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Do Not Grow Weary I'm not sure why people associate being a "good" person with having an easy life. Sure, you don't suffer the consequences of as many poor choices, but life is far from easy. In fact, doing good can often be trying, difficult, and, if we allow it, disheartening.

Homeschooling High School Electives Preparing to homeschool high school can be a bit intimidating for homeschool moms. From learning the ins and outs of creating a high school transcript to understanding what's required for college admissions can seem daunting at best. But, we can learn those requirements and more as we need to.

Homeschooling Journey Begins Today is the start of my family's homeschooling journey. For the past 3 months, my son was in a small, Grade 1 regular class in a traditional, private school. I initially thought that this kind of setup would work for my son with autism because of the small teacher-student ratio.

Getting Ready For New School Year This year things seemed a little crazy getting ready for school to start. We were stuck in Canada for a few extra weeks because of car trouble, once I came home it was a rush to get everything ready for the beginning of August. I had somethings prepared but not as much as I would have liked.

Do you think slavery would have been as widely used in the British Empire if King Charles and King James had not benefitted financially from the Royal The mercantilist European powers of the time were in constant competition with each other, as they were trying to amass the largest sum of wealth in the shortest time possible.

Phases of the Moon Visual Aid My youngest has a newish interest in the Solar System and I must admit I am enjoying the new topic. We have had fun learning about the different planets, looking at clips showing the size difference and talking about the huge distances in space.

Homeschool Art Classes Homeschool Art Classes - Mon September 24, 2018 - The Woodlands Tx Events Calendar on Woodlands Online.

Take a Break from Your Circus! I have been away from the blogging world for over a month. I am still not sure if I am ready to start writing again, but I hope to connect with my readers and start a conversation about peace of mind. My mind seems to be exhausted, short circuited maybe, frazzled for sure.

Everything in our school system sucks. I've taken part in both the U.S. school system and the Swedish school system, noting that they both suck, but to different degrees. Here's my reasoning:. You have no reason to know most of the things they teach you. Why are you listening to what a council of people want you to know?

5 Year Old Preschool Week 3 Already Monday again, and we are back in the school routine! Sam chose his first activity for the day. Today he chose the Moon Balance Game. This is a game we played together, which doesn't give me prep time. That explains the mess in the background. Honestly kids can play this game alone, I used to use it in a busy box.

20 Ways to Make Kids Hate Learning This post originally appeared on my Patreon in March '17. Occasionally I'll share an older Patreon post on the main blog, but most of them remain accessible only to patrons. Join me there to see all of them!

Day in the Life! Normally you see DITL topics done on YouTube but I thought it would be cool to attempt this type of post for the blog to give y'all an idea of what our day looks like with two being homeschooled now and a newborn! A is 10 and S is 4 so on a "normal" day I only need to really work with S but there are times when A needs my help as well.

Registration for 'homeschool day" at the Virginia Living Museum starts now NEWPORT NEWS - The Virginia Living Museum will host a "homeschool day" where children in grades K-12 can participate in different educational sessions on Sept. 28 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This one-day event will have lessons such as the natural sciences, planetary science or environmental labs taught by the museum's educators.

Collective Nouns My kids love learning the different collective nouns that you get and they often find them strange and funny - eg a parliament of owls. So we thought it would be fun to make some posters to hang up in the house with a few of their favourite ones on them.

The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts Review I shared during my curriculum picks that we are using The Good and The Beautiful for language arts this year. *Side note: What homeschooler isn't using it? as it seems to be very popular this year.**. Anyways, we are into our 10th week of school, so i thought i would give my review on this curriculum.

Shape Sort Mat - Free Printable Here's a fun and easy preschool printable. The Shape Sort Mat and Cards are not only great for teaching shape recognition, but are also great for shape name and color recognition. One sheet is meant as a mat and the other is meant to be cut apart and placed on top of the corresponding shapes.

FUN Pizza Counting Activity School is in full swing now and what better way to keep the learning going then to do a super fun counting activity! We all know kids like pizza. So why not combined a yummy food kids love to eat and a skill they need to learn.

Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the kid who looked like mine Did you have a fantastic week? It's been a busy one here, but that always seems to be the case these days. Some kid who looked a lot like my daughter, but seemed to be taking her schoolwork a lot more seriously than my daughter usually does was working hard to catch up Tuesday evening.

Hands-on Geography Mesopotamia: Fun Salt Dough Map Hands-on Geography Mesopotamia: Fun Salt Dough Map.

5 Reasons Christians Don't Need to Fear Homeschool I never wanted to homeschool. Back when our oldest was four years old, we began to hear God's unmistakable encouragement in that direction, and I couldn't shake the fact that he was leading us to homeschool our son. "I'm only doing this for kindergarten," I declared.

Would You Rather Questions for Kids: Autumn Themed Free download contains over 50 clever, sometimes silly, Would You Rather questions centered around autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Perfect for all ages.

Money Saving Tips for your Next Trip I love to travel and to share new experiences with my children and grandchildren. Over the past 30 or so years I have been all over the United States and have learned a few things that have helped me save money while traveling. Here are some of the ideas I have come up with and I hope they help you as well:.

Horse Crafts for Kids Add one or more of these horse crafts to your letter of the week, farm, horse, or animal preschool themes. Perfect for preschoolers and young crafters! With items you've likely got in your craft closet already, your preschoolers can make handprint horses, hobby horses, horse puppets, and more.

Homeschool Student Speaks Out About Being Kidnapped by Teacher Elizabeth Thomas, the teenager who was kidnapped by her teacher Tad Cummins last year and driven across the country for 38 days, is speaking out about the experience. Elizab…

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