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Aerial footage shows California fire continues to burn – video The danger from the fires is said to be ‘far from over’.

California's deadliest-ever fire grows as hundreds remain unaccounted for Blazes have killed at least 44 in the state’s north and south as authorities warn the danger is ‘far from over’.

'Evacuation fatigue': danger after people flee wildfires five times in two years Authorities fear that residents will increasingly ignore repeated calls to flee as devastating wildfires become routine.

What Trump gets wrong about wildfires, by a fire scientist The president blamed ‘poor forest management’ for the state’s crisis. But much of the area burning isn’t forest.

Want to Build a Delaware Beach House? Expect Regular Floodwaters in 30 Years A new analysis shows that between 2010 and 2017 more than 700 homes - worth roughly $500 million - were built on land that's projected to be inundated at least once a year on average by 2050 unless pricey measures are taken to keep the water away. Click to enlarge.

Weather Update: Heatwave conditions continue across most of SA Not much has changed in SA's weather conditions overnight as a heatwave that has gripped most of the country continues, bringing with it high fire dangers on Wednesday. Warnings.

Ocean at the Door: New Homes and the Rising Sea Other risk zones can be defined with other assumptions, such as unchecked emissions, or by looking to the year 2100, and yield different results. "New homes" refers only to currently existing structures built after 2009 and before 2017. "New" does not refer to homes that will be built in the future.

Central New Mexico Weather: 11/13/18 Yesterday was cold, breezy, and there were some snow flurries in Rio Rancho in the morning. The evening was clear and cold. This morning has been clear, cold, and just enough breeze to make things even colder. The NWS in Albuquerque, NM, forecasts a sunny day, with a high temperature of 44 F.

Aerial firefighting crews tackle blaze near Simi Valley highway – video A wildfire erupted on Monday along the 118 Freeway in Simi Valley, southern California. Firefighting aircraft were deployed to tackle the blaze, which climbed a hillside to the edge of the road as vehicles were driving past.

Camp fire is deadliest wildfire in California's history – video report The Camp fire in northern California has killed 42 people, making it the deadliest in state history. It is also the most destructive, incinerating the town of Paradise and displacing more than 50,000 people. Other blazes continue to rage further south.

Joburg Water urges residents to use water sparingly as temperatures climb Residents of Johannesburg and its surrounding areas have been warned to use water sparingly this week as the temperatures soar in Gauteng.

WATCH: Death toll rises to 42 in deadliest fire in California history The number of people killed by a massive blaze in northern California rose to 42 on Monday, making it the deadliest wildfire in the history of the state.

California wildfires leave trail of destruction – in pictures Multiple fires have been raging in California leaving at least 31 people dead and 150,000 displaced throughout the state.

'No fresh air': wildfire smoke sets apocalyptic haze over Bay Area An eerie glow is hanging over the region as authorities warn people to stay indoors to avoid unhealthy air quality.

Cold Tuesday + Hard Freeze Statewide Tuesday Night Winter never really got started in the Texas Panhandle last year, but they've certainly had their fair share of snow to last a little while. Snowfall totals near 10 inches were reported in Dumas. Accumulating snows came to an end this morning and for the most part, we're at the concluding phase of any precipitation across Texas this evening.

California fires: what is happening and is climate change to blame? The Camp, Woolsey and Hill fires have killed at least 31 and burned through 111,000 acres – what happens next?

Weather Update: Heatwave expected in five provinces in SA Heatwave conditions are expected across five provinces in SA on Tuesday with temperatures moving beyond the 40°C mark - and the sizzle is expected to last for several days. Warnings:.

Central New Mexico Weather: 11/12/18 Yesterday was cool, breezy, and a little rainy in the evening. There was a nice display of clouds over the mountains at sunset:. This morning has been cloudy, cold, and still. The NWS in Albuquerque, NM, forecasts a cloudy morning, becoming a mostly sunny day, with a 40% chance of snow in the morning, and a high temperature of 37 F.

California wildfires: 31 dead and 150,000 displaced as blazes scorch state As more than 8,000 fire crews battle the Camp and Woolsey fires and hotels fill in Chico, residents find refuge in unofficial shelters.

Neil Young criticises Trump after losing his home in California fires Songwriter says state is vulnerable because of climate change and accuses US president of defying science.

California wildfires: rescuers search for victims as winds fuel flames – video Wildfires continue to wreak havoc across California. In the north on Sunday, investigators searching for human remains scoured wreckage left by the most destructive fire in state records. In southern California, firefighters are battling flames spread by strong winds.

Temperatures climb into high 30s as heatwave hits parts of SA Residents of many central areas of the country should brace themselves for extreme hot conditions from today onwards.

Video of the Week #46 I lost count of these a long time ago, but this is the 46th week of the year, so there it is. The big story this week is the wildfires in California. I have watched this particular video quite a few times, and it still amazes me. It is amazing to me how quickly these fires spread and the unfortunate destruction they have caused.

How a California community rallied to rescue horses amid raining ash Volunteers came out in droves to get the horses to safety in communities threatened by the fires.

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