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Sit-down Drivers, Ralph Firman, Ted Bundy, Franz Tost, The Old Verstappen, World Of Outlaws, They Don't Die, The Abruzzi Robber, Ricciardo For The Win American Fans Discuss The Global Sport. F1 And Done
F1 News & Monaco Race Preview Chris Stevens, Jake Sanson, and Nick "Numbers" Alexander join Spanners in the shed for the latest F1 news and preview the Monaco GP. F1 goes to Zandvoort presumably purely for Max Verstappen and for no other reasons whatsoever, Lewis is definitely going to Ferrari, Toto's days are numbered, and more. Missed Apex F1 Podcast
19: 10 Tips To Deal With Mercedes' Dominance In F1 2019 Mercedes' superiority and domination is making headlines for yet another Formula 1 season. So as a fan, how do you deal with it? In this week's episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we share 10 fun tips on how to make the 2019 Formula 1 Season less boring for your own self. Inside Line F1 Podcast
Podcast 252 Formula 1: Spanish Grand Prix 2019 F1: Robin and Chris talk about Five for five Mercedes 1, 2, againFerrari Engine swapRenault disappointing performance Pierre Gasly drink wager update Williams improving? Fun With Cars - F1 Podcast
FF1S.19.05 - Bye Bye Spainy, Spainy Goodbye - Spainish Grand Prix The Spanish Grand Prix happened, was rubbish and now Barcelona is dead and gone forever. Cheeka, Phill and Terry hail the new Dutch Grand Prix and reflect on a snoozefest in Catalunya. Also there's another Fact off. For F1's Sake
67 - Spanish GP 2019 It's chaos on the radio for us once again in Spain but we eventually manage to get our nuts going in the right direction. SHOW NOTES Slow safety car causes a crash Chain Bear on tricky setups F1’s Zandvoort circuit guide Cloth Map’s brief visit to the old Rio track Chain Bear and WTF1 explain slipstream vs. Shift+F1: A Formula 1 Podcast
39: Jean Alesi: "The day I stopped driving in F1 was the worst day of my life" With his trademark head tilt and unique grip on the steering wheel, there was no mistaking the driver of Ferrari number 27 in the early Nineties. But then in many ways Jean Alesi embodied the perfect Ferrari driver: passionate, fast and driven by heart-on-sleeve emotion. F1: Beyond The Grid
F1Weekly podcast # 789 WE DO HAVE A NICE MOTORSPORTS MONDIAL… HERE IS FERRARI'S POST RACE STATEMENT… Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow leaves the Spanish Grand Prix with a fourth and fifth place finish, which definitely did not live up to… Continue reading F1Weekly podcast # 789 →. F1 Weekly
Episode 203 - Strategy 101 So the headline of the Spanish Grand Prix was another 1-2 finish for Mercedes, but the real story was how Ferrari managed to screw up their strategy again. It's not much fun when what's meant to be the closest challenger to the most dominant team in the current era of F1 keeps shooting themselves in the foot time after time. Formula 1 Podcast
140. Spanish GP Where is it going wrong for Ferrari, the BBC, and F1 in general? Your old mates Rod and Zach don't waste any time discussing the thrilling race whatsoever, with only limited mentions of ABBA, Koala Whiskey, and the triumphant return to Zandvoort. Superlicense F1 Podcast
2019/10 - Spanish GP Review Mercedes scores another one-two, Ferrari messes up team orders and we wonder how long F1 should wait before introducing a doping world championship to make racing less predictable. Box of Neutrals
Spanish F1 Grand Prix Race Review Join Spanners, Trumpets, Jeansy, and ace media analyst Sarah Nichol as they take a deep dive into the twists, turns and Safety Cars of the Spanish Grand Prix. Missed Apex F1 Podcast
Spanish Grand Prix Review Jennie, Jack and Jolyon review another Mercedes dominated race in Barcelona. The team ask whether Mercedes' stranglehold on the championship is damaging the sport, why Ferrari remain so far off the pace and is F1 returning to The Netherlands. We also hear from race winner Lewis Hamilton. BBC 5 Live - Chequered Flag
