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Homeschool Socialization Opportunities The number one concern I think all people have about kids who are homeschooled is whether they have enough socialization with their peers. I think people picture a kid who has been homeschooled their entire life, who then goes off to college and can't hold a conversation with their peers.

The History And Botany Of The Shamrock In the sea of green on Saint Patrick's Day you will see plenty of one of its most popular symbols, the shamrock. This green three-leafed plant is synonymous with Saint Patrick's Day and Ireland, for that matter. When we see the shamrock, we think Irish.

New bill would require DCFS to inspect homeschool houses for signs of abuse - A Southern Illinois representative wants to require DCFS to investigate homes where kids will be homeschooled for signs of child abuse. Rep. Monica Bristow introduced House Bill 3560, which would require a child protective services unit of DCFS check homes for signs of child abuse or neglect after a home-school registration form is submitted.

Bring the Zest Back to your Homeschool Whether large or small, homeschool conventions are a perfect way to view curriculum choices, learn new techniques, connect with like-minded parents, and renew your zest for homeschooling. Don't forget to Pin this for later!

Do We Have Bibliophilia? Probably! That, in short, describes the people in our house perfectly. Our home consists of several thousand books, not including the thousands more we borrow from the library each year. Even if we weren't homeschooling, books would have been an important part of our lives.

Resources For Gifted Children Having a gifted child can be overwhelming and exciting at the same. That's putting it mildly. I have found on our journey that knowledge is not just power, but a matter of survival. Here are the resources that have helped us the most along the way and continue to now.

Tips for Nature Walks with Young Children Before you think I've got this whole thing figured out, let me just paint a picture for you. About a year ago, we set out with a friend on one of our very first nature walks at a local trail. "It'll be fun!" we said. Three minutes into our walk, my littlest one started clinging to my leg and asking for "uppie." "Uppie, mommy.

Sixth Grade Homeschool Lesson Plans Today I'm releasing my Sixth Grade Daily Homeschool Lesson Plans! While some times people prefer to be spontaneous, other times I think it's better to have a plan to follow so things don't get missed or left behind. Planning ahead is especially important if you're a new homeschooling.

Mini Dollar Tree Homeschool Haul I have shared before my love for the dollar store, I especially love to buy homeschool supplies there. I recently stopped by my Dollar Tree to see what homeschool goodies I could find, and this is what I bought on that trip.

Unschoolers Aren't Products Every now and then, someone talks about what type of people unschooling "produces." They want to know about the products at the end of the line. I flinch, a little, when I see that. I know the phrasing isn't intentionally bad. Usually, people are genuinely curious and not in any way trying to be offensive.

Parents of nine children are forced to 'homeschool' their large brood after van is stolen For the Rhimes family, a 12-seater car is a necessity. With nine kids, getting around Melbourne without a large vehicle is virtually impossible. But the family has been left stranded after their Toyota Hiace was stolen on Friday night - forcing mum Lianne Rhimes to homeschool her large brood.

5 Awesome Ways to Use Spielgaben In your Homeschool Tips and tricks from a die-hard Spielgaben fan on using Spielgaben in your homeschool, plus an exciting announcement about new resources!

BOTW: Kingdom of the Sun The only thing I like more than discovering good children's books is sharing them with others. I'm starting these "Book of the Week" posts to spread the joy of quality children's literature and will try to post a new book every weekend. "Where do the names of the planets come from?", asked 7-year-old Zachary.

Ollie's For the Win! So I'm not 100% sure of the reach of the discount store, Ollie's, but if there is one close to you and you're a homeschooler, this place is a gold mine! We got approximately $50 worth of educational/art workbooks for less than $13.

Don't Eat Pete - Most-Requested Kid Game in My Classroom! This game has been a classic in my classroom, so it’s worth talking about again. I have used Don’t Eat Pete for holiday parties for years. I change the “game board” to fit…

Valentine Sandwich Cookies The oldest daughter suggested the design and so the end result looks quite fancy, but they are still easy to make and easy to modify for any occasion that you want to make cookies for. Plain ol' biscuit cutters of different sizes work fine, too. This is a shortbread cookie, so plan in some time to let the dough chill in the fridge.

Those grey winter days…February 2019 I set out to write something about keeping going through the dreary and seemingly endless days of a wet British winter. I started on one such day, and forty eight hours later am finishing it while sitting under a cloudless blue sky, listening to a chorus of birds with the warmth of a pale winter sun on my cheeks.

RED ALERT Iowa - Homeschool Bill with "Health and Wellness" Checks Legislation has been introduced requiring health and wellness checks, proof of vax, annual educational plans, and standardized testing!

Classical Conversations Foundations Shopping List: Bare Minimum to "Buy All The Things!" If you've read my post about Why We Chose Classical Conversations, you might be wondering what all you need to actually participate in said program. And…If you know me, then you can go ahead and laugh and get it out of your system…Sabrina ? Writing about the bare minimum for doing CC?

Measuring Animals Last weekend my son started using his tape measure to show me the lengths of different snakes. It was a brilliant moment as he suddenly needed to convert between cm and m and he still finds that a bit confusing. So I suggested we unroll some art paper that I have.

Weekly Wrap Up Monday - We headed out with the other couple of mama's in our co-op to the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond. I had not been there since middle school because it's a bit pricey with more than one kid. Thankfully one of the moms has a membership and got almost all of us in for free!

RED ALERT Illinois - This Homeschool Bill Will Impact You! Provides that, after a home-schooling registration form is submitted, the State Board of Education must request a Child Protective Service Unit of the Department of Children and Family Services to investigate the home in which the home schooling will occur to ensure there is no suspected child abuse or neglect in the home.

Park and School Today was our "official" start to BOTH kids being homeschoolers. We woke up late. We hung out in bed and did rhyming words for 15 minutes. Even the Hubs played with us. Then we had a lazy breakfast, and lounged around in our PJs until early afternoon.

I hate being the "mean" parent. She knows she only has to deal with me for a little while before she returns to the haven of a father. I hate my role very much. I am always dismissed in this dynamic because that's the way it has been since being with her dad. So, homeschooling…I wanted to homeschool her because I felt it would allow me to spend time with her.

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