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How To Not Get Killed In A "What's Wrong" Focus Group At Your Company… From time to time, HR pros have to do focus groups to determine the climate of the employee relations environment at their company. Ideally, this is done before there's smoke in the air. But at times, especially in a multi-location environment, that's impossible.

President Underlines Need For Human Resource Development To Tackle Issues Of Developing Countries President Dr Arif Alvi Tuesday underlined the need for developing the human resource through promotion of scientific education and research to confront the growing key issues being faced by Pakistan and the other developing countries alike.

Three quarters of companies manage benefits online According to our latest research, three quarters of UK companies now administer their employee benefits online. The survey among more than 500 HR decision makers and heads of businesses investigated the administration processes and associated advantages for companies of all sizes across the country.

Hiring plans for Q1 weakest in seven years Employers' hiring intentions are at their weakest in seven years with Brexit uncertainty, the general election and a slowing global economy all affecting their confidence.

Strategizing Difficult Conversations: Top techniques to improve workplace communications and relationships Conducting annual performance reviews involves handling some of the most difficult conversations. Our upcoming webinar discusses how to improve communication in an organization by applying strategies that help stay focused on the goal of the conversation and improve the working relationships.

International Copenhagen - a vibrant and sustainable metropolis Copenhagen doesn't immediately spring to mind as the ideal place for commercial relocation and development. But as a city with a growing reputation for sustainable living, an attractive quality of life and favourable government schemes for foreign businesses, perhaps it should feature higher up the list of potential expansion locations.

I-9 and E-verify compliance: how to avoid ICE penalties? Anyone can claim an employer has not complied with E-Verify and Form I-9 requirements-and worst of all; those claims don't even have to be true to trigger an audit. Our upcoming webinar discusses how to correctly fill out the I-9, new developments and some best practices for avoiding penalties.

For the record: December 10, 2019 Email your For the Record information to: [email protected] Please include a high-resolution, colour headshot where possible. Education. Mike Starkey has joined the British Columbia Institute of Technology as the associate dean in the School of Computing and Academic Studies.

Fewer than one in four construction staff have workplace pension Less than a quarter of construction workers are enrolled in a workplace pension, it has been estimated. Figures obtained from the Department of Work and Pensions by the Unite union show that only 349,000 "blue collar" construction workers are paying into a pension organised by their employer.

Start ups struggling to recruit due to skill graps The data also reveals larger SMEs are eschewing recruitment to focus on upskilling, perhaps to tackle a perceived lack of talent; 30% are looking for funding to help their workers gain new skills. Contrastingly, just 11% of startups want funding for upskilling but half are raising funds for the hiring of new staff.

Employee onboarding best practices: unlock your new hire's potential New employee onboarding is the process that welcomes and integrates the new hires into their new position and workplace so they become engaged and committed to their role in assisting the organization in reaching its mission.

Political turmoil fuelling future uncertainty Only one in 10 people think that the current political climate is making them feel more confident in their job. This is a drop of one percentage point in the past three months as Government and the future of the UK has become increasingly unpredictable.

Writing executive summaries: how to make an impression? Writing high-impact executive summaries could determine whether or not you are successful in a corporate environment. Our upcoming webinar discusses the key elements of writing high-impact executive summaries, how much time do executives spend reading your summary, and how can you make a positive impression.

ADB to give Bangladesh US$ 540 million for human resource development The Asian Development Bank will give US$ 540 million as concessional loans for skilled human resource development in tertiary education sector of Bangladesh.

Proportion of older workers grows rapidly The gap between the employment rate of 50 - to 64-year-olds and under-50s may be at its narrowest in 25 years as the proportion of older workers grows far more rapidly.

Conservative voters more confident about career prospects People who feel "politically homeless" have lower job confidence than those who identify with a particular political party, and Conservative voters are the most confident of all.

Checking the Boxes: Hiring within the law To register, click here: Free.

On the Other Side: 3 Pros and Cons of Working Remotely Working remotely has certainly been a game-changer for many businesses. It has opened doors that many never thought were possible and allowed the workplace to become much more versatile. However, there are still some downsides to working remotely as well.

Poll highlights misunderstanding about cancer survival rates The majority of people think that cancer patients cannot live for years after their diagnosis, research has found.

5 reasons why you should be using an HR SaaS system So, why should you be using a cloud-based HR SaaS system? SaaS software does what it says on the tin. It's delivered entirely as a service. With no hefty upfront costs or infrastructure to buy and maintain, cloud HR systems are incredibly affordable in comparison to an on-premise installation.

Sheryl Sandberg and the Balancing Act of Personal Mission vs Company Mission… Personal values in the business world are tricky. While we all have the code we live by, we also have to go out and make a living for ourselves and are families. Generally speaking, the average professional doesn't have huge conflicts between their personal code of ethics and who they work for.

Human Resource Management Software Market Primary & Secondary Research Projected Growth at 5.4% of CAGR and Forecast by 2027 - "This Human Resource Management Software research study consists of the historical data from and forecasts till 2027. The report is created keeping in mind to make it a valuable source of information for market specialists in readily accessible documents.

International Conference on ‘Managing Human Resources at Workplace’ held - Star of Mysore Employee engagement is only 43%, says Doctor Muthukumar. Mysuru: "Recent research shows that only 43 percent office workers are actively engaged in India," said Doctor N. Muthukumar, President and Whole Time Director, Automotive Axles Ltd.

Flexible benefits in a new decade As we move into a new decade, the trend for providing benefits that help employees manage their physical, mental and financial wellbeing will continue to expand as a way to help employees and contribute to their engagement.

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