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Talk Of The Trade video series with Nathan Gambling We've brought Talk Of The Trade to life with a new video series that's all about championing great tradespeople and promoting good practice in the trades industries. Nathan Gambling is a plumbing and heating lecturer, assessor, and speaker.

FAQs About Our Limewashed Brick and Country Living Magazine So many of you have sent me sweet messages for a few weeks congratulating us, and we've been so busy that I haven't even had a chance to share it with you guys… Our house is in Country Living Magazine this month!

Self Build Homes for Every Budget Get an idea of the kind of home you could build on your budget by taking a look at these self build homes organised by build cost.

What is a Self Build Mortgage? Products available include:. Rates of interest are higher than standard house purchase / re-mortgage rates of interest and vary from 4-6.5% per annum. The arrangement fees also vary from lender to lender. You may be tied into the lender for between one and three years, again lender and product dependent.

What Type of Threshold Should I Choose for my Bifold Doors? There is a lot to consider when choosing bifold doors, including making sure you choose the right threshold for your home.

Monday Inspiration: Best of Instagram Last week for the Beautiful Rooms post we spoke about the Red Thread and how you can use it to create a cohesive theme in your house. This week, the houses are all very different and while I'm certain they will all have their own red thread, I am choosing to look at little more at the colour and personality found in each one.

135: How Many Dollhouses Is Too Many Dollhouses? 135: How Many Dollhouses Is Too Many Dollhouses? - Young House Love.

The Simple Way to Sand Round Objects It becomes a little more difficult when you're working with a round surface. But slightly modify your technique and it's no problem. Using a utility knife, cut the sandpaper into strips. Then use the sandpaper strip like a polishing cloth on a pair of shoes.

Old, Dated Ceiling Tile-No Problem! Nothing makes this unit scream old and dated then the dingy ceiling tile, fluorescent lights and carpet. While this combination is a staple in most professional buildings -the good news is that a modern update is completely feasible. At Project Whimsy, the ceiling is a tell-tale sign of the aging building.

Could Your Project Win Home of the Year? The Homebuilding Awards winner and reader's choice winner; plus categories and shortlist of entrants.

Room Sizes: How to Get Them Right When is a house too big, and how do you work out optimum room sizes? Our resident design expert Pete Tonks explains the art of space planning.

15 Essential Resources for the First-Time Self-Builder A comprehensive list of essential self build resources and tools that will be invaluable to self builders.

Timber Frame Extension Guide The cost of a timber frame extension is generally accepted as being less than a traditionally built extension primarily because there are less labour hours involved.

Repointing Brickwork Information on when to repoint a wall, including a detailed step-by-step guide showing you what to do and an explanation of mortar.

Decorating on a Budget and How to Plan Kids' Rooms: Podcast Notes All I would say on the instagram chat is that figures from our sponsors DFS found that 12 per cent of people admitted to decorating their homes according to things they saw on social media. So, budget home updates.

Building A Giant Bandsaw Mill - Bringing It All Together I'm going to jump right into the information for part three of the bandsaw mill build because I have a lot of ground to cover. 5 hours of footage to be exact. But I'm going to do what I can to condense that for you so let's go. If you missed the first parts of this series, you can check Part 1 out here and Part 2 out here.

A Quick & Easy Way To Hang Curtain Rods And we made the same masterlist of sources and paint colors for the beach house too for ya. And we're pulling together a source lis for the duplex - it's not very thorough yet, but a lot of the stuff we have there is on this page for ya - and there's more to come.

Aluminium Windows: How to Choose When choosing aluminium windows for your project, there are some key aspects you should consider. Read our guide on how to choose.

Best Home Magazine Deals 2019 - Homebuilding & Renovating When you subscribe to one of our homes magazines you or your loved one will receive 12 issues each year, making it a gift that really will keep on giving!

Planning Permission: The Complete Guide If you're new to the world of planning permission, this guide will break down exactly what it is, when you need it, how to get it, and what to do if your application is rejected. The building of a new dwelling and extensive changes to existing buildings usually requires planning permission.

Spring Sale! Get 5 Issues for £5 Homebuilding and Renovating is the UK's best-selling self build magazine and essential guide for anyone renovating, extending, converting or building their own home. To help you complete your self build or renovation on time and to budget, every issue provides you with:.

How to Capture Dust During Sanding To reduce airborne dust when sanding, tape a standard HVAC air filter to the intake side of a portable box fan. Turn the fan on and position it near where you're sanding with the filter facing the sander. The filter will trap much of the sanding dust, making clean up a breeze.

How to Protect Wood from Clamp Damage If you're wondering why you need to protect the workpiece, take a look at this: Here's a C-clamp, and you see the jaw damaged the wood. It made a depression right into the wood. You want to avoid that. One way is to go out and buy felt peel-and-stick pads meant to go on the bottoms of furniture legs.

Garage Conversion Ideas: Using Your New Space If you're looking for garage conversion ideas, take a look at these options that could not only transform how you live in your home, but add wow-factor too.

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