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The Wildfire Diaries, The WaitingSorry it has again taken me a while to get this next post up. Life has been hectic and weve moved around a lot while trying to find a permanent new place of our own.

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Unexpected Benefits of Owning a Goat-Rental BusinessMy weed warrior goats perform a service, yet they are a mesmerizing entertainment that is also therapeutic in nature.

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Garden Amending and Planting GarlicIf you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen the post I added yesterday about planting garlic.

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Paris police briefly evacuate Eiffel Tower after bomb threatParis police briefly evacuated the Eiffel Tower and blockaded the surrounding area Wednesday after a phone-in bomb threat.

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Real Estate Matters 9.22.2020Homesteading dreams can quickly turn to nightmares if you discover you can't build your dream home on the land you love—and now own.

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Maine Warden Service, State Police, Marine Patrol Divers Recover Body Of Missing York WomanAt approximately 2:30 p.m., divers from the Maine State Police / Maine Marine Patrol dive team recovered the body of 31-year old Caitlin Giunta of York, Maine in Flagstaff Lake.

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South by Southwest announces online 2021 festivalOfficials say they've joined forces with the city of Austin to still plan for physical events, in case they can be held amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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How Nitrogen-Fixing Works a€“ And the Top 30 PlantsNitrogen-fixing is an important part of any garden. Here's why you need to plant nitrogen-fixing plants, and the top 30 to consider.

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The cock-a-doodle-DO's + DON'Ts of owning chickensThinking about owning chickens? I spoke with Matthew and Lauren Manly of Reed Creek Homestead in Shelby County to find out what you should know about owning chickens around the greater Birmingham area.

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Chick-fil-A for Lewiston's Exit 80? Guess againNew building proposed behind the former Promenade Mall - Lewiston Planning Board green lights new cancer center - The end for The Curio.

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Facebook: Fake pages from China tried to disrupt US politicsFacebook says it has removed a small network of fake accounts and pages that originated in China and focused on disrupting political activity in the U.S. and several other countries.

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How Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Herbalism Practice and Vice Versa  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadWhich is the best natural way to wellness? Purists on either side will tell you one is better than the other, however, it's worth considering how and why to use them together.

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Comfy v clingy — fashion's great divideAre you a tight type or a baggy babe? In 2020 the fit of your dress reveals far more than your waistline — it shows whether you are corporate alpha or artsy mover and shaker; 1 per cent WAG or.

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‘Country Roads' Take Me Inside AppalachiaThis episode of Inside Appalachia is about returning home. For some people, timing and circumstance force you back.

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Pick all your apples and save the bearsThrough an annual apple pick program, Rachel Dortman works to raise awareness and provide a means for all the apples in Fernie to be cleared not only to keep bears away, but to ensure good food doesn't go to waste.

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Preserving produce in delicious ways at Roadhouse Farm in North KemptvilleHard work making bellies happy is the secret to Matt Cottreau's business.

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Lloyd Kahn's Half-acre HomesteadWith no mortgage and living in a place that he loves, Lloyd Kahn recounts his handmade world in The Half-Acre Homestead.

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Chick-fil-A for Lewiston's Exit 75? Guess againNew building proposed behind the former Promenade Mall - Lewiston Planning Board green lights new cancer center - The end for The Curio.

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My Dirty Little SecretI'd made a grocery list of everything I needed to get at the store and headed out.

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I Think I Won This Round of Broody RouletteJust. I had moved broody Helen Cluck into the big cage so she could sit on some Batch #2 eggs that needed to be moved out of the incubator so the Batch #1 chicks could hatch.


Stupidity, Bad Luck, and the Power of PrayerThere was no initial sound that happened as my foot missed the side of that porch step; no audible snap, pop, or crack.

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Canning and Preserving Garden HarvestsThe Dos and Donts of home canning your produce so you can enjoy them all winter long.

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My best friend sent me a box of antiques!It's not quite like shopping the flea markets of Italy& but we will get back there someday.

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Homemade RaisinsIt doesn't happen very often, but once in a blue moon, I'll take a step back and assess the amount of input into a homesteading activity versus the output of said activity: maybe don't do that if you want to make homemade raisins.

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That new trend taking over social media? It's called cottagecore, Digital NewsIt's a sun-kissed, romantic fantasy come alive, soundtracked to dreamy folk music. A moss-covered cottage in the woods, jars of honey, an apple pie baking in the oven, outdoor picnics with red gingham blankets, foraging for mushrooms and berries in woodland, scented laundry hanging in the backyard.

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How to Harvest and Store the Best Pears and Farm Fresh Tuesdays Autumn Blog Hop!Harvest and Store the Best PearsGrowing your own food is a great way to increase your self-reliance and provid.

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Real Estate Matters 9.22.2020Breonna Taylor case annoucement to be made by Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

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Do Eggs Come from a Chicken's Butt? Important Egg Questions AnsweredDo you need a rooster for eggs? Do colored eggs taste different? And more.

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Book Review: All You Need is Less By Madeleine SomervilleNow, through the grace and love of my local library, I was able to check out the electronic version of All You Need is Less: The Eco-friendly Guide to Guilt-Free Green Living and Stress-Free Simplicity by Madeleine Somerville.

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Joel Edgerton To Star In and EP 'Florida Man' Limited Series Based On NovelAnonymous Content has put in development a limited series adaptation of Tom Cooper's novel Florida Man, with Joel Edgerton set to star and executive produce.

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How to Can Tomato SauceThis is the tomato sauce recipe I use more than any other. It's a simple, all-purpose sauce that can go any direction you like - Italian, Mexican, you name it!

