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Kidding and Snowmageddon For those that don't keep up with our Facebook page, we have been one of Western Washington Snowmageddon victims. We've been snowed in for a week now and were without power for 4 days. There were some challenges for sure, such as cooking on the woodstove by candle or flashlight and very cold PTA baths but overall we managed ok.

Ducks, ducklings, and a waterfowl oasis Last year we we so excited to get our three ducks but they have been the most amazing and fun addition to our ever-growing farm and homestead. Our first three are a Saxony named Stella, a Black Swedish named Frida and a Chocolate Runner. None of these crazy quackers have laid a single egg yet, but we love them none the less.

Fall Planted Garlic in North Central Texas After posting pics of planting garlic in my garden in the fall, I had a number of people comment and message me asking for information, so I figured I'd share about my garlic growing experience. I've always read that you shouldn't use grocery store garlic for planting.

Urban Homesteading series helps bring nature home Chilliwack Library programs feature soap-making, macramé and zero waste living.

Moving from City to Country: The Long-Term Transition Homesteading can be a crash course in reality. When you're sitting warm in your city house, dreaming homestead dreams, anything can sound possible. The mountains of books and resources on homestead living offer tantalizing explanations for a different sort of life and before you know it, you may be declaring, "Let's get a herd of sheep!

Great Blue Hole Of Belize Revealed Some Of Its Secrets The Great Blue Hole of Belize is the world's most massive sinkhole, boasting 300 meters in diameter and about 125 meters deep.

Forging Ahead I could not lose our home, it is one thing the children insisted on. We can handle anything that happens they'd told me a million times, as long as we have this house.

Gleaning Gifts & Making Mistakes I am beginning to understand that the first few years of homesteading is primarily about observing, receiving what is already there, and doing a lot of things the wrong way. This post is a seasonal highlight reel of late summer and autumn - the gifts gleaned and the mistakes made.

Organizing your online groceries: preparing ahead and simplifying your cooking! I buy my groceries online - once every 3 is a reminder of the previous episode of "conquering the art of online grocery shopping ": My online grocery shopping: saving money+big time!. Doing major grocery shopping efficiently is not an easy task, and needs a lot of preparation - both ahead while getting the delivery - and afterward.

How to Store Firewood: Try Low-Cost, High-Efficiency Racks - Maximum exposure to sunlight - Maximum exposure to prevailing winds - Protection from rain and other moisture - Keeping the firewood off the ground - Stacking the wood so that it will not collapse - Providing easy access to the seasoned firewood. Bottom "bands" and top poles keep the wood stack more secure.

Opportunity Rover Died On Mars - What Would Happen To It In The Future? After many attempts to communicate with Opportunity Rover and revive it, NASA finally declared its Opportunity Mars Rover dead as its batteries shut down permanently due to the massive dust storm on Mars that covered the entire planet in the summer of the last year.

Pruett Manor Expansion: Update 1 We have reached week eighteen in the Pruett family expansion. I'm sad to report that there is still plenty of nausea. But I'm happy to report that this guy is plenty healthy. Healthy enough to deal out plenty of strong little kicks and make his mama wonder if he's trying to bust out the front of my stomach alien style.

5 Vegan Cookbooks Everyone Needs In Their Collection Whether you choose to eat vegan, vegetarian, or are meat-based diet but looking for some vegan options to throw in from time-to-time, these cookbooks are the perfect addition to your kitchen. A vegan diet can be inexpensive or expensive. Really, it's very similar to a meat-based diet.

Hatching Ducklings with a Broody Duck Do you have a broody duck? Thinking of hatching out some ducklings? In our experience trying to hatch ducklings has been an emotional roller coaster with very mixed results and a story line to rival any daytime soap opera, full of death, heartbreak, betrayal and custody battles.

It's the simple things This time of year, three things are a guarantee here in central New York State. It's going to get sub-zero cold, it's going to snow and you're going to have to use the toilet. Sadly, it is likely these things will happen at the same time. It is during the months of December through March that things on the ranch turn to a stark cold environment.

Researchers Identified BC Volcanoes They Didn't Know About While studying the environment and climate of southwest British Columbia, trying to estimate how these aspects were like millions of years ago, the researchers identified new BC volcanoes they didn't know about.

Mars Opportunity Rover Is Now Officially Dead, NASA Announced After spending 15 years on the Red Planet, way beyond its initial 90-day mission, Mars Opportunity Rover has been declared officially dead, NASA announced. The rover went into standby mode after a massive dust storm on Mars covered the skies above the solar-powered rover and, soon afterward, Opportunity went silent.

Bone Broth for Wellness Mentioning bone broth often elicits thoughts of Nonna, tirelessly working over a hot stove all day long, in the second kitchen in the basement; a giant pot of weird things like bones, chicken feet, and who knows what else, cooking away in front of her.

Design Your Ideal Homesteading Land - Countryside Well, that's more than a rural residence and less than a farm, in terms of size and output. A productive homestead should be attractive and pleasant, and at the same time convenient and efficient in terms of personal food production. How can the various pieces of the productive homestead be put together to achieve these ends?

How to Build a Goat Barn Using a Prefab Shed They don't look out of place and they seldom stick out, unlike the cobbled together goat barns I have. If you, your spouse, your neighbors or the town zoning officials will take issue with sheds that don't look like they belong in the area, a prefab shed is an easy way to sidestep that.

Homesteading: Highlighting Our Need For Each Other Homesteading isn't meant to be a solitary adventure or done in isolation. Building and living on your land takes at least one partner, if not several. That's why homesteaders have come to rely not just on their specialized skills but on the skills of their neighbors, family, friends, and other homesteaders as well.

9 Small Steps Toward Minimalism I just remember looking at a spare bedroom that had no furniture because it was 3/4 full of boxes of stuff and thinking that it was really ridiculous. I was holding onto hope that we would purchase a larger home just so we could unbox our collections.

"101 Chicken Keeping Hacks" book review When it comes to natural chicken keeping, Lisa Steele has made her way to the top of the flock. A trusted name in the chicken keeping world, Lisa is the creator of the popular blog "Fresh Eggs Daily" and is a regular writer for many publications from "Backyard Poultry" to

Looking Back on 2018 I had words with 2018 and sadly, not all of them were good. 2018, like 2017, had an issue with me making trips to the ranch regularly and well, that caused problems. Not problems that would cause me a surmountable amount of grief, but more of that long labored sigh roll the eyes kind of annoyance.

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