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Shedwars21: Planting Bocking 14 Comfrey and Tips ️ Self Sufficiency ️ Home Made Liquid Plant FoodsShedwars21: #shedwars #TeamDownunder #growpeanutsuk21 I have been sent some Bocking 14 Comfrey as a swap for some Jerusalem Artichokes and here are some hints and tip on comfrey and pay Andy Mahoney a visit on hit the interaction button.

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Appalachian springWhen the world is mud-luscious and when the world is puddle-wonderful& E.E. Cummings, American poet There are still patches of dirt-speckled snow on the ground here...

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Down in the DirtOne of the essential assets to a gardener is a good compost pile. It is what makes all the difference between weak and unstable plants and strong healthy ones.

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Plant MomI am however very selective at what type of plants I buy, at first it was more of beginner plants that don’t need high maintenance blah blah, but being myself I became curious and did a lot of research on indoor plants, this is when I discovered that I can grow plants not ONLY for their beauty but other plants have plenty of benefits...

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Iris Reticulata 'Pauline'Cultivars of Iris reticulata have enjoyed regular and enthusiastic coverage in this blog over the years.

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Seed love is true loveThis year as we started seeds for the garden, Dorene Pasekoff of Hill Creek Farm introduced me to Truelove Seeds, Owen Taylor's seed keeping labor of love in Philly, where "The story is in the seed."

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Snow of a Different SortThe most recent snow finally melted under the oh, so welcome sun. Unusual for Colorado, the skies glowered at us for several days, maybe even a couple of weeks, without even a hint of sunshine, but the weather is back to more normal temperatures and bright sunshine.

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Trying to not over water my plantsI am trying to stick to a watering routine to keep my plants happy. I have some very thirsty plants so it’s hard to keep track off too much water Vs not enough.

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Shallot plantingWe're having a go at growing shallots for the first time this year. The variety we're going for is Hative de Niort, a variety that is often used for exhibition, but can also be used in the kitchen just the same.

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San Diego County Master Gardeners find ways around the pandemicProjects, workshops, information outreach go on despite restrictions; virtual spring seminar planned.

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Raised Canning Garden PlanAnother idea is to make a theme garden such as planting everything you need to make a Greek salad or everything you need to can.

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Garden with me  february updateEven though this month started with snow and some of the coldest weather that we get around here, the weather has begun to turn and gardening has begun.

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Episode 494: How does Rooted Farmers' marketplace work? An update from founder Amelia Ihlo and insights from farmer-florist Haley Billipp of Eddy FarmToday, we have two great guests involved in Rooted Farmers. You first met Amelia Ihlo, founder of this innovative platform for selling flowers, a little more than a year ago when Rooted Farmers launched.

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Nicola Sturgeon raises hopes of Scottish beer gardens being open in MayThe First Minister said it was possible that the whole country could be placed in level two of the Scottish Government restrictions shortly after the system resumes on 26 April. Shared .

Erythroniums: how to care for, plant and the best garden erythroniumsTheir dainty flowers with swept-back petals and often mottled leaves make erythroniums one of the highlights of a woodland garden.

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Sahayb Abu trial: Alleged terror plotter tells court he was studying Alan Titchmarsh gardening videosSahayb Abu, accused of plotting a terror attack, has admitted buying a 18in sword, insisting it was a prop for a rap video.

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Planet-Friendly GardeningI have long been interested in reducing my impact on the planet, not least when gardening.

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Why Wood Chips are Great for GardeningWood chips make a great component to garden spaces. Even better, they are often inexpensive or free!

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Gardening Tips for MarchMarch was the first month of the year in the original Roman calendar. That feels right to me: March is a month of flowers and growth, the first full month in which almost everything in the garden is bursting with energy.

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Young and OldI do believe a person doesn’t truly appreciate being young until they are old. By then it is too late.

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Say Howdy to My Chickens!We had a great day today. It was so nice to be outside all day!

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Gardening Time: Choosing the right daffodils for the right spotWith more than a whiff of spring in the air, the cheery sight of narcissi awaits us.

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The Lemon Tree Says Winter Has PeakedThere's a routine here. Every morning at 7:30, go out, inspect the irrigation, look at the plants, make sure the orchids are getting their "drip feed" watering. Then look at the pool and decide if it needs to be scooped.

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VIDEO: Londoners turn to gardening therapy to combat isolationIn a year of a social deprivation, many isolated Londoners have discovered the joys of gardening and horticulture therapy right on their doorstep, and the abundance of benefits it can bring.

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Saints bring Beziers forward Wilkins back to GardensSaints have secured the signing of AS Béziers Hérault forward Karl Wilkins, bringing him back to the club that he left at the age of 18.

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Fred's Looking Forward to Seeing Lenten RoseYour Gardening Questions covers the gamut of gardening questions from our Plant Talk Radio listeners.

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The Secrets Behind The Gardens At Buckingham Palace Revealed In New BookA new book called Buckingham Palace: A Royal Garden reveals the secrets behind The Queen's 39-acre London oasis including tips from head gardener Mark Lane.

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How Does Biochar Work to Improve, or Even Decontaminate, Soil?Fruitwood pyrolized into biochar. Photo: Jeff Novak, USDA-ARS. An article by Jim Ippolito, Colorado State University Biochar – as the name implies – is made from formerly living substances.

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R&A Taylor feature in King's Lynn gardening exhibitionThey kept Norfolk growing from their town centre HQ long before the out of town garden centres came along.

