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Comic Book Recap From a Bikepacking Adventure in Redfern, British Columbia As a picture is a window into a moment, so are these pages a window into my experience over the four days Andrew and I spent on our bikes seeking and finding adventure in the true North of British Columbia. Notes:Sorry Mobile users! Unless you're using a tablet this will likely be too small to read.

A collection of tales from the road #22 - Germany I have ridden in Germany as a school-kid and as a teacher, which is a nice full-circle thought. In addition, i've seen much of the country on holidays, professional development courses and by 4-wheels.

Bike Travel Film Festival in March features 6 world premieres Do you like to be the first to see something exciting? If so, wheel on over to the 10th Annual Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival this spring: You can catch the world premiere of six short films, and the U.S. premiere of two more.

The Fool's Loop: Who's Riding It? With The Fool's Loop now three years old, we take a look back at some of the riders who stopped in at the Bicycle Nomad Café to say hello…

The Fool's Loop, Arizona Looking to loop the Black Canyon Trail? The Fool’s Loop is a 4-5 day, 234-mile circuit that starts and ends in downtown Phoenix…

Reader's Rig: Sofia Torres' Cannondale CAAD9 CX In this week's Reader's Rig, we scope out Sofia Torres' custom painted Cannondale CAAD9 CX, with some interesting modifications and homemade frame bags…

The pros and cons of travelling with your bike versus renting Seven things to consider when you are weighing transporting your bike against renting a bike for a cycling trip.

Café du Cycliste Zélie jacket review However, the construction of the Café du Cycliste Zélie jacket is drastically different to alternatives such as Rapha's new Explore jacket. In fact, given what I'd expected from the website, it's not really comparable at all.

River Road Ramble The Big Bend region of Texas is a truly unique and fascinating part of the world. Situated along 118 miles of the US/Mexico border, in one of the most remote landscapes in the country, Big Bend National Park is one of the least visited national parks in the country.

Fully Loaded: Racing the Fat Pursuit The experience was one that taught me an inordinate amount in a short time, and more importantly, opened my eyes to why the small-but-growing winter fat-bike ultra scene is brimming with folks who keep coming back for more.

Bikepacking in the Overberg Bikepacking is whatever you want it to be, and if you have a bicycle you're pretty much ready to go, says Matthew Sterne. The idea of bikepacking was an effort-less sell to my friends, who are easily seduced by alternative adventures.

Bikepacking Across Cuba 860 miles across Cuba on a bike? Sign us up.

Six unique sounds of winter biking Six unique sounds of winter biking: from the crunch of fresh powder to the squeal of brakes: mountain biking sounds different in the snow.

Surly's versatile go-anywhere, do-anything off-road touring bike For my long-term test bike I chose a Surly Bridge Club. I wanted something that could pretty much do anything, and while there are plenty of bikes out there that claim to do it all, this one really stood out to me. And it's not just because of that lovely blue paintjob.

Rider and Rig, Bailey Newbrey's Salsa Woodsmoke - Anything we should know about? What drew you to the Woodsmoke in particular? First and foremost, I should answer the main question I get, which is gearing. 38×19 or 2:1. I change my gearing fairly regularly depending on the type of riding I'm doing and/or the events I'm training for or riding in.

Chasing the Ghosts of Utah's John's Canyon on a Bike The evening sun lay low as I dismounted my bike and walked off the trail into a labyrinth of creosote and prickly pear cactus. Minding every step, I arrived at the rim of the San Juan River gorge and leaned over the edge. The walls of the chasm fell away in a series of steps and cliffs to a muddy ribbon of water 500 feet below.

Want to gravel bikepack new countries, but don't know where to begin? Later this year, GritCX will be going to Slovakia on a multi-day bikepacking trip with a bit of a twist. We've been on guided bike holidays before, but only ever mountain bike ones, and usually staying at single "base" for the course of the trip.

Winter Workouts Cycling can be difficult when the snow arrives, although on a sunny, dry day - an open climb can be too much fun. I've been enjoying the season with a mix of cycling and skate cross-country skiing. For me, no sport gets my heart-rate as high and for as long as a session of skate skiing in the Alps.

Always forward: A weekend of biking and camping in the Pine Creek Gorge. Winter camping is not for the faint of heart. Especially not winter bike camping. You ride all day, get sweaty, then need to try to stay warm all night using only what you can carry on your bike. Then wake up in the morning and ride some more. But there's also something exhilarating about it, and the quest to do it better can be addicting.

Our Changing World Pundits aplenty have shared with us their takes on the rapid pace of change in this new century - technological marvels, the fluidity of gender identity, the wrath of the political correctness Nazis, etc. I doubt I have anything original to add to the public discourse on these subjects.

Rene Herse Juniper Ridge All-Road Tire - Alongside a new name, Rene Herse Cycles just released the Juniper Ridge 650B x 48mm all-road tire…

Complete List of Useful, Durable, and Oversized Bottle Cages for Bike Touring and Bikepacking Consider this as part three in a Gear Index subset all about bottle cages, cargo carriers, and boss-mounted bags for carrying extra gear and water. If you're looking for solutions for attaching cages or adding mounts to your frame, check out Ways to Attach Bottle Cages and Add Cage Mounts to Your Bike.

Industry Nine Hydra Offers Quicker Engagement - With 0.52° engagement, the brand new Industry Nine Hydra hub is 5.77 times quicker than their Torch hub…

Continuing South Oamaru was an interesting place to spend a couple of days. Some of the streets by the harbour have maintained the authentic Victorian buildings and these, now pimped with the Steampunk vibe, are home to an array of cool shops and cafes.

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