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Swedish Chef-ing The last two weeks have been a little hectic - I am running stem camps for one of the local parks and rec departments. This entails long days for Chris and I so I put a lot of effort into advance meal planning. Meal prepping on Sunday is a work in progress in our house - namely due to a syndrome Chris refers to as Swedish chef-ing.

There is a House in Washington So, yes, our family made it safely to Washington almost two weeks ago. We rolled into town just as the fireworks for the Fourth of July started going off, and it felt like the state was welcoming us with gusto. We signed the papers for our Washington home the next morning and officially had the keys by lunch.

Algeria - Misserghin, Home of the Clementine Misserghin is a small town just south of Oran on the banks of the salt lake Sebkha. It's most famous for the Clementine, named after abbot Father Clementine who bred it towards the end of the 19th century. My guide book said one could visit the remains of the abbey, so while my parents were over for a visit we took the opportunity to go exploring.

A Currant Event This story had its beginnings many years ago when, as a child, I went with my parents to my great uncle's farm to pick currants - both black and red. I remember being told that the black ones were to be picked individually. It was easier to pick the red ones because they could be picked with their stems attached.

Dill and Daisies Back in Paris I'm still keeping an eye on the weather forecast for Berwick upon Tweed. The poppies, daisies and bright pink Lychnis which currently dominate the borders of my Spittal garden will all be thriving in the sunshine.

Top 3 Reasons Why Purchasing Your Garden Plants from a Nursery is the Right Choice Are you thinking of growing your own garden in your house? Whether you are planning to create an outdoor garden or want to adorn the indoors with container gardening, you should buy the plants from a renowned and reputed nursery in Australia.

Grape Trellis Project Part 2 I mentioned before picking up some trellis for free that we plan to use for the volunteer grape we found on our property. My partner suddenly decided at gloaming last night that it was a fine time to put it together.

The Final Countdown Twenty days to go and the countdown to my NGS garden open weekend is well underway. In truth the garden does not need another twenty days to look its best; it's there already. I am mildly concerned that it will peak too soon, but there's no holding it back now.

The Colossal Dream of a Garden Marietta and Ernie O'Byrne's book, A Tapestry Garden, is a sweetly poetic chronicle of an extraordinary garden. In 1972, Marietta purchased the 1918 farmhouse and its accompanying 70 acres with little horticultural knowledge and a mountain of challenges waiting.

An Introduction to Zanthoxylum My coworker, Suyen, often goes back to Beijing to visit her mother. I have had a long fascination with China and love when she brings back new snacks to try out. A few months ago she brought back some sichuan spiced snacks and it got me thinking about the source of the flavor.

LEAFY GREENS, Learn How? To Buy, Prep, Store, And Cook Them I'm going to jump right into this blog post because I love leafy greens and there's only one reason that I love eating leafy greens or should I say one word and that one word is chlorophyll.

Garden Update Well planting out the garden differently this winter has really paid off. Everything just grew how it was supposed too. We have had the best brocolli and the sweetest cabbage, sauekraut this week. I am also going to be picking the first of the califlower this week and will pickle some of it, a first for me, so I hope it turns out nice.

Finally starting to see Tomatoes. I had skipped checking the garden yesterday since it was so hot. It had gotten to at least 100 degrees yesterday. It was too hot for me to go out. I got up early enough this morning to go out, since it was still in the low to mid 70's and not in full sun yet.

Two-Step Tomato Abbondanza! I'm in the frozen hinterland with only a very short growing season, so I watched a dozen or so YouTube videos by MI Gardener. Since watering was a problem for me, I went with the channel's trench method of bedding. That's where you dig a trench and fill it with spongy, water-holding decomposing matter like straw.

Ten Lined June Beetle-AKA June Bug… Order: ColeopteraFamily: ScarabaeidaeGenus / Species: Polyphylla decemlineata. Metro Master Gardeners has a nice PDF file on the Ten Lined June Beetle - Also known As "June Bug". I printed out a copy and put it into my personal Garden Journal. I always add details about anything happening in my garden.

Just A Little Rain, No, That's…Stop! It fell over, but I like it this way. Dahlia: The No Work exotic looking flower. Petunias the no work abundance of blooms flower. Last five golden acre cabbages. Oh, the stories, all of which are only mildly interesting, I have to tell you, Dear Reader.

Creative Garden Solution This spring, we had a graduation party for Adult Offspring #2. The plan was to have the bulk of it in the backyard, on the patio, where it would be shaded in the late afternoon / early evening hours. Who would have thought the early May weeks leading up to it, and the day of the event, would see temperatures higher than 100 degrees?!

Welcome to my journey Welcome to Xiaomin's life! Here, we are going to talk about my ideas to live a better life. If you are interested in my life and ideas, you are welcome to follow and talk to me! Also, I make delicious Chinese food, and I will share it with you on this site as well.

How To Attract A Robin To Your Garden And Make Sure It Stays The UK is filled with all manner of birds, and they don't come more popular than the robin. Named the national bird of Britain, robins are associated with Christmas and good cheer. Despite their small size, these tenacious birds are extremely territorial, defending their ranges with everything they have.

Kim Kardashian Responds To Braid Backlash, Says Hairstyles Come From A 'Real Place Of Love And Appreciation' Kim Kardashian is taking her critics head-on, addressing the cultural appropriation backlash she faced after sporting Bo Derek-inspired braids, as well as cornrows at the MTV Movie and TV Awards in June.

The little pepper That was PEPPER, not pecker. Don't start any rumors about me about little peckers, ok? Whew… So, I was in a local discount store yesterday and looking for socks. White. Tube. Socks. They look awful, but when I have to wear steel toed boots, they're comfortable and unseen.

Gardening at the Cottage Cottage life is about to happen full force for many Canadians and will doubtless include swimming, boating, getting sandy, barbecuing and walks in the woods. But what about tending the space around your cottage or cabin? Or what if you live in a log home with a cottage or cabin vibe all year round?

Growth in Gardening: Pruning Tomato Plants Ahh, July, we complain about the heat, lack of rain and humidity, but the most amazing complaint I here now is, "My tomato plants are too big!" Yep, some gardeners are complaining that their garden tomatoes are too successful. While this may sound a bit crazy, I do understand.

Color garden While I could blog about our garden, I will limit myself. This year we are taking things out that should have been separated many times and there becomes a "blank space" and we are trying to avoid a rabbit's lunch.

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