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Life in the shadow of Guatemala's Volcano of Fire - video On 3 June, Volcán de Fuego in Guatemala erupted, killing at least 113 people and leaving 332 missing.

Heat Advisory Issued For Parts of North Central Texas - DFW Metro & Waco Areas A Heat Advisory has been issued for portions of north central Texas effective at noon today and through 7pm Wednesday evening. This includes the following counties: Wise, Denton, Collin, Parker, Tarrant, Dallas, Hood, Somervell, Johnson, Ellis, Bosque, Hill and McLennan.

Lava 'bomb' crashes through roof of Hawaiian tourist boat – video Dramatic video shows an explosion caused by lava spraying out the ocean off Hawaii's Big Island. A ball of molten rock was catapulted on to a nearby sightseeing boat and burnt a hole in its roof. At least 23 people were injured, with one woman seriously hurt with a broken leg.

5 ways authors can save money when working with an editor, formatter, designer or assistant Quantify your expectations and make sure they can meet them in the time allotted. Also think about what you can do yourself. While many of these tasks have a learning curve or require a level of expertise, some - like uploading your book to various distributor sites - are not as hard as you might think.

Thunderstorms Tuesday Humidity Breaks For A Few Days Wet Pattern Long Range Another warm humid night is ahead of us with temperatures in the 70s and high humidity. This sets us up for Tuesday for thunderstorms. The Storm Prediction Center has increased the geographic coverage area of the marginal risk for severe weather.

Lava 'bomb' crashes through roof of boat in Hawaii, injuring tourists More than 20 hurt, including woman with broken leg, after lava from Kilauea volcano shot out of ground.

Heatwaves and atmospheric blocking An occasional series on weather terminology: stationary areas of pressure can lead to prolonged heatwaves and cold spells.

How foreign kelp surfed to Antarctica Scientists had previously thought that Antarctic plants and animals were distinct from others around the world because they were isolated, but this new research indicates that these differences are almost entirely due to environmental extremes rather than isolation.

Looking toward Earth's future climate A paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences was led by Piers J. Sellers, former director of the Earth Sciences Division at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, who died in December 2016. Sellers was an Earth scientist at NASA Goddard and later an astronaut who flew on three space shuttle missions.

Boulder, Colorado Weather: 7/16/18 Yesterday was cloudy, rainy and mild until the evening. Even though I predicted "no observations" and we cancelled time at the observatory, the skies cleared up in the evening. It was a pretty sight! This morning has been partly cloudy, mild and still.

Using 'shade balls' in reservoirs may use up more water than they save During droughts, communities may rely on water stored in reservoirs. However, significant amounts of water can evaporate from the surface of the reservoir. Amid California's latest drought, which lasted from 2011-2017, 96 million 'shade balls' were deployed on the Los Angeles reservoir.

A Fair Question Especially since it is now hurricane season and, if anything, the money is more desperately needed for repairs. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest.

Epping Forest fire tackled by more than 225 firefighters – video A grass fire that ripped through Wanstead Flats on the outskirts of east London has affected over 100 hectares of land. The London Fire Brigade said more than 225 firefighters were needed to dampen the ground and beat down the flames. There was no immediate risk to nearby property.

How Much Rainfall Is Forecast for This Week Click to enlarge This is the forecast rainfall from now through 7pm CDT next Sunday evening.

Boulder, Colorado Weather: 7/15/18 Yesterday was hot and sunny. All crews were able to collect data at the observatory last night. This morning has been overcast, mild and still. The NWS in Boulder, CO, forecasts a mostly cloudy day, with a 50% chance of showers and thunderstorms, and a high temperature of 79 F.

Summer Heat Wave Returns This Week We hope everyone enjoyed the "cooler" temps and rain chances last week because all that comes to a screeching halt for the week ahead. High pressure will dominate the desert southwest this week with its reach expanding into Texas as well.

Sunday Fun: It Is Never Too Early To Be an Entrepreneur Congratulations to my granddaughters! Their lemonade stand collected money for an important charity, Braden's Hope. The lemonade was delic…

Satellite Image of the Week #28 This week's Satellite Image of the Week shows a thin line of clouds off the Florida coast. This line of clouds is due to the overnight land breeze draining into the ocean, and becoming more humid as it crosses the Gulf Stream. Thank you for reading this post!

As Seas Rise, Americans Use Nature to Fight Worsening Erosion Rising costs from flooding and erosion are prompting Americans, military bases and government agencies to opt for more natural alternatives. State and federal governments are changing permitting rules and taking other steps to encourage the switch, which can improve water quality, support fisheries and protect against storms and rising seas.

Boulder, Colorado Weather: 7/14/18 Yesterday was warm and did not cloud up much at all. This morning has been sunny, warm and still. The NWS in Boulder, CO, forecasts a mostly sunny day, with a high temperature of 93 F. The winds will be from the east northeast at 5-7 mph. This evening will be partly cloudy, with a low temperature of 65 F.

Why Forecasting Rainfall Is So Difficult Rainfall amounts, especially from thunderstorms, can vary widely in time and space. Meteorologists have been hopeful that a very new technique called "mesoscale modeling" will eventually be of great assistance.

Huge iceberg threatens village in Greenland Residents of tiny Innaarsuit fear the 100-metre high berg will break up, causing a tsunami.

Storm Anatomy Diagram: May 29, 2018 Supercell Its about time we did another Storm Anatomy Diagram! The march to actually get content out continues to be a struggle due to higher than expected work demand this summer - so the pace will probably continue to be 1-2 vids a week max. With that said, the newest video is a diagram of the Mobeetie, TX Supercell from May 29, 2018.

Update on Interactive Weather Radar Changes Our radar provider released a major update to their product line earlier this week. Some of the changes caused unforeseen issues. We’re working with the developer to resolve any bugs and other issues. The interactive radar would not load on mobile devices.

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