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KS3 Maths Study GuideMost of the KS3 Maths resources that my daughter uses are worksheets downloaded from websites and a few extra practice pages from some activity workbooks.

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1920s for KidsLearn about the Roaring Twenties with this fun, FREE Printable 1920s for Kids Reader. This 20s worksheets are a great way to learn American History for kids.

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Well played&Cillians last subject every school day is art. He generally enjoys it and its a good way to finish off our day.

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Homeschool divide: parents say their children's online learning class times vary widely and in qualityA homeschooling divide is emerging across the country as some classes run just two times a week while other pupils are tackling a full timetable.

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Bookshark Science ReviewNow that were half way through the school year, Im going to start giving reviews of the individual curriculum we have been using this year.

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Homeschool Days at the Mississippi AquariumThe Mississippi Aquarium welcomes homeschool families and groups to visit, explore, and participate in hands-on educational activities.

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Homeschooling 2.0: How are families coping this time round?We’re almost a month into Homeschool: The Sequel and many families are settling into a routine of weary familiarity.

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How to keep homeschool costs down: Our guide to the best digital dealsLockdown now demands that millions of parents have to juggle work and their children's schooling from home.

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Homeschool Researcher Brian D. Ray Promotes Books Linked to Child Abuse, DeathsIt is beyond time that the Christian Homeschooling Movement takes Brian D. Ray to task for continuing to promote books linked to so many cases of child abuse and deaths.

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Mommy School: Friendship and MLK DayTo start off last week on Martin Luther King Jr. Day we read Who was Martin Luther King Jr.?

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How North East parents are juggling work with homeschooling and if they think schools should reopenSchools were shut at the beginning of January to help prevent the spread of Covid but what do parents feel about the closure?

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Our Homeschool "Why"The thought of homeschooling used to conjure up all kinds of images of weird, unsocialized children who spoke Greek at the age of 7, but were unable to function outside of the home.

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Essential Teaching Tips You Can Learn from a ToySometimes the best ideas come from the funniest places. Most of us have played with the electronic game, Simon.

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Home Schooling tips during Covid!Coping with home schooling during this pandemic. Being in lockdown and how to handle alternative ways of teaching.

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A Little Less ConversationIve been thinking about communication a lot this week. How do you talk to someone?

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How to keep homeschool costs down: Our guide to the best digital dealsLockdown now demands that millions of parents have to juggle work and their children's schooling from home.

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Headteacher goes viral after sending ‘inspiring' letter to parents struggling with homeschoolingBut one headteacher has gone viral after he sent a letter to mums and dads who are currently struggling to homeschool their kids.

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What Is Reading?Back in those days, they segregated students based on abilities. The white group were the 'smart' or 'gifted' children.

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Homeschooling 🤯I know a lot of parents are feeling the homeschool pain at the moment. I’m home with my 5 year old Sam and my 3 year old Ava is still able to go to preschool 3 days a week.

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Unit Studies: World War IIOur World War II study once again leaned heavily on a Chicago Review Press book.

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How to Teach Poetry for Homeschool High SchoolHow to Teach Poetry for Homeschool High School Everyone who knows 7Sister Vicki, knows she loves poetry and taught her teens to love poetry also.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William are ‘very involved' in their children's homeschoolingThe Cambridges are undoubtedly the most talked-about family in the world, and following their role elevation over the coronavirus pandemic, it's hardly According to recent reports, Kate Middleton and Prince William are extremely hands-on with their homeschooling.

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Animal BOOK LOOK  Chapter 7  The Woodchuck FamilyChapter 7 The Woodchuck Family Peter Rabbit delivered Mother Nature’s message to Johnny Chuck requesting he join them for a learning session.

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Horrible Histories Book SetOne of the things we have found tough about the lockdowns has been the limited library access.

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HS #274 How My Kid Taught Me to Teach Him… Computer programming ! with Jennifer CabreraAn interview with a self-motivated homeschooler on how he taught himself computer programming. And how homeschool moms can get out of the way and let curiosity drive our kids' education further than we can shove it!

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Snowy Owl Baby Scrape Art Craft for KidsKids will love making this SUPER CUTE Snowy Baby Owls Craft this winter. This paint project uses a fun scrape tecnique to make the owl craft for kids!

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'I work but can't afford a laptop and can't get help'Parents support our Laptops4Kids campaign as they reveal how they are being told they can't get hold of the devices their children need and are, in some cases, ending up feeling guilty because their kids can't get online.

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Strategies for Homeschooling a Child with ADHDHomeschooling a child with ADHD has it's own challenges. Here are 3 strategies that can help you create a working homeschool, one that supports you, and more importantly, your child.

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Air Pressure Experiments incluing Egg in a BottleAmaze kids as they learn about air and air pressure with these FUN Air Pressure Experiments including eggi in a bottle, straw, can crusher, and more!

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Tidy Up TuesdayHello hello friends! I have something simple and sweet to share with you guys today.

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Pirate Birthday PartySuper cute PIRATE birthday party with lots of pirate birthday party ideas: pirate cake, pirate food, pirate games for kids and more!

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Pretty St Patricks Day Rainbow Handprint CraftKids will love making this pretty rainbow handprint craft to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. This simple st patrick's day arts and crafts uses children's very own hands as the centerpiece for a precious, memorable keepsake.

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Building A See-Saw: the engineering way! #autismhomeschoolingSince our homeschool theme is on the book Lets Go To the Park Playground! We thought it would be fun to build a see saw.

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Favorite PastimesMy boys love playing outside. I love that at ages 11, 8, and 4 they continue their favorite pastime of collecting rocks in the street.

