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Lens review: I.Fairy Lucius Blue I was supposed to keep up the fast posting schedule but then I… got lazy. Or more like, PS4 gaming spree happe… Rawr! I'm gonna review my first vertical slit lenses and I'm super excited as I've been wanting to try a pair for ages! Thi… Good day folks!

Lindsay P is a cosplayer, make-up artist and props builder. You can see more of Lindsay’s work at he Lindsay P is a cosplayer, make-up artist and props builder. You can see more of Lindsay’s work at her Behance page.

Our Favorite Cosplay Photos From Fandemic Houston 2018 Fandemic—a con that tours the country, and which has already visited Sacramento this year—was in Houston earlier this month, as was some fantastic cosplay from attendees.

Chapter 4: Cosplay It's 02:44 AM Sunday morning. Today I had the pleasure of being shouted at to get up, thankfully not because of nightmares from my daughter, but because I'm picking some friends up from the airport.

Overwatch: Mei cosplay by Hana Bunny September tier 4 patreon Mei Rise and Shine on: Photo by @dan_huang13 #mei #overwatch #games #gamers #gamergirl #cosplay #summer #bikini #sexy #cute #blizzard #devil #asiangirls #asian #girl #glasses #glassesgirl #megane #curvy #thicc.

Nurse Mildred Ratched Halloween for me is almost like a cosplay. Last year I did Bride of Frankenstein. This year I'm doing One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest. I've completed my props and I kept them simple this year. I made the PA system, a sliding glass window to dispense the medication, and a padded wall.

The Hana Bunny cosplay collection We've already featured her D.Va from Overwatch, as well as her Soldier 76 genderbend - but what kind of cosplay fanatics would we be if we didn't devote an entire collection to the legendary San Jose, California-based professional cosplayer, Hana Dinh, in all her glory?

Superhero Strength: Caring through cosplay On their own, they're a force. But they're finding even more strength in numbers. The League of Enchantment is spreading love through cosplay. With a growing membership of around 50 people, they're all willing and ready to dress up as everything from a superhero to a princess at a moment's notice.

Cosplay 101: How a hobby from popular culture was turned into a class A&M – Commerce offers a cosplay course through the theater department and is open to all students.

Metal Gear Solid: Sniper Wolf cosplay by Meryl Sama Throwback to my Sniper Wolf! What character would you like to see me cosplay as next?? A post shared by Meryl Sama on Jul 26, 2018 at 12:38pm PDT. *Remember you can support all my works on Patreon!* Found an interesting Sniper Wolf fanart on DA which reminded me of… myself as Sniper Wolf??

My Cat as The Ninjago Movie Cat! As you might know, I love Lego and thus I love the Lego Movies. You also might know, that we recently adopted a cat. She was a stray kitty and we named her Iris Topaz. Anyway, Iris looks a lot like the cat from the Lego Ninjago movie, so I decided to take some pictures of her in our Lego Ninjago city.

This 'Final Fantasy VII' Sephiroth Cosplay Is Hot - Literally My first gaming boyfrien… I mean, Sephiroth from the legendary Final Fantasy franchise has been an icon for the series since his first debut back with Final Fantasy VII. The Super Soldier was a source of strife for characters like Cloud and a source of fangirl swooning for the game's players.

Peggy Carter Makeup & Costume Test I put together this costume pretty fast, which I was not expecting. I thought it would be more difficult to find the different parts of the costume, but it was a lot easier than I anticipated. The most difficult part was the wig styling, and mostly just because I've never done a 1940s hairstyle before.

Review Friday: Rep Package from Tiny Spark Co! It's review time for these candles from The Tiny Spark Co! To be transparent: since the last time I posted about them I have joined their rep team. My rep term is from September until March! You can use my code DREAM15 for 15% off your purchase. With that being said, this is an honest review.

Wearing Cosplay Outside of Conventions If you've ever attended a convention like New York Comic Con or Dragon Con, or have seen photos of cosplayers at conventions, you'll know just how much dedication and hard work is put into crafting these works of art.

World of Darkness: The Documentary Review I was contacted by TriCoast to do a review on a documentary being distributed by it's off-shoot, DarkCoast. Now, normally, I would be hesitant to say yes to this type of review, but the film was a documentary on White Wolf Publishing's World of Darkness series.

Techie Makeup Test Last week, I did a Techie makeup test run. I have improvements to make next time, but I'm pretty happy with the results. I started with my usual base foundation / concealer/powder. For the eyes, I used a bunch of different eyeshadows.

This last-minute 9-person Star Guardian cosplay group will make you want to get into cosplay "This is my first time cosplaying in a long time, and without her, it wouldn't have been nearly as awesome." This invited cosplay group was just one of many initiatives from Riot to improve its relationship with community creators.

Harley Quinn Cosplay A siren from the DC Comics, based this character first made her debut back in 1992, when creators Paul Dini and Bruce Timm decided that it was too bizarre for the Joker himself to jump out of a pop out cake. He ended up doing anyways, but not before they had made a female sidekick/love interest.

This is How High Jewelry is Sold Today Last July, renowned Parisian jewelers - Cartier, Boucheron, Chanel, and more - invited top customers for the unveiling of their haute joaillerie collections, a most imaginative culmination of at least a year of labor. There was much more to the visit than just jewelry.

Overwatch Genji Sword: Price, how to buy ultimate Blizzard Genji cosplay costume accessory BLIZZARD has announced a new piece of merchandise will be…

This 'Fallout 4' Hancock Cosplay Is Ghoulishly Stunning Cosplay is a phenomenal way for fans to show off their love for characters that mean more than just a simple pass and go play experience. It's intricate, detailed, and passionate and provides a wonderful community for artistic fans to share their character pride while fully immersive themselves in their favourite games.

'The Witcher's' Triss Re-Imagined In 'Cyberpunk 2077' Thanks to This Cosplay With casting news for Netflix's The Witcher series still up for grabs and no particular actress nailed down for the stunningly enticing Triss Merigold, we're just going to have to show our appreciation for the character in a different way!

Hall of Fame City Comic Con 2018 "Dude, looks like Metal arms are in this year!" I looked in the direction the voice was coming from. A Winter Soldier was pointing to the prosthetic Borg arm being passed back to me by security after their examination. I slid it on and nodded. "Sure are," I replied.

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