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How to Make Rosemary and Lemongrass Soap " New Life On A HomesteadThis DIY soap recipe is easy to make and, more importantly, safe. #DIY #soap #soapmaking.

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50 Authentic Scottish Recipes You Should Try The Homesteading HippyThese few dozen Scottish recipes are not only delicious, they are as authentic as they can get.

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At its core, farming hasn't changedYes, there are differences. But farming and ranching today are essentially the same as they were in homesteading days.

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Harvest SeasonIts starting to feel like autumn around here. Weve had a busy week procuring and preserving food over here.

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Pie, flowers, pottery, knitting: why Taylor Swift loves cottagecore and how it's taking over social media during Covid-19It's a sun-kissed, romantic fantasy come alive, soundtracked to dreamy folk music.

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Chicken Articles and FAQsWhat is your most perplexing chicken question?

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Let's talk about KEFIRKefir, what the heck is that right? Is it a type of food or is it a drink?

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Generator TestWith Tropical Storm Beta thinking about heading towards Texas, I thought it might be a good time to test out my backup generator.

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Egg CacheFor a couple of weeks, I wasnt getting as many eggs as I thought I should.

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Start a€˜Em Young: Connect Kids with the Land to Yield a Lifetime of HarvestsBringing your children into land-based jobs at home teach intergenerational skill-sharing, offer a break from screen time, and install a lifelong work ethic.

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Los Alamos History Museum Offers Community Scavenger Hunts, Virtual Tour Of Romero Cabin Sept. 22Homesteader Mattie Brook feeding a lamb in the early 1910s. Photo Courtesy Brown Collection, Los Alamos Historical Society Photo Archives.

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Our First Year of Raising Meat ChickensWhat we learned and how were moving forward into next Spring. We wrapped up our first year of poultry farming this past weekend, and we have taken away so many valuable lessons.

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Homemade Laundry DetergentWith 2 steps, save tons of money every year AND reduce the harsh chemicals in your home!

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Sunday Homestead Update  Hunting Season and DucklingsThere is so much to do around the homestead this time of year. The lists feel never-ending. Seed saving, canning, butchering, chopping and stacking firewood, cleaning out the gardens, mulching over the over-wintering plants, and preparing livestock housing and other things for winter. But all that stops when needed for hunting season.

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Home Heating Options for the HomesteadWith the weather cooling down, it is time to review our home heating options. You probably already have a heating system in place for your home, but is it actually heating your home to the extent that you need?

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BACK WHEN: When Whitecapping came to Clallam CountyIn general, they aimed their efforts at those who went against community values. They targeted things such as alcoholics, neglectful or abusive husbands, excessive laziness, unwed mothers, horse thieves, murderers and attempted murderers.

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J. Kennedy ObituaryKenneth Kennedy WHEATLAND - J. Kenneth Kennedy, age 94, lifelong Platte County resident, died on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at Platte County Memorial Hospital in Wheatland, after a brief illness.

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On Russia's Far Eastern Frontier, Vast Stretches Of Free Land, But Little InterestThe Kremlin's homestead program in Russia's Far East was meant to reverse depopulation on the country's vast frontier with a booming China.

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8 Simple Zero-Waste Swaps In The KitchenI'm working on eliminating single use waste with these simple zero-waste kitchen swaps. It's remarkably easy to do and can save money too.

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COVID is turning Americans into hipsteadersWhen COVID-19 arrived this winter, Chase Beathard worried so much about meat shortages that he took advantage of a Craigslist ad offering a free boar.

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Summer in MaraIt's easy to see why Summer in Mara's fundraising campaign was such a success, with a clearly defined vision, art style, and a lot of passion fueling it.

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Preventing birds from flying into windowsA very simple solution for preventing birds from flying into windows and enjure them self.

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Cobie Smulders Shares How Robin Scherbatsky Would QuarantineActress Cobie Smulders reflects on what her 'How I Met Your Mother' character Robin Scherbatsky would be doing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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How to make great vegan meat, according to top vegan butchersThere's so much more to making good vegan meat than simply replicating animal meat  it comes down to flavors, mouthfeel and cooking techniques.

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Plantains!So one of our favorite restaurants in Wichita is Sabor. Our favorite thing at Sabor is the plantain chips.

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This Summer, I Skipped the Supermarket and Ate My YardIf I may ask, did you get weird this summer? Or, now that I think about it, the fairer question would be: In what way did you get weird this summer?

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Women Grieve Stillborn Babies as COVID-19 Hits Maternity Care in Rural IndiaAs coronavirus cases rise faster in India than anywhere else in the world, limited rural health facilities are under strain.

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Belabored: Is it Safe to Go Back to School?Three educational workers talk about school reopening, and their struggle to protect their health and that of their students.

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Two Guns' sordid history off Interstate 40Along Interstate 40, nestled between Flagstaff and Winslow, is the ghost town of Two Guns.

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‘Country Roads' Take Me Inside AppalachiaThis episode of Inside Appalachia is about returning home. For some people, timing and circumstance force you back.

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How To Build A Tiny HouseLearn how to build a tiny house with these building ideas and tips. Build your dream home without breaking the bank with this house building tutorial!

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Hawthorne Country Store to Host Annual 'Chick Days' in Fallbrook, SanteeSan Diego area homesteaders set your calendars for Flocktober with Hawthorne Country Store's 17th annual Chick Days.

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How Many Water Bottles Are in a Gallon?In one gallon you can have 16 × 8 oz bottles, or 8 × 16 oz bottles, or 4.9 × 26 oz bottles, or 4 × 32 oz bottles.

