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Our 2018-2019 Homeschool Picks: Grade 3 As I was opening boxes a few months ago, I breathed it in and smiled. When I was a child, I loved September. I loved it because September meant new textbooks, new readers and new notebooks-September was full of new book smell. As a home educator, I get to experience that new book smell every time I open a box of curriculum.

Local homeschooling mom shares her journey in teaching her children Debby Frisk is a homeschooling mom from Athens, Pa. She is also simply a mom who cares about her children. She encourages other parents who want to homeschool their children, but don't believe they can, by reminding them there are a variety of ways to homeschool your children.

5 Geography YouTube Channels to Make Homeschooling Come to Life Then YouTube has your back. This past year we traveled the world via YouTube. It was a blast getting to see the sites of so many different countries from the comfort of our home. Through YouTube we were able to hear natives speak, tour special landmarks, learn about delicious recipes to try, and so much more.

To school, or homeschool? The question that will not go away Schools are changing, and not necessarily for the better.

Grumpy Monday I went to Dollar Tree yesterday and bought some things to hopefully keep Elizabeth occupied during these hot, summer days. She really liked looking at the animal flashcards with me last night. But this morning she woke up grumpy. She was crying over nothing.

Homeschooling Days I loved being homeschooled. I didn't always appreciate it as much as I do now, but even as a young child I knew I wanted to homeschool my children one day. I loved getting to be with my mom and my sisters all the time and I wanted that for my future family too.

The ONE thing We are nearing the end of summer and with that the excitement to plan for a perfect upcoming homeschool year is at its peak. Curriculum companies, authors, speakers etc. are providing the top teaching materials and education theories of 2018 ensuring us that utilizing the suggested resources will equip our children to succeed in the world.

My Amazing Homeschool Man I know women often think they have the world's best husband, but I hate to break it to you; you don't. I do!! My husband is the most amazing, hardworking, homeschool Dad to ever exist. I say this with complete confidence. I mean, look at this man! He is sexy, smart, supportive, and so caring.

Homeschool Curriculum Picks Today i'm going to share with you all of our curriculum choices for each kid this year. Cruz. I couldn't just pick 1 curriculum to use with him this year, because there are so many good choices out there. So i'm doing a mix up of 4 different ones. God's Little Explorers - I used this in the past with Karina and we enjoyed it.

Homeschooling: Getting Ready for the Year It's the middle of July, and that can only mean one thing: Back to School season is upon us! If you've been to Target or Wal-Mart lately, you've no doubt seen the shelves lined with every school product imaginable.

Making Homeschool Happen on Busy Days Know that there will be periods of "off-kilter" and interruptions. If you're flexible with your days, you're less apt to feel disappointed when things don't go exactly according to plan. You've got this, mama! What do you do to make sure homeschooling happens during busy seasons?

Back-to-Homeschool Shopping Back-to-Homeschool Shopping. A commercially acknowledged event? Like with coupons, store mailers and everything! I'm not talking curriculum. I'm talking supplies. Like traditional school, but so NOT. Who are we kidding? We'd never agree on a month to hold such a thing even if retailers decided to tap into a rapidly growing market.

Preschool Homeschooling Program For Beginners Besides all of the reasons I mentioned a few days ago, I wanted to share yet another exciting reason why I was so MIA. I have been working tirelessly on a faith-based curriculum to begin homeschooling my daughter come this fall. I'm so excited guys.

Homeschooling 101 Remember I mentioned that I homeschool? Well, I am going into my SEVENTH year - so hard to believe. Especially since I NEVER wanted or thought I would homeschool my own children. I became a public school teacher so I could have the summers off when I had kids, not to actually teach them MYSELF.

Lesson 50 Assignment - "How important is the idea of covenant sanctions in the week's readings? " When we self-identify as Christians and abide by all the ordinances, rules and requirements to be a good follower of the faith, we sign up for everything, including covenant sanctions. These are essential, as God has put them in place to warn us that if we do not abide by his teachings, then we would surely face consequences.

Outschool Classes This fall I will be teaching classes over at Outschool. I am running several year-long book clubs for various ages, a Hitchcock film class, a 90-Second Newbery class, and a Common App essay class for those teens who will be applying to college this year.

Twinkl Posters We have different posters scattered around the house. Some are semi-permanent and some we just put up while we are looking at a topic but either way these visual learning aids are a big part of both the kids learning. So I thought I would share some photos and links for the Twinkl posters that we use.

Egg Bake Breakfast Casserole This egg breakfast casserole is so very simple, but tastes AMAZING! It has become our go to breakfast for overnight guests, brunch, and special occasions like Christmas morning and Easter. Start by spraying a 9x13 casserole pan with non-stick spray. Then roll out an entire tube of crescent rolls.

Prelude to Homeschooling Today we had a preliminary run for homeschooling. Angelica's curriculum for kindergarten will not arrive for another week or so. But she has this wonderful dry erase tracing book that teaches her how to write letters and numbers. She really got into it!

My Home School Graduation Speech On July 30, 2018, my sister and I celebrated the end of high school. Our graduating class included just the two of us - homeschooled since 5th grade with a one-year interlude for me in 9th grade. Below is a transcript of the speech I gave at our graduation, for those who are interested in learning a little more about the girl behind this site.

Chinese choosing homeschooling, even though it's illegal The Post report explained, "There are no official statistics on the number of parents homeschooling their children in China, and unofficial figures vary widely.

Lesson 45 Assignment - "How was Don Quixote's knight-errant oath in conflict with his deathbed oath?" Don Quixote of La Mancha, whose real name we discover to be Alonso Quixano near the end of the book, is the famous protagonist of the novel "Don Quixote" by Miguel de Cervantes. It is about a man who, due to his habit of barely sleeping and extensively reading literary works of chivalry and fantasy, had become insane.

Conversations Mr 2: is it necessary, mommy? Me: is what necessary? 2: I don't think he's here… Me: whose not here? 2: necessary! Me: oh… do you think necessary is a person? 2: yes! This is my fault because every time the dog barks at the window I say, "is that really necessary?

Bedtime Poetry Reads This post may contain affiliate links. Please check out my About page for more information. We took a cue from Brave Writer and decided to do a poetry read with some tasty blueberry scones. I managed to get all three kids to sit on a blanket and listen as I read through some of Where the Sidewalk Ends.

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