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New Survey Reveals Parents Who Switched to Homeschooling in Pandemic are Happy with DecisionLAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Time4Learning, a national homeschool curriculum, today released key findings of a national study measuring perceptions of homeschooling parents against those of the general population.

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Arctic Animals Notebooking Pages for Studying the Animals of the Arctic RegionUse these free Arctic animals notebooking pages to show what you've learned. Comes in 3 different levels for K-8th grades; in color and bl/wh.

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ABC Course, Lesson 14, Week 3, Writing AssignmentWrite an essay on this topic: How much money will my family save if I quiz out of the first two years of college?

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'Knackered and confused.' That's just the parents.The lack of certainty about schools returning is fraying the exhausted nerves of parents.

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Here's my plan to save education: cancel the summer holidays and send children back to school in JulyHomeschooling simply isn't working for parents or children. The best way forward is to pause the academic year and start it again in the summer. Shared .

Read Aloud Book ClubLearn more about our Read Aloud Book Club you want more info about the benefits of reading aloud, check out these articles , check out my video on How to Be a Read Aloud Superstar!

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15 Best Valentine's Day Books for KidsOverview: Want to share some beautiful books about love and friendship with your kiddos for Valentine's Day?

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Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Louis influenced by Kate's clever homeschool tacticsTHE crucial work Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, has carried out for her early years project has influenced how she approaches home learning with her children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, according to a royal expert. Shared .

ADHD PARENTING 101: Simple Shifts to Start 2021 RightWelcome to my series ADHD PARENTING 101! In this series, I focus on the nitty-gritty of parenting a child with ADHD, with topics ranging ADHD diagnosis and ADHD treatments to emerging research on ADHD and practical strategies you can implement today in your own home to bring out the best in your family.

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The Homeschooling Experiment: Tips for ParentsParents have had a lot thrown at them over the past year. Kimball Lewis has seen the impact of these times on families firsthand, as CEO of parenting coaching company Empowering Parents. Shared .

Mama chatI am a little flair of fun and crazy with 6 kids. We homeschool and try to keep ourselves in budget for life.

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Your homeschool mega-guide for lockdown 3.0From maths lessons with Carol Vorderman to storytime with Oprah, Jake Helm and Katie Strick pick the homeschool heroes to see your children through lockdown 3.0.

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Paper Plate HaircutsUsing your thick marker, draw fun and silly face on the back of the paper plate.

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When will schools reopen?As the lockdown continues across England, schools remain closed - but when are they expected to reopen?

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How to Get Everyone on Board with ChangeIt's January. That means you are probably doing a little reset in your homeschool. Maybe you are making some small changes, maybe you are making BIG ones.

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Hanging Rainbow and Pot of Gold St Patricks Day CraftSimple St Patricks day craft for kids to make. This pot of gold craft is a fun st patrick's day craft ideas for preschoolers using construction paper.

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Parents share photos of their brilliant, and often hilarious, homeschooling setupsHow innovative families are creating cosy cubbyholes and classroom-style desks - plus how their dogs and cats like to get in on the homeschooling action too!

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Kate Middleton's homeschoolingPrince William and Kate Middleton are juggling their royal duties around homeschooling Prince George and Princess Charlotte - and they need to keep their youngest, Prince Louis, entertained as well.

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Valentines Day Lego Brick STEM ChallengeValentines day celebration with Lego using this FUN valentines day activity for kids of all ages to design and build valentines day stem activities!

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Jelly Bean Science ExperimentGet ready for your kids to say WOW with this really beauitful jelly bean experiment. This jelly bean stem activity uses simple materials to help kids explore a variety of areas to create a truly beautiful rainbow activities for preschoolers. Use this jelly bean science experiment with preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd...

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Homeschooling during a pandemic can work. Just ask this mother of 13."That's the big take away through this whole pandemic," said Janet Cox, who's found success in homeschooling her kids.

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LOTS of Fun Dr Seuss Activities for KidsKids will have a blast with these creative and unique Dr Seuss Activities. Celebrate Dr Seuss' birthday on March 2 with crafts, printables, and games.

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50 Easter Bunny Crafts for KidsOver 50 super cute and creative Easter bunny crafts for kids. These bunny craft preschool, toddler, and kindergarten are fun ideas for April.

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FREE Insect Telling Time PuzzlesTelling the Tme Game using cute insect printables. This telling the time activity uses bug puzzles for learning to tell the time to hour and half hour.

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Cute Cupcake Liner Octopus Ocean Craft for PreschoolersThis simple octopus craft ideas is a super cute octopus craft for preschoolers to make using a cupcake liner; fun ocean craft for kids of all ages.

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New year, same homeschool problems: Cope with these memesWe've rounded up some of the most hilarious and downright relatable homeschool memes to have you in stitches in no time.

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Funny Birthday Card for MomMy favorite? Now that Im older I really want to thank you for never leaving me in a shopping cart and running for the exit.

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Families that homeschool also adjusting to pandemic changesWhen Governor Mike DeWine closed schools in March, it didn't just affect the public and private sectors of education but homeschooled families as well.

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Brandon Homeschool Group Provides Classical Education With Charis CooperativeFor 12 families in the Brandon, Seffner and Mango areas, this includes being a part of the Charis Homeschool Cooperative, a ministry of Bay Life Church of Brandon.

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FREE Alphabet Letter MatchThis beginning sounds activity is such a fun ABC Games to practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters as well as initial sounds.

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Phyllis and the Fossil Finders. A Twinkl eBookIt is strange it think it is only January and yet we are all already feeling exhausted and a bit fed up with the current set up for home education.

