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Fewer Side Effects With Naproxen vs Low-Dose Colchicine in Gout Flare Treatment in Primary Care In the absence of contraindications, naproxen should be used ahead of low-dose colchicine in the treatment of gout flares in primary care, according to research results published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.

CD44 Receptor Mediates Urate Crystal Phagocytosis by Macrophages and Regulates Inflammation in A Murine Peritoneal Model of Acute Gout Gout is a chronic arthritis caused by the deposition of poorly soluble monosodium urate monohydrate crystals in peripheral joints. Resident macrophages initiate inflammation in response to MSU mediated by NF-κB nuclear translocation and NLRP3 inflammasome activation.

Higher Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease Events in Hyperuricemia and Gout In a study of patients treated at Renal Associates, LLC, in Columbus, Georgia, the prevalence of CVD events was 32.3% among patients with hyperuricemia and gout compared with 17.6% among practice patients, Raj Alappan, MD, and Uma Devi Alappan reported in a poster presentation.

Stalin and his battle to purge the enemy within - gout As Joseph Stalin ordered his generals to fight off the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union he may also have been waging a personal battle against gout. Scientists have suggested that he was undergoing treatment with lithium salts during the Second World War after finding traces in a book he was known to have read in 1942.

Evaluating the Treatment of Acute Gout Flares in the Emergency Department Researchers previously reported on the diagnosis and treatment of acute gout flares in a 541 consecutive emergency department visits over a 7-year period.2 They indicated that among patients who visited the ED for an acute gout flare, 35% received an opioid and 52% received a prescription for an opioid.

Canadian researchers study whether a cheap gout drug can slash COVID-19 deaths Montreal researchers launch nationwide trial to test whether colchicine can reduce the risk of respiratory distress and deaths in COVID-19 cases.

Snooker legend Willie Thorne suffers 'massive' gout attack after leukaemia diagnosis while in hospital for chemotherapy WILLIE THORNE has revealed he suffered from gout during a "nightmare" first week of treatment for leukaemia. Writing last week, the snooker legend revealed he was "devastated" by his cancer diagnosis with his chemotherapy taking place in Spain.

Willie Thorne reveals 'massive attack of gout' on top of leukaemia nightmare Willie Thorne's horrible run of bad luck with health problems has continued as the snooker icon has suffered a 'massive attack of gout and water infection' while undergoing chemotherapy in Spain. The 66-year-old was diagnosed with leukaemia last week and has begun chemotherapy treatment.

Gout The topic of this week's article is gout. Gout is a painful condition which affects the joints of the limbs particularly the great toe and is the result of deposition of uric acid in the joint. The Mayo Clinic sites that you are more likely to develop gout eating a diet high in levels of uric acid in the body.

Gout Drugs Sales Market to Witness Huge Growth by 2026 - Major Companies are Sun Pharma, Mylan, Apotex, Northstar, Ipca, Accord, Synpac-Kingdom, PIDI, The report puts together a concise analysis of the growth factors influencing the current business scenario across various regions. Significant information pertaining to the industry analysis size, share, application, and statistics are summed in the report in order to present an ensemble prediction.

Does Tart Cherry Juice Help With Gout Eval; Over the decades, people have been turning to natural remedies such as tart cherry juice for pain relief - whether gout or arthritis or even muscle pain caused due to exercise.

Common high blood pressure drug may lower gout risk Affecting more than 7 million adults in the United States, gout is characterized by a sudden onset of pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints. It is caused by the formation of urate crystal in small spaces between joints that builds up when high amounts of uric acid circulate in the blood.

The cost of excessive sugar in the diet A new study from the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences, in the UK, reports that while eating foods rich in sugar does not necessarily make you fat, they can make you very sick. They do this by increasing the level of a compound called uric acid in the blood.

Dietary sugar has negative impact on health independent of obesity Sugar-rich diets have a negative impact on health independent of obesity reports a new study led by the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences, UK. Researchers discovered that the shortened survival of fruit flies fed a sugar-rich diet is not the result of their diabetic-like metabolic issues.

Gout Disease Treatment Market Business Opportunities 2026 - Top Companies are Takeda Pharmaceutical, Novartis, Savient Pharmaceuticals It offers critical information pertaining to the current and future growth of the market. It focuses on technologies, volume, and materials in, and in-depth analysis of the market.

Treating gout involves combination of lifestyle changes, medication Dear Mayo Clinic: Years ago, I had gout in my toe, but I didn't need medication other than ibuprofen. After it went away, I never had any other issues. But over the past few weeks, it has come back and is painful. Is there anything that I can do to reverse it at this point?

Serum CA72-4 Elevated in Gout, Predicts Future Flares in Patients With Gouty Arthritis Researchers studied serum CA72-4 expression in patients with gout, and verified the hypothesis that CA72-4 was a predictor of future flares in gouty arthritis.

Education and Better Physician Interaction May Improve Management of Gout Investigators sought to explore the unmet needs in gout from patients' perspectives and provide insight into achieving better treatment satisfaction.

Man speaks about kidney transplant, gout during National Kidney Month March is National Kidney Month, and a Webster County, WV man is speaking out about his kidney ailments. Adam Cogar, 43, experienced kidney failure at just 13-years-old. Cogar struggled for years, and eventually doctors gave him a devastating prognosis: he had just six weeks left to live.

NTU students sets up Oh My Gout! campaign to raise awareness about gout and its health implications Recently, a group of four students from Nanyang Technological University initiated a health campaign titled 'Oh My Gout!' to not only raise awareness on gout, but also to educate and increase the public's attention toward the chronic disease in a fun and engaging way.

Symptoms, causes, and treatment Read more about kidney stones here. Hyperuricemia is when there is too much uric acid in the blood. It occurs because a person is unable to excrete enough uric acid through their kidneys, or they have too much of it in their system. This buildup often occurs as a result of a diet that is high in purine, a chemical that is in many foods and drinks.

Molly-Mae Hague is showered with gifts from Tommy Fury as she returns from Thailand amid gout fears But Molly-Mae Hague got back into the swing of things as she returned home to Manchester on Monday evening, where she was gifted with a bouquet of flowers, new House Of CB clothes and Nando's from boyfriend Tommy Fury.

Study uncovers novel relationships between SLCs and cytotoxic drugs in human cells Solute carriers represent the largest family of transmembrane transporters in the human genome, with over 400 members arranged into 65 families. They have a key role in determining cellular metabolism and control essential physiological functions, including nutrient uptake, ion transport and waste removal.

Horizon gets creative with HCP campaign for kidney disease and gout Horizon depicts how gout and uric acid can affect the kidneys in an animated video for nephrologists.

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