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Promised LandAfter the Civil War, more than 26,000 African Americans left the South to homestead the Great Plains, carving out farms, free lives and community on the prairie.

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Is Safe Water a Human Right? Securing Water for Communities Around the WorldAccess to clean water for drinking and household use remains a challenge in places as far apart as Mumbai, India and rural communities in West Virginia.

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Large family honored with pioneer awardThe Hayes County 4-H Pioneer Award was presented to the Large family before the livestock sale during the Hayes County Fair July 31.

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What's That Lump On My Chicken's Chest? Does It Have A Tumor? " New Life On A HomesteadEvery now and then, there are things that happen with my chickens that just make me shake my head in disbelief.

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Mid-September Garden UpdateAs a first year gardener, I dont know much about gardening. As a result, I do lots of research and planning, and even still it seems with gardening you just have to learn from your mistakes....

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Aldo Leopold's 5 Essentials for Wildlife and Habitat ManagementOur most revered naturalist's five essential components are as relevant today as they were in Sand County days.

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Throwback Thursday: The Importance Of The Family Supper TableBy Texas Homesteader~ Do you sit down and have supper together as a family? Sometimes in the busyness of our days its hard to do.

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Oak Hill Homestead: Simple Homestead blog hop #276Join us every Thursday for our weekly gardening, homesteading and simple living blog hop!

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The Chicken Time is Now: Delaying Their Election and Broody RouletteThings have been humming along in the birdhive. Well, not in the political sphere, but in the breeding sphere.


California Master Beekeeper Program announces first 'Master Beekeeper'Despite COVID-19 pandemic precautions and constraints, the California Master Beekeeper Program, headquartered at UC Davis has certified its first-ever Master Beekeeper: Amy Hustead of Grass Valley, a veteran beekeeper who also happens to be the first and only beekeeper in her family.

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Off-grid Homesteading in 2 countries for 2 years& where do we go from here?Some days are amazing, as you wake up in your comfy bed surrounded by nature and greeted by your loving dogs as you make your yummy cup of coffee using the power of the sun!

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New Wilton store stocks wares grown by local armed services vetsThe shelves at GiGi's Country Store in Wilton are filled with jams, jellies, handicrafts and local produce - most of which come from farms run by local veterans.

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Chicago's Urban Homesteaders Open Up Their Yards For Annual Chicken Coop TourChicagoans are raising chickens, growing food and experimenting with all sorts of sustainable-living practices — all in their urban backyards.

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Garden OllasFirst read about Ollas over 25 years ago, before moving to the desert SW. The book was about desert gardening and talked about the Hopi’s use of Ollas for watering their fields.

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Have a burning question about lobstering? Ask Leroy!STONINGTON—My neighbor, a long-time lobsterman, told me the other day: "There's this guy you gotta check out, named Leroy."

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How 'Bout Them Apples?In addition to the nectarines, I also got a three-pound bag of Jonathan apples. I decided to make applesauce/pie filling.

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Starved of Wi-Fi, Indonesians Trade Plastic Trash to Study OnlineStudents in a Jakarta neighborhood are trading plastic waste for Wi-Fi access so they can continue learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How to Prevent and Get Rid of Gray MoldThough typically harmless to humans, gray mold can destroy some of your crops.

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Abbotsford author celebrates Mennonite Heritage WeekWeek of Sept. 14-18 concludes with MCC Festival To-Go.

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PAT NEAL: Living in a smokehouseAll you have to do is look at a map and notice names like Burnt Hill, Burnt Mountain, Mt. Baldy and Baldy Ridge, or look at some of the old photographs of the mountains above Sequim and Port Angeles with the bare hills in the background to know that almost all of the Olympic Peninsula has been burned at one time or another.

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Amazon Best Seller StatusGrow. Cook. Eat. Share. Hits #1 Yesterday I opened social media to discover via my publisher’s Facebook page that Grow.

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As one vinyl store closes, another is poised to fill the voidBob Ferguson decorates the store window at 31 East 4th Street on Tuesday. The address will house the new Operation: Fandom and Blackbird Records.

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How to Make Handmade Soap in a Crock Pot  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadThe heat from the crock pot speeds up the saponification process, so you can use your handmade soap faster!

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Ordinary is beautifulSaturday was typical. We slept in a bit and woke up to the sounds of our children chatting and giggling over something we wouldnt possibly understand.

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Can You Make Soap Without Using Lye?  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadHowever, if you don't want to bother with using lye at first, while you make sure making soap is something you really want to do, then using a method called Melt and Pour soap is a great beginning option that still allows you to customize and create your own soap with additives like herbs, clays, seeds, and essential oils.

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29 DIY Natural All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner Recipes " New Life On A HomesteadIf you don't want to pay a pretty penny on store-bought kitchen cleaners with questionable ingredients, here are a few dozen ways to make your own.

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Wildlife:All you have to do is look at a map and notice names like Burnt Hill, Burnt Mountain, Mt. Baldy and Baldy Ridge or look at some of the old photographs of the mountains above Sequim and Port Angeles with the bare hills in the background to know that almost all of the Olympic Peninsula has been burned at one time or another.

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Lawson Trail opens up Hood Mountain additionThe Lawson Trail - a newly-constructed 2-mile route into a formerly closed section of Hood Mountain Regional Park - opened to foot, hoof and tire traffic this month, marking the first public access to the 247-acre "Lawson Expansion" on the western flank of Hood Mountain.

