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Cosplay of the Day: Gehe As Cloud From Final Fantasy VII Remake So today Cloud is brought to life by Spanish cosplayer Gehe:. As you can see the entire Cloud costume was done with painstaking detail in mind. From the use of the left shoulder protector, down to the contacts, hair color, and hairstyle. Take a look at the photos of his photoshoots below:.

25 Days Of Cosplay Day 12: Cosplay: A Quick Rundown WHAT IS COSPLAY?Cosplay, using the combination of the words "costume" and "play", is the performance art in which people wear costumes and fashion items modeled after a specific character from movies, anime, manga, TV series, books, comics, Western animation, and etc.

Cosplay in Keitaknen Garden Seeing a cosplay photography session in Keitakuen Garden in Osaka was super-kawaii. What I saw was a collaborative cultural practice between the cosplayers, photographers, and gardeners as the garden provided the final collaborative element in this cultural practice.

GALLERY: Cosplay at Chicago TARDIS 2019 We had a fantastic time over Thanksgiving Weekend avoiding the mess that is Black Friday shopping and instead indulging in a lot of nerdy fandom goodness over at Chicago TARDIS in Lombard.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Recreates A Deadly Family Reunion The story of Trish and her father Diavolo is one of the more tragic to be found in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. With Diavolo taking charge of the Passione mafia in Italy, the wielder of King Crimson decided that his identity and leadership must not be challenged by anything, even members of his own family.

10 Ridiculously Hard Disney Cosplay That Fans Pulled Off Here are 10 ridiculously hard Disney cosplays that fans have pulled off. Inspired by the spectacle of Broadway and by a deep love of Disney's The Lion King, cosplay husbands Leon and Jamie of Red Lion Cosplay took on the challenge of creating everyone's favorite duo, Timon and Pumbaa.

Cosplay of the Day: Purplemuffinz's Ghostbuster Janine Melnitz Today's cosplay of the day is from Charlotte aka Purplemuffinz, who specializes in latex outfits, with her take on a Ghostbuster Janine Melnitz. Utilizing her skills in latex costume making PurpleMuffinz is both a talent creator and an alt-model who hails from England.

Cosplay Model Meg Turney Exposes Perky Derriere In 'Christmas Vacation'-Inspired Photoshoot The cosplayer sizzled in her festive photoshoot. On Wednesday, December 11, cosplay model Meg Turney uploaded a provocative photo on Instagram inspired by the holiday film National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. The tantalizing picture was taken by Austin-based photographer Wes Ellis in a sizable living room.

UK anime fans would rather read a good book than cosplay Contrary to popular belief, very few UK based anime fans are into cosplay - in fact, they would rather play a board game or read a book than dress up as one of their favourite comic characters. Research conducted by Crunchyroll revealed that less than 7% of Premium viewers in the UK are into cosplaying.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Cloud Comes to Life in This Stunning Cosplay Square Enix's upcoming release of Final Fantasy VII Remake might not be for several months yet, but that hasn't stopped fans from whipping themselves into a frenzy over the title. And for good reason! The original 1997 video game is considered an iconic entry both in the Final Fantasy franchise and for role-playing video games in general.

Japanese Summer Festival 2019 Wow I can't believe it's almost 2020. That means soon it'll be time for another Japanese Summer festival. This year's one was a blast. I invited a friend along who'd never been to the festival before and organised my first ever cosplay meet. So I guess it was a festival of firsts in some ways.

Fierce My Hero Academia Cosplay Highlights Why Fans Love Momo Yaoyorozu My Hero Academia's characters have very distinct designs that each have their own sets of fans and supporters. This is especially true for Momo Yaoyorozu, whose hero outfit is one of the more divisive among the fandom.

Cosplay Model Erica Fett Sizzles In Sheer Red Lingerie The cosplayer looked stunning in her revealing lingerie. On Tuesday, December 10, cosplay model Erica Fett shared a series of sizzling snaps with her 2.3 million Instagram followers. The photos show the stunner kneeling on the floor in a white-walled room with a door in the blurred background.

Tips on Traveling With Cosplay This tips are geared towards people who may be travelling to a convention that may be a bit far away, and are taking some form of public transportation, whether it be a bus, train, or plane. Some of these tips can also apply to people who are carpooling, as well!

Stella Chuu blows fans away with perfect True Damage Akali cosplay Cosplayer Stella Chuu showed off a perfect recreation of True Damage Akali, blowing the minds of fans around the world. True Damage is League of Legends' newest band, a hip-hop group that debuted at the World Championships in November 2019.

Any fan can wear the mask: On cosplay and fandom The popularity of franchises like Marvel has made cosplay more accessible to casual fans, but the commitment of the hardcore reflect the roots of one of th…

Cosplay Model Liz Katz Flashes Underboob While Lifting Top In Latest Instagram Post Just a few days after celebrating a major Instagram milestone where she reached the 1 million follower mark, cosplay model Liz Katz returned to the social media platform with a new photo that saw her offer a sexier twist on an outfit she previously wore, one where she showed substantially more skin.

Demon Slayer Cosplay Dangerously Recreates Tanjiro's Dance of the Fire God Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is ending 2019 on an incredible note while sales of the original manga release of the series have gone on to cross multiple sales milestone, and reportedly even managed to top Eiichiro Oda's One Piece in sales for the year.

Depressing Fullmetal Alchemist cosplay makes it a terrible day for rain Grab some tissues to wipe away your tears when looking at this cosplayer's take on Nina Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Festive Overwatch cosplay will get Mercy mains in the mood for Christmas A creative cosplayer shared her festive Mercy costume and stunned fans as a new Christmas version of the beloved healer is just what the doctor ordered to get you in the mood for this year's celebrations.

Cosplay Model Liz Katz Shows Off Buxom Figure In Low-Cut Top: 'Paws Off' Liz Katz shared a new photo to her Instagram feed in which she showed off her famous ample cleavage in a top that left little to the imagination. Over the weekend, the cosplay model took to the popular social media app to tease her one million fans with a snapshot of herself wearing nothing under a soft top.

Cosplay Model Erica Fett Flaunts Incredible Cleavage In Plunging Dress The cosplayer sizzled in her figure-hugging ensemble. On Sunday, December 8, cosplay model Erica Fett posted provocative photos for her 2.3 million Instagram followers to enjoy. The pictures were taken by Cleveland-based photographer Matt Garcher in what appears to be different rooms of a two-story house.

Cool cosplay at Mini-Comiccon See our photos of the committed costumed Montrealers who caught our eye this weekend.

Evil Geeks TV: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Ok, serious question folks, how in the hell have one of my fellow geeks not written about this show yet?!?!

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