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Verdant Garden Lane and pretty glittery Leaf Punch Detail #1 Demonstrator Pootles - Verdant Garden Lane and pretty glittery Leaf Punch Detail. This is one of the prettiest stamp set and paper combinations I've come across in quite a while. I love the swirl of those flowers and the paper is just lovely.

Faux Leather Crafts: Mini Covered Notebook Tutorial Make a mini notebook with a vegan leather cover to keep it protected in your bag or pocket! These little notebooks are simple to make, and you can easily remove and reuse the leather cover once the notebook is full. This tutorial is the last in the series of synthetic leather crafting ideas I've been sharing this week.

FREE September 2019 Printable Calendar - Lia Griffith Download your free September 2019 printable calendar below. Then, download the Sagona Demo font. After you click the link for the font, click the green button toward the top right of the page that says "buying options." You will see the word "FREE" highlighted next to the desktop icon.

Easy Cosmo Recipe I've always thought a cosmo was a slightly deceptive cocktail. Hear me out! The first time I ordered one I honestly didn't know what was in it-I had just heard the name cosmopolitan before, so I thought I'd give it a try. Given that the cocktail is pink, I thought it would be some version of a very sweet martini.

20 Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas There's a pumpkin for everyone including a pumpkin with braces and Nemo! Here are 20 unique pumpkin carving ideas and other fun ways to decorate a pumpkin this Halloween. It's such a simple, genius idea! Carve a scary face into a pumpkin, spray paint it dark grey, and add a tiny pumpkin to it's mouth.

SVG Saturday - Free SVG Cutting File Whilst I am taking a break from designing new files for the Digital Craft Emporium website I mentioned that I would still be releasing free files - so here is the first! In fact, there are several SVG cutting files in this set for you to play with. With this set of cutting files you can make a few different styles of frame.

Winds of Change, Beautiful Blends Markers Card #1 Demonstrator Pootles - Winds of Change, Beautiful Blends Markers Card. I fell for this stamp set the moment I saw it. There are a couple of reasons - the bike caught my eye, I have a similar shaped bike with a basket on the front and I adore cycling with Chris and the children whenever I can.

Oh so simple Magnolia Lane Card Super CAS Magnolia Lane card at The Craft Spa. #stampinup #stampinupuk #thecraftspa.

Day 11: Easy Like Sunday Morning / H&[email protected] 2017 Today was an easy and relaxed day with Sunday Brunch at California Grill, followed by an afternoon at Disney Springs, some pool time, and then in the evening it was Trader Sam's and watching Holiday Wishes from the beach at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.

Filmm - Elsie's Star Pack + Frames We are so thrilled to talk about what we've been up to since launching our video editing app, Filmm! Time has flown by, and it's already been three whole months since our initial launch. We absolutely love seeing all your creations and it truly inspires us to keep making more cool features.

Felt Orchid Plant Add a touch of femininity and elegance to your home decor with our pink felt orchid plant! Download our flower pattern and tutorial to get started.

6 Weekend DIYs to Try This week I've been really focused on work, so I'm looking forward to a couple days off with Jeff and Hayes. Maybe I'll get to a creative project…maybe not? But either way, I put together this weekend's list of DIYs to try and this one includes a greenhouse!

On Feeling Stuck Where do you have your best ideas? Apparently Alan Turing had his in the bath. I find that a good, brisk walk is often the answer. If a problem needs solving or if I need to work through some ideas for a project, fresh air and exercise really helps. My best ideas often come while I'm on holiday.

Art Resin With Rebel Glitters - The Video And The Reveal! Did you enjoy yesterday's post? Are you ready for the next part? I can't wait to share this with you! If you did miss yesterday's post you can pop back and have a look however don't panic as I'm about to give you it all in an exciting new medium called, video.

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults - Christmas 2019 For a point of reference, I do not have sensitive skin nor have I ever suffered from this happening with any other product I've used in my life, it is completely exclusive to this, and I have experienced it without fail every time I've tried to use it.

Needle punching for beginners Start needle punching with The Modern Crafters' step-by-step beginners guide. All the basics are waiting for you to so started on your needle punch journey.

Mosaic Mood Chocolate Bar Box Tutorial #1 Demonstrator Pootles - Mosaic Mood Chocolate Bar Box Tutorial. There's a funny story about the chocolate bar in today's video… I have my food delivered to me, and whenever I'm doing my online order, I try to include something that I can use in a video - sometimes chocolates, sometimes mints.

Faux Leather Crafts: Geometric Necklace Tutorial The third tutorial in my mini "crafting with vegan leather is awesome" series is… a geometric necklace! Use a chain from an old necklace, or a length of ribbon, to make a bold geometric necklace. Use the templates provided or get creative and draw your own design!

ScanNCut SDX1200 - Ultimate Review We asked the wonderful Mel Heaton to put the ScannCut SDX1200 through its paces, and share her thoughts on this incredible new die cutting machine. New to the world of die cutting? Check out our introduction to die cutting right here! As you are aware, the SDX1200 is a more expensive model than the existing Scan n Cut machines.

Tree of Life Wire Wrap Tutorial: Create a Stunning Gemstone Necklace This week our jewellery expert, Sarah Millsop, put her wire cutters to work to put together this gorgeous Tree of Life wire wrap tutorial, so that you can get creative at home, and make your own stunning pendant, using semi-precious gemstone beads of your choice.

Pearl Oyster Cupcakes for Mermaid or Under the Sea Parties! Aren't these Pearl Oyster Cupcakes the cutest thing you've ever seen?! They are just perfect for a Mermaid Party, or an Under the Sea Party, and so much fun to make! I've got more Cupcakes Recipes for Parties and Celebrations, as well as 500+ Recipes on The Purple Pumpkin Blog for you to enjoy!

How to Make a Begonia Maculata Plant out of Paper - Lia Griffith Our tropical plant series continues with this beautiful begonia maculata plant that our designer Meagan crafted out of text weight paper. Known for its long, asymmetrical leaves and large white dots, this plant also goes by the simple name of "polka dot." Typically the underside of these leaves is a deep red.

12 Of The Best Big Pencil Case Ideas With LOADS Of Room They are perfect for displaying your favourite stationery, or for travel, and come in pastel and glitter options!

How to Make Back to School Supplies with Painted Patterns Bring on the painted patterns! I love this little project because you can truly customize it about a zillion different ways. My girl Martha has so many stencil sets my eyes just about crossed trying to pick one.

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