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How to Keep Your Chickens Happy: A Chicken Owner's AdventuresChickens get bored easily, so they need a lot of enrichment activities. Here are some tactics Claire E.

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An Interview with Dr. Grant Woods of, Part 1This article introduces to our hunters, homesteaders and self-sufficient individuals who harvest deer each year to feed their families.

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Pumpkin Spice Soap Recipe  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadThis article is for my incredible pumpkin spice homemade, natural soap made with real pumpkin.

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Jenelle Evans' Husband David Eason Eats Pet Goat, Sparking More Animal Cruelty ComplaintsDavid Eason shared video of himself killing yet another family pet, this one being their goat named Elvis.

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MEET THE CANDIDATE Jenn Kang, running for mayor of Kings CountyWhats your full name? I go by Jenn Kang and am also known as jayke wellan.

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Welcome!Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Megan and I have been running this crazy farm for a few years now in middle Tennessee.

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Creating a Tea to Help You Breathe: Smoky Air from Fires, Pollution, and Other Times of Difficulty Breathing  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadThis article will help you create a tea blend with herbs that are supportive of your lungs and respiratory health.

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7 Things I Learned Processing Chickens Off The GridCheck out what one blogger learned while processing chickens and what you should know before your first off-grid chicken butchering day.

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Cornish Cross Broiler Chickens Available Late Fall!We would love to be able to offer Cornish cross broilers to our customers late fall 2020!

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How to Make Elk Tallow and Use It to Make Homemade Elk Tallow Soap  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadI just love happy accidents! Don't you? Well, I had one recently, when I was making some elk bone broth.

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Vanilla Nectarine PreservesI bought a big bag of nectarines at the farmers market this weekend. What to do& I looked at Pinterest and found some ideas for preservation.

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An Interview with Dr. Grant Woods Part 1This article introduces to our hunters, homesteaders and self-sufficient individuals who harvest deer each year to feed their families.

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More gluten free bakingUsed Gluten free flour and GF sourdough starter to make some pizza crust and flat bread this weekend.

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Jackrabbits, Ghost Grids and LandBanking+Jackrabbit Homesteading and California City are examples of two uniquely bizarre mid-century development patterns found in the Mojave Desert.

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Greenhouse WateringBasically, I took my shower in the greenhouse yesterday. See, I’ve had experience with those misting systems, we used to have one on our patio.

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What to Plant Now for Fresh Food at ThanksgivingWhile most of us envision fresh vegetable harvests happening in summer, it's entirely possible to grow crops to be picked throughout the fall.

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Mr. Chickadee builds a Hobbit-style root cellarChickadee is a homesteader in Kentucky who exclusively uses traditional carpentry techniques and old-school hand tools.

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Seeing change, with photographer Chloe Collyer and the Fujifilm X100V: Digital Photography ReviewIn a season of unrest across the globe, Seattle-based photographer Chloe Collyer has been busy, documenting the people - and the expressions of anger and creativity - which have made this summer unforgettable.

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Lost Skills: What Our High-Tech World Has Taken From UsA high-tech world thrives on cookie-cutter recipes and standard operating procedure. That means many skills have been lost.

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Metro man brings Oklahoma history to life through congressman ancestorDavid Morgan said he has been able to view his congressional ancestor's letters and other materials in a collection housed at the Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center on the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman. Shared .

What to Do with Green Tomatoes in the FallWhen summer is over, can you use the green tomatoes that are still on the vine?

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Steven Robert KowalIt is with heavy hearts that we announce the sudden passing of Steven Robert Kowal of Prince Albert on September 14, 2020 at the age of 85 years.

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Preserving food on the homestead.Homemade Apple Cider Garden Harvest Its been a little bit since I made a post on my blog.

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Week Long Eco-Friendly Mindset ChallengeI think we all know little ways that we can be more eco-friendly. And many of us, choose little ways for ease or laziness that are not environmentally friendly too.

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Where We Can Go: Dilke Pickle will draw us back to rural villageRon Walter writes about a trip to Regina Beach, Lumsden, and Dilke. Shared .

Alright, Alright, AlrightThats what I love about these High School chicks man, I get older, they stay the same age.

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Maple-Walnut Chicken and Whole Grain PilafI promised on my last recipe post not to wax so poetic on future recipes, so consider this me not doing that.

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Sunday Homestead Update  Fall Babies and FireWe have a wildfire that is potentially setting its sights on our area. Hopefully, the cold and snow we received this last week will stop it, but we are keeping a close eye on it and discussing evacuation plans for the farm. Ironically, we have poultry here that were evacuated from a different farm closer to the fire a few weeks ago. We are...

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Norvelt, Pennsylvania was a Great Depression FDR homestead. Now it's for TrumpNorvelt was a government-planned homestead established by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Now, fear of socialism runs deep — and so does support for Trump.

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Easiest Homemade Breakfast SausageMake your own breakfast sausage with this simple breakfast sausage seasoning and regular ground pork.

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Battling those Fall allergies and some new stuffTuesday, September 8 It was a pretty rough start to the day. I woke up around 5 o'clock with a pretty bad allergy attack - clogged up left nostril yet running; itchy eyes; itchy mouth ; sneeze attacks; then a runny nose.

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CrystalI was waiting for a break in the rain to mow the lawn, but the rain kept coming and the grass got taller with each passing day.

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A Return to P90XNot working for a couple weeks, i was beginning to lose my muscle mass. In an attempt to stay fit and maintain the strength i’d built lifting people and walking 5 miles a day for the past few years i began lifting 3 gallon water jugs and attempting to do lunges around the yard while carrying them.

