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10 Saddest Deaths In Horror Movie History With all the over-the-top, arterial-severing deaths that have totted up an ever-growing body count of casualties on the big screen, confronting our own mortality and squishy fleshy parts is typically what's celebrated most by horror fans.

Film Review: Don't Grow Up SYNOPSIS:: The story about a group of youths who can't face the thought of growing up because anyone who does becomes a rampaging zombie. REVIEW:: Not everyone will enjoy French director Thierry Poiraud's English language debut DON'T GROW UP. It's almost like an adolescent's 28 DAYS LATER but not nearly as action-packed or suspenseful.

Tommy Chong script for a Cheech and Chong horror film How many people would like to see a Cheech and Chong horror film? If your answer is "MUCH", you are probably not too far from it, because despite the culturally insensitive nature of the films and the fact that they were never meant to be a PC, Cheech and Chong would produce a horror film.

The Grudge review - workmanlike reboot of the horror franchise But in terms of the story, it's business as usual for the relentlessly furious spirit Kayako, although she is rarely glimpsed in her original form in this instalment.

Film Review: Halloween Party Decorated firefighter Ben played by Sean Michael Gloria is hosting a Halloween party. The Dark humored Ben seems to go all out for his guests at his annual Halloween party. A local woman Judith shows up at his door mysteriously seeming injured and confused.

Shudder's 'La Llorona' is a Slow-Burn Haunting of the Political Variety La Llorona, or the Weeping Woman, is one of the most well-known figures in Latin American folklore. The details of her origins may differ, but the general conceit of her lore tells of a woman whose husband leaves her for another. In her grief, the woman drowns her two children in a river, and then herself when she realizes what she's done.

'Bad Hair' Unleashes Retro Horror Satire in Need of a Trim Especially for women, hair has always been a status symbol. Writer / Director Justin Simien's follow up feature to Dear White People plays up this notion in a big way, with a retro dramedy that centers around a seriously killer weave.

THE TURNING Is A Visually Stunning Horror That Overuses Jump Scares. MOVIE REVIEW The Turning is a horror movie based on the 1898 ghost story The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. Mackenzie Davis stars and is joined by Finn Wolfhard, Brooklynn Prince, and Joely Richardson. It is January and the month is a notorious dumping ground for terrible films.

20 Terrifying Behind The Scenes Secrets From Horror Films As if these movies weren't scary enough, the cast, crew, and even the sets seemed to be haunted or cursed!

Review: "The Turning" Reboots Iconic Horror Tale as Tepid Garbage I have now presumably seen a horror movie called The Turning, only the 94-minute experience I was subjected to was not truly a horror movie in the way a child playing doctor does not actually possess a medical degree.

Film Review: Lung II A nameless man wanders the city, littered with necrotic artifacts and a trail of corpses. Are his grotesque hallucinations clues to a violent past? Or are they premonitions?

'The Turning' Also Receives Rare "F" CinemaScore Grade Following in the cursed footsteps of Sony's The Grudge, Universal Pictures' The Turning is the second horror film this month to receive an incredibly rare "F" CinemaScore grade. The difference between the two is that, while The Grudge was terrible from top to bottom, The Turning was actually a decent movie until the third act.

Nosferatu By combining imagery from the original horror classic with cutting edge filmmaking technology, we will resurrect the screen's first and most monstrous vampire back from the grave! The original, Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, was the first vampire tale ever filmed, and is widely considered the cornerstone of horror cinema.

Sundance: ‘Bad Hair’ Team on Using Classic Horror Tropes to Tell a Provocative Black Story Director Justin Simien and his cast discuss the influences on his Sundance premiere "Bad Hair," about a killer weave that just won't quit.

Cool New Poster for 'The New Mutants' Exposes the Horror Underneath the Surface We got a new trailer earlier this month for Josh Boone's The New Mutants, finally being released in April, so it only makes sense that we now also have a brand new poster.

The Night House’ Review: A Haunted Rebecca Hall Carries One of the Loudest Horror Movies Ever Made Once you have your first brush with Death, it can seem like it's always calling to you from the far shore of the river Styx. After dodging a bullet or losing a loved one, you might hear Charon the ferryman whispering in your ear from time to time, beckoning you to cross over; to come back to the void; to embrace the eternal.

The Master Cleanse - HNN - Horrornews.net SYNOPSIS: The Master Cleanse centers on a heartbroken man who attends a spiritual retreat, only to d.

Film Review: Amicus Mortis A twisted and bloody tale of revenge shown in reverse chronological order. Low budget horror shorts are hard to do well. It's very difficult to get the necessary plot crammed into such a small time frame, and when you're trying to make your film jam-packed with gore as well, it's practically impossible.

Drive-In Dust Offs: MORTUARY A full moon glides into view, as a narrator insidiously intones the terrors of the dark. A gravedigger is toiling away by the moonlight until a hand comes from the ground and pulls him screaming into the open grave. This was the trailer for Mortuary, and I remember it scaring the piss out of me when it would show up on late night TV.

This Day in Horror: Happy Birthday Tobe Hooper - Dread Central This Day in Horror: Happy Birthday Tobe Hooper.

The most influential horror movie of all time is leaving Netflix next month But The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, an enduring American masterpiece from the late Tobe Hooper that spawned one of the first horror franchises ever, is leaving Netflix on February 21. So if you've not yet subjected yourself to its delightful darkness and traumatizing artistry, now is your chance.

Writer Hired for ANACONDA Reimagining One of the most memorable and star-studded creature features of the '90s, Anaconda is being reimagined at Columbia Pictures. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Evan Daugherty has been hired to write a screenplay for an "an all-new and all-modern take" on Anaconda.

Theater Thoughts #4: The Turning However, at the 45-minute mark it became clear that The Turning wasn't strong enough to climb out of the hole it digs itself into. Every scene has at least one "what just happened?" moment that seems to exist solely to creep out the viewer. Unfortunately, these moments fail to complement the overall narrative, which is anything but cohesive.

Underwater and 3 movies that use the power of tension in horror Tension is the secret ingredient that keeps moviegoers on the edge of their seats. Among others, Underwater expertly utilizes suspense in a way that feels…

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