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Beautiful Chromatography Flowers Science Project for KidsLearn how to make these beautiful chromatography flowers using coffee filters and markers. This flower chromatography is both a fun flower craftsAND a simple science experiments for kids that explores colors while making pretty craft flowers for spring and summer. This STEAM project is the perfect spring activity for toddler, preschool,...

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FREE Spring Digraph Puzzle ActivitiesDigraph activities including free printable puzzles to make learning fun. These spring activities kindergarten include ch, ph, sh, th, and wh words.

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St Patrick's Day ThemeLearn all about Saint Patrick's Day with this delightful, week-long st patrick's day theme! These St Patrick's day activities are kids of all ages!

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What if Football Disappeared?Buy AumSum Merchandise: : if Football, if Football disappeared, other sports like Hockey, Cricket, Tennis may become more popular.

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Wendler: Reaching out to the growing homeschool communityWalter Wendler's column examines the growing homeschool community and why it is important for higher education to reach out to this community.

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February Themed Activities for KidsFebruary has so many fun calendar observances. Here you'll find a month's worth of calendar observances and February themed activities for kids, including many Montessori-inspired activities for home or classroom.

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Rainbow Density Science ExperimentExplore density with this beautiful rainbow science experiment which is perfect for spring. Use this SIMPLE density experiment with kids of all ages!

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FREE St Patricks Day Printable Pot of Gold Count and Write MatsPot of Gold Counting activity for preschoolers! Grab printable St Patricks Day Math for counting 1-10, writing number words, and tracing numberals too.

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FREE St Patricks Day Printable Counting Puzzles 1-20Kids will have a blast counting the gold coins with this St Patricks Day Math activity using puzzles to count 1-20.

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FREE St Patricks Day Printable Shamrock Syllables Sort ActivityShamrock Syllables activity is a free St Patricks Day Printable for hands-on, educational litearcy activity in March with K, Grade 1, and Grade 2.

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FREE St Patricks Day Counting CardsKids will have fun practicing counting using St Patricks Day Math ten frames with these printable Counting Cards perfect for March.

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Missing Number on Number Line Clip SticksThis Missing Number on Number Line clip stick project makes fun number line activities for preschool number games for children.

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FUN Super Hero Birthday PartyDo you have a super hero in training at your house? Make their next birthday party EPIC with all these fun Super Hero Birthday Party ideas!

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Psychologist reveals the impact homeschooling has on mental healthThe news of schools closing in the UK has left both parents and children feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

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What if Spider Man Disappeared?Buy AumSum Merchandise: : if Spider-Man, if Spider-Man disappeared, famous Spider-Man adversaries like Doctor Octopus, The Lizard etc.

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'Weak, exhausted and overworked'The Londoner found herself going through work emails to keep herself awake for the children, instead of resting.

MyLondon Shared .

Subtraction Mini-Book WorksheetsFree Subtraction worksheets for kindergarten and first grade students to fill in to practice math facts and then turn into a FUN printable math mini book!

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FREE Subtraction Bingo Math GameSubtraction Bingo is a FUN math game for 1st grade and 2nd grade students to achieve math fluency.

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2021 is here! Hmmm&So, how has your year started? If, like me, youre in the UK and have kids its probably started off being pretty busy.

The Next Chapters Shared .

Math with a Rainbow AbacusHave fun practicing counting by 1s and 10s with this Rainbow Abacus Activity.

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

Milk Toast RainbowsQuick and EASY-to-make Rainbow Milk Toast is a fun rainbow, color, or spring activitiy for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and up!

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

Pi Day Craft and Writing Activity for KidsDid you know that March 14th is pi day? If you are looking for fun pi day ideas to celebrate pi day with kids, you will love this cute pi craft!

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FREE Trigraphs Reading spr, squ, and str WordsThese free trigraph readers are a FUN trigraphs activity to work on spr words, squ words, and str words with first grade and 2nd grade students!

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25 Activities for National Bubble WeekCelebrate National Bubble Week in March with these activities to play and learn. Have a bubble week with these crafts, math, science, and literacy ideas.

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FREE Spring Flowers First Grade Sight Words GamesPractice reading with cute spring flower sight word game. Download pdf file with printable 1st grade sight words games for a playful activity this spring!

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Cereal CraftPot of gold craft that uses cereal to work on name recognition. This st patricks day idea is cute craft for St Patricks Day Preschool or kindergarten!

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

EASY Leprechaun Rocks Science Activity for St Patricks DaySt Patrick's Day Activity playing and learning with magic leprechaun rocks. This science experiment produces a fun WOW experinece for little learners!

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

Kindergarten CurriculumHi friends! It’s been awhile, but I’m back with what we chose for kindergarten curriculum.

Hand Raising Homeschool Shared .

A 4th Educator's Perspective: Happy HomeschoolersWith her background in early childhood education and her flexible job as a doula and childbirth educator, Melissa was a great candidate for homeschooling.

20/20(hind)sight Shared .

Friday and Fun day!He’s painting the gun Levi made for him. Silas is painting his pistol too. This is very Silas, red is his favorite color.

Oh, My Soul Rejoice! Shared .

Relaxed Homeschooling Resources for 4 Year Old or YoungerSo your little one wants to learn how to read or is showing an increased interest in books? Shared .

Mike Tindall Displays Homeschool Arts and Crafts ResultsMike Tindall, who is expecting his third child with wife Zara, said he looks like a "creepy villain" after an arts and crafts session with his daughter. Shared .

A Fun Day of SpanishBean10 has been finding Spanish a little tough recently, so I wanted to inject a bit of fun into the subject by creating a day filled with entertaining ways of practising the language.

