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Gardening: Good for You, Good for the Environment If you're a seasoned gardener, you've probably already planted some seedlings indoors. The Farmer's Almanac says you should start your plants indoors six weeks before the last spring frost, which in this area, is historically about April 25. If you're new to gardening, spring is a great time to get started, and the benefits are plentiful.

Peeping Peppers Earlier in the year, we decided to save some seeds from two organic peppers, a yellow bell and a red bell, we picked up at the grocery store. Didn't think much of it at the time, but one of the things that's been in the backs of our minds concerning our stash of pepper seeds is that maybe many of them aren't viable.

Protect Yourself With These Stylish Gardening Gloves for Women Below, we've rounded up the best gardening gloves for women to keep you safe and stylish. Our mission at SheKnows is to empower and inspire women, and we only feature products we think you'll love as much as we do.

The Odd Bits: Crispy Chicken Feet These past few weeks have been so perfectly beautiful - clear as a bell and full to the brim with flowers and the unfolding of fresh green leaves, ready to meet the sunshine.

Four easy gardening activities for kids in April You don't need to have greenfingers to be able to enjoy gardening with your children. It's a wonderful way to spend time together that will also give you a more colourful and productive garden. We may be stuck at home but the weather is sunny and it's spring.

Top gardening jobs for April Spring is here and it's time to get busy so your garden looks beautiful this summer. With the extra time on our hands, your garden will be the best it's ever been.

Five reasons why gardening is extremely beneficial by Tara Bradbury, Notre Dame School Since everyone has found themselves with a lot of time on their hands, gardening can be a great activity to undertake during the lockdown. Although a possible daunting activity, there are many ways that gardening is beneficial to both your mental and physical health.

Gardening is a relaxing way to relieve stress during the pandemic Don't let the COVID-19 Pandemic distract you from the upcoming growing season. Many gardeners are already getting into the action. Kim Santolla, who owns Kimberly's Greenhouse in Tazewell, said gardening is a stress reducing and relaxing way to get your mind off the pandemic.

Garden Plants Started for Spring We are now halfway through our third week of self isolating to keep my at risk husband free of COVID19. We started this when he got out of the hospital after his second stroke March 20. We have been blessed by rapid recovery for him and lovely weather.

Pottering Around the Garden & Attempting to Sow Seeds I can see the garden every day now whilst I am working in the conservatory, so I popped out there at lunchtime today and trimmed a bit more of the hedge. I then decided to plant some seeds that I bought recently. I've been keeping back some plastic food trays for this very purpose.

End of Month View: a Visual First For the first time, as well as the usual photographs showing the main parts of the garden at the end of the month, I am including a link to a video ramble. For me, the EOMV posts are a useful record of the garden from month to month and from year to year and I often refer back to them to check when what might flowering at certain times.

"March"…ing on As March draws to an end I reflect on the month… never in my wildest nightmares could I have imagined what we are now experiencing, but lets, for now, go back to the beginning of the month. My diary for March started with a 4-day project in a Mid-Wales school painting a mural with years 5 and 6.

Day 15 - Gardens I just got word my job is closed until April 14th. Not surprising but I guess deep down I was hoping. Not knowing when a check is coming is stressful. Good thing I have drawing and math as a distraction. Teaching yourself Precalculus isn't the easiest thing in the world but I am trying to manage.

Windowsill Gardening: Alleviate your self isolation boredom Ideas for gardening with kids and growing food at home with limited space.

A triumph of life Well, we come to the end of an extra-ordinary month. And whilst we've been trapped in our homes, nature has been busily getting on with what it normally does all around. This has provided some wry amusement. For example, one pigeon showed me the itinerary of its menu round the garden.

This week: foxes and vinegar, BCG jabs, and red squirrels My hands smell of malt vinegar. No, it's not an attempt to keep coronavirus at bay. I've planted some onions in a grow bag and I want to keep the foxes away from it. Whether it's true that foxes don't like vinegar I don't know. I've rubbed the outside of the bag with vinegar and put vinegar soaked tissue plugs in the soil.

Golf, Guns, and Gardening Supplies: Here Are Some of the 'Essential' Businesses States Are Allowing to Stay Open Arizona's not letting coronavirus get in the way of a round of golf.

March 2020 Okay, Month 2 of keeping up with updates… This one is pretty wordy, and I might just add in some photos at the very end. TOMATOES: I originally was going to super-scale back how many tomatoes I tried to grow this year, but I couldn't help it. Here is what I have sowed already, and If I can fit more containers into my garden plan,.

Ronda Rousey Starts Gardening Show Amid Coronavirus Self-Quarantine Former UFC star Ronda Rousey provided a glimpse into her life on her farm, Browsey Acres, with a recent video on Instagram that showed she is beyond prepared for self-quarantine. Now she is providing even more access with a newly-launched gardening show.

How to spend some quality time in quarantine? In this time it is very important to stay healthy and in a good shape. We can take the time each day to devote ourselves to our physical health. 45 minutes means nothing to us, but it is very important for our body. On the Internet you can find many interesting and effective trainings for which you do not need any special equipment.

These Protective Gardening Gloves for Kids Will Give You Peace of Mind Encourage your little one to stay safe while enjoying a new hobby with these best gardening gloves for kids on Amazon.

Oregon State University - Vegetable Gardening Online Course - Free Until the End of April 2020 For those who are interested in growing your own food, Oregon State University is graciously offering its "Vegetable Gardening" Online Course FREE until the end of April 2020 to anyone who wants to learn. It is an "on demand" online class that can be accessed anytime and it takes 4-6 hours to complete.

What's new in our garden - March 2020 The first half of March continued February's dull, dreary and dismal weather, with generous helpings of rain and gale-force winds. But the weather finally relented in the middle of the month, and we had a whole week of real spring sunshine.

Slimbridge Gardening Club to host virtual spring flower show NOW that public gatherings are forbidden, the annual Slimbridge Gardening Club Spring Show has been cancelled. But with the country under lockdown, the joy of gardening has become more important than ever. This simple pleasure allows those lucky enough to have gardens to get outside and engage with nature and enjoy some fresh air and exercise.

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