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From The Velveteen Rabbit to the Pre-Raphaelites In just a few months I'm heading to England's beautiful Lake District for a home educator's conference. Yes, I'll be staying in Ambleside. I know. I know. What more could a Charlotte Mason mom ask for?! I am getting super excited!

Preschool Post #8 So I was really hoping to have finished our current units for Kindergarten and Second grade by today, thus having more awesome activities to show you. Unfortunately, I've been sick the past two days and I have 100% lost my voice! Ugh! So, obviously, since I can't read or talk to anyone, I was forced to cancel school the past couple of days.

Native American Notebooking Templates This printable pack includes a title page and four different Native American notebooking templates. You can print as many of each template as you need! These American History Notebooking pages are available in our free resource library. Each of the notebooking templates has a place for the person's name, tribe, dates of birth and death.

Before You Start Homeschooling, Do This - The Homeschool Genius Many homeschoolers have neglected to take the time to complete this one crucial step to homeschooling.

How to Practice Affirmation with Valentines to Build Your Child's Character All good things that parents tend to weigh carefully when building the moral character of their children. Praise him too much, he may become entitled. Praise her too little, she may develop a low self-image. But we don't need to fear affirmation. Just think of it as a sweet ingredient like sugar.

Frugal Homeschooling: Bird Unit Study Let's be honest, homeschool supplies can get pretty expensive…especially when you're buying supplies for multiple students. With a little creativity, research and help from fellow homeschooling mom's sharing their ideas, it doesn't have to be expensive.

Memory Work Index I have to admit, this post is mostly self-serving. It’s the index page to our memory work binder that I never got around to making. So I thought, ‘…

Is Cooking an Educational Activity? Is Cooking an Educational Activity? Cooking has long been an activity we do because we must eat. Often people see this task as a necessary part of life. Some of us even dislike cooking either because we don't know much about it or because it can be time consuming.

Mama is Back: An Update Comment below and share your ideas, please! I am not the greatest at celebrations. However, I think my kids would have so much fun with a party or fun day out to celebrate how far they have come. I am super proud of them. This post was just to update you and let you know that I have not quit blogging and sharing advice and reviews.

Cultivating a Love for Reading When I look back on my daughter's progress in reading this past year, I am rather dumbfounded. In March, she was reading Doctor Suess books with help from me. Today, she's reading The Tail of Emily Windsnap independently, only occasionally asking me for help in pronouncing some words.

Favorite Organizing Tools Organization has always been something I've strived to accomplish, but never fully did. In the last eight years since we've lived on our own we have accumulated so much shit. When I was pregnant with Ellie I began nesting at around 18 weeks and have never stopped.

John Manders' Blog Probably the Silk Road’s most famous traveler was Marco Polo. Marco’s family were merchants from Venice, Italy. His dad and uncle had already traveled all the way to China and back….

Embracing your authentic self The journey towards the SELF is the most beautiful journeys of all. Whenever I ask people to tell me a little about themselves, most of the time their initial reaction is like "Erm…" or "Huh…". I get it - it kind of feels awkward to talk about ourselves.

Who's monitoring who? I've been having a clear out and have come across something funny in my old files from our home educating days. It wasn't this report that the County sent to us after their visit regarding our provision for Charley. It was the one I sent them in return!

FREE Synonym & Antonym Worksheets Kids will have practicing literacy skills with these FREE printable Synonym and Antonym Worksheets for elementary age kids 1st-4th grade.

NSW in Focus - How to Register for Home Education You will need to follow a few steps as listed below in order to successfully register for the maximum first registration period of 1 year. Upon re-registration in 12 months time, you can apply for a two year maximum registration period. NSW home educators register through NSW Education Standards Authority also known as NESA.

How I Annotate Books Today I'll be sharing how I annotate my books. This is something that I absolutely LOVE doing, and I want to share my process with you all, just in case you're considering annotating books yourself and don't know where to start.

What is Phonemic Awareness? Phonemic awareness focuses on listening to and saying sounds, not on letter shapes. This allows children to learn how to decode words, understand word families and patterns, and eventually read fluently. When children can manipulate sounds in words, this is also phonemic awareness.

E.18 The Waldorf Method with Jean Miller Part three of four in the homeschool influencer mini series. Today's episode is a delightful conversation that I had with Jean Miller of Waldorf Inspired Learning. She explains the style and tenants of the Waldorf Method, and shares what she offers for homeschool parents on her website.

Online Homeschool Anatomy Curriculum This post is sponsored by College Prep Science. Copyright 2020 by Greg Landry. I remember when I was in school, taking the harder courses was overwhelming and intimidating. My worst class was STATS! I was dreading this from day one, until I entered the classroom, met the teacher and everything changed from there.

Earth and Space 1 Stage 4 Homeschool Science Day - Make Science Fun Home School Science Day - Earth and Space 1 Stage 4 - Years 7/8 - Ages 11 - 14. Date: Wednesday 18th or Thursday 19th February 2020Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pmAges: Stage 4 - Years 7/8 - Ages 11 to 14Location: 33 Wycombe Road TerrigalCost: $60 per student Contact: Email preferred [email protected] otherwise Facebook Messenger.

Difference Between Home Education and Distance Education In home education groups online, there is often confusion over what the difference between Distance Education and Home Education entails. Distant Education is still school, but done in the home environment.

Times Table Test Book = good practice workbook I know lots of us and our kids get put off when we see the word test. But sometimes tests just means good practice. Towards the end of last year I was looking for some extra times table practice for my youngest but I wanted something that had questions that would make him think a bit and were not just the straight forward 6 x 7.

Homeschool Pokemon League Attend the upcoming Homeschool Pokemon League event at Gamer's Haven in Colorado Springs on January 22, 2020.

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