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Fire Suppression — And Climate Change — Is To Blame For California's Megafires. Experts Unpack The Term.With more than three million acres burned so far this year in California, wildfires are at top of mind.

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What's on Your Nightstand: A Good Read for those Seeking Inspiration in Human Resilience, Living off the land and Being a little more Self-SufficientThe beautiful stories woven throughout this book are of the joys of growing food, the hardships and rewards and what you can do in your own simple ways no matter how big or small to nourish your own mind, body and soul - and by doing it, make this world a little better.

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Ask the Builder: Using the right shovel makes the job easierLast week, I wasted all sorts of time and got frustrated trying to dig a simple hole in my yard. Shared .

Recipe: Quick Garden SalsaNothing beats a quick garden snack on a warm day or a bit of heat on a cool day.

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Island couples turning to off-grid homestead living during pandemicTwo Island couples are turning to self-sustained, off-grid living as a result of the pandemic: one for the first time and one after a bit of a hiatus.

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Attica Locke: why did my black ancestors never leave Texas? They knew land is powerThe crime novelist considers how abuses of property have defined her family's history, and now shape her fiction.

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Fermented Hot Pepper PasteFermented hot pepper paste is a must-have in our house. If you like spicy food, you will love this paste.

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Digging Deeper Into CompostingOh composting, there is lots of talk about it with so much information floating out there about it that a lot of individuals are intimidated.

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Where There's Smoke There's FireMany people have been reaching out to see if we are ok. Despite the horrible fires ravaging Oregon and the whole west coast, we are safe, thank God.

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Easy Homemade Dill Relish RecipeThis easy homemade dill relish recipe is just right - not too sweet with the perfect pop of dill.

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Jing Orange Okra from Baker Creek  An OverviewI love okra. Growing up in Florida okra was one of the easiest crops to grow over the long summer season.

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Getting Started With Milk Sheep, Part 3: Lambing, Milking Your Sheep, and Using Sheep MilkMilk sheep are a unique and fun option for dairy livestock on a small homestead.

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Quick Product Review  Basic Bidet  Alternative to Toilet PaperIve been considering buying a bidet attachment for many years now and the recent Covid-19 toilet paper shortage just made it that more important.

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How and Why to Grow Red Winter Wheat " New Life On A HomesteadRed winter wheat is an easy to grow crop, resistant to pests and diseases, that can be fed both to humans and livestock.

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29 Dangerous Homesteading Practices The Homesteading HippyHomesteading is fun, but there are plenty of mistakes one can make. We found 30 of the most common ones you should stay away from.

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Honey, it's all about bees this week: Kids Corner for the week of 9/14/20Editor’s note: The Vail Daily’s weekly kids section is chock full of activities and fun to keep the young and the young at heart entertained during the pandemic.

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How to Forage Rose Hips and a Recipe for Rose Hip Syrup  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadHere is a complete forager's reference guide for finding and identifying wild rose hips and what you can do with them!

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Thank You LordA cold front had come in, making it 90 instead of 100. It felt unusually cool to my Texan skin, used to the heat radiating from everything the sun touched as if each object not in shadow was a stove.

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Free Seed LibraryYouve heard of Little Free Libraries  increasing book access through book sharing boxes, usually in community spaces and peoples yards.

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Dodge County siblings preserve legacy on 166-year-old family farmDoris Priesgen, 70, took over the farm from her brother, Leslie Schwartz in 1989, and eventually converted the farm into an organic operation.

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The Wildfire Diary, The Beginning2020 has been a wild ride with all sorts of twists and turns, not many of them good.

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CanningOur expert homesteader overcame her fear of canning. Now she's got step-by-step instructions and tips for beginning canners.

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35 Scarecrow Designs for Your Garden " New Life On A HomesteadScarecrows aren't just useful for keeping birds away. They are fun DIY activities that involve the whole family!

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Covid-19 is turning us all into ‘hipsteaders'The pandemic forces a cohort of people to plunge into do-it-yourselfism By TIFFANY KARY WHEN Covid-19 arrived this winter, Chase Beathard worried so much about meat shortages that he took advantage of a Craigslist ad offering a free boar.

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How To Make A Quick Honey GlazeThis honey glaze is qiuck and easy to make. Just honey and a small pat of butter and a tablespoon of brown sugar.

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Starting a Small Business in 6 StepsTurn your garden or poultry side gig into a steady income and reap the benefits of conducting business aboveboard.

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Gertrude "Trudy" Mary HalversonGertrude "Trudy" Mary Halverson passed away peacefully on Sept.1, 2020, in Bellevue, Washington. Trudy was born May 3, 1925, to Timothy and Anna Schafer Gleeson, both of Grays Harbor homesteading families.

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Take a Deep Breath and Just Breathe, What I Did This Summer, and First Steps to Achieving My Dream of Establishing a HomesteadThat pretty much sums up 2020 for me thus far. Trying to remain calm, stay focused and keep working towards my long term goals have been extremely challenging among all the chaos of 2020.

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Maiden Creek Hill provides 'perfect view' of Cariboo Wagon RoadA bare, switchback road climbs steeply on the right. This is the Maiden Creek Hill.

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When I said I wanted to Marie Kondo the cows, I didn't mean itThe moods come and go. The feelings arise then fall away. It seems like these deep, scorching, last days of summer are the times where I want to get rid of it all, slim everything down to the bare essentials.

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On Our Radar: No shucking way! Prince George's Downtown Rotary Club is having a sweet corn saleThe Downtown Rotary Club of Prince George is getting ready to host its first Corn on the Street sale to help raise funds for school Breakfast Programs, scholarships and youth leadership programs. Shared .