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Spring gardening tips: Grow your own fruit and veg at home by following these beginner stepsSPRING is fast approaching, which means being able to spend more time outside in the sunshine. Shared .

Tour Buckingham Palace's Breathtaking GardensBuckingham Palace's breathtaking gardens have been captured in a new book, Buckingham Palace: A Royal Garden, which will be released in April.

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Dogs allowed in gardens at Dunham Massey from next weekThe popular National Trust site previously only allowed dogs in its parkland areas but, following a trial period, our four-legged friends can now enjoy the gardens during specific hours.

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Monty Don: Gardeners' World host shares new photos of own changing garden after box blightMONTY DON has posted a series of pictures on Instagram today, illustrating the 'changing face' of his garden after it was 'ravaged' by box blight. Shared .

February 24, 2021 The World's Largest Honey Bee, Steve Jobs, the Indiana State Flower, February Chores, English Gardens by Kathryn Bradley-Hole, and aToday we celebrate the birthday of a man who appreciated simplicity and knew that we would, too.

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Le Garden RescueAfter the worst winter’s weather many locals can remember, we’re currently in the middle of what in Scotland would be described as freak temperatures with a deluge of blue skies and sunshine.

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Setting Goals in These Pandemic TimesPhoto by Matteo Badini on Setting goals when the Pandemic set in was hard enough.

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Gardening, walking preserve women's mobility during aging: StudyAccording to the researchers, one in four women over age 65 is unable to walk two blocks or climb a flight of stairs.

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Gardening brings Cloverdale community togetherBetween the Green Thumb Club and Cloverdale Nursery, Sonoma County's northernmost city is known for its gardening traditions.

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My Safe PlaceToday I made the choice to tell my girlfriend that I will no longer be going hiking with her every Thursday.

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Hamama Microgreens, Trial 1In which I attempt a much quicker means of growing green foodstuffs within the relative comfort of my home.

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Improving produce with Water Soluble FertilizersWater soluble fertilizers are known for having NPK formulas that match the crops needs completely.

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Indoor Plant FriendsI have many outdoor plant friends, in my garden patch, and what I call my "rebel garden"-named so because I live in an apartment building that technically has landscaping, but they don't put in anything, just slowly clearing away things as they die due to poor soil quality and the gradual sinking of the area outside my window.

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Gardening: Want a better view of the wildlife in your garden?Camouflage netting, webcams and a good pair of binoculars will give you a better chance of seeing wildlife close up, Hannah Stephenson discovers.

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Which Direction Should You Plant Out Your Garden? NorthIn this episode we will go over what the benefits are of this and why it is important for overall success.

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Stinker of a day 23 Feb 2021Woke early again. Seems the norm. Washed the dishes and some clothes, got my youngest daughter off to school, and then came home.

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The Sims 4 Seasons: Making Money With The Gardening SkillGardening underwent some changes in The Sims 4 Seasons. and it's now easier and more profitable than ever.

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SCV Water's Virtual Gardening Class to Feature Sustainable LandscapingTypically, sustainable landscapes preserve natural resources and are environmentally friendly. Shared .

Orchids #556ARFebruary 23, 2021 Orchids, whose botanical name is Orchidaceae, has more than thirty-five thousand species and as many as three hundred thousand hybrids in its family, making it one of the two largest plant families along with the Asteraceae family, which includes such flowers as Asters, Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, Daisies, Marigolds and Zinnias.

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Australia Temperate Zone: veggie planting calendarIve learnt a lot over the years in the garden through trial and error and of course by lots of research with the myriad of resources out there.

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Prospective study finds light activity, such as gardening or walking, preserves women's mobility during agingThe prospective study observed 5,735 women age 63 and older, living in the United States and enrolled in the Objectively Measured Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health study, an ancillary study of the Women's Health Initiative.

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The world needs more TreesIt's hard to believe that already another week has flown by and we have been in Portugal for 3 months now.  There is such a lot to do and we're finding that we're jumping from one thing to another, depending on the weather and what is most needed at the time. Mark is spending quite&.

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Micro Food GrowingThis week on Down The Garden Path, we speak with author and blogger Jennifer McGuinness about her new book Micro Food Gardening, hitting shelves in April 2021.

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No Dig GardeningI’m a newcomer to No-dig. Certainly in any kind of organised and planned fashion. Of course, I’d heard about it previously, and on my steeply sloping plot I often don’t dig anyway, simply so that the roots in the soil continue to hold it together and stop it washing away.

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Growing Strawberries in a ContainerOne of the most satisfying experiences I have enjoyed in my time gardening is when I managed to grow strawberries in my home garden.

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I've Got Some Good News To Share!Song of the day.

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Gardening for Winter InterestThe winter garden is often ignored, a place to be avoided, with muddy lawns and soggy flower beds.

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Shedwars:21 How Can I Store My Cabbages To Make Them Stay Fresher For LongerShedwars21: #shedwars #TeamDownunder #growpeanutsuk21 I have been inspired by Nigel at Muddybootz to try this method of storing the cabbages over the winter months upside down in a covered shed, lets see how they did.

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Protesters occupy tree in Battersea's York Gardens to prevent fellingWandsworth Extinction Rebellion members are against the felling of a tree in York Gardens. Shared .

Above freezing all week!Daytime temps are looking sweet! Today we have reached 45 F, and the lowest daytime temp is predicted to be 33 F.

