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A Kiwi at Keeners In July and August 2019 during what was an exceptionally cold winter in New Zealand, I was fortunate enough to travel abroad to Canada and take part in the Keener program. My name is Nick Collier, I'm a 16-year-old born and bred kiwi with a huge passion for kayaking.

Jackson Kayak Announces Big Plans For Whitewater! Jackson Kayak always looks towards the future, so while we are rocked by the resignation of our founder and designer - the irreplaceable 'EJ' Jackson - we have a wealth of the world's most experienced paddlers eager to take on greater roles.

Tips on Plugging a Waterfall Plugging a waterfall with an abrupt 90 degree lip can be challenging. Rolling lips that transition from horizontal to vertical over longer distances tend to nicely set paddlers up for a vertical plug. However, not all waterfalls offer such as user friendly set up.

Packing Tips for Globetrotters Packing Tips for Globetrotters. You can pack everything in your car while traveling in Europe, but as a kayak angler who wants to fly to another continent you are usually standing pretty helpless in front of your empty suitcase. What do I have to take with me and do I stay below the maximum weight of my luggage?

AW News - Help Quantify the Economic Impact of The Green River Want to be part of a project designed to protect recreation on the Green River ? Take this survey! The Green River in North Carolina is the magnet that's drawn paddlers from around the world to settle in this beautiful corner of the Appalachian country.

Vacationing in Sarasota for Winter Break is an Adventure! Vacationing in Sarasota for Winter Break is an adventure. There are many reasons that make it fun, read more to see why! When you vacation in Sarasota for Winter Break, there are many things to see. First of all the manatees! They are here year round, but when the weather gets cooler, they tend to migrate to the shallow waters.

Learn How to Stern Squirt with Stephen Wright! Learn How to Stern Squirt with Stephen Wright. Want to finally learn to spin around on your stern like all the cool kids? Want to finally unlock to potential of your trendy half-slice river runner? Want to make the river your playground??? Check out my latest instructional video that will teach you how to learn to stern squirt!

Austrian Winter Beater Published on décembre 11th, 2019 - by Kayak Session. Watch Austrian rider Daniel Butler going upside down and then being forced to run a drop backwards on Pegelstufe, a rapid of the Ötscherbach in Austria in winter time. Rapid name: Pegelstufe on the Ötscherbach.By: Daniel Butler.

Roadtrek Roadtrip: Kayaking Governors Creek, and Disaster! You'll have to read to the end to find out about the disaster; first I had a wonderful few hours kayaking Just north of Green Cove Springs, I found a launch site close to where this creek joins the St John River.

REEL WORLD Vol.4 - #11 Juan Lavin Published on décembre 10th, 2019 - by Kayak Session. >Enter the 2019/20 Palm Reel World Contest> Watch all REEL WORLD Entries. Tags: Akron, Balls falls, canada, Gatineau, Grasse, Great falls, juan lavin, Little Maine, Malbaie, Mastigouche, Medina, Oswegatchie, Ottawa, palm equipment, reel world, Rideau falls, Rouge, St Laurent, usa, Valin :.

The Lower Kynshi The Lower Kynshi River has been labelled by some as the best river in the World. Since its discovery, and through its first descents, the early exploration of this major river system revealed to its founders the true magic within the walls of the Kynshi.

West Cherry Creek With Nick Troutman This summer I was fortunate enough to join Dane for a lap down West Cheery Creek. I was beyond stoked as West Cherry, and especially the famous Graceland slide. I flew out met up with Dane in the little town of Groveland.

Smallie Tackle Box: What You Need for Success You'd think someone who's caught and released over 23,000 smallmouth bass since catching his first in 1994 would have to lift weights just to carry all those lures he'd used. I chase smallies in my Jackson Kayaks, wearing waders and in my boat.

Cataract and Westwater Canyons I have lived out of a backpack, car, raft, but I went on my first self support kayak trip last Fall down the Westwater and Cataract sections of the Colorado. This was an unforgettable experience and one I hope to embark on again next Fall.

REEL WORLD Vol.4 - #10 Jeremy Nash Published on décembre 10th, 2019 - by Kayak Session. 2019 was all time! Huge thanks to everyone that helped make it happen. Traveling from one state to another in search of the best whitewater and trying to figure out how to make it extra spicy!

Take Action for Nolichucky Wild & Scenic We want to get as many individual endorsements as we can to make the #NoliWildandScenic and secure all the federal protections that come with the designation!

Sending Meghalaya Published on décembre 9th, 2019 - by Kayak Session. Follow the SEND crew on a mission to Meghalaya in India discovering amazing whitewater, beautiful places, and getting a few proper beaters.Featuring: Bren Orton, Adrian Mattern, Kalob Grady and Evan Moore.

REEL WORLD Vol.4 - Matouš Borecký Published on décembre 9th, 2019 - by Kayak Session. 2019 season best of by Czech C1 paddler Matouš Borecký who has been exploring the rivers across Europe with his creek gun from Prijon kayaks.Shot on location: Czech Rep., Austria, Norway, Portugal, and some more… >Enter the 2019/20 Palm Reel World Contest> Watch all REEL WORLD Entries.

Keegan's love of kayaking 'not relevant' to whitewater rafting proposal, says DCC Councillor Mannix Flynn says he respects DCC chief, but ‘he is an ardent canoeist and I think that is influencing this’.

'Adventuring through still waters: How I use kayaking as meditation' "I tug on my gloves, hop into my kayak and dip the blade of my paddle into the water; on that first blissful stroke I breathe deeply rejoicing in that moment.

Kayak ergometer for sale Through an unusual set of circumstances, I wound up with one too many of my handmade kayak ergometers, converted from an old Nordic Track ski machine. I'm looking to sell it at the bargain basement price of $350. I'm in Charlottesville, VA USA and you must pick it up as I will not ship it or transport it anywhere.

The Zambezi By Sup By Nadia Almuti Words by Nadia Almuti and Photos by Chantelle Melzer. I'd seen the rapids of the Zambezi in whitewater films and iconic photos and dreamed of someday paddling that river. When I got a call from my friend Paul Teasdale inviting me to SUP the Zambezi I knew this was something I had to say yes to!

Interview: Eric Jackson on Resigning from Jackson Kayak Eric Jackson stunned the world yesterday announcing he resigned from his position as president of Jackson Kayak… We caught up EJ to know more about this rather surprising decision, or maybe not that surprising… KS: Eric, like many we got quite surprised at your announcement yesterday.

Target 2020 - Paddling, Pitching and Adventure January is a good month to look at new gear and reload for the year. With new models introduced you browse the new line of Jackson Kayaks. Paddle or pedal? Are you planning to hit skinny water or bigger places? Color, style, size, transporting and your specific use all play into the decisions.

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