carbon dioxide and reduced vegetation, pushing planet closer to point of no return.

Glyndebourne shows how arts companies can lead on climate change I was staggered to discover that the increasingly useful word greenwash is older than some of my Times colleagues. It was first used in 1986 by the environmental campaigner Jay Westervelt to…

Vermont businesses call for action on climate change Vermont businesses took to the Statehouse on Thursday to call for action on climate change. More than 100 employees showed up to lobby lawmakers to take more decisive steps to combat what they say is an urgent crisis. Burton talked about the impact of climate change on the snowboarding seasons.

Gates Foundation’s new nonprofit venture will boost innovations for farmers facing climate change The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is starting up a nonprofit group that will focus on helping small-scale farmers in developing countries deal with the effects of climate change.

Select SF Restaurants Tack On 'Optional' Surcharge to Fight Climate Change Diners in SF are likely sick of surprise surcharges at this point - and many have argued that local restaurants long ago should have just rolled those "SF Mandates" charges into their prices and stopped surcharging us.

To what extent does reforesting the planet combat climate change. To reforest is to simply "replant with trees; cover again with forest". The topic has been revitalised by the social media movement #TeamTrees. This was started in May 2019 when the internet challenged a Youtuber known as "MrBeast" to plant 20 million trees after hitting 20 million subscribers.

'It's worrying': Quebec faces recycling 'emergency' as sorting centres on verge of closure Quebec is facing a recycling emergency as four sorting centres are threatening to close their doors. Environment Minister Benoit Charette is in crisis management mode. In order to maintain the public's faith that climate change can be fought, he said the province needs to transform the whole recycling system - and fast.

Not Extinction Rebellion, But Extinction Reconciliation The "map" consists of three parts: Resilience, Relinquishment, and Restoration. In a subsequent essay, Bendell added a fourth "R", which I think is essential-Reconciliation. Resilience means adapting to changing circumstances, especially trauma or catastrophe.

Australia's bushfire smoke is lapping the globe, and the law is too lame to catch it When a bushfire burns is one country, smoke drift means it can become the world's problem. But the law lacks the teeth to hold those responsible to account.

Exclusive Poll: 80% of Young Voters Think 'Global Warming Is a Major Threat to Life as We Know It' The poll, shared exclusively with VICE News, found that 80% of Generation Z and Millennials believe "global warming is a major threat to human life on earth as we know it," according to the U.S. Conference of Mayors-Zogby Strategies National Youth Poll.

North Dakota signals no new conditions on pipeline expansion - North Dakota regulators signaled Thursday that the state would not impose conditions beyond those required by the federal government on a proposal to double the capacity of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Warning on heatwave health Daily Mercury 24 January 2020. WITH Mackay in the throes of another heatwave, doctors are urging people to be wary of how they exert themselves as temperatures soar. The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast temperatures above 30C for the remainder of January, and with such conditions comes the increased risk of heat-related illness.

Doomsday clock lurches to 100 seconds to midnight – closest to catastrophe yet Nuclear and climate threats create ‘profoundly unstable’ world as Mary Robinson warns climate inaction is ‘death sentence for humanity’.

The Doomsday Clock is now at "100 seconds to midnight." Here’s what that means. Climate change, nuclear war, accelerating technology, and incompetent leadership threaten us.

What does Trump actually believe on climate change? He has called climate change "mythical", "nonexistent", or "an expensive hoax" - but also subsequently described it as a "serious subject" that is "very important to me". Still - if you sift through his multitude of tweets and statements, a number of themes emerge.

Big oil: even more dangerous than you thought Recently we asked for feedback on our Climate Cast biweekly news bulletin, and you told us: more stories on clean energy solutions… more offerings of actions you can take right now… and a more concise presentation. So here you go! Thanks for your input; hope you find the new ClimateCast informative and useful.

'Climate change and the decline of birds' with Jeff Wells BELFAST - A recently published study in Science reports that there are nearly three billion fewer birds in North America than there were in the 1970s, according to Belfast Free Library, in a news release. This news follows reports of declining insect populations and the overwhelming, far-reaching effects of climate change.