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PreparationsThings are happening, or, rather, I'm making things happen. It's probably a little early but, good grief, I need something else to do at the weekend that isn't Zooming, walking or drinking.I'm starting my different varieties this year - in the airing cupboard, in the&.

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North East MP calls for pubs with beer gardens to open sooner than AprilSouth Shields MP Emma Lewell-Buck says it makes no sense why people can mingle in parks but not in Covid safe beer gardens.

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3 gardening books for newbies, including a graphic novel guideFrom a vegetable bible to a charming comic-book guide, here are three books to help you get that spring or summer garden started right now.

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Gardeners' World shares ‘good news' ahead of Monty Don return: ‘Hope you're excited! 'GARDENERS' WORLD is making a comeback next month and ahead of it returning to BBC Two, the producers revealed the series will be featuring members of the public. Shared .

Some of the best beer gardens in Nottinghamshire worth a visit once lockdown endsWhile this is still subject to change should the situation worsen, the Prime Minister said he was "very optimistic" about the prospect of pubs, nighclubs and restaurants reopening by that date.

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Odds and EndsLast nights sunset! Suddenly we have some sunshine, and I cant express how welcome it is after weeks of gloomy days.

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Gallery of SnowdropsAs Im starting to see little clumps of snowdrops in peoples gardens on my daily walk, mainly the common single ones , I thought Id share a gallery of some of...

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Gardening book overflow idea and and thoughts on gardening booksI love books. And generally speaking I have a cookbook and gardening book problem. I needed to deal with my overflow so I bought two of those inexpensive snap together under the bed carts the kids put in dorm rooms to store things under their beds.

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Spring is coming? andI have been making so many plans for this spring that I keep forgetting it’s only February.

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Frozen WastesMy first attempt to clear my raised beds failed drastically. There were still plants I intended overwintering in them but the severe frost left them in a very undesirable condition.

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East Asian InspirationsI love East Asian culture and aesthetics, especially Japanese, but for home decor, I have a soft spot for the blue willow look.

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Gardening 2Tomatoes 2021 While these are the same plants I showed you weeks ago, they are still kind of spindly looking but are about 43 tall now.

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Roots Shoots and Coffee EP. 10 Prevention is KeyOur book is out! The Auto Pilot Garden. A guide to hands-free gardening - every method and bit of knowledge that we use to grow big!

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Police appeal to residents to check outbuildings, sheds and gardens as search for missing man continuesCharles Knight, 30, was last seen leaving his parents' house in Harts Lane, Burghclere, at 8.30am last Wednesday, February 17.

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Roaming and WritingAnd another day begins. Essie ate part of her breakfast. That is a huge relief for me because she didnt eat her dinner last night despite not having had breakfast.

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St Pancras Gardens: The story behind the unusual tree surrounded by gravestones created by a famous novelistHidden in an ancient cemetery alongside London's St. Pancras Old Church, in St Pancras Gardens is an unusual ash tree encircled by hundreds of overlapping gravestones.

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Mosside shooting: Man wounded in gun attackPolice say the man was hurt in a shooting at a house in Mosside, about six miles outside Ballymoney.

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Do I Give a Fig @TheMontyDon #courtyardgarden #gardening @BarryLillie1 @mishaherwin @KTScribblesFinally we are coming out of the long dark winter and even my tiny city courtyard has a few gems to share.

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Plant reviewI was asked the other day if I would like to receive some succulents from Eddington House Nursery to write about on my blog.

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The best new mini glasshousesNine of our new favourites. Now you can grow under glass in the smallest of spaces.

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All the rules for meeting friends when pub beer gardens reopen from April 12Bars and restaurants can open outdoors in April, but who can you meet when that happens?

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PeoniesWe are a few months away from peony time. Outside its still freezing. March has almost arrived.

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We're Sick of the Snow, TooYour Gardening Questions covers the gamut of gardening questions from our Plant Talk Radio listeners.

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EXPERT COMMENT: Why urban gardens are crucial for conserving bees and butterfliesIn an article written for The Conversation, Katherine Baldock, Senior Lecturer in Ecology, Northumbria University, explores how urban gardens can help conserve bees and butterflies.

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I Almost Had A Chicken CoopThe shed in question. Last weekend was going to be my weekend. You guys, I had spent the days before building it up in my head, telling myself how awesome it was going to be, all the things.

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'Hope our sprouts don't blow up! ' Residents evacuated as gardener digs up shell on allotmentThree-hour operation to confirm device was safe after alarm raised at Essington.

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Using Epson Salt In The Garden-Myth or MiraclePhoto by Karolina Grabowska on By Jannie Vaught Dont let the name scare you this is not table salt which will render soil unusable for years unknown.

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Overwintering BeesReading time: About 9 minutes Now that Ive finally made it through my first winter, I can confidently speak about overwintering bees!

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February 23, 2021 The Father of the RBGE Archives, Agnes Arber, Marion Delf-Smith, English Cottage Gardening by Margaret Hensel, and the Very Best FloToday we celebrate a woman known as the Lady of Botany, yet today few people know her life story, and fewer still appreciate her difficult professional journey.

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Celebrate Mother's Day with a masterclass by Gardeners' World presenter Mark LaneMark Lane, Leonard Cheshire's Global Ambassador for Gardening and Wellbeing, will present an exclusive broadcast event on Sunday, March 14 at 3pm, with all funds from ticket sales going to the leading disability charity. Shared .

