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Zip Tie Tire Treads For Biking In Snow - Winter Safety Tips Don't get caught in the snow! Create your own tire treads with zip ties for easy biking whatever the weather. eval;. eval;. Snowpocalypse has descended on cities all across America. Canada's a goner. Most cyclists will be deterred by snowy roads and treacherous ice slicks.

Is the Back-to-the-Land Movement Experiencing a Resurgence? As the threat of climate change looms and social media isolates us, is it any suprise homesteading and back-to-the-land movements are seeing a resurgence?

Cleaning Upholstery the Eco-Friendly Way Want to start cleaning upholstery the eco-friendly way? Well if you do, continue reading on! These are useful homesteading tips you better start doing. eval;. Cleaning the upholstery in your home is not among the easiest chores, but it has to be done.

Driveway Fence The driveway has a new fence! This has been a long time coming since we fenced the whole yard with wire this time last year with the goal of installing a more solid fence in the front of the house to provide privacy from the road. J found an affordable source for cedar boards and made his way from the house to the street.

17 Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipes To Save You Money I like this recipe because it's super simple to make. You can choose to leave it fragrance-free or add some of your favorite essential oils. It makes a 5-gallon bucket of super-concentrated detergent, but in all actuality, it yields 10 gallons once you add water to dilute it.

45 Delicious Canned Chicken Recipes There are so many more options to using that canned chicken that you worked so hard to put up than just your regular old chicken and noodles, although those are also delicious. Check out these amazing canned chicken recipes… This is an awesome and easy recipe.

Fall Color Trip to Door County Door County, Wisconsin is a lovely place to visit in the fall. We had to watch out for our fellow leaf peepers while we were driving. People pull off on the side of the road to take photos and sometimes they aren't very careful. In their excitement to get the perfect shot, they may step out in the road!

The History of Cheese Curious about the history of cheese? If you've been wondering how this delicious and magical food came to be, look no further. eval;. I love cheese. I put it in almost everything I cook. I love cheese so much sometimes I wonder if I was a mouse in another life But seriously, who doesn't love cheese?

Preparing the Garden for Winter Preparing the garden for winter, a time when gardens go dormant. Winter is an important time for the garden and the garden soil. You might have noticed that the colder an area is, the richer is the soil. There are a few important steps that can make the garden soil even better and also help the perennial plants to survive the cold winter months.

Setting Goals for a New You Are you done setting goals for the new year? If you're still trying to figure things out, then this will help you be a new you this new year!

What Working From Home Means. If you are a stay-at-home parent, a homeschooler, are self employed or otherwise work from home, you know what I mean. The outside world sometimes has a very wrong idea of how you spend your time. RancherMan and I are self employed so our work is all done from our Homestead.

How to Make Cold Process Soap Wanting to learn how to make cold process soap but feel intimidated? This tutorial will lead you through to safely and easily make your own soap at home.

Emergency Car Kit For Winter Driving Safety While you should always have an emergency car kit easily accessible in the vehicle, it's especially important to spruce up your kit for the winter so you're never caught in the cold, subzero, or facing a snow storm that has you trapped through the night.

How to Preserve Eggs & TWO Methods for Freezing Eggs — Home Healing Harvest Homestead Note: This article has been edited, and it is all about how to not waste extra eggs you have! If you have too many eggs, here are three ways you can preserve them for later on, and you can do these food preservation methods without having farm fresh eggs.

Our Best Homesteading Ideas of 2015 In need of homesteading ideas to try around the homestead? If you're looking for the best of the best, look no further, I've rounded them all up for you!

Chicken Wormers: A Guide Worms don't have to be a death sentence; they are a call to action. And happily, there are a few different ways to get rid of worms with natural and chemical wormers. Read on to learn more about chicken worms and how to get rid of them with chicken wormers.

Sexy Wild Man Hot Process Soap…A Handmade, Natural Soap Recipe Tutorial — Home Healing Harvest Homestead Here is a handmade soap recipe that is a real winner! It's one of my most popular natural soaps, and men just LOVE it. This hot process recipe combines cedar, cinnamon, and a touch of lemongrass for a deep, delicious, unisex, seductive scent you….and your man….will love!

The Best of 2015: What America Ate, Drank, & Saw - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - Here's the best of 2015, according to YOU! What America ate, drank, and saw this year… eval;. How was 2015 for you? I'm sure you've had milestones, lessons and the whole nine yards. But are you at the least bit curious of what America ate, drank and saw?

How to Harvest and Roast Sunflower Seeds For some reason, the sunflowers great like gangbusters this year, even while everything else struggled. So, while no one will be calling me a gardening expert this year, a few weeks ago the kids loaded up wheelbarrows full of our volunteer sunflowers so we could harvest the seeds.

I Love You All - Goodbye For weeks now I've been trying to write this piece. And, for weeks now I've failed. It's one of those projects where I honestly wish I still did all my writing with pen and paper so I could crumple up all those sad attempts and make a wild pitch at the trash can.

Common New Year Resolutions In America & How You Compare - Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid - The start of a new year brings new resolutions. Here's how the average American scales up when it comes to drafting their New Year goals… How do you fit in? eval;. In the beginning of every year, we aim to start fresh and with a clean slate. We try to change the bad habits we have the year before that's why we make New Year's resolutions.

6 Things Homesteaders Can Live Without I was sitting in my dentist's waiting room reading a magazine when a young woman entered from outside. After checking in with the receptionist, she took a chair near me. I cringed inwardly. Trying not to allow my irritation to show on my face, I glanced up at her.

Three Ways to Garden Better Next Year How To Make a Space-Saving Vertical Vegetable Garden. This guide to a modern, modular garden project works well in any space.

DIY Solar Powered Phone Charger Want to know how you make your own solar powered phone charger? You'll only need to follow 6 easy steps, and you're done! eval;. eval;. Solar power has been revolutionizing the world as we know now. There has been so many inventions that use this power source that have truly made a difference.

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