George Soros commits $1 billion to start global university to fight climate change Billionaire George Soros said he will commit US$1 billion to start a global university to fight authoritarian governments and climate change, calling them twin challenges that threaten the survival of our civilization.

9 major climate change cases that could shape the fight to save the planet Everyone involved, concurs that the climate crisis poses a dire and increasing threat to a safe environment. The big questions are: What needs to be done, and whose responsibility is it to remedy the situation?

A top industry consultant reveals the 2 key reasons why he thinks US banks are beginning to raise their voices on climate change and sustainability is PwC's US head, Tim Ryan, told us that American banks are both excellent at assessing risk and well positioned to lead on investing in green business.

100 Seconds I suppose that 100 seconds is 1 minute 40 seconds, a strange way to measure time but the reason why scientists now measure in seconds instead of minutes on the Doomsday Clock is because we are so close to Midnight which is the end of the World that minutes won't do anymore.

Travel Manitoba not considering risks like climate change that could affect tourism: Auditor General The province's auditor general says Travel Manitoba is not fully considering risks that could have an impact on the province's tourism industry, like climate change.

At Davos, UN chief urges 'big emitters' to take climate action The world is “doomed” in the face of climate change unless major industrial nations reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, UN Secretary-General António Guterres told business leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday.

Opinion - The Revolution Comes to Davos At the anti-capitalist capitalist event, radical sentiments erupt in unexpected places.

The Trump administration's fear of teenagers It's clear they're afraid of the effect the climate strike movement is having on the minds of humanity, since both Donald Trump and, today, his sycophantic Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin attacked Thunberg at the World Economic Forum summit in Davos.

They’re not going away overnight’: RBC CEO says fossil fuels are necessary in shift to green economy The CEO of Canada's largest lender by assets said a lot of the anger and calls for an immediate end to fossil-fuel investment stems from a lack of a clear path to reaching global climate-change goals from the Paris agreement and attaining carbon neutrality by 2050.

As Trump heads to Doral, Florida Republicans send a message on climate change Florida is the land of hurricanes and sunny-day flooding and - with its 8,000 miles of coastline - is ground zero for the damaging effects of the world's changing atmosphere.

Drought news: But D0 expanded in NE #Colorado, winter wheat is suffering and soils are very dry in SE Colorado This Week's Drought Summary. Pacific weather systems migrated across the contiguous U.S. in a fairly westerly jet stream flow during this U.S. Drought Monitor week. East of the Rockies, they tapped Gulf of Mexico moisture and dropped above-normal precipitation in a storm track that stretched from Texas to the Great Lakes.

George Soros to start $1 billion university to fight authoritarianism and climate change Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions. - EU Data Subject Requests.

Doomsday Clock Moved Closer To Doomsday Than It Has Ever Been The Doomsday Clock has been moved closer to midnight than ever before.

2020: a critical year for the climate crisis Bushfires in Australia, supercharged by record-breaking heat and drought, have scorched more than 10.7 million hectares - that's larger than the devastating Amazon fires of 2019, and more than 80 times larger than last year's California wildfires. So, we begin this new year with our planet literally on fire.

Big Business Says It Will Tackle Climate Change, but Not How or When In Davos, business leaders were newly vocal about the danger, though they gave few details about how they would reform their practices.

Hypergiant Is Using AI And Algae To Take on Climate Change Hypergiant, an AI products and solutions company, is harnessing this unique power of algae in its latest technology, the EOS bio-reactor which uses AI to optimize algae growth and carbon sequestration.

Fires and floods prove world leaders must act now on climate change Davos — where government, civil society and business leaders mingle — has an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate the urgently need collective action at a time when multilateralism is on the retreat, write Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Patrick Verkooijen, CEO of the Global Center on Adaptation.

Nelson launches citizen survey on climate change The City of Nelson is looking to better understand the diverse knowledge, values, and behaviours of its residents, to support the development of a Climate Change Action Plan that aligns with the community and its needs.

Fire raining on beaches, red skies and a billion animals killed: the new Australian summer - Brigid Delaney Climate change has stopped being something to argue about. When you breathe in the ash and feel the pain in your heart, you can no longer deny it.

