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Is Glitter Beer Actually Beer? I'll try any one of these. And in fact, I have tried quite a few of them already. It's my job, after all. But these are the beers that get some people shouting, "that's not even beer!" As a result, there are frequent calls for "beer-flavored beer", a good old-fashioned beer, like dad used to make.

Podcast Episode 79: Randy Mosher: The Importance of Homebrewing and What It Means for the Future of Beer Randy Mosher is an authoritative voice in beer but he’s still a student at heart. As an author, brewer, and consultant, he’s continuously looking to work with new ingredients, reconsider off-flavors, and try new brewing methods.

Pacific Beach AleHouse taps new brewer "I am a subtlety kind of guy," explains Dan Enjem, head brewer at Pacific Beach AleHouse. "I don't put a bunch of stuff in my beers." This isn't the first thing I expected to hear about a craft beer program in the heart of Pacific Beach's boisterous bar scene.

Something's brewing: London Beer Lab Abby Jones meets the brew dogs at London Beer Lab. It feels like the beginning of Spring and that's beer weather. I popped in to the London Beer Lab for a Brixton pint with the chief brewer, Bruno Alajouanine to get the lowdown on all things homebrewing.

DIY HOMEBREWING: Why not make your own beer? Why not get brewing, says homebrewing enthusiast Abby Jones. If you are thinking about homebrewing, you need a few things to get started, but not as many as you think and some of it is already in your kitchen. You need basic tools, a recipe, ingredients and a vague understanding of the science and the terminology.

Isthmus Picks Playlist: April 18-25 Enjoy a compilation of selected tracks by artists playing shows we're excited about in Madison this week. For more information on these shows, read on under the playlist or check out all this week's Isthmus Picks.

Short & Shoddy - Irish Red Ale Back in the early 18th century, a time in which Bitter and Pale Ale were satiating the palates of drinkers in the United Kingdom, Smithwick Brewery of Kilkenny, Ireland released their Draught Ale that, in addition to being more malt focused, presented with a gorgeous red hue.

Happy Easter with a beery hot cross bun recipe It's been quite a while since we sent any updates - but with good reason. There's been a bit of change happening here at HB HQ - most notably, that after over 4 years of working together, Posy has left to pursue other opportunities.

Getting Creative with an At Home Coolship If a commercial coolship isn't in your homebrewing budget, Todd Boera has some suggestions on how you can make spontaneous beer at home.

Help Lucky Envelope Brewing celebrate its fourth anniversary on April 27th Lucky Envelope Brewing is about to celebrate its fourth anniversary and they need your help. You see, as the name suggests, Lucky Envelope is all about cultural tradition. In particular, the Chinese tradition of the lucky envelope. Problem is, according to Chinese tradition the number four is unlucky.

Hoppin' good time: Slapout Brewing Company draws crowds at Coosapalooza Published 7:25 pm Wednesday, April 17, 2019. Clay Cleghorn and Slapout Brewing Company stole the show at Saturday's Coosapalooza Brewfest in Wetumpka. Crowds gathered around Cleghorn's tent as if it were a speakeasy that might not be around for long with lines forming to taste one of his five beers.

CBC 2019: Diversity and Inclusion Discussions Take Center Stage Improving diversity and inclusion within the craft brewing industry was a recurring theme throughout last week's Craft Brewers Conference in Denver. During both general session discussions, BA leaders used the main stage to encourage brewers to be more welcoming to underserved populations.

Kolsch Kolsch style beers are crisp, delicate, and very drinkable. This is sure to quench your thirst on a warm spring or summer day. If you are considering the achievements of the city of Cologne, Germany, one would need to include this straw colored, pale bitter European beer.

Hyderabad celebrates International HAM Radio Day To celebrate the occasion, we spoke to some HAM operators from Hyderabad on why they took up a hobby that's not so common and what continues to drive them in its pursuit. Ram Mohan has been a HAM for more than three decades now, having received his licence at the age of 14.

A Slingshot Against the Colossus - Exploring Croatia's Rising Beer Scene Some cities have soundtracks and others have scents. Paris smells like cigarettes mixed with scooter exhaust. London mostly reeks of pollution, barring unexpected wafts of jasmine or rose. The first thing you should know about Split—Croatia’s second-largest city—is that it smells, biblically, of fig.

20 Under-$25 Father's Day Presents That Aren't a Tie Think outside the box this Father's Day without breaking the bank!

ThermoWorks ChefAlarm Timer & Thermometer Private Open Box Sale! + Hands on Review The ChefAlarm from ThermoWorks is a great Thermometer and Timer Combo for homebrewing. It tracks both highs and lows, has both high and low alarms and has a built in timer. It has an easy to read screen with backlight. Check out my Full Hands on Review for more info.

Using Clean Wood for Traditional Beer Styles And while it's true that the majority of the brewers are using the vessels for wild or mixed-fermentation beers, there are others that, like Threes Brewing, are putting the wood to use for their clean programs. After making the Pilsner for the first time, Levy says, "It just opened our eyes.

Formulating a Beer Recipe The five main factors to take into consideration are:. Equipment: Yeast: Malt Hops Water. Equipment:. When thinking about what kind of beer you would like to make it's important to take into consideration the type of equipment you have.

Brewers Publications Releases Updated Draught Beer Quality Manual Prepared by the Technical Committee of the Brewers Association, the Draught Beer Quality Manual presents well-researched, detailed information on draught line cleaning, system components and design, pressure and gas balance, proper pouring technique, glassware sanitation, and other valuable advice from the experts.

Beer column: Homebrewers key in the bridge to beer innovation Gary Glass, director of the American Homebrewers Association, has said in the past that because of the quality and variety of ingredients and equipment available these days, there's never been a better time to be a homebrewer.

Red, ESB, and Wheat Doing a quick catch up here on things while we are "emptying" a few kegs for summer use. Proud to say that the Beet Saison did in fact win the Copper State Wort Challenge. Besides being a damn good Saison, it looks great and is very easy to make. and that's what probably was the deciding factor.

On Tap in Fort Worth: Zack Hawkins and Jerrod Womack Amongst beer folk, head brewers are semi-celebrities. Name a popular brew, and the craft beer cognoscenti can tell you who conceived Blood and Honey, Petite Golden Sour, Dadgum IPA, or Feisty Blonde. Several months ago, Wild Acre Brewing Company head brewer Mike Kraft departed for his home of Nashville.

Brewmented Celebrating a Year of Community For thousands of years, human beings have been brewing and consuming beer, using it for nutrition, recreation and as a part of our culture. Brewmented, the homebrew supply store, brewery and tap house on Hover Saint in Longmont, envisions itself as a part of that tradition.

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