Five Escape The Classroom Shared .

Our Homeschool Then and NowOh how things have changed! Here are 7 things that have changed in our homeschool in the last 7 years.

Homeschool on the Hill Shared .

English 2 Lesson 85How important were the miracles in the book's account of Jesus' early ministry? Jesus's miracles were represented as incredibly important, as they were the thing that showed that he was the son of God.

Francine's Homeschool Blog Shared .

The Glasgow roasters you encounter when you're homeschoolingWe're sure you've encountered 'The Perfect Parent', 'The Hipster Family' or just... teenagers... This angry Glasgow da doesn't hold back on how homeschooling's going for him this lockdown.

GlasgowLive Shared .

Help homeschooling children in Bury without devices as we back the Greater Manchester Tech FundThousands of children in Greater Manchester are affected by the digital divide and homeschool has brought this into sharp focus. Shared .

Help homeschooling children in Manchester without devices as we back the Greater Manchester Tech FundThousands of children in Greater Manchester are affected by the digital divide and homeschool has brought this into sharp focus. Shared .

Help homeschooling children without devices in Trafford as we back the Greater Manchester Tech FundThousands of children in Greater Manchester are affected by the digital divide and homeschool has brought this into sharp focus. Shared .

Help homeschooling children in Bolton without devices as we back the Greater Manchester Tech FundThousands of children in Greater Manchester are affected by the digital divide and homeschool has brought this into sharp focus. Shared .

Homeschool .After nearly five months, I sat down with the children yesterday and asked them what they thought of homeschooling.

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'I feel guilty that I can't help my daughter with her school work': Lancashire parents weigh-in on the reality of homeschooling in a pandemicParents were once again thrown into a repeat of the schools were closed again on January 5 in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19.

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Little Brains, Big Concepts: Understanding 10This post is part of the Little Brains, Big Concepts series. Check out the previous posts: Introduction, Number, Counting Strategies, Part-Whole Relationships.

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Week 20Another week in the books! Nate had Monday off work, so we joined him for a day off and checked out some houses.

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Stacey Solomon admits to 'dirty hair, house and broken nails' amid homeschool pressure in supportive post to followersThe Loose Women star won't be on her own as parents up and down the country face many more weeks of their children being at home.

Manchester Evening News Shared .

5 DIY Cardboard Games Your Kids Will LoveChildren are always excited to get presents - especially toys. But don't think that every toy needs to be off the shelf.

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Help homeschooling children without devices as we back the Greater Manchester Tech FundInYourArea is joining forces with Manchester Evening News to help put an end to digital exclusion across Greater Manchester. Shared .

Shadows  Theme for the weekWe choose a theme each week. Most of our work then follows the theme. Our worksheets will follow the theme and our crafts.

Coffee, Life & Me Shared .

Brian O'Driscoll shows off his genius maths hack for homeschoolingIt seems like dad of three, Brian O'Driscoll isn't enjoying homeschool any more than the rest of the country, but he admitted he had a secret weapon to help.

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Our Simple Homeschool ScheduleIf I had a homeschool motto, it would be, "Point my children to God, love them well, and keep it simple." As much as I love intricate lesson plans, I've learned that we get so much more accomplished if I keep it simple.

Redeeming Home Shared .

The struggle of juggling homework and homeschoolThe UK's third national came as an unsurprising blow to the start of the new year.

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"Kepa, do you want to tell us your secret? "Another tough week of homeschooling in the books? We challenged Blues goalkeepers Kepa Arrizabalaga and Willy Caballero to a homeschooling task, only we'd given Kepa the answers and Willy didn't know...

ChelseaFC Shared .

Last Night of 35Well, yesterday was intense. Daniel definitely does not handle food dyes well. We of course already knew that, but they hit him hard yesterday.

Youngfamilyanchoringin Shared .

FREE Tooth Fairy Letter and Notes PrintablesKids of all ages from toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4 students will enjoy receiving one of these tooth fairy letters, Whether you need a printable tooth fairy letter to maket the occassion special, because the tooth fairy forgot, the fairy was late, or you want to mark how your children are...

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Boom Card Deck: Parts of the Ukulele Multiple Choice Digital ActivityParts of the ukulele distance education, home learning activity for music students on the Boom Learning platform.

Owen Family Homeschool Shared .

Stacey Solomon admits to 'dirty hair, house and broken nails' amid homeschool pressure in supportive post to followersThe Loose Women star won't be on her own as parents up and down the country face many more weeks of their children being at home.

MSN Shared .

Free Printable Us Presidents WorksheetsAmerican Presidents Worksheets help kids learn about the Presidents of the United States. All 46 US presidents from George Washington to Joe Biden.

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

FREE Printable March Coloring PagesGrab these super cute March coloring pages for kids with silly leprechauns, pot of gold, shamrocks, four leaf clovers, tulip flowers, rainbows, and more.

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

FREE Printable March Creative Writing PromptsMake writing fun for kids with these FREE Printable March Writing Prompts. So many writing ideas for March with K-4th grade.

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

FREE March Monthly Meal PlanEnjoy your extra free time planning for your homeschool, celebrating St. Patrick's Day, getting outside, and playing with your kids!

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

FUN St Patricks Day Hand Art CraftsAdorable St Patrick art and craft for toddlers and preschoolers to make with their hands!

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

Stacey Solomon reveals her 'dirty hair, house and broken nails' amid homeschool pressureSTACEY Solomon has opened up about embracing her "dirty hair", "dirty house" and "broken nails" during the third national lockdown.

The Irish Sun Shared .