Why You Should Love IvyIvy and a tree growing together at Wollaton Park, Nottingham I recently noticed that the tall, beautiful, ivy-covered tree trunks in the grounds of my local university, that I had been driving past and admiring for years, were looking distinctly...

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When and how to plant sweet peasSWEET PEAS are easy to grow, give off a distinctive scent and flower throughout the summer. Shared .

BedraggledThat’s what our landscape looks like now, with most of the snow melted. This was our back yard yesterday evening.

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Seed startingHow I make my seed starters: This is the first year of making my own starters.

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Color in the ColdAfter all our winter weather, we are finally thawing out and these little beauties are bringing some spring color indoors!

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Massanutten Lumpy SoupBack in the 40s. Americans didnt have a lot of money to throw around, especially if they had a big family to feed.

Life On The Massanutten Shared .

Know your Lady's finger/ OkraOkra, Bhendi, or ladys finger as it is commonly called in India is a delicious vegetable that can be cooked in multiple ways.

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Snowpocalypse 2021: An Audio JournalSign up for the podcast newsletter - > HERE! Show Notes +The Edible Garden During and Post Deep Freeze +Read All Past Issues of the Podcast Newsletter The post.

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15 ways to garden on a budgetAnyone who has tried to start a garden on a budget knows how expensive it can be.

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Episode 385. My seed sowing tips.Join me in this weeks veg gardening podcast where I share my tips for successful seeds sowing.

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Seed StartingWhoo, boy. Its late February in Western Washington and the long, dark Grey always feels the longest as it approaches its end.

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HopePsalm 147:11 The Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.

Pat Strickland Shared .

How to Enjoy Gardening in WinterWe examine different ways for people to enjoy gardening during the winter months.

VOA Shared .

5 Inspiring Examples of Zero Waste GardeningThese case studies show how clever reuse and upcycling can lead to significantly reduced waste.

Treehugger Shared .

Planting Flowers in your GardenThe vibrant colours that flowers add to your flower garden make them an obvious addition to many people’s home gardens.

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The Garden in Late FebruaryAfter a tricky first half of February when we've had snow and freezing temperatures for days on end, we finally had a much needed thaw on th...

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Homemade eco slug pelletsIve always felt a bit guilty about using bright blue slug pellets in the garden, and so Im now trying something new.

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They Live!If you’re needing a dose of good news from Texas you’ve come to the right post.

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COVID-19: England's legal limits on social contact set to end in JuneSetting out his lockdown easing plan, the PM says he hopes the nation is on a "one-way road to freedom" after a "wretched year".

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Out of the Mouths of Babes and Seafood BuffetsBackground: Ive been starting seeds for many years, my daughter-in-law has been enthusiastically enjoying her own seed starting and enjoying chatting about the process with me.

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Homesteaders DiaryI spent the weekend outside and enjoying the perfect summer weather. Our garden is in full swing, there is so much collecting, transplanting and organizing to do so I photographed the highlights of my summer garden chores to shar with you all.

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Its getting lighter  end Feb 21Thats what we are all saying at the moment! The days are really drawing out, I was outside until past 5.00 at the weekend, and sunset is after 17.20.

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Love/Hate TechnologyOh. My. Days. I have just spent a very fraught hour or so trying to access my local doctors surgery on line.

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There's a Chicken in my Pie&During the winter, sometimes hearty is just the perfect thing. We love items you can prepare ahead of time, and this is a perfect recipe to do just that!

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Gardening this year? Grow your plan with HPAC this WednesdayEver since the West Seattle Bridge closed 11 months ago, transportation topics have dominated most neighborhood meetings.

West Seattle Blog… Shared .

White magic: how to propagate snowdropsMargaret and David MacLennan have built up a collection of more than 2,000 snowdrop cultivars, with their success due in part to the deftness of Margaret's nimble fingers when it comes to propagation.

Gardens Illustrated Magazine Shared .

2020 Hop HarvestHop trellis, the front buckets are potatoes  This post is a little late , but welcome to the photos of our hop harvest!

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Hackney residents to vote for new Cassland Road Gardens nameHackney people are being invited to help rename a green space in their borough by voting for one of four shortlisted choices.

Hackney Gazette Shared .

Raised Garden Bed PlansAs I have said in other posts having a plan is very important. Plants don't like being crowded, they need adequate spacing so as to prevent diseases, and adequate spaced plants will thrive over crowded plants.

Pumpkinist Lora Shared .

Travelling to Taif-City of Roses in Saudi ArabiaWell I have not heard about the City of Roses until now. Apparently according to this article in, Taif, KSA is this city!

Date Palms & Camels Shared .

Tree PruningA line of trees running along one of the boundary fences of my plot. has long since been out of hand and in need of pruning, they are normal hedgerow plantings that have not been kept in check and have overgrown.

Green Side Up Shared .

Beer gardens to reopen from 12 April and indoor dining from 17 MayVaccine has ‘dramatically changed odds in our favour', prime minister says.

The Independent Shared .

When will beer gardens, pubs and nightclubs reopen?BORIS Johnson has unveiled his four-stage plan to lift coronavirus restrictions across the UK.

The Argus Shared .

The Dark Days of Winter are HereAs someone who loves winter, even I have my limits. By this time of year, I begin dreaming of spring flowers and summer breezes but those are still far enough off that I try to suppress those thoughts and focus on what needs to be done in the here and now, instead.

Empty Nest Homesteading Shared .

