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Nine in 10 patients with heart disease live with multiple health conditions Ninety per cent of people with coronary heart disease have at least one other long-term health condition, such as stroke or high blood pressure.

AI set to create more jobs than it replaces by 2037 Artificial intelligence will create as many jobs as it displaces over the next 20 years, but there will be "winners" and "losers" by industry sector.

Road Ahead for HR Aspirants - A Blog By Sanjeev Himachali HR is an important wing of all Organizations and Companies. Many aspire to be a part of this profession; however, we all agree that effectively managing a human resource isn't an easy task. Like any other role, HR has its own set of challenges.

4 Ways to Build a Strong Online Brand Presence It is quite obvious that clients or consumers inquire about the physical address of the enterprise. The physical appearance of your enterprise helps you build trust and establish a strong bonding with the clients. But the trend of digital address has slowly evolved into a more refined and sophisticated version.

Discomfort vs Fear I've just hopped off a stage where I was talking about the future of work. The people who had been on before me had talked about being positive about it so I went for a more dystopian view. The people before had said that fear is in too much of the narrative in this stuff and I sort of agree.

5 Ways How Human Resource Information System Can Help Your Business in the Philippines The Human Resource Department can be a company's best investment as they have the power to multiply the workforce with talented employees, cultivate existing employees' talents, and assign employees to where they will make an impact.

TechnologyOne secures 5-year deal with 3 NZ government agencies TechnologyOne has inked a five-year contract with New Zealand's Central Agency Shared Services, under which it will provide software-as-a-service to the Treasury, the State Services Commission and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. The deal involves automating human resource and payroll for employees and contractors in the agencies.

Sense of humor needed I have finally discovered the ONE SKILL every successful HR professional must have. It is not great IQ, EQ or LQ. However, before you bring on the drum rolls, I must digress to narrate two short bits. #1 - The first time I heard the term LQ, I racked my brain for a while wondering what the 'L' could stand for.

Does the digital economy offer better career prospects? 82% say yes According to a study conducted by Workday, 68% of Singaporeans are confident they have the right skill-set to thrive in digital economy. This is followed by Australia and Malaysia which both tied at 63%.

Crash course on training and development Aimed towards experiential learning, various interventions include participation in global light fairs and technology conventions; learning and sharing with invited guests who are recognised as exceptional leaders in their own fields; and professional coaching for personal leadership.

The most meaningless statements made by colleagues If you have, try not to say them again or you might risk becoming a toxin in the office. Employees thoughts: Can the company give me more money? Employees thoughts: Is it written in my contract? Employees thoughts: If that's the case, I want to run away from home!

"Touch Base" Most-Hated Phrase For Second Year In a Row A new Glassdoor survey1 reveals that the UK's most annoying office phrases in 2018 are "touch base", followed by "no brainer" and "punch a puppy".

Why shared parental leave is a best-kept secret Research has found that half of UK the workforce don't know if their company offers shared parental leave, three years into the initiative. Contributor Sinead Bunting, VP of Marketing Europe -

Age discrimination still rife as businesses fail to plan for ageing workforce Organisations in the UK are ignoring issues caused by the growing number of older workers, the results of a new poll have revealed, as MPs launch a report finding that age discrimination legislation is not being enforced.

State Senate panel approves human resources hire OLYMPIA - A Senate committee approved a recommendation Monday to hire a nonpartisan human resources officer who can independently investigate complaints of harassment or discrimination in the chamber, though any disciplinary actions would still fall to Senate administrators.

Implementation Rules - Thought Leadership Drools. I read recently that 90% of the world's data has been created in the last two years alone. Notice it doesn't say "knowledge." Just data. I can't help but think when that much… let's call it "stuff" to not offend delicate ears… is generated that quickly, we are guaranteed to miss a few important ideas.

Senate committee approves nonpartisan human resources hire - Tri-City Herald A Senate committee approved a recommendation Monday to hire a nonpartisan human resources officer who can independently investigate complaints of harassment or discrimination in the chamber, though any disciplinary actions would still fall to Senate administrators.

Minimum wage underpayment allegations more than doubled last year HMRC received more than 6,000 whistleblower reports about alleged underpayment of the national minimum wage last year - more than double the number it had the year before.

Mental health support: moving beyond the hashtag A new framework from Acas has highlighted how employers, managers and individuals all have a role to play in tackling mental health concerns. Gill Dix and Abigail Hirshman explain how businesses and employees can benefit from adopting it. The mental health debate is barely recognisable compared with 10 or even five years ago.

Let's Fix Work 19 - Avoid Crappy Career Advice with Alison Green You've heard the saying, opinions are like… armpits, right? So is advice. Everyone has them and most of them stink, especially when it comes to careers. But Alison Green has some advice about advice for you; you've got to separate the good from the bad, and you have to pick your battles.

How Blogging Can Improve Your Small Business Hiring A blog is an easy, cost-effective way to share information about the company you are building, the people working in it and the opportunities you have for others. It can help establish and/or enhance your employer branding efforts and get you some much-needed name recognition in a sea of competitors looking for the same talent.

Capita ends exit payments for graduates on training scheme It has emerged that last month Capita scrapped its policy of charging thousands of pounds in exit fees to graduates who quit the company's Novus programme within two years.

Corporate governance code encourages board-level diversity and transparency A new corporate governance code, which aims to improve public trust in business, has urged employers to establish a culture that promotes integrity and values diversity at board-level.

Fall in EU worker migration 'bad news for employers' The CIPD has warned that today's falling migration figures will further hamper employers' ability to recruit EU workers. According to the Office for National Statistics, net migration to the UK from the EU last year was at its lowest level since March 2013, at 101,000.

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