Fighting climate change from farm fields to Capitol Hil 3, contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination have suggested ways to help America's farmers to rebound from a near-disastrous 2019 growing season that highlighted the agriculture sector's unique vulnerability to climate change impacts.

Ignore the Fake Climate Debate The deniers and alarmists may make headlines, but behind the scenes, an expert consensus is taking shape on how to respond to global warming.

Derby staff and students given climate change anxiety therapy One student involved in the workshops said climate change makes her feel as though she is "not going to have a future". Dr Jamie Bird, who hopes to expand the sessions, said people suffer "climate grief" when seeing what is being lost.

Trump watered down environmental laws after BP lobbying, letters reveal BP successfully lobbied the Trump administration to dilute a key US environmental law, making it easier to build oil and gas projects with fewer checks on how they affect the climate. After BP’s.

Oslo court backs Arctic oil exploration in defeat for environmentalists Greenpeace says it will appeal to the Supreme Court, arguing oil exploration violates Norway's constitutional guarantees of a healthy environment. By Alister Doyle. Read more on: Arctic - Climate justice - Energy - Lawsuits - UN climate talks - Arctic - Greenpeace - Norway - Oil and Gas Arctic.

Scientists Say Paris Agreement Climate Goals May Now Be Unattainable By Alex Kirby for Climate News Network. The fevered arguments about how the world can reach the Paris climate goals on cutting the greenhouse gases which are driving global heating may be a waste of time. An international team of scientists has learned more about the main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide − and it's not good news.

EPA fails to provide scientific evidence backing claim climate change damage was '50 to 75 years out' The Environmental Protection Agency in response to a Freedom of Information Act request did not provide any scientific evidence to back Administrator Andrew Wheeler's claims that the consequences of climate change were still “50 to.

Opinion: Ivanka Trump just wants Greta Thunberg to smile – why not? Oh Ivanka – I feel for her, I do. I look forward to the day when her and Melania are released from the pact they made with a sea witch and are able to tell us the truth about what they were really.

The lessons from historic preservation councils blocking solar panels Even though it's a bit of a sideshow - this isn't a lot of solar energy - there are lessons within it worth dwelling on and taking seriously, especially for those involved in conceiving, writing, and implementing climate policy. It shows why change will always involve a healthy amount of on-the-ground organizing and grinding.

AP Explains: How climate change feeds Africa locust invasion JOHANNESBURG - Locusts by the millions are nibbling their way across a large part of Africa in the worst outbreak some places have seen in 70 years. Is this another effect of a changing climate? Yes, researchers say. An unprecedented food security crisis may be the result.

Trump’s treasury secretary says Greta Thunberg should ‘go and study economics’ Is she the chief economist? Who is she?’ says Steve Mnuchin in dig at teenage activist.

Study Highlights Impact of Rising Global Temperatures on the Permafrost Region Permafrost can be defined as the perpetually frozen subsoil that occurs in the northernmost regions of Earth. Since the last Ice Age, permafrost has been gathering and preserving animal and plant matter. When some of this organic matter becomes decomposed, it naturally discharges carbon dioxide gas into the air throughout the year.

Humanity is closer to annihilation than ever before, scientists say Clock is now set to 100 seconds to midnight, experts announce.

Idaho Lawmaker: Teaching Kids About Climate Change Imparts "Greta Thunberg Syndrome" Idaho lawmakers are once again considering removing science standards for public schools that outline the effects of man-made climate change. Opponents testified to the House Education Committee Wednesday morning that Idaho's science standards are pushing kids to look at certain forms of energy negatively.

Tax flyers to fund tree planting scheme, says new report Levy could fund tree-planting scheme, says Committee on Climate Change.

Global warming could have a negative impact on biodiversity generation processes In the current climate change scenario, an international team led by researchers from Pablo de Olavide University and the Autonomous University of Madrid has carried out research that suggests global warming could have a negative impact on the processes that generate biodiversity.

