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Christmas Special with Rachel Khoo Could your design problem be an opportunity? In the London flat of cook and broadcaster Rachel Khoo, Kate and Sophie discover some truly jaw-dropping solutions to the challenges of a multi-functional small space. Rachel's love of form and function has created disappearing walls, hydraulic tables, hidden bedrooms. The Great Indoors
Color Forecast 2020 with Guest Sue Wadden - Sherwin Williams Director of Color Marketing Intro – We are thrilled that Sue Wadden, the Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin Williams, agreed to join us again, this time to discuss the Colormix 2020. Inside Design with Kandrac & Kole
Tech Tools Designers Need to Embrace with Jarret Yoshida If you’re stuck in an old-school way of running your business, it’s time to begin embracing some tech tools. Gone are the days of just using Quickbooks. There are multiple project management systems available geared towards designers. Wingnut Social
Kick Out The Kick-Backs In this special episode, we look at the unethical practice of kick-backs in interior design on the day that the British Institute of Interior Design launches its Kick Out the Kick-Backs campaign. The Interior Design Business
The Lowdown on Pinterest Rich Pins What are Pinterest Rich Pins? Why would you want or need them for your business? Darla and Natalie tackle Rich Pins in this minisode of the Wingnut Social Podcast. You'll learn what they are, why they're useful, and how they can greatly benefit you. Don't miss it! Wingnut Social
S24 E9 - Special Guest Host Rachel Moriarty Meets Tym De Santo Today in The Lounge, guest host Rachel Moriarty sits down with Artist / Designer/Musician/Host and Entrepreneur Tym De Santo. The Chaise Lounge Podcast
Understanding Biophilic Interior Design with Michelle Castagna and Jeffrey Allis This special bonus episode of the Wingnut Social Podcast is a panel on Biophilic design that was recorded LIVE at the DCOTA fall market. Darla and Natalie sit down with Michelle Castagna and Jeffrey Allis to discuss Biophilic design, why it’s risen in popularity, and how to incorporate it into your design. Wingnut Social
23: Rosalyn Cama Rosalyn Cama, FASID, NCIDQ, EDAC, President and Principal Interior Designer at CAMA Inc. on The Time Between - traditionally known as “waiting time” in the hospital and healthcare setting. Rosalyn shares, “The space between care delivery can be so much longer. Healthcare Interior Design 2.0
Stellar Sales Techniques for Interior Designers with Nikki Rausch Mastering sales techniques can be something that feels out-of-reach for those in the design industry. Many people find it downright terrifying. Even the terminology around the topic of “sales” can scare people away. So how do you master selling your services? Wingnut Social
S24 E8 - Celebrity Guest Host Chad James Meets Peacock Alley's Katherine Nicholson Today in The Lounge, celebrity guest host, Chad James sits down with Katherine Nicholson of Peacock Alley. Chad and Katherine met at the Atlanta Spring Southeastern Showhouse years back and Chad has direct experience using Katherine's services with Peacock Alley to attain his vision many times. The Chaise Lounge Podcast
Disrupting the kitchen design sector with Oliver Stephenson, Director of Life Kitchens Welcome to the second season of the Interior Style Hunter Podcast, hosted by Grant Pierrus. In this seventh episode, we welcome Oliver Stephenson, Director of Life Kitchens. We uncover some fascinating insights into Life Kitchens and their approach to adding value to the design of a kitchen. Interior Style Hunter
Pinterest SEO and What's New! Pinterest has implemented a new change—they now require your pins to have a title. The goal is to make their search results more targeted to what the user is searching for. So what parameters have they set? How will it change your pinning process? Find out more in this mini-poddy episode of Wingnut Social! Wingnut Social
S24 E7 - Being More Than A Designer With Cochineal Design Founder Sarah Mendel Today in The Lounge, Nick meets the founder of Cochineal Design, Sarah Mendel, who, in just 5 short years since graduating from Parsons School of Design, has made a name for herself in the New York interior design community as a fresh and exciting designer to watch. The Chaise Lounge Podcast
Christmas Hosting, Fashion X Interiors, Small Space Reveal! Are you wearing your house? Sophie and Kate delve deep into the relationship between the catwalk and the cushions. Surely you know which fashion rules also apply to interiors, dahling? There's loads of cunning tips and tricks as the holiday let redesign is revealed. The Great Indoors
High Point Market October 2019 Design Trends INTRO We weren’t able to make it to the October High Point Furniture Market show because we had just returned from our adventures at the Roundtop Antiques Fair and had to get down to business. Good thing we have lots of talented and knowledgeable designer buddies who would fill us in on the latest and greatest trends. Inside Design with Kandrac & Kole
LinkedIn: Professional Networking on Steroids, with Sarah McIntyre If you’re looking to find the best social media channel for professional networking, LinkedIn should be your go-to. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles or visual attraction as some of the other platforms, but it’s a game-changer for networking. Wingnut Social
S24 E6 - Guest Chaise Lounge with Antiques Diva Toma Clark Haines and Modern Antiquarian Margaret Schwartz Brass Horse Heads Antler Chandelier CA. 1870'S SWEDISH GUSTAVIAN VITRINE Today on the Chaise Lounge, your host is the Antiques Diva Toma Clark Haines. Toma chats with her friend and fellow antiques dealer Margaret Schwartz of Modern Antiquarian. The Chaise Lounge Podcast
