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Conservation pioneer FISHTEK delivers net gains for fisheries and the oceans’ wildlife Sharks, turtles, seabirds and fishing firms will be the first in line to benefit as conservation products company Fishtek Marine nears closing a £900,000 crowdfunding round through ethical specialist Triodos Bank.

Scientists stepping out of the grants race in favour of crowdfunding for projects Instead of waiting a year or more to find out if they can get a hotly contested government grant, some scientists are turning to crowdfunding to support their research.

Crowdfunding campaign for Russian air bear But as he grew bigger, his needs became too much for the amateur zookeepers, and a nature reserve advised them that Mansur was too accustomed to people to be able to adapt to living in the wild - he had even befriended the pet husky dog of one of the pilots.

The What and Why of Crowdfunding A Roleplaying Game Crowdfunding is new in the grand scheme of things, and completely new to many of my family / friends. I'm going to do my best to explain it, and why spreading the word to anyone you know who likes roleplaying games can be a huge help in our Zorro campaign.

Star Citizen Passes $218 Million In Crowdfunding It shows off quite a bit, but the thing it primarily focuses on is the new vehicle Argo SRV, which is a search and rescue vehicle that can latch on to stranded ships or even cargo with its tractor beam, and then haul them back to safety in rescue missions and operations.

New Star Citizen Video Reveals New Search and Rescue Ship; Crowdfunding Passes $218 Million Cloud Imperium Games released a new video of its upcoming space simulator Star Citizen, revealing another new ship.

A Discussion with Michael Kessler Founder of Tokenise: a Fully Regulated Tokenised Crowdfunding Platform Tokenise is a trading name of Kession Capital Limited, a company registered in the UK and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA is well known for being Fintech innovationtion friendly. In fact, a recent cohort of their regulatory Sandbox included multiple blockchain based platforms.

Tim Schafer interview: Psychonauts 2, crowdfunding's future, and staying nimble Tim Schafer is the game industry's favorite silly man. He hosted the awards ceremonies at the Game Developers Conference, cracking jokes about Trump and other topics, and they invited him back to do the same this year.

The Chosen’ TV show uses crowdfunding ‘investors’ The creators of a faith-based TV series have taken crowdfunding to a bold new level. Producers of "The Chosen," which chronicles the life of Jesus Christ, have raised $11 million from nearly 16,000 "investors," not mere donors or supporters.

A better year for equity crowdfunding They could expect more issuances to be launched and the valuations of their existing investments to increase, say industry players. This comes after a slow 2018, when the number of successful deals in the industry fell to 13 from 17 the previous year, according to the ECF report card released last November.

Xiaomi to launch a new sports smartwatch on February 19 via crowdfunding Xiaomi still hasn't really got any smartwatch to its name but Xiaomi's partner Huami has got quite a number of them, including the Amazfit Pace, Watch 2, Watch 2, Amazfit Verge and a host of many others. The Chinese giant has now shared a picture teaser which suggests that a new smartwatch is in the works and will soon be released.

The Strategy Behind $1.8 Million on Indiegogo - PowerWatch 2.0 Wanna raise a million dollars on Indiegogo? How about launch a seven figure crowdfunding campaign? With today's podcast episode, we are going to dive deep into the inner-workings of the MATRIX PowerWatch 2 Indiegogo campaign. This project has raised more than $1.8 million using crowdfunding and $1.6 million with their first campaign.

This Peanut Butter Pump Is Something Every Peanut Butter Fan Can Get Behind A dad set up a crowdfunding site to hopefully have his genius Peanut Butter Pump made into a product people can buy.

Crowdfunding campaign aims to set up pottery classes in Preston A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise £10,000 to set up pottery classes in Preston this summer. The Pottery is being spearheaded by Preston-born Louise Smith.

State loan, crowdfunding boost Hartford composter Blue Earth Composting is expanding its reach with the help of a recent economic development loan. The company, founded five years ago and led by Alexander Williams, said it's positioned to become the largest diverter of food scraps in Connecticut, a state that produces approximately 400,000 tons of scraps per year.

Crowdfunding launches for new EU citizenship case The French barrister mounting a case seeking to maintain Britons’ EU citizenship and acquired permanent residency rights after Brexit is launching a crowdfunder aimed at paying expenses for the case.

Crowdfunding market expectation surges with rising demand and changing trends published by leading research firm Analytical Research Cognizance shared "Crowdfunding Market-Thematic Research" report which Provides Key Manufacturers, Key Profiles, Strategies and Forecast Trends. Crowdfunding-Global Thematic Research : Over the next five years, banks will no longer enjoy the oligopolistic profits of the past.

Crowdfunding campaign raises £413k Cornwall-based dairy-free ice cream brand Coconuts Naturally closed a successful Seedrs crowdfunding campaign in less than two weeks with a total investment of £413k from 475 investors. The company had originally sought £100k and hit that target within 48 hours, even ahead of the public campaign.

British Bobsledder Hall forced to rely on crowdfunding for World Championships British Bobsledder Bob Hall has spoken about his crowdfunding efforts in order to be able to compete at the upcoming World Championships in Calgary, Canada.

European Commission General Report on the Activities of the European Union Updates on Progress Including Fintech, Blockchain, Crowdfunding and More Today, the European Commission adopted the 2018 edition of the General Report. According to the Commission, this fulfills its legal obligation under the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. The report shows how the EU is delivering on its commitments to Europeans.

TokenMarket launches UK's first tokenised equity crowdfunding scheme Global investment platform, TokenMarket has announced plans to raise up to £10m via a Security Token Offering. The offering, which is open to professional and self-certified investors, marks the first of its kind where the shares issued are represented as blockchain-based digital tokens.

Crowdfunding Market 2018 Global Analysis By Key Players: Gofundme, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Patreon, Tilt, CircleUp, Angel List, RocketHub Crowdfunding campaigns as avenues for crowdsourcing to drive market growth. In the traditional funding, marketing, and product launch processes, there was very little interaction with the customers before the product reached them.

How ImpactGuru is empowering people through crowdfunding ImpactGuru is a crowdfunding platform, which empowers individuals, non-governmental organisations and social enterprises by helping them raise funds for healthcare, social, and personal needs from family, friends as well as strangers.

How Blockchain Crowdfunding Could Soon Kill Off The ICO Overall, this platform will give you more data and if you can't gauge engagement and intent, then you can't target properly and you won't be able to iterate your approach or know when to launch. This is why data is critical and the old ICOs need to move over and start thinking about crowdfunding instead."

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