How to Make Perfect Fried Green Tomatoes  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadThis article is for my best recipe using green tomatoes! Make this Southern food favorite, fried green tomatoes...

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Chopping Wood: A Helpful Beginner's GuideGet choppin' with these expert tips and tricks for chopping wood—from felling the tree to stacking the firewood for use in the winter.

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How to Hand Wash Clothes Without Growing Tired The Homesteading HippyHand-washing clothes will save you money, is a good way to exercise, and might be the only option in a long-term disaster.

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The Revival of Homesteading and Small FarmsIn May of 1943, there were 18 million victory gardens in the United States. By the end of World War 2, an estimated 40% of all fresh vegetables came from home and community gardens.

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Raising Chickens for Meat: A Third Year in ReviewWell, this year has brought us some relatively large changes as far as raising our own meat birds.

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What Else is in the Greenhouse?Besides all my experiments, the herbs I generally keep on the kitchen porch will be transplanted into the center beds in the greenhouse: lemon balm, thyme, cumin, oregano, cilantro, parsley, sage, basil, chives.

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Downtown Rotary Club selling corn to support youthPRINCE GEORGE-This weekend it's okay to get corny. On September 12th, the Downtown Rotary Club of Prince George... Shared .

27 Best Quilts 2020The best quilts, including vintage patchwork quilts to quilted coverlets to kanthas, from brands including Anchal, Degen, Cold Picnic, Hawkins New York, Pendleton, Vacilando Quilting Co., Haptic Lab, and Cindy's Antique Quilts, and more.

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Hometown Heroes: WHHA keeping community fed while supporting farmersEditors note: Each Wednesday, West Hawaii Today is publishing a story about individuals, groups or organizations that have helped make life better for others in our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Planet Alaska: Revitalizing Tlingit doll-makingKristina Cranston works in her home-studio-gallery in Sitka.

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Dear MotherRead these letters to Mother Earth News from our Readers and answers from our editors and experts in gardening and homesteading.

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My life is ordinary and that's perfectThere are very few mountain-top moments. Maybe our passports won't ever be filled. Maybe our lives will just be...

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Don't be fooled by grocery packagingI don't know Jill Turnbull, but I was pleased to read that she's recently returned to a vegan lifestyle.

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Is Poultry Farming Right For You?Is it even profitable? Why or why not? What's the cost, what's the risk? These are all valid questions when entering into any endeavor on your small farm or homestead.

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4 Tips for Staying OrganizedThere are all sorts of challenges that people, and especially families face to stay organized and keep their lives running smoothly.

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Fire cider for the fire"From Soil2Soul: Meditations on Food, Nature and Urban Farming" is a regular column by Devorah Brous charting the ways we can reconnect with ourselves in harmony with nature.

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This Week's N.Y. Deal SheetThis week topped off a slow summer in the same style — while there were some major financing transactions, leasing and sales remained slow.

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Global Safety Net maps land areas that need to be protected to safeguard biodiversity and stem carbon emissionsAn international team of researchers has created an online platform called the Global Safety Net. Shared .

Pre-Need Death Care Market Biggest Challenges and Opportunity in Healthcare Sector by with Leading Key Players:  Columbian Mutual Life Insurance CompReport Consultant proclaims a new addition of comprehensive data to its extensive repository titled as, Pre-Need DeathCare market.

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Covid Is Turning Us All Into HipsteadersDo-it-yourself pursuits, such as bread making, gardening and crafts, have boomed amid Covid-19.

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Covid-19 DIY Boom: Raising Chickens, Gardening, Baking and MoreDriven by frugality, product shortages and lots of time at home, millions are embracing raising chickens, beekeeping and more. Shared .

Popular Big Sur inn open since 1930s closes indefinitelyThe Deetjen's Big Sur Inn Preservation Foundation leaders said years of road closures, fires, floods and Covid-19 all contributed to the suspension.

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Cottagecore, colonialism and the far-rightIt is hard to deny that there is something soothing about the images of cosy, flower-covered cottages, home-made bread and hand-picked mushrooms that proliferate across ‘cottagecore' social media.

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"You're not right for the job."It’s 3:30 in the morning. I took my evening supplements. I brushed my teeth. I put in my night retainer.

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Winding Up the SeasonNormally, I could talk about baseball season, but we all know where that’s going. Has gone.

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Covid Is Turning Us All Into HipsteadersDriven by frugality, product shortages and lots of time at home, millions are embracing raising chickens, beekeeping and more.

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2 thoughts on "A Sad Loss on The Homestead"Its rarely that I find myself in a place in which I dont want to write.


Bully PulpitSo we put our purchased peeps in with the hatched peeps. All went reasonably well for the first couple of days.

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Garden updateSOOOO dry too. Watered the garden and the landscaping and had birds flying in from all over for the wet.

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Rye sourdough yeast breadNo longer practicing, just doing! This bread is a light rye bread; made a sourdough sponge with the rye flour last night, and did a yeast with regular flour sponge at the same time.

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How to Start a Permaculture Garden for Free " New Life On A HomesteadIf you don't have the budget to start a permaculture garden, you can actually do it for free.

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An open letter to a first time mom, friend, and sisterI want to write you to tell you to be prepared for change. Change in yourself and change in what you thought things would look like.

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Time to care and time to createRight now, I only have two laundry baskets waiting to be folded. This is progress and a celebration of life in this new normal.

