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No deal Brexit: passports with less than six months won't be accepted For businesses with UK employees that travel to the EU for work, this could be problematic - warns The Health Insurance Group - and efforts should be made to ensure passports are renewed in time.

Innovation constrained by lack of support, budget and skills A new survey shows organisations plan to overcome stakeholder skepticism and resource shortages with strong investment in people. But 38 percent rank lack of stakeholder support among their greatest challenges. Four in five business leaders will prioritise investment in people to deliver digital strategy.

Supermarket employees can compare their work with depot employees in equal value pay claim In Asda v Brierley and ors the Court of Appeal has upheld the decisions of the ET and EAT that in a claim of equal pay for work of equal value, Asda supermarket employees, mainly women, can compare their work with distribution workers based at depots, who are mostly men, and who are paid more.

NHS culture is 'dysfunctional' says chairman In a stinging attack on 25 years of healthcare policy, Lord David Prior, chairman of NHS England, has described the inherent dysfunctionality of the NHS, saying that it needs to "recapture its vocational engaged spirit".

Sexual harassment and the City: change is in the air A claim of sexual harassment recently heard at employment tribunal could end up leading to significant changes of behaviour and culture among City firms, write Emma Vennesson, Katie Newman and Philip Novak.

Black LGBTQ Youth At Heightened Risk for Discrimination - Human Rights Campaign While these persistent challenges remain, there is hope for progress. especially given the growing rates of acceptance of LGBTQ people overall in the Black and African American community. A 2017 Pew Research Center study, for example, found support of marriage equality among Black and African American communities has grown dramatically since 2001.

I love this place! Wait…I got screwed! - HR Hardball Many people are hesitant or even reluctant to ask for more money during the offer process. If this describes you, don’t have buyer’s remorse later.

Employee Pay During Weather Closures In extreme weather, safety concerns, closed roads, and states of emergency might lead you to shutter your business temporarily. But do you have to pay your employees while you're waiting for the storm to pass? Today we're talking about pay issues for work missed due to bad weather.

New tech threatens global labour market improvements Emerging tech-driven business models are partly to blame for millions of people worldwide being forced to accept inadequate working conditions, according to research from the International Labour Organisation.

Businesses are struggling to meet strategic goals Dynamic changes in business and a lack of focus on the future are impacting the way hiring professionals do their jobs. While 83 percent of hiring professionals agree they have a long-term talent acquisition plan that ties directly into their strategic business plan, it appears that many are falling down on implementation.

HR Advisory Services in Mumbai As organizations gear up to meet the challenges of competition and strive to create the best solution for its customers, the importance of human capital management solutions is becoming all the more important. The best of companies and products are in effect nothing without people.

HR Strategy Consulting for Growth A strategy is defined as a plan of action that is devised to achieve a goal. Companies evolve strategies in all areas of operations to ensure that their long-term objectives are met. One of the prime functional areas of an organization is HR. Just like in other areas, strategies are needed for the human resources processes too.

Rutgers launches online masters degree program for Human Resources Management The School of Management and Labor Relations will be launching an online master's degree program for Human Resource Management this upcoming fall semester, bringing the University's current curriculum to the web and making it more accessible. William Castellano is a professor and chair of human resources and management in the SMLR.

Get ready to UNLEASH your HR tech knowledge It's only a matter of weeks now until the fifth annual UNLEASH Conference and exhibition in London. The event takes place at ExCeL in London, on 19 and 20 March 2019.

The pros and cons of zero hours Zero hours contracts, the relatively new phenomenon of the 21st century today - where we can work to suit the needs of parenting, caring, education, illness and other priorities.

P&G in Singapore hosts regional finals of its leadership development campaign Procter and Gamble in Singapore played host to 31 university students for the regional finals of its leadership development programme, P&G CEO Challenge, in its capacity as Asia Pacific headquarters. Held on 13 February, the P&G CEO Challenge is a global competition designed to test students' aptitude for business strategy and problem solving.

Valentine's Day offer to HSBC staff sparks sexist backlash HSBC is committed to gender diversity in the workplace," a spokesman of the banking giant said. With HSBC's disclosure on its gender pay gap, this incident has soured relations with its employees, and jeopardises its reputation of being a diverse and inclusive company.

New year's resolutions for managers No course or mentor can prepare you for the multiple difficult conversations, decisions, and criticisms that come your way - yet, those are precisely the experiences that make the job so rewarding at the end of the day when you and your team deliver results, both professionally and personally.

Minister provides data on sexual harassment at the workplace in Malaysia Women, Family and Community Development Deputy Minister Hannah Yeoh has revealed statistics on sexual harassment in Malaysia's workplaces, Bernama reported. Minister Yeoh said data from the Royal Malaysian Police revealed 1,218 cases of sexual harassment at the workplace from 2013 to 2017.

How Singapore's employers can overcome talent shortages and skill gaps See how employers, industry partners and job seekers can tap on expertise in job matching and career coaching for a win-win scenario.

'Manage your MPF investment regularly' urges Gain Miles "While the market outlook for 2019 continues to be challenging, MPF members are encouraged to manage their MPF investment regularly in order to attain better returns," urged Michael Chan, managing director of Gain Miles Group.

YPD uses fake human trafficking profiles to put sex offenders behind bars - "16,17,18,19," said Detective Curtis Oja from the Yakima Police Department. It's realization that's hard for many to accept. "There's probably 30 plus advertisements that have been posted here in Yakima regarding sex for sale," said Oja. Oja says this is just another day for him.

Fatality highlights concerns over employee life cover in construction sector Unite, the construction union, is launching a campaign to ensure that all workers in the industry, regardless of their employment status or where their employer sits in the supply chain, are provided with death benefits, following the recent tragic fatality of a worker in Scotland.

Five ways to boost culture and governance change in 2019 The FCA has now introduced the Senior Managers and Certification Regime for banks and insurers, creating a new standard for personal conduct to help improve accountability and drive a healthy culture across the sector. HR directors will be instrumental in implementing the new regulation.

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