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GARDENING: Trees and shrubs for all weathers OUR trees and shrubs deal with some pretty variable conditions; the prolonged dry periods that seem to characterise earlier summer months, before we move to intense bursts of heavy rain consistently deluging the soil for several days.

10 small garden planting ideas that really work Notify me of new posts by email. Please answer the sum below… + 63 = 65. The Middlesized Garden is a participant in the Amazon Associates LLC, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

My New Favorite Pepper: Violet Sparkle As most of my friends know, I like my peppers sweet and my tomatoes sweeter! I don't eat hot or spicy peppers…ever! The sweetest pepper I have eaten up to this point was the Patio Red Marconi, a small golf ball-sized red pepper. I was only able to grow it one year and then couldn' find the seed anywhere.

In shocking news, Andrew Luck intends to retire from Colts Fantasy football owners everywhere are mouth agape upon hearing the news that Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck intends to retire from the NFL at 29 years old. Roster him in all leagues until the dust has settled. He's still worth stashing in dynasty leagues, because it isn't out of the question that he returns after a year off.

DIY Hanging Planter Indoor plants make all the difference in decorating a home. Studies show they clean the air, reduce stress, improve concentration and productivity, and just enrich overall well-being and mood. Plus, adding something organic to your decor breaks up hard lines and adds interest.

Elements of gardening: sun Can you believe that summer is halfway over? As I woke up to a thick, gray marine layer over the skies of Hoquiam this morning, creating an autumn vibe already, I realized that I hadn't seen much of the sun this summer.

Summer Fun Somehow I blinked and in a week it will be September! I was looking at a lot of my pictures, and I have a slough of random photos I thought I'd plop into one post. Consider this August Memories:. We attended our first ever wedding of a sweet girl we watched grow up, and whose parents are our very dearest friends!!

Hardy Cyclamen I’ve never had much success with Cyclamens in the garden. Several times I have enthusiastically planted miniature Cyclamen in the late autumn in the hope of creating some winter colour but th…

Canned Salsa Verde In other blog posts, I have shared how to make some fresh tomatillo salsa and how to use them in delicious pork chili verde. This recipe today, salsa verde, is the original reason I grew tomatillos. I wanted to make a tangy green salsa to enjoy all year.

In the Garden: Tips to make gardening easier as we get older I hate to say this, but I'm not getting any younger. And chances are I've got plenty of company. As we gardeners age, our favorite pastime can start to feel overwhelming. While my love for gardening hasn't waned over the years, I'm looking for ways to make certain aspects of it easier and less time-consuming.

Keep Calm and Carry On These are not conditions a rose enthusiast wants to see in the garden. They're all forms of fungal disease and, unfortunately, my roses were hit this year. I'd like to say that the first thing I did after discovering there was a problem was to identify the source and fix it.

Jealous of my Love for the Mum. You know it's fall when you see Chrysanthemums at the garden store! My love affair with mums goes back almost as far as the one I have with my husband! At our first house, in Buffalo, New York, we rejuvenated our front garden bed by cutting down overgrown spirea and boarding the bed with yellow mums.

Garden camera snaps Today I sold my lovely Juke in readiness for the arrival of my company car. I meant to take a photo of it before I drove it off for the last time, but sob* I forgot! The photo above was taken three years ago when I brought it home for the first time. I had to trawl through Facebook to find it!

Blessings just hanging around the yard This last couple of weeks has been full of all kinds of small back yard blessings. Last post you saw a picture of the plum cake I made, but I didn't talk too much about the tree and how much I had to baby it along so the plums would grow. Most fell off but I got a good bowlful, which was enough as I don't have time for canning this year.

Gardening: Plant a few edible and decorative containers for fall End the growing season with an extra burst of color and nutrition with a few fall containers. A pot of mums or asters can add color to your front steps and a container filled with kale and greens adds fresh flavor to your fall meals. But don't stop there.

Gardening: Rules of thumb for Lowcountry gardeners Rules of thumb are useful guidelines for making things work most of the time. They are useful even for perfectionist gardeners like me. Most of the following rules of thumb come from my 25 years gardening in the Lowcountry. Transplant before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.

A to Z of TV Gardening TV Guide, UK's No 1 TV guide showing your TV listings in an easy to read grid format, Visit us to check TV News, Freeview TV listings, Sky TV, Virgin TV, History, Discovery, TLC, BBC, and more.

Communing With Houseplants I had a pot that was too tall, so I cut it, cut the top and stuck it back on lower as a neater edge and duct taped the whole thing. You never look at the pot anyway. I have so many bowls and mugs just stored and unused. Now they find a use. Saved from suckers, again, I swear I'll beat them eventually…or manage them at the least.

A bouquet a day. "The earth laughs in flowers." Ralph Waldo Emerson. A little over two months ago I started collecting flowers from my garden. If you are from Phoenix and live here during our summer months, then you know that flowers are pretty rare when it gets hot here.

Bankenveld Branch: Trees, Shrubs & Groundcovers Walk On 18 May the BotSoc Bankenveld Branch hosted a walk and talk giving members a chance to learn more about the trees, shrubs and groundcovers of Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden. Top and Ab…

SoS: Fruit and Veg While I have taken a rest from writing about my garden and gardening in general due to visitors, my plants have laboured on left to the mercy under the watchful eye of the OH. The abundance of sea mist offered no compensation for the much-needed rain to deep water the shrubs and plants.

Permaculture design companion So I was just having a look at my sorely neglected page, and my 'about' section, and realised I've written about wanting to create a Permaculture garden. This is still a goal, and we've actually been to the last three Scottish Permaculture gatherings which always get me inspired.

Six on Saturday - 24/8/2019 It's still only 7:30 and I've been out taking pictures in the garden. I usually have it all wrapped up by Friday but I was busy building a new shed instead and nothing may come between a man and his shed.

Farmer Esther Over the years, I have attempted to have a garden. Any kind of garden. Vegetables, containers, cactus, you name it, I've tried it. Unfortunately, my thumb was not so green. I always wanted to be my grandmother. She had the most beautiful garden. Full of flowers, plants, trees, shrubs, and vegetables.

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