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Cool Coins! 2019 Episode 3: 1885 Trade Dollar, 1652 Pine Tree Shilling, and more! Returns with our third episode of 2019. In this episode, we talk with Russ Augustin of AU Capital Management about a wonderfully struck 1652 Pine Tree Shilling.

Five Exercises in Rare Date Gold Coin Pricing By Doug Winter -…… CoinWeek Content Partner……For collectors and dealers alike, accurately pricing a coin remains perhaps the most difficult process in all of numismatics. This shouldn't be the case as there are numerous price guides who offer years of experience and expertise to assist collectors and dealers.

Italian Mint Dedicates Commemorative Coin to Iconic Vespa Scooter Made with three colors, green, white and red, to resemble the Italian flag By the Italian Mint…… The State Mint has created a new 5 euro.

Inside Coin World: Do Seated Liberty dimes sit in your collection? Features and columns found only in the May issue of Coin World include studies of Seated Liberty dimes, military payment certificates and 1796 quarter dollars.

EBay: Rare 50p coin SOLD for £920 - what is its value and should you buy one? This coin in particular is very rare, in fact it is one of 400. It comes with a unique number, which is 239. Royal Mint sold a number a different versions of the coin, however, they are all sold out. A brilliant version of the 50p coin sold for £10. A silver coin in a presentation box, one of 5,500, was sold of £55.

Mail Theft, Michigan Coin Shop Robbery Among Recent Numismatic Crimes: NCIC By Doug Davis - Founder and President, Numismatic Crime Information Center…… An express mail package containing a large number of slabbed and raw dollars was shipped on April 9, 2019, from California to Illinois. Upon arrival, the recipient advised the package had been opened and re-taped using express mail tape and weighed under one pound.

Newly Discovered Original Washington Before Boston Silver Medal Featured in Stack's Bowers Baltimore Auction By James McCartney - Senior Numismatist, Stack's Bowers…… The Washington Before Boston medal is one of the most significant relics of early America and the Revolutionary Era, with direct ties to the Founding Fathers and some of the most foundational events in our history.

Alert… the Great American Coin Hunt is on! – Littleton Coin Company blog Join in on the fun - Littleton Coin Company, and across the nation, is excited to participate in the 2019 Great American Coin Hunt!

Key Date China 1995 Small Date 1/2oz Gold Panda Coin Offered by GreatCollections Production for all weights and denominations of the Chinese Gold Panda was low in 1995, which makes Pandas from that year among the keys to the entire series. Especially low were the mintages of the 50 yuan half-ounce and 25 yuan quarter-ounce gold coins, making these among the hardest Pandas of all to find.

SS Central America Gold Highlights David Lawrene Rare Coins Auction By David Lawrence Rare Coins…… Our Sunday Internet Auction #1061 includes a selection over 500 New Items along with 100 No Reserve Lots and 30 Vault Value Items. We have three very exciting shipwreck items featured that are sure to garner much attention.

Celebrating The Sovereign on St George's Day St George has been the patron saint of England since medieval times, and it was towards the end of that period, in 1489, that Henry VII instructed The Royal Mint to produce 'a new money of gold' - the original Sovereign.

The coin that every cab driver hated Long before Uber became the enemy of taxi drivers across the country, there was a silver coin that Victorian cab drivers simply hated. The coin was in circulation for less than 20 years, but that was plenty long enough to cause offence to horse and carriage drivers.

Canada's new 'gay coin' is cause for celebration Some historians argue it rewrites history, and they are partly right. But even 10 years ago, the idea of such a coin would have been ludicrous.

The Golden Dollar: Story of the Sacagaweas By Lianna Spurrier for CoinWeek…. The dollar coin has never circulated well in America. Even designs that are loved by collectors today, such as the Morgan dollar, struggled to find their way out of contemporaneous storage vaults as consumers simply didn't want them.

Pobjoy Mint Features Emperor Penguin on Third Coin in New Series Penguins were originally considered to be very primitive birds and a party of men from Captain Scott's famous expedition went on what they called 'the worst journey in the world' to prove this point. However, this theory was wrong and penguins are known to be highly evolved to enable them to live in the coldest places on our planet.

Attendance Tops 3,000 at ANA National Money Show The American Numismatic Association's 2019 National Money Show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, welcomed a total of 3,002 people to the three-day event, held March 28-30 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

NGC Announces $20,000 in Prizes for 2019 Registry Awards Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has announced that prizes valued at more than $20,000 will be awarded for the 2019 NGC Registry Awards. The NGC Registry is a free online platform where collectors register and display their NGC-certified coins and compete against other collectors around the world for recognition and prizes.

Silver Proof Coin From CIT Celebrates Symbol of Hope to All Who Sail the Seas Mayer's Kunstprägeanstalt, Munich. The obverse features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Ian Rank-Broadley ; surrounded by the monarch's name, the issuing country, and the denomination.

Launch of Victoria 200 at V&A The Royal Mint hosted an event at the iconic V&A to celebrate the launch of the most recent coin range, commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth and life of Queen Victoria. Even 200 years after her birth, the effect of Queen Victoria's reign and the era to which she lends her name can be felt strongly in everyday life.

EBay: ‘Very rare’ Peter Rabbit 50p coin selling for £1,000 - this is reason to be careful EBAY can be great for finding a bargain, but alongside the cheap deals there are plenty of pricier items for those hoping to splash the cash. A Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter 50p coin has been put on sale for £950, but buyers must be careful.

Uniface Fugio Copper Impressions in Gold Featured in Stack's Bowers May 2019 Baltimore Auction By James McCartney - Senior Numismatist, Stack's Bowers……. Our May 2019 Baltimore Auction will feature an exceptional selection of United States colonial coinage, including many popular issues and an impressive set of New Jersey coppers from the Collection of Larry L.

Perth Mint Coin Profiles - Australia 2019 Double Dragon 1oz Silver Bullion Coin In Chinese culture, the dragon is revered as a divine mythical creature embodying wealth, power, and good fortune. Dragons are frequently depicted in pursuit of a flaming pearl, a metaphor for wisdom and enlightenment. Representing the elusive nature of these qualities, the lustrous gem is often illustrated swirling through mist or cloud.

Five Exercises in Rare Date Gold Pricing In my opinion, the flaw behind price guides is that they attempt to commoditize coins. In their eyes, all 1904 double eagles graded MS64 are worth the same. However, we know this is not the case. In every series, there are multiple levels of price for each specific issue.

Jeff Garrett: The Power of Population Reports Upgrade your knowledge by studying a wealth of coin data available online for free By Jeff Garrett for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.

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