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Satellite Image of the Week 2020 #4 This week's image was taken this afternoon over Central America. I just flat-out like this image. I like the turquoise sea just off the coast, the dark green jungle, the few cumulonimbus clouds that formed over the land. All of it is a pretty scene, I think.

Central New Mexico Weather: 1/25/20 Yesterday was sunny, cool and still. This morning, the weather has been mostly sunny, cool, and still. From the NWS in Albuquerque, NM: The pattern will remain settled, with sunny skies and a warming trend through the weekend. The NWS in Albuquerque, NM, forecasts a sunny day, with a high temperature of 51 F.

If you love Australia, climate change should scare the hell out of you - Greg Jericho Conservatives love to talk up Australia ‘punching above its weight’, but they turn to self-hating cowards when it comes to climate change.

Lyrebirds are survivors, but the situation for Australian birdlife after the bushfires is dire - Sean Dooley Recovery after fires of such unparalleled enormity is going to take decades and enormous resources.

'I hope God will help us': search for Turkey earthquake survivors continues – video Rescuers pulled injured people from under collapsed buildings a day after a powerful earthquake hit eastern Turkey.

Valley-based storm chaser's video featured in new Pearl Jam music video PHOENIX - Many have seen the stunning time-lapses taken by Valley photographer Mike Olbinski, in addition to his photos of ominous clouds, dust storms and epic displays of lightning. Now, the band Pearl Jam took notice, and Olbinski's work is in the band's newest music video.

Multiple fatalities after earthquake hits eastern Turkey Officials confirm 18 people killed as rescue teams works to free trapped survivors.

Heavy rain kills dozens in Madagascar At least 21 people have died in Madagascar following almost a week of torrential rain in the north-west of the island, the government said on Friday. The tropical Indian Ocean nation is in the midst of an intense six-month rainy season that often leads to casualties and widespread damage.

Your weather update: Heavy rain, warm skies for Saturday across the country Warm skies, accompanied by heavy rain could lead to localised flooding on the last Saturday of January 2020, according to the South African Weather Service. Watches. - Heavy rain, leading to localised flooding is possible in the north-eastern parts of North West, parts of Gauteng and the extreme south-western bushveld of Limpopo in the morning.

Central New Mexico Weather: 1/24/20 Yesterday was sunny, cool and still. This morning, the weather has been sunny, cold, and still. From the NWS in Albuquerque, NM: The pattern will remain settled, with sunny skies and a warming trend through the weekend. Northwesterly flow will keep things quiet.

Rain, floods, strong winds - 23 practical survival tips for SA's crazy weather conditions Standing firm: Make sure that your outdoor furniture and accessories are safely stored or firmly secured and that all gates and doors that need to be locked, are. Beware the bolt: Heavy rains are often associated with lightning. It's best to have surge protection plugs in place and/or to unplug appliances before the storm arrives.

Rain returns Saturday night & Sunday east of Highway 281 Why hello there, and congratulations on making it to the fourth Friday of 2020. We're starting on the cool side this morning. Still, truthfully temperatures are right around where they should be for a winter's morning in Texas. Some folks are dealing with patchy fog.

Frequency of intense floods and storms could double in 13 years, says study Climate crisis and socioeconomic factors, combined with critically unprepared governments, bring high risks for some countries.

Bushfires, ash rain, dust storms and flash floods: two weeks in apocalyptic Australia As the country lurches painfully from one extreme weather to another, residents are fearful of what they will face next.

Bushfires death toll rises to 33 after body found in burnt out house near Moruya Unidentified body found by police the day after three American firefighters were killed in waterbombing plane crash.

Blatant manipulation’: Trump administration exploited wildfire science to promote logging Revealed: emails show Trump and appointees tried to craft a narrative that forest protection efforts are responsible for wildfires.

Gloria storm: in the Pyrénées-Orientales and Aude, disaster victims begin to assess the damage The disaster-stricken residents of Aude and the Pyrénées-Orientales began Thursday to assess the damage, after the passage of the storm Gloria, which drowned the region under torrents of water. " It's a catastrophe.

Lost land: processing the Australian bushfires – a photo essay Australian photographer Aletheia Casey watched the bushfires in her home country in despair and produced these artworks using prints from her last visit there, reworking them to transfer her emotions into the images.

How big are the fires burning in Australia? Interactive map The scale of this season’s bushfires can be hard to grasp. This interactive map shows the total area burned, overlaid on different capital cities.

Snowy roads and crashes in Wichita, KS - 1/23/2020 Winter Weather Advisories were issued across portions of eastern Kansas, and this is the second day in a row for snow in Wichita. Shot Description. Scenes 1-10: Multi-car wreck southeast of Wichita near the town of Derby, three cars involved. No one was injured.

Lyrebird may join threatened species, as scale of bird habitat lost to bushfires emerges Almost 80 species across Australia have lost more than a third of their habitat in the catastrophic fires, preliminary data suggests.

Australia fires live: homes feared lost in NSW bushfires as six firefighters reported injured – latest updates Six volunteer firefighters reportedly taken to hospital with ‘serious injuries’ in truck rollover, names of three US firefighters killed in C-130 crash released, and Sydney covered in thick smoke haze. Follow the latest news and live updates.

Puerto Ricans protest as anger rises over unused emergency aid Some have called for the governor’s resignation and protesters marched a guillotine to the residence where Vazquez lives.

Firefighters battle south coast blaze into the night – in pictures The Horsley Park RFS brigade – which lost two firefighters in December when their truck hit a tree and rolled – worked to protect homes from the Badja Forest Road fire, north of Bermagui, through the night on Thursday.

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