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Cycling ban at 16 spots across Hong Kong set to be lifted in months, starting with Choi Ha Road flyover in Kwun Tong But the Hong Kong Cycling Alliance said the changes were "completely inadequate" when measured against the 340 bicycle prohibition zones across the city. Meanwhile, district councillors expressed concern about the possible effect on road safety.

Tout un départ I was expecting to ride away from Brussels straight in the country side, see old castles and hear only my thoughts, but it took 70km to get there.I hugged my daughter goodbye, dropped the rental and road away…. just to ride back 5km later.

The Silk Road Mountain Race: is this new 1700km event the world's toughest? Two thirds of competitors didn't even finish this inaugural 1,700km race across the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. The first Brit to cross the line tells us how he did it.

Willow Lane Farm Before I get to the farm I'll tell you about our visit to Lake Placid. We drove across Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont to get to Adirondack Park in northern New York. Lake Placid, the site of the 1980 Winter Olympics, is there.

September 24, 2018 Reims to Louppy-sur-Loison Today was the exact opposite of yesterday. While it wasn't scorching hot it was sunny with broken cloud and instead of a howling head wind, the wind was hardly noticeable even late in the day. The day was a bit longer but it seemed shorter as the conditions were so nice.

Some Last Thoughts On Cycling The World Last week we published what we thought would be the final instalment in our 10 part series, 'Reflections on Cycling the World', by Henry Gold, Founder of TDA Global Cycling. Henry, however, managed, not for the first time, to surprise us. He hammered out a few last minute additions to his collection.

Overnight bike packing on the Arizona Trail On our thru hike of the Colorado Trail this Summer, I was introduced to fatbikes and bikepacking. A few weeks ago I picked up a Surly Pugsley fatbike. We've been planning our sobo thru hike of the Arizona Trail in October. I thought bikepacking would be a fun way to explore the trail and go on a mini overnight adventure.

Shimano XC5 Review: Do All Terrain Joe wore a pair of Shimano’s XC5s on everything from fast group road rides to gravel explorations to extended bikepacking trips. Read the full review…

September 23, 2018 Saint Quentin to Reims A totally unbelievable day but not in a really good way. The ride was 107.8 with a climb of 710 meters. This morning it was dark gray and threatening rain as we ate breakfast and loaded the van, however as soon as we got on the bikes the down pour started.

Tour du Mont Blanc by Mountain Bike - Day 3 Day three of my Tour du Mont Blanc by Mountain Bike adventure with my pal Alfie was definitely the toughest. But like the two preceding days, this final stage was filled with unbelievable scenery and plenty of glacier views. We started soon after sunrise and "closed-the-loop" on our Tour du Mont Blanc 30 minutes after sunset.

Tale from the trail : it's all about the people While cycling we must have met hundreds of people, almost all of them friendly and helpful. Some people you forget about after a while, no matter how nice they were. Others are engraved in your mem…

September 22, 2018 Lille to Saint Quentin This morning was totally gray when we started loading luggage at 8:15 and when we got on our bikes the gray had turned to a light drizzle. Not heavy enough that you want to stop and put on the rain coat but heavy enough that it makes the pavement wet and you know that if it doesn't stop you are going to be soaked and cold.

Tour du Mont Blanc by Mountain Bike - Day 2 This was the "easiest" day of my three day Tour du Mont Blanc by mountain bike adventure with my pal Alfie. But it might have been my favourite. Our main goal was climbing Grand Col Ferret high on the Italian / Swiss border. Glacier heaven! See here for details of Day 1 - Les Contamines to Entrèves via Col du Bonhomme and Col de la Seigne.

Daily Digest - Day 101 to 112 Day 101 to 103 - 12 to 14 September 2018Wilder Kaiser, Austria. Transport: by foot, hiking! Hiking Wilder Kaiser: hiking Wilder Kaiser was for 3 days was a sometimes tearsome yet rewarding hike. Why was it tearsome??

Mofga Anyone who has set foot in a grocery store in recent years knows that ORGANIC is big business. Just how big we were reminded today when we attended the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity, Maine, put on by Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners. Not being privy to the organic grapevine, we had never heard of MOFGA or the fair.

Endurance Bikepacker Lael Wilcox Can't Be Stopped on a Mountain Bike "We rode it," she says. Carman, on the other hand, was not so forgiving. "Hear about it? It's what we've been doing with our lives!" I had forgotten: Lael-the-racer is the offspring of Lael-who-lives-on-a-bike, the shared DNA between them born from a comfort level with a lifestyle most people aren't familiar with.

September 21, 2018 Touring the Somme Battle Field Today was a rest day in Lille so we took a driving tour of the Somme Battle fields. Ken agreed to give Agnes a day off and drive the van. The parking expired at 9:00 AM so we were at the van and ready to go. The first order of business was to drive down to the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing.

5 Reasons To Cycle New Zealand - Hobbits, Wines & Worms New Zealand was way off the beaten track and a step back in time. Women with young children would stop and give you a ride, pubs and restaurants were closed all day on Sundays and they had this remarkably exotic food item for sale, a lamb burger. I'm pretty sure there were no cycle tourists either.

Tour du Mont Blanc by Mountain Bike - Day 1 One of the more amazing cycling trips I've ever done. A three day loop around the Mont Blanc Massif by mountain bike through France, Italy, and Switzerland with endless glacier views. Paradise. I rode with my friend Alfie, the President/King of the Steel Wheelers, my local cycling club.

Rider and Rig: Franzi and her Bombrack Beyond Plus I definitely want to ride my bike in Morocco. But for the most part, I've found not making plans the best plan! Rundown of bags. Our gear is mostly made by Ortlieb, as we find it hardwearing and water resistant, which is really important in Europe.

Inside the local economy of going outside See the full schedule, with the full list of presenters, here. Early registration ends tomorrow, and a student ticket costs $39. See full registration details + options here. Keep reading to find out how much Asheville makes from the outdoor economy + which local businesses are driving it.⬇.

The New 2019 Specialized Sequoia Light Touring Bikes Essentially a toned-down version of the AWOL, the 2019 Specialized Sequoia bikes are an excellent choice for bikepacking, light touring and gravel riding. Given the specification is built to be light-ish, I generally recommend carrying a load of no more than 15-20kg on adventures with these bikes.

The New 2019 Specialized Diverge Light Touring Bikes But what if you want to pack light and stick mostly to the main roads? The 2019 Specialized Diverge may just suit you best. The Future Shock continues to be available on most Diverge models. This small shock absorber located below the stem offers 20mm of travel and is designed to isolate both vibrations and larger hits.

September 20, 2018 Tour of Artois Battle Field Tour Today was a tour day out of our Airbnb apartment in Lille. The parking on the van ran out at 9:00 Am this morning so we were all out on the street and in the van by 9:00 Am. It was a 40 kms drive down to Arras this morning. Ken had volunteered to give Agnes a break from driving so he was the wheelman and I was the navigator.

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