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ComicEx Joburg 2019 The NERF battledome was fun in short bursts, but beyond that and talking to stall owners, there just wasn't much to do at ComicEx 2018 - whereas most conventions have panels, talks and the like, ComicEx had foregone those convention staples.

This Baby's One-Punch Man Cosplay Cannot Be Beaten One-Punch Man's Saitama is one of the most iconic character designs in all of action manga and anime, and one of the major reasons he's managed to stick out is how well his simplistic design carves out a distinct image still.

Cosplay Is King at Philly Wizard World Attendees came prepared at this year's Wizard World, with an abundance arriving in costumes of every variety, making for a show within a show.

Sailor Moon Fan Shines Eternally With This Cosplay Sailor Moon is one of the most popular, long standing anime series to date. Following the adventures of Usagi Tsukino, or Serena for English fans, the young girl discovers hidden abilities in combating extraterrestrial threats. Joined by her companions, the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask, Usagi fights foes through transformations and style.

Pro Wrestler Hits Rings with My Hero Academia Cosplay Anime and pro wrestling have a ton in common. Both involve long running stories, high octane battles featuring larger than life personalities, and fantastical outfits you wouldn't normally see someone wearing on the street.

Cosplay of the Day: Jessica Nigri as Princess Mononoke Today's cosplay of the day is Jessica Nigri as San or Princess Mononoke also known as the Wolf Girl. Take a look. Princess Mononoke is one of the main characters of the wildly popular anime film Princess Mononoke by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. She was raised by the wolf goddess Moro.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cosplay Reveals Dark Magician Girl's Sexy Summer Look When it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh summons, fans don't think to equate Duel Monsters with beachy fun. Sure, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon may like a stroll by the pool, but there are fewer sexy Duel Monsters than you may think. However, it looks like one fan is ready to give the Dark Magician Girl such a makeover, and they did so with one stunning cosplay.

Pedalpalooza: Photos from Cosplay and Plaid To Plaid rides We hope you've been enjoying Pedalpalooza. From the looks of streets and social media it seems like the rides and events are going very well. To keep you inspired and updated, we've got a few photos to share from two rides that happened on Saturday: The Cosplay Ride and the Plaid to Plaid Ride… Cosplay Ride.

Game of Thrones: Cersei Lannister cosplay by Maria Hanna This Cersei Lannister cosplay by Maria Hanna is so on point you'll swear you can hear the Rains of Castamere playing in the background when you see it.

Steps to make a DIY wizard staff You can make a wizard staff on your own, whether as a production prop, a cosplay material, or your own creative pleasure. Contrary to what you may think, prop making isn't for professionals alone; you can easily do them if you have the right materials and time to devote to the activity.

Sexy Lingerie Erotic Costumes Sex Nurse Cosplay Lingerie Uniform Erotic Lingerie for Women Erotic Underwear Sex Babydoll Dress If You search information for lingerie, then Sexy Lingerie Erotic Costumes Sex Nurse Cosplay Lingerie Uniform Erotic Lingerie for Women Erotic Underwear Sex Babydoll Dress is possible make you like.

Overwatch: Reinhardt cosplay by Candyskull Facebook: Candy Skull Cosplayd. Decided to give this #cosplaysidebyside challenge a try! I'd love to take various pictures of Rein doing all of the Victory poses and short Highlight intro Videos one of these days ! Costume made by me : @candyskullcosplay : @ewide.

IN PHOTOS: Here's what you missed at the Anime and Cosplay Expo 2019 Fandom geeks and cosplayers of all ages gathered at the SMX Convention Center for the Anime and Cosplay Expo 2019. Held last June 8 to 9, the Anime and Cosplay Expo 2019 featured a special lineup of activities and games that thrilled both fanboys and fangirls in attendance.

Our Favorite Cosplay From MCM London Comic Con 2019 Twice a year, London plays host to one of the biggest nerd shows in all of Europe, as well over 100,000 fans cram into the ExCel convention centre in the British capital for panels, merch, parties and of course cosplay.

Sakura-con 2019 It almost feels like a home con to me at this point. I've attended this convention since 2014, it's hard to believe it has been so long already. There's just something to be said about the conventions you visit almost annually. Sakura-con 2019 was certainly filled with great memories and good convention experience.

Kevin Feige-Authorized Iron Man Cosplay is Bulletproof and Can Fly It seems that Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame has a new series on Discovery called Savage Builds, and to kick it off, he wanted to build real, working Iron Man armor. The first episode is available for free in the US right now, and I have to say… Savage appears to be very, very serious about this stuff.

I dressed like characters from my favorite movies for a week! I'll be the first to tell you I'm not a big movie person and if you list off five movies, you'll be lucky if I've even seen two. However, I'd be lying if I said movie don't impact my existence. There are several movies that I talk, think, and rave about frequently and I've been looking for a way to bring them to the blog for awhile now.

This isn't a Bioshock 2 screenshot, it's cosplay Cosplayer Jaime StoneDead recently posted a photo of her amazing Big Sister outfit, taken by photographer Postmorbid, to the Bioshock subreddit.

Dragon Ball meets Pokémon with incredible Android 18 cosplay Prepare for trouble, and make it double!

The Survival Guide to Cosplaying at Conventions Going to your first convention in Cosplay is no doubt daunting. It takes a lot of confidence, hard work and preparation. If you've never done one before then there are some things you might not know that could be super helpful and wish I had known. This is going to be a list of of tips to prepare you for the cosplay convention world.

Overwatch Cosplay Battle Europe Competition Showcased Stunning Cosplayers Cosplayers from around the world have been drawing inspiration from Overwatch for years now, so much so, there's an actual Overwatch cosplay competition called Overwatch Cosplay Battle Europe, and we're putting it in our spotlight this weekend.

Tyson Fury does Apollo Creed cosplay, despite the fact Apollo gets killed in that film Tyson Fury does Apollo Creed cosplay, despite the fact Apollo gets killed in that film.

Dragon Ball's Android 18 Joins Team Rocket in this Pokemon Crossover Cosplay Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power brought Android 18 back into the spotlight as she joined to fight alongside Krillin for Universe 7, and it was a good reminder to fans why the character was such a hit when she was first introduced during the Android saga of the series.

My Hero Academia Fan Shares Stunning Mirio Cosplay My Hero Academia's fourth season promises to introduce new heroes and new villains for the UA Academy. Covering the fan favorite arc of "Overhaul", the upcoming episodes will place a spotlight on one of the strongest students of the Academy, Mirio Togata.

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