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A year of Garden visiting part 4 Following on from Part 1, Part 2. and Part 3. It's all about the plants. Following on from the Monsoons at RHS Rosemoor at the end of August 2019 we visited Bicton Park, a place I was not very familiar with, but we saw a leaflet for it and thought we'd give it a try.

A Plantation I am more than pleased with them and think it might be the start of Leicester's first coffee plantation. A girl can dream…. I was asked a few weeks ago if I wanted to trial some Gro-Smart Ground Cover, which is made by Westland. I hesitated a little before agreeing as I am not someone who generally mulches areas of the garden.

Gardening: Your questions answered by Brian Kidd Brian delves into his inbox to solve your horticultural queries.

How to choose a garden gate What to think about when you choose a garden gate. Rustic or modern garden gates, painted, natural, vintage or ucpycled - or have them specially made.

Gardening: It is the perfect time to prune grape vines I'VE got a couple of large grape vines in the garden, one concealing the garden shed and the other across the front of the studio at the top of the garden. To be honest, they were not really planted to gather the crops of grapes each year but more to provide the greenery and soften the impact of the garden buildings within the plot.

Green gardening: how to make sustainable choices Changing our horticultural habits is something we can all do to make a tangible difference. With climate change increasingly on the agenda, we should all be prepared to garden as sustainably as possible and make whatever difference we can.

Gardening: spring bulbs will soon bloom - these are the best to buy Nothing else marks the first optimistic signs of spring in the garden the way bulbs do. Snowdrops and delicious ruffed aconites are with us already; crocus, baby iris and many more are still to come. Their very transitoriness is part of their charm.

Benefits of gardening Some years back, I cooked a particular species of vegetable that is ordinarily not the bitter type, but it turned out bitter. Some other time, I ate okro and it had a huge laxative effect on me. Thoughts that the vegetables might have been planted with some chemicals ran through my mind.

Nearlies and Almosts The delightful and knowledgeable Chloris of The Blooming Garden invites us to share our top ten blooms at around this time every month, so do visit her blog to see all sorts of interesting and often unusual plants. Here, it is very much a case of nearlies, almosts and not quites.

Cycle Back To Bluebells Fun fact: I have never bought a primrose. Never once. One man's trash etc. Are the magpies nesting already or is this just a jerk? Yo, Dear Reader, the garden is coming back to me again, I have projects from last year showing some progress, however slight.

On a warm winter day… I needed to repot a few of my indoor plants and give them a little TLC, and my little girl decided to come help! It was adorable!!🥰. She grabs a coffee mug and starts filling it with potting soil. She and I both searched the yard for just the perfect twig and leaves to "plant" in her mug.

Gardens of Miami No.2 – Vizcaya January is a month when many of us dream of an escape to the sun. If we're feeling flush we might take advantage of discounts and book a holiday. A few lucky folk may find themselves in a position to buy a property abroad - perhaps a modern villa with a pool, or a quaint cottage in the backstreets of a fishing village.

"Gardening to Attract Native Pollinators" Please join the Hanson Park Conservancy on Tuesday, March 24th at 7:00 PM at the Cranford Community Center for the presentation, "Gardening to Attract Native Pollinators" with Virginia Lamb. Come learn how you can attract and foster native pollinator populations in your community through plant selection and organic gardening methods.

3 DIY frugal decor projects to keep Winter around for just a little bit longer. " Welcome Winter. Your late dawns and chilled breath make me lazy, but I love you nonetheless." Terrri Guillemets. Finally I got a chance this month to do some fun crafting and decorating. January can be so sad when you have to pack away all your pretty little Christmas decorations.

Garden Diary: January - Vegetables For my six on Saturday this week I will focus on my vegetable and strawberry challenges. This week has brought another mixed bag of weather with temperatures ranging from 3C at night to 20C in the day on our sunny sheltered terrace. Northerly icy winds were then followed by heavy rain.

Hawthorne Gardening Company announces the first DesignLights Consortium listing for Gavita LED lighting fixtures Growers who purchase the fixture are now eligible for state and national rebates - potentially cutting upfront equipment costs by as much as half and making it increasingly appealing for growers to switch to more efficient LEDs inside their facilities.

In the Garden - Budding ideas Take time this winter to measure your space and create a rough drawing with actual dimensions. It doesn't have to be fancy or perfectly to scale, but it should visually convey the dimensions you measured for planning purposes. Crop rotation is very important for control of pathogens and maintaining soil health.

Six on Saturday: Hellebores and more I have to confess it's not the most inspiring time of year in the garden. Outside it's cold and grey and the plants are looking well, sorry for themselves. But my mum and I had a little moment of joy this afternoon popping into the Snowdrop Day at Marchants Hardy Plants in Laughton, East Sussex.

Six On Saturday: Just Camellias Throughout the winter months, we depend on many varieties of camellias to provide color and interest to Gulf Coast gardens. In fact, it is Alabama's state flower. The first five pictures I'm showing today are not from my garden. Only the last collage is the camellia from my frontyard.

Six on Saturday - Freckles, blushes and other floral markings It feels like the kind of day that could do with a bit of energy injected into it by joining Jonathon's Six on Saturday. There are rules of course, but they're a breeze and it's great fun to browse through the links to other Sixes to see what's going on with similar-minded plant / garden obsessives.

Gardening in January? Here are some tips for shopping seed catalogs In today's "Growing Together" column, Don Kinzler helps winter gardeners make sense of seed catalogs and how to make the right choices.

Gardening with Allen Wilson: Three new vegetables win awards Three vining vegetables have been given awards by All-America Selections, the nonprofit testing organization for new vegetables and flowers. All of these new varieties should grow well in our climate. Green Light cucumber is a unique new mini-cucumber that produces smooth 3 - to 4-inch seedless fruits that are sweet and crisp.

Now for something a little bit different #minnesota #spring #gardens I start getting seed catalogs around Christmas, and stash them until about now. I've been getting those pesky marketing emails from other seed catalogs too, but there's something about looking through an actual catalog to feed thoughts of spring and warm and gardens.

13 Creative Garden Ideas That Will Make You Want to Start Gardening Today Are you ready to show off your garden to friends and visitors? When it comes to design, your home’s.

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