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Some Geocaching Background Info! After browsing and watching roughly 15 videos on Youtube about the do's and don't's of geocaching, I felt I was ready enough to go for my first geocache outing. Here's a little info about geocaching that I have found helpful: - It's like a world-wide scavenger hunt.

Sandstone Pillars of Zhangjiajie - 砂岩支柱张家界 - Geocache of the Week EarthCache GC6524H by Joskaranch Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 3 Location: Zhangjiajie, China N 29° 22.776 E 110° 27.395 This edition of Geocache of the Week takes us deep into the Zhangjiajie National Fo…

Geocachevoornemens voor 2020 We zijn twee weken in 2020 en we denken dat het jaar goed gestart is! Wat zijn jouw geocachevoornemens voor het nieuwe jaar? Bedenk je eigen voornemens of vink ze af van onze lijst!

Geocaching: Before and After edition It’s hard to remember a time before geocaching. After geocaching comes into your life, things around you can change. You may look at a common household item as a TOTT or a uniqu…

2020 Geocaching Resolutions It’s already two weeks into 2020 and we think the year is off to a great start! Do you make resolutions? Get inspired with 10 geocaching resolutions for the New Year. Make your own, or check…

Beginners Geocaching Challenge at Ocean County Park in Lakewood Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt. It's a great way to get outdoors and exercise the gray matter. Adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices search for hidden containers, called geocaches. Geocaching also involves an online community where information is shared and members develop a strong sense of community and support for the environment.

Saturday Geocaching I found "Dead Governors": GC2DA0. This is my 22nd find and it's a multi-cache in Salem, Oregon, so believe it or not I found this one before and I know exactly where to look.

Geocaching: Vorher und Nachher Edition Es ist schwer, sich die Zeit vor Geocaching vorzustellen. Nachdem Geocaching in Dein Leben getreten ist, können sich die Dinge in deinem Umfeld ändern. Vielleicht betrachtest Du einen normalen Haus…

Sterturen A few days into the New Year and there are reports of crocuses and even chanterelles being found in the wild. Yesterday it was 9 °C and not a sign of snow anywhere. Global warming? Who knows? A geocaching opportunity turned up that I was quick to grab.

Villanow, Georgia I headed north this morning through the Chattahoochee National Forest to capture some new Geocaches in Villanow, Georgia.The caches were located at the Villanow Community Center.

ACIDIC LAKE! - Geocache of the Week EarthCache GC2WB4N by walterhellmut Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 4 Location: Danakil, Ethiopia N 14° 14.296 E 040° 17.946 The Dallol area of the Danakil desert in Northeast Ethiopia presents a massive na…

Geocaching in 2019: A year in review 2019 was a great year in the world of geocaching. There were many laughs, plenty of new geocaches hidden, and a lot of "Found it" logs. As we start the new year, it's fun to reflect on many of the amazing things that happened in 2019. Here are 19 geo-stats from the past year.

Vertel ons je ideeën voor 2020 Het zijn een inspirerende, opwindende en veelbewogen twee decennia geocaching geweest! Vanaf de allereerste dag hebben we altijd onze innerlijke missie gevolgd: het inspireren en mogelijk maken van avontuur, ontdekkingen en gemeenschap. Of anders gezegd, Geocaching HQ is er ten behoeve van jullie, onze gemeenschap.

Dead Snake from Geocaching This is a video from a couple of years back on Easter Sunday, it was me scoring my 300th Geocache from a previous account that I had with This is a four part video from that day at…

January 4 : Staines-upon-Thames I had requested a route with “not too much mud” for our first caching trip of 2020. I was going off mud after our last few caching trips… Mr Hg137 came up…

Gear up for Geocaching 20th Anniversary Celebration Merchandise packages for the Geocaching 20th Anniversary Celebration on August 15 in Seattle and ticketing for the Geocaching HQ Visitor Center and HQ cache are now available! Celebrate 20 years in style with one of three packages bursting with the coolest SWAG::.

Geocaching Guidebook to Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley Want to ensure you are able to get a softcover or e-book copy of the Geocaching Guidebook to Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley before you head to the Pacific Northwest? Get yourself on the pre-order list using this simple form, and you'll be contacted as soon as the book is ready for order!

December 31 : Caches of the year 2019 Its a been a year of varied caching and caches. We re-walked the South Downs Way from Winchester to Eastbourne, and cached along it this time, we found caches close to home and further afield, attended events near and far, and cached in London, the Isle of Wight, Warrington, Derbyshire and Leicester, among many others.

How did you do this year? Check your stats with Project-GC Project-GC aims to enhance geocaching experiences by providing advanced tools and statistics. As an authorized API Partner, Project-GC does not require a separate account, simply log in using your credentials. Once logged in, you have access to personalized statistics, challenge checkers, and more.

December 31 : Sulham…including a First-to-Find and our 3000th cache! Our previous caching trip had left us on 2996 caching finds, and we were wondering where to cache to claim our 3000th find before the year was out. As we mused, some days previously, we noticed a brand new series published in the area of Sulham just West of Reading.

Utah in 2019 I used to do these every year, but lately I just forgot about the blog, and the numbers. My caching habits have changed to caching in the hills on trips. That was cut down a but this year with remodels, and repairs to the yard after the city tore it up and walked away from it.

MSPCGT: It's a Centennial Wrap! Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: Baseline, geocoin, geotour, Irish Hills, Michigan, MSPCGT, pathtag, souvenir, trabejo rustico, Virtuals Simple theme. Theme images by konradlew. Powered by Blogger.

Geocaching: Join the Club - The Geocaching Junkie You might have noticed that I haven't published anything here since August. The truth is, having a demanding full-time job, on top of being mummy to an even more demanding toddler means that I have little time to write anymore, and even less time to go geocaching.

December 28 : Tilford Lunch over, we set out on our return leg, looping to the north of our outward route. One of our first tasks was to cross the River Wey at another ford and it was here that we hoped to find the multicache container. Alas, we failed, undone by bottomless, slippy mud; we have since found out that the cache coordinates are approx.

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