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Let's go kayaking As the second largest coastal lagoon in the world and the largest wintering ground for migratory birds in the Indian subcontinent, Chilika Lake has been attracting millions of tourists annually. However, there's a whole new reason to be at this famous lake now.

Sydney Whitewater Festival - K1 Women's Slalom Winners Run and Results 2019 Sydney Whitewater Festival, Penrith - Top 3 K1 Women's Slalom Winners Run and top 10 Results. In the K1 Women class, Germany's Ricarda Funk finished ahead of hometown favourite and current world champion, Jessica Fox.

Sydney Whitewater Festival - C1 Men's Slalom Winners Run and Results 2019 Sydney Whitewater Festival, Penrith - Top 3 K1 Men's Slalom Winners Run and top 10 Results. The men's C1 was won by Britain's three-time Olympic silver medallist David Florence, who was thrilled about the first win of the season ahead of France's World Championships medallist Martin Thomas and Italy's Raffaello Ivaldi.

Sydney Whitewater Festival - C1 Women's Slalom Winners Run and Results 2019 Sydney Whitewater Festival, Penrith - Top 3 C1 Women's Slalom Winners Run and top 10 Results. Australia's Jessica Fox continued her incredible dominance of the women's canoe slalom at the season's opener in Sydney.

Sydney Whitewater Festival - K1 Men's Slalom Winners Run and Results 2019 Sydney Whitewater Festival, Penrith - Top 3 K1 Men's Slalom Winners Run and top 10 Results. In the men's Slalom's race, K1 Great Britain's 2016 Olympic champion Joe Clarke won both the semi-final and the final with Australia's Lucien Delfour in close second and +0.06 seconds behind.

Portugal & Galicia Gopro Edit Published on février 18th, 2019 - by Kayak Session. Follow the Gregg brothers on a mission to Galicia and Portugal. Filmed 100% with GoproPaddlers: Lukas Gegg, Philipp Brunner, and Mathias.Rivers: Oitaven, Ulla, Cabreiro, Castro LaboreiraBy: Simon Gegg.

February Wildlife Last Sunday's Adventure Club sea kayaking training, using the conditions off Peel : ) Really positive to see skills developing in the bouncy stuff, and folk embrace the challenge of winter paddling, in all its many forms!

Why Kayak in Mexico? I made it down to Veracruz again this year for warm weather, tacos, tequila, and kayaking. It's so amazing to take a break from freezing temperatures and head south to spend some time padding the amazing rivers that Mexico has to offer. So why don't more people paddle in Mexico?

Ten Years of Expedition Kayaks - by Mark Sundin I'm often asked how Expedition Kayaks came to be, and I figured that a ten-year anniversary was probably as good a time as any to indulge in a little nostalgia! Back in 2008 I was an avid club sea kayaker, paddled a surf kayak any chance I got, and helped out with my club mates on the odd weekend with some group instruction.

My New Boat Little shredders journal entry #1. In Australia, the season has just started, and I had just outgrown out of my shooting star which was a bit annoying because It was a new boat to me and I only had it for half a season. I asked my coaches for what I should do but all they said is we have an idea.

Snow kayaking in Estonia and urban skiing in Copenhagen Snow kayakingWhat is it about snow? We spend our whole lives being sensible — doing our homework, eating our greens, showing up for work on time — then along comes the white stuff, or maybe a patch…

Hackensack Riverkeeper Hiring For Laurel Hill Kayaking Jobs Hackensack Riverkeeper is looking for part-time, seasonal staff for their two Paddling Center locations for the 2019 season. Both locations will require most weekends from mid-April through September. The two locations are:. Laurel Hill Park in Secaucus - The hours are almost exclusively on weekends.

Maury River at Goshen Pass The Maury River in Goshen Pass is a stretch of river I have been wanting to paddle for a long time. We have made it up there 3 times so far this winter and I am really having fun up there in the mountains. We have been there at flows between 1000cfs and 2000cfs and am excited for higher flows and the race coming up soon.

Exploring New Water One of my favorite things about kayaking is that there is always a place to launch. No matter where you may be, finding a place to put your kayak in is just as easy as it is to load it up. By having this option, there is no shortage of places that an angler can explore.

Vector Wero Whitewater Course: Playboating On New Zealand's North Island Freestyle sometimes seems a dying sport on the North Island of New Zealand, and while I had asked around to see if there were any fun freestyle spots at the recently built Vector Wero Whitewater Park, no one could give me a good answer. This January I decided to take matters into my own hands and check out the Vector Wero for myself.

Death From Above Jackson kayaks, cold beer and lots of bass. What more could you want? Your email address will not be published.

Ten Years of Expedition Kayaks - by Rob Mercer It was one of those fortuitous moments you look back on with a smile, my phone started ringing as I unpacked my kayak on a remote island off the far North Queensland coast. This was a surprise because we hadn't had phone reception for days and hadn't expected to pick up calls again for quite a while.

FIDDLES ON THE TOBIQUE: The Sights and Sounds of a New Brunswick Canoe Gathering like no Other For 25 years, this harmonious summer canoe gathering has echoed down New Brunswick's Tobique River from the Miller family's historic canoe shop in Nictau.

Spring Training is back in the Sarasota Area Spring Training is back in town! Now's a great time to get up close and personal with your favorite players and catch a training practice or even a game while some of your favorite teams are here! Here's where you can catch all the action around the greater Sarasota area:.

Camp Bajan Blue Immerse yourself in a supportive community of women lifting each other up as we explore the blue waters of Barbados via SUP. You'll feel empowered to try new things while also having the choice to challenge yourself at your own pace. Camp Bajan Blue is committed to helping you experience greater power, freedom and adventure in your life!

Northern BC Early September of 2018 I strapped my fresh Nirvana on the roof of my good friend Ben Ghertners Rav 4. I threw in my paddling gear, plenty of overnight camping equipment, and lots of snacks and food, ready for a long drive up to the wild region of Northern BC.

A Paddler's Eco Lodge Combo in Costa Rica's Caribbean We're scouting out a sea kayak itinerary for a new 10-day combo trip he's unveiling: three days paddling his crown jewel Pacuare river and staying at his eco lodge, followed by four days sea kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and snorkeling out of the Casa Cayuco eco lodge in Bocas' Bastimento National Marine Park.

Expedition Planning 101: Gear-Part IV, Comfort and Safety From PFDs to seat cushions, layers to footwear, these items will boost your comfort on extended trips.

The Ultimate Beer Run When it came time for Ontario-based Manitoulin Brewing Company to launch its newest beer, the craft brewer couldn't find a better spokesperson than Mike Ranta.

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