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2020 Geocaching HQ souvenirmomenten Twee hele decennia geocaching?! Wow, de tijd vliegt echt als je plezier hebt. De aankondiging van de 2020 Anniversary Celebration is nog maar het begin! Er zijn al meer dan 20 mogelijkheden om volgend jaar nieuwe souvenirs te verdienen, met de eerste mogelijkheid op 1 januari 2020!

2020 Geocaching HQ souvenir moments Two whole decades of geocaching?! Wow, time sure does fly when you're having fun. The announcement of the 2020 Anniversary Celebration is only just the beginning! There are already over 20 opportunities to earn new souvenirs next year, with the first opportunity on January 1, 2020!

SWAG to leave in geocaches Have you ever found a geocache after a long search only to open it and find less than ideal SWAG ? We've all been there. While some caches host trackables or unique SWAG items, some geocaches aren't so lucky. The etiquette around geocaching SWAG is simple.

GIFF 2019 in review and upcoming intermission Screens have faded to black, curtains have been closed, and film projectors have cooled down. As the smell of popcorn lingers now only as a memory, GIFF 2019 has officially concluded. This past November, over 17,000 geocachers attended Geocaching International Film Festival events.

Geocaching Holiday Gift Guide This holiday season we've got you covered when it comes to getting presents for your geocaching buddies. Our Holiday Gift Guide is a list of ten thoughtful gifts, available in our online shop and from our international retailers, that will be sure to delight newbies and seasoned geocachers alike.

7. Türchen Bist Du heute mal eher Stubenhocker als Outdoor-Abenteurer? Kein Problem, kuschel Dich auf die Couch und schau Dir die Finalisten des Geocaching International Film Festivals 2019 an. Hier ansehen.

Let the Celebrations Begin!! The year after I started geocaching held the celebrations for the 10th anniversary of geocaching. Well HQ has announced the celebrations for 2020. It has been 20 years, and it is time.

The Argo - Geocache of the Week 'Jason and the Argonauts' is one of the most enduring tales out of the Greek Pantheon. Jason, an archetypal hero and favorite of the goddess Athena, commissioned a ship from the master shipbuilder, Argo. On this ship, Jason and his crew survived many grand adventures.

4. Türchen Community Celebration Events Wir laden alle qualifizierten Cacher ein, sich für die Chance zu registrieren, ein Community Celebration Event zu veranstalten. Bewirb Dich.

How To Create A Memorable Earthcache, And Get It Published Creating an Earthcache can be daunting, and frustrating. A few seem to fly to publication quickly, while other drag along for months. I know of one that it a year old that is still in the process of getting listed, but I will toss more light on that in a bit.

Vier 20 jaar geocaching tijdens Community Celebration-events Geocachen is wat jullie ervan gemaakt hebben. Terwijl we het 20ste jaar van geocaching in gaan, willen we vieren wat het belangrijkste is: dit door de gemeenschap gedreven spel. Vanaf vandaag kunnen geocachers die in aanmerking komen zich aanmelden om een Community Celebration-event te organiseren in 2020.

Feiere 20 Jahre Geocaching mit Community-Celebration-Events Geocaching ist das, was Du daraus machst. In unserem 20. Jahr Geocaching, wollen wir das Wichtigste Feiern: die Community, die das Spiel möglich macht! Ab heute können zugelassene Geocacher sich darum bewerben, Community Celebration Events im Jahr 2020 auszurichten.

Celebrate 20 years of geocaching at Community Celebration Events Geocaching is what you've made it. Entering into the 20th year of geocaching, we want to celebrate what's most important: this community-driven game! Beginning today, eligible geocachers can apply to host Community Celebration Events in 2020.

Crafty ideas to up-level your event logbook Even if the weather outside isn't frightful where you are, it's time to get together and be merry. If you are planning to host a geocaching event this time of the year*, why not get crafty and add some festive flair.

What are you doing this season? Hiking and geocaching at Oswego County Parks OSWEGO COUNTY – Looking for something fun and active to do with the entire family this fall and winter?

November 30 : Woosehill / Sindlesham For some reason, November is our lowest caching month by a distance. This year has been different, as we were on our fifth November caching trip, this time primarily in woodland which separates the Wokingham districts of Woosehill and Sindlesham.

Magna Plătĕa Bruocsellae - Geocache of the Week "The Town Hall of Brussels is a jewel; a dazzling fantasy dreamed up by a poet and realized by an architect. And the square around it is a miracle." This is how famed French writer Victor Hugo described the scenery around the Grand-Place of Brussels.

Out with the old, in with these two new souvenirs! Geocachers accomplished a lot in 2019! We celebrated cache creation with a worldwide Cache Carnival, we found lots of new Virtual Caches thanks to Virtual Rewards 2.0, we became master sleuths and collected clues to solve the Mystery at the Museum, and we Streaked for a whole Week at the end of August!

And the GIFF 2019 Award winners are… 16 films became finalists in the 2019 Geocaching International Film Festival. The votes have been counted and we are excited to present this year's film festival awards, The Signal Award and the People's Choice Award. First, The Signal Award, selected by a panel of Community Volunteer Reviewers from around the world.

Und die Gewinner des GIFF 2019 Preises sind… 16 Filme kamen in die Endrunde des Internationalen Geocaching Film Festivals 2019. Die Stimmen wurden ausgezählt und wir freuen uns, die Preise des Film Festivals zu präsentieren, den Signal-Award und den Publikumspreis. Der Signal-Award wird von einer Jury vergeben, die aus Reviewern aus der ganzen Welt besteht.

Aankondiging van twee nieuwe souvenirs: Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020! Eruit met het oude, erin met deze twee nieuwe souvenirs! Geocachers hebben veel bereikt in 2019! Het jaar is nog niet voorbij en we hebben nog veel meer geocachespanning in petto voor 2020! Bereid je voor geocachers, want de viering van 20 jaar geocachen is slechts het begin.

En de winnaars van de GIFF 2019 Award zijn… 16 films werden finalisten in het 2019 Geocaching Internationaal Film Festival. De stemmen zijn geteld en we zijn blij dat we jullie kunnen vertellen wie dit jaar de filmfestival awards hebben gewonnen, de Signal Award en de People's Choice Award.

November 24 : Hartley Wintney: all sorts of trees Just after Sunday lunch, we set off for an afternoon's caching in and around Hartley Wintney, on the northern border of Hampshire. As it was a gloomy, dark afternoon, we only had five caches planned.

Striding Edge Striding Edge is a renowned ridge and arguably the finest way to summit Helvellyn. Crags and scree fall away from either side of the arête, with plenty of exposure a breathtaking and quite dramatic scene.

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