VoxEU: Central banks and climate change Central banks have been called on to contribute to fighting climate change. This column presents a framework for thinking about the issue and identifies so…

All nations must come together to bring down global warming, question of planet's survival: Angela Merkel German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday said each and every country needs to contribute to bring down global warming as it is now a question of survival of the entire planet. Attending the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Ms.

Young Leaders meet at St Paul's College, Burgess Hill for the second training day At CAFOD we recognise that young people can make a huge difference, which is why we want to equip senior students to be Young Leaders in their local and global communities. CAFOD's Young Leadership Programme is designed for Sixth Formers and provides them with training to develop leadership skills.

DenverWater 'evaluating options' after Gross project ruling - The Arvada Press #ColoradoRiver #COriver #aridification In total, the city has the rights to roughly 25,000 acre-feet of water, with about 19,000 of that provided through its existing contract with Denver Water, he said. "We have a comprehensive plan that shows what the city limits will eventually grow to" by 2065, when an estimated 155,000 people will live in Arvada, Sullivan said.

Paris climate goals may be beyond reach Scientists find carbon dioxide is more potent than thought, meaning the Paris climate goals on cutting greenhouse gases may be unattainable. LONDON, 23 January, 2020 − The fevered arguments about how the world can reach the Paris climate goals on cutting the greenhouse gases which are driving global heating may be a waste of time.

Stoneflies and mayflies, canaries of our streams - @ColoradoStateU Here's the release from Colorado State University :. Editor's note: Boris Kondratieff, professor of entomology and curator of the C. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity at Colorado State University, wrote this piece for The Conversation in January 2020.

Trump just proved that battle over the climate crisis will be won by lobbyists - James Moore Big oil has woken up to the fact that the climate crisis is becoming part of the zeitgeist. People are seeing the pictures from Australia, reading the reports about glaciers shrinking and taking on.

Al Gore compares climate change to Dunkirk, Agincourt, and 9/11 Al Gore has urged governments and the global elite to take stronger action in tackling the climate crisis, comparing it to some of the greatest military actions in history – and the 9/11 terror.

Navajo Energy Storage Station update A Virginia-based company has proposed a hydro-storage facility on the Navajo Nation near Lake Powell. KNAU's Ryan Heinsius reports, it's the latest hydro proposal to harness Colorado River water. The company Daybreak Power has proposed a 2,210-megawatt facility near the south shore of Lake Powell.

Will climate change spur crisis?; OCC, FDIC go it alone on CRA overhaul The report, which warns that "central bankers lack tools to deal with what it says could be one of the biggest economic dislocations of all time… could be the overriding theme for central banks in the decade to come." "My thought or vision will be that we will do a joint OCC-FDIC rule, and then the Fed will have to make a determination whether...

POTUS Removes Pollution Controls on Streams and Wetlands - The New York Times #shameonyou The Trump administration on Thursday will finalize a rule to strip away environmental protections for streams, wetlands and other water bodies, handing a victory to farmers, fossil fuel producers and real estate developers who said Obama-era rules had shackled them with onerous and unnecessary burdens.

Farming's growing problem Fertilizers are contaminating and warming the planet. Regulators haven’t acted on decades-old warnings.

Nelson: Climate change predictions are just like London buses In this strange newspaper game, you learn quickly enough that using superlatives is simply asking for trouble. Write a story about the oldest citizen, the tallest tree or the fattest cat and, sure as night follows day, the next morning up pops someone or something older, taller or infinitely chubbier.

The problem with China’s single-use plastic ban: What will replace the plastic? Just swapping single-use plastic for compostable alternatives won’t do much if none of them end up in the compost.

It’s time to regulate fashion the way we regulate the oil industry Her role prompts the question: Why don't more governments have a minister of fashion, official or otherwise? No doubt, part of the reason is that the scale of the industry's environmental footprint is a relatively new problem.

Elizabeth Segran: Governments should regulate the fashion industry France now has an “unofficial fashion minister” tackling the massive pollution produced by the fashion sector. Other governments should follow suit.

U.S. Food Trade Increasingly Leans On Unsustainable Groundwater Biggest reliance on unsustainable groundwater is in the western states, study finds. By Brett Walton, Circle of Blue. American agriculture is a behemoth, a world-leading industry that, while meeting extensive domestic demands, still exports around $140 billion in farm products each year.

