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What about Secondary School ? Aren't you glad your little attempt at home educating is over now that your daughter will be starting secondary school in September ? What, why are you not placing your daughter in Secondary school ? So you've found tutors for all the Secondary school subjects ?

Ireland Unit: Dublin Castle Model One of the things I like to do with our unit studies is make a model or diorama of a major landmark or place. In 2015 I visited Ireland and loved Dublin castle, and thought it would make a fun project for my oldest and I. First, we gathered some parts - I used a oatmeal container for the tower and a milk carton for the main part.

Ireland Unit Study: Geography Our study of Ireland wouldn't be complete without our signature foam map! We used our pattern to trace onto paper and then cut it out. You can download your copy of the map HERE. We used map pins to attach the different countries onto the map. Derry - Located in Northern Ireland,, also known as Londonderry, is a city on the River Foyle.

St. Patrick's Day Themed Sensory Bin My girls LOVE sensory play. Every time I make a sensory bin, my kiddos go nuts for a long time feeling, sorting, arranging, etc. Most of the sensory bins I make are geared for my oldest because my youngest likes to put most everything in her mouth and so I have to watch her closely, which defeats the purpose I made it for.

George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum While we were at Physics Fest in College Station, Texas we took the opportunity to visit the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. We decided to start at the current rotating exhibit called Spies, Traitors, Saboteurs: Fear and Freedom in America.

Hallway Art Museum I love art and have always thoroughly enjoyed lounging on the couch looking through coffee table books full of prints while sipping my evening glass of wine. I especially love the pre-photography eras of art. It's neat to briefly step into a time where all visual documentation was the results of the exceptional talent of so few.

Physics Fest 2019 Earlier in April we traveled down to College Station, TX for Physics Fest at A&M. When we went last year we found out that Madison isn't really into physics. But…she really likes the group we hang out with and socializing so we decided to go again this year.

Our Favorite Read Aloud Books for History and Science I've found that while my boys are young, my favorite way to study history and science is with read aloud books. These are a few books that we've read and really loved! This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Fun, Easy, Colourful Paper Pictures We have been having a super chilled few days and had some fun playing around with some new colourful paper that we bought. We started off with a few colouring pages and we selected the paper that we wanted to use. We turned the colouring page over and shaded over the lines.

RevisitED: Gardiner Scholarships give students with autism a homeschool lifeline The scholarship afforded Edwards the ability to tailor education programs, high-end curriculum and therapies to suit her son's needs. The Gardiner Scholarship is also unique in another way among the educational choice options that Florida provides: It provides scholarship support for parents who choose home education for their children.

The Big Easy Our second major detour en route from Colorado to Florida was New Orleans. Even weeks after Mardi Gras, beads were still visible in the trees and tourists were inebriated before noon. But we focused our afternoon's stroll on the beauty of the buildings in the French Quarter, eating beignets, and checking out the waterfront.

Being Healthy As a Stay at Home Mom When most people think of stay at home moms, they usually imagine someone who is always home cooking and cleaning and changing diapers. But, chances are that they also imagine the mom is probably not taking good care of herself because she is always taking care of her family.

Week 31 I can tell it's Spring around here. This is usually the time each year when outings ramp up and structured lessons begin to wrap up. This week, we visited the local conservatory for some flower and butterfly learning, explored one of our favorite natural play areas, and held snakes and spied on minnows at a new favorite spot.

Homeschooling Book for New Homeschoolers - When You Don't Know Where to Begin Homeschooling 31 Day Boot Camp for New Homeschoolers: When You Don't Know Where to Begin is a book I wrote especially to help new homeschoolers get started with homeschooling. Look at the 4 ways this book is unique from other homeschool books:. You'll love these 3 special features in my new book:.

Second Grade Reading Lessons & Activities by CoreKnowledge Second Grade Reading Lessons and Activities by CoreKnowledge. This is the set of reading and language arts lesson and teaching modules for the second grade published by CoreKnowledge. Grade 2 Reading, Literature and Language standards covered by these units, workbooks and readers include the following:.

Free Preschool Printable: Counting Trains Worksheets This weeks' FREE Preschool Printable is a great one for your Toddler, Preschooler, or Kindergartener who is learning about counting and recognizing numbers. These Counting Trains Worksheets come with :. Suggestions:. Check out the pictures below. Download your FREE Counting Trains Worksheets and Cards by clicking the link below the pictures.

Remembering Our Ancestors: Steward Leslie Denney Today, we wish to remember our great-grandfather Steward Leslie Denney, who would have celebrated his 143rd birthday earlier this week. We wonder if he spelled his name Stewerd, as it says on his headstone, or Steward, as it says on several documents, but it probably doesn't matter a whole lot.

4 Music Textbooks and Note Reading Worksheet 4 Music Textbooks and Note Reading Worksheet. Here are four well written and easy-to-understand Music texts for beginning music theory students, for all grade levels, along with a good, fundamental Treble Clef Note Reading Worksheet that will help those just learning their musical notes in the treble clef.

CTCMath Is a MUST for Your Relaxed Homeschool Hi, my name is Shelly, and I homeschool eight kids. Do I have your attention now? I'm going to admit, as a mom of eleven, eight isn't really all that difficult to handle. I mean it! After graduating my three oldest, I finally feel like I've got the hang of this homeschooling thing.

Time, money and method: three things to consider if you're thinking about homeschooling your child Homeschooling can be worth it if parents or guardians who choose to educate their children this way know the challenges. Here are the three main ones.

Ideals vs. Reality I had grand visions of what life and school would look like when we started homeschooling this year. We would all wake, dress, make our beds and the children would happily gather at the breakfast table for a hot home cooked breakfast. After morning chores, I would guide them through their school work with a smile and kind, gentle instruction.

Students Take Home Top Awards in 'The Color of Music' Art Contest The Faith Homeschool Tutorial community is thrilled to celebrate with K-8th grade art students for winning numerous awards at The Color of Music awards ceremony held on April 13, 2019 at the Carl Perkins Civic Center.

Back to Our Saigon Life It was an amazing trip, and I look back on it all fondly, but for some reason, my heart is just so full when I see these photos of our time in Saigon.

12 Personal Goals For 2019 and How I Established Them Do you ever get tired of setting the same goals year after year, only to let them taper off somewhere between months three and five?

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