How Will Instagram Hiding Likes Impact Designers? Why has Instagram begun hiding likes? How will it impact your performance metrics? Will you see a sudden drop in engagement? If all of these questions are rolling around in your mind and sending you into a frenzy—you aren’t alone. Instagram started rolling this out in the US after testing it in other markets. Wingnut Social
S24 E5 - California Dreaming With Raili Clasen Today in The Lounge, Nick sits down with celebrated California designer Raili Clasen. Raili has a very interesting and unique background and a great story. She is self-trained but she has become a highly sought-after designer in her native Orange County. The Chaise Lounge Podcast
How Implementing Surveys Transforms Email Marketing with Rob & Kennedy How can implementing surveys as part of your marketing mix benefit you? Is there a way to integrate surveys that can be helpful to both you and potential clients? In this episode of Wingnut Social, Rob and Kennedy join Darla and Natalie to talk about how surveys can transform your email marketing. Wingnut Social
S24 E4 - Guest Host: Stacy Garcia Meets Design Icon Clodagh Today is a special day in the Chaise Lounge. Your host, today, is not Nick May but rather Stacy Garcia of Stacy Garcia, Inc. Stacy is the first of many guest hosts on the Chaise Lounge this season. In this episode, she sits down with design icon Clodagh. The Chaise Lounge Podcast
018: Setting Expectations. The right Way! Timothy chats about setting the right expectations for your clients! We chat about why it's important to set those expectations. Got a burning question? [email protected] Hit me up, Ask away! Check out the E-book on the site and the complete designer toolkit on sale for $99! The Interior Design Consultant
What Kenny Rogers Can Teach Us About Social Media Marketing Is your social media marketing on point? Do you know how to track when things are going well or when you’re struggling? How do you deal with haters? In this episode of Wingnut Social, Darla and Natalie channel their inner Kenny Rogers to deliver some stellar insight on social strategy. Wingnut Social
S24 E3 - High Point Market Fall 2019: Everything* Designers Should Know These designers have seen it all and been through it all, and, in this panel, they talk about the things they had to learn on the job, whether or not they went to school for interior design where somebody should have taught them about what they would need to do in the industry. The Chaise Lounge Podcast
Christmas Trends, Small Space Living, The Great Outdoors Kate and Sophie confront the big questions. What will the best dressed homes be wearing this yuletide? Why is nature such an enduring source of design inspo? Will Kate topple down the steep stairs of Sophie's tiny holiday let flat, or will they find a more design-led way to make a big impact in a small space? The Great Indoors
Everything You Need to Know About Branding with guest Phil Pallen We are very excited to have Phil Pallen as our guest today. A social media expert, keynote speaker as well as a smart, funny and well-traveled guy who is the guru of "branding". We met Phil about 3 years ago while at a Designer Mastermind with Kelli Ellis in Las Vegas. Inside Design with Kandrac & Kole
The Mindset Behind Posting Project Minimums for Your Design Business with Christine Lin A project minimum might be a concept you’ve toyed with if you’re in the interior design industry. When you need to bring in some Benjamin’s to run your business it can be an appealing option. But how does it affect your business? Will you see a decrease in leads or clients? Wingnut Social
A Deeper Understanding into Sustainability with Bernie de Le Cuona, Founder and CEO of de Le Cuona Welcome to the second season of the Interior Style Hunter Podcast, hosted by Grant Pierrus. In this sixth episode, we welcome Bernie de Le Cuona, Founder and CEO of de Le Cuona. During our discussion we uncover some valuable insights into sustainability in the interior design sector. Interior Style Hunter
S24 E2 - High Point Market Fall 2019: Nick in the Lounge and Getting Into Print Today, High Point continues with a conversation in Nick's Lounge Away From Home with Stacy Garcia, Sandra Funk and Laura Thurman. They talk about how they manage their time and give themselves permission to succeed in interior design whether they run one business with one brand or four. The Chaise Lounge Podcast
22, Part 1, Dr. Diana Anderson MD, ACHA, M.Arch Anderson has worked on hospital design projects within the United States, Canada and Australia, specializing in medical planning of inpatient units, specifically intensive care unit environments. As a "dochitect", Dr. Healthcare Interior Design 2.0
22, Part 2, Dr. Diana Anderson MD, ACHA, M.Arch In the second half of Cheryl’s conversation with Dr. Diana Anderson, they discuss this idea of what is the moral imperative of the architect to communicate research to clients and discuss potential benefits and harms of design. Healthcare Interior Design 2.0
The Voxer Walkie Talkie App: Making Messaging Fun Voxer is a push-to-talk walkie talkie app for communicating in real-time, in a way that’s fun. If you don’t like texting and Siri’s voice-to-text leaves you sending unintelligible messages—this may be the app for you. In this mini-poddy episode of Wingnut Social, Darla and Natalie gush about the app and how useful it has been for them. Wingnut Social
