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Leap Day programs include snowshoeing, hiking, geocaching, and more Plenty of activity at state and regional parks.

A Recap: Interviews with cache owners in 2019 In 2019, we interviewed several creative cache owners to learn their secrets, seek their advice, and take a peek at their most beloved caches. We saw spy-like briefcases, intricate electrical wiring, 3D printed puzzle caches, a new take on CITO, and some of the most Favorited caches in the world.

Geocaching: The next obsession, you didn't know you needed. During early spring of 2016, I was reading a book called Five, by Ursula Archer. In this book, a detective was hunting down a serial killer who placed coordinates on the victim's bodies. Someone in the police department claimed it was a Geocache. I had never heard of it before, so I assumed it was something made up for the story.

Gnome Place Like Home - Geocache of the Week Traditional GC186MN by Yettay Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.5 Location: Florida, United States N 29° 14.720′ W 081° 02.171′ Gnomes are a common sight in many a garden or front yard, but ha…

Request a free trackable and show your Total Turtle Power! The legendary half-shell heroes have emerged from the sewers in Nickelodeon's Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the latest mutation in their ever-evolving story.

Vraag een gratis trackable op en toon jouw Total Turtle Power! De legendarische helden-in-de-dop zijn, in hun meest recente mutatie, uit de riolering tevoorschijn gekomen in Nickelodeon's Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Geocaching And Hiking Fort Stanton, New Mexico Location: Fort Stanton, New Mexico. Altitude: 6220′ Coordinates: 33.495914°N, - 105.5230362°W. A bright blue sky and a warm day. I want to go somewhere, hike and find geocaches. The Sacramento Mountains are turning into a muddy mush. Geocaching is postponed there until the snow melts.

Practical Geocaching Maintenance Kit A mini maintenance kit from Practical Geocaching, their path tag, and a very nice personalized letter. Theme images by konradlew. Powered by Blogger.

Geocaching class brings a worldwide activity to South Central Kentucky - Think of it as a high-tech scavenger hunt. Geocaching is a world-wide activity but you may not think of South Central Kentucky as a place to look for hidden "treasures." Lost River Cave periodically hosts geocaching classes to teach attendees about finding hidden objects using satellite coordinates.

February 21 : I spot some… cachers They went on their way, but I caught up with them at their next cache, and took their picture, with their permission, as they signed the log at their next cache. And - a bonus for us - they went on to find our own cache, Berry Bank Cache!

Extreme Maintainers: Geocaching Edition Any cache owner knows that owning a cache requires a lot of maintenance. This might include carrying a maintenance kit when going caching, having a regular "cache maintenance schedule," or something totally unique to you! We asked geocachers how they go above and beyond for cache maintenance.

New country souvenir, Vatican City, with Geocache of the Week: AGT 40: VATICAN OBELISK Today, we release a new country / regional souvenir for Vatican City. If you have found a geocache in Vatican City, you automatically receive the souvenir on your profile. Situated within Italy's capital city of Rome, Vatican City is a microstate with a massive history.

A Cow in the Mailbox - 2/19/20 Longtime readers may remember that I have always had a soft spot for anything to do with cows. So you can imagine my delight when today's mail held a surprise package containing a precious little stuffed cow like the one below. It's a great companion to my not-quite-life-sized one I got for Christmas a few years back.

New: Search for geocaches by date placed With new geocaches published daily you need better ways to filter the ones that matter to you. If you are in the process of completing the Jasmer challenge or want to find an Event on May 2nd, this new feature is for you. With the new search by date filters on, it is easy to find the caches you care most about.

Nieuw: zoek naar geocaches op de datum dat ze geplaatst zijn Met nieuwe geocaches die iedere dag gepubliceerd worden, heb je betere manieren nodig om degenen die er voor jou te doen eruit te filteren. Als je bezig bent met het compleet maken van je Jasmer challenge of een event op 2 mei wilt vinden, is deze nieuwe functie iets voor jou.

Cache In Trash Out announcement for 2020 Earth is a tiny blue dot suspended in the vastness of space. It is home to liquid water, breathable atmosphere, abundant flora and fauna, and the only geocaching community in the universe. Since we live on the only planet-so far!⁠-with geocaches, geocachers understand how important it is to protect it.

Dog Show! - 2/13/20 I remember a time when my kids were little that a highlight of the year was the chance to watch the two nights of coverage of the annual Westminster dog show on TV. Just the words "Dog Show!" were enough to get us all excited.

Cache and Release - Geocache of the Week "Cache and Release" is a dynamic D4/T2.5 Mystery Cache with many fun layers. Published just outside of Richmond, Virginia, this Geocache of the Week will surprise and delight any cacher who stumbles upon it.

Souvenir voor Leap Day 2020 Stel je voor dat er een extra dag in het jaar zat om te gaan geocachen. Nou, dit jaar is dat zo! Begin met het plannen van je uitje om het Leap Day 2020 souvenir te krijgen door het vinden van een cache, Adventure Lab* of bijwonen van een event op zaterdag 29 februari.

The most Favorited geocaches in the world There are many reasons why geocachers award Favorite points to geocaches. Sometimes it's the stunning view at the geocache. Other times it's the unique container that makes your jaw drop. Whatever the reason, favorite points are a great way for geocachers to reward extra special hides.

A couple of cache hiders: an interview with BrettandBekah BrettandBekah are a geocaching power couple hailing from Richmond, Virginia. If you look for geocaching content on Instagram you may have stumbled upon their fun-loving page. They are loud and proud cache owners, often sharing their creativity and inspiring others to search for their unique cache containers and to create their own.

New Community Event Notifications BigTom posted on Facebook a reminder to setup a geocache notification if you'd like an email each time one of those special Community Events are published. You can do this for new cache publications, too, in the Notifications Center. This feature is for Premium members only.

February 8 : Ascot Storm Ciara was imminent, but we reckoned we just had time for a short morning caching trip before the wind and rain arrived. There were a few caches near the racecourse at A…

"Try this instead!" 5 Ways to Geocache and Travel on a Budget There is so much beauty in this world, especially in the simple things. Use these 5 tips to delight in the little joys of life or to save up for that big trip abroad. Whatever you choose, geocaching will always be a game that allows you to become an explorer wherever you go-even on a budget.

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