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Cosplay Model Liz Katz Flaunts Bare Booty And Underboob In Latest Instagram Snap Liz Katz has been on a roll in recent days, posting a plethora of sizzling photos for her growing Instagram fanbase of 891,0o0 followers. This includes a fresh snap which featured the cosplay model flaunting her rear end while wearing nothing underneath her skimpy outfit.

Cosplay Artist Yaya Han Exposes Chest In Halloween-Themed Instagram Post Cosplay artist Yaya Han took to Instagram this week to post an advertisement for her online store's Halloween sale. To get attention for the sale, the model dressed up in a NSFW version of a unicorn to help draw fans in and get them to make purchases.

Adorable My Hero Academia Cosplay Gives Bakugo a Puppy Makeover My Hero Academia has finally returned for its much-anticipated fourth season, and fans have been waiting to see more of their favorite heroes-in-training for a long time. While the Season 4 premiere has provided some brief looks at the fan-favorite Class 1-A students again, fans have taken it upon themselves to show their love in fun new ways.

Blackface Controversy Splits Cosplay Scene Over League Of Legends Outfit For the upcoming EuroCosplay Championships, taking place in London later this month, French cosplayer Livanart decided to create an elaborate costume based on Pyke from League of Legends. Livanart is a white French woman, while Pyke is "a black guy from Bilgewater".

Why So Serious: Incredible Compilation of Joker Cosplay With the recent release of the Joker movie, COGconnected invites you take a look at some of the best Joker cosplay on the Internet!

Check Out This Incredible Mysterio Cosplay From SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Like many of you, I loved the character design for Mysterio in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. Well, that design is the inspiration for this incredible and detailed cosplay that was created by Marvel fan and Reddit user GraysonFin. The costume looks so good that could have come right off t.

CosMania: My First Experience of a Cosplay Event "To get to the next level, you have to flock with the next level people." People cosplay for a number of reasons: hobby, way of living, to create a 2-dimensional art form into 3D, a form of self-expression, or for competitions. As for me, I do it out of hobby.

Cosplay Model Liz Katz Wears Tiniest Bikini Imaginable In Another Nod To 'My Hero Academia' Liz Katz is on quite the My Hero Academia kick this week - and just in the nick of time. The cosplay model took to Instagram this weekend to post a very revealing glimpse at one of her outfits, donning a bikini so small that it barely kept her covered.

'Queen Of Cosplay' Jessica Nigri Leaves Nothing To The Imagination In New Instagram Post Cosplay sensation Jessica Nigri wowed her followers once again by posting a severely NSFW photo to her Instagram account yesterday, sending her more than 3.8 million followers into a video game character-fueled frenzy. The upload consisted of a series of photos, each one offering a different look at the model's most recent cosplay creation.

Majestic My Hero Academia Cosplay Brings Todoroki's Fantasy Look to Life With Season Four of My Hero Academia arriving, every character seemingly got a second or two of spotlight in the premiere for, arguably, the most popular anime return of the season.

This Witch Peach Cosplay by Kinpatsu Cosplay is Phenomenal Kinpatsu Cosplay has put on a Witch Peach cosplay and it is amazing.

Hot Joker Joaquin Phoenix Cosplay Costumes Since its release in early October, the annual blockbuster Joker has grossed more than 200 million U.S. dollars worldwide, and the box office in North America reached 93.5 million U.S. dollars in the first week, beating last year's remake "Venom" to become the best opening picture in the history of the U.S.

Gorgeous Shaman King Cosplay Brings Anna to Life Hiroyuki Takei's Shaman King was one of the most popular action series out there during its initial run, but has taken a back seat to several others years after it came to an end. Although the franchise is in the midst of celebrating its 20th Anniversary, much of the fanfare has admittedly subsided.

This Homemade My Hero Academia Cosplay Does Best Jeanist Justice Best Jeanist is one of the highest ranking heroes in the world of My Hero Academia, and also one of the most ridiculous appearing. The pro hero who has the ability to stop enemies in their tracks if they are wearing clothes thanks to his quirk, is currently ranked as the number three hero in the world behind the likes of Endeavor and Hawks.

Geeky Group Costume Ideas for Halloween Planning to spend your Halloween with some friends or family? Why not coordinate for some great geeky group costumes! I'm suggesting some good trio, quartets, and large group ideas to fit any groups needs. Harry, Ron, and Hermione. This is probably the most obvious suggestion, but Harry, Ron, and Hermione make a great trio costume idea.

Mortal Kombat Fan Creates Awesome Female Scorpion Cosplay Tags: Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 11. We respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy while online at our site. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site. This Privacy Policy was last updated on May 10, 2018.

French cosplayer kicked from EuroCosplay due to League of Legends' Pyke cosplay A French cosplayer was kicked out of the finals for EuroCosplay Championships due to her League of Legends cosplay as Pyke.

Jessica Nigri's Sirfetch'd Pokémon cosplay "leeks" coolness factor Jessica Nigri's Sirfetch'd PokÃmon cosplay "leeks" coolness factor Jessica Nigri is one of the net's most popular cosplayers, known for her strikingly accurate and unique takes on fan-favorite characters - and her latest costume is paying homage to a new face in the PokÃmon universe.

Cosplay of the Day: Win Winry as World of Warcraft's Sylvanas Windrunner Russian cosplayer Win Winry showed off her Sylvanas Windrunner cosplay from World of Warcraft. Take a look:. Related: Cosplay of the Day: Zoe Volf as Carol Danvers a.k.a Ms. Marvel. Related: Cosplay of the Day: Jessica the Maid of Might as Harley Quinn.

My Hero Academia Fans Are In Love with This Cat Cosplay It goes without saying, but cosplaying is pretty great. The community is a supportive one for so many fans, and the anime fandom has a thriving scene to work yourself into.

Mortal Kombat Cosplay Perfectly Genderbends Scorpion An expert cosplayer who's been working on a cosplay of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat has pretty much perfected the look by now.

Comic Con bans cosplay champion's 'blackface' entry These are external links and will open in a new window. French cosplay champion Alice Livanart will not compete at the EuroCosplay finals after she was accused of "blackface." The EuroCosplay Championships, to be held at MCM Comic Con in London later this month, pit together the winners of individual competitions in 25 European countries.

Our Favourite Cosplay From AnimeFest 2019 Running since 1992, AnimeFest is a convention held every Labour Day long weekend in United States' Dallas. Mineralblu was there taking photos and video for us, both of which you can see below. As usual, you'll find every cosplayer's social media handle, the character they're cosplaying as and the series they're from watermarked on the image.

The Inevitable Cosplay Of Overwatch's Mei Supporting Hong Kong Yesterday, when Kotaku reported that Overwatch's Mei had been turned into a symbol of the Hong Kong resistance, one commenter wondered if there would be cosplay of this at next month's BlizzCon. Probably! But we don't have to wait that long.

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