Easy St Patricks Bead Crafts for ToddlersCute saint patrick's day crafts for toddlers that works on fine motor skills to make a shamrock bead necklace craft.

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

Clover Stamping with PeppersSimple and fun st patrick's day crafts for toddlers making clovers with a sensory painting activity for March.

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

50+ FUN St Patrick's Day Activities for KidsFun St Patrick's Day Activities this March with these clever ideas. St patricks day ideas for kids of all ages rainbows, leprechuans, and shamrocks oh my!

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

FREE St Patricks Day Create-A-Word Spelling WorksheetsSpelling activity for kindergarten and elementary age students to improve their spelling with st patrick's day worksheets in March!

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

Royally-approved nanny shares an important list of homeschooling activitiesPrince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis' nanny has a very important list of activities for the Cambridge children.

Marie Claire Shared .

My Word Of The Year For 2021Do you choose a Word of the Year to guide your intentions and actions for the upcoming year?

Project Happy Home Shared .

Those Lockdown Blues.Having entered National Lockdown Number 3 at the start of 2021, more people than ever are suffering with the Lockdown Blues.

Amy’s Digital Diary Shared .

Inventors Week: Which Women Do We Include?A small list of women inventors to add to your inventors week curriculum.

Integrated Social Studies Shared .

Brighton CEO reveals mother with four kids and one laptop inspired £25,000 pledge to buy technology for homeschooling fansBrighton CEO Paul Barber spoke to talkSPORT about the club's pledge to buy 100 computers for fans.

TalkSPORT Shared .

3 Questions to ask before picking a homeschool curriculumThere is so much to choose from in the world of homeschool curriculum! In todays blog post, Im walking you through my three questions to ask BEFORE picking curricula.

Homeschooling Hamiltons Shared .

Homeschool Panic AttackThere is nothing else I can change. I have changed so much already. No grocery shopping alone during the day, no more bi-weekly manicures, no more easily completed home staging jobs.

Living Radiant Shared .

Help children homeschooling without devices with the M.E.N's Digital Donation DayPupils working from home are in desperate need of devices and data to do their schoolwork.

Manchester Evening News Shared .

Our Homeschool Morning Flow And Routine Using Our Morning BasketCHECK OUT ALL MY FAVS ON MY AMAZON STORE:, my name is Lindsay and welcome!

Momma Schmooze Homeschool Reviews Shared .

More, more, MORE of @PanKwake's 'Homeschooling' ResourcesMore resources for homeschooling your child during these turbulent times from the best expert of all  a neurodivergent home educated teen.

Self-Directed Learning & Neurodiversity Shared .

The State of Homeschool: Part 1If your car got a flat tire in the middle of a trip would you delay changing the tire until you arrived at your destination?

Jesus Homeschools. And She Does Too Shared .

How to get help if you don't have a laptop for homeschoolingAs part of our Laptops4Kids campaign, we're striving to help Birmingham's Digital Education Partnership get as many laptops to youngsters who need them as quickly as possible.

BirminghamLive Shared .

Holly Willoughby reveals her homeschooling set up with son ChesterHolly Willoughby has let fans in on a sneak peak of her family life with son Chester as the pair get stuck into lockdown homeschooling.

Closer Shared .

Students, parents describe challenges of homeschoolingThe Government has reiterated its commitment to reopen schools on 1 February, but with just over ten days to go until that deadline, many are skeptical about the prospect of pupils returning to the classroom. Shared .

What if Queen Elizabeth Disappeared?Buy AumSum Merchandise: : if Queen Elizabeth, if Queen Elizabeth disappeared, Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth may feel extremely lonely.

It's AumSum Time Shared .

Lockdown Long Haul: Tips for surviving the never-ending home-school slogIf the thought of several more weeks of homeschooling makes your heart sink, these tips and tricks from parenting experts might help.

The Telegraph Shared .

The Good and The Beautiful CurriculumI cannot say enough about how this curriculum has changed our home school time. That and advice and encouragement from a few books I have read lately: Awakening Wonder-Sally Clarkson The Call of the Wild + Free-Ainsley Arment You can access TGTB Language Arts curriculum, levels 1-5 for free.

A Simple Prairie Life Shared .

Animal BOOK LOOK  Chapter 6  Striped Chipmunk and His CousinsChapter 6 Striped Chipmunk and His Cousins News travels quickly through the Green Forest and over the Green Meadows, so it was not surprising that Striped Chipmunk heard all about the learning adventures Mother Nature was providing.

P. L. A. Y. Shared .

FREE Dental Health Coloring PagesGrab these free printable Dental Coloring Pages to celebrate your teeth during Dental Health Month in February.

123 Homeschool 4 Me Shared .

EU261: Deschooling with Joss GouldenJoss Goulden, who lives in Western Australia and is mom to two kids, joins me to talk about her family's unschooling journey.

Exploring Unschooling Shared .

Mike Tindall shares hilarious photo from homeschooling attemptsJanuary 21, 2021-06:41 GMT Mike Tindall shares a hilarious photo from his attempts to homeschool Mia, his eldest daughter with pregnant Zara Tindall.

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'Young people are being held back'The poorest children in the city are 'suffering considerably' without access to a computer or a reliable connection to attend virtual lessons and carry out schoolwork.

BirminghamLive Shared .

How To Create A Magical Childhood Through Creative WritingFind out how to use creative writing to create a magical homeschool experience for your children.

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Oak National Academy homeschool lessons set to become free to browse on mobileVodafone, Three, O2, BT, EE, Virgin, Sky and Plusnet customers will benefit.

