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Trailblaze Whatcom County With Geocaching-a High-Tech Global Treasure Hunt If you’ve hiked Whatcom County’s trails, you might be familiar with geocaching, which combines classic scavenger hunts with modern GPS technology.

Brandweerman Sam / Fireman Sam - Geocache of the Week Traditional GC58PBZ by team vos 2014 Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 1.5 Location: Noord-Holland, Netherlands N 52° 15.575′ E 004° 34.251′ Ever find a geocache so hot that it was placed direct…

Geocaching Through Duluth Parks - The City of Duluth Parks and Rec Department is getting in on geocaching, to encourage more people to check out parks and greenspace. The first GPS navigation and geo-caching meeting was held at Enger Park.

Animal magic - Juneathon 2019, Day 11 This is part of the Clan working on a new geocache called "animal magic".It might seem like it, but our lives don't revolve around geocaching. Tonight, for instance, I'd invited the youngest sprat and my brother-in-law around to have a Chinese with the Old Trout And I.

HQ-Mitarbeiter beim Spionieren auf dem Giga in Berlin erwischt Martin ist seit 2,5 Jahren Lackey im Geocaching HQ in Seattle und unterstützt unter anderem die deutsche Community der Ehrenamtlichen in seiner Position als Community Volunteer Special Programs Manager. Dieses Jahr hat er sich in die deutsche Hauptstadt aufgemacht, um an seinem ersten Giga-Event: Berlin - Hauptstadt der Spione teilzunehmen.

Three insider List hacks experienced geocachers use The Premium List feature helps you organize your geocaching life, so you can spend more time looking for caches and enjoying time with your loved ones. To help you make the best of Lists, we are sharing three insider hacks we learned from our experienced geocaching friends.

CITO 2019 Season 1 Recap All good cachers go geocaching, what do great cachers do? Cachers Improve The Outdoors! Cache in Trash Out 2019 Season 1 just wrapped up, and what a success it was! Although geocachers' love for Mother Earth can't be quantified, their ability to CITO sure can be.

It takes a village to Love Big Have your trackables achieved their dreams? February through May 2019, geocachers worked together to move bestselling author Kat Kronenberg's Love Big trackables towards their goals. Although the official promotion and the #GeocachersLoveBig photo contest ended, you can still share in the fun when you find a Love Big trackable in a geocache.

Juneathon 2019, Day 10 The Old Trout kicked me out of the house today. Apparently I needed to do some geocaching maintenance and she was able and willing to chauffeur me around. We started by heading to Mumbles on the southern end of Swansea, where I ventured out on to a short bit of footpath that I've never walked along before.

Geocaching is Good for Your Relationship Most of you reading this blog know Kristi and I primarily from the geocaching world so it shouldn't surprise you that this post is about geocaching but today it is also about relationships. We have recently taken on a new hobby, no that doesn't really address it properly.

Varsity Ravine Park Dog Walking Adventures Well, I don't have a dog exactly, but the five geocaches I went hunting for in Varsity Ravine Park all have 'Dog Walking Adventures' in their titles, and the park does happen to be an off-leash dog area. I didn't take any doggie pics even though there were lots of them running about, sigh!!

GeoWoodstock XVIII It's possible you haven't heard yet.It's more likely you've heard the news, but have lots of questions. Either way, you've come to a great place to get started on the topic of GeoWoodstock XVIII! The reason for that is I am one of the four lead planners who have been working on this since summer 2018.

Kronborg Slot - Geocache of the Week Traditional GC5ZW2G by Flodrotten Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 1 Location: Denmark N 56° 02.280′ E 012° 37.090′ “One cache, much blessed in Favourite points…

Getting your kids outside with geocaching As a parent, you learn to appreciate the little victories in life, whether that means celebrating a win after a soccer game or reveling in the triumph of getting your child to eat all their vegetables.

Bonding Over Murder Yesterday, following an afternoon that included geocaching with Maggie Faith and watching three - count 'em - three episodes of Death in Paradise, I mentioned to her that I needed to get busy and write a blog for tomorrow.

Relatable geocaching memes What is life without laughter? Whether laughing at ourselves or with a friend, there's a sense of humility that comes along with geocaching. We've highlighted some funny moments that geocachers experience. Which scenario do you relate to the most? Geocacher: Hold on-I'm looking for the cache!

My 1st Geocaching Event: Travel Bug Exchange It had to happen some time, I went to my first geocaching meetup! There have been a few different suggested ones appearing in my geocaching profile over the past few months, this one happened to be a TB Exchange, and what an exchange it was!

Daniel Düsentriebs Fitnesspause - Geocache of the Week Fitness is an essential part of life. For some it's running, cycling, climbing, or going to the gym; for others it's geocaching. One cache owner has added a component to their geocache that requires some movement on your behalf.

Treasure hunters: State parks geocaching tour is open Here in Michigan, geocachers of all skill levels can join in the GeoTour, a partnership with the Michigan Geocaching Organization offering 100 new caches and the opportunity to earn commemorative centennial geocoins and digital souvenirs.

Join us in 2020 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of geocaching We're commemorating the 20th anniversary of geocaching with an awesome party in Seattle! What: Geocaching 20th Anniversary Celebration. When: Saturday, August 15, 2020. Where: Seattle Center in Seattle, WA. We will have many more details to share in the coming weeks and months.

Kom ook feestvieren voor de 20ste verjaardag van geocaching in 2020. Wij vieren de 20ste verjaardag van geocaching met een groot feest in Seattle! Wat: 20 jaar geocaching feest. Wanneer: zaterdag 15 augustus 2020. Waar: het Seattle Center in Seattle, VS. We hebben veel meer details te delen in de komende weken en maanden.

Feiere mit uns im Jahr 2020 das 20-jährige Jubiläum des Geocachings Jahrestag des Geocaching mit einer tollen Party in Seattle! Was: Feier zum 20. Jahrestag Geocaching. Wann: Samstag, 15. August 2020. Wo: Seattle Center in Seattle, WA. Wir werden in den kommenden Wochen und Monaten viele weitere Details mitteilen können.

Thank a geocaching volunteer day Whether you started geocaching in 2000 or just recently gotten into the hobby, today is a great day to thank a geocaching volunteer. May 22nd marks the geocaching world's third annual Thank a Volunteer Day.

Five scenarios where Pocket Queries are the ultimate TOTT Super-cacher, HQ Lackey, and Pocket Query expert Jeff answers the what's and why's of Pocket Queries and shares five scenarios where Pocket Queries are the ultimate TOTT. So, let's get into what Pocket Queries are and why would you want to use them.

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