Spanish Qualifying Review Jennie is joined by Jolyon Palmer and Marc Priestley to look back at a qualifying session that was once again dominated by the Mercedes pair of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. We ask can Bottas turn pole into a race win, are Ferrari under threat from Red Bull, and should we be surprised by Haas' good form? BBC 5 Live - Chequered Flag
18: Is F1 Overselling Its 2021 Agenda? Picture this: Formula 1 is a country; its fans are its citizens. This would make Chase Carey its Head of State and the teams and drivers the government functionaries - working hard to deliver a good championship fight. In all of this, is Formula 1 overselling its agenda and plans for 2021? Inside Line F1 Podcast
Spanish Grand Prix Preview Ahead of the weekend's Spanish Grand Prix, Jennie Gow is joined by The Sun's Ben Hunt and Bec Clancy of the Times to look ahead to the first race of the European swing. They ponder whether Valtteri Bottas can really pose a threat to his team mate Lewis Hamilton and why Ferrari are so far behind Mercedes after just four races. BBC 5 Live - Chequered Flag
66 - Spanish GP Prerace 2019 Our new aerodynamic elements and snowplows are ready for F1’s return to Spain. SHOW NOTES W Series Qualifying and Race Highlights from a snowy 6 Hours of Spa Rossi vs. Shift+F1: A Formula 1 Podcast
38: James Allison: "For an engineer, F1 is an unending work of invention and skill" Mercedes have been the standard setters in F1 since 2014, and this year they've started the season at a relentless pace. This week on Beyond The Grid, supported by Bose, we speak to one of the key figures in the Silver Arrows' incredible winning machine: Technical Director James Allison. F1: Beyond The Grid
Inside F1 with Joe Saward Ep29 Joe Saward joins Spanners in the shed for a close look at the world of F1. Missed Apex F1 Podcast
Episode 202 - Will The Reign Continue In Spain? It's been four 1-2 finishes out of four for Mercedes this year and this weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix you can bet they are going all out to get a fifth one. This week The post Episode 202 - Will The Reign Continue In Spain? appeared first on 3Legs4Wheels. Formula 1 Podcast
2019/09 - Spanish GP Preview Michael and Rob consider what happens to F1 motorhomes when they die, wonder how cooked Ferrari is and don't lament the apparently impending loss of the Circuit to Barcelona-Catalunya from the calendar. Box of Neutrals
F1Weekly podcast # 788 HERE IS SOME NEWS ON THE UPCOMING INDIANAPOLIS 500 INDIANAPOLIS - Seven winners are among the field of drivers assigned to 36 cars entered for the 103rd Indianapolis 500 presented by Gainbridge… Continue reading F1Weekly podcast # 788 →. F1 Weekly
Tech Time with Matt Somerfield: Spain Preview Trumpets and Somers waltz eloquently over the the latest and greatest in updates, regulations and, of course, tyres. Missed Apex F1 Podcast
17: F1 TV - Is The Commentary Biased? Okay, let's get this straight. The Sky Sports F1 team is doing a fabulous job of presenting Formula 1\. But are they too British-centric in their coverage to be the commentary feed on F1 TV, the sport's official live stream? That said, Formula 1's next move should be to establish their own independent commentary feeds, maybe in multiple languages? Inside Line F1 Podcast
5: e242 - Is Bottas already our last Silver hope? - The NR F1 Podcast Four steps in and we've already learned more than we would probably like - because if there's one thing F1 does, it's reliable trends…** Edition 242 of The NR F1 Podcast reviews the 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku - LIVE! The NR F1 Podcast
Podcast 251 Formula 1: Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2019 F1: Robin and Chris talk about Yet another another Mercedes 1, 2Ferrari car speed verses team performanceWilliams disastrous weekend Pierre Gasly stokes a drink wager Daniel Ricciardo's needs a back-up cameraChampionship so farRemembering Ayrton SennaLink to Aston Martin's Rapide e with Williams techCheck out More Fun with... Fun With Cars - F1 Podcast