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Our days are like day and night.Today was a really productive day. We all ate an actual breakfast. It was oatmeal but I had toppings so it wasnt awful.

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Mike Tindall shares hilarious photo from his attempts to homeschool daughter MiaDr. Jill Biden’s Sparkly Inauguration Day Look Is A Tribute To American Designers.

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When Poetry UnitesEmbracing current events in real-time is a hallmark of homeschools everywhere. When something happens, we can watch, research, discuss and learn from it as it happens.

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Hot Cross BunsWant to learn to play the recorder? Theres no better place to start than with Hot Cross Buns.

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Chinese Officials Raid Home of Children in a Christian Homeschool Co-OpChinese government officials reportedly recently raided a Christian homeschool co-op that is a part of the Early Rain Covenant Church. Shared .

Hello WinterMy, my, my and it has been awhile. I have never been one to be consistent.

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Maths Revision Books Year 7 and Year 8When I first started on our home education journey I spent hours sitting in local book stores paging through the different workbook options that they had on their shelves.

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Wilson's World Homeschool: Science Moms Inspiring Other Mothers to Connect with Science, the Climate, and their KidsWilson talks with Dr Katherine Hayhoe a climate scientist about the Science Moms program which was founded to help mothers who are concerned about their childrens' planet, but aren't confident in their knowledge about climate change or how they can help.

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Tom and Giovanni Fletcher trolled after showing off impressive homeschooling set upThe celebrity pair were accused of making other parents feel 'inadequate' after sharing their home classroom.

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Wilson's World Homeschool: Checking Out Mars and Uranus in the Night Sky with Ms. P from Northwest School of the ArtsWe check back in with Stephanie Przystanski of Northwest School of the Arts who is telling us how we can go outside tonight, check out the night sky and enjoy a beautiful view of the moon, Mars and Uranus.

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More 'Homeschooling' Resources from @PanKwakePanKwake was thrilled when I asked her to share some of her favorite resources with those families forced to 'lockdown learn.' I don't think I even finished getting the words out of my mouth before she was pulling up websites and YouTube channels she wanted other to know about.

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Let's Mix Art and Science Experiments at HomeWhen science meets art. 5 amazing colourful activities for kids that combine art and science.

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Wonderful Books for 3rd GradersPick 3rd grade reading books that are engaging and fun-to-read! Plus grab Books for Third Graders printable with FREE 3rd grade reading list!

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Getting through homeschooling with MSMy largest concerns as a parent are finding that difficult balancing act between ensuring he does his work, giving him support, keeping an eye on activity levels , whilst giving him his prized screen-time possessions.

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Cooking with kids  Veggie Pasta BakeAs part of learning about healthy food choices, my son wanted to help prepare dinner.

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FREE Chinese New Year WorksheetsChinese New Year Worksheets to help children practice math and litearcy skills with engaging activities and a chance to discover a different culture.

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100+ Spring Crafts and Activities for Kids of all agesGet inspired with over 130 creative and fun activities and spring crafts for kids. We have found the BEST spring craft ideas for kids of all ages from toddler, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd graders too!

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Homeschool numbers greater this year than last for FCSD#25Although the numbers fluctuate from year to year, the district recognized only 75 home based education students last year, but that increased to 100 home school students this year.

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The 17 Books I Read in 2020I have a goal each year of reading one book each month. 2020 unexpectedly gave a lot of us extra time for reading so I ended up reading 17 books!

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Hands-on Learning Activities For 1st GradeWinter Math and Literacy Centers BUNDLE: LEARN Math Facts Fluency: Winter Center : Winter Center : Winter Center : Winter Center : FUN HANDS-ON LEARNING I am a Homeschoolin' mom of 8 boys.

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Grief + Loss: Recent Death and ReflectionsExactly a week ago, two policemen showed up at our door asking if they could speak to my husband.

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Lion Life and Something Old But NewWere over here living the lion life. Sadie has been learning about lions during homeschool this week and roaring all day.

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Grandma LoveGoing to grandmas house on Wednesdays had become a regular occurrence. My mom was building a relationship with her mom that had been strained in the past and us kids got to come along for the ride....

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Homeschool numbers greater this year than last for FCSD#25An ASL interpreter for Hawaii's Covid-19 press briefings has died of the virus.

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Pinecones in water experimentThe other day we went over to the farm and came across a lot of nice pinecones.

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6th Grade Homeschool Midyear UpdateWere now half way through the school year. Last week I gave an update on what curriculum changes Ive made for my 8th grader, so today its time to talk about my 6th grader.

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PanKwake's 'Homeschooling' ResourcesPanKwake has not been to school in almost a decade. And she has some strong opinions on the subject.

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Decluttering Your Homeschool SpaceMy house is 726 square feet. Inside that 726 square feet are two adults, one teenager, two dogs, one eccentric orange fat-cat, and a collection of books so large it borders on obsessive.

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Some 5,000 Birmingham kids struggling to homeschool without laptopsCould you donate an old laptop? Or perhaps some money to put towards a new one?

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Why I Continue Homeschooling!In my last post I talked about why I started homeschooling. My son is older now, so I could probably get him into public school a grade or two ahead if I really wanted to push it...

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Virtual Education or Homeschooling-Which Is More Beneficial?According to a recent study , close to 90 percent of the world's student population has had their learning experience disrupted by new...

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The Odyssey: Midterm AssessmentFor this exam you’ll have the double period to complete it. When you’re done you’ll have written 3 detailed, thoughtful, high school appropriate paragraphs.

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Stories of treesAnother day, time for school. I try to think of ideas that will help the children take their mind away from the house, from the unusual that is becoming usual. Today is a writing day, a literacy day. Nature helps, imagination is good.