Pub beer gardens to open from April and Scotch egg law won't returnThe rule of six or a maximum of two households will apply, and customers will need to be seated when ordering food or drink.

Metro Shared .

Trellis launches online seminar dedicated to therapeutic gardeningTherapeutic gardening charity Trellis has launched a new seminar taking place online from the 8-12 March.

HortWeek Shared .

10 most Common Misconceptions about Blind FolkDisclaimer: Understand that I am speaking from my own personal “blind person” experience. I do not speak for or represent ALL blind people.

Rhubarb & Rubbish Shared .

NEW! Green Stalk LEAF Planter Vertical Container GardenThe greenstalk stackable gardening system is one of the best gardening products you can use and we unbox and review this product for you.

California Gardening Shared .

The water gardens of AnnevoieIt definitely felt like time to get out of Brussels last weekend. A static and at times dreary winter has taken its toll, and while it's still not possible to leave the country to travel abroad or back to the motherland, we can move around within Belgium.

The Nostalgic Gardener Shared .

Plant profile: Eomecon chionanthaEomecon chionantha, the snow poppy or dawn poppy, is an uncommon perennial plant from China, and the only species in the genus.

The Asian Garden U.K. Shared .

Boston FernThe Boston Fern is a wonderfully easy houseplant to care for. Keep the soil moist , and youll have a happy plant for a long time to come.

Mindful Foliage Shared .

New Book: Gardening for Bees, Butterflies and MoreA new step-by-step book from NC State faculty members helps gardeners design and maintain pollinator habitats.

College Of Agriculture And Life Sciences Shared .

Gardening: How to protect or heal trees damaged by snow Snow Trees Gardening Snow TreesThe deadly winter storms that have wreaked havoc across much of the U.S. can also damage trees and shrubs.

The Independent Shared .

All-Party Parliamentary Gardening and Horticulture Group returns with education focusThe APPGHG has been quiet in recent times but has announced it is running a.

HortWeek Shared .

Green Juice for Health and WellnessJuicing at least once per week will add beneficial nutrients to your 2021 diet. Your body and the planet will thank you.

Karma Compass Shared .

The Best Gardening Trend for 2021With everything going on across the globe, several people discover the comfort they can attain from gardening and adding green to their lives.

Euro Weekly News Spain Shared .

Planting Tomato Seeds on a Snowy DayThat’s why I am planting tomatoes from seed. Tomatoes are very versatile. Tomatoes can be eaten raw in salads, on sandwiches and just eaten right off the vine.

The Perpetual Homesteader Shared .

Marjie's instant gardenVolunteer Marjie shares her experience of using a cardboard mulching technique in her garden. Helena tells me that there are plans to develop another part of the garden using the sheet mulching method.

Ninewells Community Garden Shared .

Gardening UK: What can you plant in February? Potatoes, basil and moreGARDENING in the winter months may seem like a pointless task, especially with temperatures remaining so cold. Shared .

Your garden is a lifeline for struggling urban beesJust three gardens can produce enough food to fuel thousands of flying bees.

BBC Science Focus Magazine Shared .

Pioneering research reveals gardens are secret powerhouse for pollinatorsHome gardens are by far the biggest source of food for pollinating insects, including bees and wasps, in cities and towns, according to new research.

About Manchester Shared .

Cage Your Climbing RosesClimbing roses are much less work if you cage them. This is Rosa ‘Graham Thomas’.

Laidback Gardener Shared .

Dalkeith Guerrilla Gardeners to pick up Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society awardA voluntary group from Dalkeith will pick up a prestigious award from the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society, for tidying up the town.

Midlothian Advertiser Shared .

In a Vase on Monday: Measure for MeasureI was determined to have sprigs of my pink pussy willow, Salix gracilistyla Mount Aso, in a vase today, and ventured forth to find suitable accompaniments.

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February 22, 2021 How to Create an Artistic Garden, Enda St. Vincent Millay, Charles Walker Cathcart, A Child Sees Winter Aconite for the First Time, Today we celebrate an American lyrical poet and playwright who wrote some beautiful poems about flowers.

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Merryhatton gardening column: Growing acid-loving plantsCUSTOMERS are often concerned that acid-loving plants require lots of expertise to grow and look after.

East Lothian Courier Shared .

Gardeners and garden centres in NI facing uphill battleGRAEME COUSINS looks at the ongoing impact of Covid and Brexit on those helping Northern Ireland's gardens grow.

Belfast News Letter Shared .

Lavender and LoopsHello and welcome to episode nine! In this episode I'll be showing you my current knitting and sewing WIPS, finished and future projects too.

Lavender and Leeks Shared .

Wonderful and terrible orbs hide under the leaves.The music is by Mozart. Get details on the recording at. As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Pub gardens 'to reopen in mid-April' under plan to ease Covid lockdownBoris Johnson is set to outline his 'roadmap' towards the lifting of coronavirus lockdown restrictions in England later today.

Metro Shared .

Why urban gardens are crucial for conserving bees and butterfliesNew research suggests that residential gardens are the source of 85% of the nectar produced in towns and cities.

The Conversation Shared .

Landscaping and Gardening Services Market 2021 Global Industry Forecasts Analysis, Competitive Landscape and Key Regions AnalysisLandscaping and Gardening Services are services that involve the art and technology of landscape and garden project planning, construction and landscape management, and maintenance and gardening; for garden aesthetics, human enjoyment and safety, and ecosystem-plant community sustainability.

