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Man claims 'ghost' haunts his bed after his webcam filmed a 'floating head' pulling his sheets - Daily Mail 'I'm freaked the f*** out. Look at the sheets lifting up and what comes out of the side of it. 'It like dissolves in to thin air??' In the black and white footage, a figure seems to pull the sheets above her father's head, as he kicks out. It then pulls them back down before seemingly disappearing, it is claimed.

Shotguns: The 5 Best On the Planet The shotgun is fitted with a variety of iron sights, including ghost ring and tritium sights, and the receiver is drilled and tapped for a MIL-STD1913 Picatinny rail, allowing the user to install specialized optics. Length of pull is an unusually long 14 3/8 inches to accommodate the user's bulletproof vest.

Night At The Mausoleum: Taking on The MacKenzie Poltergeist Photo: Donna Green / Flickr The communication methods of modern society are very different from those used just a couple of decades ago, and as these continue to evolve so too do the ways in which folk stories evolve.

Where Are the Leading Ladies in Ghost Hunting? I must start this blog off with a declaration: I love the paranormal community. It is because I love it that I'm writing this piece. This is something that has been on my mind quite heavily lately.

Most Haunted are looking for ghost hunters to investigate this notorious North Wales site - Daily Post Many have reported the ghostly figure of a soldier in full armour wandering around the grounds. Curiously wearing just one gauntlet, it is thought this man was once a soldier in King Edward's army who lost his life defending the castle.

A Road Trip Possessed: 10 Haunted Stops Coast-to-Coast As its years as a hospital, there were approximately 9,000 deaths, most happening in the operating room on the third floor. Consequently, the floor is home of a ghost gurney that rolls through the halls almost nightly. Room 32 is of particular note as two suicidal patients flew from its balcony, but like to return and enjoy the view.

Voices Against the Wall: The Hilarious Terror of Karen Russell's "Orange World and Other Stories" Orange World and Other Stories. By Karen Russell. Published 05.14.2019 Knopf 288 Pages.

Five ghost stories from St Patrick's Day told in 1888 - Irish Times The Haunted House in Bride Street. The Queen's County Ghost. The Ghost in Graigue. On the right bank of the Slaney, below Enniscorthy, stands an old manor house called Bundharrig.

Tampa Bay couple achieves their dream of creating, distributing no-budget horror flick Chuck and Karolina's Amityville: Mount Misery Road falls squarely in this category, largely because of their on-screen alter-egos, Charlie and Buzi, two ghost-hunting enthusiasts in the Sunshine State who receive a letter with several photographs of glowing orbs taken off Mount Misery Road.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Rated In South Korea South Korea's Game Rating and Administration Committee has issued a rating for Luigi's Mansion 3, the next game in the spooky ghost-hunting series. Revealed in last September's Nintendo Direct, the reveal trailer saw Luigi sneaking into a new multi-story mansion with a brand new Poltergust model on his back.

'Haunted' Ozarks bed-and-breakfast will be on the Travel Channel - Springfield News-Leader Then they listened to the recording. "They heard carts being moved, like metal carts, tapping on the recorder, like tapping on glass," she said. An unmarked cemetery adds to the spooky vibe. Rowland said the previous owners, who converted the house into a bed-and-breakfast, had a family dog that died.

Otafest, tweed cyclists, dancing Hamlet: what's on in Calgary this weekend If you're sticking around town, looking for a few entertainment ideas to get you out of your garden, Homestretch director Tracy Fuller went in search of what's going on in Calgary this weekend. The first stop is Calgary's popular, all-ages anime festival, Otafest, which takes over the Telus Convention Centre Friday through Sunday.

10 TV Shows From The 2000s That Need Revivals A bunch of TV shows are getting revivals nowadays. But these 10 series from the 2000s like Danny Phantom and The Osbournes need a revival.

Dragons and white walkers aside, 'Game of Thrones' occasionally has some real science behind it I'm also a science writer. So while half my brain dreams about befriending a direwolf, the other half questions if it's really possible to crush someone's skull with your bare hands. Is it just a TV show? Yes. Is it a fantasy TV show? Also yes. Am I still gonna analyze it anyway?

One Device for All Your Favorite Nintendo Classics The Bittboy gives you the portable convenience and gaming fun of GameBoy with the modern flexibility of micro SD uploading. This device supports a wide variety of Nintendo games, all you have to do is upload them to the Bittboy from a micro SD card. With a huge capacity, you can play your favorite games instantly.

TLC, HGTV and Discovery: All the New and Returning Shows Coming Fall 2019 Thanks to the recent Upfront presentations, we now know which shows will be coming to just about every major network, with TLC, HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel, Discovery and more having made their own announcements at Discovery's annual presentation in April.

Ubisoft Promises To Release Four AAA Titles in The Fourth Fiscal Quarter In the latest Ubisoft earnings report, the company has confirmed that pirate-themed multiplayer game Skull and Bones is getting postponed to "after 2019-20".

Colombia's former chief prosecutor claims to have evidence of Uribe's responsibility for massacres Colombia's former chief prosecutor claims to have incriminating evidence that former President Alvaro Uribe was responsible for massacres while acting as governor of Antioquia.

Paranormal Vacay Week: New Orleans I continue Paranormal vacay week with a new region of the US to consider planning your relaxing vacation while getting your paranormal on. This time, I turn my focus on the New Orleans. Hotel Provincial. This was a hospital during the Civil War. This is located in the French Quarters.

Playmobil releases limited edition Ghostbusters collectible figures For their big birthday, PLAYMOBIL has launched a world first: high-quality extra-large collector's figures in outstanding quality and special collector's packaging for all children, fans and friends of ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters Collection Figures are 15 cm tall and detailed.

Cyberpower Ultra 5 GTX Gaming PC Review The Cyberpower Ultra 5 GTX Gaming PC has a huge number of ports on offer. On top of the case, you'll find two USB-A ports and a headphone jack, and on the rear you'll discover 6 additional USB-A slots, and an Ethernet port, and on the GPU, an HDMI port and a few DisplayPorts.

Melissa Ede's fiancée reveals moment she found lottery winner - and cause of death Transgender lottery winner Melissa Ede, 58, died suddenly on Saturday night when she was on her way to buy cigarettes in Hull.

Melissa Ede's fiancee shares poignant tribute after lottery winner's shock death The grieving fiancée of Melissa Ede has shared a poignant photo tribute of them together following the transgender lottery winner's shock death. Rachel Nason, 37, who got engaged to Melissa, 58, on Christmas Day in 2017 - days before she scooped £4m on a scratch card - has yet to break her silence.

Paranormal Vacay Week: Northern California Coastline In the case of the California Coastline, I am going to assume a trek from San Diego to San Francisco and what to do and where to stay. There are enough suggestions in each major city to just vacay there, such as San Diego or Los Angeles or San Francisco.

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