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Monday Morning Inspiration: Flying Sports Car 2.0 Http://

Two Cessna 210 Thunderstorm Accidents - Plane & Pilot Magazine An awful lot of people were shocked when legendary test pilot Scott Crossfield was killed on April 19, 2006, when his Cessna 210A crashed at Ludville, Georgia, after having flown into an area of intense to extreme thunderstorms, leaving the rest of us to ask how it could happen to such a highly respected and experienced pilot.

2019 Aircraft Sales: It Was A Great Year, Relatively Speaking, Anyway GAMA released its 2019 aircraft sales figures for last year. It was a mixed bag, though one company, Cirrus, stood above the rest.

Plane & Pilot Photo Of The Week: Dash Cam Near Miss With SR20 This week's Plane and Pilot Photo Of The Week is one that you might have seen, from a seconds-long video snippet captured by a tow truck's dash cam as a plane, out of control, flashes past, scraping a wingtip as it travels toward what we figured was certain tragedy.

Jet-Powered Human, Ground Launched And Landed! You Will Not Believe What You're Seeing With his flight last week of a rigid-winged, jet-powered, weight-shift controlled aircraft, 36-year-old Vince Reffet set the aviation world on its ear, though word of the achievement, which spread like jet-powered wildfire through the human flight community, has only started to trickle out in the general aviation world as a whole.

Friday Photo: the Rio Grande The view: The Rio Grande. The pilot: Jason Harrison. The airplane: Cessna 182. The mission: Flying from Albuquerque to Las Cruces, New Mexico, for my sister's wedding. The memory: A clear view of the varied landscape of the Southwest. Want to share your "Friday Photo?" Send your photo and description to: [email protected]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow… Somewhere over the rainbow Bluebirds fly And the dreams that you dream of Dreams really do come true” — - Isidore Hochb…

Plane Facts: Rocket Planes Rocket planes are the poster child for this kind of obsolescence, as very high - powered turbojet, turbofan and ram jet engines have taken their place in the world, and the experimentation that they once allowed is more easily and cheaply done with other kinds of machines.

A long cross country and a lesson learned About an hour into the trip I received an alert from the multifunction display that the cylinder temperatures in my left engine were into the red zone. Checking the engine monitor, I saw that my fourth cylinder was indeed well above the red line. Oh boy!

The Big Push You're actually, really, truly going 60 percent faster than that. Your true airspeed, in other words, is somewhere around 500 knots. The plane, though, is stupid, and it only feels like it's moving at 260 or 280 knots.

Rodney's Aviation Ramblings Contact Wellington Aero Club. They are very happy to help you fly this or one of the other aircraft in the fleet.

Jonathan Franzen Joins the "Rollerboard" Chorus. The author and I share a love of birds and I was having a tough time getting through his sober chronicle of all the depraved things humans are doing to ensure their destruction. To then stumble across "rollerboard" made it all a bit much. I had the same reaction as I did reading Lake Success, which was to fling the book in a corner and go pout.

I love Jury Duty I have worked just 5 days…really 4 and 1/4. I originally had 3 trips this month. Two 4 day trips and a 5 day trip. At the beginning of the month I had a few days of vacation that carried over from January. Being junior I get mostly crappy vacation days.

The little airplane that could… and still does! Admittedly, many airports here in the Midwest have almost all of their aircraft locked securely inside, with the possible exception of a small ramp space for the less fortunate.

Gulfstream G700 Makes First Flight On Valentine's Day Gulfstream's latest, the ultra-long-range G700 business jet took to the skies for a little jaunt. The 32-minute flight of the new flagship Gulfstream marks the beginning of its flight test program.

Smoke vs. Fire In Cirrus Vision Jet Grounding The notion of an undetected fault in an electrical system of a new jet, in this case the Cirrus Aircraft S-50 Vision Jet, is bad, and when that fault is only found after it has caused a fire, in this case a ground fire on a Gen 1 S-50 on the ground at Santa Monica, well, we can all agree that's way worse.

Flying A Cessna Skylane To Argentina Schlumberger had been drilling for oil in the southern Patagonian Desert, and the eight-seat Cessna single solved its problem of transporting men and equipment in and out of the short, dirt strips in the oil country that stretches south to Neuquén, Argentina.

Go or No Go: VFR ahead of the front Traveling by VFR airplane means staying flexible, especially in the winter months. That's why you're at the airport today, two days ahead of your planned departure: with a huge line of rain headed for the southeastern United States, you've cut short your visit to Savannah, Georgia, to see if you can get home to Tallahassee, Florida.

Doors part 1 Knowing that there will likely be several posts about doors… I will do posts in "parts" Otherwise I will quickly run out of ideas for post titles. Unless, of course, there's something more clever that comes to mind at the time.

Aircraft Ops planning for the 2020 World Golf Championship - Mexico Are you operating to Mexico City for the 2020 World Golf Championship - Mexico? Since the tournament moved to Mexico in 2017, it has steadily grown in popularity and attendance, including a sellout in 2019.

Tips for attending NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference Attending the NBAA Schedulers and Dispatcher Conference ? Expert advice on what to wear, what to do, what to get, where to visit, and more.

Groundbreaking African-American Aviatrixes As a lady taildragger pilot, I'm proud to post the stories of 3 early African-American aviatrixes. Their names and stories are inspirational in 2020 and were unheard of in the early 20th century. Each of their stories need to be told and re-told, remembered and celebrated for the remarkable triumphs they were.

The promise of proficiency They matter in business, in marketing, in promoting, in medicine, in manufacturing, in the practiced showmanship in law, in engineering, in aviation and all other disciplines where experience is charted on the "X" axis as time. What does the promise of proficiency hold in its bag of goodies, one might ask?

Monday Morning Inspiration: Cora Http://

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