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Organisations can leak confidential info like sieves Confidential data can be a company's most valuable asset, whether this is customer data, trade secrets or future developments which will bring significant updates once introduced. Data leaks, however small, can affect a company's bottom line and reduce customer confidence in the security of the business.

How employers should deal with employment tribunal delays As the sharp increase in employment tribunal claims pushes the system to breaking point, Melanie Stancliffe explains how delays affect employers - and what they can do about it.

Get rid of the 9-grid The 9-grid or the 9-box is a tool used a lot in organisations to map talent on two axis: performance and potential. Should we get rid of the the 9-grid?

Employee Attrition and Retention - Part 1 This is the 1st blog in the series in which we are going to discuss the attrition in an organization. An organization is built with teams and the team's growth is dependent on each employee, but when an employee quits the job, it can disturb a team's dynamics.

Eight ways to 'speak human' and change the game Nobody starts out automatically caring about your products or services. They care about how you can make a difference in their lives. Contributors Merilee Kern, Executive Editor and Producer of "The Luxe List International News Syndicate and Kevin Lund, author - Conversation Marketing: How to be Relevant and Engage Your Customer by Speaking Human.

Seven reasons for HR professionals to toss/keep a resume Swamped by millions of applications? Here is what you can try to do to save yourself some time.

Malaysia to draft a new promotion process for government officers As announced by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the new mechanism is meant to introduce further transparency and integrity, as well as reduce dissatisfaction from all quarters.

Britain's biggest employers must hire now for Brexit But now is the time for real action, with Brexit almost exactly six months away and very little progress made thus far. It has felt like our prime minister has been napping through the past year, with the odd statement claiming to be pushing for the best possible deal belied by recent government reports preparing people for a no-deal Brexit.

Encourage your Employees to take a Digital Detox The digital world is a difficult one to escape these days, which means that a tech overload is a very real risk. One of the primary concerns is that the lines between people's working lives and private lives are becoming blurred, and this is leading to burnout.

Guest Lecture: 'Talent Acquisition and VUCA' by Mr. Umesh Roy, Regional HR Head, Huawei Telecommunications On 23rd September 2018, Mr. Umesh Roy, Regional HR Head, Huawei Telecommunications engaged the cohort at TAPMI in his lecture on Talent Acquisition and VUCA. Manual interference in organisational processes is decreasing day by day. So, Mr.

Trade War: What is it good for? While important, a pure focus on trade, or a sub-component of trade which the tariffs are affecting, will not inform investors fully unless considered alongside other macroeconomic areas relating to unemployment, inflation and economic growth to give a more a rounded view of a fundamental case for either region.

How to survive and thrive in the age of disruption An innovative organisation is one which experiments and learns faster, more efficiently and more consistently, than competitors; where customer needs, future trends and new technologies are all in play. This presents unique challenges for leaders, and leaders of innovation.

5 Tips and Tools to Keep Remote Teams on Track CakeHR is a leave management software and HR blog that help you to solve your HR challenges and let’s you to focus on building your business!

Mike Ashley could be right…!!! Mike Ashely - Chief Executive of Sports Direct - recently complained publicly that the company faced 'disproportionate scrutiny and misrepresentation'. Contributor Gerry Brown, Non-executive directorships expert and author of The Independent Director: The Non-Executive Director's Guide to Effective Board Presence.

How gamification can boost engagement and productivity Gamified platforms not only offer clear benefits in terms of employee engagement, but can also improve productivity and increase results across the board. And they don't even need to be technology driven. Leader boards and achievement badges are also a prime example of gamifying your business.

Social media impacts and emerging trends How social technology is changing how businesses operate. Seventy-two percent of companies are using at least one social technology. There have been observed changes in how the business operates.

Vast majority of EU workers would be barred from UK New IPPR analysis finds that approximately three quarters of EU employees currently working in the UK would be ineligible for a work visa, under this week's proposals from the Migration Advisory Committee. Marley Morris, Senior Research Fellow - IPPR.

Will Sainsbury's-Asda merger be vetoed? "One can set aside the promises about job losses, lower prices, no store closures, and retaining the two brands. These are likely to be short term at best, perhaps a couple of years for some". Contributor Professor John Colley, Associate Dean - Warwick Business School.

The Gen-Z employment divide One in three graduates fear they are losing out on entry level roles to those who can afford to do unpaid / poorly paid internships. Contributor Georgina Brazier, Jobs Expert - Milkround.

How to make career changes easier than ever However, despite this lack of vocational fulfillment, the majority of unsatisfied employees are reluctant to leave a job they dislike because they feel they lack the required skills to pursue a different career. Research shows that this not only affects staff productivity, but can also cost UK businesses billions of pounds worth of lost revenue.

Book Review: Can You Hear Me? I just finished an advance reader copy of, "Can You Hear Me: How to Connect with People in a Virtual World." It's written by Doctor Nick Morgan of Public Words, a friend and mentor who never steers me wrong.

Is Sending a Paper Thank You Note Desperate? The New Norms for Evaluating Job Candidates. When it comes to how recruiters are evaluating candidates, the rules of the game are rapidly changing. Job interviews are becoming more intense, challenging candidates in new ways to eliminate canned responses - not to mention etiquette that was once commonplace for decades is no longer the norm.

Just one in 10 will smoke in 2023, predicts PHE Public Health England has estimated that only one in 10 people will smoke in five years' time, as the number of smokers continues to fall. It said of the 6.1 million smokers in England in 2017, six in 10 want to quit. However, most try to rely on willpower alone, despite PHE suggesting this is the least effective method.

Staff feel pressured to demonstrate they are working from home Almost half of employees feel under pressure to demonstrate they are actually working while working from home, research by remote working platform LogMeIn has found.

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