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BBB warns of crowdfunding scams after Notre Dame Cathedral fire Now that the fire is out, the Better Business Bureau says they've seen crowding funding efforts to raise money for the repair of the historic building, but they're advising people to wait to donate. "Before you send money, be sure donations are going to an official Notre Dame rebuilding fund and not into the hands of scammers," says BBB.

St Louis' Crowdfunding Platform Nvsted Celebrates First Birthday Saint Louis, Missouri based crowdfunding platform Nvsted announced on Thursday it was celebrating its first birthday. As previously reported, Nvested claimed its platform as the "first hyper-local regulation crowdfunding portal" around.

FEMINIST FRIDAY: Crowdfunding Campaigns Supporting Female-Driven Projects Are Our Jam! The campaigns we're supporting are an experimental short film from Peru, a campaign for a female-owned construction company, and a magazine for girls.

Criminal Girls X Goes Crowdfunding For Offline Pay-Once Version While Criminal Girls X has been announced to be released as both a free-to-play game and a pay-once version, Mikage LLC has revealed that the pay-once version will be released via crowdfunding via Campfire.

Comic shop owners are now crowdfunding a Florida Man game This Cards Against Humanity-style game uses headlines inspired by real Florida Man news stories and lets you fill in the blanks:.

Former Florida men are crowdfunding a Florida Man card game Florida Man, notorious for his nutty and illicit adventures, is now a card game. This Cards Against Humanity-style game uses headlines inspired by real Florida…

Crowdfunding Campaign for Shark Detection Pilot Changes Course WELLFLEET - A fundraising effort by an Outer Cape organization to test a Clever Buoy shark detection system this summer came up short of its goal. Cape Cod Ocean Community conducted a GoFundMe campaign to pay for two buoys that use sonar technology to detect shark movements and alert beachgoers and lifeguards to the presence of sharks.

Criminal Girls X Devs Launching Crowdfunding Campaign For "Console-Like" Full Release The developers behind Criminal Girls X at Mikage just announced a crowdfunding campaign for the game on the Japanese platform Campfire. The campaign is fairly peculiar, as its goal is to provide a "console-like" full release on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 PC for the game.

UniBo spin-off Mysurable launches crowdfunding campaign to speed up development of muscle loss monitor Healthy ageing is one of the biggest challenges of our time, since the increasingly large portion of the population is getting over 65.

Crowdfunding: Levelling the playing ground in Indian elections India is one of the world's oldest democracies. Today, it has a population of more than one billion people. Every 5 years, a huge national event plays out - the Indian elections.

Bandcamp Launches New Service to Help Artists Release Vinyl Records Most importantly, artists will be able to have complete control over the design of the record and its price. "Our new vinyl pressing service streamlines the financing, production, and fulfillment of vinyl records. With no up-front investment, an artist or label can create a vinyl campaign and start taking orders almost immediately.

5 Award-Winning Innovations in Sustainable Fashion Now on Indiegogo The fashion industry has gotten a bad rap for its harmful impacts on the environment. Not only is it a major contributor to the carbon footprint, it also is the world's second largest polluter of local fresh water. Basically, if you're the type of person who wears clothes, then you may not be as environmentally conscious as you think.

How to Sell in a Retail Store - We The People Crowdfunding Store Ever want to sell your product in a retail store? How about learn how to grow a brand after crowdfunding? In today's podcast episode I brought on Ryan Sim, the cofounder of the We The People Crowdfunding Store. This company has retail outlets in Singapore, the USA, and is expanding globally.

Medford Brewing Company Taps Wefunder for Crowdfunding Campaign: Ready for Expansion Last week, when Crowdfund Insider covered Crate Brewery's Crowdcube campaign, several successful beer crowdfunding campaigns were highlighted, including BrewDog, Garage Beer, Sly Fox, BeerBods, The Bottle Shop. On Crowdcube alone, Chadlington Brewery, Crowns and Hops Brewing Co, Redwell Brewery and Crate Brewery are currently raising funds.

OurSpace launches crowdfunding campaign to build inclusive spaces in Lambeth Tasked with creating 'inclusive spaces for community action,' OurSpace has launched a crowdfunding campaign to train 21 leaders in Lambeth to become coaches for their communities.

Bandcamp launches in-house vinyl crowdfunding and pressing service Bandcamp is getting into the vinyl pressing business with the launch of a new crowdfunding service aimed at making it easier for artists to release their music on wax.

Civic Crowdfunding to Mitigate 'Bikelash' Public outcry about the priority given protected bike lanes on streets can be mitigated when civic crowdfunding is part of the planning process, according to this article.

How crowdfunding is helping US charities build trust American charities turning to crowdfunding are experiencing an increase in giving because donors think they're more transparent, new research shows.

CRATE Brewery smashes crowdfunding target with £130k single investment London's CRATE Brewery has exceeded its £500k crowdfunding target with the help of a substantial investment from Meantime Brewing Company co-founder Lars Huser. Launched to fund a major refurbishment of the brewery's Hackney Wick base, CRATE's crowdfunding campaign will remain open until April 21 for further investment.

ARC Will Start Crowdfunding for Vector Electric Motorcycle You can participate if you want. If you do, you'll get equity in the business. For those of you that don't know, the Vector is a sleek, futuristic-looking electric motorcycle that has a range of 270 miles and a short charge time of just 40 minutes. Zero to 62 mph should come in a quick 3.2 seconds, and the bike's top speed will be 124 mph.

Crowdfunding campaign driving Arc's electric motorbike development Home / West Midlands / Manufacturing / Crowdfunding campaign driving Arc's electric motorbike development Coventry-based automotive engineers Arc are set to launch a crowdfunding campaign to boost manufacturing development and the progress of their Vector electric motorbike.

Kickstarter Partners with Kodansha to Support Creators in Japan Today, we're excited to announce a partnership with Kodansha, one of Japan's leading publishers, to support creators in Japan across all categories. Through the partnership, Kickstarter will provide Kodansha's team with the tools, knowledge, and resources to help creators in Japan bring projects to life on our global platform.

A Crowdfunding Campaign Has Begun To Relaunch WOW Air A brand new crowdfunding website has been launched with the aim to resurrect fallen airline WOW Air. WOW Air went bankrupt last month as it struggled to find a place in the cut-throat lucrative low-cost-carrier transatlantic trade. The new crowdfunding site,, has been created for the sole purpose to bring back WOW Air.

StartEngine CEO on How Crowdfunding Platform is Democratizing Access to Capital When you're running a small business or a start-up, raising capital can be a real challenge. But one equity crowdfunding platform says it is making it easier for everyone. Cheddar's Alyssa Julya Smith sat down with co-founder and CEO Howard Marks to find out more about this type of investing.

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