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Solar Panel Test I resisted it as long as I could but just couldn't wait any longer. I haven't yet built my solar panel racks but I want some solar power. I pulled out four of my panels and leaned them up against the house where I could connect the microinverters and run the wire to the breaker box nearby.

Homesteading Through The Winter Not only will turning the dirt help enhance the soil it will also expose any destructive insect eggs or larvae buried in it to the late year chill, effectively killing them before they can mature and do damage to your crops in the coming year.

Biz briefs: Haywood Street construction, Beauty Bin arrives in Asheville The event is free to attend. RSVP at Light refreshments and drinks will be served. An Asheville man with an illustrious past that includes service in the N.C. General Assembly has embarked, at the age of 90, on a new business venture. Narvel James Crawford announced the reopening of the Carter Street parking lot in downtown Asheville.

Why We Homestead and 10 Reasons We're Sticking With It As long as I can remember, I've been a homesteader at heart. As a child, I was always the one that made sure we had a thriving garden full of fresh vegetables. I longed for the farm life and I focused on how I could achieve that as I grew up.

Chocolate Stained Glass - an easy, Christmas treat Disclaimer: The links below may be affiliate links. If you purchase any products after clicking on these links, at no additional cost to you, A Simple Homestead will receive a small commission for making you aware of these important resources. With so many holiday events this seasons it's easy to forget one.

Violence, Homesteading, and the Origins of Private Property Those who us who accept self-ownership and a Lockean account of property acquisition must face an important objection. In this account, self-owners occupy land and other natural resources, in that way acquiring exclusive rights to the land or resources.

Cookbooks to Start a Plant-Based Diet After switching to a plant-based way of eating, it took me about 6 months to go from following a recipe in a cookbook or online to freestyle cooking, the way I always liked to cook, read more about it here. Here are the cookbooks to start a plant-based diet that we used and found helpful.

DIY Natural Kitchen Cutting Board Sanitizer This low-tox DIY natural cutting board sanitizer recipe is done using soap, water, hydrogen peroxide, distilled white vinegar and lemon juice.

5 Frugal Things - Food Savings, Sales, Repairs and More Especially this time of year, we're all trying to save a little money wherever we can, #amiright? I've found the best way to save some cold, hard cash is to incorporate easy money-saving measures into your daily life. Saving money doesn't have to be hard.

10 Best Egg-Laying Chicken Breeds If you are looking for a good chicken breed to produce eggs for you or the local farmers market, it is hard to go wrong with leghorns. This video shows how to raise Leghorns, from day-old baby chicks to adults:. Wyandottes are versatile egg layers that fit in great on any homestead.

Chicken Molting: What It Is And What To Expect Chicken feathers wear out. And when they've reached that point, the chicken knows it's time to make new ones. When a chicken molts a feather, the old one falls completely off her body which allows room for a new feather to replace it.

40 Foods You Can Make in Your Dehydrator If you want to live a sustainable, low-cost lifestyle, you need to be able to optimize the foods you grow, harvest, hunt, forage or buy, so you have a healthy, low-cost supply on hand during cold weather, or during tough times when food is not so plentiful.

Eating in Winter from the Root Cellar. This video, we're showing you how we're eating in winter, a very seasonal way of eating, from the root cellar storage that we keep under our kitchen. It's also the…

Peppercorn Steak with Easy Cream Sauce - The Elliott Homestead If you ever put in a full day of physical work, you certainly understand the feeling at the end of the day where you're hungry. For meat. For peppercorn steak. In these moments, nothing but red meat will do for me and this is my go-to steak recipe.

How to Plant, Grow and Harvest Oregano However, if you have an oregano plant that is particularly flavorful then it is better to take root cuttings, as plants grown from seed are not always true to type especially if it is hybrid seed. If you can, buy heirloom seed instead like these. Cuban oregano, also known as Mexican mint, Indian borage or Spanish thyme can be obtained here.

My Baker Creek Picks for 2020 Last year, I wrote about the Baker Creek seeds that I was excited about growing for this year. I've decided to make it a post of its own for my 2020 picks. I was more excited than ever this year to receive my Baker Creek catalogue.

The Sweetest Deal You Can Get on Black Friday Black Friday is infamous for being the busiest shopping day of the year. Some wake up in the early morning hours on a pilgrimage to malls and shopping centers where they wade through throngs of deal-hungry masses and drastically discounted wares.

Homesteading in Nikiski without power Trying to be patient is not my best feature, but thinking we would be in for the long haul as we had neighbors and relatives who were without power a lot longer than us, we were in the middle of the next plan for a long sleepless night when - bammm - the lights came on - then off and on for good.

Peanut Butter Buckeyes Recipe Join our facebook group, where we learn about growing a garden, cooking a meal, and living life like our grandparents did. You'll be glad you did. Join The Self Sufficient Life group here. Other Holiday Recipes You'll Love:. Your email address will not be published.

Welcomed Visitors The 54 Acres of Pure Glory is not always glorious but then we can't have our cake and eat it, too. We have to pay our dues. However, when the glorious stuff happens it makes up for everything else.

On the Homestead December 2019 I've been quite busy since my last post on this site. Things on the homestead are going great. But, I got a little carried away with an unexpected project. I'm writing a gardening book! If that statement seems shocking to you, it was to me as well. I mean…I had ambitions of writing a gardening book someday.

9 Of The Best Decorative Plants For Christmas Personally, I prefer real. There's nothing like the smell of pine from a real tree to set the mood for the season. Or the look of glistening holly leaves and berries elegantly wrapped around the staircase railing. The wreath that graces the front door.

Vintage Terracotta Tile It's sort of hard to break up with someone you like. They're cute. They're charming. But they're not quite everything you want. You know? They certainly aren't vintage terracotta tile. So you do it. You break up. You crush their heart. And then you move on to someone else.

Raising Meat Chickens: 2nd Year Lessons We pastured them instead of keeping them in tractors - way less time consuming for us - we were moving two tractors a day everyday for weeks - and less stressful for them as they just had their pasture and houses and could do as little or as much moving as the wanted.

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