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The Director of 'Overlord' Spills the Secrets of His Bloody WWII Horror Movie 'Overlord' director Julius Avery digs into the gruesome details of his WWII-set horror film.

You Can’t Buy Property in Monopoly for Millennials Because ‘You Can’t Afford it Anyway’ Complete with a tagline that reads, "Forget real estate, you can't afford it anyway," the game promises to be even more divisive than your classic Monopoly edition, which has already earned itself a reputation for being the sort of game that shatters families, alters wills, and primes couples for divorce.

Fixed Gear Bike Market Analysis by Product Types, Marketing Channel Development Trend, Market Effect Factors Analysis by 2023 Target Audience of Fixed Gear Bike Market: Manufacturer / Potential Investors, Traders, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Importers and Exporters, Association and government bodies. Fixed Gear Bike Market Report Contains detailed survey of the Fixed Gear Bike Market including its definition, applications and innovation.

Help Out Mitch from MAP Bicycles - The Radavist Please, pack it in and pack it out. Leave it better, even. Remember, we're all ambassadors for cycling, so be polite on the road and the trails and observe the leave no trace principles. What does the Radavist mean? Rad + Atavist = RADAVIST. Why does a porpoise surf a wave, or a sea otter slide down a rock?

Fixed Gear Bike Market: Industry Analysis, Geographical Segmentation, Drivers, Challenges, Trends Forecasts Report 2018 - 2025 Global Fixed Gear Bike Market Report provides current scenario, opportunities, restraints, drivers and the growth forecasts of the market for 2018-2025. The Fixed Gear Bike Market report presents a detailed analysis of the industry by Market Size, Growth Rate, Key Trends, Top Manufacturers, Regions, Product Types and Applications.

Matt Spencer - Fence Ride Matt wall riding a fence so hard that he bent it. More on Wolf Drawn.

Still Pour Bar Promo Small ad for the new Still Pour “Still Bars” featuring Ramon Antonio and our boy Miguel Zendejas. Loved the chain stall from Ramon. Grab a pair here!

Wheel Talk - Bring Something Back 7 minutes of mesmerizing footage form Matt Reyes, Jaoa, and Devon Lawson cruising through the city.

KevCentral Reviews The Aventon Kijote Adventure Bike Some of you have heard of KevCentral, but if you haven't, you should subscribe to his channel on YouTube. He mostly reviews mountain bikes and modifies big box bikes to make them far more capable. It's an interesting approach that flies in the face of bike snobbery and shows that there is a place for any level of cycling.

Beyond the polls: 5 House races where Democrats could overperform based on volunteer energ It's hard to overstate how many of the battlegrounds in the fight for the House are taking place in the red pockets of blue states. And when those red corners are too close to a city ' watch out. Illinois has a few swing districts, but only one has its nearest campaign office only 20 miles from Chicago's Loop: Sean Casten's IL-06.

Photo Gallery: Halloween 'Cross in NorCal at Surf City Rock Lobster Cup Surf City CX and the Rock Lobster team joined forces for a Halloween party. Our two photographers joined forces to bring the day to you in this photo essay.

Retailer Spotlight - Cycle Learning Center at Boise State University Where is the Cycle Learning Center located? The Cycle Learning Center bike shop is located in Boise, Idaho in the center of campus at Boise State University. When did the Cycle Learning Center open their doors for business? The CLC started out as a workshop for daily riders to get tubes and lube in 2002.

NEXT: Cautious Clay Is Soul's Observant Savant With a thin veil of electronic tint to match his soulful instrumental backbone, Clay's music is all about feeling. It's why his SoundCloud release of "Cold War" was a fitting track for Issa Rae to include in the Season 3 premiere of Insecure and warranted over 15 million streams on Spotify.

MEC Documentary Series From riding across Canada from coast to coast to coast on a fixed gear bicycle, to ticking off a truly unique bucket list, watch three Canadian adventurers share their own lived experiences with wild spaces.

Matt Spencer - One Hand Table Beautiful shot of Matt Spencer doing a trick he does better than most. More on Wolf Drawn.

Throwback - Jeff Dempler + Wheel Talk Two throwbacks in one day! Matt Reyes posted this old one up of Jeff Dempler on his Youtube channel today. Some of the most legendary FGFS dirt riding ever!

BMX Edit Roffa Ritchie Vanpelt has a bunch of FGFS clips in this Rotterdam BMX edit, looking super dialed!

Throwback - Matt Spencer in Long Beach Matt Spencer threw it waaaay back and uploaded this old tarck edit to his Youtube. I always love watching old stuff and seeing how far people have come.

Pedal power: Yangon commuters choose bicycles Bicycles are becoming a preferred transport solution in Yangon for commuters tired of traffic jams.

This Mind-Blowing Artistic Cyclist Is Stronger Than a Tour de France Rider! Artistic cyclist Viola Brand performs jaw-dropping stunts that require more strength than a Tour de France rider.

You don't need much for a micro adventure! All it takes for a micro adventure is a mild summer evening, good friends and a bike. Video: Stefan Haehnel.

Future State: How Deus Ex Machina designs for lifestyle In the beginning we didn't have a business plan, we were just working off emotion and gut-instinct, but as we've engaged with our audience over the years and observed who our customer is we've tailored it for a bit more for sustainability.

Rad Race 2019 Events - Preview Save The Date - Registration for all 2019 RAD RACE events opens December 10 2018, 3pm CET. We will bring you a combination of fixed gear racing, classic RAD RACE formats and an all new route for Tour de Friends… Here's our season preview:.

SuckMyComp3 - Warmup n Cooldown Ramon just dropped this footage from the day before our Suckmycomp 3 competition of everyone getting their shred on and feeling the park out. Too much good stuff in here to call out, don't miss this one!

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