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Announcements - INFORUM Brenda Schildberger has accepted the position of Human Resources Generalist at American Crystal Sugar Company's Hillsboro factory. In this position, Schildberger will provide human resources services including recruiting, hiring, employee orientation and day-to-day employment matters.

Nearly half of UK adults fear for their job in 2020 Importantly, the research highlights that almost one in four people feel there isn't enough support for people like them when trying to find a new job and 14% wouldn't feel confident applying for a new job at all.

RGC city secretary accused of hiding recorder in human resources office She is charged with unlawful interception, use or disclosure of wire, oral or electronic communications and has been placed on administrative leave. The city issued two-sentence statement Friday that provided no details into the matter. "The City has been notified of the investigation related to city employee Lyzette Pena," the statement read.

The Society for Human Resources Management Takes On Workplace Culture The Society for Human Resource Management wants to change the conversation about diversity. "I am not convinced that making great laws changed everything," said SHRM Chief Executive Officer Johnny C.

The Blue Acceleration: Recent colossal rise in human pressure on ocean quantified Human pressure on the world's ocean accelerated sharply at the start of the 21st century and shows no sign of slowing, according to a comprehensive new analysis on the state of the ocean. Scientists have dubbed the dramatic rise the "Blue Acceleration".

NHS boss who lied about degree receives prison sentence A senior NHS boss who gained his job by falsely stating he had a degree has received a suspended prison sentence. Peter Knight, 53, served as chief information and digital officer at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust from August 2016 until September 2018.

How A.I. Is Saving IBM $1 Billion in HR Costs Companies are increasingly relying on robots to recruit, hire, and manage their employees. This technology can save time—and a lot of money, too.

Should payroll be finance or HR's responsibility? Especially, with the GDPR now in full swing, HR and finance need a solid, robust relationship to ensure all data ranging from home addresses and phone numbers to National Insurance details and salaries are kept secure and easily accessible when needed.

Equal pay: Co-op joins Asda in shop-vs-depot tribunal battles More than 100 Co-op shop floor workers are seeking up to six years of back pay in the latest equal pay claim being brought against a major supermarket. It comes as retail workers claiming unequal pay at Asda overcame the latest hurdle in their legal battle.

How to Achieve Flawless Execution: Driving Results with Effective Leadership Flawless execution is the ultimate practical behavior that the most successful companies strive to attain. The stories about Steve Jobs demanding perfection at Apple are legion. The quality and design excellence of Apple products is also common knowledge.

CBI leads 40 industry bodies calling for salary threshold rethink Prominent industry bodies including the CBI have called on the government to slash the £30,000 minimum salary threshold for migrant workers after Brexit.

AI adoption in HR - Lessons from Unilever AI-centric organizations design algorithms that work, after that, system delivers values on its own. This is how new age departments are scaling their operations and sparing time for more value-driven decision making. And the HR industry is not far behind!

5 Features that will make your Recruitment App If your app doesn't give the users what they want, it will be ditched like a hot potato. The question that arises now is what can you do to avoid such a fate for your app? When it comes to recruitment mobile app development, there are certain features that you must not miss out on and we are going to cover them in this article.

Blue Acceleration: our dash for ocean resources mirrors what we've already done to the land This post-war period became known as the "Great Acceleration", and many believe it gave birth to the Anthropocene - the geological epoch during which human activity surpassed natural forces as the biggest influence on the functioning of Earth's living systems.

Effective Communication Strategies: Using DISC as Your Powerful Leadership Guide This course is designed to provide you with an enlightening overview of the DISC behavioral assessment that measures individuals' natural, hard-wired behavioral style. This style remains quite stable over our adult lifetime.

IR35 should be delayed for urgent review A delay would allow the government to regulate umbrella companies, something which it has long promised. Without this regulation we risk non-compliant umbrellas prospering, facilitated by IR35 changes. This would be bad for workers and runs counter to the government's Good Work Plan.

View that it is impossible to change from one sex to another is not a protected 'philosophical belief' In Forstater v CGD, F claimed she had been subjected to direct discrimination when CGD allegedly refused to continue with her consultancy agreement because of her "gender critical" opinions which she argued constituted a protected philosophical belief under the Equality Act 2010.

Navigating the Wuhan coronavirus: A guide for office-goers and employers With Singapore's first case detected, here's a guide on the necessary precautions; flexible work, leave and salary arrangements to manage absences, and more.

Stretching the truth: Do candidates sugarcoat or outright lie on resumes? Just 2% admitted to lying about their certifications. According to the survey, men lie more often than women on their resume. When it comes to age, 38% of youngsters confess to lying more often than older people. Breaking the data down by industry, it was found that:.

How Human Rights Were Defanged from Any Truly Emancipatory Potential Whyte contends that we cannot understand why human rights and neoliberalism flourished together if we view neoliberalism as an exclusively economic doctrine that favors privatization, deregulation, and unfettered free markets over public institutions and government.

'We Have Noticed the Condition of Your Vehicle' Viral Human Resources Letter A purported letter from the human resources department at an unnamed company about the condition of an employee's older model vehicle has gone viral on several platforms, but its veracity is unknown.

Dow named 2020 'Best Place to Work' for LGBTQ+ equality by Human Rights Campaign Foundation Recognition marks Dow’s 15th consecutive year receiving a perfect score on the foundation’s Corporate Equality Index.

Cost of poor mental health to employers up 16% in three years, argues report The cost of poor mental health to employers has risen by 16% over the past three years, research by Deloitte has found. It has estimated that employees' mental ill health now costs the UK economy between £42bn and £45bn a year, compared to £33bn to £42bn in 2017.

UI utility system employees engage with ENGIE and UI Human Resources University of Iowa utilities system employees have actively engaged with ENGIE representatives regarding employment opportunities and benefits of the new partnership. Iowa is one of the first universities in the country to enter into a 50-year public-private partnership involving its utility system.

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