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Streamers loved Fortnite's v9.30 update - reactions from Ninja, Myth, SypherPK and more Fortnite's v9.30 update injected a lot of new life into the leaking community, the current meta and the competitive scene. The reaction to the update were overwhelmingly positive for the first time in quite a while. The most talked about changes were the removal of shotgun delay, vaulting the Boom Bow and the new Chug Splash heal.

Fortnite Pro-Am brings 'Showtime' back to The Forum This weekend, "Showtime" returned to The Forum, with tens of thousands of fans swarming in to see star athletes and celebrities alike at the Fortnite Summer Block Party from Friday to Sunday. The club section of the venue was once again a mix of some of the most famous names in the entertainment industry.

Here's how to get around the Fortnite 'update stuck' bug on iOS Fortnite mobile players on iOS are reporting a bug that causes the most recent update to become 'stuck' after downloading only a couple megabytes. Epic has acknowledged the issue and provided an official workaround that, while inconvenient, will enable players to get back into the game despite the problem.

Pub G Versus Fortnite Which Game Should You Play? Taking its cues from the likes of D1Z1, a game that Pug G's creator Brendan Greene modded for, there had been elements of the battle Royal throughout online games, but Pub G was debatably the first standalone game to embrace the format. The sales of the games are probably not the way to best choose between the two.

New Air Strike item coming to Fortnite The leaks keep on rolling in today and now we have a new item being showcased as well. Fortnite leaker FortTory found this new item in the game files and then modeled it in the game client to show what the item will do in game.

Fortnite may be getting a surfboard variant of the Driftboard After the patch notes for Fortnite's v9.30 update released today, dataminer FortTory unearthed what may be a new summer-themed skin for the battle royale's Driftboard: a bright and colorful surfboard.

A Stranger Things event is coming to Fortnite with a Demogorgon skin So many leaks in v9.30 it's been hard to keep up, but one of the largest is a new Stranger Things event. The popular Netflix show that focuses on supernatural events happening to a small town in the 80s is returning for a third season on July 4th.

Fortnite Season 9 challenges for weeks 7, 8, 9, and 10 leaked Completing four of the objectives will net players 7,000 XP. Free Challenges. Battle Pass Challenges. Completing four of the objectives will net players 8,000 XP. Free Challenges. Battle Pass Challenges. Completing four of the objectives will net players 9,000 XP.

Tfue reveals his feelings over H1ghSky1 Twitch ban in candid interview On June 16, The Hollywood Fix was able to track Tfue down at Los Angeles Airport for a quick interview where he spoke about Patrick 'H1ghsky1'. Since Turner 'Tfue' Tenney's bombshell lawsuit against esports organization FaZe Clan was released by The Blast, the Fortnite superstar has kept quiet regarding the situation.

STUDY: Fortnite Makes People Feel Better Than They Do on Social Media In fact, one National Research Group study illustrates that Fortnite benefits far surpass the momentary high people receive from a few likes and shares on social media. The study notes that the more people plug into social media, the more disconnected they feel.

Epic Games addresses competitive payout issues & unveils future payment improvements Epic Games has come under fire several times in recent months for failing to pay competitive players for victories and services. In a new blog post, they've put forth a new plan to better deliver payments to players. Let's be honest. Competitive Fortnite has been having a rough ride lately due to some serious payment scandals.

What Is 'Fortnite' Prop Hunt? The idea behind Prop Hunt was originally popularized as a mode of Garry's Mod, itself a mod of Half-Life 2 that got its own standalone release in 2006. Prop Hunt really took off with Garry's Mod in 2013, created by a modder named ‚Ā†Andrew Theis, known as AMT online-but now it's probably got its biggest stage in Fortnite.

14 Days of Summer is unvaulting 14 classic weapons We've received a bunch of new leaks with the Fortnite v9.30 update and one of the most interesting is "14 Days of Summer." The Winter version was well-publicized last December and now we will have a special event for two weeks this summer.

POLL: What's your opinion on the Fortnite Shotgun Delay removal? A significant amount of Fortnite fans have long awaited the removal of the Shotgun Delay. In v9.30, Epic finally heard their pleas, but we want to know what you thought of the immense change. Epic Games might have a slow response time to some issues, but they do listen to their players.

Fortnite Competition Hosts Help Deaf Teen Player Feel Welcome During last weekend's Fortnite Summer Block Party, 13-year-old Deaf streamer Soleil "Ewok" Wheeler played in the event's Celebrity Pro-Am and met some of her favorite streamers. While it was cool to see a young player have an awesome time, it was even cooler to see a high-profile example of accessibility in gaming.

Fortnite 14 Days of Summer - Challenges, rewards, and more Players are going to get to enjoy Summertime in Fortnite Battle Royale with an in-game event rumored to be named '14 Days of Summer'. Epic Games usually celebrates holidays and other worldwide events, like Summer!

Fortnite Battle Royale v9.30 map changes - Pleasant Park, Paradise Palms, and more June 18's Fortnite v9.30 update saw map changes to some of the player's most beloved locations, and we have highlighted them below. Fortnite Battle Royale had an in-game event back on May 4 during Season 8 that bought tons of map changes to a few of Fortnite's most popular locations.

Fortnite: New Nerf Blasters Coming in the Fall! A bunch of new Fortnite NERF blasters are releasing into stores in the fall, with new Micro Shots, Mega-Blasters, and rocket launchers coming!

Names and Rarities of All v9.30 Fortnite Item Shop Leaked Skins, Pickaxes, Emotes, Gliders, Back Blings and Wraps There were many Fortnite cosmetics that were leaked in the v9.30 update, including skins, back blings, gliders, pickaxes and more. Here are the names and rarities of all of the v9.30 leaked cosmetics. The v9.30 update had a lot of files added and we had previously reported on all the leaked cosmetics that were found in this update by data-miners.

Everything you need to know about the new Fortnite Chug Splash Patch v9.30 deployed with several major changes to Fortnite including the new Chug Splash item. This new consumable allows quick healing in an 'area of effect'. It can even heal enemies! Epic Games adds new items into Fortnite at a blistering rate which can upset game balance from time to time.

All Fortnite Battle Royale Map Changes in the V9.30 Update - Loot Lake Destroyed & More Here are all of the map changes that have been made in the v9.30 Fortnite update. There aren't many map changes that have been made in this update, but Loot Lake has had a major change. It seems the Monster / Creature is still causing destruction around the map and has made its way to Loot Lake.

Will this leaked shotgun change the Fortnite meta? A new Shotgun type might be headed to Fortnite Battle Royale according to leaked images from data miners. Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 has been a wild ride so far in terms of weapons. The beginning of the season saw the unvaulting of the Drum Gun which was fan-voted through Season 8's in-game event.

'Fortnite' Just Vaulted And Nerfed The Game's Most Annoying, Overpowered Weapons It was massively overpowered. Epic nerfed the Rocket Launcher because it was too powerful in Team Rumble, and then the Boom Bow just replaced it as the game's most ridiculous weapon. Now it's in the Vault. May it stay there forever and ever, amen.

Fortnite - How to Get the Singularity Skin A new skin has been revealed for Fortnite Season 9. The Singularity Skin is a green futuristic suit worn by a female Fortnite combatant. So how do get the Singularity Skin? It has been revealed that the Singularity Skin will be available for those who've been dilligently tracking down the Fortbyte puzzle pieces during Season 9 in Fortnite.

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