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Five Ways to Run a Better Race Event What are the race results? Make it easy to find out this information at any time-and make announcements when things change. When you do, be sure you have everyone's attention first. Like me, you may not be very loud. When I organized my first races, I had a "designated cat herder".

The RaceDayQuads 2019 MultiGP Championship Date and Location We are excited at the opportunities afforded by both potential locations, and look forward to releasing more details hopefully next week. Username or email address. Password. Remember me. Lost your password?

Medical Cargo Drones Training International health organizations, governments, major donors, non-governmental organizations and companies are increasingly looking to use cargo drones to improve public health services. So what does it actually take to run cargo drone deliveries for public health?

A Triple Header, Two Double Headers and Three Global Qualifiers take the List to over 520! July 13th and 14th was the biggest weekend to-date for the 2019 MultiGP Series with 10 Global Qualifiers adding 75 new pilots to "the List" and seeing 36 pilots return to the GQ Track with 25 of them improving earlier times.

FPV for Beginners with Average Hobbyist New to FPV Quadcopters and looking for a quick video guide about how to get started? Look no further than the FPV for Beginners video by Average Hobbyist!

Understanding Motor and Propeller Rotation Never fear, a simple understanding of how motor and propellers work together to get the quad flying will set you straight on the path to success with your aircraft the FIRST TIME it flies. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked.

IO2019 Recap and Results The premiere international race in the World, the 2019 MultiGP International Open presented by Team Blacksheep yet again featured an outstanding roster of pilots culminating into 30+ head-to-head races on the Hobbywing World Cup Track.

Tiny Solar-Powered Drone For years, scientists have wanted to create flying robotic vehicles the size of insects. The tricky bit has been building something that can produce enough thrust while still being light enough to fly, without being tethered to an external power source.

IDRLC Atlantic City Open Race Media Check out these photos and videos from the IDRLC Atlantic City Drone Race.

Week #16 Global Qualifier Recap While there were two qualifiers on the Calendar this past Saturday weather changed the plan and just Rocket City FPV Racing hosted their first Global Qualifier in Huntsville, Alabama.

IDRLC Championship Finale - Atlantic City Convention Center IDRLC Chamionship Open Drone Race at Atlantic City Convention Center.

FPV News with Average Hobbyist - Episode 9 Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Post comment.

DHL & EHang Join Forces The launch ceremony was held today at the EHang Command and Control Center in Guangzhou, with the attendance of senior executives from both companies. This cutting-edge solution takes its inaugural flight for a DHL customer, making DHL the first international express company to provide such a service in China.

Wildfires: Using Drone Back Burns As firefighting efforts continue, crews are using new technology to help fight the fire. Video of helicopters and even a jumbo DC-10 fighting this fire with water drops have been seen many times, but there's also a mini flying machine making a major difference by being another set of eyes from the skies.

Russian Owl Spy Drone Russia has unveiled a combat surveillance drone intended to resemble a menacing owl spreading its wings. The avian imposter was showcased at the Defense Ministry's annual military expo in the outskirts of Moscow last week.

FlySky FS-i6 Transmitter Modding In this guide, I will be showing you how to mod your Flysky FS-i6 radio system into a 10 channel BEAST. Yes; your FS-i6 can be as good as a Frsky Taranis.

Build Log - Armattan Chameleon It looked really cool and innovative with its built-in camera cage, I appreciated the concept of a lifetime bumper-to-bumper warranty in a quad that was probably going to take some abuse, and it didn't hurt that Joshua Bardwell lists the Armattan Chameleon as 'The New Top Dog' in his Freestyle Frames Shopping List.

Marines Test Drone-Killing Energy Weapon A drone-killing, directed energy weapon prototype is now in the hands of Marines. The Compact Laser Weapons System-or CLaWS-is the first ground-based laser approved by the Department of Defense for use by warfighters on the ground.

GetFPV Learn Community Program: What it's Like to Make Content for GetFPV? For over a year, I have been creating GetFPV Learn. In this article, I share my positive experience with the program and how you can get involved.

One Global Qualifier During Week #14 To Take "the List" to 400 Globally Ranked Pilots! Saturday, June 22nd the Cincinnati Quad Racers held their first qualifier for the 2019 MultiGP Series at Hawks RC Field in Hamilton, Ohio. Their roster of pilots included 12 first-timers on the Global Qualifying Track in 2019 taking the Global Qualifying Ranking or "the List" to 400 Pilots that have been ranked Globally!

MultiGP Series Week #13 Recap Just past the mid-way point of the qualifying season, we look back on the 13th week of competition in 2019, with 4 Chapters hosting Global Qualifiers for the 2019 MultiGP Championships. While just under 50 pilots competed last weekend, 34 of them flew the Global Qualifier Track, officially for the first time.

Open Class Drone Racing IDRLC Open Class Drone Racing and Brushed Micro Racing Events June 27th-30th. Large prize pools and the best drone racers from around the world.

Eachine Cinecan-85mm-4K The Eachine trashcan HD was a perfectible product for at least two reasons: the presence of vibrations / jellos… and the most dramatic, the weakness of the ESC burning very fast even from 3S.

One Competition, Three Challenges We experience this first hand on a daily basis at WeRobotics and across the Flying Labs network. Only approximately 10% of time is actually invested in the drone itself, the other 90% is all about data and community and stakeholder engagement. So why is it that most organizations concentrate their efforts today on the 10%?

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