The Courier Shared .

Gardens in cities and towns biggest source of food for pollinating insects such as bees and waspsResidential gardens accounted for 85pc on average of nectar produced in urban areas.

The Telegraph Shared .

GROWING food INDOORSDo you dream of growing your own food but live in a small space with no garden?

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Unique Requirements of Wall Leaning Custom-made PergolasWe live in an era where you can customise a variety of things in the most affordable manner!

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Monday 2/22: Grow Your Own FoodThis week we are learning to live in solidarity with the poor in all things food-related.

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Heathers Literary Diarrhoea #72Where do you come from? 2 June 2020 In the newspaper this morning I read a review of a children’s book called Rocky and Louie.

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Could you feel spring in the air this sunny Sunday?Sunday, 21 February 2021 I woke early enough to watch the sunrise. It was - 20°C.

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The French AestheticPARIS, NEW YORK, ARLES, MASSACHUSETTS Travel has a way of influencing us in strange ways, specially when the culture, climate and colors are different from what you are used to in your daily routine.

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Akriti's Terrace Garden UpdateHello everyone! Remember, no one is born with a green thumb. Your experience will make you better in gardening.

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A bowl of GoosefootGoosefoot is a weed that has made its way into our hearts, garden and meals at Ligaya Garden.

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Where's the Pineapple?Just when we thought we were going to savor Spongebobs pineapple because it was riped already, someone else beat us to it!

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Harvesting Cold Hardy Kumquat Citrus And Making Kumquat TeaKumquats are a cold hardy ornamental citrus that can be grown in ground or in a pot.

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Mafia plants.I am working on an essay about some bad choices I’ve made in choosing men in the past.

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The UK's urban gardens are 'pivotal' nectar factories for bees, study revealsNew research finds town and city gardens produce for the vast majority of food for pollinators in urban areas. Shared .

Pub gardens and outdoor cafes set to reopen around April 12 to 19 as PM unveils roadmap to end Covid lockdownThe national stay-at-home order is to be scrapped as the Rule of Six returns in late March.

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Setting up our new no-dig vegetable gardenIt's on. The new 14 x 20 ft polytunnel was installed and five cubic metre bags of compost were delivered last week – representing the two biggest expenses of setting up the new no-dig vegetable garden.

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Can This Lavender Be Saved?It is the 11th of February and here in Central Texas we are bracing for a week of very cold weather.

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Snap, Concrete and PULL!Yo Dear Reader, we were promised rain and instead ended up with a very pleasant day, never thought I'd think so much about the weather, but when it comes to getting the garden ready to really means a lot, I'm still tackling the back, I had to hauled out block I threw in to sink it, big chunks of concrete covered blocks, one might be petrified...

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DaffodilsMy daffodils are starting to bloom! They are so pretty,... for a very short time.

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Planting by the Moon: Do Not Start Seeds Today!Check out the Farmers Almanac planting by the moon calendar This year I want to try planting by the moon cycle In Permaculture, the main premise is all about working with nature.

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New Crops 2021The ground is still covered with a white layer of snow in my backyard, but daylight times are getting longer, so I am ready to start some seed indoors. This year, I have found Richters™, a new-to-me seed and gardening company based in Ontario, Canada, which specializes in herbs, but also has a decent selection of veggies, flowers and...

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Dr Penny Wright: "This herb garden has given me fulfilment in a way work did"Dr Penny Wright, 65, founder of Burley in Wharfedales herb garden The year 2020 did not go the way anyone had planned, and for some this has been a blessing in disguise.

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Winter Sowing in FebruaryFebruary 20, 2021 02/20/21  Folks fond of numerology may find this sequence of interest.

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Our 2021 garden: making grow bagsOne thing about our internet being a problem is that were really learning what browsers and websites are data hogs of one type or another.

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Mary Jane Duford, Fiddle-Playing Gardening Blogger in British ColumbiaMary Jane is continuing the task of creating a productive landscape around her childhood home for her own children to enjoy and learn from.

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Pub Beer Gardens Set To Open Next MonthThe UK government is set to announce its 'roadmap' out of lockdown tomorrow.

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Shedwars21: How Do I Grow Peanuts Here In The UK 🥜 #growpeanutsuk21 🥜 With @AA Home GardeningShedwars21: #shedwars #TeamDownunder #growpeanutsuk21 I have been inspired to try and grow peanuts in the UK after watching @AA Home Gardening and my friend's over the pond have successfully grown them @BobMel simple living and @Midwest Gardener.

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Taking up terrace gardening for green futureA little space is enough to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers.

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How to Grow Huge Tomato Plants: The Harvest1: 2: 3: Simple Compost Tea: High End Compost Tea.

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Reawakening the Spirit of the PlaceI thought I would begin my series of posts on how our garden evolved by showing you a plan of the garden as it is now - so you will have an idea of which areas I am referring to - and then describing how my approach to looking after it has matured with time and experience.

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Your First Vegetable GardenSetting up your first vegetable garden can be a very challenging but rewarding activity, and you might need some help in getting yourself started.

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Amateur gardeners find green thumb at Sweetwater Organic Community FarmAs people are becoming increasingly health-conscious, many are creating home gardens and turning to Sweetwater Organic Community Farm for guidance on what to grow throughout the year.

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Snow coveredWe dont often get too much snow in the South of England, but we were lucky enough to experience some this year.