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Cinnamon Swirl Zucchini Quick BreadWe don't use a lot of refined sugar these days, preferring dates, maple syrup or honey, however, I do find myself reaching for it on the occasion that I want to make Cinnamon Swirl Yeast Bread, Cinnamon Buns, and now this.

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Popular Big Sur inn open since 1930s closes indefinitelyThe Deetjen's Big Sur Inn Preservation Foundation leaders said years of road closures, fires, floods and Covid-19 all contributed to the suspension.

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How We Prepare for Tornado SeasonHow to prepare for tornado season, and what to keep in your storm shelter or "safe place."

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Sunday Homestead Update  Hard FreezeTypically, we get a couple lighter frosts in early September before we get a hard freeze. But since this year is anything but typical in and well, everything and the weather is following the atypical trend. We are expected to get into the teens and not go above 28F for over 24 hours this week. So that means no gradual harvest this year -...

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Quick Product Review  Mighty Mule MM371 Gate OpenerAfter my attempt to build my own gate opener succeeded then failed disastrously, I decided it was time to yield my cheapness to purchasing a properly engineered and time-tested system.

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Ugh.I havent been blogging as of late. Or much of anything else beyond basic everyday stuff.

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Robin's Nest: Brush up on grammar as an unusual school year beginsI was young and idealistic, once. I imagined moving to the great western prairies like the homesteaders of yore, living off the land and frequently stepping outside so that the wind could whip romantically through my hair as I gazed wistfully in the distance.

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Silver SundayI am thankful to the Lord, my God, for: - rain - cooler weather on the way, and the promise of autumn - grandchildren - sunflowers - kind words : Silver Sunday.

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Helen Schrumpf ObituaryHelen Marie Schrumpf Helen M. Schrumpf, 89, of Billings, passed away peacefully at St. Vincent's on August 30 in the city she loved.

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A Day On The HomesteadThe changing seasons are welcome, but not without their trials. #TexasHomesteader.

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A Multi-Fold HarvestThis year has brought some serious changes to our lives. Its taken so many turns, its almost unreal.

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Lessons From the PandemicIt is hard to imagine that it was 6 months ago that life as we knew it changed.

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Dealing With Depression And Stress During These Covid TimesIve been through some rough times in my lifetime. Ive faced poverty, asset re-possessions, job loss, possible foreclosures, divorce, marital strife, bankruptcies and near-death experi...

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How To Grow Your Own Mushroom SpawnThinking of growing a mushroom spawn in your homestead? You can follow these easy steps to help you get started.

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Preserving My HarvestAlright yall, preserving your harvest can be one of the best things that happens at the end of a growing season, but it can quickly becoming an undertaking.

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Next Stop: The YukonWith its Klondike Gold Rush heritage, the vast Yukon territory of just 40,000 people makes a good case to be declared our own final frontier. Shared .

Haphazardly Homesteading: Vol 2The orchids have died. For a grocery store plant, they lasted pretty long! I do wish the blooms wouldve stuck around longer, but such is life.

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Greenhouse Adventures!Ive wanted this Palram Mythos 6×8 green greenhouse since I can remember. Every time I go on Wayfair, its not on sale or sold out.

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Using Reusable Canning Lids During Canning Supply ShortagesHomesteading product shortages continue. It is awesome that so many people have decided to grow and preserve their own food this year - but the shortages in supplies for chickens, gardens, and canning can be really frustrating for all. This is just another reason I am so glad that we use Tattler Reusable Canning Lids.&.

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Fermenting is SimpleFermenting is simple learn the basics and start fermenting your favoutite vegetables using what you already have in your kitchen.

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Creeping Thyme: A Beautiful Groundcover To Replace Your LawnI was looking at my friend's latest addition to her rock garden, creeping thyme. She had a large patch of the pink variety - like a feathery rich carpet.

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Commentary: CRWP salutes Watershed Hero Jason EslerJason Esler was deeply devoted to improving the Copper River Watershed environment, writes Nik Merlino.

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First Aid Kit Contents Checklist for HomesteadersAdd to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes Using a first aid kit contents checklist is an excellent way to build a customized emergency kit, but with so many lists on the internet, which do you follow?

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Reed Powell ObituaryReed 'Cub' Powell Reed 'Cub' Powell passed away quietly from this world and was welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ on Sept.

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Storing Dried Herbs and Pantry ItemsThis post may contain Amazon affiliate links which means that if you click on the link and make a purchase Ill earn a small commision at no added cost to you.

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‘Going local': Southern Sown offers ‘community tent' at Cartersville Farmers MarketUnderscoring the importance of locally-sourced food, Samijo Miron's "community tent" has turned into a fixture at the Cartersville Farmers Market.

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Super Simple Canned Pickled Jalapeno SlicesWe love adding a bit of spice in the form of pickled jalapeno slices to many things.

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The 7 Best DIY Vegan Body Scrubs for Soft, Glowing SkinTurn your bathroom into a DIY spa: here's how to make the best homemade vegan sugar scrubs for soft, glowing skin.


Autumn Biscuit PieAutumn Biscuit Pie fresh from the oven! This recipe is adapted from Tomato Imperative, which we discussed while making Sweet Tomato Figs.

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Inside Farm Collaborative, the nonprofit reviving small farming in AspenCooper Means has given up describing himself as a farmer. The Aspen native and agriculture director at the nonprofit Farm Collaborative said it creates confusion since there are so few small farming operations remaining today in the U.S. "I tell them I'm a food producer," Means said. Shared .