Guest: Paul Tracy, Cardi B, Afghani Lamb, Stay Positive, Sea Monster Legends, Nessie, F1 Dates, Ahmrein's, Roll Land, Goin Back To Zandvoort, Ritz Mon American Fans Discuss The Global Sport. F1 And Done
FF1S.19.04 - Baku into the USSR - Azerbaijan Grand Prix The Azerbaijan Grand Prix is always exciting, except that first year and also this year, when all the fun happened in practice and qualifying. Cheeka, Phill and Terry discuss why the race was as dull as uncovered drainwater, and also reveal some very exciting new visual t-shirt designs that work very well on an audio podcast. For F1's Sake
65 - Azerbaijan GP 2019 Whether it’s a distinct lack of race incidents or confusion over the reverse button, Baku never fails to keep us guessing. Shift+F1: A Formula 1 Podcast
37: Damon Hill: "I had an innate desire to race - and a need to make things right" In the current era, it's not unheard of for a driver aged 24 to have hundreds of Grands Prix under his belt. At the same age, Damon Hill had only just begun racing cars. Then again, had his father - charismatic double F1 world champion Graham Hill - not died tragically in his formative years he might never have raced at all. F1: Beyond The Grid
F1 Quiz with Virtual Statman Sean Kelly F1 Stats legend Sean Kelly takes a break from feeding stats to the F1 media to conduct a Missed Apex F1 quiz. The Brave contestants are Trumpets, Jeansy, and Chris. Missed Apex F1 Podcast
Episode 201 - Not With A Bang Over the last 2 years we've come to expect the unexpected when it comes to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and after the drain cover and bridge incidents on Friday, the 2 hour qualifying session on Saturday and a couple of chaotic F2 races we were on the edge of our seats for who knows what. Formula 1 Podcast
139. Azerbaijan GP A disappointing follow-up to a lacklustre 1000th race, but your boys hold strong. Zach gropes around in the bargain bin looking for F1 related nuggets for a media-focused Superquiz, and Rod… well, excuse Rod. He can be grumpy, but we still love him. Superlicense F1 Podcast
2019/08 - Azerbaijan GP Review Ferrari's in trouble, Renault's cooked and Williams is absolutely roasted. We investigate the disappointing lack of fast-food sponsorship in Formula One on our way to analysing the safety car-less Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Box of Neutrals
Azerbaijan F1 GP Race Review Join Spanners, Trumpets, Nick “Numbers” Alexander and Jeansy Vangeen as they dive into every last corner of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Missed Apex F1 Podcast
Azerbaijan Grand Prix Review Jennie and the gang look back at a rather uneventful race in Baku, which saw Mercedes set an all-time record of four consecutive one-twos at the start of a season as Valtteri Bottas beat Lewis Hamilton. There were once again questions about the strategy chosen by Ferrari and we ask why Renault is not competing. BBC 5 Live - Chequered Flag
Azerbaijan Qualifying Review Jennie and Jolyon are joined by former F1 driver Max Chilton to look back at a very busy qualifying session. It was Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc who looked likely to take pole, but he put it in the wall in Q2 so will start from 9th in Sunday's race. BBC 5 Live - Chequered Flag
64 - Azerbaijan GP Prerace 2019 We shave down to the bare essentials this week but still find time for shady energy drinks, Gene’s tire mysteries, and Tilke’s ever-increasing madness. SHOW NOTES TT3D: Closer to the Edge is on YouTube if you want to prepare for next month’s Patreon bonus podcast! Shift+F1: A Formula 1 Podcast
