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Local homebrew clubs bring community to beer lovers Birmingham Brewmasters offers its due-paying members a structured, educational experience, with each meeting centered on a particular beer style. The host venue, AlaBrew, is a godsend for budding hobbyists and experts alike, boasting the recipes and ingredients for more than 700 commercial beers, as well as the equipment with which to brew it.

Going pro with Five Suits Brewing He's won countless honors at the country's and the county's most prestigious homebrewing competition. He's graced the cover of West Coaster in the process. Now, Nick Corona is transitioning from amateur brewing boss to pro-brew newcomer.

Kettle Sour: Brewing Your First Kettle Soured Beer But there’s no denying the fact that sour beer is an integral part of the vast and intriguing world of beer. Sour beers have enjoyed an immense rise in popularity lately and in particular, kettle soured beers. Kettle soured beers refers to sour beers that are produced…

The Ravages of Time on Wood-Aged Beer Time is a transformative ingredient in wood-aged beer. Neil Fisher of WeldWerks Brewing shares what he’s learned about making beers that stand up to extended aging.

Brewing Equipment Maker Ss Brewtech Sold to Illinois Appliance Manufacturer An Illinois-headquarter maker of industrial, commercial and residential kitchen appliances has bought into the brewing equipment business. The Middleby Corporation today announced the acquisition of CM Brewing Technologies LLC, the parent company of California-based brewing system maker Ss Brewtech.

Cheers4Sarah: Charity fundraising hazy IPA debuts this weekend In October of 2017, local homebrewer Miguel Loza's middle daughter Sarah was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma cancer at nine years old. Compounding that, it was after witnessed her grandma passing at their home in March of 2017 from leiomyosarcoma.

Pondering the Pint: Aligning Passions at the Pro's Closet Boulder is home to many homegrown surprises, not least among them is that the world's leading retailer of elite pre-owned bicycles calls the town home: The Pro's Closet.

The Ferulic Acid Rest Effect - exBEERiment Results! On the style of Weissbier, there are more than just a few descriptors used for this much beloved German wheat beer. Its most prominent and characteristic characteristics are typically perceived as banana and clove, which are more often than not viewed as undesirable in most other styles of beer.

This Virginia Beach restaurant is pouring beer for a good cause. And it's 'VB Strong' VIRGINIA BEACH - Town Center restaurant Gordon Biersch is brewing up something special in support of Municipal Center shooting victims' families. Head brewer Adam Gurtshaw is serving his "VB Strong IPA" at the Virginia Beach Boulevard location's "Tapping Party" Wednesday with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Virginia Beach Tragedy Fund.

Rare Sale: Grainfather with Connect Controller… Save $200! + 5% back & free shipping Grainfather with Connect Controller Electric Brewing System via Adventures in Homebrewing. I have a Grainfather and love it. It has been my go-to brewing system lately. My does not have the Connect Controller. Grainfather Discounts are rare. Why? This is a MAP item.

Boel Technologies & Operation Fermentation VI It's likely that you've already heard about Boel Technologies company and our innovative bottling system iTap. We continue introducing it to the potential users from the US homebrewers communities.

Minnesota homebrewers pushing boundaries, raising standards As higher-quality ingredients and more brewing know-how lead to better homebrewed beer, dozens of Minnesota homebrewers will show off their work at a charity event this weekend.

7 Father's Day ideas for every personality type To make Father’s Day an unforgettable this year, we’ve picked out the best experiences to treat dad, tailored to all kinds of personalities.

How To Brew Hard Cider From Scratch at Home Many people are interested in brewing their own booze at home but are daunted by the price and complexity of homebrewing equipment. Luckily for you, there's homemade hard cider, which is much easier to brew than beer but just as exciting and creative.

Atari's new VCS isn't a console, but it isn't quite a computer either Quixotic, $250 system is targeting tinkerers, user-generated content, March launch.

Spike Brewing FLEX+ Fermenter - Product Review When healthy yeast is is pitched into sugary wort, fermentation is going to happen regardless of what container it's in. For homebrewers just starting, this is often a plastic bucket or glass carboy that, while cheap, lack many conveniences that simplify the process of racking out of said vessel.

L.A.'s Latina Brewers Seeing 'Cultural Shift' Angel City Brewery, a 69,000-square-foot warehouse turned brewery in a buzzy neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles, sees an endless stream of tourists and locals alike who come to sample the beers, take a tour and snap the obligatory Instagram-worthy photo with artist Colette Miller's "Angel Wings" street art.

Barrel Aged American Oud Bruin Batch 5 Recipe I haven't been overly happy with the results of this project's earlier batches due to a strong acetic acid character. The causes of this issue are obvious: using a small barrel for aging; and using a sour culture that easily pumps out too much acetic acid in the presence of even a small amount of oxygen.

Local Group Brewing to open in Houston's Near Northside in late 2019 Houston's burgeoning craft beer scene will grow once more when Local Group Brewing opens its doors at 1504 Chapman Street - in Hardy Yards at Houston's Near Northside - in late 2019.

Local bakers reflect on the shape-shifting alchemy of sourdough starters Depending on which bakery you're in, the alchemy of flour, water and yeast is named, fed and cared for differently. It's affected by everything from temperature to bacteria to the hands that mix it; it catalyzes bread to rise and imbues a distinct - usually tart - flavor.

Podcast EP 140 - Preserving British Beer - Andy Black Co-Founder and Brewer Andy Black of Yorkshire Square Brewery returns to the show to discuss his journey into making British beer all the way in Los Angeles. Items of discussion include:. - Andy's transition from homebrewing to brewing school in England.

The Beerhunter: Black Rabbit Farm Adds Wild Ales, Grows Ingredients On Site As far as this Beerhunter can surmise, Black Rabbit is the only brewery on an active commercial farm in all of Western Mass. The farm's ales are light, crisp beers with a tart finish that pair nicely with food.

Historical beer is at the top of my list of topics to research more. There was a particular beer style which was quite popular in the mid 1800s. Many Historical beer is at the top of my list of topics to research more. There was a particular beer style which was quite popular in the mid 1800s. Many German and Irish immigrants were trying their hardest to reproduce a beer similarly found in their motherland.

On Tap: New brewery, Inland Ale Works, opening in Cheney When New Boundary Brewing opened in May 2015, it was Cheney's first since the city voted to go dry back in 1910, forcing the closure of Bavaria Brewery. While New Boundary called it quits at the end of 2017, now another newcomer is moving into the building at 505 First St.

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