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A farm of scorched forest - Wildbore cache no.7 Number 7 in the Wildbore geocache series is on No. 1 Line on the eastern side of the Pohangina Valley. It was on No. 1 Line that Charles E. Wildbore took one of his earliest surviving landscape photographs, in 1896. The photograph starkly captures the brutal transformation of the landscape by fire.

VIDEO: Geocaching attracted adventure seekers to new Langley City event Twenty families came out this weekend for the first-ever Langley Family Treasure Hunt. The joint venture between the City of Langley, Langley Pos-Abilities, and the Brookswood Seniors Centre took adventure seekers on a bit of an art tour and nature hike in the downtown core Sunday afternoon.

Request a Treasure X trackable and be a part of a treasure hunt like no other X marks the spot for a hunt like no other! This summer, search for REAL Gold dipped treasure with one of the Treasure X heroes. Goldcrown, Gold-Fin, Goldblade, or Pharaoh Loot Loot trackables are ready for their treasure hunts, but they need your help to get started!

Vergissmeinnicht - Geocache of the Week Cache owners are the cornerstone of geocaching and many of them spend a lot of time, energy, and money to create memorable caches for the geocaching community. Some cache owners may even rent an entire house and turn it into a Multi-Cache which everyone who visits it will never forget.

The world wide search for Hidden Creatures continues Once said to be folklore and myth, the legends of the desert have proven to be more than a mirage. While geocaching through a landscape of sand, harsh sunlight, and tumbleweed, you will have to look sharp to find evidence of the creatures in the desert.

The Sports Archives - Airsoft, Geocaching And Other Outdoor Activities To Help You Stay Fit Let's be real; no one likes to exercise day in and day out! It gets boring to follow the same routine and the gym is not exactly a fun place to be all day long. But healthy, fit people don't stay like that because of their gym subscription! They keep in shape because they find fun activities that keep them moving and enjoying life!

Rolex watch lost 20 years ago recovered by geocacher This guest post is written by Southern California geocacher, snowyisland. One sunny Saturday in Southern California, geocacher snowyisland went on a moderate hike to get some fresh air and log a few caches. In addition to the geocaches, she found one incredible piece of SWAG; a Rolex watch, twenty years after it was lost by the original owner.

The Reality of Augmented Reality Last month Geocaching HQ announced that they are experimenting with augmented reality caches for a limited window. Each cache has the same disclaimer: This cache is part of an experiment that allows the use of Augmented Reality apps to find the cache.

The school that moved: Wildbore geocache no. 1 In 1977, an entire school house moved from its existing location on a country road in the shadow of the Ruahine Range in the Manawatu to the main street of Palmerston North City, nearly 30 kilometres away. To be fair, it was just a one-room school house, one of just over 40 square metres.

Discover the creatures of the oceans Centuries of exploring uncharted waters resulted in legends describing fantastic creatures, almost too strange to be true. Though the ocean may be vast, there's still time to search for the giant Kraken, the elusive Hippocamp, and the mysterious Mermaid.

Houma Travel GeoTour The Houma Travel GeoTour is Louisiana's first and ONLY official GeoTour and takes geocachers on a journey to 55 geocaches with unique culture, delicious Cajun cuisine, outdoor adventures, and amazing festivals, while enjoying the joie de vivre or 'love for life' that's ingrained in every aspect of Louisiana culture.

World Turtle is in the Bag! Geocaching adventures in the Great Lakes. I can't think of a more glorious way to spend a day then to put on my red Wellies and my yellow rain slicker, toss my pack on my back, slip a camera in my pocket, and head off to parts unknown. Unless, of course, you add some family and friends to the mix!

Washington D.C. Part 2: U.S. Capitol & the National Mall After unexpectedly spending an entire day at the Smithsonian National Zoo, we had one full day remaining in D.C. and lots left to do and see! We had one appointment set for the day and that was a tour of the Capitol Building. We started the day with three great geocaches on our way to the metro station.

Geocaching For Beginners News - July 1st Fakenham Go-Go Treasure Trail. We are pleased to announce that will be involved in the Fakenham Go-Go Treasure Trail. We will be placing Geocaches around Fakenham as part of the trail, it is hoped that people would come to Fakenham and take part in this trail.

Preparing my GeoCache Boxes The history books show that you don't have much time before the Earth is consumed by your sun. I am trying to help, because when I come from - you guys don't make it. I think I will hide these boxes in areas in the Mid-Atlantic states to the Northeastern United States.

Stepping Into Michigan Central Station Attending a Belle Isle event shortly after I started caching, everyone was talking about a new geocache at Michigan Central Station. Heading to Detroit's Corktown neighborhood, I was excited but anxious that I might miss whatever this ruin was. Little did I know that, well, you really can't miss it.

Geocachers make history at Geowoodstock 2018 History was made on May 26, 2018 when the state of Ohio hosted the first Giga-Event in the United States! With a Giga this "close" to home, quite a few HQ staffers wanted to join in on the fun! Learn more about the event from four lackeys who traveled to GeoWoodstock XVI to experience the Americas' first Giga-Event firsthand!

Seeking Hidden Creatures TaGeez and I are off to a good start - seeking out caches for the Hidden Creatures summer challenge! Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Simple theme. Theme images by konradlew. Powered by Blogger. I just brought my profile back to life and I am ready to explore the world. Think I will find some more caches, and hide some for others to find. My ancestors and previous Earth Watchers did that in the past. They hid new technology on Earth.

How Geocaching Is Literally Saving Our Summer Geocaching has been the perfect way to get my three boys outside, and it is entertaining for the entire family. My husband and I have even gotten into it, and I know many other adults have as well. Many enjoy hiding their own caches and sending the coordinates in to the website.

Still here - Juneathon 2018, Day 27 It was one of those mornings when even the campsite daisies were too tall to lift my legs up and over. It was hot again today. The Old Trout and I went in search of shade and some more geocaches. I'm afraid that I need more sleep than I've been getting in the campsite.

Local Landmarks #1: The little Mermaid -Geocache of the Week Thirteen legendary Hidden Creatures have been recently spotted around the world. It's been said they only appear in their respective habitats. Reports are pouring in from Copenhagen, Denmark, when one of the friendliest Hidden Creatures, the mermaid, breached the water's surface to say hello near a famous landmark in her image.

2,000th cache - Juneathon 2018, Day 26 Enter your email address to follow Methalda and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 62 other followers. I did it! Today I found my 2,000th geocache. We chose this one purposefully as swimming was involved. It also had a terrain rating of 5.

10 caches - Juneathon 2018, Day 25 Geocaching is a hobby that indulges those of us who enjoy statistics. Yes, we find little plastic boxes hidden all over the country.

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