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Monday Morning Inspiration: TriFan 600 Http://

Plane & Pilot Photo Of The Week From Jackie Steiner Jackie Steiner and her fiance Tobias Burch walking hand in hand in front of the Carbon Cub they built together is this week's Photo of the Week.

Pilots, Flight Attendants Getting Sick. Airlines Keeping Mum On Numbers. It's no secret that airliner passengers and crews are at an increased risk of infection with the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease, but how many pilots and flight attendants have come down with the virus? It's impossible to say right now for two reasons.

Friday Photo: a road in the clouds The airplane: Piper Meridian. The mission: Heading east from Columbus, Ohio, at 14,000 feet. The memory: There was an overcast layer between 1,000 and 2,000 ft, and I passed over I-77 just south of where the highway passes through New Philadelphia. You can clearly see the road's path in the cloud, with disruptions caused by road heat.

Memories of Cherry Blossoms From past years Checkout Bloom Cam for this years Cherry Blossoms.

Helping Humanitarian Medical Supply Missions During the COVID-19 Crisis Effective immediately, Universal Trip Support is waiving its fees on 1) trip feasibility assessments, research, and consultation services and 2) ground handling setup charges, for any mission classified as a humanitarian medical supply flight.

So You're Under Coronavirus Quarantine? Can You Legally Go Flying? Are pilots allowed to go flying under quarantine? Here’s what the issues are, what you can do, and what trouble you might get in.

Airlines Get Big Coronavirus Bailout: Are Pilots Protected? With President Trump poised to sign the bill in to law, a $2-trillion-plus economic stimulus package is set to take effect soon, with airlines getting billions in bailout funds given the loss of the vast majority of its business as the coronavirus global pandemic has kept potential passengers at home.

FAA Hammers Collings Foundation on Bradley B-17 Crash - P&P Fallout continues from the October 2, 2019, crash of B-17 Nine-O-Nine, as the Collings Foundation lost its exemption allowing passengers to pay for flights in its collection of vintage military aircraft. The decision, issued yesterday by the FAA, cited multiple lapses of training, safety protocols and the foundation's maintenance practices.

Who Stays Open? With COVID-19 Quarantines, Aviation Companies Struggle With The "Essential" Designation With COVID-19 quarantines sweeping across the country, aviation companies struggle with the "essential" designation. See who is open for business.

Still Flying: An Urgent Medical Supply Flight In China During Covid-19 While news headlines focus on the decline of international travel, it's important to remember that many essential and critical missions are still being conducted by the general and business aviation communities. Many of these missions save lives or reunite people with their loved ones.

Pilot in command I decided to listen to him and just continue on our way. We were just south-southwest of a little tiny town called Tonopah. The fuel gauges were now bouncing between below a quarter tank and below half a tank. I knew we had enough fuel, but what was up ahead was not looking good.

An Unlikely Fuel Starvation Mishap After the accident, NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France issued a statement saying, "We are all saddened to learn of the tragic plane crash this afternoon that claimed the lives of NASCAR driver Ted Christopher and the aircraft's pilot.

Flying my simulator during quarantine With all of California now under a state-wide stay-at-home order, I have found myself strangely going back to my beginnings. The old Saitek joystick has been busted out, and Microsoft Flight Simulator X has been fired back up on my aging PC.

Words on Wednesday: Ann Baumgartner Photo Source: Smithsonian Air and Space. Anne Baumgartner was born on August 27th 1918 in Augusta, GA. Her interest in aviation began when she learnt about Amelia Earheart in school. She learned to fly at Somerset Hills Airport in Basking Ridge, New Jersey and entered the Women Air Force Service Pilots training at Houston, TX in 1943.

Plane: Strong. Pilot: Strong. Plane & Pilot Wants Your Pic! As part of a special project we're doing to show the strength of the general aviation community, we're looking for a selection of photos of our readers, which means you. So if you have a photo gathering dust in a lonely Facebook album or your computer desktop or your phone's photo gallery, please share!

Tom Cruise Tells US Navy He Wants To Fly F/A-18: Here's What The Brass Said What Cruise asked the Navy is, could he fly the F/A-18 in the filming of Top Gun: Maverick, due out to theaters later this year? And the Navy said… no way! Oh well. As much as that might have been predictable, but it is kind of cool that he even asked, right?

Going Direct: Pilots Are At War With Each Over One COVID-19 Question But beyond that, there's great disagreement on just about everything. While scientists largely see eye to eye on the pandemic, not many of those scientists run a small business, and even fewer of them are pilots. So the question of when this thing is over means something very different to them than it does to most of us.

Safety & cleaning procedures for private jets during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic As more and more countries bring in travel restrictions to fight the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19, we continue to receive private jet charter requests from passengers stranded abroad or separated from their families. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to requests and we are continuing to arrange flights, when operationally possible.

Aircraft building-a journey I went flying many more times there before heading off to college. But, like many pilot stories, life got in the way and I didn't end up getting my license until 2012. After achieving that, I knew I wanted to have my own plane, but I wasn't sure which path to follow to achieve that goal.

Latest from Uganda Here's a picture taken while I was doing an early morning pre-flight inspection 2 days ago, on Sunday, on a remote strip in South Sudan. It's not normal for us to do flights on Sundays, but we've had an aircraft stuck in that location for a long time now, requiring some TLC from our engineers.

A Ferry Flight To And From Copenhagen The following day, the weather in southern Greenland was on the ground and forecast to remain marginal to unflyable for a week or so.

The rewards & challenges of operating during COVID-19 Like most businesses in the world right now, operations at PrivateFly have been dramatically different over the past few weeks. The last week in particular has seen a whole host of challenges including rapidly-changing border controls, airport closures and passenger restrictions.

The joy of a flying dad My dad recently flew west and I have been thinking about the gift of flying that he gave me from a young age. Flying has been a great joy in my life. I am very thankful that my dad was the original aviator in our family, because without his interest in flying I'm not sure I would have ever had mine.

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