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Growing Pains&.Visitors&.& the "In Crowd"Good morning on this lovely, delicious Sunday morning. It might be rainy and a bit breezy, but its a good day.

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Celebrating one year in businessIts been one whole year since I formally commenced my garden design career and during that past 12 months I have had many different experiences in many different gardens.

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Mosquito nets not for gardening — Medical EntomologistMr Sydney Ageyomah Abilba, the Upper East Regional Medical Entomologist of the Ghana Health Service says Insecticides Treated Nets are not for gardening purposes, but intended to protect users against mosquito bites and malaria.

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Garden Plot  chapter 14Post Snowpacalypse: we have survived! As I posted in Chapter 13, I had planted some root veggies&.

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7 stylish and cheap homes with gardens for sale under £150k as desire for outdoor space increasesLawns, patios, floral borders, pergolas, super sheds and elevated decking can all be found in this price bracket.

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Chronicling Our First Year as AllotmentersJust over a year ago, we went full on middle age when we decided to take on an allotment.

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2021 Week 7: 19.5 milesMy word but February sucks. Absolutely nothing blogworthy happened this week. I mean, I ate 8 pancakes on Tuesday - and it made a lovely change to be one of the people sitting at the table fighting over the syrup, rather than the person churning them out at the stove.

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How to Choose the BEST Vegetables to Grow in Your GardenUsing our new and improved online Garden Planner as a guide, Ben explains how you can plan your garden and decide which vegetables are best for you in the area where you live.

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The QuiltMy “National Park Quilt” is done. One could call it the “Surviving Isolation Quilt, ” or the “Covid Crazy Quilt, ” or “I will not succumb to 2020 Quilt.” You get the point.

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Rats like raw onionsNow, I’m sure you are already aware that it can be dangerous and counter-productive to generalise from a single incident.

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Noel Kingsbury: How to make a bonfire that doubles as a spectacular natural firework displayGarden designer Noel Kingsbury on the joy of a good bonfire.

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A Choice of PathsCovid hasnt gifted us the best of years but, for me, it had one good outcome.

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Top tips for growing shallots from seasoned gardenersIsle of Wight County Press gardening writer Richard Wright pays homage to the shallot-growing skills of fellow seasoned gardeners.

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Rare Moonflower blooms for just 12 hours at Cambridge Botanical GardensThe flower, which only blooms between sunset and sunrise, has been watched every night for the last week.

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TryingYes, it has been. I had another go at making yogurt, with oat milk and it was a total failure.

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Growing GOOD Quality Vegetables OUT of Season!Self Sufficient Me is based on our small 3-acre property / homestead in SE Queensland Australia about 45kms north of Brisbane - the climate is subtropical.

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2021 Is the Year of the 17-Year Cicadas.Your Gardening Questions covers the gamut of gardening questions from our Plant Talk Radio listeners.

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Nature Schooling: ButterfliesNext weeks topic in the nursery is butterflies. As ever Im looking at the topic with Alice before the lessons in the nursery.

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Weekly Journal 2021  week 8This week Ive noticed that things are starting to recover from the bitter cold we had last week.

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Year of the Garden BeanEvery year, the National Garden Bureau, a non-profit organization promoting the pleasures of home gardening, selects one annual, one perennial, one vegetable, one shrub and one bulb to celebrate.

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MadelineThis is an apology to Galanthus &#; I recently publicly shamed you, nay, dissed you, for your non-appearance, I was wrong....

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Two Becomes One #shortfictionThey stopped the wheelchair to let him look along his arbour one last time, whispering in foggy ears for him to stir.

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Winter weatherIts certainly been an interesting few weeks weather wise. Its minus 3 C around here a fortnight ago and now its up to 15C!

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This Just Might Be The End:Hello friends! Waking to the early morning crash of possibly 1000kgs of snow sliding off the roof onto the deck terrace is a real eye-opener!

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To water or not to water?The rules for looking after houseplants can seem like cryptic riddles. But it all boils down to one thing: dont give them too much water, says James Wong.

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Alan Titchmarsh net worth: How much money does the celebrity gardener have in the bank?ALAN TITCHMARSH, 71, is an English gardener, broadcaster, TV presenter, and writer. He is best-known for appearing on numerous gardening shows and presenting his own programme, The Alan Titchmarsh Show. Shared .

New blooms to lift the gloomIts been dark, cold and frankly miserable, but now new signs of life are stirring.

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From skeletons to secret gardensArchaeology is now playing an increasingly important role in Birmingham in helping us to understand the history of the city and some of te the results can even be spotted from space.

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Graham Potter explains why managing Brighton in the Premier League is just like gardeningBrighton manager Graham Potter seeing the green shoots of his hard work as he prepares for clash with Roy Hodgson and Crystal Palace.

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GardeningCamouflage netting, webcams and a good pair of binoculars will give you a better chance of seeing wildlife close up, Hannah Stephenson discovers.

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Come and goneAnother weekend here and gone and another with my family. Loading our compost bucket up and trying to get that going will be interesting if we can get the bucket to work.

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Forget Winter and Spring is Coming!The snow is all gone now, and good riddance! I will never, ever be a winter person.

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February ProgressThe excitement in our house over every new sprout continues. I planted 4 pots of onions on February 7th and then added another pot on February 14th.

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12 Common houseplants I am currently in love withI have not done a plants post in a while so what better way to catch up than share some of my favorite plants?

