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Zone 8 Vegetable Garden Update: Summer Drought In July Buyt I just have to have my garden! But spring skipped us. I mean ALL of it. We got no storms as is typical in our NE Texas spring season, but we got no rain either. Then the heat and humidity of our summers hit - again with no rain. It's a sad thing, but I'm making adjustments to try to squeak by.

International Homesteading Education Month GRIT magazine has teamed up again with MOTHER EARTH NEWS to celebrate International Homesteading Education Month, which we're declaring for this coming September.

Homestead hacks: weeds, flowers & how to use them part 2 Purple coneflower, aka Echinacea purpurea, and also known as my favourite floral centerpiece. This flower has it going on. It's a natural pollinator attractor, it's medicinal and it is cottage garden pretty. This year, I'm using it for more than my floral centerpieces.

How to Can Apples for Baking Apple Pie is my husband's favorite dessert. Of course, I just found that out about a month ago! Yes, that's right, after more than a decade of marriage, I'm just now finding out his favorite dessert! The really sad thing is, I've only made it twice in that whole time!

Assembly day! Good morning my awesome readers! Today is a long awaited day for sure. Today we are going to get the three elements of the chicken space assembled! I can in no way say this was easy, but anything worth having is not easy. We begin the day by getting the ramp fitted to the coop side.

Jupiter Puzzles Us with New 12 Moons Recently, the oldest planet, Jupiter has broken its record with no less than 79 moons. The largest body satellites of Jupiter are the Galilean moons. They were discovered in the 19th century. Galileo Galilei remarked only four of them. Since then many smaller Jovian moons came into attention.

Modern Pergola Inspiration For Your Backyard Oasis Though you can buy traditional pergolas in cedar, metal, and aluminum options, they all have the same general shape. Mediterranean-inspired with criss-cross beams and an earth-tone canopy is what you'd expect a pergola to look like.

A Turtle Scientist's Behavior to Start a #MeToo Moment? The turtle scientist we're talking about is Richard Vogt, who is a successful herpetologist. He used photos of poorly dressed women that were taken while they did field work in his acceptance presentation for a huge award, which happened last week.

Researchers Want to Make Fertilizer from Thin Air Himadri Pakrasi was the one who made a bacteria that uses the help of photosynthesis to create oxygen in the daytime, while, for nighttime, it uses nitrogen to create the chlorophyll that's needed for photosynthesis. It's possible that in the future, plants will be able to create a fertilizer that can be categorized as their own.

Interlude of Laughing Camping on the shore of Lake Champlain this weekend with three enthusiastic 13-year-old girls, we did summer staying-on-an-island things - we biked and we swam for hours. We walked on the breakwater at sunset. The loons woke us with their crazy calling at night.

Hatching chicks Did you know that a chicken can "collect" fertilized eggs for up to a week before she begins sitting on the eggs? And that the 21-day gestation cycle doesn't start until she begins sitting on them? Which means that there's a one-week period where that fertilized egg could become either a chick, or an omelette?

Protect Your Homestead from Summer Storms Storms can do a lot of damage to your homestead-your plants, animals and property-and hit us without warning. However, there are things you can do to protect your homestead from summer storms before they hit. Here are some tips and tricks. Summer will soon be in full swing, and that means hot and humid conditions for much of the country.

Sunscreen this summer - tips to spot good products It doesn't matter if your complexion is more pigmented or fair, sun rays lead to the same effects on every epidermis. Everyone enjoys a tan, but some results may be truly horrifying after a long exposure. Sunscreen prevents any damages, reducing the risk of cancer and prematurely aging skin.

Protecting Seedlings A quick and easy method for protecting seedlings from ducks, squirrels, and wascally wabbits. The Problem:. Recently I trans-potted several trays of seedlings. I had no space in my propagation room. My hoop house was full too. Nice weather. Put them outside, right?

The Abundant Homestead Garden Sometimes I see these stunning images of other people's gardens that are so full and lush. Everything is covered in mulch. Flowers and blooms abound. Plants are loaded with perfectly ripe fruits and vegetables. The scene declares "abundance" as plainly as if someone had spelled it out.

7 Tips to Grow the Perfect Tomatoes Tomatoes are tricky fruits to grow. Some years you end up with the perfect amount of ripe, round, bright red tomatoes without having to tend to your plants. It's as if they grew by magic. Other seasons you end up with finicky plants that need a lot of TLC, and you still end up with one or two fruits - not the dozens of seasons past.

NASA receives an Emmy Nomination for Cassini's last moments NASA was nominalized for an Emmy award, based on the incredible footage which captured Cassini's grand finale as it entered Saturn's atmosphere. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory was selected for the Outstanding Interactive Program category, for the unique presentation and renditions of the spectacular ''Grand Finale at Saturn''.

Spectacular Blood Moon this July Not for Us A spectacular lunar eclipse will take place on the 27th of July and it will be visible for curious stargazers, amateur and enthusiast, from all around the world. Sadly all around the world does not include us, as the celestial phenomenon won't be visible in the US, Central America, and Canada.

Century's Longest Eclipse may be Ruined by the Monsoon The longest total lunar eclipse of this century will take place on the 27th of July, along with other celestial events that will keep stargazers busy. But will they manage to enjoy the view?

The Blood Moon: Everything you Need to Know The Moon will turn bloody on the 27th of July during this century's longest lunar eclipse. But why does it turn red and how? Keep reading below to find out. During the lunar eclipse, the Moon will disappear by passing through Earth's shadow, also called umbra.

Everything You Need to Know About Pluto's Opposition It will all happen this week when the little planet called Pluto will reach opposition, which is the time when the object is near to Earth and bright in the sky. As a fortuitous situation, the moon will be close to its new phrase, the thing that leads to our skies being dark for chasing the planet in big telescopes.

General Homestead Update It has been an eventful few months to say the least. The air conditioning is fixed. We shut it off, set it to 72, then to 70, then to 67 and left it at 67. We haven't had an issue since. I received an email from Sears parts direct about the lawnmower deck, low and behold, its delayed until September now.

Suicide Last Notes Help Scientists Make New Treatments The writings gave a helping hand the researchers in their mission to create mental typologies. Doctor Juveria Zaheer, a Clinician Scientist in CAMH's Institute for Mental Health Policy Research, affirmed:.

How to Deal With a Mean Rooster If you've ever raised chickens, then you've come across at least one mean rooster in your life… So, how do you handle a rooster that's a bully?' That's a question that has been plaguing a number of my 'newbie' fellow homesteaders lately.

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