Winter Fruits: 8 Delicious Garden Additions For The Cold MonthsAs the temperature drops and you start up the wood burning stove, it may feel like fruit is long gone.

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Homemade Tomato SauceRed sauce is a staple for many different meals across many different cultures. It is one of the four staple sauces of French cooking, and seeing its versatility, it is easy to understand why...

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The Practical Guide to the Deep Litter MethodI don't know about you but between homeschooling my six kids, keeping my house clean, and cooking 458 meals a day I do NOT have time to shovel all of the shavings out of the chicken coop, dump the mess into the compost pile and then lay down new shavings EVERY OTHER WEEK!

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In 'Raised by Wolves,' Ridley Scott ends the world. Again.A review of 'Raised by Wolves,' an extraterrestrial sci-fi series from Ridley Scott concerning androids and religious differences.

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9 practical steps every homebuyer should take the first year in their new houseHomeowners and real estate experts share what you should — and shouldn't — do in your first year of homeownership, from experience.

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West Olympia and John Riley Chaplin, One of Many People in History to Develop the AreaWest Olympia has been home to many people with a vision for prosperity both in mind and body.

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Roasting Peppers On A Gas-Powered StoveRoasting peppers on a gas-powered stove is a great shortcut if you don't want to fire up the oven for just a few peppers.

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Sustainable Living is for EveryoneMore people are becoming aware of the impact our way of life has on the world around us.

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Gardening: Canning for the first time ~ Roma TomatoesHere is something I think you would enjoy which is the intro to my YouTube video about canning whole Roma Tomatoes which I am not going to link since it is my first time canning and I believe most people are more experienced than I.

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The Cabin Floor: 02/09/2020Today is September the second. A friend and I have spent a very soggy Wednesday filling in the old bunker hole and laying the long needed cabin floor.

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My Pony-powered Gardens Work!Two Amish-trained ponies enjoy a retirement teaching me how to farm with horses. Were growing more food and having more fun than ever before.

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What Can You Run With a 100-Watt Solar Panel?Figuring out what you can or cannot power on a 100w, 200w, or a 300w solar panel?

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The Bend Offers a New Living Concept With Four Acres of Parkland, Sold by Mailing Sensory-Rich 'Home Boxes' to Buyers' HomesThe Bend is a new open space concept residential community of 125 single-level homes along the South Congress corridor in South Austin.

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Sheep Breeding SeasonThis year we are doing things very different than we usually do with sheep breeding season. Usually, we breed all our sheep and goats in November / December for April/May babies. We do this because of our climate. It is still very cold and snowy through March, and even into April some. So by birthing later in the season, we don't have as...

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There is more to the broccoli plant than just the crownBroccoli leaves have higher amounts of beta carotene than florets, including more vitamin A and phytonutrients.

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Sweet Tomato FigsA few years back, my fellow gardening friend Denise gifted me with a copy of Tomato Imperative.

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The Great Food HeistThe other day, it was raining, which is no surprise because we are in the rainy season after all.

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The Bend Offers a New Living Concept With Four Acres of Parkland, Sold by Mailing Sensory-Rich 'Home Boxes' to Buyers' HomesSeptember 2, 2020 - ​The Bend is a new open space concept residential community of 125 single-level homes along the South Congress corridor in South...

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RUSSELL WANGERSKY: Lessons from a pandemicIt wasnt the extremes of pandemic shutdowns that were deflating, it was the diminished horizons of the new normal that seemed to be the most draining.

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Handmade Frankincense and Myrrh Soap Recipe  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadThis article is for my handmade natural soap recipe using the hot process method. This soap is scented with frankincense and myrrh essential oils and colored with Moroccan red clay for a beautiful, skin soothing soap.

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Two-Parcel Pacific Beach Property Trades HandsMission Day, LLC, acquired a 3,234-square-foot McDonalds and 2,329-square-foot Union 76 service station on two parcels totaling 50,754 square feet of land in San Diego’s Pacific Beach from JR&C Harris for $8 million.

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How to Make Holiday Spice Hot Process Soap Recipe  All Posts Healing Harvest HomesteadThis article is for an amazing and refreshing holiday spice handmade natural soap recipe! It's lovely anytime, but especially for holiday gift giving.

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Perfect Pot Roast with Bouquet Garni.Whether it's summer or winter, the perfect pot roast always seems to find a spot at our kitchen table.

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Fall Farm FashionThank you for helping me decided what to do about my hair. I ended up taking out as much color as I could and getting it back to as natural of a tone as possible.

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20 Interesting Uses for Coffee GroundsWhether you drink coffee daily or just enjoy the occasional cup, coffee grounds pile up quickly!

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This Month On The Farm: August 2020Our garden did really well this year. I'm sure it was partly due to all of the attention it finally received from me but also partly from the good soil we've been building.

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Arkansas Master Gardener application period open until Oct. 1LITTLE ROCK — If working from home and staring at the yard has ignited that need to learn more about gardening, now is the time to apply for the Arkansas Master Gardener program, the state's largest horticulture volunteer and education organization.

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Honey Currant Jam RecipeThis delightlyfully old-fashoned homemade currant jam recipe is honey-sweetened and as simple as it gets.

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Attracting Bluebirds To Your Garden for Natural Pest Control " New Life On A HomesteadBluebirds are excellent pest control in your garden, but you have to know how to attract them, and make them feel like home.

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AphidsYou wake up one morning, walk out to water your plants and tragically find that one or more of your plants is covered in aphids!

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Southern Style Green BeansCooked low and slow these southern style green beans are paired with bacon, garlic and onion to create a delicious, tender, savory dish you'll love.

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