Azerbaijan Grand Prix Preview Ahead of this weekend's race, Jennie Gow is joined by F1 journalist Will Buxton and the editor of German publication Auto Motor und Sport, Michael Schmidt. They discuss Ferrari's early season woes and what impact Charles Leclerc could have on 4-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel. BBC 5 Live - Chequered Flag
16: Did Ecclestone Spill Vettel's F1 Retirement Plans? An unlikely friendship or not, Bernie Ecclestone and Sebastian Vettel are known to be good friends. In which case, why would Ecclestone stir the controversial retirement pot for Vettel at a time when almost everyone is calling for it anyway? Inside Line F1 Podcast
F1Weekly podcast # 787 SERGIO PEREZ GIVES US HIS THOUGHTS ON BAKU… Sergio: "Baku has become one of my favourite races of the year. It's a quick lap with good overtaking opportunities… Continue reading F1Weekly podcast # 787 →. F1 Weekly
36: Alan Jones: "I was a pretty aggressive driver. If someone passed me I took it personally…" He's renowned as one of racing's toughest nuts - a driver who gave his all on the race track and didn't suffer fools off it. And this week on F1's official podcast, Beyond The Grid, supported by Bose, 1980 World Champion Alan Jones regales host Tom Clarkson with no-nonsense tales from his extraordinary career. F1: Beyond The Grid
2019/07 - Azerbaijan GP Preview Michael and Rob are joined by Trent 'Not McGinley' Price to consider just how badly wrong F1 could get any qualifying changes, Helmut Marko's penchant for fake news and whether the 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix will be haunted by Marcus Ericsson's racing ghost. Box of Neutrals
Episode 200 - Yes it's actually Episode 200 Just in case you hadn't noticed, it's our 200th show this week and we decided to do something special for it… Actually we haven't done anything out of the ordinary and we're leaving it to you, the listeners to decide what we do to commemorate it, do you want us to do a live stream on YouTube again soon, or anything else? Formula 1 Podcast
MAP Live from Rye House Kart Raceway Live show from the Missed Apex karting event at Rye House Kart Raceway. Join Spanners and all your favourite UK Missed Apex Panel along with guest star Alex Brundle. We talk, F1 news, common racer mistakes, and we play Rm F101. Consider supporting us on Patreon: Missed Apex F1 Podcast
4: e241 - Ferrari finding new ways to lose seconds - The NR F1 Podcast God loves a trier - but F1 prefers those who know what they're doing, and we're not entirely sure if that includes Ferrari…** Schooled by Mercedes again, who double-stack to both help themselves and rub it in the Scuderia noses - it was quite the Chinese Grand Prix at the front end of the Formula 1 field. The NR F1 Podcast
Podcast 250 Formula 1: Chinese Grand Prix 2019 F1: Robin and Chris talk about Yet another Mercedes 1, 2Ferrari team orders and team performanceHonda facts!The 1,000 championship raceRenault's weekend to forgetChampionship so farLong Beach Grand Prix, IndycarMore Fun with Cars: Website - Facebook - Twitter. Fun With Cars - F1 Podcast
Doogh, Crystal Light, Lutefisk, Beyond The Mat, Verstappen Basket, Soft Serve Porn, Moneytron, Gummo, 1989 USGP, Hesketh, New England IPA, CroNewz, Sq American Fans Discuss The Global Sport. F1 And Done
FF1S.19.03 - China in Your Hands - Shanghai Grand Prix It's the 1000th episode of FF1S, celebrating 1000 years of Formula 1. Cheeka, Phill and Terry look back at every race ever, but more specifically the Chinese Grand Prix and discuss how Ferrari fucked it all up AGAIN, and some other drivel about people spinning for no reason. For F1's Sake
63 - Chinese GP 2019 We run afoul of the F1 gods but not as much as some of the teams. La-Z-Boy and pigskin required for this recap of a perplexing race. SHOW NOTES Lando Norris, meme lord HUL trying to reboot his car for a whole lap ALB overtaking everyone You too can nerd out about the F1 regulations Support the show on Patreon and get all our bonus episodes! Shift+F1: A Formula 1 Podcast