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Second Galaxy Without Dark Matter Spotted By Astronomers In March 2018 astronomers from the Yale University presented an exciting and controversial discovery in the form of a new galaxy with almost no dark matter. Some members of the scientific community appreciated the findings, but others contested the results, arguing that it directly opposes what we know about dark matter.

Happy Earth Day!! This Earth Day is a bit bittersweet as we face an ever-present danger of losing our planet due to global inaction on the climate crisis but as we see increasing numbers of people recognizing the issue and acknowledging the science. Globally, millions are marching, writing legislators, or even turning valves to work to stop the growing crisis.

Weekend on the Farm It was a very busy weekend on the farm. It was our first really nice weekend so from Friday to Sunday we had lots of work to get done. Friday morning we awoke to find out that our new ducks smothered one of our turkeys. Afraid of more turkeys dying I made the decision to put the new ducks in their pen outside.

How to Make Dandelion Wine "Honey, you want to harvest these dandelions before I mow?" my husband called out. Why, I didn't even know the dandelions were here yet, and there they were in lovely carpets of gold; their lion manes of spring feeding the bees and dotting the yard with color.

Late April 2019 Garden Update Zone 7a April has been predictably unpredictable this year, although generally milder than last year. After this weekend, all possibility of frost will have passed for us finally. Spring bulbs have been in bloom since the first of the month and have required covering.

How to Travel with Eggs I have always had a hard time traveling with eggs, finding that no matter how well I pack them in their containers, they always end up managing to jump out of their cartons before I get them to their ultimate destination. This, of course, leads to a nasty, stinky, hard to clean mess.

Scientists Created a Biomaterial Capable Of Developing Artificial Metabolism Science is evolving more and more, and with that comes a lot of studies and discoveries that can make our life better. All kind of robots and machinery are created with a purpose. So was the new concept of creating a machine that mimics biological life.

How to Build a Compost Pile in Your Backyard Put those weeds and grass clippings to work to fill pots and raised beds and to feed your garden plants.

How to Estimate the Weight of a Hog If you raise your pigs for too long before slaughter, they will begin to put on weight more slowly, consuming more feed than necessary and growing at a sluggish pace. If you don't wait long enough before slaughtering your pigs, you lose out on the potential of producing more meat and cutting the pig's growth potential short.

140+ Emergency Supplies Every Home Should Have Just in Case This article is a very comprehensive list of emergency supplies you need to start stocking up on in your home so you are ready for emergencies! You can get a PDF printout checklist for these necessary preparedness supplies at the end of the article.

Productivity Strategies: 8 Tips for Getting Things Done, Even When You Have Three Jobs! I am often asked, "How do you get so much done?" Gee. I had to stop to give that one some thought! How AM I productive? Am I productive enough? How do I get things accomplished in my life?

A Lung Support Tea You MUST Have in Your Home Apothecary…Helps With Cough, Wheezing, and Bronchial Issues. Good for Children Too! Just blend the herbs together well. Store in an airtight container in a dark, cool place to keep the herbs fresh for as long as possible! NOTE: The links in the recipe are for Amazon, for your convenience. Also, don't forget about Starwest Botanicals for excellent bulk herbs and spices at great prices and one-stop shopping!

Homesteading Ways That Boost Your Skills NOW ! This "Homesteading Ways That Boost Your Skills NOW" article is designed to help enlighten readers about the many different aspects of homesteading. Getting back to the basics is a natural way of living. Since homesteading is actually a way of life, there are many different factors that you should be aware of before you jump head first into it.

Grease Zerk Fittings to Keep Things Running Smoothly When and how to grease Zerk fittings is something many of us don't think of often, but regular greasing is a crucial part of routine maintenance for your tractor and other critical equipment. Homesteading today still requires us to do lots of things ourselves, including the mundane tasks of greasing the squeaky wheels around the farm.

Alien Megastructures Can Help Us Connect with Them Many people have thought until now of several plans on how to contact aliens. Up until now, the most popular strategy was to search for radio transmissions and other kinds of signals. That has been the usual approach when it came to SETI.

He Is Risen! For all my Christian friends - what a glorious day today is. Happy EASTER. ~TxH~. Save. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Recipe Rating. Comment. Name. Email. Website. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

19 Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies Fruit flies love fresh, seasonal produce too, and sometimes they have the nasty habit of making their way into your home or garden before you have a chance to even enjoy your tasty fruit. Fruit flies,, are tiny insects that enter uninvited into our gardens and homes to feast on our hard-earned food.

Scientists Are Preparing to Take a Better Image of a Black Hole There is a new reason for excitement among science enthusiasts! After the recent breakthrough with the first picture of a black hole, now we have the fantastic opportunity to find out more about the wisps of matter found around it. For this, the scientists responsible for the Event Horizon Telescope project need to take a better image.

Country Living Guide for The City Person Looking to Change Country Living Guide for The City Person Looking to Change will help you understand the big picture before you make the big jump in lifestyle. This article was designed to introduce the reader to the major differences between country living and city living.

Art Yarn As I get closer to the opening day of our local farmers market I am working my tail off to get as much fiber from my rabbits as possible. Since my females are anticipating litters any day now I have refrained from collecting their fiber. Their fiber will be pulled by them to build up comfy little nests for their babies.

New additions! Last week I went shopping for some new Belgian hare breeding does. I couldn't find any private sellers who had mature does available, so I went to the 'konijnenmarkt' in Mol, which is a small town on the Belgian / Dutch border.

80 Awesome Earth Day Tips #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #earthday #everyday #kindergartenteacher #kindergarten #iteachtoo #iteachk #earthdaypledge. A post shared by j o l i e on Apr 24, 2017 at 2:29pm PDT. Yesterday we had a guest speaker and learned all about bees.

Simple living tip: time is not money This tip applies equally to multiple aspects of life: from spiritual practice, to homesteading, to mental health, to pushing back against the harms of capitalism. Living in a capitalist society as an hourly wage worker, I've been conditioned to connect time spent doing anything to the idea of money.

How to Freeze Eggs in 2 Easy Steps Freezing eggs for later is easier than you think. Just 2 steps and you can keep them in the freezer for up to one year.

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