Housing Discrimination Made Summers Even Hotter Then there was the Interstate Highway System, which was widely employed as a revitalization tool for struggling city centers during the 1950s and '60s; often, urban highways bisected poor and less-educated neighborhoods that couldn't fight back against the massive project.

Inside Bloomberg's $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan According to Janette Sadik-Khan, the Bloomberg campaign's lead transportation adviser and his former New York City transportation commissioner, this dimension distinguishes Bloomberg's thinking from other Democratic candidates, some of whom have proposed higher-dollar infrastructure plans.

Opinion - We all have to foot the bill for global warming disasters If you were to combine the size of the Amazon fires of 2019 and California fires of 2016, they would only cover a quarter of the area that is aflame in Australia right now.

Making Yellow School Buses a Little More Green Shannon said that the fuel costs for a diesel bus were about 85 cents per mile, as opposed to 19 cents for an electric bus, depending on "how well the driver drives and whether he or she takes advantage of the regenerative braking," the process in which braking itself creates energy that is accessible for the vehicle.

From wildfires to floods, climate change is hurting Americans now Not only was 2019 the Earth's second-hottest year on record, it was the fifth consecutive year the United States experienced more than 10 disasters costing $1 billion or more. Underneath those figures are stories of individual suffering.

PG&E Announces Deal to Exit Bankruptcy, but Governor Balks Pacific Gas and Electric, the giant California utility, said Wednesday that it had resolved differences with its creditors over how to restructure the company, clearing one of the last major hurdles to its exit from bankruptcy. But even before the announcement was made, Gov.

Street Trees Could Help Boston Adapt To Climate Change. If They Can Survive, That Is Boston is thinking more strategically about planting and preserving trees to help its residents - especially those without as much tree cover - become more climate resilient.

Mass. Senate Plans To Release Comprehensive Climate Change Bill Charlie Baker's State of the Commonwealth address, when he said he wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by mid century.

Greta Thunberg told to study economics by US treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin dismisses activist’s call for immediate fossil fuel divestment.

What is Pleistocene Park, and how can it stop global warming? "The main threat today is global warming. The Siberian permafrost has begun to melt. It contains a trillion tons of carbon. If it is oxidized through microbes, 3.4 trillion tons of CO2 will be released into the atmosphere," he warns.

Climate Change Is a Political Crisis, Not a Reproductive One Going childless will do little to derail the main drivers of climate change, and asking millennials to take on that burden - as if the problem's their responsibility - only lets the fossil fuel industry's juggernaut off the hook.

World Bank chief's Davos snub dashes hopes of climate consensus David Malpass spurning event hits efforts to tackle issues of poverty and climate crisis.

Maine Compass: Climate change, not CMP project, is the real enemy Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the Department of Environmental Protection will ensure that the 53 miles of new overhead transmission lines, proposed for western Maine by Central Maine Power in its New England Clean Energy Connect project, does not harm this important resource.

Bloomberg Media Launches Bloomberg Green, a Global Multiplatform News Brand Focused on Climate Change Bloomberg Media launched Bloomberg Green, a new multiplatform editorial brand focused on climate change news, analysis, and solutions. Bloomberg Green includes a new website featuring a global, interactive climate data dashboard, a daily email newsletter, a podcast, and a magazine.

Climate Change Could Cause the Next Financial Meltdown The E.C.B., which meets Thursday, is among central banks trying to prepare for what a report warns could be a coming economic upheaval.

Some Positive Climate-actions for Coal Coal is considered as the most harmful fossil fuel in terms of carbon emissions, as well as in air pollutants that cause severe health impacts. It is a dominant source of energy globally, however, because it is relatively inexpensive to mine and transport.

Some Positive Climate-actions for Petroleum Oil and Its Derivatives Petroleum Oil and its derivatives are fossil-based fuels that are used widely in cars, ships, and planes; they are also used for industry-thermal processes, heating, and in producing electricity-through burning/ combustion processes that normally generates Greenhouse Gasses, the bulk of which are Carbon Dioxide.

