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Thanksgiving Science Resources Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season here in the United States. It's the unofficial end of fall and of winter. It's about family, togetherness, gratitude, and science. Yep. Believe it or not. Thanksgiving science is a thing. Wondering how in the world this can be?

Montessori Botany Study: Learning About Trees After learning about plants in general, we began diving into a more in-depth botany study with a tree study! We began by taking out our Types of Plants sorting cards by I Believe in Montessori and paying special attention to the trees and their characteristics.

Why Home school? Reason 1: The first question any regular school parent asks me when they find out that we are homeschooling our child is "Why?" Though each homeschooling family have their own primary reason, there is still a common thread among us all.

Cultured Wednesday: John Trumbull The Colonel Trumbull in question here is not the one who gave his family name to the county we live in, namely Trumbull County, Ohio - it is named after Jonathan Trumbull, - but his son:.

The Struggle I didn't anticipate for this blog to be about homeschool, but at the moment, it is a big part of my life and right now what I feel is, "ugh." A big capital "UGH." However, in all honesty, this is not even about homeschool. It is about how I feel about other children not my own… I don't like children, there I said it.

His dyslexia should have won the battle: But it lost Not a big deal for a confident homeschooling mom like me. Stephen is ecstatic to another great dyslexic mind. Albert Einstein, Walk Disney, Leonardo DaVinci, and so many others are in good company. Depending on the age, dyslexia can be spotted through a variety of signs.

Learning Fun I am always coming up with ways to make home schooling fun and a bit different, this game is one of those ways. I have no idea if this game actually exists in the world somewhere, but in any case, this is all my own design. It consists of the board, school bucks, property cards, chance cards, and lunch box cards.

Murals in the Market… It's hunting season here in Michigan and while we know a lot of people that are out in tree stands watching for deer, we headed to the urban outdoor spaces of downtown Detroit to hunt down Murals in the Eastern Market!

Hands-on Ancient Egypt: Israelite Mud Bricks for Kids Hands-on Ancient Egypt: Israelite Mud Bricks for Kids. Back in Ancient Egypt brick making was very hard, labor intensive work.

Eleven Tips to Help You Homeschool a BIG Family How do you make sure that everyone is getting the attention they need, the care they need, and the academic success they need?If you're homeschooling more than one kid, here are some tips to help you manage your year. One tip that will save you money, time, and brain energy, is to use the same curriculum for multiple kids.

Waldorf Storytelling Is storytelling not your strong point? Where do you start with storytelling and how do you build on that skill? I was a terrible storyteller, maybe still am, but I persevered and kept working at it and I hope to share this simple resource with you to help in your own storytelling journey.

13 Hands-On Activities for Kids That Will Make Learning Fun Hands-on activities for kids and teens make learning memorable and fun. Try these 13 hands-on learning activities that are versatile enough for any subject. I still feel guilty. I carefully constructed my see-saw and placed the bucket of plastic army men on one end.

Strength-Based Homeschooling: How to Homeschool Strong Strength-based homeschooling is about giving our children the tools to succeed and the confidence to approach life's obstacles with their best.

Detective Agency Review from Play Osmo's We have been huge Osmo's fans since the launched in 2013. We are pretty strict around here in regards to screen time and we are selective about what he is allowed to watch and play. On October 25th Osmo launched a new game Detective Agency.

Time to celebrate I am celebrating tonight. I have a child who was diagnosed as profoundly dyslexic at 9 years old. We went through 7 levels of the Barton System while I homeschooled him. He is now in a college-prep, private high school. At the recent parent-teacher conference, his teacher was shocked to find out he is dyslexic.

Mighty Readers Workbook - Book Review Did you know Bradley is learning to read this year?? Looking for good books to use in the process has been quiet a challenge. But Mighty Reader Workbook by Heidi Cooley has been a huge help in the process.

Seeking Guidance It's really amazing…the things that happen to us when we become parents, the choices and changes we undertake. When I was childless I remember vehemently swearing that I would never do so many things that are now almost a staple to my parenting; from what they eat to what we clean with.

New Series: Homeschool Q&A First, exciting news for me, then exciting news for you. So if Lea Ann decides to write a book on homeschooling, which aspect of homeschooling does she choose? I'm so thrilled that Tyndale Publishers has invited me to write the first-ever complete all-in-one, everything-you-need-to-know book about homeschooling.

The Choice to Homeschool: 3 Things to Think About Before You Commit Before you commit to homeschooling consider these three important questions: Is it best for your child, are you prepared to put in the time necessary to be successful and, can you afford it? Having solid answers to these questions will help your homeschooling dream become reality.

Awesome Science Gifts Under $20 Do you have a science-lover in your house? Make holidays and birthdays even more special by giving them a science gift that they will appreciate, use, and maybe even laugh at. There are lots of great science gift guides and lists out there.

Is My Dream Dangerous? Martin Luther King Jr., I too have a dream. It might not seem as grand as his. No one but me and God might know it exists. But it's there. Deeply rooted in who I am, extending to every fiber of my being. My dream is a beautiful one, but potentially dangerous.

Christmas Gift Guides 2018 This collection of gift guides will help you to find gifts for your whole shopping list. From little kids to friends you'll find just the right gift guide.

Rescue us from norms! It must have taken a lot of courage for Richard Macer to make the documentary about his son's Dyslexia. Especially at a time of his learning life when his future seemed to hang in jeopardy upon his SATs results. The family's feelings were hinged on it.

How to Replace Your Regular Elementary Curriculum With Holiday-Themed Curriculum in December The Supply List is included in the Lesson Plan download at the end of this post. Don't let homeschooling add to your holiday stress. Use your time wisely to make some Christmas memories instead! The four eCourses and 2 eBooks would normally cost over $85, but you can snag them now, bundled all together, for just $37.

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