Building a commercially orientated design firm with Charu Gandhi, Founder and Director of Elicyon Limited Welcome to the second season of the Interior Style Hunter Podcast, hosted by Grant Pierrus. This series of interviews is going to give you an inside view of the design world from a business perspective. In this fifth episode, we welcome Charu Gandhi, Founder and Director of Elicyon Limited. Interior Style Hunter
The Inside Scoop: Guest-Starring on an HGTV Design Show with Brenda Thompson What do you do if you’re approached to be a guest on an HGTV design show? While it’s every designer's secret dream, is it something you really want to tackle? The upsides can be enormous—increased exposure, potential growth in clients due to the exposure, and the potential to be featured again. Wingnut Social
S24 E1 - High Point Market Fall 2019: Retail Isn't Dead and Nick in the Lounge Patina Vie's storefront Setting the Space's storefront Leon and Lulu's storefront The Chaise Lounge is back from High Point Market. This week brings with it two episodes packed with everything Nick got up to in High Point. The Chaise Lounge Podcast
IGTV Launches a New Feature That is a Game-Changer for Designers IGTV rolled out an update that should be a game-changer for those in the creative space! IGTV has been around since 2018, but its new feature allows you to create a series for your channel. You could become the next IGTV Design star! Darla and Natalie share the simple steps to get your channel rolling in this episode of Wingnut Social. Wingnut Social
How Sasha Bikoff Shattered the World of Iconic Design What qualifies someone’s work to be labeled as iconic design? What makes it so groundbreaking that others begin to follow suit and emulate the style? Sasha Bikoff exploded onto the scene in the design world with what can only be described as a now iconic staircase design. Wingnut Social
Design For Activity-Based Working In this episode, we're joined by May Fawzy from award-winning interior architecture and design firm, MF Design Studio, to explore the impact of activity-based working on office design. The Interior Design Business
Hibernating Special: Sleep, Snuggle, Read Is your bedroom a haven for sleep, sex - and nothing else? To mark the clocks changing, Sophie and Kate are on cosiness overdrive. There's design tips for getting the best from your bedroom. The Great Indoors
Your Design Questions Answered Google Analytics tells that you guys really enjoy getting expert advice from us. So to keep you happy, we reached out to our listeners via the last podcast, our newsletter, Facebook and Instagram asking for your latest challenges!! So let's dive in. Inside Design with Kandrac & Kole
How to Master the Luxury Design Niche with Julia Molloy To make waves in the luxury design niche you need to be BOLD. The key to high-end design is crafting a signature experience. If you’re trying to pave your way in the niche, you have to be on top of your game. Julia Molloy joins Darla and Natalie in this episode of Wingnut Social to help you master luxury design. Wingnut Social
21, Part 1, Suzanne Fawley Suzanne Fawley - Behavioral Health Consultant at Stance Healthcare on her early childhood experiences in the ED where her mother was an RN and the director of the department. “There were times when the school bus let me off at the hospital, ” explains Suzanne. Healthcare Interior Design 2.0
21, Part 2, Suzanne Fawley In the second half of Cheryl’s conversation with Suzanne Fawley, Suzanne breaks down her first furniture design for Stance Healthcare, which won the Resilia/HD Nightingale Award. Healthcare Interior Design 2.0
The High Points of High Point Market High Point Market needs to be an event every designer has marked on their calendar! The market is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world. With over 10 million square feet of space and thousands of vendors, it is THEeventfor Designers. Wingnut Social
Why It's Time to Embrace Personal Brand Photography with Jamie Swanson Personal brand photography is an up-and-coming style of photography that will change the way you look at your business. We’re all familiar with portrait photography and lifestyle shoots—but what sets a brand photographer apart? Why does your business need a personal brand photographer on retainer? Wingnut Social
Round Top Texas Antique Show We have been wanting to attend this show for years and could never work it out either because of our workload or because both shows, Spring and Fall, are right before High Point Market. That is one of the reasons we are not in High Point right now. We made the decision, and with the help of design friend Sarah Eilers, that now was the time to go. Inside Design with Kandrac & Kole
017: Starting your Interior Design Business 017: Starting your Interior Design Business by Timothy Murenzi. The Interior Design Consultant
Why the Bublup App is a Game Changer for Creatives Bublup advertises itself as "the cloud reimagined". Why are Darla and Natalie so fascinated by it? It's changing the way the world looks at storage. It allows you to save everything in visual folders-PDFs, photos, videos, GIFs, notes, and more. It's akin to Pinterest, Dropbox, and Google Drive on steroids. Wingnut Social
S23 E23 - Acting as Good as You Are with Chris Roughan Today's episode of the Chaise Lounge is the last of the season, and it is graced by Chris Roughan. Roughan is principal of Roughan Interiors, a high-end residential and commercial firm with offices in New York City and Greenwich, Connecticut. The Chaise Lounge Podcast
At Home with Michelle Ogundehin Is your home a sanctuary? Michelle Ogundehin, writer, presenter and interiors guru, shows Kate and Sophie round her gorgeous home. They talk tiled bedheads, creating the perfect colour palette and the inside intel on TV's Interior Design Masters. Plus a truly surprising Design Crime… The Great Indoors