New Study Claims That Irrigation Is Keeping The Tropics From Warming This piece explains the findings. Large-scale irrigation can help alleviate and even reverse hot extremes driven by human activity and other drivers of global warming, a new international study has found.

Searching on Ecosia Today Will Plant Trees in Australia The world has been devastated by the news of the recent Australian wildfires. The fires this year are much, much worse than in previous years and this is due to human-induced climate change. Ecosia are using revenue from 100% of searches made on their engine today to go towards reforestation of an area in New South Wales.

Dear Australia, elegy for a summer of loss - Amy Coopes The climate emergency seemed so abstract. It was something that was happening elsewhere, to other people. Until it wasn’t.

How Green Zealots Take Over Councils Darebin City Council, in inner Melbourne, became the world's first council to declare a "Climate Emergency". Since then about 85 Australian councils have rung out their own "emergency" declarations, plus 1300 worldwide, including New York and London.

Poland and Japan to bolster cooperation on low-carbon energy amidst global criticism Warsaw, Poland - As world leaders gather in Davos to discuss global issues, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe announced on Tuesday in Tokyo that their two countries would step up cooperation on low-carbon energy, such as hydrogen and nuclear power.

The Language of Nature What would happen if we referred to a tree as ki? Can you imagine calling squirrels kin? It might sound weird, but changing the way we speak-and think-about nature is what Robin Wall Kimmerer challenges us to do in her article "Speaking of Nature". In it, she explores how our language both reflects and shapes our beliefs about the natural world.

Who pays for the EU's €1tn green deal? - Hans-Werner Sinn Tackling climate crisis is laudable, but the plan pushes the European Central Bank into a legal grey area.

Our elites need a dose of reality on how to tackle global warming The annual gathering of the world's movers, shakers and opinion formers in Davos has this year been dominated by climate change. The Prince of Wales yesterday called on international leaders to "bring the planet back from the brink" as he also met the teenage activist Greta Thunberg.

New climate change surcharge may appear on your next restaurant bill - A unique, brand-new partnership between the state and a non-profit organization aims to help farmers cut back on greenhouse gasses. So far, about 2 dozen restaurants have signed up to take part and most people said they'd be willing to pay more to help the planet.

A new climate change surcharge may appear on your next restaurant bill If you dine out, there might be a new surcharge added to your bill starting this month. It's all about helping fight greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your carbon footprint.

Your Opinion: Climate change solutions I found a book at the library I would like to recommend that may help people understand some of the confusion that exists regarding climate change: "The Water Will Come" written by Jeff Goodell. Jeff Goodell has been recognized for his research and literary work around this issue.

Trump weakened environmental laws after BP lobbying Letter suggests oil firm pushed for changes whereby fewer projects would need impact assessments.

Make big polluters pay for mass tree planting, officials say Oil companies and airlines could fund 100m trees a year, says Committee on Climate Change.

Country diary: the quiet miracle of the common feather-moss Wenlock Edge, Shropshire: Species such as this one contain a remarkable reservoir of potentially medicinal chemicals.

At Davos, the Greta-Donald Dust-Up Was Hardly a Fair Fight "How old is she?" he asked.

Pulitzer Prize finalist talks difficulties of writing plays about climate change at KWH Author Jacob Edmond explains the role of repetition in poetry and media at Penn event. Kelly Writers House hosts first Latina Poetry Night with renowned poets.

Rutgers professor testifies before Congress about climate change Doctor Pamela McElwee, associate professor in the Department of Human Ecology, testified before the United States House Committee on Science, Space and Technology about climate change on Jan. 15. The hearing, McElwee said, was the first climate hearing of 2020 and will likely happen annually.

Pallone announces climate change bill Frank Pallone announced the framework for the CLEAN Future Act, a bill which is designed to guide the country toward net-zero emissions by 2050, according to a press release. "This plan represents our commitment to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas pollution.

Australia fires live: Canberra airport closed, reports of air tanker crash in NSW bushfires – latest updates Residents near a bushfire south of Canberra’s airport told to seek shelter as extreme temperatures fan bushfires across New South Wales. Follow the latest news and live updates.

