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Pink boots: Mass. brewing industry is a national leader in woman participation "There's a healthy group of men and women at meetings. It feels 50-50." Worcester Business Journal surveyed 20 Central Massachusetts breweries on the gender breakdown of their employees, and - of the 16 who responded - 43 percent of the workers were women.

Impact Of Increased Headspace During Fermentation When Beer Volume Is Consistent - exBEERiment Results! It's been surmised that fermenting in a semi-permeable vessel with a relatively large amount of headspace increases the likelihood of the beer coming into contact with the surrounding atmosphere, which is presumed to lead to undesirable off-flavors.

Stainless Steel Brutus Stand with Cast Iron Burners - THREE stacking deals Brutus Stand with Cast Iron Burners from Adventures in Homebrewing. Deal #1: As of this posting, this system is on sale for $1039.99. That's a $260 savings. Check AiH for full selection and pricing information. Deal #2: For a limited time AIH is discounting most orders of $49 or more by 15%.

East Lyme celebrates opening of new brewery Owner Mike Lincoln joked at his ribbon-cutting ceremony Sunday that he is the "proprietor of Niantic's longest standing brewery." Lincoln's establishment was the first of two breweries to open in town over the past six months - Niantic Public House opened its doors in November.

Brew Day - Bunsy Breakfast Stout 2.0 - 2/3/19 So, I really liked version 1 of this beer where I tried to mimic a Founders Breakfast Stout. It had a nice taste, and people really seemed to like it. In version 2, I wanted to accomplish two things:. I try to limit my caffeine intake to before noon only.

Brew Day - Bunsy Oatmeal Stout - 1/27/19 Brewing small batches is easy and doesn't require any coordination between me and the baby. He goes with me to the beer store to get ingredients, and then he just plays in his play area while I do my thing in the kitchen. Due to the open floor plan, he can see me, so he doesn't go too nuts.

Homebrewing 101: An Introduction to Extract Brewing There's no need to tackle the most complex processes right away or invest in a ton of expensive equipment. Ease yourself into the world of homebrewing and set yourself up for success by using a malt extract kit. The first step of brewing is to extract sugar from grains.

How to Avoid Products With Palm Oil How To Avoid Products With Palm Oil.

Q&A: Joe Karpinski Akron's Lock 15 opened its combined taproom and restaurant last August, making it one of the newest entrants to Ohio's booming craft beer sector.

Cereal Killer Grain Mill - $76.49! + Free Shipping & Hands On Review The Cereal Killer Grain Mill from Adventures in Homebrewing gets consistently great feedback and is one of our Top Finds. This is a great mill! Check out my Hands on Review. Milling your own grain… 1. Gives you control over the crush of your grain. That's a big factor in efficiency.

Brewers Association Launches Diversity Grant Program "The Brewers Association continues to take proactive steps to advance our members and the brewing community's path of diversity and inclusivity," Julia Herz, the BA's craft beer program director, said via a press release. The BA did not disclose how much it plans to award event organizers or share how the grants will be funded.

"The Center of the Universe": Fremont Brewing: Universale Pale Ale I assume these have been especially hardy birds eking out a living wherever they can find open water for another week or so, before the deep freeze of midwinter sets in and sends them further south. But it's more often the case that I see my first-of-year Great Blue Heron in late March or even early April.

No BS Brew Co. Livingston County's fifth brewery opens For a place called No BS Brew Co., co-owners Steve Gray and Ben Noragong sure had to sift through a lot of it. There were multiple starts and stops. Potential locations fell through. A partial government shutdown delayed licensing. But through it all, Gray and Noragong remained steadfast and resolute.

He was homebrewing. Now he’s making beer in this downtown bar with pizza, live music In addition to serving up signature beers, My Old Kentucky Foam has also partnered with Rolling Oven, who rents space in the venue to cook up pizza and sandwiches for patrons to pair with their drinks. The brewery also has live music every Friday and Saturday, trivia on Tuesdays and karaoke on Thursdays, with other events scheduled irregularly.

Brü It Yourself - Apple Wine Many brewers tend to have multiple brewing related side interests, whether that's fermenting foods, running barrel projects, or dedicating fermentor space to sour beer production. I'm personally a fan of making cider and have often pondered the different variations I can concoct, as well as how much alcohol I can pack into a batch.

Using Distilled Water with Your Homebrewing Recipes Depending on your local water source you might need to make adjustments to its chemistry before homebrewing. Here's some insight on how to get your water where you want it.

Wellington, Colorado, is getting another craft brewery this spring The town of Wellington is on the verge of getting another craft brewery. Sparge Brewing plans to open in March just off Interstate 25 at 3999 George W. Bush Ave. in the town just north of Fort Collins that has grown to about 10,000 residents.

Daily Business Report-Feb. 13, 2019 A rendering of the Pure Water plant. Voice of San Diego. A new water recycling system is on its way to becoming the most expensive public works project San Diego has ever undertaken.

Brewers Association Launches New Diversity and Inclusion Event Grants Program - The Brewers Association-the not-for-profit trade association dedicated to small and independent American brewers-today launched a new grant program to fund local and regional events that intentionally promote and foster a more diverse and inclusive craft beer community.

Follow the River North - Hudson Valley Brewery in Beacon, NY New York City casts a long shadow, one that extends beyond the literal silhouettes of steel, glass, and concrete that stretch across Manhattan. Culturally, it's imposing. Mention "New York" and few will think "State," or call to mind the city's northern neighbors in the Hudson Valley.

New York City's Most Coveted Beers Are Made in a Jersey Garage Getting your hands on a Mindful Ales beer can prove a difficult task. Brewer Dave Martin only nets 25 to 40 750mL bottles per batch.

Brews To Linger Over In Chattanooga's rapidly developing downtown, the only certainty is that something new will appear out of thin air seemingly every time you blink. The good thing, unlike in a lot of cities, is that many of these newcomers are really exciting and fantastic.

Homebrewing Dogma: Try, Then Trust Brewing is often a risk-averse enterprise, and the most-common answer I get when questioning brewing dogma is "well, it can't hurt," or "better safe than sorry." That's a bad habit to get into because it can lead to the maintenance of a lot of other bad or unnecessary habits that end up costing you time, money, and beer.

Bell's Brewery pulls out of Virginia over distribution dispute; we discuss it with Larry Bell Bell's Brewery is one of the biggest and most respected craft brands in American beer. Its Two Hearted Ale and Hopslam, for instance, were rated No. 1 and No. 4 in Zymurgy magazine's 2018 Best Beers in America survey.

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