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Human Resources and Cannabis I have at least seven girlfriends who fit this composite character. They all take cannabis in some form to alleviate symptoms and improve their overall quality of life. The transformation in my generation has been remarkable.

Is Expense Management For Your Business? Finding Funds by Streamlining Employee Expenses While having expense management software in place certainly provides many advantages to a business, having an expense management system in place on its own will not be the complete solution to any of the problems that companies face when it comes to controlling employee expenses.

The rise of modern recruitment: why culture is king It's no secret that recruitment costs can be astronomical. A typical hire costs up to £11,000 and takes an average of 27.5 days, with with 73 percent of organisations complaining about an increase in time to hire over the past five years. Contributor Carl Hoffmann, Founder and CEO - Talentry.

Human Resources Due Diligence "It takes less time to do thingsright, than to explain why you did it wrong." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. A lot has been made of and written about when it comes to workplace due diligence and the process of establishing it in can be a chaotic and daunting task for anyone, especially with today's added global complexities and legislative changes.

New York City Amends the City Human Rights Law by Passing the "Boss Bill," Prohibiting Discrimination Based on Employee Sexual and Reproductive Health Employers in New York City should update their equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination policies, handbooks, and training programs to include "sexual and reproductive health decisions" on the list of protected categories.

Clark County schools hire new human resources director Nadine Jones, currently a vice president of human resources for MGM Grand, will start with the district on July 1 with a salary of $151,608 after being approved at Thursday's meeting. The hire is part of Superintendent Jesus Jara's shakeup of central office after an independent report found deficiencies in the district's business operations.

Festival of Work: Why job automation is an opportunity, not a threat Job automation was hotly debated by speakers at the CIPD's Festival of Work conference this week, with many agreeing that it will replace many middle-skilled occupations. But this shouldn't be seen as a threat to the human workforce, as Ashleigh Webber reports.

City trading floor bans alcohol The London Metal Exchange has banned dealers on its trading floor from working under the influence of alcohol. It is thought the move to zero tolerance on the trading floor is a response to the increasingly high volume of deals being placed and is not the result of any particular incident.

Susan Patrick Named Human Resources Administrator at Labor Finders International The oldest and largest privately held industrial labor staffing franchise company in the United States is pleased to announce the appointment of Susan Patrick as Human Resources Administrator. The Jupiter resident has called South Florida home for over 32 years.

Resource guide: Human-machine interfaces Control's monthly guide brings you invaluable industry information to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments. This month provides human-machine interface resources.

The Inhumanity of Human Resources Modern corporate Human Resources departments are more about resources and less about humans, and this needs to change. Here are my thoughts on the problems, and what we can do to change it. NPR reported, in a related story, that the attrition rate for enlisted candidates in the U.S.

Lloyd's of London sexual harassment cases multiply New evidence of a culture of lewd behaviour at Lloyd's of London emerged this week after an executive was suspended after sending a sexually suggestive email about a female colleague. And earlier in the week it was reported that two executives had recently resigned after a groping incident and the stalking of a junior employee.

Dear Straight White Male Dear Straight White Male,. I hear you want to have a Straight Pride Parade. And while you're at it, I suppose you want to put together that White Male Empowerment Conference because you now think it's so tough being a white dude.

7 Ways to Inspire Disengaged Employees Even the best, hard-working employees need to be motivated and encouraged from time to time. Any work can become monotonous sooner or later. Your job, as an entrepreneur or a team leader, is to recognize these situations and to help employees regain their motivation.

Building a Governance Model for Human and Machine Knowledge The volume of human knowledge and machine knowledge is growing even faster. And the accelerated pace of both is taxing the limits of corporate governance. In a world approaching eight billion minds and over 100 billion devices, everything and everyone will be connected in some way.

Carers Week comes to a close As we draw a close to Carers Week, I think it's important to recognise our colleagues who care for other people who can't care for themselves. I'm so proud to work for a business who fully supports their colleagues and encourages them to achieve their goals.

Could predictive algorithms boost staff productivity? Researchers claim to have developed an algorithm that predicts career peaks, but what affect would this have on employee productivity and engagement if it was used widely? Nick Shaw looks at the benefits predictive analytics can bring.

FORD FOUNDATION: Appoints Diane Samuels as Vice President for Talent and Human Resources FORD FOUNDATION: Appoints Diane Samuels as Vice President for Talent and Human Resources. HIREOLOGY: Hireology Appoints Kevin Knapp as Chief Financial Officer. People. SAP: Names HSBC This Year's Klaus Tschira Human Resources Innovation Award Winner. Innovation.

Understanding the D.I.S.C. Personality Assessment and How It Can Improve Communication In Your Organization Succession planning is a systematic approach for identifying and developing new leaders that can replace the old ones in future. For today's business scenario, your organization might be well staffed but there could be changes and shifts in the upcoming days.

How to Increase ROI of Your Business? Return on Investment is defined as the ratio of net profit and financial investment of a business. It is the financial return a company receives from spending money on its business. For business owners, increasing ROI depends on how well they manage the company finances and business assets.

6 Effective Strategies for Attracting Passive Talents to Your Company You are missing out on good talents possibly because the people who would be suitable for your organization aren't even applying for the job. Known as passive candidates, such people are already employed and aren't actively looking for a new job opportunity.

UOB Malaysia launches business transformation programme for tech adoption During the three-month duration, participating businesses will attend a series of workshops conducted by technology solution providers and strategic partners to gain skills and know-how in specific areas of digital transformation such as business process re-engineering and digital marketing.

Top 10 most expensive locations in Asia for expats Singapore has just became more expensive for expats. The island nation has experienced a significant rise up ECA's latest cost of living rankings and is now the sixth most expensive location in Asia for expatriates and 12th most expensive location in the world.

Hong Kong to get jobs boost in transport and utilities The strongest growth sectors on the Mainland are finance, insurance and real estate and transport and utilities, although mining and construction recorded a slight dip.

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