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What's The Best Tool For Removing Weeds From The Garden?Hori Hori: Weeder: Favorite Garden Kelp Organic Seaweed Extract: Fish Emulsion: Favorite Gardening an Amazon affiliate I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you when you make a purchase from Amazon using any one of the links provided.

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Thoughts on Buying and Storing RadishesIt wont be long and the rather empty radish space on the store shelves we be full again.

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Lilies #8889ar, 8892ar, 8893ar And 8894arFebruary 20, 2021 Lilies, whose scientific name is Lilium, has more than one hundred gorgeous species in its family.

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Indoor gardening growing in popularityWarmer weather over the past few days hasn't been enough to turn the ground from snow to grass, but basic and experienced gardeners are finding ways to keep their thumbs green.

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2021 Garage Planting day 1Happy Saturday everyone! We hope your weekend is off to a good start. Last week I took some time planting radish seeds, beats, carrots, shallot sets, and some calendula here in USDA Zone 8b&.

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5757 degrees today and sunny. Woohoo! Still quite a bit of snow and ice on the ground, but it is melting nicely.

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Graham Potter recalls dad's gardening days as Brighton look upwardsBut they will bid to make it seven unbeaten in Monday's home game against derby rivals Crystal Palace and Potter used a gardening analogy to explain their turnaround.

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Winter Pruning Of Soft Fruit.This week in the garden we pruned the blueberries, the red, black, and white currents.

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Sunny SaturdayGorgeous and not so cold, by Wisconsin in February standards. I went out and dug into the snow and ice around my baby arborvitae "trees" and I think that they will pull through, despite the ham handed idiot who plows the apartment next door's driveway.

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InspirationI am so excited to get my seeds started. Last year was my first time having a garden or growing anything in general.

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Six on Saturday: Christmas Comes LateBack in December, I ordered three shrubs to add to the winter interest in the garden, including Camellia 'Yuletide', a replacement for a small potted specimen that had turned up its toes:Â two came within a few days, unlike Yuletide which did not arrive until this week.

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Geoff Lawton: Primary Nutrients for SoilPH means potential hydrogen. An acid is defined as any element that can donate hydrogen.

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The lockdown log 47A week on from my Covid vaccination and I am feeling fine. About 2 hours after the jab I got a headache that got progtressively worse and so, after another couple of hours, I took 2 x 500mg paracetamol.

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Budding junior gardeners invited to take up pocket garden challengeYOUNGSTERS across the north-east are being challenged to design their own mini-gardens as part of a new competition.

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Gardening: Seed summer annuals soon for setting out in springSoon it will be time to seed summer-blooming annual flowers to transplant later into the garden or yard.

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Gardening and FibromyalgiaGardening might be an activity that you’d consider to be out of the question if you live with fibromyalgia.

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The KSL Greenhouse Show shares beginner gardening tipsThere are many new gardeners as a result of the pandemic. Many have posed interest in growing their own food and utilizing it as a hobby for mental health benefits.

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Fastest and Easiest Food You Can Grow in an Indoor Vegetable GardenYou will learn the specific steps to set up an indoor garden even if you are a beginner that will empower you to grow your own food indoors.

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Hardy CyclamenGoodbye, Winter Temps in the sixties for most of next week, but the hardy Cyclamen are like Honey Badgersthey just dont care.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #135: A Glimpse into My World ~A Tale of Four Seasons in Two Places Spring: In my world, spring is the first season of the year.

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Walk Around the Winter GardenIn preparation for the blog post on K. Sawada, I took a field trip to a local Botanical Gardens.

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Six on Saturday 20th FebruaryI have felt like a different person this week and it’s all because the days are getting longer and warmer!

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Gardening with Dave Allan: We may be caught in winter's icy grip but we can sow salad indoorsResourceful gardeners can deal with any situation. When the ground's rock hard and blanketed by drifting snow, turn the windowsill into a garden for the next few weeks.

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Ask the Master Gardener: Resurgence in home gardening leads to demand on seedsThere may be a shortage of some varieties of seed this year, but there will be others from which to choose.

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Gardening with Allen: How to prune fruit treesI read that I should prune my fruit trees every year. Mine have not been pruned for several years.

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We get letters!Josh always gets questions; today, he's tackling two popular topics: soil amendment, and planting natives in your landscape.

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Lavender topiary, tomato wilt and more about Hydrangeas!Listen live every Saturday at 9am on Zoomer Radio.

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Growing herbs in isolationWe use all sorts of herbs and spices in our cooking and for teas. Ideally we grow our own or find them on our hikes.

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Scattering SeedsLeviticus 9:7-10:20Mark 4:26-5:20Psalm 37:30-40Proverb 10:4-7 26He also said, This is what the kingdom of God is like.

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Longing for Spring and for Renewal  book reviewsSnowy weather turns my thoughts  and our reading  to seeds and growth and Spring, and the families we want to share it with.

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In the Bleak Midwinter&'Go for a walk and see how much food there isn't....' Recipes for Resilience, page 42 Imbolc at the beginning of February may have heralded the inexorable rise of Spring, but it was immediately followed by a spell of savage cold.

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In the weeks to come, Master Gardeners plan to educate on pollinators, drought, fungi and beesFor more information on these programs and the Master Gardening classes, contact Shannon Bielicke at the Johnson County Extension Office.

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Lockdown Lessons in ObservationSome time ago, when I was recovering from one of my episodes of depression, my children nicknamed our garden “Mum’s Therapy”.

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