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Game Of Thrones: The Calm Before The Storm David Nutter delivers some masterful directing in this episode and Bryan Cogman wrote a truly moving episode that gave every member of the ensemble cast a chance to shine. There are so many moments where you felt your heart warm while at the same time there was a great chill going down your spine.

Why The Women Of Westeros Save 'Game Of Thrones' Three years ago, I wrote a piece about why I hate Game of Thrones and when I look back on that now, I find myself cringing at the thought of it.

Do Sansa and Daenerys look at the Camera in the last episode? The second episode of the final Season of Game of Thrones was a talkfest between characters who have rarely been on screen together throughout the series.

Winter Has Come Winter has finally come, and the series that has swept across the nation as one of the most watched shows on HBO continues to drop trailers and sneak peeks into the world of the thrones for season eight.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” is “a love letter to the characters” Longtime Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman wrote last night's "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms," and there aren't enough words to convey how much I loved it. That Brienne of Tarth knighting scene…uff, my delicate heart. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cogman reflects on what could be deemed one of the show's best episodes:.

Ahead Of "Game Of Thrones'" Biggest Battle Ever, This Is Exactly What The Night King Wants The Battle of Winterfell is here. This is exactly what the Night King wants, why it spells death for one beloved "GOT" character, and its Hodor connection.

The Game Revealed: "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" The Game of Thrones cast and crew take us inside the building of Winterfell, Brienne's knighting, night lighting, and more.

Game of Thrones Post-Mortem of "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" This is an entire episode of that so that episode 3 can hit the ground running." Cogman discusses Jaime's decision to knight Brienne, saying, "Jaime has been a knight of the Seven Kingdoms his whole life, but he's finally becoming the knight he's been chasing." For the actual knighting, they "wanted to take the audience by surprise.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere: 'Winterfell' I'm so excited to be covering the final season of Game of Thrones. With all the streaming and entertainment options available today, media is consumed so much differently than it was when the show first debuted just a short eight years ago.

Who Is Maisie Williams Dating IRL? Maisie Williams was previously linked to one Ollie Jackson.

TV Review: 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 2 'A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms' Episode Plot: Jamie faces down Dany as Brienne comes to his aid. Tyrion faces Dany's wrath while Dany and Sansa discuss the future. Arya and Gendry bond. Tormund, Edd, and Beric return to Winterfell bearing grave news. Brienne receives an unexpected honor from Jamie.

You Won't Believe How Much Maisie Williams Has Changed You won't believe how much Maisie Williams' red-carpet look has changed since she first started playing Arya Stark on "Game of Thrones."

Jon is upset because he’s related to Daenerys, Daenerys because she has a new rival for the throne For better or worse, it looks like Daenerys is worried because her new boyfriend is now a rival for the Iron Throne. Jaime and Tormund may have the answer.

Game of Thrones Stars Break Down Grey Worm and Missandei's Goodbye, Tease the Harrowing Battle Ahead 'Game of Thrones' actor Jacob Anderson breaks down Grey Worm and Missandei's kiss in Season 8, Episode 2.

A former CIA deputy director had a cameo on Game of Thrones last night Massachusetts Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren recently penned an editorial for The Cut entitled, "The World Needs Fewer Cersei Lannisters," because that's how big this show is. Here's Warren's take on Daenerys' pursuit of power:.

What Sansa Stark's Style Evolution Says About Her Fate On Game Of Thrones The Cercei look-a-like has become a force to be reckoned with.

Maisie Williams Got To Decide How She Wanted That Game Of Thrones Sex Scene To Go Maisie Williams had her fist sex scene on the latest episode of "Game Of Thrones," and just shared some behind-the-scenes info about the scene.

Inside the Episode: Go behind the scenes of “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” The Game of Thrones showrunners break down some of the most crucial moments of "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" in this week's Inside the Episode featurette, including an exploration of the best moment of the episode: Jaime knighting Brienne. So many feels.

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Game of Thrones Episode 8.02 Featurette: Knight of the Seven Kingdoms HBO has released two behind-the-scenes featurettes for Game of Thrones episode 8.02 titled "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms," featuring interviews by executive producers D.B. Weiss and David Benioff. Check out the video below along with the new 'Game Revealed,' offering a 20 minute featurette for the episode.

Here Are The Best Season 8 Game Of Thrones Memes And if you happen to be looking for the best Game of Thrones memes to process your emotions during Season 8, well, you've come to the right place. Each week, we will be posting the best memes that summarize every episode.

The Game Revealed Goes Behind the Scenes of "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" Learn about the expansion of Winterfell, and the knighting of Brienne of Tarth in the second episode of Game of Thrones ’ final season.

Game of Thrones S8: 10 Talking Points from Episode 2! Before you start reading, this post is dark and full of spoilers!!! Close it and come back after you have seen the episode if you don't want to see anything before watching!

Series Issues: Game of Thrones chills in The Rightful Queen Spoilers will drop by to warm their bones in the fireplace and take a cup of wine. Yes, Daenerys was called queen by everyone now. I know it's a question of personal opinion, but it seemed to me that Sansa Stark acted a lot more like a ruler than Daenerys or anybody else in the show.

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