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The small dog and the gardener… The grass had grown, was far too long, My mower wouldn't cope. What if I trimmed it down a bit? That might work. I could hope. I got the trimmer all set up, The dog would not go in, Just stood there with a lolling tongue And all-too-knowing grin. "As if," she seemed to say to me, "You'll manage on your own.

Join the grow-your-own movement and start gardening! At Regatta Lane Allotments, in Branston, there is hardly an hour of the day where you won't find someone tending to flowers, fruits and vegetables throughout spring and summer - and well into the autumn! The largest site in East Staffordshire, the site is managed by its own allotment society and rented from Branston Parish Council.

First-Time Home Owner - Discovering a New Passion "Yard Work" As a first-time homeowner, I never knew I would have so much fun working in my yard!

Gardening in Northern France The next few columns will focus on gardeners and their gardening secrets in a place far from the Eastern Shore - Upper Normandy, an area well north of the Normandy Beaches of World War II that so many people associate with Normandy.

Updates from the field: New strawberry types After a few years eating strawberries from the same plants it was time to bring new ones. I'm learning as I go so this week I was introduced to some different types of strawberries. Tristan doesn't have many runners but it has a beautiful pink flower.

My Favorite Flowers I'm inspired by the promise of brighter, warmer weather and I'm excited that the spring season is in full swing. Lately, despite the rain, I've been feeling a bit lighter and really looking forward to seeing nature start to come truly alive. We're still in that stage where there is so much left to bloom and I'm excited for all of it.

Here We Grow Again. The growing has started and it is so exciting to see all the new growth. The early flowering has been just superb. I heard that due to our cooler month of March, the flowering trees held their buds closed, and now we reap the benefits of that cool March.

April. April, my greenhouse is full of seedlings. I prefer to sow into modules, growing them on until they are established plants, prior to planting out. I garden organically in a garden full of slugs and snails. If I broadcast my seeds directly into the raised beds, I know my propagation survival rate would be seriously dented.

Easter Gardening Update As we bask in tropical temperatures we can take a minute to sit back and enjoy the garden over the four day Easter bank holiday weekend. A chance to evaluate how the borders are filling up and the sight of bare soil becomes long forgotton memory of seasons past.

The Healing Power of Gardens This is an excerpt from "Everything in Its Place," a posthumous collection of writings by Doctor Sacks. As a writer, I find gardens essential to the creative process; as a physician, I take my patients to gardens whenever possible.

How to Get Rid of a Tree Stump Later this year I will share with you some Roman ways to get rid of trees using lupins. However, here is another way to get rid of a tree using epsom salts, written by Angelo Eliades. He says the following about the process:.

The Simplest Raised Garden Bed you can Build Yourself How to Build an simple raised bed garden.

A Usual Spring But I come from a long line of immigrant farmers. Green thumbs are, perhaps, in our DNA. What an odd duck I am in this cookie-cutter subdivision so barren of nature. Others have barbecues and boats, several new cars in the drive.

Common ground: Sprouting a new American gardener What I probably miss most living in rural America is the exposure to other cultures. I never regretted having moved for love from bustling New York City with its multitude of ethnicities to a tiny hamlet in a county with a highly homogenous population.

San Jose to Tortuguero With an overnight in San Jose and an early start next morning, the hotel put together a packed meal for breakfast,, we were whisked away in a shuttle bus for the first part of our journey to Tortuguero.

Itchy, Itchy, Itchy This is a tough time of year for me. There's so much that I want to get going on the Farm, but the weather…oh lawdy the weather! 98% of our snow has melted. A lot of the resulting water from that has soaked in. But… There's still too much water to take the tractor into the pasture.

Time to Smell the Roses Driving to work Friday morning I was clinging to my coffee mug and praying for wisdom and guidance as I attempted to keep my little class safe and under control. Many of them I named and prayed for specifically. God answered with this beautiful sunrise.

Pretty Flamingo I'll say it right up front-I love pink plastic flamingos. So do a lot of people here in the South. A few put them right in front of their houses for all the world to see, not giving a fig what said world thinks. Me, I hide mine in back amongst shrubs, flowers, and weeds.

2019 Seed Starting Every year, towards the end of the holidays, I start looking forward to seed catalogs. This year, I think I had the majority of my seeds already bought before the new year, or at least in January. I evaluate what I liked about the previous year's choices, keep my favorites, and archive or share the varieties that didn't make the cut.

Get Ready for Earth Day With These Gardening Shows on Netflix Netflix offers a library of must-watch gardening shows. Here are the best botanical series to stream.

Finding Our Way I forgot to plug my phone in last night. It will be nice not having phone calls or picking it up every few minutes to look at it. Essie had a tick in her head yesterday. I thought it was a skin tag. This is the only tick we've had in the almost 20 years we've lived here.

Getting to Grips with Hardy Orchids I can see a new addiction coming from a mile off, so on the whole I steer well clear of orchids. Over the ages thousands of plant collectors have been consumed, even broken, by their passion for orchids and I do not wish to join their ranks. Hence they are the only family of plants I spend more time reading about than growing.

Willow the Tree of Enchantment I remember the first night that the Willow tree enchanted me. I was over at a friends house who lived next to a golf course and he asked me if I wanted to go to the Willow tree. Which I thought was weird but I said ok. We walked out of his back door onto the golf course and started to walk to the biggest Willow tree that I had even seen.

Organic mulch is the key to gardening under trees As a younger gardener, I preferred gardening in the bright, toasty sunshine. As I get older, however, I would rather garden under trees, their branches offering respite from the sun and heat. But gardening under trees poses unique challenges. The roots of trees grow horizontally, extending far beyond the drip line of their tree.

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