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XQc explains why Fortnite's The End event ruined his stream XQc is not a fan of Fortnite's latest in-game event titled 'The End.'

'Fortnite' appears to have shut down in some kind of "black hole" event 'Fortnite' has been one of Epic Games' most profitable games, generating an estimated $2 million per day at one point in its life-cycle. Since then, it's fair t…

Is it the end of Fortnite? Why the game has crashed and when it will be back online While the reason for the crash remains unclear, several theories are circulating online ranging from Elon Musk deleting the game to Epic Games preparing to launch Chapter 2. Here's why we suspect Fortnite has crashed, as well as when it's likely to be back online.

Fortnite blackout: Elon Musk hints 'he is responsible' with cryptic tweet Thankfully his tweet is clearly made in jest, and has had some hilarious replies. Epic Games, the developer behind Fortnite, has also deleted all the tweets from the Fortnite Twitter account, leaving just one tweet showing a live stream of the black hole.

Fortnite down - live: Latest Season 11 news, has game ended, what happened and why is there a black hole Fortnite has disappeared and been replaced with a black hole - and it is a mystery what happens next. Players that were inside the game saw a storm of asteroids falling through the sky that wiped out the entire map. Now all that shows is a black hole, and nobody can play the game.

Fortnite Black Hole: When Is Fortnite Coming Back? Since just after 7PM BST last night, the Fortnite community has been enraptured by a black hole following the conclusion of the Season X event, The End.

Fortnite is gone, is replaced by a giant hole Fortnite's been replaced by a giant hole? Insert your own jokes. Into the hole, presumably. The end of Fortnite's tenth season has come to an end in a spectacular fashion. Following a protracted build-up, Fortnite was struck by a meteor storm so big that it destroyed the game's island.

Fortnite gamers see map sucked into black hole Fortnite’s entire map has disappeared into a black hole, leaving gamers unable to play, as part of a worldwide event to mark the end of the game’s 10th season.

Fortnite could get NEW map to replace original battleground as mystery 'Black Hole' takes game offline PANICKED Fortnite gamers are in hysterics after the game appeared to come to an abrupt end yesterday - potentially signalling a new map is on its way. Players logging in on Sunday evening watched in horror as an asteroid collided with the map, creating a mysterious black hole that obliterated the game's virtual world.

Dr Disrespect reacts to Fortnite finally getting 'deleted' Leaks reveal Season 11 downtime info Ninja explains why he hasn't streamed during Fortnite's The End event Ninja, CouRage, Myth, Tfue and more react to The End in Fortnite Enter your email for a weekly digest of highlights and prizes. When will Fortnite be back?

When will Fortnite be back - has it crashed? It might be longer than you think before you can play Fortnite again, as fan theories and datamining suggest the outage could last for days.

Is Fortnite down? Is it just hype? And is it all Elon Musk's fault? People, naturally, began freaking out. Fortnite also deleted all of its tweets and is running a livestream of said black hole both on Twitter and game-streaming platform Twitch, which around 40,000-60,000 people are currently watching. According to some reports, the total number of viewers across all platforms is more than six million.

'Fortnite' players are coping with The End with black hole memes, obviously Players eagerly awaiting the reveal of Fortnite's next phase have little solace beyond the fact that the communal experience of everyone having to either stare at the same near-static image for half a day or actually find something else to do with their time is the kind of event memes are made of.

Games Inbox: How much do you play Fortnite? The Monday Inbox continues the Mega Drive vs SNES debate, as another reader recommends Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair. To join in with the discussions yourself email [email protected] E-mail your comments to: [email protected] Catch up on every previous Games Inbox here.

What is going on pt 2: Fortnite potentially down until Tuesday The Fortnite community is stuck wondering what's going on in the game. We can't play it right now, and new developments suggest we won't be able to play until Tuesday. Today, October 13, brought us the Fortnite event to end all Fortnite events.

Fortnite: Map blown up and replaced with black hole Fortnite has also deleted all of its tweets and is simply running a livestream of the black hole on Twitter - which has had more than 290,000 likes. Forbes' gaming writer Paul Tassi described the event as "the end of an era".

Fortnite black hole numbers potentially decoded as Visitor message Four numbers were revealed in the black hole of Fortnite upon conclusion of the Season 10 event and fans were baffled. Now players actually have an idea of what they mean. There were a plethora of numbers that were revealed upon the conclusion of "The End" but they provided more questions than answers.

Theory of What The Fortnite Numbers By The Black Hole Could Mean Here is a theory on what the numbers appearing by the Black Hole in Fortnite mean. The Fortnite Season 10 Finale Live Event took place a few hours ago and we saw the rocket launched into the sky and the Black Hole appear, sucking the whole of the Fortnite island with it.

Fortnite season 10 Overtime challenges and where to find the Visitor's recordings Before the start of a new season, Epic releases a set of Overtime challenges to fill in the gap. The Out of Time missions are out Tuesday and include a few easy tasks along with a treasure hunt for recordings made by The Visitor, the protagonist for the battle royale storyline.

Fortnite Just Blew Up The Map And Fans Are Freaking Out Something very strange is going on with Fortnite right now, according to Forbes. Epic Games held a Fornite live event today, during which, loads of rockets starting pouring of the sky, all hitting random locations on the map. Then, a huge rift appeared, sending a meteor at the map.

Fortnite Is As "Addictive" As Cocaine, According To Lawsuit Filed Against Epic Games People from both sides of the fence have argued the potential harms and benefits of video games. Some have argued that it's helped kids enhance their cognitive skills while others have accused video games of playing a role in, well, everything that's wrong in society.

There's A Konami Code In Fortnite's Black Hole If you, like me and the rest of the internet, are staring at Fortnite's black hole waiting for something to happen, you can enter the Konami code to play a mini-game. It's simple, but it beats sitting around.

Two new events found in Fortnite game files Two new events have been found in the Fortnite game files. According to Fortnite leaker Lucas7Yoshi, there are two event flags in the game files titled "Kevin Says Hello" and "Survey BR Nick 001." Although not much is known about these events, they are almost certainly related to the next season of Fortnite.

Fortnite Season 11: What Happened to Fortnite today? All of the big events were set off by that Rocket Launch, which was part of the ongoing countdown to the event. Following the blast in the sky caused by the Rocket, missiles circled the meteor, spinning through various rifts, before smashing into the ground below it.

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