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Chocolate Snickerdoodles #Choctoberfest Snickerdoodles meet chocolate in this tasty variation of the classic cinnamon laced cookie, with cocoa nibs added for extra crunch.. This post is sponsored on behalf of #Choctoberfest. Our generous sponsors Divine Chocolate and Imperial Sugar have provided us with products for recipe creation and a giveaway for our readers.

Poached Salmon with Bourbon Cream Sauce #FishFriday Elegantly prepared fresh salmon is poached in milk and covered with a rich Kentucky bourbon cream sauce with bacon and shallot.. My recipe of the day os for poached salmon with bourbon cream sauce with the Fish Friday blogging group. We post on a common theme each month and this month it was for Poached Fish and Seafood.

Our Cookery School Head Tutor Cher Loh answers your biggest cooking questions Including the perfect scone recipe and the kitchen essentials everyone should have.

Healthy walnut recipes to try at home this weekend Who doesn't love the satisfying crunch of walnuts in their cookies, bread or on top of their cake? These crunchy walnuts make a great topping for a festive treat. The simplest way to take a dessert to the dinner party level is to add walnuts to it. They are exceptionally nutritious and have high antioxidant activity.

Shredded Beef Tacos De-bunking the myths of English Cookery One delicious recipe at a time The recipe I am sharing today is loosely based on one I found on Gimme Some Oven, who borrowed her recipe from.My Kitchen Addiction. And I will wager that she probably was inspired from somewhere else.

Slow Cooker Apple Butter The apples are sweet and delicious on their own. However, if you prefer a sweeter apple butter, add 3 tbsp of maple syrup or coconut sugar with the cinnamon and nutmeg. After about 3 hours, carefully scoop the apples out of the slow cooker and into a blender.

Anheuser-Busch accuses MillerCoors of stealing recipes - Anheuser-Busch is suing MillerCoors over its confidential recipes for Bud Light and Michelob Ultra. In a heavily redacted court filing Thursday, Anheuser-Busch claims MillerCoors illegally obtained the recipes through one of its employees, who used to work for Anheuser-Busch.

Bud Brewer Accuses MillerCoors of Stealing Recipes Budweiser brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev is accusing rival Molson Coors Brewing of stealing its secret beer recipes, escalating a fight that began in February over a Super Bowl ad.

Chef Emeril Lagasse Shared 4 Recipes That Are Perfect For Fall If you're looking for some easy-to-make comfort food recipes this fall, TV personality and Chef Emeril Lagasse has a brand new cookbook featuring lighter versions of some classic family-style dishes. The book, "Emeril Everyday Recipes," includes more than 100 recipes, such as chicken pot pie, turkey breast, mac and cheese and more.

AI created by Dodo analyzed 300,000 recipes to create a pizza transcending individual tastes Dodo Pizza, a Russian-born global pizza delivery franchise, analyzed 300,000 recipes to create a pizza recipe transcending individual tastes.

25 Delicious, Paleo-Friendly Instant Pot Recipes The Instant Pot makes following the paleo diet much easier. These recipes are super simple and quick to prepare for delicious weeknight meals.

12 Decadent Reese's Pieces Halloween Treats Studded with Reese's Pieces, these 12 Halloween treat recipes are going to be a huge hit at your holiday party!

Best Halloween recipes 2019: How to make toffee apples and pumpkin pie Pumpkins carved, costumes bought and decorations artfully draped around the house - the sun is going down, and Halloween is nigh. Originating from the Gaelic Samhain Festival or 'Feast of the Dead', Halloween is now a date synonymous with ghosts, ghouls and, often the case for smaller members of the family, obscene amounts of sweets and chocolate.

Recipes you'll FALL in love with Recipes you’ll FALL in love with.

Duchess at Home: Giselle Courteau's new cookbook shares recipes and reminiscence "About four or five years ago I was at my son's daycare for a potluck," Courteau recalls while bustling around her kitchen, preparing not just the meal described above but also a delicious pear blueberry cheesecake galette for dessert as well, recipes taken from her latest cookbook, Duchess at Home, which hit bookstores on Oct.

16 Slow Cooker Soup Recipes That'll Put Your Crock-Pot To Good Use The best soups don't come out of a can or in a box, they come from hours of slowly simmering and stirring so all the flavors mingle together. But really, with everything else happening in the fall and winter months, who has time for all that?

Roasted Butternut Squash Making roasted butternut squash is easy! Here's what you need to do:. Start by peeling the squash. Peeling winter squash can be intimidating, but don't let butternut scare you. The skin is smooth and relatively thin, and it isn't ridged. To peel it, use a good vegetable peeler, and work downwards from the stem, peeling off long strips.

Heading out for a picnic? Check out THESE easy recipes to make for it Lazing around on a picnic day is great. But do you know what’s even better? Picnic meals. Here are some of the easiest recipes to make!

Candied Walnuts This candied walnuts recipe is lightly sweetened, easy to make, and so irresistibly delicious. Perfect for snacking, adding to salads, giving as gifts - you name it! Friends, I have a new candied walnuts recipe for us this season! And I have to say, I'm loving this one because it is refreshingly not too sweet.

Lost recipes and sustainability at Jaipur's Gourmet Getaway Though fresh into its third edition and gradual in its footfall, Jaipur’s annual Gourmet Getaway has its priorities straight.

Overnight Chocolate-Hazelnut Breakfast Buns Recipe If you've tried our overnight cinnamon rolls, the dough for these breakfast buns will be familiar. But the experience itself will be all new, thanks to a filling of homemade Nutella, made from dark chocolate and caramelized hazelnuts, and a whipped-mascarpone frosting.

Does it matter which type of salt I use in recipes? Some recipes specify kosher salt, or canning salt, or sea salt in their ingredients list. But when you're stirring a hot pan while attempting to read a recipe on your phone and hold a semi-coherent conversation with your friend in the kitchen-it's tempting to just grab the nearest shaker of table salt.

Taco Chili A few days ago it felt like it was chili season…you know, when it was 20 degree outside and snowing. But now it's 80 degrees out and Jackson is panting uncontrollably the second he walks outside. Jackson is my French Bulldog, FYI, not my husband. But even if it's still summertime wherever you live, I still recommend making this chili.

Bourbon Fudge Brownies with Spiced Pecans #Choctoberfest Bourbon Fudge Brownies with Spiced Pecans are rich, fudgy brownies made with baking cocoa, candied spiced pecans and a hint of Kentucky bourbon whiskey.. This post is sponsored on behalf of #Choctoberfest. Our generous sponsors Divine Chocolate and Imperial Sugar have provided us with products for recipe creation and a giveaway for our readers.

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