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Will Smith Gives People A Lyft In A Porsche Taycan Turbo S Will Smith surprises Lyft app users with a ride in the new Porsche Taycan Turbo in order to promote his new movie, Bad Boys for Life.

Former Ford CEO Mark Fields On Tesla And EV Demand: Video Former Ford CEO Mark Fields was recently asked in CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" about Tesla and EVs. As we already heard what Bob Lutz thinks about Tesla, it was quite interesting to see another point of view. In terms of Tesla, he appreciates that Elon Musk and his team were able to create an iconic brand for EVs.

Here's Lola Amparo's Story: The Grandma Terrified By Tesla Summon Others said it was Tagalog. And there were the ones that bet on Pinoy. We asked De Jesus what she was the language she used. A family code allowed De Jesus to know the right time to call it quits. Her terror came from not knowing what De Jesus' brand-new Model S at the time could do.

Increase of electric car use in North Somerset, figures reveal Use of electric cars in North Somerset sees 39 per cent increase, according to the latest figures.

Canoo opens waitlist for its electric 'lounge car' which drivers lease with a monthly subscription The lounge car resembles a min-van with a futuristic, sleek design, and it has a symmetrical form to maximize the interior space. And sticking with the lounge theme, the firm built in a few folding chairs into the sides of the doors and a wraparound couch in the back, according to Cnet.

Volkswagen ID Crozz to make US debut at New York Auto Show - Electrek But Americans have yet to get an in-person glimpse of the production version of the ID Crozz, the company's first major EV for the US. That will change in April when the ID Crozz is unveiled at the 2020 New York Auto Show, just months before the model goes on sale.

Tesla settles with Michigan over direct sales, could open door to enter the state That was a dumb problem that Tesla had to deal with for a long time. Not even allowing Tesla to have service centers in the state was completely stupid. Hopefully, the resolution is going to allow Tesla to fully operate in the state, but I doubt it.

Jaguar To Lease 700 I-PACE To Healthcare Foundation Jaguar Land Rover just announced an unprecedented deal with Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, which ordered 700 I-PACE for its for public sector staff across the UK. That's a really big single contract considering that I-PACE sales averaged around 1,400 a month globally over the first 11 months of 2019.

Tesla Hacker Says Unintended Acceleration Is Impossible In Teslas Jason Hughes, from HSR Motors, tweeted that the sudden unintended acceleration petition on Teslas will fail because it is not possible in these EVs.

Mysterious Garage Fire Takes Out A Tesla And Other Vehicles A garage caught fire near Los Angeles. We're awaiting more info about the incident that burned a Tesla and other cars. The house was saved by firefighters.

3-D Printing And Electric Vehicles: A Match Made In Heaven We hear plenty of news about 3-D printing, a.k.a. additive manufacturing. We also hear a whole lot about mobility, and especially about electric vehicles and how they're transforming the transportation world. What we haven't heard much about - yet - is how AM and EVs come together to create a whole new manufacturing and product landscape.

Prince of Wales will travel to Davos forum in electric car Charles will deliver a keynote speech at the forum in Switzerland on Wednesday to officially launch his Sustainable Markets Council, an ambitious project to help financial markets become more sustainable.

The Return of the Fiat 500e, and its outsized meaning for EVs A small, 125-mile EV in 2021 might not be the most exciting news in the world. But the industry-wide shift to electric cars has a place for stylish, more affordable, electric commuter vehicles. It could be easily tucked into one spot of a multi-car garage.

Score Sun Joe's 2300PSI Electric Pressure Washer for $151, more in today's Green Deals Amazon offers the Sun Joe 2300PSI Electric Pressure Washer for $151.29 shipped. As a comparison, this pressure washer typically sells for around $225. Our previous mention came out to $153, with today's deal being a new all-time low. Winter weather will soon fade to spring, and that means it will be time to clean up your outdoor spaces.

Elon Musk: Tesla acquisition of Maxwell is going to have a very big impact on batteries When Tesla announced the acquisition of the San Diego-based ultracapacitor and battery company Maxwell for over $200 million, it was unclear if it was for the company's main business, ultracapacitors, or for its latest battery technology IP, like a new dry electrode technology for battery cells.

Tesla's pushback, Subaru's electrification push, VW's EV targets: Today's Car News Subaru is planning a big shift toward hybrids and electric cars. VW's targets seem far off, according to one analysis. And Tesla cries foul about unintended-acceleration claims. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Davos: Trump's and Thunberg's competing views on fossil fuels - Electrek The 50th World Economic Forum at Davos launched its annual meeting today with an agenda focused heavily on climate change.

Government doubles funding for electric car infrastructure The DfT will also start working on creating a real-time public charger information service that would allow drivers to see the nearest charge points, if they are working and available for use, how much they cost and how quickly they will charge a car.

This Third Row Podcast Featuring Tesla's Elon Musk Is A Must Watch In this new podcast video, Tesla CEO Elon Elon is sharing his story – raw and uncut. See Musk on screen and hear what he has to say on all sorts of topics.

Electrify America invests $1.3 million in energy storage program Electrify America will invest $1.3 million in the Sacramento Municipal Utility District's Energy StorageShares program, which incentivizes energy storage in grid-stressed locations throughout the city.

Push For Electric Vehicles Predicted To Continue In Wisconsin Amid Questions The transportation sector - that's people driving gasoline-fueled cars and using other vehicles - has become the single largest source of carbon dioxide pollution in the United States. So, despite some setbacks and concerns in Wisconsin, the push for more electric vehicles is expected to continue in 2020.

Unofficial: First Tesla Model Y Deliveries Expected Within Two Weeks Recently, we came across a tweet with unofficial info that the first deliveries are expected within two weeks! The news comes from Tesla enthusiast Moez, while the claimed source is a Tesla employee.

UK unprepared to deal with electric vehicle battery waste mountain Be it plastic bottles with unrecyclable labels pasted firmly on, or mobile phones so intricately welded together that removing the valuable metals within is prohibitively expensive - time and again it seems we walk blindly into a waste problem, inventing must-have new products only to find them stacking up in landfill years later or burned to ash.

EGEB: Hawaii's solar capacity soared in 2019 Hawaii's solar capacity grew by 21% in 2019, its largest-ever annual increase; Enevate announces an extreme fast-charging lithium-ion battery.

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