VOX POPULI: Are snowless ski resorts, chirping birds a global warming 'SOS'? The moment I get off a chairlift at a ski resort, I feel as if I am in a painting. On a clear day, the mountains beyond the ski slopes are picture-perfect under the blue sky.

Australia's Marine Animals Will Be the Fires' Unseen Victims As wildfires ravage Australia's land and forests, so far killing an estimated one billion terrestrial animals, researchers worry marine and freshwater species will become invisible victims.

Australia wildfires unleash millions of tons of carbon dioxide The historic wildfires in Australia likely unleashed about 900 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, equivalent to nearly double the country's total yearly fossil fuel emissions, according to scientists.

Quants Say They Can Make Investing More Sustainable - Bloomberg Some companies disclose a lot of information about sustainability, labor practices, or gender equity. Others say almost nothing. A fund manager buying a few dozen large-cap U.S. stocks may be able…

The World's Most-Profitable Hedge Fund Is Now a Climate Radical - Bloomberg The hedge fund industry has no shortage of aggressive, in-your-face players, but few are as tough as Chris Hohn. The British billionaire takes the typical playbook to new levels-scuttling deals, pushing to remove bosses, and battering companies with litigation and threats.

Trump Eases Pollution Controls on Streams and Wetlands The Trump administration has finished a new rule that rolls back environmental controls on many wetlands and intermittent streams, delivering a win to rural landowners.

Florida Students Sue State Lawmakers Over Climate Change Inaction Several Florida students are continuing a legal fight over climate change inaction. They're suing the governor and other state lawmakers for not doing enough about climate change. They claim their future is in jeopardy. This comes after a federal appeals court recently dismissed a case launched by nearly two dozen kids and young adults.

Jordan Hollarsmith: B.C. cannot afford the Coastal GasLink pipeline The natural gas carried by the Coastal GasLink pipeline will contribute directly to climate change. According to TransCanada, the completed Coastal GasLink pipeline will transport up to five billion cubic feet of liquefied natural gas per day.

'The clock is ticking and the time to green our labs is now!' The clock is ticking and the time to green our labs is now! We hope to roll out the initiative across Ireland - we have many labs across third-level institutions, public sector bodies, State and hospital facilities, and I think lab users and funders can play a huge role in making them greener.

Avaaz Campaign to Censor Climate Sceptics From Zero Hedge quoting this article by Mac Slavo at SHTF Plan:. And indeed we will be. Leaving aside the mention of Soros let's look at the Avaaz report, which can be found here. The Executive Summary states:.

China funds coal plants in Bosnia as residents protest air quality Fine particle levels in Sarajevo have exceeded WHO limits every day in January.

New report details inland port's potential harms Opponents of the Utah Inland Port, a large import and export trading hub planned for Salt Lake City’s northwest quadrant, estimate the project could create about 11,600 new truck trips and 23,000 additional car trips every day — even at only half of its developable potential.

Has Conservative Utah Turned a Corner on Climate Change? They actively support lawsuits to open up West Coast shipping terminals and maintain a $53 million fund to help build export capacity for shipping Utah coal overseas. But widespread public concern about air pollution has also made them more receptive to emissions reductions.

Veganuary is huge. But is it really as simple as animal foods bad, plant foods good? - Joanna Blythman is an investigative journalist. Before you post, we'd like to thank you for joining the debate - we're glad you've chosen to participate and we value your opinions and experiences.

Trump promotes fossil fuels at climate-focused forum He urged those gathered at the World Economic Forum to buy American energy derived from fossil fuels. It comes as the European Union is crafting a Green Deal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, a goal requiring the continent to double its renewable energy to 32% over the next decade.

Norway court to rule in Arctic oil drilling case OSLO - An Oslo appeals court will on Thursday rule on a lawsuit that seeks to stop Norway's plans for more oil exploration in the Arctic on the grounds that it violates people's right to a healthy environment.

What impact do private jets and celebrity lifestyles have on the fight against climate change? - CBC Radio We take flight in the luxurious world of private jets, and ask if the realities of climate change are bringing celebrities and the super rich back to Earth.

