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5 Lessons From Our First Summer As Airbnb Hosts We got advice from a friend / fellow Airbnb host early on that boiled down to "you can't always fix problems, but you can at least respond to them well." The example they gave us is that their fridge broke during one of their guests' stays.

First European Off-Grid Solar-Hydrogen Powered House Developed in Devon The project is a “European first in mechanical engineering for a single house”, which generates all its own power through the solar array.

Control Your Home Heating with a Smart Stove Thanks to innovation in smart, clean technologies, a new generation of smart stoves that combine sustainable heating and lower carbon monoxide emissions with web-enabled controls, is set to revolutionise the way we burn wood in the home.

Right To Build Day Looms As Councils Required To Evidence Plots 18,000 people joined the self build and custom build registers; it’s nearly time for councils to ensure they have enough plots to meet this demand.

Knocking Down Internal Walls: A How-to Guide Knocking down internal walls is one of the best ways to transform your home's interior but what's involved and how much will it cost?

Topps Tile of the Year 2020 Well we've had the colour of the year and now it's time for the tile of the year as revealed by moi at an event with Topps Tiles last week and for this week's Wednesday AD Break I thought I would talk you through some of the trends around it and the different ways you can lay it.

Fixing Up a 1901 Farmhouse We're fixing up a 1901 farmhouse, preserving its historic charm while adding some fresh touches.

The Importance Of Carbon Monoxide Detectors As something of a design trend, many people are now lucky enough to be able to have a stove or a working fireplace in their home. Whether it burns gas or solid fuels, there is a very real danger of carbon monoxide being released into the atmosphere; this is a toxic gas and can be extremely dangerous if breathed in.

12-Month Delay Announced to Reverse Charge VAT A 12-month delay to the introduction of the domestic reverse charge VAT for construction services has been announced by the government. The construction VAT reverse charge had been due to come into effect on 1 October 2019, but the delay until 1 October 2020 gives renovators and extenders more time to prepare.

More Dementia-Friendly Housing Needs To Be Built, Report Says Former Treasury economist Chris Walker has called for 30,000 additional specialist retirement dwellings to be built each year over the next 10 years which are specifically designed to make life easier for people as they get older.

New Collections and Launches for Autumn I spoke the other week about September being the start of the new year for many and we talked around how you can update your home without spending any money.

JUST RELEASED: Metal Roofing Buyers' Guide! Want to choose the perfect metal roof for your home? The Metal Roofing Alliance makes it easy with this new Metal Roofing Buyers' Guide!

These Deck Screws Help You Finish the Job Faster DeckMate's not finished upgrading its products — and aren't we glad! Jodi shares the latest improvements.

How to Build Farmhouse Shutters Whether you're updating a rural home or just want the farmhouse look, these DIY shutters will transform your home's exterior.

How to Stack Firewood for Optimal Seasoning Firewood needs seasoning, or drying, before use. Try this stacking technique for optimal seasoning.

The Difference Between Building Sand & Ballast Whether you're brick-laying, block-laying or slab-laying, get in contact with your local aggregate supplier and receive the finest grade of building sand. Why? Because it's durable, affordable and provides an excellent finish.

DIY Projects That Can Transform Your Outdoor Living Space This summer, we decided we were ready to complete our backyard space. It all started with redoing our fence. We are not experts, but we learned along the way and you can too! If you aren't ready to start a big project, paint always makes a big statement.

DIY Projects That Can Transform Your Outdoor Space It is amazing how DIY projects can transform any space, and that is what we have done in every inch of our 1200 sq. ft. 1960's home. This summer, we decided we were ready to complete our backyard space. It all started with redoing our fence. We are not experts, but we learned along the way and you can too!

DIY before and after: A step-by-step thrifted vintage chair upholstery makeover In a few steps using simple-to-use tools like an Arrow T50 Staple Gun, she transformed the drab chair into a statement piece that would be a great addition to any room. Some of the supplies used include:.

Boiler Survey Highlights Importance of Regular Services The Worcester Bosch survey also showed that 18% of homeowners believe that servicing is unnecessary until a boiler breaks down. Worcester Bosch conducted the survey ahead of Gas Safety Week to test the UK's knowledge of their heating systems.

How Do the New Septic Tank Regulations Affect You? Septic tank regulations are set to change in England as of 1 January 2020 and homeowners will not be able to sell their house after this date if their septic tank is not compliant.

Securing Your Home for Cyclone & Hurricane Season Unlike the US, we don't suffer hurricanes, here, in the UK. Storms must form over warm tropical oceans the be deemed a hurricane. However, cyclones are another story, aren't they? The season officially starts in November and lasts until April. Take steps now to secure your home for the coming cyclone season.

How to Board a Loft By learning how to board a loft, you can not only drastically increase the storage potential of your loft, but also make it safer and more stable to move around in. Loft boards are fixed together relatively easily, but working withing the confines of the loft's available space can make boarding a loft a tricky endeavour.

Monday Inspiration: Mad About The Bathroom It's a shorter post this week as this weekend has been spent taking the 18yo to his new home at university. I was completely fine about him going until two days before when he texted me and asked me out to lunch. And I had to work. And it really hit me.

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