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'The losses could be profound': floods wreak havoc on wildlife As rivers and wildflower meadows struggle to recover from repeated extreme weather events, the ecosystems they support are collapsing.

Andrew Hansen enjoying the solo life out of The Chaser's controversy storm "Personally I never enjoyed being the target of an outrage at all," Hansen says. "A couple of the guys, it didn't phase them, but I never had much fun being in the middle of those outrages The Chaser had years ago.

Your wet Wednesday weather: It's going to be a perfect day… to stay indoors It will be another rainy day on Wednesday, the South African Weather Service says. The weather in your region:. It will be partly cloudy and cool to warm with scattered showers and thundershowers, but isolated in the northwest of Gauteng. The expected UVB sunburn index is low.

Storm chasing secrets: The difference between chasing and spotting But a big secret in the storm chasing world is that they are actually very, very different. There can in very rare cases be some overlap between the two, which I'll get into later in this post, but they are not* equivalents.

Central New Mexico Weather: 3/31/20 Yesterday was mild, mostly sunny, and very windy. I did go for a run, and did a little work outside. This morning, the weather has been cool, sunny and still. From the NWS in Albuquerque, NM: We will get a break from the winds today, with warmer temperatures and sunny skies throughout the day.

Climate crisis may have pushed world's tropical coral reefs to tipping point of 'near-annual' bleaching Exclusive: Mass bleaching seen along Great Barrier Reef could mark start of global-scale event, expert warns.

We can’t go back to normal’: how will the world emerge from the coronavirus crisis? The long read: Times of upheaval are always times of radical change. Some believe the pandemic is a once-in-a-generation chance to remake society and build a better future. Others fear it may only make existing injustices worse.

Your weather: Heavy rain expected over SA on Tuesday It is going to be a rainy day across South Africa, the South African Weather Service says. Watches. There is heavy rain leading to localised flooding in the afternoon in the northern parts of the Eastern Cape. Severe thunderstorms are expected over the eastern parts of the Northern Cape.

Central New Mexico Weather: 3/30/20 Yesterday was mild, mostly sunny, and only slightly breezy. We took a walk down to the Walmart and back, just to get outside. This morning, the weather has been cool and sunny, with a westerly breeze. From the NWS in Albuquerque, NM: The shortwave trough will pass through today, generating a few showers and thunderstorms along the NM/CO border.

Numerous showers & storms today & tonight; only an isolated severe storm / flooding threat Sorry for being quiet on the blog side. Relatively quiet weather combined with ongoing world events has resulted in a short-term shift in life priorities. I know a majority of you are in the same boat, so enough about that. Let's get down to the weather and the reason I'm writing a blog post at 6 AM.

In Case You've Ever Had the Impulse to Outrun a Tornado in a Car This is what Saturday's Jonesboro Tornado did to an auto or truck. They are unsafe in tornadoes! Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest.

Parenting in the Eye of the COVID Storm Out There is swirling chaos, but here, in the eerie calm, we are carefully recalibrating. Taking stock of what's left and what to hold tightly when the tempest returns. Out There, the sheer enormity is overwhelming. Literally beyond comprehension.

'Probably the worst year in a century': the environmental toll of 2019 The annual Australia’s Environment report finds last year’s heat and drought caused unprecedented damage.

Ronan Keating and wife Storm welcome baby girl and confirm adorable name Ronan Keating pays tribute to Storm after she gave birth to their second child.

Central New Mexico Weather: 3/29/20 Yesterday was cool, sunny and windy. We went out for a brief walk around the block, but otherwise stayed indoors. This morning, the weather has been cool and sunny, with a westerly breeze. From the NWS in Albuquerque, NM: It will not be as windy as yesterday, and the temperatures will be comparable, and below average.

Travel Nightmare with heavy snow in Saint Cloud, MN - 3/28/2020 The northern end of the severe weather that hit the Midwest on Saturday brought several inches of extremely heavy wet snow to central Minnesota around the City of Saint Cloud and greater Stearns County.

Multiple Tornadoes, Waterloo, IA - 3/28/2020 Several tornadoes near Waterloo, IA during a regional tornado outbreak. Weak satellite tornado passes over cars. All footage shot near Waterloo, IA during afternoon daylight hours on March 28, 2020 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer. Shot Description. 1 and 2.

Satellite Image of the Week 2020 #13 This week's image was taken earlier today over the Midwest. Some of the morning convection and cloud shield is giving way to cloud streets over northeastern Missouri and southeastern Iowa. This is at the very edge of a Moderate Risk for severe weather, so I will be watching these clouds closely over the next few hours.

Central New Mexico Weather: 3/28/20 Yesterday was cool, partly sunny and windy. There was some rain and even some small hail. This morning, the weather has been cool and sunny, with a westerly breeze. From the NWS in Albuquerque, NM: It will not be as windy as yesterday, but still quite breezy as a shortwave trough passes through northern New Mexico this morning.

Vawx A Marginal Sunday Of course the SPC has now spilled a Marginal Risk across Virginia for Sunday:. The Piedmont is covered by a 2% tornado risk tomorrow, giving rise to this Marginal outlook. The SPC wording, however, fits with my reading of the setup in that "conditional potential" pretty much sums it up.

Moderate Risk: 3/28/20 The Storm Prediction Center has issued a Moderate Risk for northern Illinois. Associated with the Moderate Risk is a hatched 15% tornado threat ring, marked "SIG SEVERE".

Central New Mexico Weather: 3/27/20 Yesterday was cloudy, windy and mild. It rained briefly, which sounded more intense, due to the high winds. This morning, the weather has been cool and mostly cloudy, with a southwesterly breeze. From the NWS in Albuquerque, NM: Today will be windy again, with cooler temperatures moving in from the west.

Vawx Updates on Sunday With the weekend forecast coming into better focus I doubt that I'll go out chasing. "Da Wedge" will be fully entrenched on Saturday across Virginia so that's a no-go.

Underground skyscrapers and off-grid bunkers: inside the world of preppers From the mega-rich to ‘prepsteaders’, Bradley Garrett has spent the last four years with people preparing for the end of the world. What can they teach us about our current crisis?

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