How an Iowa Farmer Used the Campaign-Stop Economy to Push Climate Action on 2020 Democrats Matt Russell promotes regenerative agriculture as a means to reduce carbon emissions, and he hopes to push the government to help farmers put it into practice. One afternoon in November, between a rally in Des Moines and a town hall in Knoxville, Joe Biden toured Coyote Run Farm, in Lacona, Iowa.

What Would You Decide in 3 Minutes? My name is Jamie, and I'm just inhaling and absorbing every morsel of this trip. What a first day and introduction to the beautiful country of Guatemala! I have visited this country before…but only through the eyes of my son, Chris.

Florida Creates Task Force On Sea-Level Rise TALLAHASSEE - State lawmakers have created a task force that will investigate how best to protect Florida's 1,350 miles of coastline amid rising sea levels. It's a marked change from just a few years ago when the issue of climate change couldn't get any traction in Florida's Republican-run Capitol under then-Gov.

Environmental bodies set joint vision to tackle climate change The chairs of England's three environmental bodies have today responded to the Committee on Climate Change's land use report by outlining a shared vision and practical actions to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergencies.

Prince Charles calls for 'paradigm shift' on climate change Prince Charles has delivered an impassioned plea for a paradigm shift to tackle climate change. The heir to the British throne has delivered a key speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, saying the world simply can't waste any more time. The Prince flew to Davos on a private jet, but arrived to give his address in an electric car.

Regenerative farming practices help combat effects of climate change RiverTowns your best local source for news, sports, and weather in the RiverTowns area.

Green Economy is the New Black at Davos 2020, by Tom Luongo Is climate change going to be the excuse when the world's financial and economic systems collapse? From Tom Luongo at Green is the buzzword of the day. And it seems everywhere you turn today there are only two topics that matter - Climate Change and impeaching Donald Trump.

UK must cut land use emissions by two thirds to meet 2050 goal, advisers warn Committee on Climate Change warns a fifth of all agricultural land needs to be released for climate mitigation to help the UK achieve carbon neutrality. By Chloé Farand. Read more on: Agriculture - Climate Politics - Climate Science - Forests - Land - Committee on Climate Change - land use - UK Agriculture.

Major shift in UK land use needed to deliver Net Zero emissions The UK has committed to becoming a Net Zero economy by 2050. Meeting that goal requires a transformation in land use across the UK. Government must confront the rapid changes that are now needed, the Committee on Climate Change says in its first ever in-depth advice on UK agricultural policies.

Will the world move one step closer to annihilation in 2020? After a year in which the true extent of the climate emergency has been realised and increasing threats of international war, esteemed scientists and political leaders are set to announce their.

Malcolm Turnbull criticises Scott Morrison for 'downplaying' bushfire crisis Former Australian prime minister says the PM did not act in ‘the way a prime minister would and should’.

A brief history on climate change Back in the 1800s, scientists began to suspect that coal smog clogging the air over London and Paris might be more than just pollution. Because airborne carbon lets solar radiation pass, but reflects back to Earth many wavelengths of terrestrial radiation, there could be a buildup of heat in the lower atmosphere.

You're going to want to be a part of this Wave! What do you get when you combine the Oregon and Woodland Park Zoos, the Pacific Science Center, the Spokane, Oregon, and Washington State Convention Centers, the Seattle Aquarium, the Portland Timbers and the Seattle Sounders, Sea-Tac Airport, the Space Needle, and more than 100 other sport teams, iconic regional gathering places, and more?

1982 American Petroleum Institute Report Warned Oil Workers Faced 'Significant' Risks from Radioactivity Back in April last year, the Trump administration's Environmental Protection Agency decided it was "not necessary" to update the rules for toxic waste from oil and gas wells.

Doctor Who and the Deadly Wokeness Peril On 12 January 2020 the BBC aired Episode 3 of their latest season of Doctor Who, starring Jodie Whittaker as the eponymous Doctor. The episode was called Orphan 55, it was about climate change and was, it seems, not generally well-received by the viewers.