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That part: Master bike co "64" microdrive hub preorder Master bike co is making some moves in the FGFS market, and creating new product to save us all. They have developed a fixed microdrive hub which solves a lot of problems old hubs had. the hollow 14mm chromo axles are replaceable via allen key, and they come with 9t or 10t cog THAT CAN BE REPLACED WITH A CASSETTE DRIVER later on.

The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Cyclists Traverse can help you get you wear you need to go and also offers helmets and bike racks during their Prime Day deals. Bell: Don't let your bell get rung if/when you crash. Be safe with one of the best cycling helmet brands for kids, men, and women. Audible - If you listen to anything on your ride, you have to get Audible.

Wheelie wars: FOAD goes to SE's oakland rideout Jackson from the FOAD fam rode out to oakland to join some of the oldschool eb86 crew to hit up the SE bike rideout. Wheelie culture is huge right now, and SE bikes has been bringing it since day one. so many heads out there, including D-Blocks, BEASTMODE, and the wildman/SE head honcho todd lyons.

The Capacita may change the way you think about e-bikes It looks like a bike but can schlep a family. Consumer choice in e-bikes is exploding, and it is really hard to know what to buy, but in TreeHugger's coverage of the e-bike scene we have been pretty consistent in saying that they should play nice in the bike lanes.

Fast bikes. No brakes. Banked track. Boulder has one of the nation's few velodrome arenas But track cycling isn't that simple, one learns while giving it a try at the three-year-old Boulder Valley Velodrome five miles east of Boulder, one of the few cycling tracks in the United States. First of all, track cycles have no brakes. Second, track cycles have only one gear.

Titici expands custom offerings Italian custom bike builder Titici has expanded its range to include a fixed-gear carbon racer, a full-suspension mountain bike, a prototype aero road disc machine and even an e-gravel bike built with Fox's gravel-specific AX suspension fork.

Nalini launches new clothing collections at Eurobike Italian company shows off winter collection and 2019 spring-summer collection at the European show.

B is for BHSK: 3b's 2018 team teaser The 3B's team has been hard at work for the past few months putting in some work. they're about to drop 5 full length videos featuring Dylan Row, Kevin Hall, Pteror, and the newest part of the BHSK familia Jake Matsukawa and Sam Allgood. Yes, you read it correctly - I gave the keys to BHSK to two of the raddest and insane dudes out there.

Come Out to Play: The Warriors Fun Ride They had gathered for the Warriors Fun Ride, a biannual extravaganza where costumed teams retrace the path of the titular gang in the 1979 cult film The Warriors.

Bicycle Gearbox System Market Growth & Rising Demand with key players Pinion, Shimano, Campagnolo, SR Suntour HTF MI published a new industry research that focuses on Bicycle Gearbox System market and delivers in-depth market analysis and future prospects of EMEA Bicycle Gearbox System market.

Bicycle Gearbox System Market to Set Phenomenal Growth from 2018 to 2023 HTF MI recently introduced new title on "Asia-Pacific Bicycle Gearbox System Market Report 2018" from its database. The report provides study with in-depth overview, describing about the Product / Industry Scope and elaborates market outlook and status to 2025.

Sam's bad knee cures Sam of a bad bike habit I like big gears and slow pedaling. I've written before about my ambivalence with the beast language that gets used to describe my riding style. I'd rather be a lightweight fast pedaling gazelle. But I'm not.

But can it nollie tre flip: koston's all city gorilla monsoon Hybrids/city bikes are supposed to be boring and un-cool, but sometimes cool ass shit made like this all-city gorilla monsoon steed from GSC. i already love the gorilla monsoon as it fits in that "monstercross" category, and it looks like koston opted to make it the perfect bar bike.

The right tool: Rhevo fury bull team edition frame As much as it's been getting saturated, track bike fixed gear crits are here to stay. there's been a huge saturation of frames lately and it's kind of overwhelming. for a while i thought it was kinda dumb - building road racing frames with fixed drivetrains makes the argument for regular ass road bikes.

The footjam jam: matt bastard almost dead ep.1 Damn, 2 posts featuring bay homies in one night? damn son. like andy, matt has been around for a while and y'all fuckin slept. i'm a sucker for riding styles that are more dictated by obsticles, and matt's style is definitely that.

BRAP BRAP: wolfbotts for DAFNE FIXED Sometimes i find random ass clips. this is one of them. the subject is luca botte aka wolfbotts. he's nuts. some of this shit is questionable and hella sketchy. no music. just tire shredding. watch it.

Eb86: andy sparks for encore wheels Andy is my boy from up 880 who has been repping the same OG flatground riding style since i've known him. the boy is smooth and pretty much revolutionized the bigspin and fakie wheelie. it seems like he's teamed up with encore wheels, and knowing how andy rides, they take some abuse.

Loco logo: godandfamous idiocracy 2 I wear my paincave socks more than one should ever wear them. godandfamous been whipping up good shit since forever, and this is no exception. it's the sequel to the idiocracy jersey, upping the ante with BIGGER FUCKING LOGOS. the fox news logos on the side is bound to piss people off - i love that shit.

Clipped: Roysb night wheelie As simple as this is and as short as this is, i really dig this minute clip. as a guy who likes the video format, i noticed i didnt hear a damn skateboard or footstep in this one. chris, the guy filming, must've had some ninja ass moves, and that gimbal must've been putting in some damn work.

Pure Cycles Glow Series Bikes Summer is the perfect time to get aboard your bike and head out in search of adventure so for anyone looking to get their hands on a new steed over the next few weeks, you'll find few candidates cooler than the Glow Series of bikes from the guys at Pure Cycles.

40 Under 40 winner of the day: Daniels Langeberg For the reasons I've stated just now. If you then take into account affordability and lifestyle, there are few places on earth that provide such an exceptional environment for doing business. How can the state encourage more of its young leaders to stay?

Weekend Event Guide: Bone Machine Crit, Welcome to Portland, and more Here are our recommendations for the weekend… Slow Poke Ride - 9:30 am at Wilshire Park : Join the Portland Wheelmen for this chill ride from northeast to Kelley Point Park. More info here. Welcome to Portland - 10:00 am at Fresh Pot : It's the first ride for the Welcome to Portland Social Club!

Motorized Bike Laws, Builds, and Musings Things are beginning to look like I'm adding my first two-stroke to the fleet. Actually probably two two-strokes. A few days ago I posted someone selling a Craigslist motorized bike for $400. You guys gave me some really sound advice but… The seed has been planted.

The Red Hook 5K Is a Drag Race on Foot The Red Hook Crit 5K has been described as "one of the most intimidating races in the urban running scene" by New York's Orchard Street Runners' blog, and is run on the same course as a risky, high-speed fixed-gear bike race.

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