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What if Donald Trump Disappeared?Buy AumSum Merchandise: : if Donald Trump, if Donald Trump disappeared, president-elect Joe Biden would be extremely relieved.

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How To Turn COVID-Schooling Into True HomeschoolingIf you are one of millions of parents who has had to supervise your child's education because of the pandemic, this podcast episode is for you.

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Episode 103: Back in the Swing of Things… ishThey're talking current curriculum picks, deep dives into birds and cake baking, and how to keep going, whether you are a long-timer or an "emergency schooler.".

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Interest-led Learning for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Cheryl BastianHer calling is empowering homeschool parents based on her experiences as a homeschool mom of eight.

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Animal BOOK LOOK  Chapter 5  Squirrels of the TreesChapter 5 Squirrels of the Trees Peter Rabbit found Johnny Chuck sitting on his doorstep, sunning himself.

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3 London mums have discovered the secret to homeschooling during lockdownTheir children are now happier and far more focused when doing their school work.

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Strictly's Claudia Winkleman reveals homeschooling struggles in candid confessionJanuary 19, 2021-09:39 GMT Sharnaz Shahid Strictly Come Dancing host Claudia Winkleman reveals homeschooling struggles during lockdown - and it's so relatable.

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HS #273 Dysgraphia: When a Child Hates to Write with Dianne CraftStudents can seem "lazy, sloppy, unmotivated" while having an undiagnosed Dysgraphia or blocked writing gate.

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YMB 86 Liberal Arts in the Age of Stem: A Conversation with Martin CothranOn this episode of the podcast, we discuss classical education, STEM, and how a liberal arts education really is the best education to prepare our kids for a great career.

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FREE Pirate Reducing Fractions Printable Math GameAhoy there! Grab this FUN reducing fractions game to make fractions easy. Free printable math game is for 3rd-6th grade.

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10,000 Hours to Go: The Story of Put That Thing Back Where it Came From, or So Help Me!I cant help but sense that The Lord may chuckle in delight as we stumble, fail, and try again while remaining teachable&.

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32 Genius Tips for Homeschool Organization and ProductivityHomeschooling isn't for the faint of heart! Check out these 32 tips to be a homeschool organization and productivity superstar!

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Hello and welcome to the crazyWhen I started on my journey 2 years ago I never know how crazy I sounded.

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POT OF GOLD St Patrick's Day Math Craft Printables for 1st and 2nd GradeFun, FREE Printable St Patrick's Day Math activitity that will help first and 2nd grade students practice addition and subtraction making a fun crafts!

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FREE Lucky Leprechaun Factors Game for St Patrick's Day MathPractice identifying factors with a FUN St Patricks Day Printables. St Patrick's Day Math with Lucky Leprechauns Games is perfect for 4th-6th grade.

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FREE Pot of Gold Letter Sounds SortCute St Patrick's day Kindergarten Activity for March matching beginning sounds AND upper / lower case letters with a fun, free printable!

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FREE St Patricks Day Color by Letter WorksheetsWork on letter recognition with cute St Patricks Day worksheets where children will color by letter to relveal cute pictures with these printables.

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FREE St Patricks Day Math Place Value Printable ActivityWe love using seasonal themes to make learning extra fun for kids! This fun and clever St Patrick's Day Math is perfect for helping grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 students practice building and understanding place value.

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FREE St Patricks Day Addition Math WorksheetsMake practicing addition fun with these super cute, st patricks day math worksheets. These st patrick's day worksheets are a clever way for children to practice with sums to 10 with bingo daubers.

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FREE St Patrick's Day Color by Number Hat Craft for Preschoolers!Grab FREE Printables, colour, and make the cute hat craft for preschoolers!

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FREE St Patricks Day Math Bingo PrintablesPractice addition in March with this FREE St patricks Day printable BINGO! This St Patricks Day Math is a FUN St Patrick's Day Activities!

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FREE St Patrick's Day Math Equation Mats PrintableSt Patricks Day Math with these Equation Mats to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication. St Patricks Day printables for K-4th grade.

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March Stories for Kids with Activity CalendarYou are going to LOVE this March Stories for Kids! It includes book ideas and activities for each day featured around fun holidays and seasonal events.

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How to Manage Lesson Tracking with a Bullet JournalThe days are numerous and they start to merge together. Did we teach science today?

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More Quebec families turn to homeschooling as children return to classAs Quebec high schools reopen, more families have decided to homeschool instead of sending their children back.

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This Morning: Holly Willoughby reveals homeschooling fear for kidsThis Morning host Holly Willoughby revealed her fear for her three children during lockdown. She discussed the struggles of homeschooling.

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Animal Report PrintableLearning about animals, research and writing this week with our FREE Animal Report printable.

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Help! If I'm up, the kids are up!One of the problems moms tell us they have with mornings is getting up before their kids; their kiddos get up when they do no matter what!

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Telling Our Story One Scrapbook Page At A Time  Installment 15, Galveston 2012 #2.Continuing with SeaWolf Park. Since we were homeschooling our son at this time, we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to visit the Galveston Naval Museum.

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28 Homeschool supplies in lockdown: best buys and expert tips to make teaching at home easierThings you need for homeschooling. We've prepared the ultimate guide to make your life easier, with the homeschoooling essentials you need and the top tips for anyone doing school from home with children of all ages.

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Chinese Police, Gov't Officers Raid Homeschool Run By ChurchA house where children from a persecuted megachurch were being homeschooled in Chengdu, China was raided by a group of police officers and government officials.

