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Binary breaks it down to simple basics: Portland Breweries Series Uptown's 8th anniversary party. 6-9 p.m. Saturday at the Scholls Ferry location, featuring live music, food specials and guest appearances from Old Town Brewing, Zoiglhaus Brewing Co., and Breakside Brewery. Andre Meunier. Subscribe to Andre's text service to get alerts about beer releases and news from the Portland and Oregon beer scene.

Beer Town Gifts for Beer Lovers Guide I always encourage everyone to support Georgia breweries by buying beer lovers what they love most - beer.

Craft Beer & Wilderness: A World-Class Experience in BC's Own Backyard Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Big Year for Small and Independent Beer in 2019 10, 2019 - As 2019 comes to a close, the Brewers Association -the not-for-profit trade association dedicated to small and independent American brewers - takes a retrospective look at the contributions and major milestones of the country's craft brewing community during the past year.

Pinterest Releases Its Most Anticipated Trends For 2020 Pinterest released its Pinterest 100, looking at the top trends that will shape the year ahead, around everything from retail, health and wellness, and more. This time every year, Pinterest releases the Pinterest 100, an overview of the top most-anticipated trends that will shape the next year.

Revolutionary War-themed Glenbrook Brewery to open soon in Morristown A Revolutionary War-themed brewery is set to open in Morristown sometime in the spring of 2020. Development has begun at 95 Morris Street, the future location of Glenbrook Brewery, which will be the first brewery in Morristown.

The Beerhunter: Kismet Brewing Company Prepares to Open in Westfield The DeSousas, both longtime craft beer enthusiasts, are hard at work on their new business, Kismet Brewing Company, which is set to open at 66 South Broad Street in Westfield within the first few weeks of the new year.

Beetroot Wine Recipe Beetroot wine is not as peculiar as it may sound. I think a lot of vegetable wines have a bad reputation that isn’t wholly deserved. Beetroot wine doesn’t evoke the same fruity, delicious thoughts as perhaps a blackberry wine but vegetables like beetroot do in fact make great wines.

Brand New Craft Beer and Cider Kit SPECIAL A high quality Stainless Steel Fermenter is the centrepiece of the exciting new Craft Series Microbrewery Kit. It also contains the "Robber's Gold" from the new "Brewery Box" series. This kit contains 3 kg of malt, hops for dry hopping and the British Ale Yeast to make the perfect craft brew.

Brewer creates beer in honor of STEM victim When Kendrick Castillo used to hang around his dad's homebrewing friends, he made quite an impression. When one friend, who now owns Strange Craft Beer Company in Denver, learned of the 18-year-old's death, he decided to make a beer in his honor. "Kendrick was obviously an amazing young man," owner Tim Myers said.

Hop Pellets vs. Hop Hash When Used To Dry Hop - exBEERiment Results! In addition to contributing the required bitterness to beer, hops provide a wide spectrum of unique aromas and flavors, from earthy and spicy to floral and fruity. Hops are a flower of humulus lupulis plant that get separated from the bine at harvesting before being dried.

Bierstadt Pils Clone 1.1 I brewed this recipe nearly a year ago, and found the result to be super enjoyable. Why not give it another try? I made a few modifications for hopping rate, and ditched the whirlpool hops, which were apparently a mistake in the originally published recipe.

Here are the winners of The Growler's 2019 Craft Beer Readers' Choice Awards It's the festive season, so let's celebrate all the incredible craft beer being brewed in our province - and what better way to do that than with the Growler's 2019 B.C. Craft Beer Readers' Choice Awards! Unlike other craft beer awards and contests, the Growlies are decided by you, the beer-drinking public.

In Profile: Ravens Brewing Co. Since 2015, Ravens Brewing has been one of the best reasons to make the trip. Head Brewer Dan Marriette has good reason to be proud, given their continued strong performance in BC-based and international awards competitions. But that's not all there is to Ravens.

The Hop Chronicles - Comet Released in 1974 by the USDA, Comet was initially used primarily as a bittering hop due to its high alpha acid content. Over the following decade, tastes for beer began to shift and Comet lost much of its appeal, soon to be overshadowed by other varieties.

Minnesota has $1.3 billion budget surplus Plus: Israel-based Facebook page spreads fake news about Reps. Omar, Tlaib; Klobuchar releases economic plan; diversity in craft brewing and distilling; and more.

Brewing beer, breaking boundaries: People of color tap into MN's craft business He wants to open the taproom door wider to diversity. "It's one of those niche things that is not impossible to get into as an industry, but we don't know about it," he said of brewing and people of color. Data nationally show the craft business remains heavily white and male.

Destination: Beer The old news is that Sam Bond's Brewing went flat early in the summer. The new news is that Eugene's historic Foundry Building at 540 E. 8th Avenue will now have its tanks filled by Gratitude Brewing, co-founded by Eugene natives Tristan Cooley and Josh Cosci.

A pioneer in gluten-free beers, Ground Breaker draws customers - and awards: Portland Breweries Series It was another piece." Ground Breaker sampler. Why go: To drink offerings from the best gluten-free brewery in the nation. What to drink: Sasquash, an Imperial stout with roasted squash, cinnamon and coriander - a great Christmas beer.

New brewery could provide latest jolt to downtown Pottstown Is scheduled to open on Dec. 9 at 227 E. High Saint It is located on the ground floor of the building that houses Splitting Edge Axe Throwing, which opened in December 2018.

Constellation tosses Ballast Point to a Chicago-based craft brewer To anyone who's paying attention to Constellation and Ballast Point, the writing has been on the wall and the divestiture of the craft brand is not a surprise.

Billion-dollar Ballast Point sold to a Chicago brewery I've never even heard of, Constellation prefers Corona Hard Seltzer Kings and Convicts Brewing Co. started brewing for the public in Highwood, Ill., in 2017, and now it owns Ballast Point Brewing - the company Constellation Brands bought in 2015 for $1 billion at the incredible height of the craft brewery acquisition craze.

From Conflict Zones to Craft Beer: Imagine Nation Brewing Inspired by years working in violent conflict zones, the founders of Imagine Nation Brewing take the idea of a gathering place to the next level. Imagine Nation serves as a space for local organizations that are changing their Missoula, Montana, community one beer at a time.

Ballast Point Brewing sold again, but this time not for $1 billion It was just announced that Kings and Convicts Brewing of Illinois acquired Ballast Point Brewing, formerly a beloved craft brewery in San Diego. Why is this something of a puzzler?

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