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Cut The TapeShorts Calling all superheroes! You don't need superpowers to save others. All you need is scissor skills.

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Animal Knowledge EncyclopediaSomeone once told me that kids can never have enough books. And although I agree with that, when I look at our collection of books, we really do have a lot of animal books, a LOT.

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50+ EASY Preschool Science ExperimentsGet ready to WOW your preschooler with these hands-on preschool science experiments! Over 50 EPIC preschool science projects to try with simple materials!

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One Fish Two Fish Counting Activities w/ FREEBIEFun practice counting with one fish two fish activities that use goldfish crackers and a little Dr. Seuss theme inspiration for toddlers and preschoolers.

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Homeschool FriendsSocialization means to socialize or teach how to behave socially. When people talk about needing to send children to school to be socialized I cringe. We do not send kids to school to learn how we want them to act - most people send them to public school working very hard to make sure that all those social influences remain as small as...

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Holly Willoughby seeks advice after 'struggling' with 'fear' while homeschooling her three childrenThis Morning star Holly Willoughby candidly revealed shes concerned about her childrens screen time intake as she homeschools them in lockdown.

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Swirling Galaxy Science ProjectBring the wonder of outer space into your home with this fun, EASY swirling galaxy science project that shows kids how spiral galaxies get their shape.

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Homeschool Family Read Alouds2019-2020 Read Alouds and 2nd Grade Readers 3rd Grade Books Video: I missed any book links below check out my Amazon Store here: MENTIONED IN VIDEO Little House Series: Place Series: Puppy Place:.

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Homeschool Assessment OptionsWow! How did that happen? 2021 is here and before you know it, school will be ending.

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10 Reasons Why Homeschooled Kids Are WeirdI've known many homeschoolers over my 20-something years of homeschooling, and I've noticed that homeschooled kids usually don't mind acting their ages.

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A wider educational perspective beyond school propagandaIm really feeling for parents. Whatever your youngsters are doing; school-at-home, home educating, further or higher education, or working, its worrying.

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Homeschooling is an utterly unworkable solution for so manyPerhaps it would make sense to take holidays now and reshuffle the school calendar.

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FREE Country WorksheetsChildren will love learning about over thirty different countries from around the world with these fun Country Worksheets: map, flag, landmarks, interesting facts, and more.

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FUN Backyard Critter Bug Worksheets for KindergartenGrab thsi HUGE 70+ page pack of BUG themed Fun Worksheets for Kindergarten and preschoolers to practice math and literacy skills this spring.

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FREE B is for Bear Worksheet Pages for PreschoolersBear worksheets practice pre-writing skills, counting, colors, which one is different.

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Why does it Float? Density Experiment for KidsKids will have fun learning about what floats in water with this fun density for kids unit exploring mass, volume, density, and more with four different fun, science projects for kids.

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Sunday School Old Testament Review Games for KidsLots of FUN, engaging Old Testament Review Games and activities to help children recall the first 4000 years of Sunday School stories we've learned.

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FREE Spring Counting to 20 with Printable Place Value CardsPractice counting to 20 with this spring counting activity using Place Value Cards Printableswith pre-k and kindergarten students this April!

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Common Spelling Errors and How to Avoid Them w/ Free Printable PosterKnew, newUse homophones together in sentences to help differentiate meaning and reinforce spelling. For example, try “The two girls invited Maddy to the store, and I came too.” Your reader will see that two describes more than one girl, to is used as a preposition , and too means also.

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Cloud Bin Alphabet Preschool Letter ActivityFun cloud sensory bin teaches ABCs with a preschool letter activity. This spring activity for kids works on letter recognition and fine motor skills.

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Planners Gonna PlanFrom bottom to top: MakseLife, Budgetmom and Planner Perfect journals Cheers to all the planners!

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Honest Motherhood: Maintaining our sanity with cheesecakeA recent column for Wokingham Today: I’ve been homeschooling Maia for two weeks now and I can say with the utmost certainty that the experience confirms what I already knew deep down: I am not, and will most likely never be, a teacher of young children.

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Topping Up Our Valentine's Day Colouring CollectionIs it ever possible to have too many colouring pages? We don't think so - especially when you are catering for a range of ages up from youngest children to oldest granny!

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New Yoga ResourcesWe just added some fabulous new yoga resources to the website. Explore some of the most suitable yoga poses with the kids through our suggested yoga games, or print out our posters or colouring pages to help children learn the poses.

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'I'm looking after a whole human being whilst in this meeting': London mum speaks out on how lockdown homeschooling has affected her careerMilena Tekeste is a PhD researcher South East London and single mum. She is currently working from the minute she wakes up until the minute she goes to sleep, even on the weekends, to juggle her career and homeschooling.

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Atinylife Happy2021?It was a couple of weeks before the end of last year when I listened to a podcast which said the whole ‘seeing the back of 2020’ thing was a false premise.

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Homeschooling tips for Hampstead and Highgate parentsParents now find themselves trying hard to juggle work and homeschooling again. Being a full-time educator as well as working from home...

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German Language CoursesCLEP exams offer students an opportunity to earn college credit in Spanish, French, and German.

Homeschooling For College Credit Shared .

What if Facebook Disappeared?Buy AumSum Merchandise: : if Facebook, Facebook makes it easy to meet our friends virtually, if Facebook disappeared, people may actually go out and meet friends.

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100 Awesome Chemistry Experiments For All AgesChemistry experiments are a great way to get kids excited about studying chemistry even at a young age.

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Only the brave should try this!If you are brave enough to read this post, then high five to you. If you are brave enough to go off and TRY this, then another high five for you!

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